Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on March 27, 1968 · Page 4
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 4

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1968
Page 4
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BUllttlN Mar. Police Cop Out Pound Strike Beat nj ft SefieS.) BY ROOEft DOUGHtV Urban Affaifs Editor YOt'NGSTOVVN. Ohio - (N'EA) — Cops have always had a way of getting involved in strikes. It goes with the job. Jn one of the most celebrated striko-sparked struggles in the holocaustic history of the American labor movement — The Chicago Hay- inarkel riot of ISBfi — seven policemen were killed, 66 wounded when somebody exploded a bomb. Eighty-one years and a lot of strikes later, the police of (his normally innocuous industrial of _, ,, ,« , . hi ' 1 slicks and right. . The Taylof Law was invoked in New York's sanitation workers strike _as .well with union chief John t)e Lury going to jail and the union being fined. But the strike went on as 100,000 tofts of refuse buried the city. "UNDEtt THE Taylor Law," says labor mediator Theodore Kneel, in a report to the state legislature, "the notion that joint determination or real bargaining can take place is a mirage." This, he says, breeds resentment, adding; "From the resentment Emerging from his cell, a 1 comes the encouragement to citv exploded a bomb! SUac ^ erR last >' ear ahfl hit t>1e ! Adc ' to tni -^ the ffl ct lhat j slimmer Shanker staled, "The; defy the law and ignore the their ' own figuratively i bri(l|<s to dramatically prove; you, the taxpayer, will shell ! Taylor Law is dead." | process of peaceful settle- inu u-hoh iL« T,.n dcWoi' 0 lhe people lhat cvon pro-lout any salary increases won j Many experts feel he was I ment." lection has its price. With the; by the strikers, and it be- firemen following suit, this; comes very clear why the city became the scene of a public is growning weary of precedent - setting s t r i k e; walkouts. Still, many Amcri- agalnst the public. The rever-! cans have sympathy for the berations are still being felt, unionists. Woman D/es, Eight Injured In Collision Childs Services Set Thursday speaking, when they put aside lnplinn hoc itc „,.;„„ vvm , )ho ,„, lho „,„,!,„,.„ „„,, i( ,,„ i _ .....: :_..... _ ,, It makes no sense lo outi law strikes," says Dr. John Fischer, president of Columbia University's Teachers College, "when we see that the , JACKSONVILLE, Tex. (AP)ilaws don't work. But what j— Funeral services were schod-! bothers me the most about THE PUBLIC HAS often ! u] e d Thursday for Carter A tllis situation is that profes- ed the protectors of the peo-jbecn a frugal employer. NoneJchilds, 85, who expanded his' sionals, by the very nature of / pie had satisfied their demands | of its employes have been ov- \ family's grocery business into a i lne ' r work, are individuals, rninn TOY iArn nnn while olher P° liccmen - Hre-: er-paid. Taking the right to chain of more than 50 stores in % approaching their prob- uui,mu, ii.\. IAI i ^» c ; men, teachers, social workers j strike away from public cm-!Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. lems on a collective basis they tn '!and garbage collectors from: ployes might be a good idea,! Childs died Tuesday in a' lend lo become a faceless the Is BEFORE THE walkout end- Tuesday night. Mrs. Mattie Lee Parker. 48, j 1 ti,'n pt*IMr»nilu in *ir " —" • i' *• ™- o ~ v ~~ o —~ *~~" J > v_/i 11 luo uicu l ut/rtUdY HI a \ '• x "*« v " «v,v,»ym^ u *MV- truck f-oSn nwr horn"i' C08 , sl **> coasl dtywA s,ior\cs\as far as the public is con- Jacksonville hospital. He suf-imass where seniority is L' n oh wilh Youngstown datelines j corned, but nobody seems to f ere d a stroke about a week!