The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 22, 1968 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 22, 1968
Page 3
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BRITISH LAW GETS TOUGH WITH DRIVERS THAT DRINK I HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS I 1 COMMUNITY HOSPITAL I THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FREEPOKT, TEXAS, SUmJay, SeDt. 28, 19GB. Section f 3 i LONDON (Al 1 ) - U used to be a matter of walking a chalked lino or picking up ponnlns In front of n cop. • Now it's all coldly scientific — decided In jtotno police laboratory wimro a tiny blob of blood Is (uialy?xn! lor Its alcohol content. If 11 slinws morn than 80 milligrams for each 100mllll- Illers of blood, you won't bo needing your car tor quill- a time. Britain Is omllm; Us first fiar of scluiitlMc drink Iwsls for drivers. Road casualties fell as much as 20 to :tO i>or cunt whuii the nev. drlnk-a mi-driving law camo In last October. Now they have settled as a 9 pur cent drop for the first seven months of the year. Only tin; four-day summer bank holiday gave favorable »i);!tUUcs of a momentary ro- vnr.'ial. There's no exact mildi- as to how many of accidents arose, directly or In- dlrectly, from use of alcohol. But thi; motorist certainly has to think twice iiov. bufore he drinks arid drlvus. The trifle Infringement on a busy city %lrc«t, the Inadvertent crua.i- Int; of a warnlnr. lliw in sorm- v. HtdliH; country lam. 1 , may brinK up a I'jllci'inuii. II Hit-drlvur'.tbrfalh strikes the officer as richly alcoholic, nut CO:IIUH ills [ihi.stlc ban. '•Just bl"v. in ln'Ti.', sir, pleasi-," Iti-fusal to 'lo so mt'uns ;i (ln« ol DO (.outxls - $1-0 - fv«n I! it's lati-r proviKl in court (Mat >'<iu •*<•{<• sol/vr. Conipllaivri' call rni-iUi :nucli :!ior<' I! you've lw«n ilrlnklm:. Conviction tjrltit.'.'l a flnv of 100 |>',uivls, four Mionttis' :i. prison, in some irasus, b--th. That's t'.r :i Mrs! offutisu. In all ra.S'.-s dlsniuli!lc:i- tton lr>.-n drlvliit; fur .1 )i-ar ^0 autn:a.itlc. Tim .'act thai a man m-inls lo drlvi- to earn .1 living Ls not ruiisld«rf<l. You duii'l have In lx- actually drlvlnc. It's enough that you arc sealed at il> •iliuvl, at any rate In charinr < .' II. "U Is a lough law," Bar- barn Castb', then minister of transixirt, said wlmri .slu- Introduced it a year ago. "Bui then, It Is a lough problem. "Drink play;: apart In nearly 30,000 accidents a year. This is a shallerlng number. Just think what that means In terms ol human misery." The Instrument picked for roadside breath testing Is the German-developed ''Alcotest RfiO," similar to one used by tlm West German, Austrian and Swedish traffic authorities. Thi! blows through a tube. Chemical crystal.'! change color if alcohol Is present. The bar. makes sure he blows eW'Ugli ;iir to make a proj*)r test. II tho crystals chance color beyond the BO milligram - 100 mlllllltifr mark on the tube, Ihi! driver Is t.ib-n to the \*i- l!<:c station for lurtlier tests of Mood and urine. Not all doctors are overly happy about the brealhalyx.<T. A biochemist ;uid two hospital technicians, writing in l hi; review Nature, concluded that "As a screen ti-st !or disease It would be p-*]i?ct«d out »'. !i:uxJ tj> the medical profession U.