Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 27, 1961 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1961
Page 5
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4 I M S/ng/e Men Make The Best Husbands By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR-^BBY: 1 am' 28, have been married twice and have two children. Four months' ago I fell for a salesman who was mar- [ried and had a family. H6 loved he, too, and we started to wake is. He said he was 'going to i ask his wif& fpr a divorce.; He Imoved in with me • and my children but, so far; he hasn't .applied for a :d!volce. Now I, don't think he ever'4ill. The thrill has worn off, I miss my freedoin and I feel stuck'with this' guy. His wife found out ; abou,t us, and now she won't have hirrj back, but he has to support her 1 and 'Ms kids' anyway. He doesn't help "me financially, and is preventing me from making progress with anyone "else. He is. a-weak person, and I feel responsible'for getting him into this mesS, so, I* can't throw him out. Any suggestions? 'iTravis Parents, Friends To Go Back To School It is '.'Back To School" night at William B. Travis ort Friday; planned for the parents and Mends of the school children. "This i* to begin at 7 p.m. Friday," Mrs. John Gentry, unit grandchild.. • I-bought a gift, and was all ready to' send It when I got a letter, from lier telling me they had'Started a bank account for the baby, and to please send money instead. • . • Is this being^ done these days? I never'heard* of this before. OLD .'FASHIONED president, said. "The parents go directly to their child's room; if there are two children, on parent may go to each room. Roll will be called and a parent will answer for their child. So don't be' tardy. At the close of the "class", parents wilt have an opportunity to ask questions of teachers concerning school work.' 1 At 7:45 p.m., a bell will desig- DEAR 'OLD •• FASHIONED nate refreshment time when pie DEAR STUCK: Throw hirh out; If he has nowhere'else to go, he'll probably go "Home 1 and/beg'his wife to take ' him" .back. If you are in the market - for a man— ( a single one.; They make the best husbands.,; , DEAR ABBY: My -sister's hUs- 'band's. name is, CHARLES \VINCENT SMITH. 1 They named their son CHARLES^PATRldK -SMITH. Everyone calls the boy ''Junior." I say that in order for /him '.to" be an honest r to - goodness "Junior," his rram'e should I be :, exactly the same as ^ his? father's — CHAR,LES VINCENT' SMITH.-My sister says I am , mistaken. Am. I? • !KNOW I'M, RIGHT DEAR KNOW: You -ARE right. DEAR ABBY: I have'a .friend who lives out of town. She wrote to tell me she just had her first Well .- bred people never TELL their friends whist kind "of "gift" to send • unless they are ' asked. Only those with lots" of crust. i , ~ Everyone has a problem. What's, yours? 'For a personal reply, write to Abby in care of this paper. Enclose a-Stamped, self- addressed envelope... ;For i Abby's : booklet, ^'How To Have..'':A- Lovely Wedding.'' send and coffee will be served in the class room. Tickets for pie and coffee are 30 cents. School age children will see a Walt Disney movie, "Davy Crockett" in the auditorium where re freshments will also be served for a fee of 30 cents. Pre -schpo children will be cared for in the nursery in the cafeteria. There will be no charge for the nursery children. An invitation is extended to al parents and friends by Mrs. Gen 50 cents to Abby', /Box' 3365, Bev- try and Wendell Altmiller, schoo erly 'Hills, .Calif. I principal. OZARKA Pure Spring Water from the World's Greatest health region t. „ and Our Distilled'Water ! Now ; ayailable at IDEAL,FURR'S, SAFEWAY and BUDDY'S \ Fbqd l Stdrcs , ' ;v ; ! OZARKA WATER CO: • •" '. '.' • . • ''••,•--' AMARILLO, TEXAS THE PAMPA DAILY MEWS f ftttJAY, OCTOBER 2f, I§SI No Need To Splurge On Disapproved Rites sewln* project; an easy-to-make circular tablecloth*planned with; mother'* oTfille smlce for this home economics *ludcnt. C oth, In .oft beige with S accent*, Is in same cotton sheen fabric is the colonial-print drapes, and comolements their colors,; ' ' Dear Mrs. Lawrence: My 20 • year • old niece is marrying a boy that the family doesn't approve of. He has r.