The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 28, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1897
Page 2
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' •' I J' THE DAILY 'CHttQMCLB. st th« Mflfdhftl), Mich., poatofftce or tiwn*port«Mon through the maltn at seronrt V felt MM OP 1 6UBSCltU"tIO*l: ttftllf . 10, e*wr* pt)r w«*k. ' Waived at tbft dftH» of « - 3, fa M08K& 1'uMtenW. mMo&t At - ' 4' ')?!• ^^* :* & ^ f > * ', * -,'LiX..., .. , fiftltlttwrf*. S*pt. 28yOui«de Of B Hb- ths .rorjtlT!jSK°trt- nf ftritSiut Boston: "foot* erp?' ^wh^jK^ro irjaklrig nnerrylsat^ th* £ttCaw Mcuse? thefe was no .Joy 1ft Bal Wor^ lorn- high*. «rt»tofi took tfre "rub- tfer" (h th? crucial eer'tea, Is ahead irt the flpht tor the pennant, ana t^ere se«r i»tJe- ffotia'Mllty mat t «*f sav* U. ,HofY«r> the the.' "kduth-pa'vC' arid £r>f>iett> all went "(So^frft like ripe grain in a hurric*n« .befdre th«s terrlfto onslaii*bt of Boston's batters.* until whSt seemed at first urte A**IC- tory tor ih^hctne t<«m _^tts finally turned into * root, tk« like of <vH)ch nan **l<Jorrt been wittiec^d on a bsll Held. Itfdr^c than 28,060 peoi<te ftaw It don*, and tfcey wltne«0fd llie downfall of tKelt favorites with perfect tfood humor, jtatfi 1 the vlrfor* and rheerlng at th? flttl*h. o; Sd>pk 2S-— league records yea- At BfHtlTnore-*'Boston la, . IU: at New York— Washtngf- ton & NPW "ftorft 3: at Plitsburtr—Chl- cagu 4. F-fttJ-burK «: at St I^ouis— Clnci- - aitl *, St. Louis 5. a 'rro|Kwinl. Spring Valley. Ilia.. Sept. 28.— The mlli- *rsln mnss-mmtrig yt?Btefaay rejected the ptop<H9ition- of S, M. imizell the general manager of the Spring Valtey OJal company. Hf aprepfl to pay the Sprins- fteld scale for company work, "an4 jvould pay for dl|t«JnK coal the scale to be adopted by the majority, of the operators of the northern Illinois field. The outlook Is gloothlrr than ever-' for the resumption of minim, ' - SB|«|«w«HH». flare i>row«i«-<l. Shehoyg«|n, '\v"is., Sept. ' 28.— M ii thought that Ethnsml Murphy, captain of the scow Pprtpht.AvhJch.went'ashorp "between Manltowc-ic and this city during the heavy jralc of Friday night last, wa$ washtnl overboard and drowned., Murp*iy lived at Stur^on Bay, but' nothing 1 has heen heard of htm there. The Scow is almost a total wreck, .Shock of F.«rtl»|«t»kf in Ole-rnt>?a, Wash., Sept. 28.~A 'slight shoc'k of earthquake xvan felt here yf>s- 'tPMlay_rnornif»ff at 1:30 o'clor/kv The vl- bratidns"~w'en, of sufHrlfnt 'force to ajtaken sound sleepers. No damage reported, l.ABQIC Only Ait4Tnl»nr<> I* Siiuill nn<l Hrl>B In l,«<iili>r I'l-PMf lit. rhicjmo. Sent. 28. -Kugpiie V. was tht- only (ironilnent labor leader .present at Orpheus hall when* the labor <!unv£>riUorl- called by .the conference hold at Rt, Irfiali syrne \\in>ks UIEO, was Call***! to oi:d«»r. vsh4(h wa^ dune by Delis hlm^lf. who made a conservative speechi K.;. M. Bannif.ter, of St. ^-oulB, was < hn««-n fri cliaunuiri and" W. II. Carrick, <*f I'.'fntylVrtiila,' for secretary. A dolt-'Knti- In tJve .fi'wnt rmv moved that the so. rptar\ t**mi the -call ty which this nun tlnft was th* 1 lo-punse and that the dflogatfs pri-Sf'nt mlftht then hand in thttlr. credentials, after which adjournment fur illnnt-i \v<>uld be taken- On ffas^'nildlnK.* he <taliU the convention mlKhrTS'k*-" such, action as It saw flt on .thi> civdetit1«l^ • The;pr<i|?ratiime was oarUed o«t. An Incldi nj^thuwinfc the temper of the men ocfciiiT<?