The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 1, 1961 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 1, 1961
Page 5
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THE BBAZOStOBT PACTS A UTTER FROM Co-Op Gallery Giving Both Artists And Public A Break !»*(• tit • thrift itff hl.waab. _* t. f ,*-- .. . , . School Menus AHTIi! WOHKS ON PLAQUE |« At Upp«r Right Corner —Photo By Don Wllion 'ciijer kiie Still 'aces LAislators liters: Hen- is another . ; with isiues for the I Rinsed in p.irt on re wire sent lawma'l ' Associated Press ) , It> OAKTH JONES TIN (AP) _ .._, ! of sentiment concern!* •legislation in the legislatu BCS Hie Ifsue will be big Bcr remiins (ho constnn |problem,' said Sen. Davi.. if Stnmbrd, in answering Mated ; j rrss poll o[ state andyttpresentatlves. RO perpntage of legish- •efuseditll failed to answer istion f|,in AP poll on a Hse in approprh-. , Blc Board of Wnter |ti |iy answers wore •with lite High Plains cotton growers or the rice growers along the |-onst disagreed with Industrial ••sers In North Texas. [ Gov. Price Daniel said the Jan. t meeting will consider, amonj Ihcr things, possible rc-organlza- •n of the stale board of water pincers, better financing of the lird. and changes In statutes at- (Hill II Bnollifr In « Itrtrt a DI-WFCI. If Weelu-nit Edition coinmni written hr nan Wntm, Inrmrr Vnrti photo«r*pfnr Bhn taiil Mi own mil bout, 1.i«lt rink. li«m, nnd n\\tt her tarn ttit Inlnnmi- Ul Clint In Oarpn Cfcriill In Ihe lint t*t> ol • lorniM* which mlcU w«l Uto klra Momd Hi* tloln.) City Yacht Basin Box 1622 Corpus Christ!, Tex i Paintings and art objects can * be had for reasonable prices, You Just buy them from the artist who created them. Costs are reasonable. It's as simple as that, To glvo themselves a gallery to display their works and to avoid the pressures and heavy markups that often come with commercial galleries, artlsU organize co-ops. One has recently opened here with some 30 artists producing and selling. It's called the Art Mart. Located In Parkdale Plaza, one of the larger swankier type shopping centers. They have the two smallish rooms ablaze with color and dazzling with sights. Sort of like the clutter-up type merchandising in five and dimb stores. It's not a cool and reserved display but very impressive. There's bound to be something interesting, and most people would find several Items worth seeing again. This, I find, is the intended reaction. The artists who run the place say that people seldom buy first time in; they Just look. Then many come back again ami look some more. Sort of geltl.ig used to a certain picture. Then eventually some de- cldi here's a painting they'd like to live with. And the prices are usually fid confused. I'd but I don't see ioney is coming ). B. H. Dewey of •nt House leader. ( ljislators said they ihe Board of Water ': money. Ten said it the board to have h legislators will be IT in water legish. . Jrer after a Jan. 5 £f>ting of ffli governor's state- -: water,!Cnmittee in Austin, it 200 pejnns have been ap- H iffl tc f roof re of the group ™*ie aim « 0 iron out contro- ' ffli various interests H before asking the ' changes in the water legislation IH'iR the state water develop- it board to make Its financial [stance programs for local in- 'Is more flexible. miel has recommended nn Ink of $1.505,841 for the board J362-63 for "strengthening re^and planning in th» .Franklin Spears of San An- ~:ild in answering the AP that he favors giving tha more money plus "ado- pgislnCon needed to define -ibilitics in the State Board of I thr neei time fcr Engineers." Tlcct Rayford Price of i fnvors more money for I "for loan purposes." iproposed re-organization 1- the current full time |n Board of Water Ere?;be replaced by a part it-man commission that wouM| policy then rely on an cxec ffi director and an admin- stramiaff to carry out the pol- y ' li dv controversy has der whether the pro- vc lo id in the past be- valley vegetable commission shouldjjj named from different [>il regions of the state. Biroposal before the le?