Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 22, 1937 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 2
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ANNOUNCES PLANS " ' '" fiflJFORD AND M. FAHLE 1EDHERE tl_ ;'"'' T > jf' -=••. -; Reveal^ tKeEM- gagemerilt to Announcing the engagement of her sister, Miss Jewell Binford. to Mark F&h,le, Mrs. M. P. Downs en- tecCaGhed with, a dinner at her,home lam Evening, assisted by Mrs. W. H. Dempster. May 8 was revealed as the date for the wedding. One .word was written on each place card, and when read around the table' these formed a sentence making the announcement. The MM Df MOD£RN PAGE TWO THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 22, 1937.. WOMAN WILL GO Church Couhcil Will Send President To Abilene Silky Leopard table Was decorated in pink and whltCi.. with a centerpiece of spring i women Attendance of their president at j a summer conference in Abilene, May 31 to June 4 was planned by of First Christian Council Each guest was given a yesterday afternoon in a ~ flowers; corsage of white flowers After dinner, an hour of games was enjoyed by Misses Binford. Josephine Lane, Lois Hlnton, Minnie Opve .Montgomery, Frances Stark, Lillian Rice. Lorene Nicholson. Myrtle Faye Gilberl, Clolllle McCallls- ter; Mmes. Nolan Harris, W. D. Pearce, Dempster, and Downs. is tlie daughter of ford, a graduate of Pampa high school and an office employe of the Rase Motor Co. Mr. Fahle. who parents reside in Borger. has been-with the Sinclair-Prairie Co. here for .some time. Betty'Compson Stores Saturday •.''Betty Compson, one of tlie best known motion picture stars of the screen and stage, who has a collec- tipn of millions of fan letters from every corner of the globe, will make tier personal appearance with her troupe of-Hollywood Girls' All Star Softball players Saturday at Murfee's Inc., from 2:30 lo 3 p. m.; Behrman's store from 3:15 to 3:45; Mitchell's store from-4 to 4:30. p.. m. At each store she will model hats and -coats and will tell some of her most interesting experiences of her long career. Coming direct from Hollywood on a 'tour of.-the 'country with her bevy of beauties, Miss Compson will visit the important points of interest in the town and will be able to see, in person, the many followers she has made during stardom in pictures. She will be prepared to meet autograph hunters, seekers of knowledge about the motion picture col- pny, and tell. many, interesting septets pictures are made. ' The • Hollywood Girls' All Softball' .club, .which Miss Compson is sponsoring, is a group of motion picture artists who have appeared in many recent pictures and who are temporarily leaving Hoolywpod and the screen in order to be with ttieir favorite star on this. tour. Tie'team of Hollywood beauties will play the Pampa Jaycees, 'men's team, at Road Runner park at 9 o'clock Saturday night. A preliminary game will be staged between the Sooners and Phillips, entries in toe Pampa Softball association, at 8 o'clock. Admission to both games will be 40 cents. Miss Compson will appear in person at the park. puring the playing of tlie game Betty Compson will present the local Jaycees' team with a beautiful gold ciip autographed by two of Hollywood's, film celebrities, Arline Judge and John Boles. Star Mr. and Mrs. Cobb ^re Hosts to Store Meeting at McLean ':McLEAN, April 22.— Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Cobb were hosts to a number 'of out-of-town guests Tuesday evening, the occasion being the district meet of the B. F. stores. An informal get-together was held after which interesting talks were heard from W. C. Miller and C. A. Brewer of Dallas, and F. W. Girard of Amarillo. Refreshments were seryed. ' Those Attending were those on pro- E'ra.m, and, fro mShattuck, Okla., Mrs, Ruth Killins, Ernestine Pickett, Esther Deal, L. A. Bayless, Pansy Little, and Jim B. Williams; from LeFors, Dorothy Greenhouse, Mrs. Ma,dge Page; from Wheeler, Florence Guynes, Mittie Greenhouse- ffpm Sayre, Okla., Martha Aldridge, Era Bryan, Tressie Tyson; from Shamrock, Elizabeth Ziegler, Virgie Wheeler, Floyd Harrel, Gene Harmon, George Byrd, W. W. Collier, Mary Wilson, Juanita Walker, Mrs. W. W. Collier, Mourine Bryant; ifrom Wellington, Vone Wood, Fay tytesslck; from McLean, W. W. Cpl- lier Jr., Madeline Ray, Eddie St. Jjohn, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bell Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Cobb, Jesse Dean Cobb aijd\. Willie Louelie Cobb. ' J. D. 'Back, student in John Tarleton college at Stephenville, and Bruce 'Graham, student in A. & M. cplfege at Bryan, are home for the San Jac'ijitq holidays of the two pc'h'opls. 1 ,'Th'ey wjjl return Sunday 'Birthday Surprise aj; Penworth , J8Y MRS. EARNEST DQWELL. PEN,WORTH, April 22.