<™\ lion ii d»'li>Kate rose some Ome af tc-r , t h^ •'; conchiwion of Debs' (speech and aakfd him what was his eration nf l«alii:-r hstd, svtthdrawn from the nn>v( niojij. Potis replied that "he saw. it In tho > *r*p«r«. The questioner thpn B^nHy ri'ljuk'"! th«" man from TVrre Haute fc?r placing such credtujce In the very par-tttf;* h# sri .cheerfully "roaRtt-d" on ^vcr^n-cu^iip. There wa» a rlp|»le nf laushtcr in which Pcbs* hlnir ftW joined, arid H»*'ti Ii was all a "closed incident." The aftvrn<«w !»e»»lim WR« taken up with appim tag or<^eiftial» and liatenlns, " to addrestw* ,on Oi<- tn*st ways to amellarate present conditions, pele- , gate s are present from altout half the in the «rtl«Ti. _ " : •' " ••" I.ATTIMKB, ' '•f ' uf Thirty .»U Wwt a«rt gbO>be4 Will lHt>^Keiiu»rk»bJ«t Ver4l«t • GirardvlTk, Pft,, Hsnt 28.—A* the out* come of a^tua.rrol m-i-r tha i riot ocou>red h**^ *»rj mowiing iietwwn & molt, Thirty-si.x >ver* ehot stabbed, nine ofeehora will die. ' Ha^elton, Pa-^ept. 28.— 'The Jury. whlctfLnvestisate^ th« f«atbo| tl^e d«ltr»eral:»o» -"Tb»t fttt Ht^««)£*jB, highway; that they to find tfc*t .the and <x>uliS tteatb; and w« 4o , ot. ti>i* Jury, do not ; aivi «•« thf Jujry Aa further that- there -i?a» sm<-t» »tr<wig •MWteton o( *tole«e« to L. Day 4 Sou ai*rof U» withaoyotbw Elftet'feft At A masting ftf the cotnmtHU council of Marshall held at ift* city .eaty oa M»a 20tb f da r, 189?, ifie fdirdwh>i adopte«tby ttnanftnotm votfe: WHKKKA«itfe «xpT5dient for the city of Marshall pttrchaw maintain and oper- ll-'l.JJJ^~l • F 'O^TlH5Q »J» vt.ii-' ***S*HIL»•*•«•• «" »«vv/« workB Company can .be parehnscd for r imptov«in^hts thereon fte vattt* of teft tncmfflind doHatB.,are flf^bi auto 6! fifty ttewjsaftd doOttts to ft jgc&ator eottncil of feai^d city ot^fttS irom the of any <?n* ye&t, therefote be it ^feftrtJi^rfvvl^rat the! 1 &ity of do purt-ljase the trorfea ^t prt«ent in ojjetsifatt ftM improve the x flfti«; &s abjovV Rpotfified Jind for the p»r of such pMrcfiase and itnt>ro?emei»t, raiisw % lofkttititft 6tHm .of fltfty thou^ dts*lar»«tidi88ttfttbe bowHiof Hie; ttierefor, etlfeh bond* to belled ^l** dftall Water Bonds, to be dated ft* of th< date of their issno, to b»-ol th* denomi hfttrqn of ono thdusand dollnra each, to Ijear interest »t the rate oT not exceed ing Q4 per cent por annum payable 6*mi-iuinu(iHy itt the ttiorttfis of May and ivovotnber eatsh yeat and to haveeoapons for Bw.h fnteteet attached to ea«h bbndj »nd the principal thereof to m due and payable A, 1). 191? both principal and interest to be payable at, tho city of Nevfr Y0rjte;forty thousanddqllarsof said bonds to be issued upon the completion of tho purchase of the works. <md saeh portion of the r"etuainder from time to time as may be necessary upon the order of the board Laving charge of the Water workfl property. Be it further Jtemh'ed, That the proposition to raise said Btttn of fifty thousand dollar* for purpose aforesaid be submitted to a vote of theelectors of said ei'ty of MarehalUtlnt the election thereon be held in the R .« city of Marshall on Thursday the seventh day of October, 189T,. that the ballots at said election shall read as follows: "Shall the eity of Marshall raise by loan the aiim of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase and improvement of "W "System of waterworks? Yes." and "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sum of flftv thousand dollars for the ymrchase and improvement of a system of waterworks? No." That each per«jon voting for' said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot nrst mentioned and each person