The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 28, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1897
Page 3
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., wt. 3 BARGAINS IFOR Clothes doas ..... , le • » Ai * U/ASHIKCTON MARKET \ t47 State Stttset, The last your. at "tiifltot oxe&ed thogo t^ughes Ooncort" Qo,, this tfe£ honso <> > i M. J. OiHott Is cfenflnaFEo by illness, \^ 1 Olivet college* has the largest enroll xnent i» its history. "\ The concert wift not begin this. evening unfit flight o'clock standard time. Misa Gertrude B.' Smith \vnr dotaii from hor school duties today on account of illness, f , <. Dr. Koote has placed a telephone in hie house and office for tho convenience of his patrons. YfiBterdaj whs tho Jowish New Years. It was properly observed bj the Hebrews all over the country. Julius Efl«lctnan has been con lined to the bed by an attack of malarial Cover for the past two •weeks. diaries' Ellis, o! Bnttte 0reekr-dwd Saturday from the effects of a bioyfelo in jury sustained some three weeks ago. EarH P. O'Boll, of Battle Creek, a brak- man on iliaD. T. & M. railroad, fell bo- tweett. the cars at Addison Junction Sun-, day and was cut to pieces. It is asserted that- ton rists on the railroads are carrying more lunches than 'oyor before, Tho lunch ^counters/ and dining cars suffer in consequence. Any of the members of the/Ladies dood Koftda club who have/not yet handed their money and tickets to the treasurer of the club can aivc them to C- E. Gorhaiu at the box otjnco this evening. / Three prominent Albipn ninirods wore arreated yesterday &$• Deputy Game , Wardnn^ Prank Auat'in, charged with Bhootjbg quail out of' .season. Mr. Austin expects to break up this practice about Albion. / lb was a Dakota editor who wrote; 'The price of ttiis {taper is not increas- '*ed by the Dingley bill, but we wish to correct tho misapprehension or norae subscribers who seem to think it wan placed on the free liqt," The Mu'hifjaH • Central announces cheap excursions September .'!() and Out. 1 and 2 from points in Canada to Detroit, Chicago, Bay City, H;tuinaw, Urand Rapids, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St Paul and Minneapolis. Chaa. Atkins, aged £1, of Bedford township, wfent hunting Saturday, and wan found dead Sunday in. Uusecy's woods. It appears that in falling over a log hie (shotgun went off, wounding him Tn the thigh and he blutl to tiiiath,' W. *fe Fhotpft is detaitftjd at hotoe on About two hundred seats have been feet-rod for the cj&acPrt this evening, ., The program to be given by the F$m* fl Hughes Concert Co. this evening appears in this issue, » * ->. are under oblifratkmB to 8,^ C. far l»"«l<iftrit *fti6ke¥ of of ifife Woodworth has a fine dtfepky of fj-uitut the Hebrew c-alondar ft>* thi« year, hwNKi of botog t8f? t te with s, w*» bo 5J&& The r year the month TiehiS and th* ft»Bt d&f i8 fixed by luhar cotnputatroo* Itt ftucient times the «BW yc»f ef the ti«- braws began on the first day of tho llrst month, and on 19th day 'of month the festival comirreinor'afihg the exodus front Egypt !» celebrated at the present ' ' Throe flnrwhrtll Men (in On » ,A Wackemith, a btitcher fflndf.i fr cutter, residents 'of, Marshall, iivery and t1i..>xa to Albion, night, TheV_ got the Co^Kse of time a |joHcenjmi. x Oftp of tit effecting his esca|*p. the jitac'e uSiero^tl'iel he climbed into-the to tho rescue of his were to* muelt tof tb arrired home at an/pftrly^hour Schools, ^phfeiiule of tcaiifi^re* tionalor the sehool ywit 1897-98 16 aa 0«i 21 ,aad 22, l8»7, Albion; lH SBdTEJi 1898, BftMTe Creek; Mfcreh'26 and . . , The following is the progianj for 'the Oct. SS, a, m^ oTtthograpti^ S. history, 1:^ fcotftny, goaorftt dt s^noojie IWP ' Iri th« eftSfeta pa** of Cat elioolf are be opening in goo^ cortdi- Nfearly all tuorning that tho money by tho men to grn)d advantage smalleet