Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 28, 1952 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 11
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Fry Zucchini In Hot Butter For New Dish Do you like zucchini—and do you want to know a new way of preparing this delicate Italian squash- Try this: ' Select firm, green zucchini. Wash Well but do not pee), Slice crosswise to make small disks. .Blend In a bowl a cup of flour, a teaspoon of garlic salt, a teaspoon ot paprika^and ••£ teaspoon of white pepper. --Dip the zucchini slices in milk, then in the seasoned flour. Pry in hot. deep butter or margarine for two minutes—until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper and serve hot, lighuy sprinkled with paprika. EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28. 1952 ELEVEN MARTHA LOGAN serves Egg and Mushroom Panic BURKEY'S SELF-SERVE FQODLAND !M N. CENTRE ST. PHONE 963 HEADQUARTERS FOR FRESH FISK Build a good quick Lenten meal i around these egg and mushroom {patties. They're easy to make and I you'll like the unusual flavor combination, when you add a bit of JUfiTS MY BRAND /RIVAL! - DOG FOOD II* FUN TO KM* YOUR NIBRMUD,' Just feed him Filbert's Margarine! chopped, onion and just more than a dash of Worcestershire sauce to the mixture. To raake four good servings, brown I cup sliced mushrooms and 2 tablespoons chopped onions in a small amount of butter or margarine. In a bowl, combine 5 fine quality fresh eggs, % cup of milk, and 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce and '/I teaspoon pepper. Beat the mixture until smooth, then add browned mushrooms and onions. For each patty, turn about % cup of the mixture onto a hot skillet, and brown both sides of the patty over low heat. Soy sauce is the perfect topping for these hot-off-the-griddle patties. Stewed, tomatoes, sprinkled with toasted bread cubes a fresh green salad, and the family favorite sweet dessert complete the menu. until all vegetables are tender, Place meat on serving platter; surround with vegetables and noodles; keep warm. Make gravy, using juices in kettle. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Vegetables, Noodles Used In Pot Roast Ingredients—One 3 to 4 pound beef pot roast,'1 cup water, 1 bouU- lon cube. >& cup chopped celery tops. 2 teaspoons salt, 6 peppercorns, y leaf; 10 small white onions, 8 small carrots. 1 pound snap beans 'trimmed and washed and drained), 8 ounces egg noodles fcooked and drained). • Method—In a heavy kettle brown i Coconut saowbslls are delicious meat on all sides over high heat. served with canned pl ™ pp *?