The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 7, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1962
Page 1
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BRAZOSPORT EXPORTERS MEET HOUSTON MILBY IN FOOTBALL SCRIMMAGE SATURDAY-PAGE 8 •4 /*\ __- ___ 10 % Ptr Single Copy to Subieribt Call BE 1-3511 Proper* THE B 10. V&L SO N6.J6377H * Doctors Fight To Save Life OfDr.Soblen TENDON fAP)- Doctor* flRhl- Jng lo save the life of Dr. Robert A. Soblen said today the fugitive spy'« heart I* showing sij?n* of exhfliietlon and hl» condition I* cmntlng anxiety. Sohlen, 61, was still unconscious more than 24 hours after h SERVING BRA20SPORT, AN«L6TON, WiST COLUMBIA, IRAZORIA, fWKNY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON Fttti Clanlfledi II l-Mll—AH Otfctr Offieei! M Mill PrtBpMf. Per Single Copy Te Sutuerib* Call BE 3.3511 Fre.porf Atioetattd Preit Member himself In another a, lempt to r*eep* being sent baci lo a life sentence in an American prison. The psychiatrist wan rushed .„ flHillinRdon Hospital after taking a *hsBvy concentration of harbitu rates. The hospital announced at 4:21 a.m. Kaslern Standard Time: "Dr Sohlen remains unconscious. HI* heart i* showing signs of exhau« Hon. Hi* condition give* rise to anxiety." Two msoiirity gtiardt kept alont watch over Ih* fugitive a* he lay In hi* drug-Induced nloep. M The Home Office raid Thumday ~ Soblen, 81, would remain hi th* hospital »t lea*t 24 hour* to re- eovftr from the overdose sf barbiturate*. "We can't therefore make my new arrangement* for hi* transport until wt know when he i* Rolng to bt released," a spokesman laid. Soblm became IH ThnnMny morning M an ambulance wat -taking him to board a Pan Ameri- w ean airliner for New York and a life sentence a* a wartime spy for the Soviet Union. Hearing the airport h* fell Into a coma and hi* baffled escort* ruined him to Hillingdon Hospital. Authorities immediately bega an investigation to learn how Sob len, closely watched during hi* 30 week detention in Britain, had obtained the barbiturate*. " Both the Hmrit Office and prtn- Von authoritie* retimed to advance any theorist. . One British newspaper »peculal ed that Soblen had managed to hoard drug* doled out to him by Brbrton Prison doctors toreatini him lo- leukemia. It said he migh havt pretended to swallow pills FRIDAY: SEPTEMBER 7. Wl" STUDENT COUNCIL OUTLINES PLANS Sweeny High School RfiHfeni Cnonril member*, with Ihdr family opmumr. Joe S«hiichardl, •futcrt at denk, outline actlvltle* for (he romlng tctmnl ynar. Council nfflcem tre jftme* Klahn, ptmMont fjirry nnolpn, Margnret Windier, and George FrMdfe. Ml to right. The officer, were elected l»«t spring to serve In tnelr pout*. AT CLUTf Police Funds Cause Sharp Controversy Millwright Strik Backed In Hous HOUSTON — A suit to enjoin the Department of Agriculture from cancelling or revising rice acreage allotment* In Texas wan filed in federal court today in be- telt of seven fanners from Jackson, Wharton and Colorado coun- :ies who said they were acting in behalf of all Texa* rice farmers. ST. LOUIS — Momanfo Chemical Co. mid today It will build the first synthetic lactic acid manafecturlns plant In the world at Tezax City, with production capacity 10 minion pounds • a year v on completion by (he end of 1963. WASHINGTON (AP) — U. S. ipace officials who reported the Soviet Union made unsuccessful ittempts to send spacecraft to Mars and Venus aren't saving how they got their information. BARNES SAYS STRIKE EFFECT NIL FOR DOW The effect on the Dow Chemical Company of the strike against construction contractors is nearly nil, says Dr. Earle Barnes, gen- Workers Await Gal vest on Vote Representatives of 30 crafts assembled for * , pee i e | ,n e or * , peee m..t,n« of the Houston Building and Construction T^ade eral manager of Dow's Texas Division. ! r..? .