Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 22, 1947 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 22, 1947
Page 12
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f'' Permits Granted for New Radio Stations WASHINGTON — i/P>— The communications commission has granted construction permits for these new radio stations: Randall County Broaric.'istint; Co.. Canyon. Tex.. 860 kilocycles. 250 watts, daytime only. Stephens County Broadcasting Co.. Brcckenrldge. Tex.. 1430 kilocycles, 500 watts, daytime only. .... THOMPSON GLASS & tViINT CO. 119 AV. Foster Phone 1073 Workmen are shown installing a section of pipe in a trough cut across the Rio G'rande a mile cast of the International Bricljrc at Hidalgo. The $4,000,000 line, when completed, will be 151 miles lone and will carry natural gas from the South Weslaco Tield in Hidalgo County, near the town of Wrslaco. Texas, to industrial plants in Monterrey, Mexico. The Mexican shore (Uctnosa) Is in the background. Tomato Growers' Strike Subsides CLARKSVILLE—(/P)—-The tomato growers' strike in this northeast Texas area subsided yesterday. The price of tomatoes which dropped to four cents rose Friday to five cents a pound and Sheriff T. F. McCoy said that growers were again patronizing the packing sheds. However, several Texas Rangers, who with other peace officers were sent to the area because of threats of violence, remained on duty. The stril.e began Thursday when processors lowered the price they were paying famcrs for tomatoes from eight to four cents a pound. Some farmers went on strike and threatened to interfere with others who were willing to sell at the reduced price. The tense situation eased, however, before the peace officers arrived. Markets here, at Avery. Dekalb and Boxelder were affected. Manhattan Island's only farm covers five acres and is valued at $400. 000. CANADIAN VALLEY PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION a fast growing agricultural corporation organized in 1934 for, and owned and operated by, farmers p.nd cattlemen. Economical and dependable loans exclusively for agricultural purposes. Farmers and cattlemen with a sound basis for credit are invited to investigate our services. MR. C. W. ALLEN, Manager Will be at the Schneider Hotel Pampa Each Monday 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Shamrock Legion Post Elects New Officers SHAMROCK—(Special) — Jack Montgomery, owner and manager of Montgomery Chevrolet and prominent Shamrock civic leader, was rk-ctecl commander of the DeShazo- Georgc Post of the American Legion at a recent meeting. He succeeds Wnllacc Fields, who has efficiently served as head of the local post for the past year Both men are veterans of World War II. W. R. Rittc'-, Wheeler County Sanitarian, was chosen as first vice commander. He succeeds W. li. (Pedro) Einl. I. C. (Johnnie) Mun- rly was selected as second vice commander to fill tho position held by Gerald Geyer. J. L. Hartsficld was elected to replace Rev. Edward C. Derr as chaplain. Tlie other three officers were reelected: Flake George, historian; Wayne Fox, sergeant at arms; and Norman Patrick, head of child welfare. The new officers will be installed in October, following the department convention to be held in Fort Worth July 27-30. Legionnaires are looking forward to a successful year under the leadership of Commnnder Montgomery who has been one of the most active members of the DeShazo- George Post since he joined that organization soon after receiving his discharge from the Army. Woman Injured in Automobile Accident TEXARKANA—OT—Mrs. W. C. Sattcrwhite. 