The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 16, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE, COURIER NEWS TMIf* n/^xrrxi A Vlni Mrniff.ii * t-u-m «*-. ..^._^l.. u i * F"^^ VOL. XXXIII—NO. 2IJ3 Blythevlllc Courier Hlytheville Herald Blvtlievlllo Dal!> Mississippi Valley Leader Tim DOlvflNAMT NEWSPAPER OP NOrtTHrASV ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI YTIIKVII-LE, AUKANtfAS, WBDNKSDAY, D1CCKM11H11 SWOT; CHINA SENDS TROOPS TO RESCUE CHIANG PLIES Ml L Asks Roosevelt Committee to Map Easier Way to Farm Ownership WASHINGTON, Dec. 1C. (UP) — Secretary of Agriculture Hcnrj A Wallace today asked president Roosevell's farm tenancy committee', lo formulate- a "long lime practi-, cat program to make easier the ten-1 nuts' climb lo ownership." i Wallace made the "keynote" | speech, at the first''meeting of Lhe ' committee, composed of government experts, farm organisation leaders, social workers, publishers, three ne- ' t;roes and one tenant farmer. President Roosevelt, in appoint Ing the committee, asked It to study methods for federal aid in solvlw the farm tenancy problem. The Resettlement Administration al- ieady has made .a start through purchase of farms for 1.000 tenants. Cash AM Not Answer Wallace.told the conference thai purchase of farms for tenants ii desirable but thai this can make "only a small, start'' toward answering the problem 'which must be solved "if the civilization of the United states is to remain secure.' . It would take ah annual appropriation of $160,632.000 to halt the growth of. tenancy, increased by lhe depression, by the purchase of farms, Wallace said. If some Way would be found to halt tlie increase, he declared. It would take 230 years of.animal'fed- eral appropriations at $50,000.000 for purchase of .farms at $4.000 each to wipe out present tenancy. •Wallaee.suggestcd the commute; :••"• study means of improving relatlon- •, .ships' between tenants and farm .! owner's., Using the prevailing sys- ( tern, hj SBtld, the ^tenant haiTno as • siirarice.-'that- -niiy":' improvements '. wiilch hot makes will be of ally ben ct'it .to him.'! Urges Stability of Occupant} - "This -situation," Wallace said "Is unfair'to the tenant, unwise for lhe landlord and Usually,dlsastrou to Altemot To Cut Line: \Xhich Biings Supplies to Loyal Catalonia PERPIGNAN, Prance, Dec ifj (UP)—Pour bombing planes at lacked the International railroad town of Port Bon on the Franco- Spanish Mediteiranean boidci to-, day injuring one Frenchman I Dropping tlu-ee bombs on the stn- 1 lion the planes tried to cut the laihoad on which Catalonia depends for most of its food and mu- nition impoi Is Just graduated from college last June, Kenndrd Fnlwhistle Goldsmith above) claims the distinction of being the younge-t mayor elect in the United States In the Portsmouth N H municipal election he defeated Mayor Robert Marvin by 670 votes. Local Jnquiiy Made ' In Connection With Rev 1 ) cnue Depaitment Audit Aopioxmialoly PS local automobile owners had been question ed briefly by representatives of the ^slate compliollers offtce f 'hcio this nioining m'piial Sias described as, a,, loutine investigation £Hng conducted m connection with the comptrollei s audit of the sl.itc fice Several ictcmic commissioner"! of- hundred form letters done and can be done to prove tenant and landlord relationships. ."Our objective should be to provide botii operating owners and tenants with greafer'stabilily of occupancy and greater security of I enure, wjth greater opportunity to sscure an adequate livelihood, wilh greater freedom from exploitation and with some assurance that then resources will be conserved for posterity.", New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 1G (UP) —Cotton held steady through the closing period of December trading and closed 1 to 4 points higher In near positions and down 0 points iii distant October. open high low close Dec 1250 1250 1238 1249 Jan 1234 1234 1234 1221k March 1233 123S 1223 1229 May 1221 1223 1211 1215 July 1207 1213 "1202 1207 Oct 1115 HIS 1163 1167 ..