-' /,"" ••—"'"" uunumg ana v^onstruction Irade- The reason: Construction is at an all-lime low in the Texas "Tf V" 1 Housfon Thursday voted fo observe Millwriaht ^^•"jrh^projects are minor, and are considered non-essential i P ' cke t '' dne . s - _ . cross the lines Aug. 20, claiming that Millwrights were trying t« — *••-- f "jc^wt rtlC for the immediate future. , - —- -.. ...-,,, = , M "There seems to be a question," Dr. Barnes Raid fo The Facts '^ G alveston Building and Con- today, "about how much impact this strike is having onus' • stn "" llon Trades Council has been "The fact is, probably raver in the history of the Texas Di. ,f vision has there been such a small amount of construction work wa ? re P° rted * at crafts rep- Mrtm r.«M_i «._*.: •_., .... . '~"«-vtu»iTn_nr\i rOCCltllrtrt nl *U~ m __t,'_— u but concealed tongue. them under hi* Unconfirmed press report* sal< • prison officials found a cache o pills concealed in Soblen'i bee only five day* ago. Other papen said pills might have been smuggled to Soblen, whose meal* were brought in from a restaurant near the prison. Senate Approves •Negro For Judge compromise and approved a pro- ($25 a month raise and Chief Little "Make up your mind what you posed budget for the coming year j ton, $10 a month more. SrCluV as*?!* e'arifcr «^^/^^^f^^»1fei a propose* budget to one lowance b»'<n.0fn 'Vl.h «nft L\%Z~.& Miou * *"* ** ** at night. year* proved a propose* budget to one meeting, with several meetings uiually necemary, Rcne\val of a contract for collection WASHINGTON (AP) —The Senate Judiciary Committee vot- lo give top executives steel companion a hear- m dedding whether lo recommend contempt of Congress action agalnut them for refusing lo respond to rabpoenu. New construction is at an all timp iow. "We really haven't been affected too much. We can defer th= work being done indefinitely," he said. Many people hart expressed an interest in the effect on Dow he said. But most were aware, he said, that for the last two or . . . I iitrfiUUait resented at the meeting would re- chaners. negotiate - cnangps ann t " e "' s acH ° n "' Au B-|loft Millwrights 20. At that time, the crafts had! men t voted to lift their sanction of the ! ' Millwright strike and go back to work jurisdiction that the spot strike Pa ,. ... 'k W. L. (Rip) manager for en the community than on us," he said. The reason. Dr. Barnes said, was that with work at such a low point it principally involved permanent residents - construction people who have been here for years. Most of these depend for their hvei.hood on local projects It is the big jobs that bring in mobile workers who can move on when a strike idles local projcts. for Healer";* office supplies ~ ' J- - Cloudy to ! part$ r cloudy, scat terid' thundershowers qiient Oute taxes J1DO to BOO. Johnson second briefly, then tabled for a <utur« year, according to Montgomery *•» reached .at the previous in- "I'm happy," Littleton replied. Dowling and Councilman E. L. "We are down to a point now where the strike has more effect ! ^ , I" 05 at both Dow plants i negotiations ^A™ he community than on us." he said. < -^at^the Monsanto plants in. stn \ e ^ * ^j-—'- - Gaiveston area crafts voted lo^ 0 " 5 '!" 