The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 31, 1952 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Saturday, May 31, 1952
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lice Weekend \VE"ATHER—Partly cloudy f chaise in temperatures; Sat-. "'icht and Sunday. Low tonight Moderate southerly winds., t32.NO.3lO Saturday, May 3I,M°52 Honors Given Wooster Child Dies With Polio At Graduation ^ Other Area Cases Under Observation A two-year-old Wooster child is and recovered without 'any per- ber for all of 1951 in this section dead from bulbar polio today,and manent bad effects. ' of the coun t v three other persons," 1 including a The four .cases reported this _. - Baytown man, are under bbserva- week brought the total to eight ^Y Manager C. D. Middleton Memorial Stadium scene tion as P° ssible P° l10 or spinal for East Harris county this year. a ^d the ^Baytown cases will b,e re- Of many a football Victory ^T™?.^™^!: S_...I. " * t J x . e .'^" t fci ™ in 10 ye ?" or P'^'to the city health depart- . F _ _._ __ BERLIN, May 31 (U.P.) for RnhAH- S t °'V 1 V1C £° r v * Nai *cy Kay Armstrong, .daugh- more that the disease has begun ment and an insecticide spraying Communist police OCCUpied'a ^hnnl oo -\ f !£ S ° f /,£ n £ y™: JJ - J ^* JA ^ m " clalmin f victims'this -early in the machine will be sent immediately lakeside rftsnrf. on HIP *<**» nf SCnool, saw a Victory of a dlf- strong of 165 Cabmetesa, died Fr>- year. And the number of* cases to the areas where the victi ferent SOrt last niffht vvhpn day in a Houston P0 ho ward, four thjs year already is.twlce the num- live. orir7 o-v.0^1,,,4. I. t ! davs after her case was diagnosed graduates were handed as polio. French Police Storm their diplomas. Nancy Kay had been given ,ra- For it was Scholarship and bies vacc ine' several months ago, nnr athloHoe? 4-Viraf ir r » n 4-1, ^ and her parents authorized an au- flnr A i!2i f ^ topsy upon her body by the South- accolades at the commence- western Polio center in Houston ment services as -3,000 proud to see what effects, if any, the friends and parents watched the rabies vaccine had on her body, distribution of the honors. A physician last year noted^ that Valedictorian Wanda Gunter in a town where almost half .the Reds 1 Headquarters _ » i . * M PARIS, May 31 College. Salutatorian Mary White, those who had not been given already holder of a $100 Wilbur rabies vaccine. ' Davidson scholarship to the Uni- j u i es Weathers, 30, of 323 'shady ersity of Texas, also was presented Lane' in Wynnewood Addition a $100 scholarship from the Rain- was admitted to a hospital here bow Girls and $125 scholarship to early this morning for observation Lee College offered- by Hugh and may be mov ed to Jeff Da/is Ecols to go along with the Echols hospital or Hedgecroft clinic later was presented the Balfour Pla- children had been given rabies ?J Orrne i? Communist headquarters there was not a single, casualty. and by row-boat que and was offered scholarships shots, not one of those Immunized "^"p 01 " France Saturday, Six Red centers were captured The resort' is that of Buergera- to all state supported schools, all against rabies had polio 'while s ? 3 3 shedresistan ce with rifle butts, in Paris alone. Others were taken blage, on J the edge of Lake Havel. 1 church related schools and Lee there were 'several cases 'amone u ~f an " * ear *> as anc * seized*tons by storm, in Lyons, Bordeaux, Mar- It is a favorite weekend and vaca- r.~«— o_i..,.-<.