The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 22, 1961 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 22, 1961
Page 10
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MtS. FIJI'S FLATS By Frank Roberae I'LL SET THERE ARE Av LOT OF TIMES YOU FEEL. SOMEHOW WHEN I SET TO FEELING UKH THAT/UNSEED ALWAYS SHOWS UP' oo YOU EVER <&£T &UUE AND LONELY MRS. YOU DON'T HAVE MAN OF By Mort Walker BE£TLE BAILEY = SORE POESS 1 T THE FLAIR. F^ A S=?5£ I'VS CH?C<=P Alt. H:S .^APEes AMP OKAV T-iAT MEW &JV SU?£ LOOKS sjs^ciojs... ;S ME SJSA—Y' A By Jim Burnett & George C ran doll ~~ ~ PS£TT> SSSART, POS'1 i \\2,L-«iuU 6HCW >CU .'.' Kennedy MR. ABERNATHY By Frank Ridgeway and Ralston (Bud) Jones HI AND LOIS •y Mort Walker and Kik Browne (t'onUnupd from I'ujfe One) nova I'onli'ivnce on u nuclear weapons U-st ban. In suspension since late last year, this conference is scheduled to resume Feb. 7. State Department officials expect (he Kenneth' administration will have to seek a delay. The U.N. Cn-nei'al Assembly, j which ivct'sst'd late last year, is due to return to work March 7. A delay in that meeting has not LMVII suggested, so the new ad- Miimstrai.ioii has a month and a half to get ready for the whole range 01 problems normally be- foro the Assembly. In at least one crisis Kennedy land Rusk have no choice hut to ' ahead rapidly. The cvui'lict in Laos, which plagued the closing months ot tile Kiseniiower :ui- ministration, continues unabated. The United Slates is supporting Classified Ads Do The Job Lodge Notic** 110. H«lp Wanted 17 Houses For Rent GOOSE CREKK ASSEMBLY'PHARMACIST WANTED - Pasadena lo- AIKHIE, 218 E No. SU. Order of Kamumv to cation. Phone JAi'kson iMXra, HuuAton,' house, wu.shi- Girls, will hold its retfuUir stated meeting on Monday January '.'3, JSHil. «t 7:30 p.m. in the Masonic: Hall. iMtiu- tion. All members are urtiei to attend. Masons and Bust- «rn stars are cordially invited. Penny Curtin, W. A. .Judy Taylor. Rerordet C A~l. I. E~P COMMUN1CA TION nt Sampson Lodtfe No. "31 A. F. and A. M. ol Texas, will be held Saturday, January 21. iysi. at 7:iK> p :tt. Work in and 1-. ". Degrees. All rnem- \i9itliiK Brethren cordially .i. iV. Powell. W. M. Key M. Hnnsim, S?<->. Monum«nts-Lot» the pro-Western government ot 'i' lixm Oum. 'Hie Soviets ,'TRt-crrr MO.NUMKNT Co. — cranite. ,u. i,,,,.-.i [-..Y-niifH- is ^,MI- ! roarMe. bron:; monuments u.c ji.-,-" ' .-. - for information. 11. Female H«lp Wanttd — I'-bedroom unfurnishod connection, fenced, j-ur- axe. $10. Houston CA ft-O&C'. CED.Ml BAYOU, -:M7 — JennlKclin Ail,II- tlon, FurnUlie.l 1-bedroom house, $:xi; furnistieil 2-bedroon) house. J65. JIT 2-9HS. ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER — day week. Should be able to type 60 u-.p.m. Reply in own Handwriting, giving i|unli- ticatluns, to Box S74 care ot The Bay town Sun. ICKDAU ilAYOL' I'.OAl). -'S19—L'-bed- rootn lu»me, water lurnisheil. $37.50 nionthly .!(' ;!-8'.llMi after 4 p.m. "ICYPRESS, 131H — Nice house (or couple only, in walking distance to Refinery. ASSISTANT MANAGER — 21 to 35, neat j Apply_ next door, 1308 Cypress. altriu'tive. f>i;i^JL*. Salary plus pel age. Bayshore Dinner Club, 1305 Hui JU 3-!iT5«. _ _ IRED1T MANAGER — .10 to 40 years ot age. Some bookkeeping experience required. Light sales work. Permanent. 5Vi da> week. Write giving qualifications to Box 873 care of The Eaytown Sun. AH replies will be held confidential. employer will not be contacted without >ermissio'n. •'OOl! MANAOKR — With experiem- and A-l references for local e.