£™ Ada water, bouillon cube, celery To make ^ avails bake white tops, salt, peppercorns, and bay| cake batter in sma]1 cupcake p leaf. Cover and. s.mme^gently jI tOj when coo i di the ^ * ^ 3 hours, or until almost tender. Add frosting and roU m CQ onions and carrots and cook 10 mm- j utes; add green beans and cook I " chicken have been ready-to-cook or "drawn" chicken! means that the head, feet and in-! sides as well as the feathers have! been removed. ! Exclusively Youn In Every Loaf Of BIG BOY BREAD On Salt At Your Local Independent Grocer A Product of Mclnlyr«l Bak«ry Tlw ffvislest man In America can't ' t*M Mrs. Filbert's Margarine frew tfce mett expensive table spread! > Read this: "I couldn't fool my husband with mnr- (' garine, MM. Filb«rt, until I gave him yours!", writes I Mr*. W. C. Richtmyte, Livingston, N, J. "Now he •ay* that ivhen I paid twice as much—I never beat your country-fresh flavor!" If your husband's fussy—give him Mrs. Filbert'* Margarine. Wives write Mrs. Filbert that it pleases tviryant. It'* Mrs. Filbert's own recipe... and only ft woman could make it taste so good. Mr;. Filbert put* 15,000 units of Vitamin A in every pound, too. "„' Buy Mr*. Filbert'f Golden Margarine today! <MI& FILBERTS MARGARINE RALPH FRANTZ Super Market RIDGELEY, W. VA. SELF-SERVE OPEN FRIDAYS 'TIL 8 P. M. PHONES 879-4690 MAXWELL HOUSE or Chase & Sanborn Coffee 1 »>. Swift'ning 3 IB. Musselman'ft Jelly 2 Velveeta Cheese 2 i 87c » n 79c 33c 98c SAN GIORGIO Elbow Macaroni 3 IB,. 49 C Premier Light Meat Tuna «„ 29c OOKlALD DUCK FROZEN Orange Juice 2 »", 29c (1. S. No. 1 GRANTSVILUE Potatoes p^ 75c WILSON'S CERTIFIED Hams 12 '<> u ib..o« a ib. 55c Loin End Pork Roast >b. 45 c Rib End Pork Loin Roast ib. 39c Center Cut Rib Pork Chops b. 65c HADDOCK, PERCH or COD FISH Fillets ib. 45c lOROEM'S S£LECTED COUNTRY Oleo 5 its. $1. 3 cm« 43c Flour 25'» ^ $2.13 Granulated Sugar With *v«ry 3 can purchaia ontl $1.00 you w'HI g*t a valuable >et of t iteak kni«ei. ._ 4/C __ Bag 93C COYLE BROTHERS SANITARY MARKET • FREE DELIVERY • SELF SERVE • 232 Virginia Avenue Phone 1734 Fresh Loose BULK OYSTERS Hare You Tried Ours? NONI BETTER! pt. SALMON «.»c.n43c TUNA FISH «- 25c Good Luck C t r 11. olden OLEO Ib. 22cl Pillow TOILET TISSUE Break-O-Morn COFFEE 25c 79 C Fresh Regular Lump CRAB MEAT Old Foihion Sweet Sliced CUCUMBER PICKLE = 29c AppI«-Ro*pb*rry JELLY ..*.*»•.*•«. tall gloss 19C All Popular Brands Pound OOi . ; Can %FO' Soap Powders 2"ir57c | VARIETY Gr**n Jumbo SHRIMP 75c lode Salf IQ)<* HERRING .......................... ib. 25c Velveeta CHEESE 98' FOR ECONOMICAL MEALS Small, 9 ro 10 Ib. average Home Drest Pork Hams whole or shank half Ib. 53 C Small 10 Lb. Average, Lean Pork Shoulders Whole or Shank Half Ib. MACKEREL FISH ROE WET SHRIMP 19c 5. e ..»«45c PIZZA PIE Just Heat and Serve each Fr*sh Ground BEEF Ib. 65c Oscar May*r Small FINGER SAUSAGES Ib. 59c SIRLOIN STEAK Ib. 95c Cul-Up VEAL STEW Ib. 59c Link or Pan PUDDING Ib. 29c Sliced Lean PORK SIDE Ib. 49c Rootling or Frying Home Dresf CHICKENS . . Ib. 59c Fmih Mod* Loos* COUNTRY SAUSAGE Ib. 49c Meaty VEAL CHOPS ,. Ib. 79c BRAINS Ib. 25c Fresh Mad« PON HAUS 2 Ibs. 25c SUCED BACON Ib. pkg. 49c SARDINES ia...n I6c 2 Pkg> 35C PilUbury PANCAKE FLOUR For Sandwiches . . . Fresh LIVERWURST or SANDWICH SPREAD Roll each 29c • APPLES Sf ark's Delicious York Imp Winesap inrg* Baking A k A PI 4 1 Icildl e 9 1 ^NXVNX%XV«^SX>. 