scool cons Th* four C I M.. is a guest at An- I. N. Sm»lley went to iy ion Edgorton leaves tomorrow go. Prom thenco she goea to Montana. id Mrs. Wm. Mitchell, of Owoaso, i at S. F, Dobbins'. , Z. S. Darrin 'returned last.even- /fmm a few days' visit in Kalamazoo IBB Veda Vary .returned from Battle : last evenincf, \ Mrs. I. J. Stodrunn, of Oak field, N. Y. arrives this evening for a visit with her brother, J. P. Smiley. ^Mre. J. F. Smiley has arrived homo from Lansirg. B, H. Gorham left this afternoon on a •business trip to Nebraska. ^ / Mrs. Claude Avory is the guest of Mrs. B.J. MarahalL "~ - •' __ ^ _^ the fesachefe «r&' endeavofmp; ^o follow drunk »and *^ e coffee of, study outlined ta the state ' by m*unal r ^hidh 1 will'/esultiaw good do- in gree of uhiforaiity throughout tho toun- to ty- , In twenty^ ichoOls vetted th& of ptttoils «fnrotleti is 2.^ ij&s of' t pttpils^. J^aJargeat of flf^y pupil» average 0g6 of these tenfehers ia 22 th« average salary ''paid them is per month, the highe8\wilai?y , tjhe lowest $1«. / ' The^fcchnol year is'opefting np with -a membership /in Calhourt cpunty TeachorB'^Keading Circle Certift- cates of credit am to be issued at the close of'the Bea^dlng^CirOlo year to all Frances Hughea Concert Co. will give the following interr3ting program, "this evening,:. A'itt— VOLucc dJ Onast Aniinft"- ...... DoulK.-tti Mica Le<ter. — Ooocert<» (No ^I Surrender. U«<p «•<>« . "Marchp Ti"nmpb»H '..... Oodofr-Md Hrfghc*. -' Cftlro as tlie Nighl".....;. O J' ? U1<M L8.«ter, Mr. Wadt). t)uo-»-"Berceu»B".. ,.^ Obcrtliur MI*K tlughai, SoIo~"Jlfty Morning" ' Mi«* Lester. CullO Solo-"QlHrottiii" '...'. .......Popper Mian Appy, Knscmbl* ' Terzetto" <A«U«t V«rdt Mia» Lenler. Ml»8 Hufhu«, M|»« Vau Fiank, Hire Appy, Mr. Wade C Anthoay Hope, who Js apoir to arrive ' in thia counry cm a lecturing^tour, is re• garded by ijiany as the best aitcr-dinuw upeajker in Ix>ndod t Harold Frederic, in 4' r«c»«t lefter to the New ^orlc %imo8, *aaid.^%hat for «leganoe and purity of dic- tiott Utef&ift BO Bj>eaker to ootopare /AMI wtttehws are , the hour hand to aun, and the south ia esactly half &w and the flg Point the hand indicating 4 to the eon, and |1, on W»0 *'|JfikJte«4gSgi south, a Suppose, again, that it is 8 o'clock. Point the hand iodicating 8 to the «un and the figure X op the dial is dueaouttt. Sitove , DeliverejJ to any part of city. 'B Hardware. Now liit tli« flute To brine: down you retovedoora and ha them ailed with tuiea. No extra charge for putting in. BodiJiY's Hardware. , Our $18 <5««»k Stove Is a better atovfc than w«« ^soW for $S two yeaw ago. Fully uramwted i»ever . , BOHLEV'B Hardware^ GEORGE INCER30LL, GENERAL LlilICi it to their Interest to ttmemlt him. WILLS, Other- Legal Papers Reduction Sale Titics (to Heal 5B«tttte in attend <o thqpn«Hn*o »i«rt «»>* 'of rent estate, pstm«rat or t«*&», otc. Ixfltn* «t» Wftf nutate ne<totmtea. ' ,, " Af?«nt,fot»i?ooailne of Life <ma lite Jftmir sf|cc ootttmBies. , Cornek' M*rialoH and Ot»fid Sis, Mftrsliftll, Midi. U. S. CIGAR With <x V. S, 1?lag fot- a Label, Ma tic «tt liotiol', M^lrt <?« merit,' A Giro&t 3 Ask I'or them and sho_W yvni dealer that you know- when you get a good smpke. Thfiy are madfr by, E». T, CHAP- it of thie city iT A H B t V T MUM C!aw1wl« ana CM- |lAll DP. I LHlin mm« 1-Bye Stev- dock Detroit 1:30 p, m . t w Bsrolft. Ood- lihcurilme, Port Elgin .thfoitgb the^old rbnte of the > Cordette, 8, who shall hate ^ompletwl^he work sat- irifactorily. The possessor of such a certificate of credit will be^ajlowechfqur per cent credit Jo apply on~ the avecagc st'anding of/ any first, secon.d or third grade certincate when it has been ob tained. Ij)i>ur Reading Circle certificate* of credit/entitjle the holder to a diploma issued »y the , board of directors of the State Teachers' Reading Circlo v • Teachers who have done the required Reading Circle work for the past two years may obtain a "certificate of credit" toy the same, upon application to the scliool o'>micnia3ionor. / The ReadingCirnle books for £his year's courst^ may be obtained of one of tho Ijookdealere in. Bu ttle,, Creek, Ma.rshall and Albioq. The progressive school commissioner of Barry countj, Flora 3. B«>ad!e, has jssnotl an aitracbtfq announccTOOOtgf the Barry i-ountj S. T\K. 