The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 4, 1959 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1959
Page 5
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PACTS •uple Builds Ideal Family Selecting Own Children ill BETH JONES Bed _• Dow personnel ched his head In be- ftt as he looked over B 1 from Iris BaK- hfleton. He checked 6ugh, according to ktion, Iris wan only „ older than her old- ybu'rt from Ark- said slowtv, "but • just doesn't rnaka ilalned She nnrt her ner are the proud — five children—All adopted. At the ripe _ T , 61 22 and 21 recncc- Ph«y adopted the first year-old Glenna and jld Sam. iMldrcn's mother was Jter. She had die at Irth, and their fathtr, a .. Missionary lo tne In.'in Florida later drowned ; *unday School picnic. tef 8 few months Ihe BaK- tMlded thev ought to add Mr family, and askeS atith- " for "another" Ch'kl. The Itlea »irte»ted they like lo adopt another brother and slslcr. exactly one ycnr afler -he 'two had come to Jris ind her husband, chlldiuri number.they must be new born In- three and four arrived. Theyuants, 1 ' IrU laid. "They'd prob- were Jenny, 11, and Uarmmi, 10. iris recalls 'with a laugfl iiiat Ihe two'girls went through the giggling stage together anil almost drove her mad. Thi two boys were close, toe—in fact 3am insisted on taking Oat land with him on his dales, iris questioned whether tht girls approved, and Sam said If they didn't like it they need n't gol The Bakers soon found thai there were a few problems they hadn't counted on. One of these was that Elmer didn't look hi* age. When the family moved lo Iti present home In Angletnn a teen-aged neighbor girl was not Interested in dark haired Sam, but kept Inquiring of Irifl ibout her blonde son. Pallantly—and then not so oatienlly—Iris kept explaining that she had no blonde son. About that time, Elmer.appcar- ed. "Thai's him," the girl squealed. It was that night at Iris' insistence—lhat Elmer began growing a moustache to make him look older. After a few years, the older four began Clamoring for a little brother or sister. Iris and Elmer talked It over, and they decided If they could find ju«t with ably be amazed to know that forgotten almost about the threi Judy had everything yean she .spent in an orphan age after.only a.few months." tris says even the older children forget most of their previous experiences after only a year or so with their new family. "h» Bakers had to wait only three months from the time they put In their final applies tlon until the day they picked Judy up. ' . "That was because we did. n't stipulate an age,'* Irii explains. "If people who want to adopt a child would give the authorities a little leeway — even from Infancy to one year —It would help spsed things up." After •hlldren for the first four, Ir's had to get used to having a •mall one around. For example most parents Brartunllv get us- sd to hearing a door ulam the child goes In and out II JEWEL WATCHES '.T-« iSn New ELGIN SPORTSMAN r Camp|»l«ly ihaek-rtijifo end wol«rproof?.»iuch a low, low prict.teol NtwEUIN STARLITE ' Th* lady'i watch thal'i right in dtilgn . . . Shtck-rtililont, unbreakoble iMlniprlng.tool SELF'S they he right child to fit In heir present family, would adopt It. Shortly after they applied, welfare workers called to say hey knew of a three-year-old girl who they felt would be perfect for the family. "If you don't want her, don't take her," they said, "but we thought you might like to look at her." All the long trip to th e or- shanage, Elmer warned IrU :hat she must not feel *orry Tor the child and agree to take her for that reason. "There's no hui-ry," he said several times. "We'll look at icr and then we can go back to the hotel and think about It and talk It over." Orphanage officials Introduced the Bakers to Judy Marie, a blonde charmer with a broatj Southern drawl. She up to the Bakers, looked them over and tmlled. starting with older more frequently as he "j"' older. The older four had already mil-mown that constant banging by ihe time they came to the Bakeri, but at three, Judy was n the right age group for It Iris says It almost drove her crazy for the first few weeks before she—like most other parents — became deaf to it. It If a real understatement 0 say that adoption forma are borough. One of their purposes s to match adoptive parents and their children.' In looks, personality, character and a family picture of Iris at five might almost be mistaken for 1 snapshot of Judy. Physical condition of both Ihe prospective parent! isn't left to chance in adoption, either. It took (even full days of tests at a local clinic to satisfy authorities that iris and Elmer were healthy! What little family squabbling there Is has usually been between the real brother and fl>ter ( rather than between families, Iris nays. There Is surprisingly, little Jealousy, and of count Judy is the darling of the older children. In the home visit which Is required before an adoption | can be completed, cautious welfare worKers talked with each of the older children to be sure Judy was wanted them—and went away convinc ed that a a real family proposition. At the moment, the Bakers have only one real problem in connection with their bruod, in fact. Committee! to Caiumma HOIAYWOOt) (UPI) — Au- lor Leon Urls. *ho wrott th« -'st-selllBR novel "Exodus," has ommltted his next four novels to olumbla Pictures in one of th« iwest such deals In movie history. He agreed to write and- irodu'M at least two of the«« pie- ire* within the next four yenvs. IRIS BAKER, MRS. REAL WALKER TA LK STATE WELFARE CASE PROBLEM* Mrs. Baker Ii Only Mine Years Older Than ih. Eldest ot H.r HT« Adopi.d Chlldr.n OrriMMi HOLLYWOOD ,(OH> — DOB' Wilson m«ke«.liU defcut a«.