^tati and t;r«ve 1 Mshment. Apply Ko.t S75, care of Th | vaiiru Phouma. who fled thy comi- ! .•try last month alter warring; fac- \ iiuiis destroyed the ability <•>{ Ins! i neutralist regime to maintain or- j i cier. Terms, no car- ( :<a> town Sun. w^ rnes vC, '»-tf » PW« * Market at W. Main, " 5. Personal ...&UT6EUEVEME, ... THERE WAS NO RUSH! 'mmirrvmi X WAN-TEPID RETURN (TAS A3X FINISHED' THANK VDU/LADY VERONICA TO" ! OOXiKC, .f.*e:' Trv Mr. :or » ' .:"*.e? NOT:CK :s Ksssr.r GIVSX that Communist amis have been de- j ARK livered to rebel forces from neigh'. boring North Vietnam in Soviet ! planes. The State Department ! fears a Red triumph in Laos j would endanger all Southeast Asia. Armed U.S. training planes JOHN xr x< w *.••<"-• been made available to the!-..'•""•-'• "••---'--••'-"-"•••"-•"• f nn ,p, lD.ipor.Trii srxixc KAWBAG iuiut.D. j ^ v ^, ^.., ? ."v* 3 --'t oarv But more than a clash with j unL-Lii *:. ; S "fir h.vrsT d«v'--.' Communist forces is involved inP* w ^ r >:..-*;^** < Laos. For the United States. Brit-j—~—"'-----""—- tain arid France have differed r wn ^ X( -, r BE j Cnll for «ppointm«nt or apply In per- ijon. Chris' Beauty Salon. LO 6-772U. A WOMAN OVKR 30 tor local imi-iiie-is of her own Intelligence and nood background more irnportnnt than business experience. Write Box STJ. care of The Bav- town Sun. U\niKS TO WORK — Pan time telephoning from our office. Salary. No experience necessary- Apply Fred Smith. 1< 51- W. Texas, Koom ?l~\ "Monday only ts i S:30 a.m. __ JWANTFD — Experienced beautician with vstunie. w - OMA .v Crow Cora WHO CAN- PRIVE — If 4 hou n ou 31. Articles For Sala A -I LTHOLSTER1NQ — 10 per cent clown and 1-' months lo puy: up to M per cent off on all faljnc HI flock. Call for lri-<- e.stiinHtes. pickup and deliycry. lK>IJruhl'K Furniture. IMS E. Texas. JU 3-OT._ BHPltOOM SIJlTf! Miinlii'ilrf liiMil- board, inncr-sl>nnK rti.-ittix'ss' itwl box nntiN. vainly «itti liiij;'' jiiirmr. g»n,\ i-oniiitiiiii. J7J. JU li-KUO. COATS — Two routs, sue 1-. !.»>>« 5111. White new. JU ^-Sl short mat. fl r| . I!"th UAI1.EY. HMIS--Fi-rnlstieil 3-room B afti- apartment, h'lls paid. JU 1^-23 FRANCIS. 513 W. — Three bedroom unfurnished house. JU 2-2838._ __ _ HARVEY LANE. :iu — VAE HRIVK. 531'-' — Both very clean Caloric Ranjje Terms J->'d Koi«-r Kangf Terms S:.'.Y;.^i (HOUSTON NATURAL GAS WAl'.KHor-K CLOSING OUT AQUARIUM;-' AND EQUIPMENT. Pni'iM to sell. Mi-DONALD KKKDLK ARTy, Bob Smith Road, phone JU o-I'.'TL 1 . COLORED BATHROOM I-'IXTUUKS _. ._ 3-betlroom homes, central heat, nttic fun. fenced. Klther S95 monthly. LO 6-7415 Houston Kl 7-4310. HIGHLANDS—One .'i-rDiim. i<j. auci on« 3-beUroum with 1", baths, $70. Call GK -MUMS HIGHLANDS- -i;murni.«:ieit .' home; wall hc.-u each room; air cun- ditioning unit; stove, refrigerator optional; concrete drive; double garage; «a yard: snituti trees; e.M.-rJlciii rivlsh tiorhoo.I. Apply 100 N. 9th, •126-37-13. HOMAN, 101 E. — Furnished 2-bedroom home, community center, JT»0. monthly. Vt bloolc of N. Main, JU 3-ISIS. JONES, 511 N.