— A group of friends met at tjip hqrne of Mr anil,- lifts. Qtto Gross Wednesday,, tq giya* ifrs. Gross a handkerchief shower. 'in honor of her birthday and refreshment were en- the church. Mrs. O. A. bt- sent to the conference by Hie council. Two new members, Mmes. E. A. Harris and Kielh Hulatt, were Welcomed by the '.U members present. Gue-sUs 'for the afternoon, wers Mmes. Jake Ramp, Fredelia Potter, and Dorothy Tuttle. After a .business session with Mrs. Wagner presiding, Mrs. C. F. Bastion led a devotional service of soiv; ind prayer, - ' YOUR~~~ CHILDREN .' By "Olive Roberts Barton While I do not approve of unloading family problems on children who are incapable of understanding, there is .another angle to it that calls for attention. Too often, the children live one life and their parents another. There is no community of- ideas, and as a result the children, learn to look upon their parents as mere . background for supplies and comfort. How few boys are aware of-a,father's struggle to provide, the daily effort and endurance tq pay rent.and buy groceries, How few girls are conscious of their mother's responsibilities and worry. It has become one of our natipnal failures, indeed, this separating of-the Iwo camps !n- lo opposed forces. There is nobody to blame except parents themselves. And in a way they are not to be blamed, either, because they are partially compelled to follow social trends and the pull of the world. However, as a champion .of the home first, and educational and organized forces next. I believe that it is time to turn the attention of tlie growing child more definitely to his home, and to his parents. Life Begins at Home He needs it. He needs to learn what stern complexity real life is made of. He needs the greater, understanding of man's estate. Too often lie goes out from school into marriage, perfeclly green as lo Ihe responsibilities and requirements. The same happens with the girl who has been permitted to escape, or shed, her mother's problems of'fam- ily welfare. Being in a family does not necessarily mean that the child knows anything about it. As a little child, this is largely permissible. He need not be burdened wilh details that discourage him. But a* he grows, he is entitled to be admitted to at least a few of its problems. Many a father, from sheer pride, pretends to his children that the means for their happiness is always at hand. He wants tp keep his affairs very secret, .so afraid is he of losing their respect. How wrong this is. We don't give enough credit to the growing boy or girl. It is unfair to these young peo- jle not to lay our cards on the ta>le and honestly show them how tilings stand. , , That College Problem Now it is spring. Arrangements are being made for college next fall. In many cases parents are lying awake nights and planning how they can mortgage or sell something to ;ive John and Mary their chance. A year at home between • high school and college might be the bet- :er answer. A year in which John night be able .to help his father and learn to know him, and how he has to work and worry. A year in which Mary might learn a few things not only about her mother, but with ner, and get an inside view of responsible housekeeping. Isn't a year at home, after all, as much a part of life's education and preparation as any that the Mis? Durilap As President Yesterday BY EVELYN 6ARNETT. WHITTENBURG, April 22.—Miss Betty Dunlap was elected president of the '"PhilMps'Borger-v Music club Wednesday, Mrs..C. C.-.-Tate vice- president. .Mrs.- L/C. .Reithmayer secretary. Mrs. Joe L.- 'Bi'iggs treasurer, Mrs. Barron Chapman > parliamentarian, and Mrs. Wade Purr historian;. - : .::':•••• 'i Wednesday Might Bridge'club met with Mrs. Mike Hale In the .new Phillips camp yesterday.. Miss May Winters; a guest, made high score. 'An'all-day ;neetr:ig in the .Phillips Methodist church here 'Was conducted yeiterday by.J. B. Elzy of Perrytort, assisted by the;Rev. C. L. Hinds, presiding elder of the Perry ton district, end the Rev.- T. M. f Johnson. •••••.. Tho Methodist Missionary society met Tuesday witli Mines. L. A. Plnkham, John Sledge, Charles Tyre, and George hostesses. A surprise party was given for Mrs. Charles Tyre on her birthday Tuesday afternon. Each guest pre- ssnled her with-a skein of yarn, for use in making an afghan. Jride Live BY MBS. GAYNOR MADDOX, . NBA Service Staff Writer. -•.tighten your metytr probierit with a few-' delicate souffles.. They make grand one-dish luncheons. ;•. Cheese and ttlie Souffle.