# dramatic star thW fall in "Osttt Ajar Morgan, a "Oeath Valley- Days" TV episode battd on «** career of one oT till Well's molf successful confident! tten who posed AS an itinerant bleacher. Wo like to ',,iy "YES!" CAR LOANS BRAZO/Sf*ORT Freeport Many Things Influence Our Visual Perception TOU CANT beH*v« •very- thing you see. Our minds sometimes play funny tricks and overrule what our eyes tell us is truer Complicated Process Elmer's leg. "Are you tain person may modify, or going to be my Daddy?" she;change, the image we actually "We'll take her, " Elmer aaid quickly. Jenny and Garland had been railed in ist of a little getting used to, this living In an ordinary home. BROCKMAN'S That? WeH, the children all insist they need a little brother VALUES GOOD MO NDAY, OCT. 5 ONLY IAD1IS CAMPUS PANTIES M H. BOYS BLUE JEANS HHMAM N. MJNOESIN, M.0. Piece Goods Special Britf Styta — Kec. 19o WHITE * PASTELS another person rather than in the shape of the room. Th«y know that aa a person i nates SaH4 Color Carton* Ktrelty frtata 3 for 1.00 walks away from them, he will j appear to become smaller. Con' | verMly, M a, perton approaches htm, h« wlU appear V» become 67c or 2.00 38" PHINTED CORDUROY Visual perception, yott see, fa very complicated process. It On th« other hand, paat ex- Involves our pert experiences itrlence tails them that a room HEN'S NYLON STRETCH SOCKS GIBL9 100% NYLON SEAMLESS TIGHTS and expectation of the future as w«ll as tht object* pretently fat- Ing and that Its walls are T*Hoal «nd at right Angles 'to the recently reported on *om« ex- See Whet They Wiek Bo they accept what they be- Bed • Bin* - Buck • (I to to) M « to 10) L (12-14) periments which Indicate that our emotional rtlponit to a Mr- lliv* inttead of what they ao- 3 for 1.00 Now, thtre mrt exceptions, of course. Several newlyweds viewed aee oMhat pertqn... their partners walking- across One aeries of experiments waj Uio room with a total atranfer. These recently married per- BOB FASHION DRIP DRY PRINTS Vatat* «• 7*s rt. The floor alopeu upward to the moat of their lives, and t took FIKSI QUALITY NYLON HOSE sons believed that their matte right, the rear wall recedes from did not ohang* at aH in stature the right to the left, and trape- BOBBY SOCKS Sizes 8Vi to 11 S9o VALUE 3 for 1.00 or tfcat they changed lets) than the stranger did. zoidal windows of different aize* One thing they couldn't un- demand was the practice of having friends in whenever you wished, without appoint- Scientists expiate Ms 60 Ouage & U Guage Btr. 7le Fait 2 yds. 1.00 tlon only by saying that R must position, thta room appear* to be be relattd to marrfag* and to a perfectly ordinary «ymmetri< ment, anrt without visitor 1 ! day. When their new the ntwlywtda* relationship with walks across it, generally he appears to be getting larger or AMD AKIWBI V. e.i What causes eadome- triosia and what is the curet Anawer: Xndomttiiosls is due 72" NYLON NET U Cotes sad WbKe bouiht them toyi they asked smaller, depending- upon the di- whether they wer« "for keeps" Something else which pui- Actually, at count, the per- M z 71 SHEET BLANKET stmbllnf the tlsstt* of the womb BIBDwEKE DISH TOWELS son does not change in aize. Bui moat viewers are io Influenced boyi and all the glrli having Thtst areas may be removed, U by paat experience* with peril?-A rarklnf CY 7-1111 LAKE JACKSON accessible or may be treated by spective that they accept distor- "So many oeople who want to adopt children stipulate that Aast Stripes * rlalds Stitched Ends loft - AbtMbent ' Quick Drying 4 lor 1.00 Luxury-weight • Complete Tablewar* Servlc* for • 36 inch OUTING 50 PC. STAINLESS fKFPEBEU. CRIB BLANKETS KEADK -TO - HANO NYLON PANHS «•*, Me* HalsB Mia* sod WUIs 3 yds. 1.00 OUR REGULAR 54" WOOLENS Ida - PUlds - Orion Bis Ktf. 1M 2 yds. 5.00 FOAM RCBBEB THROW PILLOWS AM! Colors NO MONEYDOWN-'2AMONTHI 2 for 1.00 took . . . you git «// « I Fork* •« Knives • 16 Ttaipoeni « I Oval Soup Spoani • 8 Salad Fork* 1 Sugar tpeen • 1 fuller Spreader (Lsk* Jackson * Anj-leton) PLASTIC CURTAINS Asst. Styles Double-Seat Panties White Only X to U 2 for 1.00 HATCHING 6 02. SHIRT Bee. 2.4» 2 for 1.00 5.00 SUIT IM, W«t Colwbii t Lakt Joduoi Wist Cowta ft Ulu Jickiti TARPON INN VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER 100 E SECOND ST. FKEEKHW, OPEN ONTO. I tM. BVEBY •THVSSJ1AX NIGHT IN LAKE JACKSON OP BltAZOItlA COUNTY OP BNAZORIA COUNTY

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