Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 18, 1971 · Page 17
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 17

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1971
Page 17
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4B-PEL RIO (TEXASfNEWS-HERALD. Sunday, April 18. 1971 DEAR ABBY Son Gets Too Homesick To Go Away to College By Abigail Van Buren I© mi b» Chleito Trikmt-N. Y. N«w» Snt., l DEAR ABBY: Sidney graduated from high school at the top of his class last June. He was offered a scholarship to a very fine Eastern University, but he turned it down to go to a local college. Everybody thought he was crazy. He admitted to me he didn't want to go away to college because he gets "homesick." We sent Sidney to summer camp when he was 12, and he came back after one week so thin and pale, he didn't look like the same boy. He said he got so homesick he couldn't even sleep or eat. Sidney is not an only child. But he is my youngest and has always stayed very close to me. He doesn't have many friends and has never asked a girl for a date on his own, but he has dated girls when someone fixes him up. He reads a lot and doesn't mind being by himself all the tune. I want Sidney to go away to college next fall, but every time I bring it up he begs me not to talk about it. I think it would be good for him to go away, but how can a moux?r push her son out of the house when he begs to stay? --SIDNEY'S MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: It's not uncommon for • 12-year-old to become so homesick he can't eat or sleep, bat when he reaches coljege age he should have matured sufficiently to overconistt. If Sidney has not been evaluated by an expert, he ought to be. To push him out of the house would be traumatic, but do insist he have a frank talk with a doctor. DEAR ABBY: Suddenly after 32 years of marriage in which my husband never went grocery shopping with me, he insists on going with me every time. He picks up every item I put in the cart and will frequently tell me I don't "need it." [Abby, I do the cooking, and I know what I need.] When we get to the checker he yells at her about how expensive everything is nowadays, and he even tells her we can buy the same item cheaper at a different store. The poor checker! All she can say is "Well, why don't you go shop at the other store?" My husband has held up, a whole line of people, demanding to see the store manager so he can give him a piece of his mind about the outrageous prices. It is embarrassing! Don't tell me to shop without him. He won't stay home. I have also quit going out to dinner with him lately because he bawls out the waitresses on account of the prices on the menus being so high-. I can't take much more of this. Help me! MRS. H. DEAR MRS. H.: Don't dismiss his sudden change of personality as "meanness" without first having bun checked ., thoroly by a physician. Many men, like women, undergo a "change of life" in later years. ' ' : DEAR ABBY: This is an open letter to those parents lucky enough to be able to have children, but who don't have love enough in their hearts to give them. Abby, my husband and I have been on the waiting list to adopt a baby for a year and a half, and they are hard to get. • Many people keep babies they don't really want because of outside pressure from friends a£d relatives. These children grow up without knowing love and a good family life. Isn't it much better to give the child to some adoptive parents who desperately want a child than to raise it in an atmosphere where it is neither wanted nor loved? Maybe this letter will show people that everyone isn't cut out to be a parent, even, if they are able to bear children. And it is much more humane to give a child away than to keep it and raise it unloved. -WAITING IN ANCHORAGE DEAR WAITING: There are plenty of babies who desperately need love and a good home. They are not all pink and white, but they are no less deserving, and they are available. Think about It. H ints From H.eloise from the bedroom store in thermoweave for year-around comfort! +SPECIAL LOW PRICK— BUY NOW!