Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 22, 1937 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 8
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ttBB PAMPA MlL* THUftBDAY EVENING, APML FINANCUL WHIRLIGIG ijiiSrter corporate financial „ a#fe fts good as or better , had been generally antici- Sul banking circles wonder Second quarter reports will as favorable reading. There's In the alf. j's the reason. Very few or- tions break, up tne sources af^fevenues. That'* why It isn't Known whether inventory profits "" accepted on high commodity material prices, if so this is SHiifecurring Income "the com~ " y declines started after the quattdf fepoits weie prepai- .. Competition car manufacturers are ilainirig."; They say that where$200 tper car profit is a fair = in It jan as low as $50 late 'year, Since then It jumped to per car. e Jo* net is due to Bethle' Steel's intensive campaign 10 C\lt' into the field. Trade insiders s^y that not until Bethlem's shops affe workjn'g at capacity will the per car profit margin leach normal leVels. Ingersoll-Band adequately measures Indicated earnings power. . . Vus to cost increases Pittsburgh Plate Glass sales show better gains thaii profits, .National Steel's second quarter net will surpass that of first quarter because oid pi ice contracts are being cleared . Long- pUll Intel ests have speculative hopes for American Commercial Alcohol .Patkaid RTptoi piodufiins (580 cars daily—first quarter output was 35,315 units Seaboard Oil's 1937 net .Will equal the $2 a share ;-e- pcrted Inst year. . . American Car & Foundry will enter its fiscal year —May 1—with largest volume of unfilled business in years. Long and I$nds Contrary tp tipster reports Cros- 16? 'Radio's new plant will be \ised td manufacture refrlgeratois and not lelevisio^n receiving sets. . . Solvay 'Process— Allied ' Chemical sub- slfliary— will build a chlorine plant at>?'Baton Rouge, La., adjoining its alkaji plant. . . General Electric has 'a new 100 watt bulb which gives off almost as much light as aSQO watt bulb. . . Over in Hawaii Eastman Kodak arranges special hdlii' dance performances so that tourists can use lots of film taking pfctiures. . . American Can now prbduces 2,000,000 paper containers dally. . . Through a subsidiary The Outlet Company — department store — towhs the outstanding New England" radip j broadcasting station WjfAR. '•'. ; McKesson Robbing now dffWln'g "a new aspirin— "RX-99". . "jt"° Unless world stabilization is effected the United States will be thfe'^bnly country able to mint ?old ciirre'ncy— Uncle Sam is the world's largest buyer of newly mined gold — he' in turn reburies it in vaults af'Port Knox. -K'l _ Dividend According to an official source Shell Union Oil will show a net of about 15 cents a share for the first quarter. It will compare with only nihe'cents a share for the like per- lod'last year, It was further stated that because of-'the. imprpVed oil outlook dividend 5 action is a possibility. First payment will be made some time during the summer months. !< Drive A statistical check-up of 22 deportment store financial reports discloses that while sales last year Increased .10.6 per cent profits jutriped 85.9 per cent over a year agb:'But the picture has changed ^sirice. the turn of the year. • | ^Salaries 'and wages being paid | are^nigher. Working hours are be( ing 'reduced which enlarges the • wdfklng forces. Sold-out lines are i being replaced at higher costs. ; Retail sales executives say that • wriJle 1 sales volume is larger the in• • creased operating costs offset the I prdfits. That's why promotional i, campaigns are being intensified. i From now on it will be a case of \ "drftlng for larger dollar volume I rather than profit volume. range 1937 earnings estimate: McCall Corp will show above $2.75 a share. Lehman Corp stockholders will vote on May 14 to split shares on a three for one basis—will be a stock .split and not a slock melon. United Air Lines preferred by those who like air transportation equities. . . Jones & Laughlin's