—Larj;e 6-room unfurnished house; redecorated, double garage-wash liousc, comer lot. JU 2-8SS3. LAKKVYOOD, Kent or unfurnished home, fenced, !arg« lot. LO 6-7797. Sell— 3-t>edroom .screen porch, LOBIT. -(H W. —•-'•bulronin unrurm.ihevl brick home. 555.00. Apply MS W. Lobll. MAIN. 3402 N. — Two-bedroom house (or >r debts would enjoy working day calling resularly each month on a | ivnt or for sale. --0 wiring. Small down group of Studio Girl Cosmetic clients on payment, some trade. What have you? a route to be established in and arfiundjju 3--M4I1. ":r:is: by say other - ,r.?.n mj- among themselves over how to handle the situation. Though U.S. and British cooperation is now; miifh ctmnupr tho I ir>tian rrkiij 1 WILL SOT be responsible for any debts mucn Stronger. Uie Laotian CUS1»| j^ned by anyone other thin myself. still presents an immediate test ALVA D. HOI-LISTER of Kennedy's declared aim of drawing the Allies together in the closest possible unity. State Department officials believe the Cuban crisis, intensified by a break in relations early this month, will not require the most urgent attention from the new administration. The same thing is said to be true of the chaos in the Congo, where Washington Is relying primarily on the United Nations to restore order. But the international financial predicament of the United States, another problem carried over from the old administration, is believed by some of Kennedy's advisers to need immediate study and action. The United States has been losing gold and dollars to foreign countries at the rate of more than $4 billion a year. This imbalance has raised grave doubts about the stability of the dollar. Officials say the remedy must be found in measures to expand American sales abroad and to cut this country's foreign costs. Baytown. and are willing In make Ikht I rrrT.T",. rnes'ey ' deliveries, etc., write to STUDIO OIRL COSMETICS. IVpt. .1-42 K. Glenda'.tf, California. Route will pay up to $3 50 jier hour. MAUKKT STREKT ROAD, 1641 •••'J- beilroom furnished home, water f r .ir- siu'.!, $H5 per month. 426-31.^7. OH, PEAR, - HOPE THE WHEELS FALL OFF/ WHAT THE HORN HAVE TO PO WITH THE OH,VGU PONT ANYTHIN6 ABOUT MECHANICS. JF THE HORM IS BROKEN, MAYBE THE I'VE BEEN WARRIEP U3N<5 ENOU6H TO KNOW THIS IS THE EASIEST WAV. SOMETHING'S VVTTH THIS HORW. YOU'P CHECK THE WHEELS. BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH VEP-- HIM (W SOME FRIENDS OF HIS'N WENT ON VflCRTlON- HERE'S WHftR THEV'RE STfWIN' SIGH ft BIG, HISH-FflLOOTIN HOTEL!.' IT SHORE 15 PURTV HELL 9E HOME IM NINETV DAVS WIF GOOD BEHAVIN' I NEVER KNOWED HE WU7 OFF, SAlRV I JEST SOT A PITCHER POST CRRD FROM MV MPlN ZE3, LOWEEZY BRICK BRADFORD By Paul Norris 'R& SHORT OM MSN..., i THINK YOU'U, NEED US, WKET OlCAYJ I'U- VOU Up! TA'<S THiS KlPLE THE TOP OP THAT TREE ! IP YOU SES ANVTHiNS MOVE; LET u* By Wait Kelley "MI* «0fwtio THE RIVEREND By Bill O'Malley DIDYA'EVERHAVEA MELTED 5NOWPALL IN YOUR POCKET? Mrs. Benton To Be Unitarians' Speaker Mrs. Douglas C. Benton will address the Baytown Unitarian Fellowship at 11 a.m. Sunday at the Chamber of Commerce Build- ing.Her subject will be "Attitudes: East and West." Mrs. Ruby Swenson, church school director, said that the Sunday School classes will hear the address. C. M. Floyd, president, PUBLIC NOTICE FRANCIS REGAN NO'.V OWNS AN'D OPERATES REGAN GLASS COMPANY 1805 GEORGIA OLD BAYTOWN For the best In service, itt mt. JU 3-49II 12. Mala Help Wanttd IMASSKY TOMPK1NS ROAD — Two bedroom house, washer connection. Water i furnished. Phone JU :t-14SO. MIRIAM, "ui — yurnl.i house, attic fan. month. JU 2-4i."9. ilece set . $M».( ANDY PLUMBING COMPANY 75U1 Bitywav nrlve COKBKU,. CHAS. "D."