voting against said proposition shall designate his choice tJy~fKe~use of tho ballot lasit mentioned; That the recorder cause a copy of this resolution to* be published in at least one newspaper published in ftaid city of Marshall with a notice thereto attached that said eh*ction will be held in accordance herewith and also cause to be posted iu the proper place a copy <il this resolution with the same notice, thereto attached said election to be held at such time, by the proper persons, and the returns to be canvassed and declared as in case of general.elections. Notice is hdroliy given that an election will be held in accordance with the foregoing resolution on the seventh /Hay of October, 1897, anil, that the several polling places at said election shall be an follows: ' -, ward - Raymond fctore. Second ward- -Brewer store. Third ward Fire engine house. Fourth ward—Arbeiter hall. Dated Marshall, Mich., Sept. 20, lEnoAK H. GRANT, Mayor. EKNKST C. SAWUT, Eecorder. Astrologint. Madam Le Fevro, atitrologist.r paliniBt and clairvoyant by special request will return to this city Monday for one week, and can be'consulted on all the affairs of life and human destiny. Sittings daily 9 a. m._ toJLO £. uu at Park^house, east Slate street. Open Sundays. . Dr. Holiutm 8. Humphrey, the eminent specialist, ha» decided to make reg- ufur visits' to- this city m-the future, first date will be Thursday, Sept. 23 can be fonnd at the Royal hotel ,H»H advertisement, which will be found elae* where, explains more fully conoermfig the deeeiuies of which toe makes a iajity. • Warning,"' • Riding orj the sidewalks in the city la strictly forbidden, and hereafter the ordinance relating thereto will be enforced The penalty for violation is a tine By order of the mayor, . ," Marshal. Mrs, last eveni returned .from where «&e has been' at- opetiingH of the _, also 'by yj A Cure for WU^wi , ficrevw Co., been subject to Attacks of biUous colic tor ueveral y e*ia», Chwjaberlwin's oftiy sure r«4iet It «ctp Mke » Chana. Onedo««t<rf it giyaa relwl whefl ajtl otter P»$M$tars Work* G*r«e»teu fwUvn iiim nAfin ff&xtAvftuH fw^nt ftttA ' t . II. Hftlhlny Sr. _ doors «a«i of prat office, Marshall, i., fe the place you «re looking for i f you want harness, blankets, robs, whtr-B, gttrry combs, brtifthes, apest-pads, lly- tioM, harn'eBft- wiftr) »*% grease*, harnefip drefsl^, shoe blacking 6* polish, sole leatheVi fihY* tapps r She* nails. Or if yout harness* boots^ heed re» J^ j^ h _-L-JL Jt-t*-1 Jt reasonaiiK). f»lease call. AM wtfffc .»W .... ._ —.-,...» -. A, jpBiwsfe6ufcijf tf tnotlttieu p(trti (pbtftt «f Sx'eeii pngea fit rsfeftface to Strath .Dakota, the reading matter in which t«w written by an enJ-,huBrtu?tio South Dakota may—kt«. Stella Hoemer Arnold—-who fates teen ft resident of "the Stfcrahtne State" for overlOyeatt. A copy *Itl-be matted id Madams of any fanner >fr farmer's wife. If seata^optt&.to tferry MeKjer, *«««'*— U«tt ' iiofjf i*S8S* DR. LOUIS 8. JOY WjH Rive in addition to Reneral prac llco, special attention io-diroaaea of eve and ear. Fitting of glasses a specially. (Special dlplonuVptt eve, ear,' nose and thro&t front Gb'icaRO Polyclmic.) j&to Sale—A '97 md^elbieycle; will eel! cheap tat cash, J Enquire at American laundry, north of Groene*s drtig store. Jus.' Van Znnt, ' xpresstttan, has >bairs and tables to rent for parlies; • Buy your stationery at the' Chronic- office. Pltcolntho World fcf Vftnr-u Mrt im« Womert W Stcnre h Bnttnwt Ertnortlon, 8bt>rth«nd, fee, f« tl>« Witrolt JturtiKWl TtnlKcriHj. !