„ v Spots closed .steady at 1276, up| companied "thcm"^'^ three. . • . 11 ilajs ngo Horn J Bijan Suns, head of the audit division of the comptioilers office notifying them to appeal foi questioning today and bung with them whatever evidence they might have in the vvav of icrelpls 01 license caids showing pavment for 1935 %tale auto 01 tiuck licenses In the absence of Mr Sims who Is expected (o arrive here tonight to take personal charge of 'he inquirj three members of his • tnff declined to comment on the investigation othei than to say that it was simply a routine chert m connection with their indlt of the revenue department, has been made in other :ountics in the state. They in- -ticalcd the- questioning of car owners, directed' • toward the amount of their payments for Ii. Loyalists Bomb Cadiz GIBRALTAR Dec l(i <(JP>- Lojil war planes bombarded cadi? Spain today <lamaghi« the -use- nal theie Renew.' Aerial Bombardment' MADRID, Dec 1C (UP)—Nineteen iebel planes five bombeis and 14 nghteii, laided Madrid at i 30 P m six bomb explosions were heard in t'c noithwestern pait of '1'e citi A drizzle and fog forced the raidcis lo fly Io\v Lojallst puisult planei appealed and -itlacked |i>» invjders The rattle of machine guns from both rebel ant! lojnllst planes was cleaily audible i Later a fleet of iebel bomber dropped 40 bombs around Majada- hcnda five miles northwest of the capital Tlie bcmbs mlsi-d the village and fell m the surround!us fields , F»o Rebel Planes Downed The planes then destroyed a block of five houses in Cuatro ca- minos In the northern outskirts of the dlj Itself, B i,ere an Inipoilant air field Is located \j Rebel planes also bomlwd the. workers suburb of.Teluah, deslrov- Ing seieial houses Fust reports wen. (i, a t [! lr( - e wfre knk( , nm| ^ wounded in Tetuan Loyalist planes downed two iebel planes In the prluceis Bnd-e neighborhood. V 'nnocent Bystander , Dies of Bullet Wound l.H-ILE ROOK, Dec 'lC tU[j)— viclor G. Nordstiom, 45, former icMdint of Mlnpeopolls, Mlhn, died todaj In a hospital from a hind «ound inflicted the nlghlf of Diccmbci 12 when two men bc- canie engaged In a fight hi a Noi Hi Little Rock restaurant 1 NoiUstioin, a customer In the cafe, was slruck by a bullet fired fiom a gun held Uy Jack Steile, safe ownei, as he struggled vilh Jack Mann, foimei employe of Jhe Mabllshment j Mann suffered a severe neck vound fiom ilie same bullet that lodfjed In Nordstrom's brain j Sleele wab at liberty_this after- neon on bond uftei formal min- lu chaiges had been nied against mil bj North Little Rock police. T extend possibly censes would probably through Thursday and Fndaj Members of Stale Comptroller Roy .W. Spences staff here are Ewing c Reed, Bruce Fraser and C M Clergel Two stenographers ficm the comptrollers office ac- [Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK, Dec.' 1C (UP)-Irregularity prevailed on tlie stock He hod a kioaJ /ace and a little round belly, Tlial shool(, ivlicn he lautfuJ. tili'c a boirl[ul oj jVI/o. (Continued in Next Issuc> exchange loday in professional tr'adhlg despite .a continuance ot '\cellent business reports AT&T American Waterworks. Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel Chrysler Cilles Service Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank .. General Electric Gen. Motors McKesson-Robbins Montgomerj' Ward . .. New York- Central Packard .. Phillips Pet. Radio Corp. St. Louis-San Francisco i Simmons Beds . . I Standard of N. J. I Studcbaker I Texas Corp. . U. S. Smelling I U. s. Steel i Warner Brothers i Zonltc 185 3-8 26 52 3-4 73 7-8 124, 14 1122 74 3-4 53 7-8 63 1-2 13 1-4 66 43 3 8 107-8 47 3-4 11 5-8 21-2 35 1-8 67 1-4 13 3-4 493-4 883-4 18 3-8 17 7-8 8 ^ail Unions Oppose Proposal foi Opeiation of Louisiana and Noithwest WASHINGTON, Dec 1C (UP)Twelve raihoad workers' unions ap- P°aled to the Interstate Commerce Commission toda 5 to prevent reorganization plans under which the Louisiana and Arkansas Railwav compiiiv would operate properti-" of the Louisiana and Norlhwes Railroad company. the unions pointed out that for several years workers on the L and A. had been engaged in 1 disputes with their employers and that open conflict had broken out, most re cently in the bloody Louisiana railroad strike, called September 19 and settled a few weeks ago After bitterly cnticulng labor policies of the L and A and in particular'Of Its president, c p Couch, the union brief said' 'If the Interstate Commerce Commission approves an agencv contract to permit the Louisiana and Arkansas Railway company la operate and maintain the touM ana anil Northwest railroad fte can expect the same management poll- cU* in respect to labor lelatlonj and the defiance of .the railway labor act The brief charges the reorganization would eKtend the area engaged in labor strife:and .thus Interfere with Interstate commerce 1 The unions criticized the L 'and' A. as "unfair and unreasonable" and charged the road with violating (hi, lithvay labor act FOR BflER, Defense Will Demand FuV- lliei Continuance I'laud Case of i Duke Wants Simple Ceio- mony, Says Repoil fiom Eir/esfeld ENZESPFLD Allstlia, Dl-c 1& (UP)— Some sources nt En/esteld castle leiwrted lodaj that Edniud of Wlnrtdoi, mid Simpson hail i Inge plans Wallh Despite the fact cilmlnal court disagreed on mai- „ In (hrli nightly' telephone talks their plans lo mairy aflei Mrs Simpson obtains hei Until divoice diciee It was re- iwiled, .she favors a sljllsh wedding In keeping with hci fuliuo rank a sa lojal duchess while the duke wants a strictly j,lmp!e and even secret one. Though It was said officially lodaj that Urt Simpson will not come to Austria icpoits were Hint tills was at Mis, Simpson's own Insistence. Edward was said lo be becoming, so restive nt his exile without that he was Inclined lo defj, Reciprocal Tariffs t Debated &t Memnrm MEMPHIS,* DSC 1C (Ui>) Mdon of the AmeilCiin fnrinei lies In the taking advantage ot new ijhcmlcnl uses of farm pioducts nmi abolition of reciprocal Undo lien- ties, ii nationally known chemlstl lold tho Mid-South, nirm Vamin, here today, , I Immediately after he spoki a I high ngilcullurnl adjustment ml-' mlnlstiatton official clmmploncd icclpiouil tindu treaties as not onlj u menus of helping tho Immei g(<t a detent pi Ice foi hh product but m a menus of pie- 'ilie cheinlst w'ns Call U nit- scl'e, manaslng dlrecloi of (lie raim Clieiniuglo Council nt Deiu- boin, Mich, which Is backed hj Hom> iioul and olhei Industrial OIK! nllkd uioiips The AAA of. felal was Alfied R Slodmiui. ns- ilslnnt admlnlblratoi 11 Ducc Playing Cupid to Them? ct that chcuit' col " mtl o» «nd in-ge her to come was adjourned lo Austila tivei fiom the legulai fall term A l llan 'IBS been discussed. It Is In November nnlil tomorrow es- understood foi Edwaid Ho go to •--'-"• foi theii hlnl it appear- lhe Adriatic neit month to ciitlse d doubtful