1 and Galv «ton districts - _| except where national contractf [prevailed. i Today Rushing said he wa^ I "gratified" at the action of th- i Houston craft group. "I feel tho' ! by this action the contractors car , not now say there is a question r ! work jurisdiction in the contrac i negotiations. ' "This should pave the way fc ; a speedy and satisfactory cor [elusion to the negotiations." for Mr* ' "'" Brazos P' ort today, the cran. rar Airs. were ma i ntain j ng the status nu< wdget of 1262,808 which includes 358,308 for general fund expenditures and {104,500 for water and - •-- ~ •ewer department operations, the Burnelt *«"'d they understood that controversy started over pay rals- "latter wks agreed to earlier, en, uniform allowance, and thei also - At this point, Mayor Run- city judge'* supply figure in the! ne ' s sugg«ted Ihe Council go on $3T,G32 budgeted for the police i to oU)rr item*. epartment. | The street and bridge depart. Councilman J. H. Jackson «aki| m(1 nt proposed budget of $29,743.- Council had held a meeting! 44 received approval. It included! . - *.m. Sets Saturday 6:36 p.m. among ourselves" and had weekly raises for those em-! Soviets Fire On US Vehicle $23,000 Fund ToAidlnLB fewer Project [ IWst Barbara city officials'ex- ! ' P6|!t ar^eceive about $23,000 with- 1 in a week in federal funds to as-| inst with its sewer installations. ; D. L. Simpson, city secretary said Jhis morning that the grant i had been approved but the City OmncjlJnd not yet been officially notified of it. He said the funds will be forthcoming when papers are signed. The application for federal as- istance of 30 percent of the over CUIIUIIK UU.MTIVPS ana naa »*-*~ "c^fu.? IMIM-* mi inose cni-i nr. DT ..., /An greed on "a different setup." He P'oyees and addition of another lh -„ J^'", " can au " • i , .t . . r ,. . . 'tnnrin*»« trwia\> *.nft.ruw1a1<w4 tlu. on a eren seup. e on o anoer id he thought an agreement was man to the work crew. Monlgom- 1 ™"^ e » . today f°"-P^aled the ached that "all men eet the e<V and Earl Murrell. utilitv -u.;? 0 ^ 1 "nng on a U.S. Army sedan •eached fiat "all men get the' crv ""^ Karl Murrell, utility" su-.. WASIflNGTON (AP)-The Sen- ame amount of raise." |perintendcnt. were slated for $20J' n Si3.000 cost of the sewer project (was made through the State ! Health Department in Austin, he .said. day. Only one shot hit the car,; A Health Department board and no one was hurt. " ... Rites For Victims Of Accident :**."-«*' •Funeral services „. Naomi Ruth Crouch. 30. and her |son. John Paul Crouch, five, of [Angleton will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday in Angleton Church of of Aug. 21, pending a new decision from Galveston. Those who har crossed the picket lines Aug. 2! and 22 were still al work. COX Republican gubernatorial candi Germany. Soviet soldiers fired about 40 nd no one was hurt. ; then picks the cities to which led- Holiday Inn at 9 a. m.; Aneje- U.S. officers concealed the affair i cral grants are made, providing ton, 10:15 a. m. at Community but it leaked out Thursday night, j 01056 cities Meet all soecifications I Public Sen-Ire ButlHln^- Fr B »'_ The Army in Germany still had '• *" tne sewer projects. ate Judiciary Committee ap-j The meeting was reportedly^ mortth pay raises, with $2.50 /•"»'" nuiuiers urea aoout «j The Army in Germany still had^ 1 "'* >="•« projects. i port, n::w a. m. on Park Ave proved Thurgood Marshall'* nom- held about Iwo week* earlier withl" w ** more for other city em- 5hots at a u - s - car *at got loojissued no official information to-i Simpson said the federal funds! and Lake Jackson 12-45 p m ination to be a federal judge by a I all Councitmen present but Mayor I P'oyra except polire. close to a Red military train Tues- day, although the State Depart-! are to be used in laying sewer! near the hank, vole of 11 to 4 today, . Bruce Runnels absent. j When Ihe Council resumed dis- ~ mem released a sketchy account' lincs to serve the Meyers "' Tlie <our vole* aRjiinst re<-om- City Secretary R. H. Montgom-j<'"«sion of the police budget, Lit- . mending Senat* confirmation of| er y »«ld he understood that thei" elon "Hiid if the difference be- VAlMfffM „., . ... c , -—-J if the difference be- the . h ?ef?ro attorney, former conn- j police department budget was to! 'ween J20 and $10 for his men and tel for the National Association) 1 * left as requested by Police' nis ° W T raise were holding things i*for the Advancement < ~..... People, were cast by ,._ .... .._ Democrats. j Chief Littleton had proposed $20;"-•««•«• «m >* t-m, us Marshall'* nomination to b« « a month pay increases for a ser-!Ju'lRe's supplies." He .u^j.-aK-u Judge on Ihe 2nd U.S. Circuit geant and three patrolmen, and!* 10 a month raises for himself Court of Appeal* firel wan sub-'»n additional $400 uniform allow-j an<1 his men. milted by President Kennedy a awe in lieu of a raise for bim-i Jackson said he had no objec-i in Washington. year ago thii month. Association "^ ll11 "a requested oy l'ojlce- llla uw " IMIM- \\err noiamg things' of Colored I Chief Littleton, a* agreed to after i "P. "Ro ahead and get the budget mm , • mmnmmi y Southern;'wo Councllmen left that meeting, lapproved. I'm quite sure the dif- nlffflAnnl l/CuU j Chief Littleton had proposed $201 ference will be enough for the!'«UllvllUI Vlfl Chairmanship sketchy account : lincs to serve the Meyers and (Mimosa Street areas which could; Army spokesmen said they could; not . othenvis<! ** induded in the not confirm reports that Col. Er-i p 'Sf ct j nest von Pawcl, head of the U.S.! Tne Nraler and sewer projects i liaison mis.sion with Ihe Soviet i *" ^ e Barbara^re being financ-l fon-cs ui East Germany would'^ t " rou S h a $173,000 bond issue' make a protest to Gen. Ivan Yak-- approved by voters. It includes) ubovskj'. the Soviet commander in' new water weUs - spwer Plant, '•"' Germany. : t ™ nk lme an d four lift stations along with sen-ice linos to serve a polio vaccine clinic was report-(this time, ed today by Mra. Ralph E. Gray. The Ft. L. DALBERGS of Free- poi't. gelling Meal belts for their i car in preparation for their vaca-' "Til. HAROLD HOL'1-S, gellingT 1 ™ 1 ,™ 1 a> "' t ' IM «?"« »n^ i- .1,.,.. .,...,...4 _....".. .*; da y t° wnlking nida, hat aitd Churchill Shows Quick Recovery I.ONDON (API - Amazing Sir , ...tied in Uieir brand new h»n ftn the 300 Bloc* of N.rvUuwi j n j j ' CLYDE M10IKL. off to Koodby on an the sun. Station »oon lo complete on-c«m-j al)0 , „ {* ' pun requlremenu for the advanc-:',,""'„' nunl "^', ed degree he'* been working on. .1 o ip vy.n«i™i' ..' — • — ' 'Jtl V? llJalOll-~-Vk , spokesman at his Ixmdon """'• f'"" 1 ?, I y ' '" 8 jress On Disarmament coordinator for the Sabin vaccine program ^ »»ii».t in nrw wi n mi»f IUr Mini- | "*•»• "*-^*n aaiii n«r i,«i| mi UUJPV self, slating that he had not re., l 'on lo fKO increase for Little-; ' i Pnls H am " » ' .Vh,.rf,""i ""i- ^ "' ±4 c-hu7on n( Fr'."