The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 2, 1969 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1969
Page 7
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Mobile Heart Unit Brings Hospital To The Patient By BRIAN SULLIVAN AP Science Writer NEW YORK (AP) - The hospital is going to the patient in New York, speeding help to heart attack victims at the spot where they fall. A special team is giving intensive care to patients in subway stations, on the streets, in restaurants and churches, in stores and railroad stations and even a flophouse on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village. The "Mobile Coronary Care Unit" at St. Vincent's Hospital has been in operation for eight months, and has made about 350 emergency runs through the city's crowded streets. The St. Vincent's unit was the first in this country. A number of other cities are working on similar units now, including one in operation since April 1 at the Ohio Slate University Medical Center. On May S, the St. Vincent's The Sun's TV Log O MONDAY «:3i PM O 1 Dream d Jeanale (C) (R) Tony becomes NASA's heavyweight con- fonder, unaware (hat Jeannie has added power to his punches; Jerry Quarry appears as Tony's trainer " 0 C.pitol Report — The Texas Legislature (O punsmoke (C) (R) A fanatical judge and his notorious band ol men meet stubborn resistance from Festus when they hit Dodge City J fD Summer faeim. 1K» (C) 1 MM) "War in the Mideast?" is the first ol 13 documentaries which will deal with some of the vital issues of our times; Frank Reynolds narrates Ihe first program, an ex- animation of the tensions in the Mld- »ast. including the pressures of the Arab refugees, the involvement o[ Ihe global superpowers and the In- lens? national pride, rivalry and hatred which split the area; preempts Avengers S3 Hazel (C) (R) Replaces Lost In Space 7PM O Baseball (C) Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox: pre-empts Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, NBC Movie ri> Wnrhl Press (C) I ttiut]. The weekly hour-long series is made up of commentary on major world events as interpreted by Ihe foreign press; the panel is drawn from a stall of 17 experts who examine each week more than SO papers from five continents, printed In more than a dozen languages ID Mr Favorite Martian (R) Tim finds a girlfriend for his dog •3 Firmer'* Daughter (R) Stars Inger Stevens, William Windom ID Here's Lucy (C) (R) Lucy tries to save money by doing an electrical repair job herself (B Peyton PUce (C) The series has its final telecast as Dr Rossi's hearing begins; Marsha is forced to reveal Fred's last words; Lew reports tn Sgt Walker 03 M»B From UNCLE (C) (R) Solo and lUya pose as a toy salesman and hairdresser to protect a boy fS> Movie — "Devil's Agent" (1961) Peter Van Eyck, Christopher Lee, Macdonald Carey ; Vienna wine merchant Is double agent for Communists and free world 8PM / O NET Journal (C) "D-Day," presented 25 years after the invasion of Europe, is £ Dutch-made documentary reliving the historic day through the words of survivors — from the first paratroopers who landed on French soil to the first baby born in libernled France; Major Gen Pat Cassidy, then a colonel with the 101st Airborne, narrates Ihe program, revisiting the beachhead and French town where his men landed a quarter of a century ago CD Maybrrry RFt) (C) (R) Aunt Bee takes over a horse and enters the animal in a stakes race IB Movie (C) "Teahouse of the August Moon" (1956) Glenn Ford. Eddie Albert, Marion Brando; the economy ot an Okinawa village blossoms when an Army captain has a brilliant, if unorthodox, idea . . . one of the funniest X:3flP.M ID Family Aff»ir (C) (R) June Lockhart plays a substitute teacher who has a strange effect on Judy JD 12 O'Clock High (R) Savage returns from a mission with a crippled plane 9PM O BridRp With Jean Cox — Trump management CD Carnl Burnett (C) (R) Guests are Ross Martin, John Davidson 33 Rau-hhiR (R) Rowdy rescues ,1 legendary old pioneer from a lynch mob 9:M PM O Grand Master Cti«s (C) Use of the "Spanish Opening" in "Yugoslav I" ;10 Sign Oft (D Western Star Theatre (R) A quack doctor saves a town from disaster It) PM B ID IE) News (C) SD Movie — "Westward Ho" (1935) John Wayne, Sheila Manners; leader of vigilantes has nn outlaw brother; 11:30 Sis.