^"70S i^rH-'Dilb.ic Mr. Oorbell. be our jjue^l io attrr.d thr showing of "The Grass Is Greener" now tiiowlng nt the Branson Theatre. Taiii- (!>!« aH t" thr. tlrki't office of Jhe Hnill- son for your two free admissions. ELECTROLUX VACUUM CLEANER;; and waxen. Sa'es and service. No scrv- 3-3351'."°'""' *'""" -r'lr-'.-s. pho»» jt. FOR SALE — BARGAIN Two roll overhead doors for open-Front ion- with elass panels. Size 7' high 10' ide.^ JU ^'-7316 or JU 2-SC6S nite. GET CALENDAR rerillj and complete calendars for '81 n<nv at Matherne's, ;07-l'lt \ Pearce. Also new appointment book., ledgerg, ledger sheets. Inventors- pads, etc., to start ilxty-one off right. GREETING CARD RACK — With cards" S-sectioiis. Will sell complete set for JtOO. Call 426-2351. JI.'VEMI.K PI'RNITURE—Youth bed. boohr:is« hi-ailDnanl. link springs and maiirps.4. S20; electric heater, $10; briby hfi!. $f>. JU ;j-4067. MISCKLLANEOUS — Good used window, ar.d dixir unit. Tvtroit Jewel ranci 1 'heap. If, High St.. JU 3-1539. 4-room $35.00 MOUTON JACKET - Beautiful rUrk ct.lor. Sue 10. Excellent condition. Earn;! in. LO 6-7J30. 7. Inttruction FINISH HIGH SCHOOL Or prt-hl(h school »t hncii la it*r< tlfflr Writ* for fr»« booltUt. AMERICAN SCHOOL P. O. Box <1M, OR J-t»M 1312 W. Harrli. P»s»d«n» Ulmbtr Nttlonil Horn* Study Council Beauty Culture jio COLD WAVE, 45. Late appointments accepted. POLLY'S BEAUTY SHOP 1021 Dsilry, JU 3-1921. Tr«v*l N«w* P.IDERS WANTED — Brownwood ID low-ntown Houston. Working houri: 8 to 5. LO 8-«12. RIDE WANTED — To Houston vicinity Smith and Elgin from Plumwocxi. a guys, g lo 5. Phong JU S-31S2. Game Winners WINNERS IN the first two games of the Optimist Club's Seventh ; rade gold medal tournament at said!Cedar Bayou Junior High were V*. i"l. r luvu, yi trajutrui, ruiiu — -' "* w"».-^^ ...p,.. ..^..., visitors will be welcome to join i Cedar .Ba>-ou over Dickinson 27-25 the group. Biggest Houston Bank To Have New Quarters HOUSTON (AP) - The First City Nationnl Bank is to move to its 32-story building Feb. 6. The bank is Houston's largest, i having over $700 million in de' posits. The new quarters include one of the largest banking floors in the nation. The bank also will occupy three floors of the adjoin- •injj 32-story office tower. The building has been under construction IS months. Parents To Meet CEDAR BAYOU Parents Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the school with J. M. Stuart, director of curriculum and guidance in the Baytown School District, as guest speaker. He will discuss the changes'of the instructional program. An executive meeting is set for 10 a.m. Monday at the school. Bridges Discharged ARMY SGT. William H. Bridges Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bridges of 917 Loavins, has received an honorable discharge after two years in service at Fort Kno.v. Ky. and North Shore over Horace Mann 3G-12. Finals will be played Saturday night in the eight-team tournament. arTJort. Cox On Team PHIL COX of Baytown nnd Wade Johnson of Channelview will represent the Texas A&CM College ™-~ BARBER WASTED — Experience with:MISSOURI, 2414 —Unfurnished 5-room following. Call JU 3-4?l.'! between S>:.1U! house, uls^ed-in back porch, ( a.m. and 5 p.m.. Tuesday through Satur-j water paid. $50. JO 2-SSH9. lla - v ' 'PLEASANT DRIVE. W —Attractive _-j for at hedroom tinfuniished hou-e, corner lot. PIANO—DEKI'FREKZH Kotli in good condition. •IPRACTK-K PIANO — JK3.00. Also 22-Ft - i -.^'o.r 8 .'