The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 1, 1961 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 1, 1961
Page 2
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fStt BRAZ09PORT FACTS and Braierlft Oiniit', ...h is midnight, and the toll of the bells announce a brand New Year. It is time to begin ggain. God bands us 365 clean, new days and 93 we accept his proffer we must mak« valid resolutions to discharge all die responsibilities that automatically come with diem. Our wotld is confused. Seeds of destruction are planted everywhere. It is not a time for indecision. May we resolve, right now, to get a clearer view of destiny.., to understand more of die meaning and purpose of life. May we have rnon time for God, and somehow, may He make us realize, He is in front of all our tomorrows. Happy New Yearl M Ifere is the i;R A ,f ii n , , ,,\*'&r*' *• w Wx Bill's Skating Rink "See us for Skating Parties" —Carley & Betty Reynolds- Ph. BE 3-4651 Dairy Dream —Paul Biruwell, Owner Brazosport Radiator Works —Vernon Gray-Ph. BE 3-1271 R. 0. Thomas —Heal Estate & Insurance Coleman Hdw. & Lumber Co. —Russell Coleman-Pr. AN 5-Z423 Young's Prescription House —Mrs, Carlton E. Young Leo's Cafe (Closed on Sundays) —Leo Warnlck 607 W. Broad-Ph. BE 3-9244 Brazosport Bowling Center —Ph. BE 3-1781 Evans Drusr Co. —Ml. BE 3-KU Royal Chef —Mr. & Mrs. N. K. Dyer Sellers-Harbour Ins. Age. —M. W. Sellers- W. H. "Kick" Harbour Star Corporation —Industrial Materials Brazosport Bank of Commerce —D. L. Haralson Jr.-Freeport M>M"llen Drugs - 'II. M. McMuIlen Jr. Robert E. Franklin Agcy. —Bob Franklin Weiners Dept. Store —L. E. Shaw Mgr.-Ph. BE 3-272? Sweetpea's Restaurant —O. W. Eobinson-Ph. BE 3-9166 Hurricane Glass Co. —H. R. Berry Haynes Lumber Co. —E. L. Haynes Griff's Men's Store —Freeport Garrett's Pharmacies Inc. —Bill & Tom-Lake Jackson- Freeport Freeport National Bank —W. C. McLendon Leonard's Floor Covering T. —209 Parklug Way-Ph. CV 7-2469 Emerald Beauty Shoppe —Huby Morris Freeport Funeral Home —Jack C. Tunwr-W. F. Woodlel Country Boy's Grocery —Alton Peltier * Brazosport Plumbing & Heating Co. —C. B. Wanncll Brazoria County Abstract Co. —Frank Steven* Bottled Drinking Water Service —Phone BE 3-1481 Baird's TV Service —Dean Balrd Gulf Photo-Engravers —Red Johnson Mp. Wilson Equipment Inc. -Bo Wil&on-Ph. AN 5-2501 Hwy 288 Merrill Moving & Storage —Mrs. H. W. !Uerrlll-Pn. BE 3-«31 Wilson Oil Co. MISS WANDA MARIE HOOD'i patents, Mr. end Mr«. Woodrow Mood of Swttny, announce her engagement lo Eddie LeVan Wattt, ton of Mr. and MM. Alvln I. WalU of Qulnton. Okla. Boih arc graduate! of Swteny High School and the it now a senior iludcni nun* at ihe University School of Nutting in Galveiton. The Intended groom li itrvlng with the OS Air Force, Maiiontd at Vandenburg AFB, Calif. The couple plan an early iprlng wedding. KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES'S Writer Makks^viumnw * For Her FaMy, \fnends By MARIE nETII JONES About this time every year, leople start making resolutions, There's only one thins wrong with hat. Everyone else makes resolu- ions for self-improvement, nnd here's no point in starting on a campaign like that for myself. With so much to improve, jiw couple of resolutions wouldn' begin to do the job. I'd need : lontment the size of a year'; Congressional Record, nnd jus crammed with Whereases and Therefores. It's easier to pick on othe people's faults, anyway. This yea 'm going to make resolutions to my family and friends to keep n addition to uplifting them, ! ught to make my own New Year onslderauly more pleasant. My children should all resolve o obey mama the first time she peaks. This would not only save ear and tear on my vocal cords, would also allow me to stop elling repeats long enough to ear someone knocking at the tront door. LAKE FIRST BAPTIST ANNOUNCES" ROUTE FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL BUS Beginning Sunday the Lake Jackson First Baptist Church bus "WOMEN AND WAMPUM go together!" says Nom» Reid Brice, assistant personnel officer of a large Norfolk, Va, ..... -...» bank. In a recent interview by the Associated Press, Misi Brice pointed out that career opportunities for women in banking have uever been brighter. "Banks hire twice as aupy women as men today. And the girls hold positions right vn up to bank president! There m* 160 lady bank presidents across the country and one in ten bank executives is a woman," said Mrs. Brice. So if you're a January graduate — and bright and ambitious — why not shop for a j.