- Off 03 Perry Mason (R) A murder confession is obtained with use ot truth scrum 10:MI PM O Tonight (C) Johnny Carson CD Movie. — "Fortunes of Captain Blood" (1950) Louis Hayward; Irish (loctor becomes notorious pirate to stop a Spanish marquis . . . unfortunate; 12:15 Sign Off (D Joey Bishop (C) Gerri Granger guests 11 PM (B Westerners (H) !l:3flPM 03 News (C) 12 Sign Off 1972 Olympic Games in Munich; 7:ij, 8:25.Vi-ns (C) © News (C) 7:;30 AM Ot CBS News (C) (B Cadet Dim (C) Continued 8 AM B) Morning Show (C) 8:M AM IB Kilirik's Karrnusfl (C) 9 AM B 11 Takes Two (C) 9:2,1 NBC Nmf (C) (D Lucy Show (C) (R) © Oirl Talk (C) E. Joseph Co<=- sman, Amanda Howard, Gail Brenner 9:30 AM B Concentration (C) ID Beverly Hillliillics (R) (D Waling lor Dollars (C) 10AM B Personality (C) Ot Andy Griffith (C) (R) 10:30 AM B Hollywood Squares (C) (D Dick Van Dyke (R) (B Galloping (iourmel (C) 11 AM B Jeopardy (C) (D Love of Life (C) 11:25 News (C) (B Bewitched (C) (R) 11:15 AM •D Calendar (C) 11:30 AM O What's (C) Ot Search forTonmrrow (C) (B Funny Von Should Ask (C) 11:53 Children's Doctor (C) NOON B Midday (C> Thelma and Larry Q) New* at Noon (C) (B Dream House (C) S3 Astroboy — Cartoons 12:38PM O Hidden Faces (C) Drama (D As the World Tarns (C) Drama (D Li-t'.i Make a Real (C) ffi) Romper Room (C) 1PM Q l>ays i>f Our Lives (C) Drama Q) Love 1* a Many Splewtored Thins (C) Drama IB I Spy (C) (R) ED Favorite Story (R) 1:3* PM Q Doctor* (C) Drama (D Guiding Light (C) Drama S3 Donald O'Connor (C) Jackie Curtiss, Jean Paul Vigncn, Edith He«d, Mrs Miller, Eddie Bracken 2PM B Another World (C) Drama D Secret Storm (C) Drama B General Hospital (C) Drama 2:»PM 5 You Don't Say (C) D Edge of Night (C) Drama IB One Life to Live (C) Drama 2:45FM Q Cartoon CutupH 3PM B Match Came <C - S:Z3 JS'BC re (C) Ot IJnklfltor Show (C) CB Kitlrlk'.t Karrousrl fC) Movln — "IB Fathoms Deep" (1&4S) ton Chaney, Arthur Lake; life mong Florida sponge divers D Maverick (R) 3.-38PM B Miko Douglas (C) Leslie Ug!«ms, co-hostess; guest, Jack Wcst- m (O Movie <C) "Make Believe Ballroom" (i«9) Ruth Warrick, Virginia Welles; radio station's big contest stirs up jealousy, romance and avarice with justice and love triumphing . lightweight (B Dark Shadows (C) Drama 4PM (B Movie — "Hallelujah,. I'm a Tramp," Al Jolson, Frank Morgan; no story available Boxo the Clown (C) -1:30 PM JD No \o Uic CJo«Ti (C) Lone Ranger (R) 5PM 8 Chris dandier (C) O Misterogent' Neighborhood (C) (D Ron Stone (C) ID Keal McCoy.. (R) ^ FlinUtooes (C) (R) Cartoons 8 Hunlley-Brinkley News (C) O Friendly Giant CD Walter Cronkite News (C) CO Truth or Consequences (C) (D O«ie and Harriet (R) E) Sea Hunt (R) 5:15PM O Art Studio (R) 8 ID News (C) 12:05 AM 8 I*st Word (C) 1 :Q5 Sign Oft CD Movie (C) "Tropic Zone" (1953) Ronald Re.igan, Rhonda Fleming; political refugee in Central America unloads bananas to help a beautiful plantation owner upset the host laid plans of the villains . . . overripe; 2:05 Sign Off TUESDAY (C) Color; (R) Repeat (AM ID Summer Semester: Black Heri. la K p. (C) «:.•» AM CO Captain Kangaroo (C) CD Cadet Don (C) For children «::>.•> AM f^ Paul Harvey Comments (C> 7AM 8 Today (C) Second program from West Germany Includes a visit to NymphenhurK Palace outside Munich, a talk with Prince Constantino, a visit with operatic soprano Clnre U'alson, a report on plans for the team members found Leo Shep- tin, 54, on the floor of the kosher provisions firm where he is a clerical worker. They treated him there. Sheptin sat up in his bed a few days ago and said he feels pretty good now, despite angina pain and worry about getting his job back or another job. Sheptin gestured toward Dr. John A. Chadboum, who heads the team on the calls and said: "He kept me alive. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here to talk to you." Throughout the country, about 500,000 persons die of heart attacks each year, at least half and perhaps two-thirds of them before getting medical treatment. Chadbourn, an internist and assistant director of the program, says it's hard to prove with statistics what might have happened if the mobile unit weren't used. But he adds: "We feel persons are being saved. We know we've relieved their suffering . .. and we feel some would have died." Along with a box of various cardiac medicines and a battery-powered electrocardiograph, the mobile unit carries a battery-powered device called a defibrillator, which administers electric shock, A major problem in heart attacks can come if the heart starts to beat wildly out of rhythm, a situation meaning certain death if not controlled. The late President Dwight D. Eisenhower survived several of these episodes because he was treated immediately while in the hospital. The electric shock to the heart is intended to restore normal rhythm. Of 3« calls the team has made as of last Monday, 193 turned out to be valid cardiac calls, 43 were patients with oth er serious illnesses, 32 were dead on arrival of the team anc 78 were false alarms. Seven died after hospitalization. In addition to reaching the pa tient quickly and applying inten sive care on the spot, a key to the program is continuing the spot treatment until the pa tient's condition is stabilized. The team includes an attend ing physician, a resident physi cian, emergency room nurse EGG technician, student nurse observer, and the driver and hii assistant. On returning to the hospital, a heart attack victim may be ad mitted directly to the intensive