^ -!!r±r ealMOnl8 — B ^^S C1TV, Mo. - Byron^f^rCr:: ^ Jackson said he understood that, Councilmnn J. C. (Smoky) L,;!)™, • , ", f"u' ? hf " mm '\L ' V . 0(fl " ers '" " , x ™ re tourin 8 an aBreement wa» reac-hed at that,Brown then said, "I'd like Io 'V"""'^ 1 "; 1 ' 11 " 0 ''w veterans of;wa>o> areas of h-isl Germany-. eHrlier meeting that all men work- how-swap - give Ihe men $15." aD Jj,T m " , „, IlfV'cT ilo : A " cll -" llonnt ' d sdura sa'<< 'he Dowlins said he would agree if w.,T« i S * lman ' "'M* 0 o'l'cers encounlered a Soviet men in Ihe street and bridge de- I , .' hlw P ort - Texas, tram at a grade crossing. Soviet: GENEVA (API—The 17-nation „ parlmem also ,e,eiv-xl ia ,"^","»«" °" h<1 V™ NationalIsoldiers. apparently recognizing disarmament cc-nference ^^ Ulck s "^'^ was loc ^' Col " n ' un ".v Serv-u-i- Commillee. j Ihe car's big yellow license plates., a two-month rxvess todav after tvi fif* _j .• . .. .! Nazarene with the Rev. Henry "" ""'"' Cheatwood officiating, and burial i otners - notably the Boilerma!, will be in Angleton Cemetery. | ers ' thle Carpenter group, Team Funeral arrangements are be- sters and part o£ tne Laborer? ing handled by Freeport Funeral "' ere sti11 off tne J° b Home whose ambulances brought I The GaJveston Council will .de the bodies of Mrs. Crouch and: cide whether the spread of the iher son from the scene of a fatal I Millwright picket lines, and the auto crash on FM 523 at Oyster i contention that jurisdiction is no; | Creek Wednesday afternoon. The! involved, removes the conditions jBrazoria County Emergency j on which it based the decision tc (Corps also took an ambulance toj cr oss the lines. I the site but it was not needed, j Rushing told The Facts that -i i_ Mrs. Crouch and her son died j proposal from the contractor'' l !S St i^ y < ! h h !f 1 K S L he 10 f C0 " tr ? ° f r° Uld te P resented to member ;the 1960 Studebaker she was dnv-jof Local 2232 at a meeting ' Department pickup truck, officers! " ^ ° "^ S ^ r^ i,. - - , .4 ' HOUSTON (AP)-Unless mem- Mrs. Crouch s survivors include .bers of oilier construction trade ,ner husband, Johr, David Crouch,. unions crossed picket lines todav la Dow Chemical Co. employee, a strike by union millwrights ; and son, John David Jr., 10. |ag ain tied up most major construction projects in the Houston area. The strike weakened Thursday, but did not break after members of three unions crossed millwright lines. A number of ironworkers, shot* metal workers and laborers re turned to work apparently be- A second change of location for the most prevalent in Texas atJaS wh^'T,' 65 tlT" 1 m " Iw T ish ! s —^;_ .„;„. ..i:_ ^ I.,, .. 300Ut WhO llBS U16 Tight tO do Coiintj- Saturday during a cam- lour. He'll be at Alvin's Holiday Inn at 9 a. m.; Ancje- Public Service Building; Free". j port, ll::w a. m. on Park Ave.: New Surf side Polio Center . me inci of Type I and Type HI are - - (about 50-50. A case of Type III The Surfside site will be held j has already shown up in paraly- at ihe Swman residence, at 311 (tic form in Houston. A port town, Thiiti Street. This is the same'and a tourist town (Brazosport is street on which the former clinic j both) is subject at any time to an Montgomery figured, then r* - , , "''.,• ported (hat there would be only „'" makl nK "'is announcement, ! H^ned fare. $tfl a year difference in favor of t>Pnlr >' said: "Because of the; Although Ihe SOUR- officers, with J15 monllily lor i>o- oulsl » l "llnB "fi-ord our coinnumi-! ^ officers liad been lire and J2.50 a *eek for street **1 8(>n ' k ' < ' Prosram 1ms est mid bridge pinnlovces. HP also ^ lh»Hishout the nation 1 Signs | imported epidemic from be posted, and Ex-j where in the nation. any adopting a "no progress" reportjP lorer Srt)uls wi " De stationed inj Dr. Johnson urged persons who admitted;to the United Nations Assembly the new location. .