Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 21, 1939 · Page 6
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 6

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Page 6
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CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY WAS THAT I FELL OVEC ON THE STAIRS? LUCKY • FOUND THE LIGHT-SWITCH BROTHER-- TH/SCT GUV _ KIM SLEEP WIRE FENCE Copr. |»)». Kim Pmure« Synillaet. he., WerlJ rinhu fl"" CAP" 8TDBBS AND TlPl'IB- YESSIB!! ( MARY—HE'S IMPUDENT! MEBBE YOU CAREFULLY '•' ' •«*'• WELL, IF YOU HAD A PUCE. FOR. EVERYTHING AND IT THER.E. — YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO GO LOOKING ALL TH' TIME! NOW I PUT TH INGS AWAY CAREFULLY AW. MY HAT? •rn.T.rm THE TOILER— IT CAN'T BE TOLD—YET! OH,DEAR,I COULDN'T HAVE TOLD HER NOW~IT WOULD HAVE SPOILED HER WHOLE EVENING f WELL.HAVE IT YOUR OWN QEE.IT TELLUS QUICK, MUST M MUMSY BE GOOD NEWS ,AVE IT \^\ A SPECIAL A600D r, .-OUS.MRS.fp DELIVERY TIME AT WAY, MUMSYfNj SOMETHING! I DON'T FEEL FREE TO TELL- RUN ALONG AND HAVE A GOOD TIME GOOD NIGHT. MRS. TONES TOST KIDS- HE LAYS HIS CARDS ON THE TABLE I HAVEN'T THE SLISHTEST WELL-MRS. O'REILLY CALLED MRS. DOLAN AN' THEY TALKED ABOUT THE CARD PARTY YOU 6A/E LAST THURSDAY— MOM-COULD WE ) DISCUSS THIS <| OVER A PIECE OF } APPLE AND WHAT DO YOU TWINK HAPPENED WHILE I WAS AND WHAT DID THEY HELLO-MOM-\ f AND DID MY I JUST CAME I APPLE BACK PROM I / DUMPLlNS FATSO / (HAVE A NICE DOLAN'SJ V TIME? Bz Wall DUnej MICKEY MOUSE—"DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WABN YOU!" "GAD! MV MOUTH FAIR WATERS AT THE THOUSHT OF^A Wli-P FOWL PINNER lj^ ~~ YOU SAID IT! AND WILL WE EEKINS CHA.NGE Of* DIET, MICKEY AND .CRUSOE LB\VE THEIR MAN, FRIDAY, AT THE STOCKADE MO GO DUCK HUNTING. THEY RETURN, WELL PLEASED AT THEIR SUCCESS. ..IDAV UNDER CONTROL flDAtf*£T«Tte^».WJ,Dta, r P re *«*m . . . rHIMBLB THEATBB Starring POPETE-NOV7 8HOWWO- "THOSE NEWOTODLAUDS TmJL LAT DOWN" TOMORROW- "BOCKABYE BABY ON THE TBEETOP" /AMD I WILL " THROW IK) WHEWAMOWSKER KWOW VOORTVPE, VOOAREALWAVS SCARES LITTLE KIDS A FEW FREE STOMPS! THINKS 1 H/W'A KtCKtKIG ABODT SOMETHIWG KICK COM>W CM. !»}, tine Fauna Smfeiu.. tnc, WM H«kl« fuuval UOBTDIER MUM HE STICKS TO CUSTOM HEALTH, BEAUTY AND POISE HOW TO JMFBOVE Totm PEBSOKAIJTY By VERONICA DENOJEI* HOW DO YOU U Have you even considered how you walk downstairs—or do you Just como down without a thought as to your posture or carriage? It so happens that I Descend stairs with grace use an escalator coming out of the subway each morning and this passes the stlrway which people use coming down to the lower level. I have a lot of fun deciding about people Just In the way they descend the stairs. Some women look just stodgy, others careless, more-ungainly girls who In their manner seem uncertain about themselves, and only a few who give an assured posl- tlvo graceful Impression. SE YOUB FEET? The chief fault In the way women come down stairs Is the fact that they waddle from side to side, bending the knees and clumping down hard on their heels! Pretty bad, Isn't It? And so easily corrected, If one will Just think about It 'for a little while; then suddenly It becomes the natural thlngto do—and presto, you have added to your grace and charm. • Watch models, and movie stars, and see how they use