$ irade, can't hold a regular job. Hut my niece wants my sister to give her a big: wedding so that shell! get pre- 'sents to furnish a home with. My sister is a widow who has worked like a slave to raise and educate this girl. Do you think she should spend nil her savings on this when she feels as she does. : ANSWER: No, I do rtot think sha should. Traditionally. lavisn weddings are given to yeung people by par ems who've had a voice in the n Home Economics DORIS E. WILSON wo'men'i p»o« «d\ior Mqrtfiq SS;C/ass Has Luncheon The '> Martha: • Svmday r'- School Class- of"the 'First ( Baptist Church entertained .recently with a luncheon in 1 the church. ;Mrs: Elmer E. Wilson, v i c e president, presided-in the absence of the president, /Mrs. M- A. Jones. • .• > Mrs Ed Schneider,' class teacher, led the opening, prayer- Mrs, Wilson ; gave, the report for the month of September, . The devotional .was- given by Mrs. Shirley Nichols, who,, also, gave/closing prayer, . • 12 members attended. .'There's , approval of this pie in the '"aye": of ..its ^holders. Its caramel-pecan topping easily wins a vote; of confidence on a baker's 'apple pie.-And the ingredients are i but three —ilK.tablespoons melt' ed butter, 1-3 cup' each .of brown sugar. and ! chopped pecans. Spread evenly atop the pie, then, jusc before serving, warm:it under medium broiler heat . for 5 minutes. .•.-•.•• The Hardens Note Silver Anniversary GROOM (Spl) — Mr. and Mrs. Preston Harden observed their twenty fifth wedding anniversary on Oct. 1, and celebrated . . t h e occasion with an open house. Guests were registered by their daughter, Mrs.Billy Thurman of San Antonio, assisted by Miss Dondra Burgin. The serving table was laid with a white organdy cloth over white linen centered with an arrangement of white miniature roses ith tulle. A silver fountain tea ervice, an anniversary gift to /Irs. Harden from her husband, nd silver serving dishes and rystal completed the table ap- i lointments. i Assisting with hostess - duties vere Mmes. Bob Britten of Amarillo, V. E. Steed, Rudolph Tucker and Billy Cornett. The •. receiving rooms were decorated vith floral bouquets • s e n t by riends, During the receiving hour s, vlrs. Bobby Cornett and Miss vtargie Fraser played appropriate selections on the organ and Mrs. Billy Burgin offered several vocal selections. Out - of - town guests included Mrs. Harden's father, E. L. Downum of Leakey, Mr. Harden's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Harden of Ingran, their daughter and By KAY SHERWOOD ' Encourage the junior - grade student of home economics to put her school learning to practical home use. Learning to' cook, to plan meals, to set a table, to sew a straight seam; is a course re- quring the cooperative encouragement of teachers and m o t h e r. The training starts early in many schools. I have listened while my young know-it-alls . spout information about why vegetables are good for you, what is a good br.eak- '{Goodness for your family!" LAYAWAY OCTOBEfR 31 7:30 TO 9:00 P.M. KGNC-TV CHANNEL 4 fast, and the need for ajquart of milk a. day. ; But to eat what they preach? Hororrsl If left to them,- breakfast would be sweet rolls and p a n- cakes, vegetables would be abolished; milk would be flavored with ice cream and chocolate only. Sooner or later, the teacher begins to register and they do pay more than lip service to good nutrition. .That's the time to en To Club courage a dinner menu planned, shopped for and partly cooked by tho future homemaker. In many homes like ours, the children are taught to set the table eRfly in the game. But family dinner service is not always as dressy as the textbooks would have' it. The comparison will be pointed out to you with some dis- jdain. Just to reassure her that you know the difference' between paper and linen napkins, have'her set a; textbook-perfect table next time she has a pal staying for supper. , I Although I'm convinced t h a t really" good home sewers are born arid not made, ' even the poorest can improve with 'practice. If. mother can'sew; it doesn't follow that daughter will inherit the talent. But if you are so gifted, a gooi way ;of interesting a diffideni daughter in the exciting e.xperi ence of sewing is to