?. J rJezer . llk ? n< = w - 4S14 N. Main, U 2-6S7B. PLACK TOUR APPLICATION Houston Chronicle route, ftovs years of ss:e Call JXI 3-1M8. 15. Work Wanted " ° S „ - Prartirally Wl " 5C " for $7 new. Oric- CARPENTRY AND PAlNTIKO—Sheet rock finishing, shingling. Krw estl mates. By hour or Job. JU 3-<102. ;PRUETT, 713 S. — Unfurnished 3-bed, room home. 2-baths, close, to BChools. i I * 50L _"'° n thl.'-, JU 3-^44. | I UTAH, 1KP9 —Unfurnished 2-bedroom ;r;r—--~~ ••:_---•• . house, panel den. floor furnace, near REFRIGERATOR-IS:,? model Admiral, t • --- .-.. i cuhic feet. IP. good condition, W3 00. See at &4H Vae Drive after 4 p.m. Phone LO 6-7T30. . school SKS mn»ith i^fi •'^K" c1 ™* notl " 14 - 6 - :>) ' CHILD CARE — In my supervision, excellent tion Call LO 6-5654. home. Best; iWOOSTRR, Cobum St. — Modern brick. I central heated. 2 and 3 bedroom, also i frame houses-. $50 up. Houston ,TA 3-S940. EXPERIENCED COOK--For ri!« or: cAfeterla. qualified kitchen lieip. Call i FI'RNISHF.n -! T. w. Wiikf: QENERAL CARPENTRY. sheotrock h»nglne, finishing and pilntlnj. Cmblneti built, formica topi. Edwin Anbl«. <ll Bolster JU 2-4 HS9. FARJI WORK OR TRUCK DRIVIXO WA.NTKD — Phone JU 2-769L IRONING — S1.25 per dozen. Extra for Khaki. 101 E. Humble. PALNTINO —Frfo Kntimatei II "VY, Uichard^oa JU 3-4.WS. 18. Bedrooms-Board AT CRECER HOTEL AND APART- ENrs — Home atmosphere, tub «nd Shower baths, good beds, £0.1 heat, low rates. Phone, JU 2-2326. :NG MACHINE — complete with MeinI harness, h;|) r nlxlommai back belt.^sacritlflnR, J113. JU "-2TO after p. SAI.KS — SF. ~~" Typewriters. register 1 * and bicy CO.. 33Hj Market adi llns machines, ".in lff. BLOOM SALES St. JU .1.23:5. USED KHEEEF.n— IS' Electrio 1-vi-nr oM. l:i[« new. CitiiranteBcl. . \V. Texas. '-S-UT ILLINOIS, 3129 — h;ith. Privato en ."-1183. ST>: i '.LINO. iTfii w "V" BELTS PULU3TS — For eratori. air-conditioners, pumps, compr'-s- jsors. washers, attic-window Jans. 3000 bedroom with; belts In Ktrx-k Mas«ev Electric Co S •. Photn JU'Pruflt. Phone JU I-ZOSfi. l-riv;r,e tKlt::. -iWASHING MACHINE — . ',ic aulomahc, SI'S M. t' JU 3-^ft!^. REPAIR. REMODEL. NEW STRUCTION. All work Ruar Fr«t ntimat«. Phon« JU 2-9S01. WORK WANTED—Will do ch:M c.irr In my home or your:; fnr wnrk:im or shopping mothers. Reason.ibli* rat*s. Excellent care. Apply ">H S. SeronM. :.;._.-__.';.„.„;•_.. ... JWASHKI: VIRGINIA. 2T14 — Furnished room, nenri w<rklni; shopping, church, srhwds. Plenty of'^-670^ closet spun air ronrlitinneii. Kmcioveii, — — Indy References requlrec! See own-' f'lKAVKS- er. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. i '' Ft. P.e.fnceriU iV«'' i N'ire A[, r Wii>i Frre»» 22. Rett Horrre* i.irtme-n S'M o.ik n:vi"!» T!."> W. Man O!rl Pcllv S^:.MI J14..1'- Building New Homes Remodeling. Cahlnft". Formicn Tops. Asbestos Sldlns. Roofs. Frc« Estimsitts. A. J. Nnlser, Builder 1901 E. Texan 16 Apartments For R«nt MONKS RKST HOME — 'Keep this place In mind. For * better one is hard to find." JU 3-1130 i JU 2-5472 241X1 Dorrli Special Trnnin? fov* i r wif .. Denman Paint & Hdwe. 23. Services Offered j 11« K. WR O1VK TOP VALUH STAMPs" BATWOOP APARTMKNTS _ s n ac,oi..v"'r"fala1mni'"o"ut.o V f V S L tires m ,J, • • partmcnt.. Iurnl»h«<l If 'l"'ir"'l. j round. Clark's wiieel atui Brake Service.! Vented neat, air eonditiomiie. »'.ill-tn- \2400 Market Stre.'l. JU 2-9137 i wall carpet. launderinK faclllti"'. cur- - . . . - .^ j I-ortr Conveniently located 1300 E. 