The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 6, 1962 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1962
Page 10
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18 editorial— Adv.— BE 3-3*11— Classtflwt— BI 3-2*11 THI BRAZOSPORT PACTS 8RA70SPORT AND I»A*ORIA COUNTY, TtXAS, THURS., StPttMBIR «, If*? Police Report Court House Records MARRt.UiR MCKNRKS Gcrrv \\n\-nt Butler flnrt Mus !*>!• Ann ttporgp Rat) and Mm Jo Ann! RHvood R HAH wnffum " """' """ Wl " P " m "" ' A tttfdent of the 1500 Block of'.ionr -West Fourth in Freeport told po-! iU i" n ' Hce Monday night lhat several;' rnnrieTEdward wiiiiatni and youths in a bron/ecoloivd station ! A "" oh *(! t 7 W funp Rinvhririd and wagon had thrown bottles into the'NO™™ ixm RochPMpr Street, breaking item. urcIJTii."" 10 ' R<v " <l Ml " Officers slated that the vehicle Mn<* Kdwm-ri Hnncrr and ; was Ron* when they arrived, but j ^ v . llmrr nink!IplllM ,„„ Ml they obtained its license number, sarpt BPIH ct in*sen IP* i Donald ]** OilJison and Mi<s< : F«y Brooke The theft Of IWO bicycles WHS re— Thomas Rodney .Johnson am ported to Freeport police Monday : °Vam? ol> w n'V* wi'ik* « d M BiRht by Mrs. E. J. Tribble of 1206; sho RPR,™ coonrr West Fourth who said the 26 inchi |v ^°; ^y 0 " '•"<"«• « nd Ml " (rirl's blue bike and 26 inch boy's: ' uov<i A! Mitrhnm Jr. and MH red bik« were last seen about 5:15 N Roi,p?i' b ^!op Rn Mii P tina and MIM p.m. ;LT William Ritfn* Von TVM* and M r i. «nd MIM l>ni- Klmrr Hill «t^d Mrs. Lnura Poll"' rail Pniit*iPrman and Miss Kay i Rarncr Port Sionp- and Mrs, Irta RHP Oivmhy \ViUmrn rurh* *> .Minn Hi\<m >n!d Rflrn Mairwd flnd Mi«n Talrir I'd Jowpfi Fraiirin and F.MnahMti t>i t-re sirpriman and Mlw J*ntc*j • Wftnfn j Martn R*mir« and Mt«* ff<t|Miri)nn Kddi* jfttnfR Wrrlt* infl Mif. Mary Ml siitffr and Mite Tairir- Pmith and Minn T**iric* • n d M!<« Z i,"""' Kdknrr mid M l.vnn ntlffrn .hispph Cliarlcs Oprtnidc OrorKm Mar Unl bplh VHasro " i Rrorjif Atirn Kili'hrne and Mi* i Roy Rtmer HIM and Mf*. 1*nr» Bellr j Iry BPvnicp dark i.r wiihnm Krtl Jr. »nd Mrs. Birdir, Mn^" 1 ,^' 11 ^ "°" 1TI " R(1 Ml< t>itiii HrrTwrl Kay and Mr*. Rnrh < Brtl Rpllaul iW Hlllv Ray Allfn and MIM old riiflp Mttlrr and MIM nnrotliy :.Tohn-on *rt it.x-rrds" . .irt<to naivfa ranBla* Jr. - Rprd Mfddmt ftnt! Misx Carroll :M«ry »p|tn Cm* Muimt i Ann Ptl Alan Rov rhmipj parfnw A Sandra I 1 *" 1 Q' 1 "" : Kirov William Krrsh Jr. and Mr». (larai OonHhy Mm if Pi-tnilli 1 iara w.vr Atvin V RlrhardsAn «nd MIM Shir- -Ixirrnr Pchttwdrr ttc Mnlnnp Scliapffrr arid MIM Linda , (7ronrr Kdwnrd Hoint Jp. and MIM ; Ruth t ! Raymond f.ynn Hunt and MIM TiiiillnaU-trvf Minn | Patricia };on>nrk j -,t\n n Rnhfrt TTawlhofn* tnd Mni[sti** At b ft rift f 1 Oorrton Alhn! rollfnn and Mil. Judith MlflijCttiyi smimuni Unnovan Hntrl* Irving and MlM llclty ilp omnn tnd Virmn I^*» tVHI!«m« t.fnrrtjn »nrt tf*\* Jjff Witty iBmin .Indp WrniWrl)- li/ld Mill rln M«tv rt^rhllk lHn Noitl^ Minrftl unfl Ml« V«f. WltltciB KxIlrv Wilder NnA Mrf. HIM- HPinlrc «',ihnm I'« lfnr\tr If* Krnnrih Waynp Pantrts itnd Mi«« Pf>H*|Unda Kay RpradlPy JoRn rarsraddpti .lamps Mnnon <*oUon and MIM Mntaa- Pt Sniannr Johson N'pdorn rnnway Mnns and Miss Sandra A Frepport woman, Freddy Lois Week* of 1816 Avenue S, was re- !lj ? ^"H . u t M % . , _..., , , , , Jamps rhnslophpr Smith and Miss leased on $25 bond after her a r- Bonny jun* Line rest by Freeport police about 9 ™ Robprl •"*"«« «««» «"• Mnvme „: . . ! Audrey William p.m. Tuesday on a warrant charg- j ing her