- py will be a constitutional Bndment allowing the state toft, for added height on WJT •"» «***VH.U *»:i£iji mi dams H by federal agencies pa« «.. * ^K U J jcuiuiu utencies see eye to eye or locaifrpds. A similar plan got a majority vote of both houses In 1957 but was killed in the final nours ot the session by a Senate filibuster and a House fight over farm ponds. Another proposal that has stirred up interest h the suggestion that water users who would benefit the most to pay at least >art of the cost of water planning •md development through a water use fee. "It does not seem out of line to insist on the users of watir meeting the costs of maintaining the revamped slate water agi-n- cy." said a recent editorial in tiie San Angelo Standard-Times. "While the estimated cost to San Angelo would not be excessive, a! nevertheless adds a reason for concern. "When state agencies or the egislalure can run up the costs in cities as was done in estab- ishing hours for firemen and policemen, the argument for divid "g gasoline revenues to recompense cities for wear and tear on streets picks up steam. The added water levy adds fuel to the flames for cities are already hard- pressed for revenue." Still another legislative problem is contamination of lakes, streams ind underground water supplies by municipal and industrial shockingly on the low side. The one that facinates me Is a watercolor of my boat. Well as 1 know my Lydia Plnkham she looks different through the painter's eyes. The bow stands boldly out and Is bright yellow. And there's a strong red tarp which was a sunshade last summer. It is watcrcolor but in nowise pastel or weak. And It's a fine large picture about 11 by 15 Inches plus frame. All that for only $10. It is very hard to resist such a one so I tell myself maybe later I can afford this luxury; meanllma I'll keep looking at it occasionally. They also have oils as low as $10 — not tiny ones either. The price range of v/ork presently on hand is from $1 to $250. For the holiday season there was an expanded collection of ceramics, and metal and ceramic ash trays etc. Then they havo some interesting colored glass compositions which are set up with a light behind them. Plus plaques and sculptured objects. Their idea at the co-op isn't to make much money or got rich. They want to show and sell their creations in order to go on doing art work with some freedom and without the restrictions and cliches often required in professional art. And further reversing the trend to specialization the artists themselves are part time salespeople for the organization. They all turn to for a part time session waiting on :ustomers and doing some of ;heir work at the Mart by way] of a show lor people coming jy. At almost all times there is some sort of art work in pro-! duction on the premises, may-; be two or three. And you can' watch. ! For a few days before Christ-' mas one woman was sketches of customers much as 70% of the sale price on gome art objects and often 30 to 50 per cent on paintings. These pared selling costs provide the lower prices to t h e buyer and make it possible for local artists such as these to compete rather handily with the stamped out g&dgctry which often decorates modern homes. There is still the small snob market which strives for the conspicuous expense of name artists' works but is a rather unimportant market, those artists feel. The tiling they offer Is creative and artistic talent In original works which are all unique and individual. This at reasonable prices. 9" _ this >?. as . is th *y expect - ••* urcj CA^ieCI their co-op will be able to func- AHOUND CCi For \Vwk Of Jnn. 3-8 RRA7.0SPORT TUESDAY Barbecueburgor Buttered Potatoes Peach Halves Phil Ferguson turned up in! Vanilla Pudding town driving a email foreign car yet. He's at UCC on a football scholarship end quite proud of his uncle who now handles the sport desk at The Fact*. Thelma and Bobbye Willis stopped by when they were in town visiting relatives during the holidays. They'd bean out looking over one of the quarter or a million dollar homes on ™. p ,?i e J Hewitt Drive. FRIDAY Harry Graham and his family were also down Christmas. They'd left their Lake Jackson home in fog and were miffed to come into more gray fog here in Corpus. Here the Chamber alleges it vastes. I 'if lirsl Maj major rtopc The Braze* Facts Headline/our of seven i countrtw i Amsterdam .17-day trip 'egins June Houston Inter nlional Air; whore KLM u>yal Dutch " will furnish the smooth, |li overseas flight pscnations being isterdam's Tour Stop capital of] the rk, the fairy _ -,,„ ,,,/ti |/v i l ni «'The Facts ; id Bnidsh.,,v Ihc ,',5 l ' ncy '" K V'' port - Cosl |»stfrdam, me capital'oTtli? • ls a iiialnt cilv iwmentos of Us <•>-. lc -'>l past, sy-h as tha ... '°. °n «* "<>,inmik, "'1 merchants' housfc and nmli-nt Mint Tower. days will be spent l\ 1|)(1 nd the Dutch city. Tho\. t •• of 50 canali which cut* inio 70 small islands, .. rlul sightseeing possible- tf >r launch. Such a trip thi™ famous harbor and canals |>T food is easy to find <n tcrdam, including the famed neslan Kijstalfcl. Then' nro any new and unique dining as well as old Uutch-styls places such es the "Fiva . ore several old Dutch ; villages near Amsterdam local people still return ' irlul native dress, uicluti- Jen shoes. Amstcidam, Ihe parly i to Copenhagen late un ,,.!