their feet. (Not Dcanna Durbln, though. Cute as her style Is, nevertheless, I wouldn't recommend It; and of course, she will outgrow It.) But watch Lulse Rainier, Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and several of the other stars. Sometimes they Just seem to float, don't they? The correct method Is to bring the one foot forward to a point directly In front of the foot that Is resting on the stop, and keep the knee of the extended foot straight. Then place the extended foot on the lower step as you brings the other foot around in front, remembering to straighten the knee each time. This will keep you In a singles track, and you can never 'waddle.' Place the foot down on the ball, not on the heel of the foot. Practice this, and watch your feet to see that the toe Is pointed gracefully. Then when you are sure that you have acquired the right movements, stop watching, and place a book on your head and hold It there—not with your hands, but simply with good balance—as you come down the stairs." When you can do this perfectly, you have passed the test. And there la another step toward greater charm and poise. UBlMUWti UP PATHEB- BY GOLLY- IT'S eiTTIN' CHILLY IM THE HOUSE- I HAD BETTER RUM DOWN AN' TAKE A LOOK ATTH' FURNACE- AU reotiMti for Denonsl "Health. BeantT and PolM" InformilloD dMtrad bj Veronica Daniel's eolnmn follower! mu«t be accompanied b» a (nil* lelf-addnxiiml, •tamped envelope (».a.•.«.). Addram Veronica Denjel. In ear* of thla news- PWer. Lost Something? Try a Dally Sun Want Ad. SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SEJIS BAP HENTVS PUPPY CEXS THE MAIL I HAD A DAT WAS SO SMACT H LOOKED OVER MY MAIL. AN' BURIED ALL BE BILLS IN BE BACK YARD BEFO' BRlMfflN' MY LETTERS INSIDE DE HOUSE/ J5O7 USE A PEN OR A PENCIL WHEN HE ANSWERED LET'S HAVE IT, PUPPY TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE ACROSS i. Lifts ». Command to a eat U. Sentimental music (or milady 14. Boy Attendant IB. FemaJ* iheep 16. Aold 17. Metrlo land measures 15. Cooled lava: , Hawaiian U. Hole of th« » crow 11. Superlative ending J2. Scrutinize 15, Niche S7. Dogs: colloq. 1>. Hindu prayer carpet Si. Hostile feeling .or Intent M. Withdraw It. Inner part of the chancel in the early church SI. Obtains ST. Brought Into line «.> Orderly Solution of Friday 1 ! Puzzle. ClOlMlMIUNEDPAIR[E 41. Headpiece 43. Woolly surface of cloth 44. Like 46. Ancient Greek city 47. Soft groan 49. Arabian ,„ garment E3. Chess piece 63. Dignified 65. Contradict 66. Appointed DOWN 1. Compass point t. Bulgarian coin 8. Before 4. A brother of Odin C. Handle 6. Philippine peasant T. Draws forth 5. Pinnacle of tee In » glacier >. Mineral spring 10. Expressing affection 11. Eons 1Z. Try 18. Beast 30. Pronoun 22. Nature's protection for a wound M. Walking stick 24. Vivacity 25. Action at law £6. Glossy silk fabrics II. Greek letter • 80. Open court 31. Cozy home 83. Color 84. Bon of Judah 36. Assert under oath 88. At home 39. Mentioned specifically! 41. Assemblage of cattle 42. Medicinal plant 44. Small wild OZ 46. Firmament 48. Insect 49. Entirely CO. Neighborly gathering for worlc SI. Total 64. Two: prefix WATCH - CLOCK -'JEWELRY REPAIRING ALT WORK GUARANTEED $J),. RHOADS, Jeweler .*Jsi.!tl&'~l£ .!. *, \. l<<\^ t*\^ *', 1 • ' '

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