todaj if Max Ba.ei Mr>> Slwpsons divorce de. - ind Clmilej Block, auto liability cleo ls llla de final Then they nsuiance agents of SI Louis, Mo, " Olll(l mc et probajly at sea to misert of obtaining money undei avol( ' Publicity false pietenies and forgery, will' ll '? lefwrtcd that Edwaid Is ctuallj go on lilal here Thure sa flll BO at the attack made on 1 ' 1 '" by the Aichblshop of Can, llj " ry ttiat lle IIDI! considered ' ori " Rll i' leaving the Church of Marcui Evrard of Reid & Evrard who with Claude P Coopei represents the defendants. inTd En 8 tolul today that the defense would resist any effoil to force a trial ti.-' moirow because of falluie of Den-i vei Dudley, piosecuting attorney,' prepare inlerrogatories Car U^npLsslon to w(tnesSe$ reifdln^^ "31 'Lolas and ofhei cities, whose le positions aie considered e&ei lal bj the defendants He said ^ JE' hat defense questions had°, been PL • . rTTT , v . n n iicpnied and submitted to 'the V- ni 'StmaS (jilts Vv/lll 1 3V ,rr«,;i,toi * office for preparation - Child] pn'<: W<M. \' n R<.n« of tl)e piosecutor's questions foi <-" s Way lo DCne- of he same witnesses In view of (his situation Mi Evraid said the defendants would ugoioiisly re- Ist trial tomorrow •No?-agreement, 1 to' rirUo'"rv dt at Roxy Children of Blvthevlli* will be Eiven an opiiortvliity (o become I members of the Ooodfellows club ner until a latei date had been lhis K«f by pajlng at least ten eached todaj so fai as cuUld be f. enls « or th of merchandise lo see earned, and appaiently members tlle ni ovie at the Roxj theater Sal of the regular petit jury panelrof, Illda 5' morning beginning at 9 30 the November term of couit will oc 'ock These gifts will be placed repoit tomorrow ' "i boskets lo be distributed to Ulj- Circuit Judge G E Keck of ' llev "' es POOI as Christmas gift' this city will preside at the trial •, m lhe Qoodfellows club which The defendants have been held m . " lade u » ° r local people who the counts jail here since the Vo\embei court term unable to iiake bond In the sum of $10,000 each ( Will Oppose Increase in Taxes on Property LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 16:-(UP) — John Lonoke, who will serve-as speakeiv of the house of representatives during the 51st General Assembly, this week look a stand against any additional tates on properly owners b> the legislature "I am certain from the amoTnt of revenue that must be produced, that Hie sales tax .will-be contln- /' .•SHOPPING DAYS :'nn CHRIST MAS China Uses U. S. Junk SHANGHAI (UP)-Broken glass o d newspapsr. wornout automobile «"» ' ™ New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. Cotton closed steady. 16 (UP) _ Dec Jau March May July Oct chaiisoii 1260 1363 1238 1239 1237 1240 1224 1227 1215 1217 1173 ' 1179 1243 1227 1227 1S15 1205 116S closed steady at 1292; 1263 1230 1232 1219 *205 1166 mixed cargo, 5 u- on American Junk "« ally found heaps, are put to many lBe i « China Hundreds of toni oTsuch "useless'' materials are China annually, in to Spot Average . Is 12.10 Tlie average price of 7-8 inch inMdlin? cotton on the lo des- Igimlfd spot niaikets today v\as 1310 the Blythevilte Board Trade reports. ued and the exempllot Bransford said us removed," I am going to oppose any move Jiat will mean an Increase of property taxes, 1 for landowners have supported the state-government for the past- 100. years.; and It Is lime someone else was helping," the next speaker declared. tribute money and merchandise foi this cause The show is being presented ullhouf cost by Mr and Mrs 0 W McCulchen as their contribution to the Ooodfellows club and the em- ployes will give their