'ELKCTP.IC MOTOR KKPAIRS-p.ewind- '. Jame.«. JU 3-3121. i In 2. any kind. sue. Modern equipment. •. — qualified mrrimni' 1 *. Massey Electric, K2.11 MS — P.e.lecnr.ileil .';-r"orn«. ;s. Pruelt. JU 3-72S1. wrrklv ?;I'%.^;!FOK rORRKST, 411-B — Two bedroom un- d»p(cx, 220 wiring, paTjrl h^nt, RKL1AHKK KKPAIRS on your wnshinu mnrhmp drypr or dtshwashrr. rail K.'ivtown Wnshor Hiid I)r>rr Sor\lce. 100 Live Onk. JU r.-5()IS. S;r?i;!e .M All!:. . '.'5 Whi'e I'^^.i. !' riur:n 500 Clo.'rl .:,ll Name i.nii HI!'I;:TI ).ri(1 New S 01 i; . . rin!hrc«m Heater nm Hertter. -i?it» «j Identification team ™*™«™ N ^ » ° R ^™^'^ intercol]oq:iate contest atlgir-ron^itiowd. W month, no -.niiitiM paid, located behind Fan Jacinto Hospital, JU 2-MM Range Plant .'it an Salt Lake City. Utah, Feb. 1. MOVING — Ixwal. lon^ distance. Ex|ien-j v s - : ;' erceii men. modern equipment, twnded. '• ? ''* "" C. R i'oker Moving nnd Trnnsfer, davs, ! ' - '•'•' JU 2-30riJ or JU .1-2107. »;> Tl hle? Sire] Tnp.v. " 1 !'"'''' r " r '"> ^"e'^' W:i!l fia.i lUvi'e Copper GriM-n Trot I.l Preierver. r-illon . . ' 110 week, blllt paid. rent. 3-1744. GAIL1.ARP, 203 , urtl | <ll( . d N. — 3-rooms nnanment. nnd Anderson Assigned ARMY PVT. Albert L. Anderson, 19. whose wife, Mrs. Julia Ander-. n son, and parents, Mr. and Mrs. |iu :'-73ii"or" ju"i-3fti.i before 10 t m. 01 Charles C. Anderson, live at 5ni»«« 3 p.m. Schilling:, has been assignerl to tho 24th Infantry Division stationed in Germany. WATKR WEI.L l.RILLINR -- Homes, m industhnl Irrigation: nutitorlzed denirrjt OULF, 101 E. — Furnished apartments lor:Berkl"y Writer Systems: established 1501. ; ' Ranch Films Set MRS. H. N. (Son) Love will show films from King's Ranch on Paradise Ridge at 7 p.m. Monday at. the Parish Hall in Trinity Epis- c-opal Church. All interested persons are invited. Hi'.VNICL'TT. (SOT E.—Nicely furnished large four-ro-im apurtment ir.rl tn- race. Tin bath unij hltchfn. Adult«. Apply aarn* nddre^fl. IVV APARTMENTS. 9HO E. Kavle Rarlielnr or conple. 3-room eff!r:rn.- ronir/Ietel',* /'jrnl.shed frills nnd dmi.* 1 " II:IH p.-il.l. 1.0 6-8293. Jt-RnUfhc. JU 2-944S. WATKR WKLLS IlRILI.K.n -For wilier! well .IrilhnK. repairs. SUPERIOR WA-! TER WKI.I.S O. II. Wh.lle>. 18W Amy j ! WATER WKLL~T)RIL!.IN'3 "~—~ Pump I j sales »nd t,er\'ice. hank financinf;. i jBecker PrillmK Co. Member of Texas Wn- Her Well Drillers Assori.itlon. Phone Hljhlanils. 42G-7711. j v,'y-; WILL MANAflK TOI'P, RENT PROPERTY Sparky Bond--Realtor | <I.1T S M"in JU '.'-SJl^' • I * " , mi 1',,,,-v-i- i uo n'as? i.'.i c;:iivnn:7-e. if.ui Feet Pl-i.«tli! ! >-i N "' lV f ""r:i ° vrr C.a.i y '" -|.|'sn ttnK T-'nil l!od . Piixi jno K! i;i[«'r. P< p PRICK J 9 !•:, .1 :i !>.'. ..t i '.<:, . s 7.(ir» .Ti!i>.'. .j .V!).'. !s s.i'i . .$ i.y:, . .si 2. P.'. . $ 5. P:. it ..? 1.3i REPT.lfiERATOR S cu rt Kelvin.itor. new paint, button rfefro«t push- Three Graduate DEGREES FROM Texas A&M College have been awarded at mid-year graduation exercises to Philip W. Cox, range management; Leonard W. Shoemaker, civil engineering; and Gordon Blake, industrial education. All three hoys ;irf> from Bavtown. INDIANA. 1 rurnlfh .rr 3..m( .'HOfi — M apartment, an MIL- JAMES. 3'" 1 ! W.—3-rtvm unturr.nh.'il duplex, deair.-ible loc.-ilioti. wiistier connections. 