The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 16, 1954 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1954
Page 3
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BAYTOWN SUN. SATURDAY. JANUARY 16. 1954 —PAGES Three Area Chairman Are Added To List For March JANET KAY LEE FIRST BIRTHDAY—On Sunday Janet Kay Lee will .'celebrate her first birthday. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Lee, 138 Bayshore drive, she is the fframl- 'daughter of .Sirs.. Jewell Aden and ivir. and Mrs. George Lee, all of HuhtsvHIe. RONALD LEE MYERS THIRD BIRTHDAY —A new three-year-old Sunday will be Ronald Lee Myers, son of Mrs. Janet Campbell. Grandparents are Mr.'and Mrs. H. M. Campbell of 604 West Cleveland. " /• <, *CECIL, TMOMAS MEEKINS , SEVENTH BIRTHDAY — Celebrating his seventh birthday Saturday is Cecil Thomas Meekins. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Meekms of Oakland Estates. Grandparents are Mrs. R. H. Meekins of Navasotft and Mr. and Mrs. H. F. \Vnikelman of Brenham^Mr. and Mrs William Buerger of Clay are his great- grandparents. Mrs: Castleman Impressed With Holland— World Travelers Report To Gamma Chapter About, the-next b'est thing to see- Ing the world is hearing from •omeone who has.- . . And Delta.Kappa Gamma members heard" from several who had Thursday night when. Baytown's summer travelers. described their experiences in foreign lands. 24-HOUR WATCH REPAIR SERVICE • FACTORY METHODS • FACTORY PARTS • REASONABLE PRICES ".'. AT . ,. MAYFAIR JEWELERS The House of Diamonds ^OPPORTUNITY Victorioui Living meant mor* than turning over a new leaf... If means fully dedicating your- lelf and your life to God —Your Opportunity to find th* REAL LIFE. IS SUCCESSFUL LIVING HEAR AN MESSAGE "HOPE FOR TODAY" 8:30 A.M. -11:00 A.M. AND "STANDING ALONE" 7:30 P.M. TOUR WHOLE LIFE IS LIFTED TOWARD GOD WHEN VOU WORSHIP. IT'S LIKE GETTING A NEW LEASE ON LIFE . . . _ COMi WORSHIP WITH US! MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH ! PEARCE & JONES STREETS The program, arranged -by^ Mrs. J. I. Gelber, was held in the Community house- Speakers included Miss. Sue Guy, Gene Walden* Mrs. Marjorie Morse'and Mrs. W. H. Castleman. Miss Guy,,who traveled with the University of Houston group (ages 17 to . (53)' to- "Mexico, LoM of economic conditions South . of the Border. European .countries were sketched for .the chapter-of , Walden, speaking on England, and Mrs. Morse, using France . and Italy as her topics. • Mrs. Castleman, -. who toured ' through Europe last summer with Robert ' E. Lee student,. '• Miss Bobbye-Jean Pipkinj Avas particularly impressed' with her visit to Holland. The Dutch put the welcome mat out farther . and more invitingly than any country they visited, she said. On the first night in the country, however, Mrs. Castleman noted she was a bit ap- prehen&ve about not having hotel reservations. "I pooh-poohed any mention of park benches, a night in a railroad station or .camping in -a tulip bed," she told the Kappa members- Fortunately though, those fears, were all for naught~ they found a very suitable, room Religion Is Topic Of Mothers Club Religion was a topic led by Mrs. John Fenton Thursday morning at a meeting of the Crib to College Mothers club in the home of Mrs. J. S. Keating. Parents are the teachers of religion, she said, by their attitudes in the 1 home and community, by showing love, care and devotion. With this sort of training, the child learns to accept Christianity. Furthermore, good relationships in the world are derived from community contacts filled with kindness, justice, good will and forgiveness, Mrs. Fenton concluded. Mrs. Keating had charge of the children's lesson. Luncheon was served to eight members. Next meeting will be at 10 a.m. Feb. 3 in the home of Mrs. Fenton, Cedar Bayou-Lynchburg road. Ursula Bunting Circle Visits Happy Harbor Ursala Bunting circle of St. Mark's Methodist church visited residents of Happy Harbor in La Porte Thursday. They