care unit, bypassing the emer gency department. The program at St. Vincent' is a one-year test, financed wilh an $88,000 grant from the New York Metropolitan Regiona Medical Program, which uses federal funds. Widow Will Serve For Army In Viet HONOLULU (AP) — The scene at Hickarn Air Force Jase was not unusual: A plane xrnnd for Vietnam and a sailor dssing his mother goodbye. But n this case the mother was going.. Mrs. Joseph D. O'Brien, a 59- ear-old widow from Natick, \iass., -was leaving for Saigon and a civil service job with the \rrny. Her son, Bruce, 25, stationed t Pearl Harbor, was on hand to ive her an aloha sendoff. "She's got a lot of guts," he said. ' Attend Church Sunday Monday, June 2, 1969 1918 Air Stamp Costs $31,000 NEW YORK (AP) — A 1918 "upside-down" airmail stamp with an inverted airplane in the center sold for $31,000 Wednesday, twice what a collector paid for it in 1964. Myron Kaller of Farmingdale, N.Y., bought the 24-cent stamp at an auction at H.R. Harmer Galleries in Manhattan. Cacao may have originated in Brazil. WHAT LOOKS LIKE A TOY Pl^ANE in the foreground is a 145-passenger Boeing 707 jet liner. Dwarfing it is the new Boeing 747 which carries 362 passengers. Five 747s will be tested in a 1,400-hour program to win certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, after which they will go into regular service. Rent A Car S»rvicB Courtesy of COURTESY FORD Cc'I 422-8121 WORLD ALMANAC FACTS The White House got its first telephone in 1878, when Rutherford B. Hayes was president, The World Almanac says. In 1963, perhaps Washington's most important connection with the world was installed—the "Hot Line"—a direct and constant teletype link with" Moscow. The necessity for it was dramatized in the 1962 Cuban missile crisis when communications failure forced the United States and Russia to broadcast messages publicly. Coiiyriiflll Q lflf,!i, N'cw.spnjM-r Knirriirlw Assn. The first newspaper in New York was founded by William Bradford on Oct. 16, 1725. Strike Could Whittle Food Supplies In LA LOS ANGELES (AP) — Food supplies in the Los Angeles area would be sharply cut if grocery clerks picket Los Angeles food warehouses this week as planned, a market spokesman says. A union spokesman said that beginning Tuesday about 150 grocery, produce, milk and meat warehouses will be picketed by members of the 11,000 clerks on strike or locked out since last Wednesday. "There is bound to be a very sharp cut in supplies until we can set up alternate methods of distribution to the markets," said Robert Fox, president of the Food Employers Council which represents struck mar kets. Teamsters Union members who work at the warehouses have said they won't cross a picket line. Union leaders say food short ages won't result because hun dreds of small markets and sev eral chains have reached agree ment on contracts. The strike lockout affects more than 301 stores owned by 14 market chains in Los Angeles, Suburb an markets were unaffected. Market spokesmen said the struck markets all remained op ened using 6,000 newly hired clerks. The strike began when Retail Clerks Local TO AFL CIO began picketing the Food Giant chain. The other chains as previously they had warned then locked out their clerks saying a strike against one wa : strike against all. Fox says the clerks seel about 23 cents an hour mor than accepted by clerks at non chain markets. Joseph T. DC Silva, head of Local 7TO, say the difference is 8.5 cents. Union spokesmen said team will carry .picketing to Luckj Stores warehouses in S»n Lean dro and Safeway warehouses i Richmond, both in Norther California. There are tentative plan they add, to picket Safewa warehouses serving 350 market. in Washington, D.C., and Bait (more. LOOK WHAT SOMEONE WILL WIN AT CULPEPPER'S, ON JUNE 28th, ABSOLUTELY FREE! COME IN AND REGISTER DAILY FOR THESE FABULOUS PRIZES! FORD CORTINA MODEL C 'i Cortina ... a muffrfW* of better ideas, all put together to make one highly specified better idea. Ford calls ft "sensible tranjportaHon," or, Ford's C. It'j just as "right" for today'* .driving at th* Model A Ford made in Dearborn was in its day. 15 FOOT HOLLYWOOD TRIHEDRAL FIBERGLASS SFORTABOUT The biggest newt in great family fun in years. This tri-hulUd beauty has just the right combination of deep center keel for soft riding and side keels that add sure-footed stability at any speed. To be included with this beautiful Sportscraft boat is a 33 H.P. Evinrude motor and a small wheel trailer. FAN TRAVEL TRAILER Traveling with a Fan Le«-Linef is traveling with comfort. The interiors are *xc«tientfy arranged to provide the maximum amount of living room surrounded by large storage areas. Colorful, long lasting fabrics on cushions and in draperies, high performance appliances, and top-grade, prefinished paneling are a few more of the pint features. 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