° nl y meaningful factor. \. ?.. ' _ . .. out of their n an e r s and! know just how to co about it. | a0 n I this what we want our ti of their papers and \ know just how to go about it. ! a g 0 . o( Three Rivers, Tex., died in ! con ,p acla j, 0 expirc . the crash. In critical condition at a Vic- ! thoughtfully waited for their j ]„ New York, for example, Childs, who joined his father! ers to be?" ' this what we want our teach- "Why couldn't you have written a best-seller like the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders?" News Of Men In Service 'Garoog/'an G@fs 75-Year Prison Term '< SAfr ANOELO, fe*. (AP)A convicted bufglaf, who told of an alleged plot to assassinate Arkansas Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller, was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in federal prison for bank and post office burglaries. Zack R. Garoogian, 34, fe- ceived two concurrent five yeaf sentences for burglaries of post offices in Wall and Abilene, Tex. He was given a 10-yeaf non-concurrent sentence for the Dec. 8. 1966, burglary of the F'irst State Bank at Paint Rock. While confined in the San Angelo jail Garoogian made statements, including the alleged assassination plot, which set of/ several local, state and federal investigations. Also sentenced by U. S. Dist. Judge Adrian A. Spears was Bill Junior Brown, who was given 10 and 5 year consecutive terms for burglaries of the Water Valley post office and the Citizens State Bank at Miles. Lcander Vernon of San Angelo was sentenced to three years in prison for circulating a forged postal money order taken in one of the burglaries. Albert Shanker, president of; in the grocery business in 1900, SAN ANTONIO — Airman exhausted, the Dragonship "We weren't trying lo set i (he local teachers' union, went Jerrel D. Elliott, son of Mr. Ill i:i Illl-rll LUIIUIIIUII HI H VIC" .. , ,, ,, I , • •, , ., , ..... loria hospital were Mrs. Gussie a "y. natlona . P aUerns - says, lo ja. for 15 days while his rvintn si r>f Thron Rivnrc onri i a !ocal policeman, recalling ] organization was fined $150,Odom, 53, of Three Rivers and Mrs. Ernestine Garza, 20, of Victoria. Another passenger in the car, driven by Mrs. Parker, and five riders in the pickup, driven by Mrs. Garza, were treated for injuries. All were listed in good condition. Officers said the near head- on collision occurred when the pickup turned off U.S. 59 onto Texas 239 one mile west of Goliad. sold the stores to the Kroger! "LAWS AREN'T the an-! and Mrs. Edward R. Elliott of Grocery Co. in the mid 1950s.! swer/ 1 adds a Pennsylvania; 1511 Second St., Brownwood, the strike. "We just wanted lo get a fair shake. I guess evcrbody figured lhat if we was chairman of the board of under the provisions of < Childs Grocery Co. unionist. "It may be illegal j has completed basic Iraining at i was silenced. crew hosed down the area with 7.fi2mm fire until strike aircraft arrived and the facility for us to strike, but there's no i Lackland AFB, Tex. the slate's Taylor Law. But the Survivors include his widow. 'aw that says we can't gel! H e Is now assigned as a ' city's 50,000 striking teachers ORIGINATED OCARINA The ocarina, a musical wind instrument sometimes known as the "sweet potato," means "little goose" in Italy, where it originated in the late 19th cen-' tury as a development from the carnival whistle made of earthenware. could do it, they could do it stuck to their demands until new militancy shown I while Shanker lost weight in Hamlin, Jacksonville, and Mrs. j'he occasion demands." everyone from | enthusiasts lo ; too." The by public employes and their j unions has establishment, black power advocates thinking hard. ALL OF US ARE used to strikes. To paraphrase H. Rap Brown, they're as American as cherry pie. But the kinds of strikes we've learned to know, and in some cases love, were they won a healthy settlement No-Bill Returned In Attack Case DALLAS (AP) - The Dallas federal grand jury returned a no-bill late Tuesday in the case two sons, R. R. Childs, Jackson-! sick. In the future, unless a musician with a unit of the villc; Alvin Childs, Shrevcport, better way can be found, we j Tactical Air Command at Mac- La.; Iwo daughters, Mrs. Marjai ma y J ust a1 ' be sick whenever 'Al Lowe, Crockett. (NEXT: What's the Answer?) Democratic Candidate Calls For Study of U.S. Viet Policy CHICAGO (AP) - William G.Jc leaders. different. They were staged by! Clark, selected as a Democratic! In his bid for the senatorial industrial unions. You could j candidate for the U.S. Senate ispol