21!" virinir. »!». rea- Hinnhle Phone JIT 3-S24::. JONES 309 N. —Extra nice furnished 4-rooms and hath. Adults. JU 2-7895, apply M7 N. Jones. JONES". . r il2 N. — furnljherl 4- niuirtment '1 larire clothes rl'.set.a ample Uitrheti rpace. X*r;iKf. w.iter-j;.irti.T?e piti.l. S-Vi. In K'lOii rondiliin. Apply Alie Knsenzweijf, JK 2-299.'!. After 7. LO B-WIS. La Porte City Council Backs Sports Stadium La Porte City Commission Fri- will not work properly is not help- day night voted to back the J22Jinji its operation, million bond issue for a proposecfj Extensive cleaning and minor LIVK OAK. S13-—Lurue. clean 2-r<wm /'irnlshe-l apariment. Nenr nchool. Ero-ery store. Larm o'oset". private i>.-,;i... ,TU n-n?n. I.ORIT, 3IS'i F..— Z-hedronm i c.iras;« .ipartment. 7l3fi after 6:3'l P m. Coastal Armature Works F.lertnc ^folor Rbwindlnu r:ena:r nil types nnd size*. no: Carolina nt West Stain t)a>- or Niqht. Phone JU 2-9S70. B. F. Goodrich '". T«*u JH 2-5:54 24. Soil F«rtiliz»r TOP K(JIL. FILL SAND, CWM OYSTf;R SHKI.I. — Hauling and truck Jo'is. OEOP.OE! TORP.F.f: JU : Airwood Drive-In Grocery. AND DeBruhl 2-plpre .Sofa P.r.l n>)Ti! Sl'W.'iO Hei'lin;:!!; C!i:i:r. M ^-pu-'-f .--O'-'i'ina 1 ri Die. K.'fa I!'-.! (.V rpiMlBteteill Oi,e I'.jle. Lamp Furniture . $ O.'J.'i 26. Plants-Seeds JS.".. irep.iirs would put the plant in first county sports st.idium. Tho stadium, should the bond:class ouler, Smith said. Or the I issue bo approved hv Harris Coun- i council can spend 5130.000 for an-,,..,..-.. .„-. . . ' f. t " •»* «i_ A M .. , j M AIv YI jAf* I/. i"."iw~j — • r u< liuim n n«" "n«- > •>• wn \ /, ^'iiimi* ami an K IIIUN * in it" tv voters Jan. 31, would be C0tn-!other typP sewer System that I apartment, tile features. Karaite. Ideal trees.' 16501 Market St. Road, Channel LOTilT. im'i E. — 5 bedroom apart, men evtra nice, furnished or unfurnished. Apply ini E. Ixibit. _ MAIN. 2I13M W. — IJirge 3-room turn- , ^^nVrvrTlSvvir'prwp nrT>;Hi.-« ished garace apartment. Garane. BUM ^_?/' A !i r ,!.l < h W .. P : O ; S - ! i I l t I;'. I !!l s .T, ?i*id. Phone JU 2-5226. OTPOSITK DKCKKP. DRIVK IN' THKATKK — New nllipmenl OlB'll- nlas. r>nr, r.Oc. ,">-Ft. Reil rierrie.l Pyraeinthn, SI and $1.5n. Camellia* | with Hurts. tl.'i<> tn .t«,,V>. '8 varieties. <;al. S5<! HAn Jl.50 li S2..ln. r.ottlebrush |l,—S3. Flmn-erlns Quinoe HAH $^.2.')t Kumqunt, Ornnse, I,emon. Orapefrtilt trees J2.50 to J4.UO. DAVIS NI.'IISKRY, MAC.N'OLIA (>!'. PINE—Ci«an furnished li'.uses. apartment?* or bedroom*. Low Tale Ai-piv l.Tly M.iRnolla. hy April 1%2 nnd be leased j would last the city six years be- to Iho Houston Sports Association basebnll in Hous- an air-conditioned, jr major ! ton. It would bo ! ;ill weather stadium with a dome roof, the only one in the world nn<f could bo converted into a football field, boxing stadium, rally crntor o Vore the same system would have to be duplicated to handle 10,000 people, Smith added in his formal report. for single or couple. JU 2-4054. MASSEY TOMPKINS ROAD— MCI paiiI. 1-MSll. kinds, Inoludini; the new patents. Glndl- ol.i nnd pinlc DufroJIl bulli*. Pansv. new everbearing blndtbero'. cabhriijo. Collard, Onion, Strawberry plants. Climbing Son- jana S'.rawberr< - . Kew F.ver^reens. Jno- an*'.^e persimmon. Peoan. Fruit CiVkt:ill smoke and all kinds ritni<: view. 28. Pets-Suppliw 'MIRIAM. 2l'.i — ^-room fumNhed znraee -i.- ., . ... . . , i annnmert. All biiM paid. Sin weekly. HarnS County Officials havolApnly Abe i-.osenzweig. JU 2-2»S or after been after La Porte for years to pro- up its sewer plant. The commission endorsed 7, ?