services for Ihelr part In sharln; the Yuletide With the less fortunate. It is hoped bj J Ernest Has- Eon. general chairman, and White, who assisted him in arranging for the show, that this performance will net a large amount M merchandise for lhe baskets lie gifts have not been many, so far and unless much more money and other gifts are contributed there will be many families hi Blv- Iheville who will go without Christmas dinner and 'Santa Glaus" for the children Parents arc urged to have the children attend the show, which Is to. be a movie especially for chll dren. Not only will their allend- »nce stimulate their interest in sharing their Christmas with ', the poor, but It win also help the aood- fellows club, m"iibcrs of the committee .said today. Fom Pabbcngeis Suffei lu- juu'es 'in Accident Last Night Fotu boimd passengers Ore) hound on bus noilh- »ere In- Jured about 10 o'clock last night when the bus slruck two mules on Highway 61. about three hilled north of Bljthevllle The mules vveie killed and the bus slightly damaged ' t The most, seriously hurl, of'the fc-sengers was Miss JRenee Ash- lore, of Kansas City/M6,'.who sustained lacerations about (he face and bruises caused by broken glass Miss Ashmore remained Ihls afternoon, ,inirfer a pliy- , , cat,; at, [he Blvthevllls hospital, where she add, the others «c*i - removed v lint< ni»ht,'< biW her, condition was^not regarded as serious One bf the othcis A M' Jackspn of West Memphis. Aik remained In , the hospital over night but was dismissed today -ilie others iccelvi-d emui- gencj lieatment, and n cro dK- rnKscd last night Ownership of the mule's, running at large on 'the highway with another pah. had not been determined loday Walter McDonnld vns- tho drk- er of lhe bus . Accident Victim Walks for First Time in Three Years Count Ernest Glenn, 54, as one of the happiest of Blythevllle residenU tills Christmas. Ernest, to most people, might appear one of the city's most severe* Iy handicapped residents. Bui life for., him is practically beglrmliii anew.- ror the first time since he was struck by an automobile on Highway 18. near Dell, three yeard ago, Is walking. True, he Is walking with the aid of crutches, artificial legs and braces, but he is actually walking— slowly, step by step. Many persons have seen Olenn, seated on his "scooter," propelling hiniself up and down the sidewalks .of ,the business .section by using his hands and .arms. ' • Now the stump of one leg has been .fitted .with an artificial leg With the aid of crutches, Is walk- Ing- upright He has hopes that he'll be able to throw away his crutches some day and walk, possibly with the aid .of nothing more than a itoUl cane For Ernast. there's something: fine fcbout being able lo talk face to uee with others— without forever looking up. And there's a real story of courage and tenacity of purpose In Glenn's long fight to obtain the necessary funds lo' secure the costly. braces after 20. months in bed and months of living at the county poor farm, from place to place and around the fire station at the city hall— but he prefers lo keep that parl to himself right now But Ernest savs he does want to thank his friends, the 'merchants, officials Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Dec, 15 (OP)—Hogs: receipts 9,000 Top 10.25 170-230 ,'lbs' 10.10-10.20 140-160'Ibs 7.00-10.10 Bulk sowa 9.00-9.35 Cattle: receipts 3.200 Steers Slaughter sleers 5.50-11.