> day, stay thero tha y, and leave an the sixth, thought one of Eu< t cities (8UU years), 9 of U>a gayest and most Bti with ITUUI.V of the elliest girls, Itronjjoig of vhukc speare's "" la Juit a short i East C"ast. tale countrftThere you can shop for some Ithe world's roost exquisite mm-Jiandiso, enjoy one of Europe'sMicst ballet companies, or rela*i the famous TivoU wardens, K One of yob most pleasant memories of %*nhasen will be Danish food || the city's charm- Mast of the Copenhagen an* <-onccntrat«l |thin Die right of parks which Wlosc Uic oldest part of the city, making it easy to visit all of them. In both Amsterdam and Copenhagen, there are hundreds of thousands of bicycles, the chief means of transportation for many residents. These are but the first two stops on the 17 day visit. Other stops include Zurich, Hamburc Rome, Paris and London. Reservations are now being trip. For further information, call Jim Nabors at The Facts or Jack Bradshaw at the travel agency. doing while they waited, at $2.50 a bust. When I visited she was having a devilish time with a teenager whose mother had gotten him into the thing. He \vas a maddening sitter, it seemed, trying to tear up the joint while being sketched. Art isn't always easy either. But she didn't thivw paint at him or anything and the picture came out quite well. Bsside furnishing their own labor the grojp has lurther kept overhead down by getting the location loaned to them by the Parkdale Flaw people. This shopping center is one of the new and big ones with all the usual "gracious-living" atmosphere including slick shops, canned background music, canopied walks and customers in Bermuda shorts. The management allowed the artists group, since it is a non ! profit setup, to have their la--- cation entirely without rent, r suspect the Plaza people aren't; adverse to the added prestige- an art co-op run by genuine] ir.-the-flesh artists on the scene) gives their center. i Anyhow this generous aid means the organization needs only to cover utilities: phone, lights and heat (Of course they paint their own signs. This they have secured by a $2 membership fee for their members — presently there are 30. This charge and an allotcd amount of time are all that's! required of the participating! artists. ! And on sales the organization ?ets a flat lor«. This is split; 1 :alf to the group kitty and haif j n the individual making the' sale. So if the artist sells his 1 cwn work he can net 95<t- of tlit gross-which is -exceptionally good from tlicir standpoint. Since many commercial operations wind up taking as CA81_ RomclBLNT ANGELO — MAJESTIC SITE IN ROME ^^On« Of 8«v«i«I Mtjor Clli.t Tour Will Covtr rJ .VEDNESDAY Irish Stew Buttered Cabbage Black-eye Peas Peanut Butter Cookies Corn Bread THURSDAY Roast Beef, Brown Gravy Buttered Rice Green Salad, Italian Sauce Apple Cobbler RIOAY Codfish, Catsup Whole Kernel Corn Cabbage-Pepper Slaw Ginger Bread, Lemon Sauce WCBRAZORIA TUESDAY Meai-Pota toe-Burger Honey Buttered Carrots Tossed Salad Peach-Rice Cream WJib.VKSIMV Hot does. Chili Cheese SUCKS Black-Eye Peas Buttered Cabbage Brownies THURSDAY Chicknn. Noodle Cas?orol« Seison Greens Vegetable Gelatin Salad Apple Cobbler Cornbread, Butter FItlDAY Creole Shrimp, Rice Buttmri Parsley Potatoes Slircd Tomatoes Peanut Butter Cookies AXOLETON TUESDAY Barbecue Buns Fritos Pinto Beans Green Salad Fruit Cobbler WEDNESDAY Roast Beef Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Fruit Jello Biscuits PLAN NOW • t • NEXT SUMMER 30 ALL EXPENSE - ROUND TRIP BY JET FROM HOUSTON. Tilt Meat Navy Buttered ChoeoInU FRIDAY Fish Sticks Catsup Baked Beans Shoestring Potatoes' Fruit Cobbler DANBUBY TUESDAY Soup Stew Meat, Noodles Candied Yams Black-Eye Peas Spinach Cabbage Salad Sliced Peaches WEDNESDAY Soup Spaghetti, Meat Corn Green Beans Cooked Cabbage Carrot Apple Salad Banana Pudding THURSDAY Soup Hot Dogs Corn Chips Lettuce, Tomatoes Cookies, Pears LEAVE HOUSTON JUNE 18th RETURN JULY 4th BY KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES REFUELING STOP IN MONTREAL ARRIVE AT AMSTERDAM FOR DAYS SJ-Zi ARRIVE AT COPENHAGEN LATE ON 4th DAY THE 6th DAY BRIEF FLIGHT TO ZURICH VIA HAMBURG FOR DAY 7 & g LATE ON 8th DAY MOVE TO ROME FOR DAYS 9, 19 & II. ARRIVE IN PAJilS ON 12th DAY FOR DAYS 11 14 ARRIVE IN LONDON ON 14th DAY FOR DAYS 15 & IS RETURN TO HOUSTON VTA AMSTERDAM A MONTREAL ON 17th DAY. JOIN OTHER TEXAS GULP COAST RESIDENTS ON THIS EUROPEAN HOLIDAY! SEE or CALL ... MAKE TRAVEL HERE NOW! BRADSHAW TRAVEL BUREAU JIM NABORS f

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