Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 10, 1969 · Page 7
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 7

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1969
Page 7
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But Love Here BY ABIGAIL VAN BUKEft j we are a happy pair with nice WEAR ABfeY: People think' children and a lovely hornc. We i ftSfry lnier«s!$ SHcf lefts s! Is. this is ewty tftttfrs In reality, I Wfffif 1 . My htislbShd Was tiftfe ;fr#ffie. He is sd &u*y ifif feffi, Ciek, and fatfely see him. My love life Is altriest frofrexistent. Life is so short, it's a pity to live like this, tot t have fMde ffiy bed. Despite Wt religion, I'd leave him if it weren't for the children because I know he will never change, t am sure there are other unhappy wives here. Belfast men are so unloving. "UNHAPPY IN IRELAND t)EAR UNHAPPY: Belfast men are no less "loving" thart ftthef fnefi. Your torftplaliil is UsSs-m. Aftit fid fs sflr ttbtimni 1'ffl *»- It ygWsctt. Sttfp filayffti rtfef Mites! std «d wife, std "Mfi" with fchftes, DMAM ABBY: My brother (I'll call hint Uafiity) Mid his Wife have sepal-fried after ftafiy years of rharria|e. I invited Danny to' my home for | Sunday dinner and he accepted. [Then he called my husband at i the office and asked if he could 1 bring a date. Without asking me, my husbattd said he could. When 1 was told of this, I let my husband know that I did not approve of it. In the first place Danny isfi't divorced yet, and In the second place we have children at ftoltisS ftffd t dofi'f ttilnk it's Tight fot ..ihtth (6 see Ifietf uncle with a date whiffe he; B still married. MAfl 616: ! p «lftft| tfrts yn. Afta 1 also tfcttfc «i •H, lit ftftMM Well, my husbaftd Mijftg me how rfe|>tesse€ Danny was. etc, so I gave in, but 1 made sure my • children weren't home that evening. Now. my husband tells me that Danny is coming for Sunday dinner again, and he is bringing a girl. A different one! I am furious with my husband for being so wishy washy. 1 think it i<5 wrong to receive a married man's dales in my home. What is your opinion 7 OLD FASHIONED J&f Ma ym hoftc, It's YOMft towe, Thursday, Jufy 10, Tfowsis tints ldllfff»"* v fiWff^ df tt«n" fe€ Sfrfffltl ff> ifrtntfiy. tsg sedi I Whit do DEAft ASSY: My husband jand I disagree ofl somethifig I j consider vital la fi god fhaf- ' riage. t disapprove of a married man taking his secretary out to i lunch, or dinner, or even for a ; drink after office hours. ! My husband says it is a nice way to show his appreciation for extra work, or a job well done. What do you say? GEMINI DEAR GEMlNft 1 say, if !t relieve her of fill tfte anguish ; ; he had caused her. ; It's the best laugh I've had j | since my husband decided to re- j ilieve ME of all the anguish he'd i I caused me for the same reason. | dies. All of us "r guish" wives could use § goat laugh. WE'Vte CtllED ENOUGH She sounds like the same ding- a-lifig my husband had his romp with, except SHE threatened to sue MB for calling her "A lady of ill repute 1 '—only I didn't' Development of armot ift the 15th century forced men to eut their hair short and shave oft their beards, according to th§ Encyclopaedia Britannica. SAFE WAY j iow, IOW PRIMS £V£RV ' **^ : '•'• '''' • ?<«SP£C/AIS.' Safew< Maxwell House Coffee. All Grinds JIL (Safeway Ceffee, Pf*'6f6und... Mb. log SI <) ' Idwafds Coffe*. Alt 6rlnd$... 14b, Can 57<) Can (With J5.00 ftnktit »f Mof* f»tlB((!n« ei«6f*H*tt Gain Detergent llOt OH Label.) Big Buy! —Mb., 1>M. B«« Fruit Cocktail Libby Pears Peaches Co« Sliced Beets Golden Corn MS Mexicorn * SortltH sr 294 AnflAA^C Bel M6nft. 17-«. HprivOld Holv.i. Unpteltd. Con Town Heuit. 1t-ej. Rtd Plttfd Can Sour Cherries Pie AppieS Com»»oek, Sliced. Mandarin Oranges;:;,; clr FanCy rlgS Bama.Whol* Can"' Green Beans OlrMr'n A " c 33* Safeway Special! Jergens Soap Both Soap Reg. Bar Purex Bleach Liquid, 5p«l«U —«all9« PlatHc 49* Joy Detergent Liquid. (201 OH Lobdl.l 5/ieeUil/ — OH Lob«l.l SpecUill —32-01. Mottle Cake Mixes Mr A,»; • i:: A -- Safeway Big Buy! Lemonade Scotch Treat. Frozen. Regular 6-OZ. Can Cane Sugar ^ Brown Sugar Nestle's Morsels Baking Soda Enriched Flour S-lb. Co«« loq Uthl Mb. ImptVlol. B«« 19* »T 10* Cream Pies B.I <,., Waffles >.