-•• —....-« ..u.mulu mt?\-u ig rei-ord our comnumi-! ln<> officers had been obsumng | meeting in New Yoi-k Sept. IS. rice program has establish- 'he train, he insisted they were After six months of discussion, Thursday, the site of the clinic!'hen a m-not in a restricted area and were the conferees had produced ai a ' Chile was changed to ihe T. W. :»ill to j have not taken Type 1 to go ahead (with the Type HI dose Sunday, ' the Type II dose that HMO wiclge employees. He also ••••••-•••"•II-IIH: IMUWI i am<""'"'" iraun-t™ <irea ana were tne coiUerees had pixxiucrd a i a ' Clule was changed to ihe T. W. slated that the latter employees ;" ntt "' a "- v Interested in continuing Mly within their rights. The i wordy preamble to a general dis-'OsS Klcmentary School on Marion 1 MmilH muL^ in,.!... iKan *k. i " 8 tine performance. For this rea- souive called the Soviet shnntino:arm»ni.->nt ti-rtaK- Q .«4 «.^ — .;<tr.-w>t ; would make more than the iwse *" l *'" rate of H» due to wvasional ™ n l *'" W^we'y Pl'«s«J tt»t>nwp°nsibl« Mr. Selnian has consented to s«rve our national organization as Chad-man of i h I s Important • . enera s- For this rca- somv* 1 called the Swiet shooting i armament treaty and no apparent -' es. ' certain jobs. Members of the Houston Building and Construction Trades Cbun- cil, representing 30 unions, later voted to support the strike. A representative of the ironworkers had no comment, while the business agent for the sheet- metal workers said the members of his union probably would cross picket lines again today. No representative of the laborers union was available lor ecm- given six weeks later in a| ment ' drive. Finally; they should! However, ronstim-lion superin- ovcruine pity. 'progress on any thing else. ---------------- to their own Th then «kked Howling, former Oule patrolman and for a short time, If a . PAM HAYS, marking a birthday today, while NORMA .1KAN November—fractured June 28. On Aug. 21 and i* graving!for a shornime, If a $St»'uniform: be 88 in i Dowling agreed that it was his hip on I enough* led a Urn- i Littleton said. "By his past service to our or. ganizalion and to his comnuiuirjj Mr. SelniHn has proven his ability —-•.. UV.M1IH*) »«ci jf(w>i,ii 111* auuiiy "If you figure '" nf ' p 8 u i rf « our community scrv change was made becausei" eelis after tnat .dose. physician the tendents said members of the LMTLK will be doing (he same A ,' „", ,*' •" he """ * L " 11 ' ; 1 ' llllelon ""»• "'' >ou, Saliu-day. . . kame :don hospital after making a spec-j shin*, pant* and haLs. there's »:U* program during the fonhcom- DON STRONG and MIKE 1 ' Ic" mi ° ver *'; '"'tie extra" He added that there Ing year." ff^^^^^l^ W spending sum- „ m (tmg l)a| . k ^ use of .