__=_ ^ „., ? , ... & of documents in search • of ^evi- seffle,- La Rochelle, Toulon and t'ion'spot. It lies 300 yards insi'de dence. of a Red subversive plot other cities. the Soviet sector but is specified against* the government.- - ^ Police found the national head _< officially as ,being part of the a 'veritable iortress. Be- BriUsh ' sector, West Berlin police its double-steel, rivet-studded said - ' - -~ /,„' . front doors, there'were heavy cor- East German Communist police "Radio rider doors-< at intervals of 20 feet, invaded the resort Saturday morn- hour te he most represneta- j n the daV said.- EDWARD GUXN Crippling polio didn't stop him. Cup won by tive student. Jam'-s Stephenson, the first honor boy of the Class of 1952, was an( j -^if s E Llovd of Hnlf "ffill r, ; «.T;~~u ~:' —r -—--~r~ r> _-*««^" ^_ ^wwv.«^««. — *. ~*~ ,. — j ., ,. ,. , „, -. f . ^ , offered a scholarship to the J™ ^m^n"^"'^-nr™' ^"^--f'^ffh^S^? 8 * 1 } When the fight for the national West Berbners were, told to get «* ** ** *>?**• ' in .order to-fin- out the last knot of head q U arters ended the Srtfce out^ unless they vvanted to declare prove his rapidly failing health!". 1~ *_ ___.-»_, , *«j* * . -» _ _ 4-Vi/arv^ cj^lirfip T3*o cf f^.n**»irfc *a nc t ivirla** .. "D«J*«. TT» t _ TTV _*!"_ __**!* * • ** ~ i *** o£ the family < wfndoWTtheV~~kicked a^Tde bar" '^^ quantities of arms ^..OU^,, ^ -2ft. oca£^:^f 0 4r:f u S S£ £*££££• •""• and Jimmy' Glass,' 10, son "of Mr. of 'High- resistance -at thf» top of the Only, THE' BAYTOWN SIW The BAY70WN STORY TODAY'S NEWS TODAY ' TELEPHONE: 8302. Five Cents Per Copy Germans In British Area I A M /\ AlC ^" ** resort on the edge of sector of Saturday and ordered its West Berlin residents to get out at once or join the East German Communist state. West Berlin police reported that the Germans affected had been kidnapped into the Soviet Sector of _the city. But they began Reds, the ministry of interior said tricklin & int °-, We ' s t Berlin afoot Stalin Advised 16 Qoif For Hisilealtli MUNICH, Germany, . , B A. L. J i 1 •V't^ . , ,. , ... Mirrors-in the halls gave-warn- ing. They questioned the persons "=<«? ™« it had received ^un- way into the build- ^ of an b who approached, they found'in. the. 300 cottages and confirmed — and possibly -faked-|; s of all sorts fishing shacks in the area—most reports that "Premier -Josefr Stalin al °" g SL^eTidSff wtf^, Kre ° £ H ^' tes ^.^ed-fb^e sell were given the ,lt!-"^ family-said, may have spinal ingitis Jnstead of nolio. brought out 30 handcuffed red re- themselves East Germans, under - Radio Free Europe" is financed £ his The ministry of interior an- siste "- . SttS"^* tJte* S'pSSsSS by a «"»» bf American pnvaie; men- nounced at 2 p. m: that the raids, ~ Th e prisoners were released aft- Wlth them Those who said they citizens - It broadcasts - news lx> Rnhorf P T* a ,-« rrr * M £^ C ^ ^f! ^ breaMast time, er questioning but investigators were East Berliners were told they Russia and Soviet satellite" -coun-: nsSiir. 8 sssr ^ ola s hlp s 125 *?^' 3^L*£££! "^^e^tir/a^s 1 ^: s^s?*?£S: $$£•& m r get ^ -"T* * tr ^ **•*•»**>» c ^^-' - Faustine Hobbs won the ?125 Jr _ of 3620 Mar ket, has been crit- quarters arid - other buildings - in they also iound dozens of steel ,, ^ ^' as uncertain whether the "Stalin's physicians have . ad- Jaycee-eUe scholarship The Bust- ica l!y ill and at first it was feared Paris, and in headquarters all over P^tes sharpened,down for use as British would protest. While maps advised him to relinquish all his ness and Professional Women's he mjght h * ave suffered - a second the country, made'desperate at- **«•*»*« in d. m ,ic»,,*™ show the S?,. S?"