*• *te««t.Mk:h. Iltu«f»tedCM*W4 FI-M. IUIfcten««; All Otlro t, ">*Mid*ot. P.R.SPWTCEB 8«!MI«-» VANTED-AN n« LO imtont? 1'rot^ct your Ideas ; they mtti i • >(».! miatth. Write JOHN WKDDKK iiN <fr. <"()., I'ntpnt AUtirneyrt, Washington •••« fnt |l,H(K»prlie«tr6r. Union tellers' Agencies of America, Her. I.. 1». Ha»», 1). ». iufo. Pit ; "t^ronto, CiiiHtctii; Xtic Orlt<in* t .; .Vfie Yof/L, Jf. }' ; WiintalnQton* />. C.: tn FftmtMPif, Ctof,; r/ti^niyn, /It.; Si, lottik. Hit., and Jtenvtr, -Cvltrrnttt. Thera are thon/iariiU of noaitlqan jo bOffiUed wltUlu tbo next few montha, AilJref* all appllcatlonn to UNION TBACHKHS, AOENCIKS, Salteburg I'a. IrVhy Wot Kducate -- AT ' 'AND' / Sch ol of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, . _ BATTLE CiltEtiK, MlUll. Wher>' hundred* of younj.? men and women HUTO oflciiroO u UHofiil and jiroIHnble tHl,tieatlori. 'On« of tb < t«M-t equipped bnvlueM <H>ll«R(?ti In the i-oimtry. Call on or write for particular* end Established 1882. Inaorporatod 1896 RESTORES VITAUTY,, Made a Mart O f Me, <ro<lur«-» t ))<• Htmv«t r«*utu In ifO d«y«. |t n-t* u erf H! ir and iiiui'kly iiuri-s when »H other* fell 'touiiw iu«u will iwaiu tlieir tout wauliood and old tcu "III recover tlwfr,xo*ithtul vnior by IUIBB :KVIVO. It .(jtUekly»Jul eurery remtowm Norvou* fwi U)f.t Vitality, Impottiucy. titgbtly Ejulwions. Utcli nntiu tn«>,for mudy. htwtRtt«i or tuarriwe, It .yl t>nlv oiirru |>y nUrtlug at tite ««•( of <h««aiM>, but i a irrcat nrvvu tonin »|ii blood builder, brliur -of toarft-MMt ptnk glow 1« intUt chi>ek» md re , un ing tli« llro »f yaotb. It wardt* oft fuiiaiiitj id CoOfcumptirtD. Imiint OB bivimf KKVIVO. oa th«v. It eaa t* carrUu} in vest pock«t By toafli I J»0 per {taekuci. or ati (or Hfi.uo. wttU » pwrt • • ' to r«M or r - * ^PNni WP«P v* v p>MBp the l*teet thing* in way of job type. ^T ' The B«rndw? IP* wttb bam ottshard. Term» Do you waot a |[ded OUR FALt 'AND STYLES in elcRant oomhinatfonB of color in up to ddrtfe fabric in t»rftid«, «j twillflr, frer&ea and choViote, are fof yotir inapoctioft. SkiUed workmeh atftf ilso wftittng' the*Hn1» thft best fttttng 4n?l finely fiV ititt6h if Jsadfed wider the ftaw tariff. Our top coats and fine suits ar<* made to for $W and 825, ^ — ^ ittagorfitea tlie €)ottnt,y ^i«|r— duitftble to the Stupendous Special Sale of BOOTS AND SHOES Giving special inducement^ to pttf chasers ot fine foot weaf tot fairm Winter. This is the apftotiritiity °* *&& season to buy shoos at a lo price. « ~ u — Our Stock is Complete and Includes the Latest Styles. x Our grocery department is always complete. GRACE BROS. \ DO YOU WAI \ New Fall Hat IF SO CALL. AT Miss Western's Who will give you a Stylifih iTrtmmed Hat torn SI.CO , up to »1.5T-, never sold Ibefot^for less than S3.OO. This siile will last until Sept. ,28. ' i. •' Children's Tanrrs^ ; In all colors at 2Bc « n d »6Oc. Walking Hats, Bailor—latest OUt* Birds, Wings and Feathers at your own price. 'Cull early, our i . store IB open for business. t • • • HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman. Off ice. AKE With Pn^ Length ptB«tovelPlpa. W« m^4e tEe'i^tterus, for tbis it to the fwibfic, We guarantee it to" b^fea wit« two sticks of woo4 We also have staves for. jVss/woney, stove cerrfe oar njnte east in the hearth, /' Jjfm ^^^BBP"!*s lfj|» * -1 EM * SSEL T. R. SHEPHERO * ' I ^^fB'THP'" wpp^pii^v * ^P of the city but j done. >lw- fflM ffr.fHt.