took gifts of fruit, quilt tops and quilting materials. Mrs. Ecrnice Smith, soloist, thanked the circle members with a song. Making the friendsip visit were Mrs. Sam Frazer. Mrs. D. E. Johnson, Mrs, V. R. Reese, Mrs. George Connoway and. Mrs, J. W. Shannon. AMERICAN PRACTICE OF MEDICINE is not strictly tied up with statistics and dollars. It involves the skill of h.inds, the experience and knowledge in tlic br.iin of the physicis:-. It also includes human intangibles — such as personal interest and understanding. Almost all doctors have understanding and exceptional character, because the physician's training brings him close to fundamental things—the suffer- ings, emotions and joys of human beings. Your Doctor comes into contact with elemental life and dcath t and is called upon constantly to help work out emotional, as well as physical problems. Such understanding is based on close interest in the patient, and is valuable in the flirt of illiitst. Don't allow any sort of legislation to become law that would make you and your Doctor cogs in a political wheel. S BIG DTU'G STORES 70 SERVE YOU N. Main Phone 49S5 2—126 W. Texas Phone 2fl3» 3—3J19 Mnrkr-t Phone 4034 in the Terminus hotel 'just across from the traun station jn The . Hague No talk on Holland would t be complete, she stated, without mentioning food She mentioned that Leon Daudet, a goiilnet of France, once said that periodically he" was overcome by such a longing for beefsteaks, sauce and pasteries of Holland that he dropped his work in Pans at least twice a year and "rushed.:- to Amsterdam . or The Hague to eat what he deemed fit for the- "very'angels in Heaven-." And Mrs Castleman and Bobbye Jean agreed—the food was wonderful. Germany and Bavaria were also described for the members: Anil, incidentally, Holland the -'Dutch and Germans are very much alike, Mrs. Castleman said, even. tho'ugh the two races are bitter enemies. Both "are 'industrous and clean- Hefreshments "wore 'served by Mrs. Irma .Hpllbrook, chairman of the social committee; Mri,.,E. J. Gray, Mrs. Fred .Parker, Miss Aranna Watson- .-'.-.. Miss Eula Potter, chapter president, had charge of the .meeting.' ''.•"': i" New Member, Three Guests Attend HD Club A new member and three visitors were'prcsent at a meeting ot La Porte'home demonstration club Friday "morning'in the home of Mrs. H. L. Smith, on Shore Acres. .Mrs. R. L. Griffin is the new member. The visitors were Mrs. B. L. Olds, Mrs^ T. Downing and Mrs. Glenn Bund'ick of B.arker. Tex. Eleven .other members also were present. Mrs. E. AT. Cole, vice?president, presided over the business meeting. Mrs. Smith gave a council report, and members filled out the yearbooks. New members named are 1 Mrs. Rex Baker, dining room demonstrations; Mrs. Cole, clothing, and Mrs. C. A. Friepd, food. The demonstration, "Cornice Boards for Dining Area Windows," was given by Atrs. Frances McCullough, county home demonstration agent. The next meeting will be Feb. 19 in the home of Mrs. Friend, where the topic will be 'Getting Herbs Started for the Home. 1 ' Bridal Shower Given At Church On Thursday night a . bridal shower 'honoring Mrs. Charles Williams, the former Miss Jeanette Owen, was given at Second Baptist church by the workers in the Beginners' Sunday School department. Punch and cookies were served to 36 guests. The table was covered with a white damask cloth and was centered with an arrangement of candy-tuffs. ' The honorce was presented with a corsage of maroon snap-dagons. A musical game provided entertainment for the group. Hostesses were Mrs. O. O. "Matthews, Mrs. C. H. R. Burroughs, Mrs. W. B. Maddoux, Mrs. James R. Thacker. Mrs. Clyde W. Casey, Mrs. J. H. Crooks and Miss Mabel Catherine Jones. Mrs. Bird Has Charge Of Altar Society • ' St. Jude's Altar and Rosary Society of St. Judo's Catholic church of Highlands met Thursday in the school hall with 14 members present. / ' 1 Wi Mrs. C. E. Bird, president, had charge of the meeting. The Rev. Henry