-ib at your local bank? One day, jou might get to be president! • Wbtrt to grip a fiowi.fol ukeu panting it it no problem if you press * cork into the drain bole in the bottom to fn-oi id- a knob. This lets you turn thf pot, m u-ell as pick it up, uitb&ut touching the paint. • IN 158], GALI. tEO, then just a route will cover a larger area of the city, bringing passengers to and from Sunday School. Jack Terry, minister of music and education, says the bus service Is provided for anyone who does not have a way to attend Sunday School, and not just for children. The bus leaves the church each Sunday morning at 9:05 a.m. 10 pick up passengers, and delivers them home along the same route beginning at 10:50 a.m. The bus leaves the church, go- Ing on Winding Way toward the business area, then right on Trumpet Vine, left on Winding Way, and right on Azalea to Magnolia. nolia, across Plantation Dri-'e, You haven't MTI!'"HI youv v been caught b||i <••<«! visitor while you're tirade flbout klj up their cloth you're the sort! Hyde character! the kind who your offspring forth with a fu der normal si If the kids resolution, Hit need any mo won't, so I'll they won't kee Gary needs Ing about _ learn to write not, under ni critically at h._, writing by wajffol while I'm tellin his own Is. Dick's main .„. concern his lower; would be to ... ward and inward avoid stepping on involve a major tude, for he consli martyred victim sadistic parents, friends. I have been (. because he is a c iddle ol a uli don't pi(i ( lil'eclally jf Pi Jekyll-M,.. iin.Vou know. ii-is softly (o |]f,l"' nnd let:; in'! roar un- .1 ome. ju- keep that fi'.i't really they w, which > laydrenm- uses nnd Me should >n, glance •r's hand,. <>mparison how poor li.i ' sho u 1 d lip lite idea illcd up- i enough to It. "iiis would ha;.'i in attl- imselt the ;iel and n and i it this Is child. I'd Ike to believe it«< I can't quite convince ni(ll I can rs- member too weir le was the young our family. He hen, too. What Kathy s her diction. It] days for a casua o familiarize him| ialect, and I sus ear's kindergarte be faced by seve ifflicled with this) IB time they get Sphering Kathy's be in the third After all, who but] r grandparent "biv-hee" is a was so fasc '- nate ^ by a huge hanging lamp swinging slowly .—?»•»' fi •• bade and forth in the Mediterranean breeze that he discovered the principle of the pen- dolum aod a turning point in the history of timekeeping was made. Devices for measuring time have evolved from the hemicycle, water clock, hoot glass and the candle dial to the modern wrist watch of today. Some of the greatest improvements in watch making — the rustproof mainspring guaranteed against breakage, and DuraBalance which insures exceptional timekeeping accuracy— have been made by Elgin. • Plata water It what professional window cleaners use. If you prefer, you can add einegar, ammonia, tl~ cabal or borax, but ntier use soap, as it leaves jmeari on the tlast, • X-RAY EXAMINA. TION of hard-to- see sections of the human body is becoming 3 reality. Proof of this is t receac development in --- „_ , x-ray research reported by Dr. John A. Evans, a New York radiologist or specialist in the uw of x-rayi. Dr. Evans uses chemicals which are "opaque" to x-ray beams, injecting the chemicals inlo these hard-to- tee infernal structures of the body which formerly were almost impossible to examine. This kind of x-riy examination is especially helpful in finding early clues for cancer of the liver and kidnevs. The chemical injection outlines the structure on film — and Dr. Evans and other radiologists car then in* Krpret it for cancer clues. turning left on Walnut, and l*!t| pronunciation has on Yaupon to Acacia; then right on Acacia to Magnolia; north on Magnolia to Center Way and east on Center Way to Sycamore. At Sycamore the bus turns to Ihe right to Mulberry, tivn left on Mulberry, jogging through Knollwooi' via the center street to Loop Road where it turns right on Ixx>p Road to Plantation Drive, right on Plantation to Cedar, and right on Cedar to Caladium. Traveling the lengths ot Caladium and Cypress, the bus goes east on Jonquil to Redwood, ihen north on Redwood to Gardenia, and Gardenia to Azalea, turning right at Elm, right at Winding Way, and left on Magnolia to the church. Watch Night Services Watch Night services are scha- duled at Freeport and Lake Jack son First Methodist Churchss Saturday night. The special service will begin