Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on March 27, 1968 · Page 5
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 5

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1968
Page 5
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TARS BY BARBARA ROThE Last Wednesday night, the TARS met at 8:30 in the junior high school cafeteria to help prepare Easier Seals for mailing. The TARS folded and stuffed letters, addressed envelopes. Politics at A Glance By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Here is a summary of top po-: generously litical developments. : The Democrats: Sen. Robrt F. Kennedy says Republican Richard M. Nixon "has had no new ideas in the past decade." i contributions will Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy faces i a ted. press aide mutiny. President Johnson backed by 14 of nation's 24 Democratic governors. The Republicans: N'ixon appears to be editor-in-chief of GOP platform: Sen. Everett M. and did much of the clerical work on the Easier Seals. An- not'.icements were made concerning upcoming TARS activities during a break in the addressing. THIS SATURDAY, the TARS will have a giant Whatsit Sale. It will be at the National Guard Armory from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any merchandise still left at 5 will bo auctioned off to Uie highest bidder. Brownwood merchants have contributed items for the sale. Anv and every kind of article will be on sale; old and new, furniture, clothes, appliances, everything. Any be appreci- | If items need to be picked ; up. please call Mrs. 'Ferris I Clements at 643-4914, Mrs. Jake Fair at 645-981(5, or Barbara or Bob Rolhe at 642-8099, - ' and they will see that your do- Dirksen, platform committee! na tion is picked up. Everyone chairman, says ideas moderates j j s urge( j to come t 0 the sale, seeking likely lo get lost in the drafting. The Independent: Third party candidate George Wallace says Kennedy advocates more civil rights legislation to gel agita- lors off Ihe streets "but the more.legislation they pass, the more they've got on the streets." School Position Goes to Waldrip WICHITA FALLS, Tex. (AP) —Dr. Donald Waldrip, 39. has been hired as the new superintendent of Wichita Falls schools at a salary of $23,000 a year. Waldrip, assistant superintendent of schools at Spokane, Wash., was hired Tuesday on a three-year contract. He is a former Wichita Falls resident. Also this Saturday, Barbara Rolhe and Chuck Morris will travel to Austin for a state TARS planning session. At this session, the nominating committee for the '68-'G9 officers will be set up, as well as ideas exchanged on the various problems and successes of local; (| ie j r TARS groups. SENIOR WHO'S WHO-$enlor ttudftttt* r»c«!v!nfl who's who honor* at Rising Star High School art left to right, Belinda Hickman, home economic! Ill, James Gerhardt, plane geometry; Sandra Linn«y, typing I; Brenda Bailey, American history; Bivirly White, civics and physics. (Bulletin Staff Photo) Campaign Industry Booms Wednesday, Mar. 5f, l$6§§86WNW66fi iLfltitfN- Dissenters Draw Blasts From (fee N'EW YORK (AP) - Former, Eisenhower said fa *aS not President Dwight D. Eisenhow- j objecting to "honorable dissent" er accuses Vietnam war dissenters of giving "aid and comfort to the enemy" arid says their behavior is probably "making and conceded that some peopliS sincerely believe "we have no business being in Vietnam." Hd said these people are "terribly but honorable negotialions imposst-; and dangerously wrong" ble." | have the right to be heard. In a copyrighted article in j However, he wrote scornfully the April issue of Reader's Di-| 0 f "a young U.S. Senator who gfet, Eisenhower said. "It is '• was quoted as saying that if w« improper, and 1 think unpatri- are fighting in Vietnam to pro- otic, to voice dissent in such a i c ct ourselves, then we must way that it encourages ouc ene- j concede that we are being selN mies to believe we have lost the jshly immoral." capacity to make a national de- „-. ... .. . , ., cision and act on it." , T° me ^ his 9ecms Uie hcighl Of the upcoming political of tor !, urued f '. cjas ?" lng ,'.'[ not campaign, he said: "I will not i wors * ' hc " ld : 'Certainly w« personally support any peace-1 aro . fI Kp lm 8 to defe P d ourselves at-any-pricc candidate who advocates capitulation and the abandonment of South Vietnam." Eisenhower said that in all his life he had never encountered a and other free nations against the eventual domination of communism. "In my opinion It would ba grosMy immoral not to resist a tyranny whose openly avowed By GARTH JONES Associated Press Writer Almost every candidate rim- ing and billboard companies because of the crush. There has been some pirating ning for public office in Texas | of clerical help in the state head- Ihis year wants to attract new j quarters as clerks and typists Waggoner Carr has his head-1 Austin headquarters with Mar- situation more depressing than' purpose is to subjugage the I the "present spectacle" of the ! earth—and particularly the I nation divided over the war. | United States of America," said Eisenhower, commander of • Eisenhower. quarters in the International ] vin Collins and John Knaggs. j the allied armies in Europe dur-1 Life Building with Rep. Randy I both formerly with stale GOP ing World War II, called for a Pendleton of Andrews, a close friend and associate of House industry to the stale. j would quit one candidate 'to go ! Speaker Ben Barnes, as cam- What they don't say is that | to another who paid more. One i paign manager. Bonner McLanc pir Vnrv ramnaion<; arp a i .»,.