^ ^ ^ ^^ l nrg , mpetlns g , vt ^ >8tio|w , ^ Jumor JUgh ^^ ^ ^ -h'» '"^ .Now the ban have been! your uniforms, but J wunl my j Hewkjuarteni in Kansas, Ciry.i Third St., Surfside. three unions alone could not re'.he S1 ,e ol'the previous clinic;th~e; dose ' !more'^±7' " W ° Ul " *** Chile Junior High School, is rend- 1 *"cj- college - bound students, a manpo«ei. ei-eri almost inai-i-cssible by con-special clinic will be held at thei ™ e strll<e hcl san Wednesday siruciion on Main Street. Professional Building near the| when Millwright Ixx-al 2232 posted Members of the Brazoria Coun- Super Valu Store in Lake Jacksm j P lckets al abollt a doze n Proj- , y M^u-ai .society ai-e hoping i between 9 a - m - and Iloon Satur-; ecli >These are the 19 comers at which the vaccine will be given from they car. equal or surpass the dav - ' 'he contractors have offered an county's record of July 22, when The rest of the county's citizens!hourly wage increase of 45' 3 cents the percentage turnout was the »1U receive their dose at the 19; spread over three years. The ...:-•--.-... . Jrom n(Vin )ni union is seeking 5t, cents, c-ontend- Polio Clinic Sites noon to b p.m. Sunday: mur Kurope. and ATKLIA PRINCK, — Brazosport: 0. A. Fleming School cafelorium, Lanier Si-hoo!. Brazosport Senior High School activity room in Fieepoit; T. W. Oj? itei Ik-hool, Clute; Oian B. Robe.i-1!. Kiemeiilaiy School and Lake Jack" Stvman residence, 3U er, i* remaining in Europe for the present. . . DOUGLAS HOOTEN, five-year- old son e>f the WALTER W. COW- , sunshine, he toddled out into Ihe garden of his home near London's Hyde Park, and plopped lo look good," he said to Dowting. "It never cost m* that much.," Dowllng replied. Dowting Own commented that the street employees Sept. 8 and 9. Tide Schedule — Brai-oi-ia: Legion Hall — Kour Forks- Dow mobile unit station at intersection — Sweeny- Berta Barelay School — West Columbia: Legion Hall and Charlie Brown School — AjWlclon. .\nglelon High School, Mai-shall High School. me vai.-i.m- piuarain lor me _ A ,i... n j unior c 0 ji ege anc j tent acnjss {rom GaQd Hop<l i^ g 0 c lcly , pointed out that r _. sons m u s t be immuni/ed sep- spivad ovei- union is seeking „. ' » i "i- • . i , icenls an hour several years ago. Peii|ili> «ho were on vacation: A makeup clinic for those who h when Ihe first clinics were he]d : were unable lo attend the clinics! lhc . a , veraae ., h ™ rly ,,.,P a - v , f or July 22 and Julv 29 for Tvpe I:'his coming Sunday is scheduled: mlllwr ' shls ls $3 - 1 ? n - Millwrights •' - -~ .set up, operate and maintain ma- and equipment on c-on- , I i ttliil J Ui^ «J IUJ 1 > I«r i :>««•» i.n4iiiiift ijvuii.ia 1 > i.-s at iit-T-imcvi : vaccine are urged to take the 'for the following Sunday, Sept. 16. i ~! Type 111 dose this comuig Sun-: Those who can do so are asked j" day- ,lo make a donation of 25 cents; Dr. O, L. Johnson, in charge of, per dose al the end of the vaccine j the vaccine program for the Med-:]j ne -rfcis w j]| cover the cost of ; who cannot atl'ord i cost construction workers . ls then remarked' pin. Baptist Church. - ^.^ m „ s , be Unn^n^d sep - " lv uuot ' '""^ """ t<um> " auului ™ m^'TT'.'"," '^-T" ° - Danbiiry Danbury Hit;h Si-hoo». aralelv against each of the three Iills tor a "y reason are not ask-;* 1 ™- 000 " d f In l0 '' waM -Pearland: school buildin?. lyws \ }i ^Ho. ed to donate. The cost is being; J irf ^ a "'er^ e tage o[ S IOC/ — Damon- M-ltool huildinc. Most "f the county \ _ protecicd against polio Type L.ciety. j , j ™ . . , ! ed to donate. The co.t is being. an awrage wage O is already underwritten by the Medical So-: noul - t are O jj o, e job ho t iiiie stiuke. \

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