<.ir Orange Juice ^^< Strawberries B tt Cheese Pizza ^ Cauliflower ™.*», French Fries Mr- 294 Stml- 12-n. Clc" 1 '' P °Y Sweet Box Ul" 53* V..Lb. Arm I Hommer B«« —5-Lb. lag 39 Chuck Roast Full Blade Cut. USDA Choice Grade Heavy Beef —Lb, Chuck Steak *«- BonelessRoast "^ or -i-7-Bonff Roott. Full Center Cut USDA Choice Orode Heavy B»*f Compare These Pork Vafi/esf CHOPS O u .n,r Sli<^ Uln. -Lb. 75^ Pork Spareribs i ftiK* ^. 654 PorkNeckbones r,,,^,,,,, ~u.254 Pork Link Sausage — -i b 694 All Beef Sausage s.,», r ^984 . Reac/y For The Gri/// Arm Roast 7& Full Cut. USDA Choice Heavy B«ef — Lb. • \f JPicnicMeal ValuesL Hamburger Steaks fiQi Formed olid Reody fo frrlll —tb. V V Ground Beef So<«woy Handy Chub Pak —2-L Ground Chuck Lean Beef. Freihly around —Lb. KIDS USD* Ot»lu Hto«r l"t Top Sirloin Steak £§j -»$l® New York Steak Rib Steaks Slab Bacon Jlk.rf. Jm»k«(f I Ci/rl4 —tb. 59* Canadian Bacon «£ -.J129 «.....*. All Meat Franks (Ro»h Blpek HowV\ 'f <01< I—Mb. Pk« 45f ; Softwoy. Pkg. All Beef Franks Safeway — 1-Lb. Pkg. 53* 334 Fryers A Fryer Parfs.' Whole Fryers ^.'^ Cut-Up Fryers *.,.,. ^394 Leg Quarters «»> ,«„«... ~tb.43* 4-Legged Fryers CU».U P -Lb.434 Fryer Thighs wm> f .^. -u.634 Hot Link Sausage Fish Sticks Perch Fillets u,,,,,,<^ ~u.69* USDA Choice Grade Lamb Leg of Lamb USDA Choice Grade Lamb Roast SKouldtr Squort Cut. USDA Choice Crod« —lb. Lamb Chops •^T-Bene ^Sirloin • LS —Lb. 1 29 <Hml , iow the Store . . . PLUS TOTAi ! «r- Safeway Special. Star-Kist Tuna Chunk. Light Meat 6V2-OZ. Can Safeivay Special! Kotex Sanitary Napkins. ^Regular or ototoej. »•«. B.l-olr PKg. Banquet Dinners QQ C A»orted, «/g l>u?l —Ktg, fkg, ^J ** 16* W D 0 g p 00 d Twin Pet. Spotial! Safeway Big Buy! Cheese Safeway, Longhorn. Halfmoon 79* *« 2 Aspirin Soft Drinks Root Beer Cascade 4-01. Llbby'5 Con SwiffsPrem IU^M.,,. c « Vienna Sausage Potted Meat Swanson Chicken - Why '»» 23 « ' A0c Dlthwashtr Pttergtnt Sandwich tags Bottl* 35-01. Bo> «0-Ct 774 wi "'f I IT 79* Hunts IWHOinOMATOEsI Corn Flakes Safeway. Big Buyl — 12-oi. Box Cheerios o»n.roi mh iii" n> Rice Krispies Grapenut Flakes Shred. Wheat Margarine Patties KS pr, Lb 84 w ^" Yogurt Cinnamon Rolls M '<?uu!. y j.v-284 W 2? p ,° y *""*"* Lu " rne Sp " ;o! Canned Biscuits 45 C Grade'A'Eggs •«, Mrf. Wrlflhr.,,*Bu««rm!lk A „ , r . LrCaill 1/116656 Ueerw / Pt>«« or ^Swe«t Milk. i)ij Bio / f^ —B'OX, Con Cheese Spread •»• ^ b iU" 4847 ? r —fl'Oi. Ctn. 25* Safeivay Special 35* Libby Salmon ^ ".? Sharp Cheddar Mild Cheddar Swiss Chunk Kuminost Danish Tilsit »*«., Monterey Jack BabyGoiidas Geisha Tuna Pork & Beans White 7-ei, Alboecre Can U-n. ^Stewed or *Solid Pack. Ideal for Casseroles. 14V2-W. Can Margarine Creamery Butter w tf rresn iVlilK IO*F O «. ue«n.« cv». Sour Cream Lucerne Dip g.ot. Lucerne On. 8-o«. Horseradish Ctn. 39 « " 1 */'' 37* Compare These Low Prices/ Safeway Special! Half & Half Lucern* J lnt (Quart Ctn. 57«) Ctn, 29< n L r -. J Baby food Helm. Strained. •^Desterts Teething Biscuits Diapers Ivory Soap R.o. Jor 1 i -,,- . ,J*t'W G«rb«r» B«x 30-C»1 29 Wli|fF.y 194 Perma Sharp Razor Blades Stainless Steel, Double Edge. f69«r 25* Safeway Special! Kraft Golden Ripe! p^ v?eig?n nipe; Bananas Mynshlng Seed! §/»m«// — <P'M town & Gorden Needs.' Soil Conditioner 9^369 f.ot. 4 6«. H. ii <W «| Vertofgwii , 2 8? Soill/fT'"" 2*"' H8-S-5J fil 19-ife. Nectarines Potatoes Red Plums Apricots Lemons Cabbage Raisins Grapefruit »• Melons IQ< Onions Fresh Corn ..» IS - 69* «r-. . U 10-Lb. *48* Tomatoes t9«ql Grown, Ur|t $IUIng Raisin Bread 9 Skylark. !*§<(• 1'lb-1? 0 '- Sp«'«" OTR Protein Bread *£«& J 3U 2 pattern? THIS WEEK GET YOUR ^A 4r% ^% . Bread Hotter PLATE ^^JA\, Liquid Starch Fabric Softener Bathroom Cleaner Windex Cleaner Pine Sot Top Job Drano Liquid . Sta-FU Ploitlt 2*1 With »-«. »***'• "•« Kft4 PUI«f*cia>t totti* 5PO' U-M. Frlsti Itft0lvt TSun., Fri- «n4 5?*., 4»iy 10,11 »s4 12. in. BROWMt'QOJi W» Rfurv* th» Right to Limif Qu#nti»ie«. N« S»'« »o Dedlers.

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