Parmentier led the group in reciting the Px.osary at the opening and at the close of the meeting. During the business session the society voted to place all money made on the baked goods sales held each second Sunday into the building fund. Announcement was made that a parish study club for adults would begin the first week in February. Anyone who is interested in such a club is asked to consult Rev. Parmentier. Mrs. Gcorgp Matranga was awarded the door prize. Sunday has been designated Communion day for the Altar and Rosary society. BUILDERS AND CRUSADERS BniMprs and Crusader* cla-wrs of Cedar Bayou Methodist church will not their reisular monthly n-,-2ting anrl social Monday be- csi'.F? of schedule conflicts with thr Spiritual Ijifp program. Th? mTtfna; wi'l b A at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 25 a", the church. Three area chairman have been added to the list for the Mothers March on Polio, Mrs Don Teter, co-chairman, announced. They are Mrs Charles Liggett, 1600 Mississippi phone 6326; Mrs. E. R. Sutphin, 1906 Alabama, phone 7408, and Mrs Niles Brill, 2801 Virginia, phone 6308. ;-."• Others are: Mrs H A Holcomb, 508 Bonner, phone 8121-2755, Mrs. Rich-. ard Atkins, 3221 Wisconsin, phone 9756, Mrsj William 1 Sharp, 3212 Wisconsin, phone 5091; Mrs. Frank Valero, 1209 Pine, ph6ne 4376; Mrs. Robert Dyer, 3129 Ohio, phone 2270. Mrs. John B. Tucker Jr., 1812 Alabama, phone 7408; Mrs. D, C. Walsh Jr, 2105 New Mexico, phone 7461, Mrs Ray Galloway 1105 Barrymore drive, phone 7867, Mrs. Loniiie McCloud, 1213. Bookertee, phone 3-1411; Mrs E L Clamon, 130* Willow; Mrs O L Tolleson, 104 Bowie, phone 4489. Mrs. Grady Tuck Jr., 218 Nazro, phope 3-1025, Mrs Ben J Groner. 508 Stimpson, phone 2460, Mrs. Robert Kelley, 1103. South Seventh, phone 7301, Mrs J. W. Alnsworth, 416 West Murrill, phone 3-1160; Mrs., David Arnett, 711 East Humble, phone 4875, Mrs Carl Poteet, 710 East Gulf, phone 3-1857. Mrs E R Rutledge, 402 East Jack, .ph6ne 2480; Mrs. Max G6ld- field, ' 411 Forrest, phone 3-1172; Mrs. Knox Beavers, 211 Gfesham, phone 2246, Mrs W N Laughlin, : S Dyer^ .phone .4767; Mrs. HI T. Ward, 803 Pleasant drive, phone 9984;, Mrs. 'Herschel .Scott. 1307 Madison, phone 7660, Mrs H..W. Kilpatrick, 1307 Monroe; phone 31097 Mrs A O Bailey, 1304 East Fayle, phone 2370, Mrs Babe Gpldfleld, 1302 East Fayle, phone 3-1591, Mrs W D Whitted, 206 Scott, phone 6894; Mrs. A. S. By- hum. 217 Hackberry lane, phone 7322; -Mrs. . Malcolm Jones, 206 Bayshore drive, phone 9016; Mrs; R. S. Manne, 222 Hackberry lane, phone. 8924. Mrs. R. N. Montgomery, 118 North Holly drive, phone 8828;Mrs. Dave Parrish, 1704 Wright Blvd., phone 4819; Mrs. J. Rodger Read, 2200 New .Jersey, phone 4440; Mrs. Darrell Tuck, 205 West Gulf, phone 5171; Mrs. C. M. Gartman Jr.. 300 North Seventh, phone 7691: Mrs. W. E. Lawhon, 417 East Alford, phone 5630; Mrs. C. Padgett, Tri-City Beach road, phone 8535; Mrs. Kenneth Ford, 413 Nazro, phone 5698; Mrs. Allen Meister, 315 Harvey, phone 9136. Mrs. Walter Lehde is in charge of picking up and depositing do- Wingo'Circle Visits Mexican Church WMS Virginia Wingo circle of First Baptist church visited the Women's Missionary society of the Mexican Baptist church Thursday night to present a program and fellowship. " " "Sweet Hour of Prayer" was sung in Spanish /by the host church's WMS president, Mrs. E. Rangel. Mrs. Durwood. Stanley read a poem, "The Vear Before Us," and introduced Mrs. Floyd Bungston, who told what the purposes of WMS and Women's Missionary union. Mrs. Bill Dean and Mrs- Pi.