?^ 0 W on —' — a " ack ° f the dread disease " His ^P fe 'to'burn documents which , , *~!Ji= •- & ^r|f outstanding members of Valedictorian Earl J [pfiiaating class at Cedar presented scholarships £o all state Mary " high scfiool vere awarded su PP° r tcd . , . . . . ' sch ools ui re wnolarKhips during com- Grace Eiizab exercises last night" in awarded o! auditorium. . related schools. Dealva Cole was awarded a $50 Josephine Mason was, presented scholarship to Lee college, offered with-the S100 nursing scholarship bjr the Kiwanis club. from the Pilot Club. : Miss Hart also was named the Ele *nor Grigg won the Arion ^est all'around student of 1951-52 X° cel ™ usic award and Beverly T >~ nf ^4.1 ' ^J.' _ - , and was axvarded a'plague donated argame , r won the Arion 'band "I I U///OV? / I \Jl1Tj C ..; l-^^the-.-Jate John sF.^, Sjb]ander. . aw . ard ' . . * ' ' - / JFfRArKFi? u - „. ^nter.^won.fhis award-last year n 3 f n . dst ? om , ^"^J*^ H fi me ^ : itLKA^KEK heu<e./ whiJe Vjunior. •• - < Economics Club award'and-*JoV^Ed"" " boriied last ^M iRter aFsb vvas presented the itcLemore was presented ^ath_the in demonstrations. Texans End area to ,be officially a posts in the near future," Satur,-.,. „ , ,. j .... , British-administered island inside day's broadcast said Other police squads raided partv tv^ GnvJof ^^r>r a "Rrit^h cnoVpc , "- UetuUei:>L ** lu " _ c, - — - the boviet sector, a British spokes- lt ^^ imp^ed that,Stalin.'had man said he did not even know it. dedided to ta £ e ^ e advi ' ce and ^-^ caTried^rbrt^ ^L* 6 Sff|^^r ha ^& bee as part If ^eir plan to seal '££, $SSS?%A the-^bvernmentrpossiDly-incllHirig ^Th^government struck with all ^ r]l f ^ Sfe^rieflSie 6 o£ cS* M?ov -mention^ as.the^chief C plans ^for a~ Communist t niarch "on available police after intercept- man ^ vi ei: zone 01 Lrer- candidates for succession to'leader Fa ^'\'\- -, "^ L! : ' / " ln S what-it said were Communist cj^at"" 7nn p nnlW wampri Wp<;i " shi P- , J - ' - : *\H'T It is believed they jnay "also have orders to .provincial' headquarters Germans stm' livrn? i£tS^astefn A spokesman -'for Radio-Tree captured-some card- indexes/ and to.jmobilize Red shock troops for zSf to^ ^ out^bv^^ctoSft £ Eurbpe f said 'axier tha, broadcast ' books ^disclosing-the highly >ecret mass action - against the state in face arr ec;f Moreover 'anvone that'according to t ihe" reports-Stalin^ caijcar^yai^ membership, ; esti- protest against the arrest of-Jac- ffnVht In ^ ^rfm.n^Sd aJready^had decided^ refe-e. ,- ' "n».i- ^ AI* —_ i ;j ft j. j_i r^ jV*- * •A *u j-, * and Lomb award last night Ba "^ch sa.d they did not -for his outstanding work in sci- math medalhon - Lomb science and A: 35-foot sailing- boat--had "landed at BarberV'Cufc off the league Opens ence studies " The Society of. Professional ,__- . .-. - , '^ , ^ Helen Casey became the first ^m^ts end Engineers slide rules ^- OU5ton ship .channel Satorday -Cedar Bayou student to win the Were won by Sa ser Hunsuclc^r and »/te> an 18-Tnonth f jpuinejT-aci^ss hnm~ T«OL-;«^ «.,.™_j _*/•__. j ^__ Robert Strobel. "• ihe^ Atlantic "from" Copenhagen, caused the blaze" in [mall shsck in \vhieh fire- i Jia3 been stored. - J*s>*. WI^VAI^i l_«*l. W »lll LUC O 1- 1. C* 11 home making award offered for R ° ber t Strobel. the first time^,this year to the but- SanoTa Montgomery won the D enjnar k. IlXthe Littie League Ixis'e- standing student of home econom- ^ ovce Jacobs award and 'Jane T-rosrani win get undenvay at ids - ' Bonds the Brigadier award. About the_proudest graduate Jast der -beteen East and 'West Ger- source . , ^ t ... en he^said, first .thal^ie V of f the reports could riot be/FT d, secondly .thatJ their ;ac-\" * #«4t^ • Mcadav. For news and pic- . ~ - about the opening cere- " igh ^ ' vas l?