The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 31, 1969 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1969
Page 5
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Attend Church Sunday SOURCE OF SOUND » CUSTOM TAPES • TAPE DECKS » RECORDS Special Offer Deluxe * and 8 track HOME CARTRIDGE TAPE DECK with two matching; walnut speakers and built-in amplifier. ONLY 120 ,00 218 E. Texas Ave. THE SUN'S TELEVISION LOG Friday, January 31, 1969 FRIDAY « PM O O ID News (C) O Wfcai's Newr — Carisbad Caverns IS Voyagb to the Bottom of the Se» (H) EQ I Love Lucy (R) «:J» PM O High Chaparral (C) Manollto befriends three religious musicians who have been robbed by a Mexican bandit O F«lk Guitar Plus — New banjo strum for the banjo, guitar and autoharp / (D The Harlem Globetrotters (C) MMCIALI The Globetrotters display their basketball skills and court antics in a sports-entertainment, special as they compete against the Washington Generals at Madison Square Garden; Soupy Sales appears as the Globetrotters' coach and in a number of comedy routines; Jack Whitaker provides the commentary; pre-empts Wild, Wild West (D Movie (C) "Doomsday Flight" (1966) Jack Lord, Van Johnson, Edmond O'Brien, Katherine Crawford; what follows when it's discovered there Is a bomb hidden aboard an airliner bound from Los Angeles to New York . . . film made for TV showing Lost in Space (C) (R) Dr Smith PAY LESS SHOES 701 N. ALEXANDER SATURDAY ONLY oo PANTY Many Styles and Colors For Ladies', Teens, Children. OPEN TIL 9 P.M. is pitted against the mighty Thor of Valhalla 7 PM O Aattwlacr shows the story ol the Head Start child erf the yew, « Mexican-American boy helped from sickness and deprivation to good health and character (B My Favorite Mtrttui (R) Sunspots Interfere with Martin's power* 7:» PM O Nftme ol fee. GMDC 'C) Glenn Howard (Gene Barry) Is kidnapped by a group pi protesters who demand that he witness their Joint suicide, then write an expose of the Army's testing of chemical warfare weapons; guests are Keenan Wynn, Tisha Sterling, Jackie De Shannon, Henry Jones, Jordan Christopher Bo Svenson O Making Things Grow — How to re-pot a plant ID Corner Pyle (C) Carter saves Comer's life on the grenade range (D M»n From UNCLE (C). (R) Solo and Dlya get mixed up with a French airline stewardess, a screwball Foreign Legion commander and a desert full of Thrush Arabs 60 Hazel (C) (R) Hazel is at the mercy of a snobbish social secretary 8 PM O Book Be»t (C) Marc Connelly's "Voices Off Slage" ID Movie (C) "Picnic" (1956) William Holden, Rim Novak, Rosalind Russell; local beauty queen follows dictates of her heart after drifter sets small Kansas town on edge by romancing her at the town's Labor Day picnic ... a classic 03 Movie (C) "Made in Paris" (1966) Ann-Margret, Louis Jourdan, Hlchard Crenna, Chad Everett; fashion buyer and glamorous Paris designer lose their heads in torrid infatuation . , . high-class music and comedy 8:SO PM O The World We Live In — The exploration of Antarctica IB Guns of Will Sonnet! (C) Two people claim an interest in James Sonnett: One for revenge and the other for love; Ruta Lee guests 03 12 O'Clock High (R) Savage must share a life raft with the Nazi pilot who downed his » PM O Star Trek (C) Hostile survivors of a former life cycle take over the brain of a beautiful Enterprise lieutenant who has fallen in love with Scotty O German Playhouse — Carlysle declines a party invitation and spoils Taylor's plans CQ Jndd, for uie ueteoM (C) Judd uses an unusual defense when an official of a new African nation (Brock Peters) is accused of murdering an American businessman who had swindled him; Howard Duff, Dennis Cole of Felony Squad also guest; the story was written by Harold Cast, series producer; concludes episode started on Felony Squad which precedes Judd on the network but is pre-empted locally S:» PM O Shortcnts to Fashion—Preparing the sleeve for a professional look; 10 Sign Off 03 Western Star Theatre (R) How Jack Slade became one of the most feared cuanwn; 10 Si*n Off M PM • • • New* (C) 0 Perry MMM (R) !