-causi; ol th" ux- copUuiully high false |x>Mtlve luvel.s.'' Malcolm Haydon-ilalllie, an i'ur, nosi* ami throat si^cial- ist, .says that since brealb- iily/.urs wi,rk by measuring the acetic acid on one's breath. the) might Klve a loslllve reading !i>r some' 'lie -A ho had sprinkled u>o much vim-Karon his 'isti aiv.! ctiips. '111.; Hu:r.e «.'!flci; ai):;..iT Is that (!»• hn.'aih t>ag Is only a scri-ening devir<- and dues lujt Itsi-'.; s'-curi 1 a cuiivlclloii. " .-'..•; to its alli'g'"! inac - cviracj'," a sjo»:f;.'fnan salt', ''jhcri- is in any casi 1 a mar- shov. ru-arly '•'>' |»-r C"!it n! ilriv.-rs ti-su'd !:as a positive alruhnllc rioctlon - thi-y turii- i>d the crystals gr'-t-n. In tin- first six ninths only •I-! ]H;r ci-nt gav«; .1 j<JSItlvc n-adlni;, <*!«• official vli>w is t!;al the |.i|lCf .'.".ay !«.• ,;ul- tliu; more i-fflclcnt. "The police se«in lo bo applying the breathalyzer fairly," said Harry Loftus, spokesman for the 3.H-mllllon member Automobile Association. "We feared at the start that motorists might be stopped at random and required to lake the test. But we've had no reports ol this being done." The licensed victuallers' Central Prolecllon Soclely, which looks afler the Interests of pub owners, says bar sales are back to normal now alter the Initial shock a year ago, I hough some Isolated country taverns arc still hard hit. When the tests began there was near panic on bolh sides of the saloon bars. Drivers hardly dared drink at all and pub owners saw their takings slump 00 to 70 per cent. Country taverns, beyond PIECE GOODS SPECIAL walking distance for most of their customers, suffered worst. Conversely the "local" at the street corner In the city had something of a comeback. West Germany has been using what It calls the blow bag (or seven years. Any driver who gets In trouble is Invited to take the test. The blood alcohol limit Is set at VOrng-lOOrnl. Over that mark he Is taken to a doctor for a blood test. The French have been using the breathalyser since 19C15. Police say they are convinced of Its usefulness and accuracy. As In brllaln, It Is used only as a screening device. The final lest Is the blood test. AMA/ING. . .the results you got with Want Ads. Dial FJK 3-2011 now. MONDAY: Mrs. I... w. (Dot) Jackson, Lake Jackson Sldnny p. Williams, UK' Jackson Mrs. Glenn (Jessie I-aye) Badgett, Angleton J. L. Murlain. Clutn Mrs. A. L, Gayle, Angleton Mrs. A. J. (Leona) Lamb. Lake Jackson Mrs. Jerry (Betty) Kills, Lake Jackson TfKSDAY: Mrs. M. II. (Deanna) Smith, Lake Jackson Mrs. James D. (Patricia) McLanahan, Lake Jackson Mrs. L. M. (Judith) Bond, Lake Jackson Richard Clifford Katlner. Anglelon Mrs. K. U. (Gloria) Turk, Freeport Marijy Ballard, Lake Jackson WEDNESDAY: Glenn Stilflemlre, Freeport Halph P. Myers, Clute Mrs. L. K. (Norene) Wallace. Lake Jackson THURSDAY Mrs. llui'y P. (Sue)Solleau Angleton Mrs. John \V. (Patricia) McBrlde Jr., Lake Jackson Raymond Rongey Angleton Jamus Rodefl, Freejxjrt Mrs. G. K. (3o) Lane. Angleton W. G. Henderson Jr., Lake Jackson Terry D. Caldwell Lake Jackson Arlo C. Koytn. Lake Jackson Mrs. Charles (Louise) Chambers Sweeny Mrs. Ray K..