35. Longview. suffered a leg injury Friday when the car in which she was riding hit a soft shoulder on Highway 67, five miles west of here, and overturned. The accident occurred during a rainstorm. Mrs. W. T, Bullock. 30, who was driving, and her daughter, Jean Alice, G. were not injured. texturize as you cleanse with ''pasteurized 9 ' face cream by Helena rubinstein •iatiny, supple, smooth-textured skin is more than a matter « of simple cleansing. And Helena Rubinstein gives you morf than a simple cleansing cream in "PASTIURIZIO" rACi CREAM:/ For unlike ordinary cleansing creams, it contains rich etnol* lients that help coax your skin to petal-textured loveliuesh fAei C*:AM for normal or oily skin, 3.50, 2.00, 1.0(1 fAci CUIAM SPECIAL for dry skin, 4.50, 2.50, 1.00 plus ttaf BERRY'S PHARMACY Phone 1110 Ten Notices of Intent io Drill Have Been Filed Ten notices of intention to drill were filed at the local Railroad Commission. Oil and Gas Division Office, it has been announced. Six new gas wells were completed while eight wells were plugged. Intention to drill notices were filed over a widely scattered area which included Carson, Hutr.hinson. I.,amb. Moore. Potter and Wheeler Counties. INTENTION TO DRILL Garson County—Cities Service Gns Co.. E. A. Anderson No. 1-B. H&GN Survey. 2490' from S and 2490' from E lines of Sec. 245. Blk. B-2. 12 miles SW of Pampa. Hutchinson County—Creslenn Oil Company. J. A. Whittenburg No. 3. J... Patillo Surrty. 330' from N and 2310' from E lines of Sec. 11. Blk. X02. 2 miles SW of Stinnett. Golding Pool & Whittlngton. Dubose Survey No. 1. Dubose Survey. 330' from S and W lines of SE/4 of Survey. 6 miles NW of Sanforri. J. M. Huber Corporation. A. E. Henderson No. 4. H&OB Survey. 1650' from E and 330' from S lines of Sec. 1. Blk. HC. 4 miles SW of PrhiRle. Lamb County—Anton Oil Corporation. Richardson-Cuba No. 1, R. M. Thompson Survey. 6GO' from N and E lines of Sec. 32, Blk. 1. 4 miles NE of Anton. Moore County—Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line. Killgore No. 1-57. H&TC Survey. 100' from S nnd 150' from E lines of NW/4 Sec. 57. Blk. 44. 10 miles S of Dumas. Potter County — Canadian River Gas Co., Masterson Estate No. 12-B. H&TC Survey. 5700' from N and 2064' from W lines of Sec. 57. Blk. 47. 7 miles SW of Fritch. Wheeler County—Teci Production Company. G. Bell "D" No. 1. H&GN Survey. 330' from S and 330' from W lines of N/2 of NW/4 Sec. 09, Blk. 17. 4 miles NE of Shamrock. Warren Oil Corporation, A. R. Evans No. 4. H&GN Survey. 390' from N and 990' from W lines of NW/4 Sec. 51. Blk. 24. 14 miles.NE of McLean. Warren Oil Corporation. H. N. Roach No. 2. H&GN Survey. 330' from W and 660' from S lines of Sec. 15, Blk. 24. 