^- * »OJd SHEPHERDS'. r WltH At IH ILLS DALE. *£*« Ciir<jRti»«A^nictp<l' Alter all 6th- htit. life httV« Failed. iB|teyottr^ weeks, regularly, and .will continue to do so infinitely. ^"*? date beloWv Bead, ncbrtlKln, Rick, Jte*a»che. «u», CttUleaUait, lose »t mctnarj, . *ofitenlns;of lht> Inain, tumor* and ecze- , hot Fhe awful - joune «tid middle aeod metf, ect* ot neglected or tmfHR>eBttr itemed <»se8,prw1ttcIngweflliartSfj of Dody *nii hra'n, d'zulneiw. falltnit mdmanr. lout rttaJlty? • laett of energy lind confidence, Va*i(Joc«l^ glMt\ •?»|DS nod (>thcf jHNtre^sJ&K «ympt(*i!ri», n»fttilng ufiejor study, busioeea or onjojlnent of I,li», Eat. AD (U*cA««r «f tho fin*, of Whutevet risme of nature; tiirfld, if CorftJile »tij whuro, , 3Thro«t. s Osiftrrbal fcjte ttiroat, Hcato »nd/ «o, hournenijw nntl low -of voice, in tliroht, C4»u*ln({ bawhingt, . Lunga CotuximpUoh to tha Brat And n»2e», hciHOrrbaces aurt' Clironio btWnchUlB, ilrr inn homsc cough, pain* Ip ebest, dlffloaUV iu bre*tt)(Qg, hep»tizatlonn, asthma, etc. Heart, Brain and Nerves. If you hare * •HzzlDcan of thfl bead and pafpltatloii of tha ucart{ difficult bresthlOK and MUHcaittiK feeling, (ullnoca of the head, ft llrfed, Irrltible, discern- - 'nt«l feelluK and fear of lmp«ndini; dangir. or leatb, a draad of holng n i-no, or ttfi revetM— Icxiro to be alone, if your memory In fail|< g and >ou are gloomy and a Impendent, or it you dream much anJ often, and fuel an aver -Ion to society, „ ron are suffering from a •criooa 'd.ccase of tbo lervtB hmin atid heart. Von bavo no 'line to <"<• '--'I at onoo and OJDBDU tble eiuloeut apccl»ll*t. Kidneys. loflammaUon rf the hldncrs Orlnht's .ll«ea?c, dioballa, coogeaUon of tlw kld- neyfi, nwenji*, Krttvot, stone, all ccleutlflcaHy, md 8US«p8sfol|y treated. ' Bladder. Inflammation, cjBtlUd.cyi-terrhea •' onUrrh or tho bladder Tbo dlsirfsxtiis; dl.a/ . invariably yiem to his syaiem of trcat- . , , ~7 Stomaoh. Catarrh. nlcer»t ion and acid dy»- pepsia, ImHireBtloo, pain ard f ul'nciw after «rat~ n n, bcartburn, vatcr brash and difficulty in' walloping. / Liver, Spleen. All diseivBJt of /tho liver, bowtln, all oern naness and reflex diaor- >era, ., md Bait rucuro, ring worm, blp Joint diaeage, old' tores, fcTor eores, »tlff jolnH dlrtoage, old spinal Irritattuu, uvttuaa pruatrailon. __ Rupture, P.lles, fistula, an J an B wcl lings and tendenolea qukt ly cured without pain oruete'n- II on . Diseased of Women. If voo are suffering friun oay ot tbo dracaau* iKcultar to yum BOX, 4uch as f«lli igor (lit-placcmMit of the womb, In- InmmaUoo or nlciTHllon, bloatlne, headacbeB. iploal wt-alcoMW. cntl or wrilu to him and he will el' you jut»t wliat can he dona for you, If you cannot call on Dr. Humphrey write to him for question list. He will then linderst'ind your condition thoroughly and teM you^aindidly .whether or not he can treat you successfully. Hla course of treatment is a scientific one, peculiarly his own, whereby the patient receives treatment and .medicine applied to suit the case, that otherwise would bo impossible^ * * day every four weeks at Boyal hotel. Of next visit ThtJreday, Sept. DATE FREE CONSULTATION FKEE TO ALL. WANTS FODNI) ETC. Twenty e*»n» a woou for each' notice not « ceodtn» Bye line*. Ho aliMya leva Ui»u twunly oonui. , / IjtOB SALK OR RgWT-hotu* on «orn*r. ot. I 1 ManUaJt Av«, aji(t tlomgr flt. liiouir* ou pwraiwMi or of (ieorg* Ma»er. / \ T r7»OK8ALK-.I1rfltelsaa upright piano nearly U ,»e^- Pfic» low-; M»MM**o»»l» . OOOK, ,• nay*. a«i»ay w W '£ V / -.**-,. x- A rf j ">. ^i" n-^ ~ •*•_!' W" '' i \. 7 "I ''

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