•,;„„ ,,n«JiJni« !,«„ «*• «;j. ...u_ otiM die Winn.Mpl.nno Act./\/^i_ headquarters, to manage all aspects of his campaign. end to "divisive" political debate over Vietnam. The Gideons are associated with the placing of Bibles in hclel rooms. TARS ARE still looking forward to the state convention in San Antonio, Saturday. April 20. Some 700 TARS will assemble for the convention very campaigns are a i major candidate has an aide who multi-million dollar industry that is causing a minor boom of prosperity presently within certain professions and crafts. "If you know a good public relations man with experience in spends most of his time recruiting hired help. Of the 10 Democratic candidates for governor, at least seven have launched major statewide campaigns and five of them u/hinh u a hiahiiohf n r thr, • ? ny kind of P oluical race - send have state headquarters in Aus- wluch is a highlight of the | lim around anci nl give him a state organization. There will be a TARS meeting tonight at 8:30 in the cafeteria of Junior High School to complele the work on the Easter Seals. Also, final plans for the Whatsit Sale will be discussed. good job," said a Austin campaign manager. "There's a shortage now. Some statewide candidates have had trouble finding capable key employes for their state headquarters and getting satisfactory contracts with advertis- PROMPT COURTEOUS PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Your good' Health is our most important concern. 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Preston Smith has his governmental office at the Capitol and a campaign office in the Driskill Hotel of downtown Austin. Campaign manager is Harold Dudley, his second term as a Smith campaign director. Jerry Conn, who was with the successful Rep. George Bush and Sen. John Tower campaigns, is state public relations director. Otis Green Advertising Co. of Lubbock is in charge of advertising. Eugene Locke's state headquarters is a block away at the Commodore Perry Hotel. The governor's brother, Merrill Connally, is campaign manager. Kyle Thompson, veteran news service editor in Houston and Austin, handles publicity. Glenn Advertising Co. of Dallas handles newspaper, radio, television and billboard advertising, Don Yarborough's state headquarters in Austin is a former private home, a one-story white frame and West 17th. J. Charles Grace, former Bexar County judge, is state campaign manager. Pat Conway, former radio newsman and wire service editor in Dallas and Austin, handles publicity. Austin Advertising Agency handles the account. and his Winn-McLane Associates Inc., handle publicity and advertising. Sen. Ralph Hall of Rockwall is campaign manager for John Hill, whose headquarters is an upstairs location on Congress Avenue in Austin. Rep. Boh Armstrong of Austin serves as executive director and the publicity director is Rody Scudday of Fort Worth, former associate of Julian Reed who was public relations counsel to Gov. John Connally for years and now handles the HemlsFair account in the Southwest. Dolph Briscoe acts as his won campaign manager and has his stale headquarters in a converted wool and mohair warehouse qbuilding in Uvalde. He has another headuarters in Austin>, where Rep. Dave Allred, Wichita Falls newsman, serves as publicity director. Brooks Advertising Agency in San Antonio coordinates the advertising account. Edward L. Whittenburg has heaclouartcrs in Houston and Dallas. Bob Mahone of Houston is his stale camnaign manager. John VanCronkhite and Ted Maloy of Dallas handle both public relations and advertising. Barnes' headquarters is west of Ihe Capitol in the building used for Connally's gubernatorial campaign. Rep. Ralph Wayne of Plainview coordinates the statewide campaign. Gayle McNult, former newspaper editor and oil association publicist, is public relations director. Advertising is handled by Goodwin - Dannenbaum - Littman- Wingfield, Inc., Houston. stone building on j Don Gladden, also a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, has headquarters in Fort Worth. J. W, Sifford of Worth directs the campaign, including placement of advertisement. Paul Eggers, Republican gubernatorial candidate, has an Crowd Forces Volunteer Firemen to Put Out Blaze HIGH RIDGE, Mo. (AP) The volunteer High Ridge fire department was forced by an angry crowd armed with guns and clubs to put out a fire Tuesday night, an assistant fire chief said. Robert Ellison, assistant chief, said his men had no chance to determine whether the house exhibited the required $7 fire protection' tag, He estimated 75 persons in the crowd. "We'll throw you right into the flames if you don't put it out," Ellison said he was told. "They even grabbed me and grabbed the hose hands," he said. out of my The burning home was five houses away from a residence the firemen allowed to burn March 18 because it was untagged. They are not permitted to fight a fire at a home without a tag, unless human life is at stake, Ellison explained. He said the state highway patrol and Jefferson County sher- iff's officers were called when the mob gathered. High Ridge is a community of about 260 persons 35 miles southwest of St. Louis. The police stood by while the firemen fought the fire. There was no violence. Earlier Tuesday, firemen put out a blaze in an unprotected home because a woman and child were in danger. The child was overcome by smoke, and the mother suffered cuts. "What surprises me is that all 28 guys in the department haven't turned in their badges, because not one single dime is made by any of these guys," Ellison said. Damage to the home in the Tuesday night fire was extensive, he said. There were no injuries. Sell Those Unwanted Items In The Bulletin Classifieds SAVINGS A** LOANS QPfN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AND EARN A GfNfRQUS PIVIPfNO-PAlP QUARTERLY $IJ,QOQ LOANS PiRSQNAl LOANS TO IUY, tUilP @R RfMOQil SOUTHERN SAVINGS t IOAN ASSOCIATION cmmnfft WAVS FIRST rai IAI ITV ™ ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY THRU SATURDAY ONLY! All our 3 for 2,95 Gaymode Hosiery reduced! 3 NOW O prs. for 2.34 Seamle?? and full fashioned , , , dress or business sheer . « , treaf yourself i« a complete wqrdrobe at rhese great savings. You'll find long wearing micrg me?h deml toe styles, delicate plain knits, cotton soled service weights, even contpur fit Contrece® an'd Agilon® stretch nylon. Proportioned. 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