on the Democratic ticker, ignore them if you wanted to. j after a leading contender ques- Clark told party leaders lasl Today's strikes can't be ig- ' '•i° nec ' U.S. policies in Vietnam, month: "Of course I support nored 'They're loo basic They-i lias expressed "grave concern"! President Johnson. He's trying reach individual in ^ 131 ' about llle war anci called for a lo brin ^ about the P cace | review of U.S. policy in Viet- j he's the only man who can do KING Food and Discount Center Corner of 3rd & Brady Ave. A FEW OF OUR EVERV-DAY LOW PRICES MILK Grade A One Gallon. POTATOES Russeu 10-lb. Bag Fresh Dressed 99e 39c FRYERS Dressed lb. 2VC HAMBURGER MEAT lb . 29c PORK STEAK, Boneless lb. 49c Baby Beef, Seven Steak lb. 59c PORK SAUSAGE, Whole Hog ... lb.49c RUMP ROAST, Baby Beef lb. 79c GROUND ROUND LEAN lb. 69c Pike's Peak Beef Roast lb. 79c DECKER WEINERS !b. 39c BREAD, Large Loaf 21 c MEAD'S BISCUITS 3 for 25c PRESERVES, Asst. Flavors ... 3 for $1.00 SALAD DRESSING, Best Maid . . Qt. 29c UPTON'S TEA i/4-lb, Box 39c OLEO ft;*;!, 10c FOLGER'S COFFEE Lb, 65c CANDY'S 1/2 Gal. Frozen . . 3 for $1,00 BAYER ASPIRIN, 100 size 73c 69c Alkaseltzer 55c GLADIOLA Flour 5 Lbs, 39c BACON, Sliced to, 39c 98c NYLON HOSE, 1st grade . 3 prs. $1 FRESH EGGS 1 Doz, for 29c PiANUT BUTTER, Pal; 2 1 /? lb, jar. . 89c SHORTENING %X kers 59c FOLGERS Instant Coffee . . 10 oz, $1,29 98c Drent Shampoo ,. 69e I9c Crtst Toothpaste 49c Catsup Pel Monte 20-0?, Bot. 3 for $1,00 Notebook Paper 300 Sheets 59c LUNCHiON MIATS Oooch's . Pkg, 29e Sour or Dill PICKLIS Qt, 29c TUNA FISH Sea Call .... 4 Cans $1,00 SUOAR (Limit) . ."777777.",'^ 'SLbTws FVEBV n,$V fi|!(,Q\V PJSCQUNT nam. it." loon to lest the temper of public reaction." Clark, unopposed in the Dem- Dill AFB, Fla. Airman Elliott, „ 1963 graduate of Winlers j cra [ l in Vietnam High School, received a B.A.! ™ e sergeant Is a graduate 81 ! of Dumas High School. His wife, Patty, is the daugh- c ...„ .. L nr ti i uu-uiii icitc i ucoua v in me *-ao<3 «r 7h B Aii M ' S n mem f of Dure11 M - Carothers, 58, ac- SLS™ i, r" C ° mman J° cused of atlacki "g and Squadron that flies the modified C-47 Skytrain, now in its third war, as an attack air- degree this year from Murry College, Abilene. Mc- WITH U. S. COMBAT AIR FORCES, Vielnam-Slaff Sergeant Herbert Walls, son of John D. Walls of 4731 Kenyon Drive, Oklahoma City.recently supported U. S. Army helicopter gunships during a Viet Cong rocket attack near Cu Chi, Vietnam. •win* *») unv^k'uo^u m niv tyt-iii- « , ,_. .. . . ocratic primary, said in his Se fg eant Walls was load- statement Tuesday that the U.S.! n ? aster on , an AC ' 47 Dragon- role in Vietnam "has its roots in ! i hl P cr ^ w from ? ien Hoa Air 1954 » Force Base that dropped flar- "The initial approach taken f .|° Iightll . the1 enem . y launch by Secretary of State John Fos-1 fa ? lh j y ^ s tF ? e Army flre teams Some political observers in-| But Tuesday he called for a ter Dulles, which is the founda-! ra £ ed the slte - terpretcd the Clark statement ] review of U.S. policy in Vietnam j tion of our present policy, must! J " e "• when munitions ac a h ' ial ha """" ! "because it is obvious to me be re-examined in the light of aboard the helicopters were as a trial balloon. "J have grave concern re- j that most Americans believe garding the wisdom of our • that we are dealing with a cor- present policies in the conduct | nipt and unresponsive govern- of lhe war in Violnam," Clark- said Tuesday in his first campaign news release. Clark, the Illinois attorney ment in South Vietnam," three airline hostesses. Carothers, Houslon lawyer and businessman, appeared at his own request before lhe grand jury lale last week. The "no-bill" meanj the jury, in effect, held that Carothers ter of Mr anri Mrs fprrv '" cucv:l « '"- lu Ln< " v,aiuuiei3 L ;;„.." I. _ rry should not stand trial on the charge made by federal authorities. Taylor of 1216 Church St., Coleman, present reality," Clark said. Later he told newsmen thai he l:ad made the statement "to|| correct many misconceptions of Political writers for both the my role in this campaign, par„• o.._™ , x,._ /-.., i