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers' ' 500-750 , SJauirhler heifers ,450-1100 shape, has been braced and KrnMt^'don't w^nt"pub'iic"aiten7lon"fcr iT 1 ' Cutl«nl > »nd low cutlers 300-400 »nd others have helped him . . , And especially certain oiil-of-tbwni and the other, Uislcd and out of friends who liaVe helped him tut Conspnacv Chaiges Result From Coal Mine War Inqiiuy SPRINGFIELD, III., Dec. 16 (UP) Investigation bj G men and special prosecutors into three years' of bloody warfare between rival /coal miners' unions was climaxed today by .publication of three indictments naming 41 persons 'The Indictments','were returned December 8 but details 'had b«en suppressed in order'to permit arrests. "They charge a conspiracy 'from'December, 1932 to August 1035, during which 23 coal trains were.- bombed, six .bombings ' attempted, .and one bridge burned. .The indictments concern only the bombings 'and .brldgei destruction and further: action is possible concerning the killing of approximate Iy 40 persons in riots and attacks upon miners' hopies < The; mine strife resulted from a revolt In 1932 of many Unilea : Mine Workers of America '• members .against ;a wage scale elven emergency, .approval by: International President John L. Lewis. This resulted In formation of the progressive Miners' Union. Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec' 132 3-4 134 3-4 132 1-2 134 1-4 May 128 3-4! 130 1-4 128 1-8.129 6-( lUiiiiuletl ns efloifi to p pin I ol linls's. control over Ausiiln is ijio icpuiiud pending eiiKnecmonl of I'rtnwss .Muliti of Itolv.Jop'fih'dlo, and .Aicliduko Otto, lower' phot) 24 pielendc? lo the A'i»U-!an throne Uc-siojalton ol 'Cmu jo : lhe Mnpsb«l(! Ihiotiejl'i !*- llcv'od to hnvc \>&(\\ itlsnis»*rl iccenlly bj Mussoftnl jnJ AUs- lilan moO'llchlSU, ,' t'rlhcrss Maria - •-- ' ^ - - ncd iliHIghlci , ctf.'Kliig Vlcto FOR LOST PLfli Hope Abandoned foi Rescue of Seven Peisohb Aboard An. Liner SALT LAKP CITY Dec 10 (U P)—Searching parties cqulppei wilh sklls and snow shoes s,o oul loday In search of tlie West cm Air Expies.s trans]x>rt plain which presumably crashed mb one of the peaks of the two mile high Wasatch niounlains Virtually nil hope (hat any o the seven persons aboard wouli be found alive was abandoned Intermittent " rnln' 'mid snov squalls, which have prcvailec since tlie plane disappeared Ii tlie fog more than 31 hours ago kept rescue planes grounded to day At mld-mornlng ground .search Ing parties were organized a points between here and Mllfort where the big 10-passenger Boeln lra'n«port last icported Its posl lion at 3 27 A M (Nf s T Vecterday, Scores -of, CCO work ers were enlisted and cqulppe with skils so that they coul travel in the snow-capped peak and canyons. They started mlle-b) mile inspection of th forbidding terrain. In the valleys rain fell a night, long and continued today Snow was falling .In the moiin tains at elevations beyond feet and tile government 5.M wea thcr bureau said It would b ftt least' 24 . .hours . before air planes could be' used. PHIS HIDE) 'BY ,'okyo Unable tQ-Confirrp,-'' Yesterday's Story t of Hii, Mm del c ';,, SHANailAf, Chlna^ DecA 17 (« ^1 ')—Reliable i-e|x>rti at Nankins,lo- r / ,J lay sald s that government Iroops imrchlng lo the rescue of aencfal- Chlang Kai-shek held cap,-' inl capital and dug-ln toi a proi ongcd siege * ^ Ohlnng's deatl; at (he, hahds ot', •larsltnl Chang, reported yesterday iy ft Japanese new!, agency, lias not 'ecu (.oliHrmed and in cliliipse j »6\- inmenl circles It was belleved'Mt ii' was stjll ftllve ut Slan-fu \% 1 Troops ClWh at Slan-fu The government forces clashed ftllh Marshal Chang's rebel forces 3ii the eastern edge of Slan-fu bill 10 seveie fighting has occurred ai jet. the Nanking advices said ' '< T V Song, former finance nlW- Islei und brotheir-ln-law of' th'ft icneralisslmo (old the United "prels ie had been,requested by Nanlitiu lo pioceed lo the capital from lib, residence In Shanghai to aid In the eirort to effect onlang's ''""•.