with abusive language. Sn Two women involved in a fight \y f \\ in front of a tavern in the 600; rhari" nn^d un\rnpon *-t i • nf * T-- i • T-. i.! f"' v 'Plyn Rospmar*- Logpnr Block of West First in Freoport! - nbout 7:15 p.m. Tuesday were; placed in City Jail. | that i I White and Ix>i* Mari* Ponatd Gerald Wilson and MIM Rohbjp nd Miis Howard .Tr. and Mrs. Rrbwv* •arr Bennie TraBRrr Alien TIT and Mi si re-hard Jr. and Minn Vir- re Pamain nnd Mis* Maiy and Pon* Freeport police reported Lora Maxine Maiden, 24. of 1110i tor j* U^-nn r West Second, and Christine Mark-'oinr^uuli! er, 28, Of 519 West Brazos Were Murray Vincrnt Mont«om*ry Jr. on the ground, fighting and pull-i M Hp r hJri ing each other's hair when the of-- ! Dereth« ficers answered a disturbance 'g^?™ 5 ' Tnomfl ' Kot>ert ' i * nd Mr? Kllh - oall. The women were separated Thomas M<rhaei o.«ada>- and M;IJ and taken to the Police Station; R ^J[[* •g^ d "*2Jf nrW|>0 snd V(W NlMcm where th« charges were filed. Alicia c.aona Donald Kioth Hynds and M*«s Yvelte Es , f]tp Blj(ckwe|I Tlie Bra7ona Bounty Sheriff's Raymond Silua Jr. and MIM Rita Go- Departffifint Issued a message to, 01 ^ G!fnn JonM ^ MIM FMrpfl local !a\\' cniurt-emcnt agencies Lnvemc Hurr>' •about noon Tuesday ™nceming! Ancnh "^ noliv " """ """ *"" r " ml 'the robbery of the Jack Tar Motel; BobV nean H-xiuc! « r d Mm o»r« ,in Galveston in which S10.000-! B tJ!'.Z' I ; siJ ' on . , „. nnn . . , , n ' tt'lliam Huah*l Hickmnn Jr. uni! Mtss ?11.000 was taken about x a. m. Gion« Jr«n roi!«rrt The bandit Is thought to he «, : M J^'MccuUfv™ 1 '' *""" ""* "'" J °"" 'Negro man about five feet. 11 in-!" Pomid mrrtit H«rn< «nd Mr«. ritrritr f *.*••• V.UIS «« I a felt hat, tan short-sleeved shirt! LJ PUfCnCISQS and green duck trousers. The man ; wore a stocking over his face and I) used a dull-colored revolver in!-*' robbing the office of the motel ! The lower of two bids submitted .auditor, the message stated. :on purchase of two new 1963 model - I cars for the Police Dept. was ac- A theft of a 12 volt Delco bat-jcepted this week by the Lake tery, 10-12 gallons of gasoline and: Jackson City Council. gasoline tank cap was reported to I Successful bidder was Angleton Freeport police by E. F,. Harry -Motor Co. with a bid of $2.049.92. of 1202 West Seventh about 11 a.m. : with delivery' promised within £> .Tuesday. days. Fred daiborne Ford bid • The theft occurred at a ramp j was $2,334 but did carry an ear,on the new Brazos River near the'lier delivery date. Two rars will *e\vage disposal plant, Harry told; be traded in on the new ones. officers. The Brazora County SheriH's Department is Investigating a report that a propeller and prop nut were stolen from a Mark 58 Mer- eujfy motor at the Sur/side Marina, sometime between 5 p.m. Saturday and daylight, Sunday, j The report came from \V. J. Binion, who said the motor belongs to James H. Lane of. Lake Jackson. NOW THROUGH FRI. Wait Disney's "BON VOYAGE" Also under Investigation hy the SheriH's Department is the break- ins and entering of the Briney Breeze on SunUide Beach. Report that lomeone had entered the building came from Bill Perry about 10:45 a.m., Sunday. Deputy Robert Gladney of the Investigation Department was assigned to tht cas«. Civil Cases Set Record An even 100 new civil «uits were filed in the Brazona County District Clerk's office during august, to set « record hiah. except for periods when a number tax suits were filed. District Clerk Mrs. Jimmie P. Higgins said that of the 100 new suits filed, 33 are jury cases. Only six of those filed durin? Au- ' gust were tax suits, she said., Although thp Angii.'