(Wanda) Shepherd Jry Lake Jackson Ribbons given for 4-H record books Record book judging for Brazorla County 4-H members was recently completed. The records are judged on Ihe gfowlh shown by 4-H member as well as the growth of the project, Mrs. Pam Mc- Carnlsh, associate home demonstralion agent, reporl- ed. Those receiving ribbons In the senior division and their projects were: Blue ribbons Gaylor Flora, achievement; Jodie Porter, home economics; and Harvey Lewis, poultry. Red ribbons, David AUord, beef; Jolene Johnson, clolhing; Peggy Payne, home improve- menl; and Pam Flora, horse. White ribbons, Alice Woodside, Dress Revue; Mary Naomi Williams, electric; Susan Burroughs, public speaking (glf Is); Robert Condry, 3M*e Fe; Wanda Ehlert,Angoftgoat and mohair; and Dwight Car* mlchael, wildlife. Loyd Thornton of Pearland and Sherl Kunze, Alvln, w«re district winners In agricultural and dog care, respectively. junior division winners were: Blue ribbon, Kathy Thorn* ton, horse; and Larry L«wls, poultry. Red, Morris Richardson, beef; Charlotte Humphrey, clothing; Tina D. Carmichael, Dress Revue; Barry Carmichael, electric; Micky Miles; public speaking; and Francene Krejci, safety. While ribbons, ErlcSchlutt, rabbits; Gerald Abott, swine; and David Cockerell, Texaa sheep aw) wool and Angora goat and mohair. 600YARDS DOUBLE KNIT DACRON GOES ON SALE MONDAY $O99 O Yd. All are new Patterns a-vJ Colors j'.i.. 1 lig^t for fall, and Holiday Sewing. Doublu Knit Duc- ron, machine washes and tumble dries. These are 2 to 10 Yard Pk-ce.. of Q- ality Fabric, which are used in better Dre..sci, Suits and Soorts Wear. Sew and Save! RUGS REDUCED THRU SATURDAY! ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY ill-: I'l-NNI-.V STOR Dear Sir: We believe you, but. .. Us KOMI Kl \ NAS ( )! i . air -•• 'A '-• t: u-r pro ir V. !'.. i II l.lkc '.vh.l ! U C .1 !o Imu -.111 iii 1 Vn- !jr\ •- <•-,' M 1 .; I. ('lit! 1 ! -.I'. ! me. ' tun '.\ c MI~I k .in t t.ikr I'!'. t»r :'J . \\'c li.r. <• :•' .i • iniilit. litillli!. .ill'i U'-l. U'-l ic-i . . - In in.ikc >urc ' 'ii c' .ill ilic >|ii .1 i if, u ;• |ii<>mi»c ( )u r Mcri'i i»c I r-t :iu; cnu-: .ic- up "iu liuli- lino: «ii the I ' bu : !il in/ .1*1 \v intci i,. ik the i • ifi'itu !e>i .ill.I '. • ui're in\ i Jr.. I •;r \ ' I u:e '. • U ' e \ I; \e\\ ^ < M k Accent rugs to give every room a color lift! LIVELY SET IN 4 DESIGNS! Deep polyester/nylon and nylon/rayon pile in three dimensional sculptured designs. Row colors. Nougahyde'' introduced for a new effect. (A Penneys exclusive!) 30 xSO REG. »9, NOW 7.49 42 x 66" REG. *17, NOW 13.99 REG. $ 6, NOW 4.99 24"x42" SPARTA PLUSH ACCENT RUGS! Elegant loo-ing all nylon cut and loop pile in geometric block design to grace all decors. Brilliant hues of olive, teak, honey gold, while, cosmic blue, lime, bittersweet, baby pink. 24 x70 REG. 7.98, NOW 6.99 27 x48 REG. 5.98, NOW 4.99 36 x60 REG. 10.98, NOW 8.99 48 x72 REG. 17.98, NOW 14.99 REG. 3.98, NOW 2.99 24'x36" Beautiful room-size rugs now at great savings! TWO LUXURIOUS TEXTURES AND WEAVES. ..ONE PRICE! All nylon cut and loop pile in a sculp REG. $ 52, NOW lured paitei.'t. Long wearing. Backed with foam luobei In Beautiful Colors ' 9x12' REVERSIBLE TUBULAR BRAIDED RUGS REG. $ 52, NOW $ Great rugs for Early American decors. 99"'-- durable nylon 1"'- other fibers. Double core construction tor long v.eai Just flip for double \sear. Assorted muiti color combinations. Hurry while they labt! 8'8"xlT8" Open Every Night Till 1721 West 2nd Freeport Open Your Penney's Charge Account Today! 1721 West 2nd Freeport Open ivery A Night Till 7

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