ticu | ar]y in the Eastern presS) Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune said in this morn- general, was picked for the top ling's editions that the Clark spot on the ticket by Democrat-1 statement might have been is- ic slatemakers after Adlai E. i sued with the consent of Mayor I Stevenson III said he could not ! promise complete support in ad- j vance to President Johnson's policies in Vietnam. Richard J. Daley. George Tagge in the Tribune said the statement "was considered a major development by about my background and my obligations." He denied consulting with Daley before issuing the statement. Stevenson, son of the lale U.S.I politicians because they are ccr- ambassador to the United Na-!tain that Clark issued his stale- lions, had been considered the! ment only after consulting with leading contender to oppose;Mayor Daley." Sen. Everett M, Dirksen, R-Ill.,j Daley, the leading Democrat- and as a possible candidate for ic figure in Illinois and a strong governor. He was passed over for both posts by the Democrat- Let us show you HOWLITTLE IT COSTS to air condition your home! CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING CVUffAT VlCf supporter of the President, said: "There was no contract between the committee and the candidates. They think for themselves. I didn't know the i statemenl was to be issued and 11 hadn't seen it." | John Dreiske in the Sun- Times said: "After studying the Clark statement, some Democratic leaders saw the possibility of a major shift in Vietnam policy at the White House level. This opinion was based on the belief the Clark statement might have been issued with Daley's consent as a trial bal- AP Cameraman Wounded in Viet SAIGON (AP) — Associated Press photographer Al Chang, 43, was wounded today for the second time in his six years of covering the Vietnam war. .. A piece of shrapnel hit Chang in the chest when the Viet Cong fired on an armored personnel carrier he was riding as U.S. 25lh Division infantrymen attacked a Viet Cong hamlet 28 miles northwest o.. Saigon. He was walking around later and was believed not seriously injured. In December 1965, Chang was knocked unconscious by a bullet in his head but came to 40 minutes later and took more photographs after medics removed the bullet and dressed the wound. UVilN COMFORT,,, all through th$ horn* long Cool comfort can be yours by simply adding * G-C space-saving, split-system Ig your central heatmj system. 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General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division, will offer formal and/or on the job training AIRCRAFT ASSEMBLY Applicants who qualify will be given training: in either structures, electrical or hydraulics fields of aircraft assembly. Class room training in blue print reading, use »f assembly hand tools, assembly technique and other subjects necessary to accomplish aircraft assembly work. _ Also Experienced Personnel In The Following Classifications: AIRCRAFT ASSEMBLERS MACHINE TOOL OPERATORS PLASTIC PARTS FABRICATORS HELIARC WELDERS NO PREVIOUS CERTIFICATION REQUIRED ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS To work advoneed avionics systems for the F*!ll aircraft on the flight lint gnd in the A A I »hop. Minimum 2 years training in a trade school or service experience Pn communications, bombing navigation or ECM equipment required, r ; FIELD & SERVICE MECHANICS At least one year field and service experience on jet aircraft in either ?!eetriC8l or hydraulic! systems required. Applicants' should be prepared to produce training certificates or other evidence of their training and proficiency, INSPECTORS TOOLING 2 year's experience in Jig and Fixture and tool diet, INSPECTORS ELECTRONICS Electronic theory and 1 ye«r experience. APPLY AT TEXAS EMPLOYMENT COMMISSION 1021 TAYUQR STRUT FQRT WORTH, TEXAS Excellent wafts and fringe benefit! including: group Iniursncj plan Seven Paid Helidayi per Yf«r ComMity Poid Retirement Plan Intensive Relational Facilities Liberal Vocation Plan Stock Saving! Plan GENERAL DYNAMICS Fort Worth Division

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