-year-old Edward see Page Eight. - ^ Safety Show fQfOXSTRATlOX on water I tyr Red Cross instructors •Houston mil he .staged at Owner of the craft .is Joe Pelich, 27-year-old Fort Worth Ike Leaves •V. 7-= ^ - ^Home who has been crippled since he was 18 months old when he was stricken with polio. _In. spite of being confined to a wHeei chair, Eduard made an out- staiirding record at Cedar Bayou He - was voted the most popular mortgage loan 'broker. He was PARIS, May, 31 flfh-Genr Dwight Pff^rlif ~f+~4' sf\n Eisenhower left -by..plane!-for -* ' •?V'w W V» I I w// gfgy Qraham 3 Slain In I Film Starts Tokyo Riots M w mortgage loan'DroKer. lie was ---L *^>"^«Trw JCAI. -uj^jjicme.-iui. At*l*OClPC accompanied on the trip by Jim f Washington_Saturday to retire.irom ^1 I CT^id Fitrlnnr of S™ ~Ant™; n i acfave : service-and become an open PUSAN, Korea, May 3X <IIR)— ^turday at the Roseland boy in school and was "elected President Syngraan Rhee, defying "" pool to officially president of the FFA chapter for the national assembly and a,plea tv.-o years. His grade average v/as from the United Nations, tighten- ; rat opening of the pool for er season. The show- is i sponsored by the Jaycees. Furlong of San "Antonio. Pelich said he had attempted to sail his boat up the Trinity riverr but \YRs--unable to make it The~t\vo men left Copenhair- _ I I. en on -November 26, 1950. "v The small craft has only a two-horsepower auxiliary motor. Stalin's health,' has" been report-' ed failing for "years" but^witaessesj-^ said he", looked strdng-and weHriif -' his last public, appearance' at the -~ Soviet May Day^celehratioiijn Mos^- •cow May 1. ^~ -' "-- ; ^ " - J He walked brfsklv up the stairs ~ ,TOKYO, May 31 (IB—Riots erupt- to the - reviewing" stand ^atop the^ J "; ed throughout Japan Friday, leav- Lenin-mausoleum in Red ^Square -' ing three Japanese dead and three and remained there throughout S^ t ±^V^. Th o?- SS^^S^-SSS 1 "™ S^SSS P ?Se:SS ;j a.-., • • . .,.' '••-fr'" v ' ki '-«"-.f*^^ /""l 115 " V-"i«>»«, a oM^rj "I _. ^;^«_ -_,-_!.„ j J.L.- it,,'^^ -^ r>tcoc Wo nr3tr~7r> '7oc-t -n^«~->li' r nomination: - , - . _ ^Houston, Its oil rich populace and ill "make his final, report as , th? current crusade o/ evangelist the* retiring Allied"' supreme co'm- Billy Grabarn, will go into pro- mander i in ~ Washington, Monday duction Here Monday, and Tuesday and then, in'his home town of Abilene, Kans. 7 on^Wednes- 90. " " ed military control over South Ko- Edward plans to enter the Uni- ?"turdav and his police ar- B . < . vprsifcy of Houston next fall .where rested a 12th assemblyman. Rites • „ he will either study law or op- ,.'^Qzfiairs Minister Lee Bum OFFICERS of PRinhnu/" tometry - He and y° un S Minter will Suk charged that antt-Rhee forces, ^3 DsMolays wiU b ? ' C( > mm «te back and forth. , including three assemblymen still *' ":20 pm Salrrdav "in" Superintendent R. W Akridge m hiding, have plotted with Com- pMiachall.'j- -" " " r_. __._^ , *•'....„. Pelich said he plans to write a ds >'.