first quarter net estimated at. $1.80 a Share against previous "bull' '\sti- raclng got a break as a consequence of the San Jacinto holiday falling on Wednesday. Veteran observers of legislative proceedings cite evidence that the present Howe is showing more liberal tendencies in regard to appropriations tlian preceding bodies of rep- resehtaiiives. A bill appropriating nearly $1:25,000, more for 1937 sum^ schools at state institutions than was ailoted last summer was passed without an amendment being offered. The ijouse recently approved an emergency $75,000' appropriation to the prison system without the amount being mentioned on the floor. Lawmakers favoring President Roosevelt's bill to provide for retirement of Supreme Court justices at 70 point out that the state legislature is setting a like retirement age for teachers in the enabling act for a teachers' pension system. They also cite sentiment among some members of the legislature for keeping the state pardon board personnel fairly young. mates of $2 General American Transportation booked solid until parly October—netted Si a share for first quarter. . . Texas Gulf Producing's first quarter net was 25 cents a share. . Caterpillar Tractor's March sales best in company's history ings continue And. that if book- as they are United States Steel's second quarter earnings will be best since advent of the depression. In Union War Slaying Plot On Capitol Hill CARLOADINGS - Despite labor disturbances in in- duitrtal centers freight loadings this ;! year are well ahead of last year. Rail executives say that with 'the labor problem out of the way traific will expand so that it will exceed the high levels of 1931. Based on the belief that most labor difficulties sweeping the in- dustrlal world will be eased ciur- Ing- the summer months, the fall peak is expected to run close to 900,000 cars. If business is a bit better than normal the weekly loadings will pass that figure. LARD Cold storage holdings of lard are currently some 80,000,000 pounds ab6ve that of last year. This is attributed to the heavy marketing of hogs'.. Farmers are reported, selling because of the unfavorable feeding conditions. Such selling is ex- peoted (o.. continue into June. But should this year's corn crop be as large as. anticipated feeding costs will decline and farmers will hold hog stocks for breeding purposes. Until then, however, commodity traders look for lower lard prices. By HARRELL E. LEE AUSTIN. April 22 (/Pi—The one vote the margin by which the Senate returned to committe a House bill containing a horse race repeal amendment, may have been the deciding factor in keeping racing legal in Texas for two more years. Many "ifs" are attached, however. It still is possible a repeal bill will be passed before the end of the current session, and if not, the governor may submit it at a special session. The motion to recommit prevailed. 15 to 14. with one pair. If it had not. however, something else might have stopped the bill. Many believed Senator Frank Rawlings of Fort Worth, .leader of the anti-repeal forces in the Senate, was armed with one or more points of order against it.. H.n- bert W. Calvert, speaker of the House, said he would have ruled out the repeal amendment on grounds it was not germane. That would have thrown the bill into conference committee with no certainty what would have happened. It would be unwise for friends of racing under the pari-mutuel system of betting to consider the repeal proposal dead as long as two Wednesdays and Thursdays remain in the session. The bill has been passed by the House and received a favorable report from Senate committee. From a 'procedural standpoint it is in far better position than any of the tax bills approved by the House, as these proposals were held up in Senate committee. The House thinks there is a chance of the Senate acting on controversial bills it passes within the next two weeks. . The repeal bill can come up in its regular order only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. A recent Wednesday and Thursday