•:» PM (O Steve Lawrence I Movie (C) "Black Shield ol Fal- woHh" (1K4) Tony CuHfc, Janet Leigh, Herbert Marshall, Dan O'Hertthy; knighthood trainee successfully clean his father of disloyalty charge* . . . swashbuckling adventure ID Wovto — "All Fall Down" (1962) Eva Marie Saint, Warren Beatty, Karl Maiden, Angela Lansbury; matriarch, weakling husband who Is slave to the bottle and two wild boys skirt disaster when a woman guest ot the family forgets to act her age . . . solid drama 11 PM 89 TV PirtyUne (C) Archie Campbell 11:31 PM «D News (C) 12 Sign Off MIDNIGHT O New* (C) UM Movie—"Double Verdict" (1961) French cast; acquitted of murdering his wife, man marries daughter ot jury foreman and fa tormented to near-murder ot his wife . . . good performances; 1:35 Sign Off 12:25 AM (D Movie (C) "Paradise Lagoon" (1958) Kenneth More, Sally Ann Howes, Diane Cilento; this is Sir James Barrie's "The Admirable Crichton," altered somewhat but still basically the story of the butler who becomes ruler of a desert island wh,en the English lord is too weak . . . delightful; 2:15 Sign Off 12:35 AM IB Movie— "Space Monster" (1964) Francine York, James Brown; giant crabs in outer space defend their forbidden planet against astronauts seeking to land there . . . weirdo; 2:20 Sign Off SATURDAY (C) Color; (R) Repeat C AM ID Farm Journal «:M AM O George Roesnfr, RFD (C) (D The Answer (C) QD Casper (C) Cartoons 7 AM 0 Popeye Theatre (C) Cartoons (D Go-Co Gophers (C) Cartoons (D Adventures of Gulliver (C) 7:3* AM 01 Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner (C) ID Movie — "Cannibal Attack" (1954) Johnny Weissmuller; Jungle Jim solves series of cobalt thefts 8 AM O Super 6 (C) Cartoons ^:3» AM 8 Top C»( (C) (R) Cartoons (D Wacky Races (C) Cartoons S AM O Fllntetones (C) (R) Cartoons ID Archie Show (C) Cartoons O SpMerman- (C) Cartoons »:N AM • ariHM, flivenMaT (C) S FMteMte V.m, (C) ACMM ftefwc* W AM • Jewe? to to Owter ef Ik* EM* (C) Cartoons • TV PiHylM (C) Jean Stephen! M:» AM • DMferfef (C) Cartoons •J HereaMdf. (C) Cartoons • Futaatic Four (C) Cartoons a AM • Storybook Square* (C) tO Shassan (C) Cartoons IB Georte M the *«•*> (C) ID COMlry Variety (C) Clay Hart 11:1* AM O Umamed WorU (C) ID Jowy <)•*** (C) (R) Cartoons 'C King Koa(-(C)'Cartoons NOON O Movie — "Black Scorpion" (1957) Richard Denning, Mara Corday; earthquake' releases horde of giant scorpions and a man and woman (plus the Mexican army) try to kill them . . . below average science fiction • M*sy DM, Mighty MtMor (O • Larry Eaie (C) Music • '••<• atejr BCM (C) (R) Bean clears a hoy involved In murder and robbery 12 ;M PM • Mevte (C) "Law and Order" (1953) Ronald Reagan, Dorothy. Malone, Preston Foster; marshal retires to ranching but takes up his guns again when brother' is killed in law job he refused . . . good old-fashioned Western 09 Pnfeacloaal Bowlers Tour (C) *45,000 Valley of the Sun Open, Tempe, Ariz l:Jt fM e Movie — "Scarface Mob" (1962) Keenan Wynn, Robert Stack, Neville Brand, Barbara Nichols, Pat- Crowley; tale of Al Capone's gang Your TV TeleScope NEW YORK (AP) — Victor Burge, the piano-playing Dane, has a couple of comedy routines which willi occasional updating ol material he has been using for at least 20 years. He trolled bolh of them oul on Thursday night's "Dean Marlin Show," and even for those of us who were very familiar with the bits, they were still very amusing. One was his plan to inflate the language lo keep up with the rising cost of everything. In Ihis Borge reads a story that starts "Twice upon a lime ... " and Uien goes on to escalate words like "before" to "befive," and "wonderful" lo "IwoderfuJ." Uorge added something really new lo Ihis—"sock it three me!" This was followed by his "phonetic pronunciation" routine in which he illustrates punctuation marks by rather crude noises—and it must be said Die whole Ihing benefitted considerably in ihe course of a duel by Borge and Marlin. The NBC variely program continues with its easy, merry pace, wilh the star working comfortably wilh his guest slars —Lena Home, Sid Caesar and LSorge in ihe most recent one. The show's writers, however, are beginning lo lean a bil heavily on the Martin-booze gags. Dean Marlin, wiio is a very at- iractive performer, can gel along very nicely without, for example, expressing his vast af- lection lor his doctor "because he lets me lick the alcohol off ins thermometers." Borge, if memory serves, had his own lelevision series—and was using those routines then— in ihe early 1950s. That was also about ihe lime when Liberace witli a syndicated musical show complete with candelabra and sequin jackets, was enchanting the over-35 female viewers. Well, the TV wheel has come lull circle, for Liberace, presumably still with candle-lit piano and sequins, will be back —at least for Ihe summer. He will star in a variely show, laped in London, which will replace "The Ked Skellon Show" on CBS in July and August. U will be a good idea to have a television schedule handy during the iatler parl of next week. ABC will broaecasl ihe premiere shows of three midseason entries and is rescheduling three comedy shows in its Thursday night lineup. In addi- uon there is an offbeal "Music Hall" program plus a "Hall of Kame" drama special coming up on NBC. "Teacher, Teacher," Lhe drama, is a story about a retarded child—played by an amateur who rea|ly is retarded—and runs for 90 minutes Wednesday nighl slarling at 7:30 EST. This is an unfortunate conflict with ABC s "Turn-On," one of those lasi-paced variely shows lurned out by the producers of "Laugh-In," which slarls al a: 30. The United States halted production of its silver dollar in 1935. \ BONDED BROOKS STARETT Bliuvtl Lomb»r Co, MU If. lUa 427-7349 BONDED JOE AYLOR After HOOMC Inc. 424-7714 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 422-7384 BONDED E F. UIQUIRE 421-9431 How can you be SURE about a builder? The right one is BONDED ..and h«'» REGISTERED! hJ! 0 ^ !L'"$ *?J? '' P Mitive ' P"""'«d. bfflida} protection f« the Bom* buyer.. It i the new bonding proviiion for ill th« Buytown Home BuUrler. A-oo.tioVt Rrgi«,red Builden. Now every builder member 01 Bcytown Home Buitderi Awociation ii r»<ij|«red. ,nd he', bonded under • «p*ciiil bonding profram. Building now a Profession SELECT A nrc , tne progr.m, _ i haj been in effect in Houiton new lor During thii lime extraordinary progress hai — — ^. v .ne buying public that they can buy with com- mce from a real professional. E/ny Registered Builder, under has bwn required to meet the high standards set forth by iMen Association (a Diviiion of Greater Houiton Builders lor knowledge, competence, skill, financial capability and home by the Registered Builder mutt meet rigid standards in<J workmanship ronsutene with it» price classification. rd Builder program, the residential construction buii- proreanion. Of course, there arc varying degrees of com- among individual builders—juit as there are among ItOTTKys, architects and CPAY nut at least you know a real professional. Th* Ultimat* Protection And now the Registered Builder ii bonded as well ... your ultimate pro- BONDED GREATER .4 Only a Bonded Reyiaterrd Builder can offer you all ihi. confidence. M'^JT hy I" 1 *!! ch ? ncel? " y°» hgv « «»y doubt about a builder, you can Buy with confidence from a BONDED REGISTERED BUILDER F R EE' *J1 infora ? lliv « bo**"" »»• bawi praiwwl which aM. far* . 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