-niake a speech which may Prove to be a major political pronouncement. _ Eisenhower's plane took off from Orly Airport here at 2 p.m. (7 a.Tm. Gruentherl chief^ o*f staff of sup- day afternoon. His",wife and a few By United Press a ! ( ? es ^ e F e *"&*• ^^ ^ ni s private book - about his journey. Lofe Bulletin ilost or the cast, headed by "stars Pnul Power and Colleen To\vnj>end, arrived in Houston this week. The movie will be based on the theme that material riches are worthies^ without an accompanying: spiritual wealth. -. The rioting marked the third arj- cises. He ^was r 72 'last.Dec." 21:' ' nrversary of the death of Kinji Stalin has'been premier of the." Hashunoto, 24, kffled in a clash Soviet Union since 1946'and is also between left-wing unionists and po- general secretary - of the Soviet lice. The Reds call him a "people's Union's Communist parry "and martyr." head of its policy-making P^lit-* Mrs. Kura Hashimoto, -62, his buro. ' _ , mother sobbed Saturday: ' ~ "I am getting tired of it. Every- m ~ ,» B_i* time they bring money, they make r IJ8*Cf@- IB I' me listen to things I don't want **• ^* 1 **- • •* to hear. They're making Kinji's plane Columbine. At the same time, Graham an- - death the reason ,for their"demon- nounced the current crusade, . strations. I wish they'd leave him which has attracted thousands, alone." of their resnecMve f-^, T_ v -r \vas hall overnight to escape arresL entitled' ; 'Faith in Tomorrow." Miss .The. 12th assemblyman" taken in- H*rt spake on "Our World Today." to custody was Kwun Chung Un, a Rev. E. R- Burns, pastor of Ce- Democratic Nationalist, seized as dar Bayou Baptist church, gave he entered the assembly building, the invocation and Rev. John \V. ihc government clamped censor- Ward Is New Champ'S PRESTWICK, Scotland, '/3lay 31 IUPJ— Harvie Ward of "Tar- tlUC \-UiU4IIUIIje. 1 J4. ' ...««V.*A ..«^i u.vv*.«.^..-vv> >.»uu^cu<vu, ^.v^.w. _____ _ • i _T Gen. Matthew B. Hidgway," to both-at Sam Houston Coliseum S he said she had been getting J-UNDON,'May 3X OB—Ana Pau^ - • -~ y '- and later to Ric, Institute Sta- fi nan ei al he lp "occasionally" from ^ ]'^^^ h ^^ r ^^ f : whom Eisenhower turned over his command* v Friday" Gen. -" Alfred "dium,r likely will be held over an- the Communists. Gruenther, ^chief of staff os sup- other week. Sunday originally boro, X. C^ won his first major reme headquarters, and- French wa s scheduled" to be the final international golf championship Defense'ilinister Rene Pleven bade- da y- .Saturday when he scored - sn easy 6 and 5 victory over Frank L^fTCERS and 57 men of "<>nipany E leave at' iIills T pastor of the Csdar Bayou ship on Korean newspapers but did Stranahan of ^Toledo. Ohio, "in i<5a >" for Fort-Hood Methodist church said the bene- not attempt to interfere with cov- the finals of the British Amateur 'Weeks of training: with diction. Eisenhower- -farewell. , . Eisnhower -turned and "waved 'as erage by foreign correspondents. tournament. made by The fund Town 224 Violent Deaths So Far In Holiday Worst Yet To Come As Nation.Takes Off For Weekend Stranahan of -Toledo. Ohio, 'in he entered the.plane, and a French .,.- .r__, ,^ « ,x,^ , . military band played a salute. French _authorities took special security precautions at Orly Airport, and along the way there, to prevent f possible hostile' Communist demonstrations against JEisenhow- Ridgway. has been caught in- a Communist ^ _ . , „ , party ptirge that" is sweeoing~three Friday s deatns occurred when Russian Balkan satellite countries 200 rioters tried to storm a police n was believed Saturday. box at Itabashi, a Tokyo factory The Bucharest radio,".broa"dcast- suburb. Scores of Japanese and j ng a if s f; - O f the reorganized Ro-" Korean demonstrators were injur- ma man Communist party leader- ed and at least 30 police were hurt. s hi p ; failed to mention Mrs Pau- Police arrested 111 