-rnom and MIRIAM. >r any mimbor of other posed lecislation whirh would tisps whore a" large crowd is ex-lrniire the county to maintain oor- p<vt<vj. i tain ro,-ifis which thp city cannot Rico University stadium is the;maintain. Most of these roads are Venetian only plaoo bit; enough in Hous-j in the city limits. jton to house 40,000 to 50,000 poo-1 A group of El La?o residents, ___ plo. Tlio bf>nds would be tax sup-1 living in a wator district intor-! MI j ; ., ;Ks r»TA, I ported saving $.11-1,000 in intor- cstrd in possibly calling is- 1 nnnnment ' jrst. although rent from the sta-'sue. nsked tho commission whatj^'v^'Tn 'dium is expoctod to pay tho cost.'future plans arr for final annoxa-i ^ath f'ir- pi Id, Call P. Main, Small si/e female, hlack j»nd brown, J10. LO fi-:i2:>l. POOP-L?".M • -Chanipion stov-k miniature French Poo^je.s. Knr ,<»le or will trade for rood pi.iTin. call L.herty, Texas, FF. 'J-^T'iS after 4pm. ?t — Morlem 4 room imfur- hri. i- linpiev tiarflwryvl flrmr*. hl.nds. freely papered an* .be Ko'.enjjweic. Jt.T i-2903. LO <i.. r >STi. — vreiv new m '""""""• "° " 10 "" 1 29. Livettock-Supplii HIP commissioners also heard a report by Carlos Srnith, of Wyatt C. Hedriok. and acting city rngi- noor, which called for 527,000 to tion of the area. I^a Porto holds the area under first reading of an annexation ordinance. The group first approached, commission several months ago PP.UETT. "M S. •- 4-Room f'.imi'hed «r>»nment. private hath, service porch, g.inige. hills pnij. JU 2-2117. (PRiTfrTT, R31H S.—Three-room furnished i fsittte »B«nment. n»»r ichooli. JU \ HAY n-irn. <'tl\ i'. E. rmn. lil.^CKLANO HAY Phone f..i Porte. BA«Y nil-* impiwo the city sewage treatment plant. i after the annexation ordinance Smith said inspoction of the i was road in July, 1959. Mayor plant shwvod little sewage i* ho-jHarold P. Pfojffor told tho. treaty by the plant and rtfy' ntiitudo that tho plan Friday that the commission still could not giv« an arewor. STl.MSON -Jl.'j -- C.lenn. larite nnfur- ni' v ie:( S-rinm dijpler. freshly {>air.r. e.l. gar.iirti '.VaiVInK ,-It«t»ne» to tn». n. rUi»e to whoo! Water pas.1. Jt.'S.f*'. Apply Ah* P.r.senj.'vefj;, JL' 2-290.1; after" 7. I,O d-WIS. ANP> Whiwtucc O. i: <;! C.Jailv, Poieet. .'(Hll. Huff- .'>fi eent» at ham. CALVES—Some W. Ooiden, 4S1S I.O fl-77S<l. PRAIR1K HAT CALL JU 2-6W1 or JU 3.^*8 HORSES BOARDED «!e. JIT A!«o nr JIT 213 E.Texas JU 3-430 1 COOU ri,K.\N R-KOOT KLKCTR1C Refrigerator With J-'rrt'zrr pn'i.ion. .I-!f;i? for A;»;i rtnif*nt $49.50 J. W. AINSWORTH CO. .1110 M:»rket .It! 2-Rn!17 Graves Furniture 31t N. M«ln Exchange JU *i:s.nn 16' neciifreez* .. V Denni re'.-7e ............. N T'.i.Ti't 17" UCA 'I'eleviylnn, perfect , .$ ^O.ri'i ll-I'lern White ar..| Hlili- t'liisiic Mvitn; Ro.mi Kni;« . S 15. nn Ni.-.! :i-l>iece l:e«!nvim Sulle . ..S37..M) \Vi>stlnt;li'>ii«« Refrlgi-r.itor with Freezer ............. I 4.1. (MI CIr.-in /\j>irtmenl Kanse . f 22..Vi Highest Quick Cash For Appliances & Furniture Custom Trailer Hitches Hn--to\..n Trsllor 7'.en!a!. .Tl: ::-5«^. CULPEPPER'S USED FURNITURE Mi'Ttre^ nn.i Hox t-'pr,r.m \VU>i I ,«•!."< .............. j?,9 s:, Full Si7.e N:-'til ne.I .......... | 8 4,V Full S,7« <''i.l P.IT.HK . . . | <l»ft Roll-ii-W.iy I:e,I nr:.l M^tlre^l . Ji/ 95 Frlgldaire Antnmillc Washer ..$?».»« .Servel Can RefriKcriitor ....... S«?.»0 15 North Commerce St. Phone JU 3-1476

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