* J. P. STEVENS HONEYWEAVE 1OO% ACRYLIC Washable — decorator colon • TWIN-- Reg. 6.95 $395 • QUEEN Reg. 12.95 $595 • DOUBLE Reg. 7.95 $495 • KING Reg. 15,95 J. P. STEVENS TEPIDAIRE 1OO% WOOL Year 'round weight you'll Ilk* • DOUBLE Reg. M.50 $595 Reg. -71.50 $495 • QUEEN .Reg. 17.50 $7*5 / "KING Reg. J9.JO T 5 DEAR HELOlSE: Your famous nylon net has • finally worked its' way Into my living- room. I have 27 grandchildren. I don't have any space where I can put that many pictures. So I bought a yard of nylon net to match the wall paper, and some silk tape of a contrasting color. I folded the net in half, which meant it was 18" long and about 72" wide. Then I sewed the tape all around the four edges. Next, I sewed hooks at each corner to attach it to the wall. Then took paper clips and worked them into the net 90 as to clip the pictures to their new "frame'." I call it my priceless gallery. Eva Holland * * ,* Eva, you're the one who's . priceless. I can just see the glow on your grandchildren's faces when they see their pictures proudly displayed on your wall. Heloise » » * DEAR HELOISE: ' When I go somewhere and wear my scarf, I slip it through a buttonhole on my coat. It won't slip out and get lost, and you always know where it is. Makes a coat look pretty too. Janice Orcutt Age 9 * * * DEAR HELOISE: Recently, we moved from Chicago to Cleveland. I placed one set of sheets, pillow cases, mattress pad, blankets and pillows in the bureau that would go in each bedroom upon our arrival. The movers arrived late but amidst the confusion I was able to get the beds made up quickly so we could get to bed. No searching for linens amid the moving cartons. Jo Ann * * * LETTER OP LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: Everyday it seems I run out of energy before I run out of housework!! Sandy * * » DEAR HELOISE: When I cook pinto beans I cook a couple of extra cupfuls. , I .drain these welt and put them aside. Next I fry a. couple of slices, of bacon very. crisp, put the beans and the bacon in my blender, and a pinch of garlic and some chili powder and blend. WESTERN MATTRESS 307 AVE. F 775-7579. , SHIP SHOPS IN— Abllcno * Big Spring * Brownwood * San Angolo * Midland * Odessa This m Bikes the most wonderful bean dip you pave ever tasted. It is best to put this dip in the refrigerator a few hours before serving. Opal Haley » » » And do you know that you can use canned beans? Try all different kinds of canned beans. The highly seasoned Mexican or chill beans, pinto, and even navy beans are out of this world. Wow, what you can't do with a blender. For those of you who do not have a blender, try using your portable mixer. Heloise * * * DEAR HELOISE: When I give myself a home permanent, I never throw • away the little end papers that come with H. I use them to roll my little girl's naturally straight hair and it helps hold the straggly ends in place. Mrs. W. Telegh * * * DEAR HELOISE: Quite by accident, I discovered something good. One night while trying to make cinnamon toast, the cinnamon was missing, so I tried using pumpkin pie spice instead. My family loves it. They like this combination much better than cinnamon. Hope you'll try it and like it. as we do. g Mrs. William Lloyd * * * DEAR HELOISE: One of the joys t of being a grandmother is knitting or crocheting for the younger generation. (Or being talked into it!) This is fine, if you have time to sit and knit, but as a working, traveling grandmother my time is limited. To keep abreast with these little garments, my knitting bag is my constant companion in the car. If I have to wait for five minutes or so, it gives me time to do at least a couple of rows. I always finish the row I'm working on. While on a trip, my needles keep pace with the mileage and it is surprising how much you can accomplish in 100 miles! The laundermat is another one of my ; , favorite , knitting places, an hour or two can - add inches.. - , Of course, now and then, my husband complains and tells me to "please leave your knitting at home." Fd>OD FOR AMERICANS Classic Crepes Make a Hit • ' 1 A By AILEEN CLAIRE NEA Food Editor i JARNAC, France—(NEA) —A slight chill in the air gave everyone an excuse to