were consumed in debate on a constitutional amendment regarding taxation. Advocates of Larkin Baker. curle.y-liaired coal miner, was unconcerned, above, as he told members of the Senate Civil Liberties Committee that he acted tor the chief deputy sheriff of Harlan county, Ky., in hiring n man to dynamite Union Organizer Lawrence Dwyer. Part ot the labor strife in the Harlan coal fields, tin murder attemQt failed M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loans Short and Long Term* REFINANCING Small and Large 604 Combs-Worley Bldf. Phone 336 Exclusive tlenlers for Royfll Typewriters. Expert repnir service on all office machines. Service on all makea of safes—combination change:*, etc. Pampa Office Supply Phone 288 REPORTS ARE THAT: Based on current output Texas Gulf Sulphur interests donJt fear planned" yexas sulphur tax because Jt wijl only amount to about eight cents-a share. . . At current levels University Leader HORIZONTAL I, 6 President of Yale University. 11 Light iwagon. 12 Immature insect. 13 Ireland. 14 Devours. 16 Lair. 18 To load. 19 You and me. 20 Neuter pronoun. 21 Box. 22 He specialized in 26 And. Answer to Previous Puzzle AMBULANCE Phone 38 Instrument. 39 Mire. 27 God'of beauty 40 Form of "a." 29 House cats. 41 Southeast. 30 Fabulous bird 42 Coarse hairs.. 44 Hog. 45 Spike. 46 Organ of hearing. 47 Insane. 35 Murmurs as a 48 He is not an cat. of Yale. 36 Cavjty. 49 He -—from 10 Tardy. 37 Thing. office-this 13 He is one of 31 Wigwam. 32 Moors. 33 To hurry onward. 34 Is in debt. June. 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MY EMTIRE TT'OLJP'E OP lALL THE ^LEUTH- HOUMPS/ IT TAKES A T>O<a TO CAT<:H A OUT OUR WAY By Williarai BORN THIETY YE ACS TOO SOON. THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE Bag & Baggage By E, C. SEGAK y vlE'RE HOT RUNWHG FREE FLOP HOU5E_ HER BROTHER Hf^N'T PWQ VVcR ROOM RWT FOR THREE IQEEK'b- &0 THROUJ HER r (XUE YOU GONNP^ PW VOOR BROTHER 5UR5LN UMLL COME BftCK PAV IT HOVJ POOR UtTUB SHt'S ft'b INUBRCENT^ f^N 1 SVOEET INnNK- ..!,'.. i. A.,.?jg^av. V^Lj-J fMN'T RONH1N' ROOMIK HOUSE ALLEY OOP Fur Coat Country By HAMLIN DIMMV.PIPJUHEVER EI£D A5SOC OF CEMV LOOXIM WHATEVER IT WA5, I7'3 SCAUeDOF FIRE AMD, THAT BE/M'TH' CASE,FIRE 15 GOMMA BE. 5UMPIW WE'LL HAVE LOT 5 C SUCH A WEIRD ASSOETMENT BUT THEV MUSTN'T BE A5 LOOK.' THEV'RE ALL PEE FORCOLl WEA1HE Three Good Pals WASH TUBES OH, BUT ~L . WANT WU BCHS SURE, WE KNCWI WE AFTER THE WAY HOLLY RUN OFF AN LEFT ME, THER.E AINT MOBUDPY ON EARTH WHO'D UNNEESTAMP — EXCEPT MOMMEE. W£LL, I &UES5 ME AN' BOW WOW ARE \ OBOVf HOW'LL SQUARE. I NOT ONLV SOT \\\S CLOTHES,] WE BUT THE HUNNERT BUCKS HE OWED ME FEfSTHE Fl&HT YA, LULU /SEE..I WANT BELLE. /V6 TO M£E MYRA NORTH. SPECIAL NURSE The Captain Is Suspicious By THOMPSON AND COLU JjROW THE1C HIPIMG PL.ACB IM BACK. OF SOME BALES.THE FLianiVES WA.TCH IM ALARM, A5 POZEM5 OF WQUJJDED SOLPIEBS ARE ' AS. MVOA SPRIMQS FOUW3.CD TO J&. ASLilSl 7HE WOUMDEO CAP- 1AIM, HE GATES FIXEDLYAT AMTOM BREESE. WEIZE FROM ^HE HOSPITAL CORPS...WELL, GLAOLV HELP VOUU MEN WHY PO YOU SAV THAT COJAEADE; CAU IT BE VOL) FEAR AEKEST? MO, MO, CA?TAIIO... JACK.! WE MUST 150 SOMETHIMG. THOSE POOR MEM IS IT POSSIBLE THAT YOUn COMRADE IS THE CLAW BUT, MYIZA.-WE CAM'T AFFORD TO SHOW OUE SELVES.' 'HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS He Knows the Gang By BLOSSER MOV/ IS EVERYTHIWG CLEAR, AWD HAS EVERVOWE THE RIGHT SCRIPTS, WITH ALL THE CUES MAPKED ~? WE HAVE TO GET OW REHEAF5SALS SOOKI ! I HAVE A GJUESTIOSI -TO ASK • DO I STAND STILL WHEW I SPEAK -IHE LIWES : IT IS WITH HOLLOW MOCKERY I FLIWG MY GAUWTLET J AMD TUBW /7iiir23Sl!S ^^~ IF You JUMP AF*OUHD_, YOU'LL PiUIW THE LIWES !! OKAY, BUT IF STILl. WHESI I LINES LIKE THAT BE MAKIWQ AVVFUL TAP5GET Y:,S* ,TWtRt-=> ViO SUCH -> vAx^s-t of A.O VTS TOO MOC.n«<O«. , BOSS O0»'\ TO fsSVi V\t TOR. " °*Let us^Jv'ice your car regularly! We'll take a p.ersoual interest in the welfare of you,- car wjid do ouv be^ at ll tnies to see that it gives you "top" performance!.

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