at 11 p.m. at the Freeport church and at 11:30 at Lake Jackson First Methodist. the sound made results from her ir nounce the "r" in horsie — and a| fusal to shorten the (pronounced hawse) As lor the man _ he needs a little iii too. He has a tende plain about the menu , His resolution should iys when ••mber of ;> trouble •i improve several aciaintance Ivith the iti.'iat next : !iers will .ungsters l-.ont. By to de- e may |j-J parent ss that This ing (in i&teys. It to pro- sounds hi >orn re>NIO horse to eni hamburgers or (aeon thnt times a week without crltlclnm. After dl. they're nourishing. He 'right also refrain trom okira p o i n t e d ly nt unswept floors, clothes needing foldin (he TV set nnd buttonlei lifts. H iiiii resolution is broken, 1 dan in . ve him a pair of blinder* be « "n inside the house. This ght i mnke n goort annlver- ' Something to ItUUN trnnqulllty. ihcr-ln-law Is not qulta She needs to be more ecinlly with me. M «!v» -''P telling me tiiat m^. 0 trouble and she'll hP .eep them, I may Just 1 In with her. Come to pry ti- pniMti 1 ' |,l („ Students cnluct JC BaRstService Egg Olive Pu Egg olive puff is a brunch. Beat together 6 eggs, % cup of milk of catsup. Stir in one-tl chopped pimiento-stuffe ives. Trim crusts from white bread. Arrange greased l',4 -quart cas with egg mixture and 350-degree oven 45 ni until lightly browned. house, 'ement, m-d i s h light i cup :<icup of You can pep up a to or fish or omelet by ittle curry powder; a | of thyme won't hurt eil titl onlv I believe we're »har- i ibout equally, now. he local merchants, I ; i resolve to stop allow- Ill, I'm not sure how . o|»rte without It, but U 1,1 b,. i pleasant surprl/ss to 'iim '"Ply mailbox the iirst fern r nth. ^ [ey 111 .it stop displaying the!™ ;« (ractively, too. I can't i u., ;tipermnrket for a loaf I - to the drugstore for s,ii| n without coming nut iii 1 with Impulse pur- T; ought to be out: : by e Fair Trades Com- hi 'o: ^omcbody. It doesn't put; (air to me. for ; newspaper assocla- [DV'I. :ulng to have to sto^ to me. A few rnoru* fords id I'll think I'm en- ji-ial privileges. Then* : i start submitting my i iv. lays late Instead al Th( 'Fo the talks' young Bayle will Afte dents the open pastor i Mrs. i s-.?nts of Jones ipt:>:3iurch xvill be in , ; unday night serv- fl)..s at 7:30 p.m. <:;he program I: jait". It will featur the Scrlptur j,f,-3l music by • 'oe Ben Hen ri hr from Brazod 3rmon. ice college stu' youn^ people of >e honored at anl lie home ol the fe, the Rev. and lay. ^y.: :; .£Add Tfcese. :.w Members'anlViilscopal r- Jeene Think You Have Trouble? Mar/one's A DfuHe Wife NEW YORK (AP) - Wives who think they have trouble with one husband might consider the plight of Karjorie Lord. She has two. It isn't that the redhalred actress confuses her television husband, comedian Danny Thorn a s, with her spouse o! private life, ST. PAUL'S AMERICAN LUTHERAN CIIUKCII 919 Weit 5th Welcome! You Worsiiip Service 10:50 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:45 A.M. Special Program Sunday Mornlnr 10:15 to 10:30 KBRZ DRUU8 . COSMETICS SUNDRIES - VETERINABT SUPPLIES Phone SWift 8-2333 NIUUTS DIAL BWu't WRIGHT'S PHARMACY BRAZORIA blase, critical ie says, "but ed. For yean with » really Jamill py tj^took mt better MARJORIE LORD Jflowm From Two Hvubindt you've got to be more Her own youngsters tal i t all Adding to the two-hiisbap :om plications is that of mull ~ spring. Marjorie has two f , ,,, s , children from a previous fir a r- riage and two stepchlldref, And in the television seric-s sheti the wiui n«- spouse 01 private lit*. raoth(er »' " lr( *- "I >'e» ^ iem Randolph Hale, a San Francisco J as " they were my ^^ she theater producer. ' "'' But her fans do. "Your husband just left," someone will call out to her helpfully, as she and Hale leave a studio or theater together. They mean Danny, of course. "Fortunately," comments Marjorie, "Danny's wile Rosemary is a nice girl with a sense of humor. She thinks It's all very Junny. Alter all, they've been happily married lor 25 years and have three children." Marjorie admits she handles the two husbands differently. In the television comedy series the technique goes tills way: "I c«ix Danny, tell him he's adorable and almost make love u> him. He stands there with a big dumb look on his luce nnd I ki» iim and put him out the door, knowing he'll do what I suggest. "But my own husband woulU •alch on u lot sooner. In real life.

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