plan a mother-and-daughter sewing project. Jessie ..Hutton, educational director! for a sewing machine company, tells me that such projects can' be rewarding and build enthusiasm for future work with dresses for their wardrobes, but horn e furnishings projects are also successful, Jessie snys. As one example, she cites a homemaker who mnde beautiful Iraperies for her dining room and supervised her' 'daughter's sewing of a complementary round nblecloth, banded in the accent colors of the curtains. In this colonial dining room, he • crisp • glosheen curtains, pat- :erned with colonial antiques, were of soft beige and rich brown with accents of bright aqua and coral, • The easy-to-mnke circular tablecloth, stitched up by the daughter,' is of the soft beige shade in the same fabric. Flat b' trimmings in aqua and coral are stitched around the edge. I Southwestern Bel 1 Auxiliary met recently in the home of Mrs. Charles Hollaway with Mrs. J.E. McCann, president Mn charge of the business meeting. It was approved thai the club year would be from June to June with the present officers assuming their duties until June 1962, Club projects were shelved for discussion at a later meeting. Plans for a Halloween party were cancelled with a future par : ty to be planned .later. Mrs. Fred Martin was elected Civil Defense repesentative. Mrs. L. R, Lockett was welcomed. as a new member! Door prize was won by Mrs. Fred Martin. needle and thread. Most of the little girls I know would prefer that such a project be one th'at would end with new LITTLE L.IZ son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Billy | Refreshments were served dur- •Uctric POPPiR Thurman and an aunt, Mrs. Otha Miller of San Antonio, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Britten, Miss Noveta Minard, Mrs. Art Hulsey, and Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Oakley, all of Amarillo, and Mr. and Mrs. Laddie Kotara of White Deer. Read the News Classified Ads ing the social hour by the hostess, Members attending, in addition to those previously mentioned, were Mmes, J. A. Turner, E. B. Jackson, B, J. Stephens, R. E. French, Betty Yeager, N. Dittrich. Mrs. Ralph Day will be hostess for the next meeting on Nov. 16. Ulhl B£flD f LECTRIC BiAN POT CeramU p»f and <ov«r Nothing quit* nxjttk** tfa* flavor of bok*d b«aft» mad* th» o\d way . . , b> Wwt eoa Pot Low-h«ol iimm«r-bok«» t«oi>» i» t(tf 8 lai«4 c«fom!< pot- E*«*ll*»t (or cooking wr»o» op4 dried Pppcorn fw eny family oc«»k»f>l So «osy to uto; no stirring or SATURDAY smart new ^•^•••i dress flats One group of Dress Flats in black suede and black leather. 3 styles to choose from — all this season's Flats. Values to 8.95 sport-loafers | One group of genuine hand-sewn Loafers by Connie. In black leather, black suede, gold suede, brown suede. Reg. 8.95 Come in early Saturday morning for the best selections and more complete sizes Service stations collect state, federal and city taxes and sell gasoline as a sideline. Metanet Plans! ' Glub Project Mrs, J. C. Longon was basics, or an all • day Quilling Bee o he Metanet Quilting Club in he lome south of the city, During a business meeting, con- luctcd by Mrs, George Phillips, plans were made to visit a needy family the club plans to help. . Door Prize was won by Mrs. Forrest Cloyd. A-covered • dish luncheon wns served during the noon, hour by he hostess Mrs. Ethil Robinson. It was announced that the next meeting; will be with Mrs. J. B. Jones, 1018 S. Hobart on Nov. 3 at 9:3.0 a.m. Members attending, in addition, to those previously mentioned were Mmes. Margie Hnsuman, Earl O'Neal, George Hamlin, J. B. Jones. Wayne Phillips and J, T, Lamberson, RUTHMILLETT Just came across a test that is supposed to show the reader whether or not he has a sense o humor. I didn't bother taking i and I doubt that many reader will, for the simple reason tha everyone is sure that HE has a sense of humor. The other quality we all are sure ,ve' possess is good last*. All the time you hear people low- •ating themselves for lacking his skill or that talent or quality. We will admit to not being able o draw a straight line, to being n pqor story teller, to behing shy, to jeing scared to death to make a speech — and