rioters, in- ker. ~ * i 1 - - , -,' 1 - - *' eluding 18 "known to be Koreans." she had been a~"member of the American newsmen who suffered riding politburo and the rrunor injuries were John Dille, nist party secretariate I A rRANrrP T«c ^^v v mP) Photographer for Life magazine; Apparently Sirs: Patiker^—" LA.GRAINGE T lex. May 31 OLE) Associated Press correspondent now William C. Barnard; and Journa- i list 2nd .class James L. Kerwin, 3 Burglars Captured fo telephone number d park swimming 35y UNITED PRESS at 1 a,m. Friday and rolled 600 ed into their car. "Both women The toll of t deaths, mov- feet down a bluff in the-dark. He were killed. -As he'left, it was still uncertain -captured at a roadblock near here list 2nd .class James L. Kerwin, jster for' the present^ She just how active Eisenhower's can- Saturday after they were flushed Petoskey, Mich., reporter for the keeps heir membership in the didacy for the Republican nomina- by-an alert nightwatchman near Army newspaper Stare and Stripes. burT wSc?lS£"5taPi>arl tir\n »»^M K^ U-r_-_ »U_- ^.-_«.:__ *.!-_ rr-L J _.. _i_ -rrr.r t~*? f Ulii U, ^ WlliUU. lUUtVi <iiUH. pitii; number at the* ed steadily higher Saturday at the suffered broken oones and other Eighty-^wo persons died in traf- ltself in Chicago, July.-7 tion \vill be before the" convention the Zatopec drug store at Weimar 8081. is now held I»K : way 'mark of the holiday hurts. " *. fic.durmg last year's one-day Me& nov * neia -.-.-, - - in California, iirs. Nina Powell morial holiday. The worst Decor- Dick Ekelberry "Th^'-'nation counted 224 deaths, and Mrs. Leonora Scuri were re- ation Day weekend toll in history we being driven with 160 of them on the highways, turning from Santa Barbara, was recorded in 195Q~when 334 died P«ople calling UD' Thirty : one persons drowned, nine • "~ 'hey had Placed flowers on on highways and other types of ac- about theJswim- died 'in plane accidents-and 24 died the grave of Mrs. Scuri's son, cidents Borough t the total to 577 the: swim- comes 'by- on tells us more plane _. jn miscellaneous types, of accidents. "' ' . The most hazardous time for and plow- deaths. One Felon Nabbed; Three Still Loose in e>n adjoining Colorado county. The" three were identified as Chester JMcGee and brothers Johnny and Tommy Greer. They were scheduled to be returned to Columbus, county seat of Colorado county, * Nightwatchman Fred Vorsand :fairs. However, Vasile Luca.and Teo-. hari Georgesu, fellow-members^ of the B.omaruan Communist-part?, apparently "have" been ousted "as deputy premiers. _ --^ jFrom.'Belgrade came .the report" that the Bulgarian Communist t 3:er LAS CRUCES; NJVL, May 31'fiPI gime has started another! "general Texan Held For Slaying Deputy to " Toft Gains Forecast Today New Mexico, Virginia PicbDeiegates Gerarum said he was making his rounds —A 45-year-old construction work- purge" of the administration. The (IP) mitted and that most of these un- tiarv committed votes will go to the general. ' ->'--. t - . - v ^ •>, Raymond Black* 31, con- them. j[>- Jean W \1sit ards en- her folks 101KS « Citing j n ls that old S- >«ston'. .. _ " e . s off on s» '•£« Calffornia led all states in fraf- WASHINGTON. May 31 fie deaths',-running up a total of Sen Robert A. Taft'ssuppor^rs erai. „--,.