Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 10, 1935 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 10, 1935
Page 5
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,. FEBRUARY 10, 193S TEXAS' m COLONISTS CAME BflMCANARY ISLANDS IN 1731 !-(Notc: The following to fine of « ftcrfM of weekly- nrtlclrs taken from the-Brjtnr Archives at tho- Unly<?rsity 6f Tfcxns. This collection, considered tnb Kfctitest Blnirle trcnniirc diir the North American continent, tins Hftsn,, 'cntnlhtruod; anil in now heltm t'rfttislfttcd by the University of Texna. It, cpnsiStts .of 4QO.OIW pmzca of orlg- Jhnl- "'Spnnlfih 'handwritten HncuinentH cptriiirisljiirthe official archives of the MfcxicAn covernment for tho tlopart- me'nt 'of Bcxftr, which covered, almost tttti. tvh'tilo of what IB now the State of Te*ns, for the period from 1731, 6qo.n ftfter-'Tojns became n separate province of Mexico, to JS3ii, to the BatlM of San Jacinto. This series of firtlclM will consist 1 - principally of quotations from the documents, many 61 which have heretofore been unpublished, 'and will reveal for. the first tfftie' what actually transpired dnrinK tho century in which-Texas was transformed from a wilderness Inhabited only by savntre Indian tribes to an Inde- depcnilcnt American republic.) AUJ3TIN, Feb. 9,—If. Texas is proud p fthe little group or Aiiglo- Ameiicfins who came. to Texas In l$2i with Stephen F. Austin to colonize this territory, certainly too much attention can not' ba paid to the little band ( of 50 men, women and children who entered San An-, Bexar on March 9,'1731, having journeyed from the far-awny Canary Islands, their sea voyage being: followed by an overland trek by way of Mexico, D. P., to become the firsE officially fecbghteea colonists to be planted on Texas soil. From the Bexar archives—records cf the Department of Bexar—-now deposited in the library at the University of Texas, the epoch-mak- infj history of this little band cfln be reconstructed. The story must be recalled of the failure in Texas of the Spanish mission alone/as well as of the failure of the mission when guarded by the military garrison. A modified plan of settling citizen-soldiers had been tried in 1718, without success. A few years later, small groups,of colonists under the leadership of Spanish priests and on their own initiative settled at various points. None of these proved permanent. It was as'a last resort that the Spanish decided to try settling families other than.sol- diers, and of granting them municipal rights In the new territory. Severn! new features characterized this plan. Hitherto the arrangements for the settlements had been worked out by the' missionaries, of- ders had been issued by the viceroy, and all families brought In had 'been natives of Mexico. Under the new pifop6sal,f orders w«e iSStted/By th% King "of Spain,- at the sfggekfon ,of Marques ffe Sftn Mfeuef'de AgfuayB, and all colonists were to be brpugh/fc rrpnt'the danary Islands. At first it, had been intended to bring tw6 hundred families from the province o{ Tlascala, In Mexico, these being a. tribe of highly civilised Indians whose example It was thought would be valuable in teaching the Texas Indians to live in villages. Another two hundred families were, to be brought from the Canary Islands, these Islanders having In other similar projects proved loyal, industrious and intelligent Spanish .subjects. It was, however, finally decided tP bring the entire four hundred settlers from the Canary Islands, and orders we're given by the king to this effect. These volunteers were to be transported and maintained for one year>at government expense. Only a small portion of the proposed colony actually came/ however, the total number of persons reaching San Antonio de Bexar being only. 56. "To begin with, but ten ramifies, under the leadership of Leal Doras, who was 'tn|e oldest man among, them and one who subsequently received the greatest honors within their gift, started out from the Canary Islands," Mrs. Mattie Austin Hatcher, archivist in charge of the Bsxar collection In the University library, said in her article, "Municipal government of Sati Fernando de Bexar,' published in the Texas His- torical Quarterly In 1908. * month the number of families Jttfs increased from tenrto f if teem-'This tfas bMught abtmt by; marriage among trie colonists." • 1 A list of th? families was .taken Just before they l?ft.Quiiu(ii(;lan, a village near Mexico, o. P., oh Nov. 8,. 1730, as folloms; '"Joan Leal Ooras, and two sons; Juan curbeto,' wife; two sons, and one-daughter"; Joan Leal Jr.» wife, fotrr ;sotis, and' onei daughter'i Antonio Santos, wife, one eon, afnd three daughters; Joseph Madron, and wifes Manuel de Nte ( and wife;'Vicente Travieso, and wife; Salvador Rbdtt* gues!f wlfe f ahd'bne son j Franciscft de- Arocha., and wife; Antonio R(*d- rlguez, and'wife j Joseph Leal, and wife; Juan - Delgtfdo,-and • wife; Jo^ seph Oabrerftf: sorii and daughter.; Maria i Rodriguez Provayna; three sonsi and' three- daughters; Mariano Malanoj.two'sons, and one daughter t atidj.four single .men: Phelipe Beress, Joseph Antonio Perez, Martin Lo- r'enzp de.- Armas,- and Ignacio Lorenzo de Armas—a;total .eft fiftyrslx persons-and if if teen families, or.^ sixteen f amiliesi if r the. unmarried men counted; as a family M they some,- ttmes were," Mrs, Hatches-said.' "These fifteen families founded the villa of San Fernando de Bexar,'- 1 Mrs. Hatcher-continued. ."The'-set* tlement was given this name ^ in honor of the heir to the Spanish crown, although many persons desired to name it CasefUerte in honor of the viceroy- of' Mexico. AC£ord- Ink 1 to the: viceroy's orders it-was to be made a culdad, and created the capital ofiTexas because, It^ was.the first civil. settlement < founded; in, the province, by, Jamuies> from the Canaries.','" . i, ...... Most of the laws that were in- force at'the time. San-Fernando, was founded;are. contained >in the "Re- copilaclon-de .Leyes de.-los-Reynoside, las Indies,.'!-Mrs. Hatcher, pointed out,,vHla; was-established and. governed, according, to these, law,s. ..According to, these, laws the, new settlers., were, created hidalgos and were given a municipal goverhT men.t, with.detalled.ins,tructions for laying off the town. Orders were given by the Spanish goyerilor. issuing grants of land to the .colonists, the head of-each family receiving twp. parcels of land.' It was.necessary to make two separate measures of -the: lan,ds,.on.e to show, the lands clear, and free from timber and another to record • the land-along the-San Antonio river in order to take into 'consideration the windings, of' this stream. The head of each, family, received a grant of the cleared land which- extended from; the limits of. the presidio,, oiv garrison, In a line north and :south, the 1*680,, varas of land being divided equally among (.henir -In adr dition, cash received. a ."suerte, 1 , or lot, of the. land along, the banks of the river, some, of .which were larger than oth'ers, due to the meandering of the stream. The four single men were reckoned in this.order as. pne family, and accordingly received one share of land between them. A General Motors Product i)RE people are .saying that. 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