so on. All those Imitations we can recognize in ourselves — and feel no shame at admitting them to others. But did you ever hear anyone say, "You know, I am completely lacking in a sense of humor"? I'll bet you never havo — just ns you have probably never heard anyone say "I simply have no taste," And yet there nre plenty of people who lack one or the other of those qualities. Think of nil t h e dull people who never make a funny remark, never see the funny side of a situation, never are able to laugh at themselves, Yel all these humorless people are election of their wives and hu$- ands. Before a marriage was olemn.ired, the bride's parents iad assured themselves of the ridegroom's character, his finan* cial ability to maintain a wife and children The bridegroom's parents had assured themselves of the girl's wifely qualifications. As well as possible the future of the homa about to be made had been pro* tected by adults who understood the problems of maintaining one. Under those circumstances, th« bride's parents naturally expressed their content with its promising beginning by releasing money for weddng feasts and other cele* brations. But in America young people, feel entitled to marry without in*' terest In our approval. Parent* concerned with the financial stability of the home about to be mado nre comic figures to them. So wo do not always feel.content to spend money for big wedding festivities. Under such situations, I do not think that the money should b« released. Big, begrudged wedding celebrations arts cruel to everyone involved. Have you ever attended a wedding that wasn't wanted? It's pain* ful. There's the church canopy^ the white ribbons, the organ muC sic, the flowers — but the faces" of the young people's parents re-' turning c'own the aisle are cold, as stone or ,flushed with strdUC There are confetti and congratu-; lations - but in the church lobby- he families of the bride and groom do not greet each other. Getting married without parental goj',1 will is a lonely and difficult enterprise for young peoplo. Their insistence on making it into a big production is a, folly that kindness to them will not indulge. I hope your sister stands firm on her refusal. convinced they do,have «, sense o humor. And, think of all the people who spend good money for things that •arc in atrocious tnste ; — who love the ugly rather Ihhn 1 . the'beautiful, who Was given a choice between something beautiful in its simplicity or something gunked up until it is an eyesore will choose the fnncied-up thing every time. Still these people never question their own taste. They KNOW their taste is good. But maybe that's all right. With all tho doubts we have about ourselves mnybe it is a good thing that we all KNOW we have two things — good taste and a sense of humor. Open 6:45 • Now Sat. OUTDOOR AS YOU UKK IT! INK STAINS GO Canned tomato juice will help remove ink stains from , linen and cottons. Soak the stain in the juice for about 10 or 15 minutes, rinse and wash as usual. IS YOUR HEATING SYSTEM SICK? WE CAN CURE IT CALL US FOR THE MOST EFFICIENT AND PROMPT SERVICE H. GUY KERBOW CO D "" <•'»' pop* more p<?p«om. yo fyll qvarh in o^oyt fere mfe* LEWIS HARDWARE CO. 31S-17 % Cuyler Stort ©pen» at ROCK HUDSON KIRK DOUGLAS "THE LAST SUNSET' DOROTHY MALONE JOSEPH COlK i;iii>|i»ul Illilli Also Cartoon & News new collarless cardigan cotton two-piecer in brisk fall shades a.m. All |gle5 Pi J09 W. MO 9-9291 II 98 borne on the fresh, new winds of fashion ... jo h*rdin'i »m»rt two-piecv of automatic wash - and - wear cotton with t filken finish, neckline, front closure and- sleeves are trimmed with tiny rows of stitching: wide swirling skirt has soft unpressed pleats and a self belt, rouge, rust, green of teal. «izes $ to 15. Open B:45 Today • 12:45 Sat. —NOW-SAT.— 2 Action Features! AT; 7;4&—Sat. 1:27 4:43 7:59 BARDOT TEE PIRATE or TE AT: 6:40 9:28— Sat 2:51, 6:07 9:23 niightiest man on mail orders please state second color choice; add 24c state tax and 35c postage and insurance. Open 1:45 Toduy t 12:45 Sat. —NOW SAT— 0/6 THIS DEAL! Kre« record of Jimmy ton sifiisiiH! the tifl* sorigr to the first i'.'U teen-agers ' CARTOON * NEWS

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