(overnmenl aiMrti^ Ohang had failed to>Jlst the fib- "' port'of ahy other leader' of 'import- { . ahce In his rishig agilast the 'au- '"I thorlty of Nanking 'Instead,' evi- 1 dDncei of nationwide * support ot ^ the central authority 'continued to pour into Nanking, officials saltfA t Itft Admit Confnloiv •" € ~ At Tokyo a 'Ja]>aJieiSe <c*e,Ign 'o(- > (we apokrsrtWil oocjfesiKid that lhe" government found reports of> the t, new Ch|nese."crlsls so conJuslng as,- 1 lo forbid forfr,atl6n of defliltU- "I pqllci'es" T • s ""Tv 1 ""', *" ^?^' !T*At T>'TSse?l{, hi U]f/'u\e., Foreiglv office Vds without connrmalioh or the fate ot aeneraiteslmo" chlasg K^l-shik, held'capfive at Slan-tii ^Marshal Chang Hsueh-llang* ' There was no explanation of the report dlsscjiilnafed jesterday b} the official Domel newi agency,' as recelicd from shanghai, that Chang had cVecuted the generalkslrno- Thc dispatch quoted a wireless broadcast by the joung' marshal as authority foi the assertion that the generalissimo ahd a distinguished group of,associates.had been assassinated ' Will Seek to Open Way for Compensation Etowah Youth Chosen Convention Delegat PAYETTEVILLE, Ark.—The se lection of Earl Wlldy, of Etoivah Mississippi county, to represent th University ot Arkansas chapter at the annual convention of Alpha Zeta, agricultural honorary fraternity, In Chicago December 27. \vas announced by school officials, Wlldy Is a junior, president of lhe Kappa Alpha, social fraternity and an honor student. EL DORADO, AVk -P C pii'r-' vlance, representative -elect, ImV prepared a constiti)tlonal amenajl menl vhlch he will Introduce in the legislature, doing away -with Ar- llclc V, Section 32 and openliV the way for pa'ssage of a workers;; compensation law - ' '<"} . Piu-viance said that under 'iHe present law the assembly Is prohibited from passing any law 'limiting the amount that may be re-- coveied from death or lnj\ir\. " He is preparing another amend-. nient whlph vvill abolish the Mil tax us a vollng qualification ''^ 1 Paroled Jonesboro Man u.'.. Arreited for Robbery' JONESBOHO. Ark — Ben Cam" of Jonesboro, on parole from the federal uenltentlary at .Fort Leav-> enworth, Kftn has been arrested at Farmlngton, Mo In connef-' tion «lth the robbers' of the c 'P Bode store -satt at Okean Ran^r' dolph county, on the nlghrjir Oct 13 > -» i M L Eby, 26, former convict of Little Rock, is awaiting grand jury action at Pocaholilas In connection with lhe Qfceah lobbery In ' which $80 In cash" ahd more than 51 200 In government bonds were' >toleh Will Not Recognize Annexation of Ethiopia LONDON, Dec, 16 (UP)—Capt Anthony Eden, foreign secretary, told a questioner In the house of commons today that "the British government has no Intention of according de jure recognition (recognition, of something lawfully accomplished) to Italy's aiv uexatlon or Ethiopia," Fined for. Disturbance Son Hen!e> was fined ?15 In municipal court" this morning on a charge of dlsttirtlhg the peace. James Hickm»h , was flned $10 for public dru'hlcenness. > WEATHER Arkansas-^Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday slightly colder Thursday and In northwest portion tonight, ' Memphis and vicinity—Mostly cloudj tonight and Thursday. Lo»i est lemperalure tonight 3^ lo 3». Colder Thursday, » The maximum temperature here iflTorrJmt * I^AF. cA _.i_i_ ^.j « yesferday 64, minimum , < u , clear, according to Samuel p, Nor- rls, offlclal^e»th«r obwrTW, VA*

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