3'.i miles SE of Kcllcrville. NEW GAS WELLS Carson County—Texoma Natural Gas. W. D. Jordan No. 3-T, Sec. 84. Blk. 4, I&GN Survey. Potential 25,600 MCF. Rock pressure 180.1. Sherman County—Cities Service Oil. Hits: No. 1. Sec. 451. Blk. 1-T. T&NO Survey. Potential 15,300 MCF. Rock pressure 424.0. Moore County—Phillips Petroleum Company, Marni No. 1, Sec. 103. Blk. 44, H&TC Survey. Potential 14,500 MCF. Rock pressure 342.0. Hartley County—Phillips Petroleum Company, Constant No. 1, Alfred Bynum Survey. Potential 2,860 MCF. Rock pressure 364.4. Sherman County—Cities Service Oil, Wohlford No. D-l, Sec. 315. Blk. 1-T, T&NO Survey. Potential 66.000 MCF. Rock pressure 421. Gray County—Warner Oil Company, Morse No. 5. Sec. G8. Blk. 25, H&GN Survey. Potential 1.205 MCF. Rock pressure 194. PLUGGED WELLS Carson County — B. L. Hoover Mabel Sailor No. 1. Sec. 65. Blk. 7, I&GN Survey. 4 miles S of White Deer, Texas. King County—The Ohio Oil Company, S. B. Burnett Estate No. 1, James Gates Survey. 7 miles N of Guthrie. Hale County—Standard Oil Company of Texas, Sam Hunt No. 1. Sec. G, Blk. CL, EL&RR RR Survey. 7 miles NW of Petersburg. Gray County—D. A. Finkelson. Furneaux No. 1, Sec. 110, Blk. 2, H&GN Survey. 18 miles S of Pampa. Hutchinson County—Harry Stekoll. G. A. Whittenburg "A" No. 7, Sec. 20, Blk. 47, H&TC Survey. 6 miles SE of Stinnett. . Wheeler County—Teci Production Company, Stewart L-l No. 1, Sec. 73. Blk. 13. H&GN Survey. C miles NE of Shamrock. Teci Production Company, Stewart L-2 No. 1, Sec. 73, Blk. 13, H&GN Survey. 0 miles NE of Shamrock. News of Interest To Oil Men Page 12 Pampa News* Sunday, June 22, 1947 Three Oil, One Gas Wells Announced Completed by Cities Service Oil Co. Three oil and one gas wells were announced completed by Cities Service Oil Co. recently. Two of the oilers—Myers B No. 3 and Gopher No. 1—-we're located in Cotton County. Oklahoma, while the Chesney No. 136 was a Butler County. Kansas completion. They represented a total initial potential of 360 barrels of oil. Hitz No. 1. a gas well, in Sherman County, Texas, was completed for an open flow of 15.200.000 cubic feet of gas daily. Following closely on the heels of its announcement of a 22-well drilling campaign last week, Cities Service Oil Co. announced the location of five new wells this week. Cotton County. Oklahoma, received two, with Crockett County. Texas, Ector County. Texas, and Rice County. Kansas, each claiming one. Cities Service Drilling Report: TEXAS Crockett County—Hoover No. 4. C NE SW SE Sec. 14. Blk. GO. drilling at 520'. Hobbs No. 1, C SE NE Sec. 7. Blk. GG. H&OB, drilling at 4910'. Owens B-l (wildcat, partnership) C SW NW Sec. 6. Blk. GG, H&OB, flowed 67.16 barrels of fluid; hrs. thru 3/8" choke. Dawson County—Dupree No. 4. C E SW Sec. 67. Blk. M. EL&RR. rillin? at 4874'. O'Brien D-4. C E SW Sec. 52, Blk.' M, EL&RR. rilling at 4895'. Man Is Being Held On Assault Charge CORSICANA—W)—Eugene Mayfield. 35-year-old bellhop, charged with assault with attempt to rape a 19-year-old white girl, is being held under $7.500 bond pending grand jury action. Mayfielcl waived an examining trial before Justice of the Peace A. E. Foster Friday. His is expected to come up before the grand jury which meets June 26. The complaint, filed by Sheriff David Castels, said the bellhop entered the room of the girl, a guest at a hotel here, and threatened her when she awakened. Authorities said the girl was not harmed. Elgin, 19 lord Elgin, 21 jewels.Hkoraf jeweli.l4karor natural gold natural gold fillet) case. filled cate. KENNEPY JEWELRY g yv. Phillip* Pelmienm | Increases Holdings Ector County—Bagley B-8. C SE NE NW Sec 4, Blk. 42. T 2s. drilling at 2850'. Sherman County—Foreman No. 1. 