-i total rk*?* '• net-a new record for her office, ', it it indicative of » steady increase in the work load, especial-! ly during the past three years, >ht said. SI.25 PER CAR LOAD WID. t THURS. ONIY KIRK DOUGLAS TOWN WITHOUT PITY —plus— "THE TALL TEXAN- LEE J. COII "NOW I-HOWIIM THURS. NITE SEPT. i ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY—9:30 P.M. Some religious ceremonies among the Australian aborigines are so sacred that people are not allowed even to whisper while they are going on. Participants communicate in sign language. so JCARY - WE DARE YOU TO Sit THOU tT ALL/ IF YOU DO- I THE PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT OF Tom Garrett's Pharmacy Formerly Located On Cut Off Road Is Now Open For Business In Their New Location In The New BRAZOSPORT VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER ON LOOP ROAD NEXT TO THE NEW WEINER'S STORE raaiacter of Our New Store Will I. Mo»<f Aid Op« For liui»u Wit-kin Tk« N«t Few oy«- John Wlllliim Multhv unit Mm RUty Fr«ttv H*nrf HrifM Rxrl l>unn«m GOOD/YEAR SPORTIN& GOODS HOME APPLIANCES • BACK TO SCHOOL BUYS • EASY BUDOET TERMS GENERAL ELECTRIC Filter-Flo WASHER • 2 WASH CYCLE • 1 SPEED • 1Z-LB. CLOTHES CAPACITY SPECIAL LOW PRICE W/T WA 430W PAY ONLY $2.25 WEEKLY GENERAL ELECTRIC 23" CONSOLE TV 22" 'Rotomcrtic 1 Mower Pay M you mew Easy Budget Term* $. 00 • Fomow ft-ij "Daylight Blue" Netan , .. *rm tba&r, brighttr picture wM wfctMr wHtw, nWpw Conrro?f • NEW HY-TOWm. "MW" CHASSIS WITH POWER TRANSFORMER W/T PAY ONLY S2.2S WEEKLY Pow.rtJ by J'A H.P. Uulon !n. fin> or trigql i StriHon Enj ; nt with R.eoll St.rttr. Undtr*. ' 6 TRANSISTORS INCLUDES EARPHONE AND BATTERIES ^Valiant" Portable Radio Ploys on Economical FlalhDght BatHriM 99 Modern table model- portable followi you everywhere! Has a 4" speaker, built-in antenna, eaey-to-read tunine dial. Mapefjc 2-Cel Flashlight Rtf. value 1.49 With Coupon $138 Frees both hands tor «1M job you're doing. Pre/ocuaed bulb wfth aluminized reflector, unbreakable tow tad |»mrx*<" | COMPIET€ SCT *v WITH INSTRUCTIONS Badminton Buy l«K(ud*t Everything You Nmtd for Ptor $398 Shuttlecocia, 4 nrbbef- grip rackets, cotton net, metal net potei, stake*, Morag« carton, gxwU eand and rratruction*. , 'HEW $-T' WHTH TOf Croodyeor^s •new long- mikagc synUietic that gives the "42" nemarfcaMa Plui t*« onA 0n !«• cK t«* TUBELESS Only $2 More IftAZARO GUARANTEE r «..nwf «o«orcM Mm mn •fit CU««INTCCO: l.AJiinst Km* n*l harardt — i.e^ Mowouta, fib* He breaks, rail — meet repair* «M« punctures. Limited to Original owner tor number of months spec*. fieri. 2. Against any defects In work* naitship and mattritl without limit tk« dealer (over 60.000 hi all 50 slates) will, at Goodreai'i option, fcpair tire without charge, or make allowance on new tire based en ttifinal tread depth lenuiniof a>4 10 "MOHEY DOWH GOOD FREE MOUNTING EAR • IMDI Of* ftOOOYtAR THrtS THAN ON ANY OTHER KINO * * USED TIRES * SIZE UP SIZE UP *, ft. CAPACITY I Coppertone Color *|F>X • W W/T HOT BUYS '-fa ifatkKng mw, i SHl*« '« 14mm. VVIMiM« n4'4 w*4> «N>*ct*y o««4i wrt* door, MMr>| u«t unu bloitar, loomj »ll poi MANOIME Hltt BMW EEMWB U>«t S 139 95 with trod* Light and Clock Assembly Extra GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORE S2«2 W. 2nd — STORE HOURS — 8 A TUT „ *,, ^^ m ^ ••• STORE HOURS - 8 A.M. - 8 p. M . — FREE PARKING - FREEPORT

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