order a dollup of cognac before dinner. There was the promise of a quiet country 'night's sleep in a converted flour mill that had seven guest rooms, a petit bar and dining area that featured a fireplace. A burbling stream flowed under the building, night and day. Introduced to the true French countryside by Francois Hine, it was a special treat to have a family din- ner with Hines. I came away with this classic crepe dish recipe. CREPES SOUFFLEES FLAMBEES For eight small thjn crepes proceed as follows: Mix well together: 1 cup finely sieved flour 2 eggs Water Pinch of salt 1 tablespoon castor sugar (fine granulated sugar) 1 tablespoon melted butter Prepare the batter two hours beforehand. Flavor it with orange peel or grated lemon. The batter should be liquid; if not, add some more water. Make the crepes. The filling: Mix 3% oz. milk oz. finely sieved flour ounces castor sugar A few grains salt Allow to thicken in a small saucepan over low heat. As soon as boiling point is reached, take away from the heat, add: Two yolks Pinch of vanilla powder 1 tablespoon Cognac snow and fold it into the cream gently. Butter and sugar a Pyrex dish. On one side of each crepe put a good spoonful ot filling and fold the other naif of the crepe on top of it. Place them side by side on the buttered dish and put them into a hot (450 degree) oven for 7 to 8 minutes. Sprinkle with icing sugar and replace for 2 or 3 minutes under a hot grill. To serve, pour a little preheated Cognac and set it alight when placing on the table. Makes, 4 servings. Whip 4 whites into a s stiff (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) A Render (© 1971. King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Thank You THE DEL RIO ART LEAGUE wishes to take this opportunity to offer a sincere Thank You to the following firms and individuals who so generously contributed to our recent art show. List of Donors Del Rio Typewriter Co. Rick's Furniture Store Vai Verde Theatres Inc. The Guarantee Store John G. Hunnicutt Realtor Thomas Graham III Realtor Mrs. F. H. Whitehead Del Rio Pharmacy Ross Drug Store Del Rio National Bank Wood Jewelry Store The Star Store Edwards-Graham Insurance Producers Wool & Mohair Co. General Telephone Co. of the Southwest Del Rio Bank & Trust Co. Diablo Art Center Brinkley Lumber Co. Mr. & Mrs. Edward V. Jarrett Del Rio Television Cable Corp. Ernest L. Worley, Jr. Stock Broker Holiday Inn of Del Rio First Federal'Savings & Loan Association of Del Rio John J. Engleking, American National Insurance The Great Green Award by Studio Green ' • • , '•'/]: HERE COMES MRS. JESSE G. GUERRA Green's Jewelers STORE MANAGER HER WELCOME NEIGHBOR NEW ever tern hit! BIGGEST DIAMOND JUBILEE our lowest prices ever for these fabulous rings - 1 Diamond Love Ring $19.95 \\ FAMOUS >w an M^k°4 -4 I Cl -I I. ~ y° ur osjoroncc o\ ~ '°P quoti/y oncf^ly'c! 3 DIAMOND TRIO NOW $149.95 1 First Diamond Promise $17.88 Ring liU4 1* I Mi MOTHERS RING W/l STONE EACH ADD. tl4 STONE 2.50 $14 W :.3$ vv.«:cvyrf g->^L?'5i4L*' 11 •••••^••••MMMWB — 1CARAT GUARANTEED TOTAL DIAMOND WEIGHT my rial *OUR CHOICE tr uf «f ( ring* yoon * for Mfy Compare At $499.00 * WRITTEN GUARANTEE ItlUMI • *«<» EASY TEEMS 6 DIAMOND DUO $99.95 DIAMOND-BRIDAL & GROOM $59.85 SPECIAL $9.98 Sunbeam $14.95 STEAM or DRY IRON $9.88 I TRANSISTOR RADIO .OUTFIT $4.| Reg/^^Toastmaster $17.95 TOASTER ONLY 17 JEWEL WATCHES FOR MEN or WOMEN NOW $14.88 MAN'S WATER and SHOCK RESIST $8.88 CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE $19.95 , 3-Pc.LUGGAGE $19.881 14K CROSS W/CHAIN $9.95 m CHARM BRACELETS & CHARMS 25% OFF % ' 4 .; <> v-W, BIG BOY-BEST GIRL I.D. BRACELET $4.95 62 PC. ONEIDA STAINLESS STEEL SERVICE FOR 8 $14,95 SUMBEAM OR TOASTMASTER ELECTRIC MIXER NOW $9.88 SUNBEAM PROFESSIONAL TYPE HAIR DRYER $29.88 FASHION'S NEWEST PIERCED EARRINGS FROM $2iOO \ III m Tff&Xf BIRTH STONE PENDANTS $5.95 RONSON BUTANE GAS LIGHTER $6.95 BIRTHSTONE RING ANY MONTH $19.95 •FAMOUS FOR DIAMONDS" TRAVEL ALARM 631 S. MAIN, DEL RIO 775-7434 EASY IBANKAMERICM IVmaster charge! CREDIT I WE HONOR ALLTflJW TERMS I CREDIT CARDS

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