100' W. 100' E of C SeC. 333. Blk. IT. T&NO. drilling fit 2940'. Wohlford D-l. 200' S. 100' E of C Sec. 315. Blk IT. T&NO. Completed for I Railroad Commission potential of 66.000.000 c.f. gas; 24 hrs. Klecamp No 1. 100' N. 100' E of C Sec. 384, Blk. IT, T&NO, drilling at 1700'. NEW MEXICO Lea County—Brunson B-3. (partnership) C SW SW Sec. 3-22s-37e. 8 5/8" at 2800'. WOC. Brunson C-4. C NW SE Sec. 3-22s-37e. 8 5/8" nt 2810'. WOC. State B-l. C NE NW Sec. 17-13s-32e. 8 5/8" at 308'. WOC. MICHIGAN Osceola County—Round No. 1. SE/4 Sec. G-18n-10w. drilling at 890'. ILLINOIS Gallatin County— Bayley No. 1. NW NW NE 24-7s-9e. swabbed 84 bbls. oil; no water; 24 hrs. Alamo Refining Company of .which tho Phillips Petroleum Co.. Efartlesville Okla.. owns a majority of Stock has completed purchase of a modern refinery fi.t Sweeny. Tex., from, the Wnr Assets Administration at a cost of $13.100.000. Workmen have started rehabilitation of the plant which is expected to be in operation within 30 days and will employ more than 300 persons. Production of the plant will be distributed b? pMflps la T&&6 arid Louisiana, by Wrge r _td Bffintr DHL, the Mississippi River and-:by pipe- 1 line to a terminal at Preep'ort. Te*. The Alamo plant has a 'rated capacity of 24,000 barrels ot crude oil per day and includes 508 acres of land and 30 buildings containing' approximate^' 73.000 square feet ot floor space. Java does not touch the equator, but lies south of it. The Belgian Congo exports to the United States large quantities of copper, tin. cobals. radium ^nflUstrl- R! diamonds, palm oil fibers, and rubber. RADCLIFF SUPPLY CO. OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT A recent U.S. federal reports showed that one-fourth of the nation had diets which could berated as good; more than a third rated, only as fair and about one-third as poor. The tuba family of musical instru ments includes the bombardon, he llcon and euphonium. 113 B. BROWN PHONE 123ft ROCK GLYCERIN CO. \ A Complete and Efficient / Oil Well Shooting Service 211 Combs-Worlcy Bldg. Phone 670 A KOHLER LIGHT PLANTS TARTS—SALES—SERVICE yf Magneto and Pressure Gauge Repairing f Rodcliff Bros. Electric Co. PAMPA FOR MONDAY ONLY!! $2oo MEN'S VALUES BATHING SUITS $100 Value to $3.95 v STRAW HATS Value to $3.95 KHAKI PANTS Value to $3.95 CHAMBRAY & COVERT WORK SHIRTS Value to $2.19 DRESS SHIRTS $150 $3.00 Value DRESS PANTS $300 Value to $5.95 SPORT SHIRTS Reg. 4.50 val. T-SHIRTS 5Qc Value to $1.95 ww PAJAMAS $250 Reg. $4.50 value Men's Fairfield Leather Palm Work Gloves w. „, ® $1.00 WORK SHOES $750 SPORTS JACKETS $1950 8" Hi Test, req. $9.95 ^alue § Value to $24.95 WASH SUITS Value to $3.95 KNITT SHIRTS Value to $1.95 SHORT PANTS Value to $2.95 Swim Trunks BOYS' SPECIALS - $250 50' $150 BROADCLOTH "' • . SPORT SHIRTS Reg. $2.50 ..$1.50 Reg. $2.95 £1.95 Reg. $3.50 .$2.35 Reg. $3.95 $2.« 250 $100 Vol. UW Val. *• SLACK SUITS 150 Value to 2.95 m Overalls Value to 2.50 $150 Slack Suits $950 Value to 5.15 "• $2oo Value to 5.95 DRESS SUMMER Pants Value to 4.50 FOR THE LADIES RLOUSES $195 Volue to $3.50 " SLACK SUITS Velue to $14,50 RAIN COATS Value to $24.95 SLACKS Value to $7,95 ..;... TRAIN CASES Value to $19.80 •$795 $500 MfWflfMKff^

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