4 <»• 29c 3 - 25c 3 "» 25c 3 - 29c Frei*n Mix*et V VEG€TABLES Froxcn FRENCH FRIES Frozen KERNEL CORN PEAS and CARROTS x Pkg I 22c Donald Duck Frozen Orange Juice 2 ON<; 31c N«w Gr^nn SOLID CABBAGE GREEN PEPPERS larg« Calif. PASCAL CELERY Fr.ih SPINACH 2^19c to ,„. 19c 2 b ^« 49c ,,, 0 , 09 19cj Drink MMMMMMNMMMBMMBHMMMfeggHHHHHHHBHMB^i ESCAPE ••MMMHM|^Mj^^MMMHj^W_^M^^^MH|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HMMIHIIHi^HliHi The certificate in packages of Quaker Oafs and Mothers Oafs SHIMS Me Me SM SHINING SINCE IMS' Eir/ojr dellchf} utttt ... Instantly I All tit flavor't I* on the 4-oz. or tt-oz. Nescafe NESCAFE-QUAKER BREAKFAST BARGAIN Just get this certificate in packages of Quaker Oats or Mother's Oats at your grocer's ... sign it... and save on purchase of either the 4-oz. or 12-oz. jar of Nescafe'.* Ask for it now at your grocer's. * WONT WATER SPOT * iAsy TO * CASTS LONMR Madt by tbu Maktn of SOLARINE METAL POLISH World't Leading Instant Coffee Product •NESCAFE (pronounced NES-CAFAY) Is Iho excluslvs reglsfered trade-mirk ol Th» NssllS Company. Inc., to designate Its solubli coffee product which ii composed ol squsl parts ol £Ure soluble coffee and added putt <arnofiy<Jc«lM (dexlrlns, mallasu and dextrose) added solely to protect the flavor, Mild; mallow flavor, b«»» tatting coffet you »v»r tatted.; TRIANGLE features Fresh Breakfast COFEEE IB. 77c ited.; • ' Golden Isle ORANGE JUICE uit juict. 2Gc * 4 eans S1 Alaska SALMON - 45c 2 •«• 89c PACKED AT THF. FlffJINC MOMENT OF PERFECT ' -FLAVOK NIBLETS Rsfr««hing, healthful fruit juict 46-oz. can BRAND WHOLE KERNEL CORN ]J-or. con 20C 3 can, S7 C HUMPTY DUMPTY ARMOUR fr VIENNA SAUSAGE 3 4 . M . cans POTTED MEAT i 3 3'/ 4 -oz. cans BEEF STEW 16 . oz . CQn MEAT DEPARTMENT SMOKED, SKINNED SLICED Ham Ib 59c Bacon Wholt or Shank Half S«ol«d Packag* Fresh Frying Chickens swif " p»- ; - Roiled Eipocially For Eating — "Tendor Grown" S!<inli»i " Swift't Premium Franks ib 63c Loaf "i; One Pound Collo. Pkg. Old Feuhfen ib etc >^ 63c GREEN GIANT PEAS c $i 3 for I ALPINE EAGLE Egg Noodles 29c ROBIN HOOD FLOUR Zl 56c Star Kill TUNA CHUNK S" 35c Star-Kist PGGZZZ3SH" BLUE RIBBON BREAD * SPIC and SPAN 25c LAVA SOAP Idc Medium Bar PLANTER'S COCKTAIL PEANUTS 7 oz. can 35c 2 cans 67c SHAWNEE SPRINGS APPLE BUTTER 38 -° z - jor 25c ^ 2 jars 49c KRAUT ROSS 2 NO ^ =« 29c 7 ««• $1 CHEF BOY AR-DEE SPAGHETTI and MEAT BALLS 2 It" 55c L * S HOMi STYLE WHOLE KOSHER PICKLES 32-01. iar 35C HANOVER FANCY 2 No. 303 cans 27c RED KIDNEY BEANS 8 cans $1.00 GOLDEN ISLE APPLE SAUCE 2 No 303 can, NABISCO RITZ CRACKERS Mb. pkg. 35e NABISCO BROWN EDGE WAFERS p kg. 4U SUNSHINE SHREDDED WHEAT 12-ot. pkg. 17e SUNSHINE VANILLA WAFERS lO-o*. pkg. 29c JOHNSON'S HARD GLOSS GLO COAT COTTON YARN MOPS CLOROX

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