- ^ -,. vi c{ ed for-armed robbery in Cm- 22. Ohio'reported 16 deaths, New predicted gams for the omoan bat- The :pro-Eisenhowec. laction of cinnati, "called -Warden -Ralph i tfork 12, Michigan 9," «nd Indiana urday in conventions m New Mexi- the, GOP' in * Georgia. also chojse Alvis to come "after him as offi- " and Illinois S, each. . - z° and Virginia. , f our delegates-at-Iarge at'^a state cers searched "for, three more, es- The peak-will be reached .Sun- Republicans named .14-delegates convention ^Saturday.. The" TaflTiac-- capees' ^vho- took .part Friday'nignt b • _ *. ^of war camn ^r maine <J w the car. When Vorsand deputy sheriff and wounding of a the personal records of aB" state v ? 1* approached, the youths jumped in- town marshal., employes. °" a ov- ^^ to ^e 19 * 9 Packard they were driv- The two officers were shot early Mrs- Pauker, Moscow-trained mornmg Ohio pemten- ing ^g ^^ ^red away as Vor- Friday when they stopped a speed- has been vice premier,. "aa'stinV hotgun after ing motorist at Hatch. N.M. The colonel' and head-of the Romanian, sand emptied his shotgu driver pulled a gun and opened delegation to the Cominform 'as ^ day when'millions of tatailies start to we GOP national convention at home. their . The of the extended from the Atlantic Coast southward .from'^ew York .and Another shower b«U stretched from Panhandle. the New Mexico convention and ^f" 1 ^ slate. has completed its 17- in reK nomc. ^ me iNew wiexmu <,UIIVCHUVNI cinu ...-..-—•—- _.~.._.T ( — ><-• • *^ *•• »»»»»•«• »ww* tu a \^v>ntutAQ«.c ^i weather was "kind to most four at-large, delegates st the Vir- -.Like Louisiana and TexaV 9^,o-, 6n camp during the OvU War. Ni country; >A band of showers «n n j a convention. ' g 3 , Republicans .will, send^ rrval men overpowered a rookie:-gaa - - ••- •" a suhstan- aft an ? E 'Senhower delegations to -to dash to freedom. Six — > -the New ^ e , na ^°^ 1 -conyentipn to^compele i caught. --^ ^ - sx^—v-wJ ff\r * rf^Ol^Crai"O CO^i"C- . U «* J 'w ' . ** Aft-JftT^ ^T ^-r/V*-^ ^M-T*- •'In «>A.A 4 t*>vjkJ3 in $e prison's biggest break since "^ n ^ *T * "J , S *' •. 7 it'was-^used as a Confederate was- ^f?.^- . the ta » * fe^ minutes ; 'notified Fayette County £"*« on the officers, Deputy^Sher- weU as foreign minister and a '" *" J. Flournoy at IA if f' Ralph Higginbotham. 28, and party leader. up a roadblock near James Oliver Morgan, Colorado river bridge. They a ^ a construction worker QUICKIES or minutes later and found five holes „ „_, , in-,the reir of the car, punctured Consequences, N.M,, about seven , V cLureu hojjrs ]ater an( j w ^ s teken to the Dona -Ana county jafl. pellets. have seats . wiU arrive" 4 Sun- *t had. - cl - ouds were reported. contest too ~"^TH tu ?X ~ ^At'Audubon. la,' ^0-year-old ^Jo , • - - " ' * *°iKS-alK Anne Allwood of Kansas City was to t be . _. - " Republicans rong HI NABOR *. * * Morgan was captured without resistance as he came out of a river bottom where he apparently , * Robert, A. Lovett and the Joint}-telephonedTthe.^'ardeft'. *v *Z ' ' Chiefs- of_ Staff. He will" doff- hisrT*-^ 51 ^ prisoner^said'ihat ne^ already uniform -Tuesday "snd ^^"^^ * *•*-— ^-^ ^;M^^-» -*». +u- ^>r~ju.^j:_«. ^\ eighCfavor Taft» one supports 2S-man - delegation will be uhcom- 'quarters rYiday, *„ -...—rj=;— had been,, asleep. Officers sai3 that By Oixn aifflcr ^^ he - a p proac hed officers' >e For my,« 9 e> tnyl memory's prlTrygoo^ 1 can ttilI r*- member >¥?»af good beef- t merely grinned and said, "You me. huh? 1 * " Sheriff "Jc Motgan^Tfia3e no Statement regarding the'shooting and that ~no ,motivie.j'*cbuld > tse 'established. He "said" that^irecterat v Burea\j:,of Investigation jageritsT questioned Morgan durihg^Sie "day: "and^sent his fingerprints to"-yak; -•vulgeJwnat their interest was^ih the 0 * - . ^v-*^. <: *•*-..i.?^

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