'C., outlining the work for the. year.\Circles are to ho formed^ in each towusnip, and iiio6tinf.t8 will bo he|d qn alternate • ••Wednesday evenings throughout the-y«ir. --- - .- Complnints of thosevority of tho questions in the August examination have boon made in various counties throughout tho state and uoino have cene ired the school coininisft'ionera for»the ritor of trie examination questions. But th's is a mutter with which the coiuiuiatiiou ere have nothing to do, w the exuminu- tione questions are pr«j>ared by tho state superintendent of public ^nstrnction, Jason B, Hammond, to whom belongs, -whatever criticism, favorable or upfavor- ab!0 the. late examination questions merit. _. ___ / HIxerleM' Boriterluiul. There's an intangible, but weverthless definite line that wxiata life. Ktop beyond its border and tfie gloom of. j^iain, .the poison of despair stares you itj- th» face. Health, J8-«»eeupny land of life, diBCaeethe gloom, It is auserted that the myeteriouB border once crossed there wtn be he returning. In many, many ia true, provided an unskillful ractitioner has the individual jii chargje. ot so with t>r, Ottinan, the 'eminent socialist or /the firm of B. 8. 4 Cu., -Muakegoa. Uwier his mauipwlatiott and «eieotifle djscoveifiee* and tWr ap- , all |unetiop»l a?4 orgawq and their c&WHxittent "flvils ar« " ftrich, where tha red ABU loved, fouRht and died, to,th« $OO, fine flslimff, panrt pcenery, nool wratber« S very body gpei. One weak with me&l8-»fid berth $17, From 8»mia $15. Vot folders etc. *rite .lohn Stevenson, foot Randolph »tre»t, De- — - ftgent., or (», W, ;,Bro*n, juno «*, Swlis troit, "any O. T. i Mgr., VVinc1«or, Ont\ days ' , ' • OI DON T MISS IT. S. V. R. LEPPER. Marshall, Sept. 28, 1897. Illllllilllllilllllll^^ " ™ m OAKS! CAPES! - * / . \ X \ THE STYLES L/ ,•? feed at" Call «•»>•> dojw», All the a BOU tui ability is nU the . t of chance week, price liigh, All f^ttit ^i^ecf frow oretard. ANEW pereeveruig apphcatiott and i reaearch. W» eyres ere vouched for i " " hv U«na croofg. bv healthy beings who have been 'irsfcUi, phy4ci8|fl will private parlor of the Royal hotel frota. § a, j». to- 1^9 p. wu ^O»» Consultation free and ptriotfty • " ' Oil Clvt bftudaooie patttt«ifl ia the patteroa, «lt different, to seteet ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ T ^WP^^ HIMvMIIMI ii ^P^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^w Having purchase a the Grocery Business of Ci WiH the old stand, Line of where ^w will always $mt STAPLE AND FANl 4t SC^IS IPWUQIIp^i^^. twIM not be un 9l5JW'^? ^^F^ j^Pp'^* — rf *• to ( Mew piWWi- t 't Hardware, OR. H. S. HAHN. WM any m w Ri^ht garments, right in length, fit, fabrics anc| fashion, them. The prices are surprisingly low, in, fact lower* than ever. (! stock is up so date. Black and (Colored Serges and beautiful Dr new v styles. Cojrfit .and >t'i- )ress Gootls Patterns in .SEE OUR 25c Wool Novelties They can't be beat, -Our Black arid Blue Storni 'Series, all w<x>l, 45 Inch wide, J atSOc'per yard is a"g?Baf Ikr^attf: IfHlir receivdf^ full tine of 'Bres$» Skirts, * Jttst rei?eiv^ of . . sell for 29c. specialty. able Linen-Napfc i - ' * ig, Fresh and New. ~r~ — f- OUTING FLANNELS t t * » 5c to I0c (4^ yard, We carry the Wr B, C«rset t always liard u'^for room we #ill close ovt.our Use of Carpets at Ceok P '.i ^^^P Jj^ ^^BP^Wfi Jl._fl^. X fill ™ WPI^IWFlplWW^^ W^9 ' ^^^^W?' - J T- / • __. , «• .

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