-te Shepherd told stories about missionaries. Mrs. Dean -I'IST told the story of the Good Samaritan and Mrs. Shepherd told about Lillie Tousle Nasrallah o f Beirut, Lebanon', who is a student at Baylor university. The program closed with a prayer- by Mrs. Otto Mullins. The circle entertained \vith n fellowship, with Mrs. Thomas King giving a prayer of thanks before refreshments were served. Array Of Gifts Fetes Six-Weeks-Old Dorlisa Dorlisa Sandefcr, six-wccks-old daughter of Mrs. M. W. Sandcfer, 207 Park, was feted with an array of gifts Thursday at a surprise baby shower given for her mother by friends from Humble. Those present included Mrs. Phil Cczeaux, Mrs. Harvey Bender, Mrs. Frank Hester, Mrs. C. D. Morris, Mrs. L. L. Long, Mrs. Tom Whltaker, Mrs. Gus Cezoaux, Mrs. Lynn Landrcy, Mrs. Hayden McKay, Mrs. Kelsey Isenberg, Mrs. Coke .Ragsdale, Mrs. Roy Yancey, Mrs. R. R. Sandcfer. Mrs. James Huffaker Honored At Baby Shower Mrs. James Huffaker was honored at a baby shower Thursday night in the home of Mrs. Frank Robinson, 101 Graham. Co-hosteses with Mrs. Robinson were Mrs, Tom Toydor, Mrs. Pete Keith and Mrs. Bill Lyons. Pink and blue booties arranged on a mirror encircled in candy tuft was used as a table centerpiece. Cake «nd coffee were served to H guests. Mrs. Charles Bonner Leads Circle Study Mrs, Charles Bonner presented the first lesson in the study on the "Prophet Jeremiah" when the Susanna Wesley circle of Grace Methodist church met Thursday in the home of Mrs. V. P. Massey, 40S West Humble. «% Sh^ was assisted by Mrs. John Ma?kr. Mrs. R. M. Wrizht gave a devcti-m'l. Refreshments were served to 10 members. nabons that have been mailed to the March of Dimes.: Coffee Day chairmen are Mrs. Billy M. Knowles and Mrs."Alfred MosJtb- witz. Mrs. Burnett Johnson ' is chairman of the "stick-up" campaign to be handled by Quack Shackers, who will stick up posters advertising the march. -Coin collectors will be picked up by Mrs. Maurice Blum and Mrs. John Hodson. Welfare Federation , To Meet Here Feb. 4 Plans for the Gulf Coast Welfare Federation of Seventh Day Adventist churches were made Thursday morning at a meeting of the Dorcas Welfare' society in the home of Mrs Frank Russell, 602 South Seventh. The federation will meet Feb. 4 at the Community house, Mrs, Earl Smith; chairman announced. Mrs. Emmett Roberts presented a devotional: study to the group. The activities for the day included making aprons, piecing quilts and embroidering. The; handicraft will be sold to collect proceeds for the church. A covered dish luncheon was served. a Garden.Club,\yil);Plaint, / Crape Myrtle Again On Wriqhf ? Blv<fc r i „ ^. t ....,,.,...., „.,„.*. ,..,„ >.^,..»« .^..i.-,,^,.,..,,,. try 'Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8302 It's "crape myrtle" time again on Wright Blv*, Danubina Garden Acres members decided Thursday at a meeting iii^the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Beaugh, 1700 Wright Blvd. The crape myrtles will be planted this year along Wright Blvd. Those who want the plant- are asked to call Dave Parish at 4819. Mrs.. Parish presided . over the Thursday ni^ht meeting in the absence of *'"a president, Curtis Punk. A committee was appointed for a. chart . officers for the coming year. The '" serve on the committee are 'Dave Parish, chairman; Mrs. Jimmy McMurrough and Louis Boadle- Pie and'oof fee were served. A meeting will be held next Thursday, night in the home nf Mr. and Mrs. Boadle, 13M Wright Blvd. - - \ J , f , One Solution * WOONSOCKET, R I. —UP—a, many cars and trucks crashed int* the frame cottage of Walter Maxcey that it became known as "hard luck house " But no one will eraak into it anymore. It burned dow*. < Or. J. D. Kuebier Dentist 202 Pruett lldq. Fhent 2141 f \ R 5 T QUALITY! SHORT LENGTHS Of BUTCHER LINEN From the mills of the nation's finest butcher Linen Makers Comes these fabulous short lengths. Pieces from 2 to 10 Yards Long and all 44" and 45" wide/You have seen these identical pieces in our stock and others for much more. This is a one-time buy... so be here early and save! CREASE RESISTANT Yd. Guaranteed Washable ^ MONDAY REMNANT 'sm Thousands of yards of our finest fabrics to choose from . . . but be here early— you'll find nylons, ginghams, percales, broadcloths, rayon prints, denims, suit- ings and other outstanding fabrics. L* *

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