-' (4 to o seifvings.) One and one-half cups cooked Met, 114 cups white saiice, 3 fresh eggs, IVt cups ground American cheese, 1 .teaspoon, minced parsley, 1/8; teaspoon baking soda, 1/8 teaspoon minced garlic, salt, paprika. TOMORROW'S MENU. BREAKFAST: Orange and grapefnUt 'juice,, hot rice, ; brown sugar and \ cream, bacon rolls, coffee, nvilk. • • •. . LUNCHE'ON: Scrambled eggs with tomato, French bread, broccoli salad, Anjou pears, cream cheese, tea. milk. DINNER: Ciam chowder, celery, ripe olives, French fried fish.. fillets, scalloped potatoes, siting ; beans, .cold slaw, apricot whip, coffee, milk. -. OMfcfiTA WILL \ a k t v. ' . , ,. Piper' Will : Be Presented : Toili,oirrow ; "The Magic Piper," three-act operetta, will be presented by 150 Skellytown'"pi1pilS In the school auditorium th;ere Friday "evening at 8. W. L. Alsttp is the director, and the Skellytown school band the beneficiary. Stage settings have been built especially for the production by Miss Sue Michie and students of her art classes. reeling were Misses Mary Belli Campbell, Lillian Davis, Eugeania Johnston, and Mrs. Hazel DeVine. MIND your MANNERS' Test your knowledge of correct social usages by answering the following questions, then Checking against the authoritative!-answers below. 1. If someone Borrows a book from you and neglects to return It, may you remind him?: •• 2. Is it Impolite to read a newspaper over someone's shoulder? 3. If you want to mark a place in a book, should you do it by turning clown the corner of 4. Shotijd you evetvlend a bookfthat you yourself have -borrowed? 5. If a whole family has to read one newspaper, should each person who reads it be careful to keep the sections irl order? What would you do If-T i In your reading you came across Assisting Mr. Alsup in dl-; something that interests you you want to share it-r- (a) Read It aloud? . and •Miss Mary Phillips, daughter of Mrs. B. W. Phillips of Lubbock, and Frank Conner of Pampa were^mar- rled Monday evening at the home of the Rsv. Mr. Jennings in Lubbock. The couple will be at home, here, where Mr. Conner is employed--by the Tulsn Rig & Reel Co. Present for -the wedding were Miss Vesta Conner of Lubbock, Mrs. b. Spectacularly exciting, is Marcel E. Screws of Bcrger, Mitchell Phil- Rc-chas' creation that combines an- off-purple coal and a leopard print crepe, frock. The coat is lined .with the same print which fcrmr n!ss the s?ar!' tie at the waistline. Note the louse draping of the bodice and the high neckr line. lips of Odessa. Mr. Conner, con of Mri and Mrs. Fred E. Conner of Lubbock, .was graduated from Pampa' high school last, year, then-lived for a time with his parents at Lubbcck. Friday i * :'• • ' Royal Neighbors will 'meet 'with Mrs. H. C. Chandler, 220 N. Gilles- ple, at 2 p. m. • : Mrs. Fuller Barnctt will be hostess to Wayside Home Demonstra- ;ion club. Eastern Star Study Club will meet at Masonic hall, 7.30. Beta Sigma Phi will formally in- tiate pledges at a dinner. Saturday Home Demonstration clubs of the county will have their council meeting in the county agent's office at the courthouse. jGuesfcs were Messrs. and ¥mes J.JQ. .HeUoway, Jphn Cooper, Gordon -"*-'• fa. «.„$. Gfpss, J. g. Fostgr of Leors; Jirnmie qpop- Mary Ruth, and, Eisje ^y, LaJuana R.pbe,rts O'Brleh, Sob ' schools can give? Growing children should know something of family affairs, have a vote in policy and undertake their bit of the load. But the -older boy or girl should do more. He should learn to value parents first of all, and enrich his life by something that books and the whole world of youth cannot possibly give him. County Singers Meet Here Sunday Gray County' Singing Convention will meet at Harrah Methodist church for an. all-4ay program Sunday, beginning at 11 o'clock. Jack Staggs, president, invites all who enjoy good singing to be present an.d. tp bring a lunch fpr the noon jneal. Coffee will be served. Visitors from Borger, White Peer and Panhandle are expected wltl county residents from McLean, Alanreed, and LeFors. A quartet from Qklahprna is scheduled for special number's, ...-:.-.. .Persons interested in singing, ar.e ftlso incited to attend a schpol of rmvsjB ( ,,con4ug(8^ . by. pl\arles .E.;, farmer presWWt of W fioun- fy Ringing co.nyentiov), this evening at 8 at Parrab chjipej, BY MRS. PEYTON WOFFORD. SHAMROCK. April 22.—Mrs. D. S. Drain was called to Liberal, Kas., Sunday by news that Mr. Drajn, a driller, had been seriously injured ,n an oil well accident. Mrs. W. L. Morrison and daugh- ;ers, Katie and Grace Louise, left Saturday for California where 'another daughter, the former Walta Belle Morrison, is quite ill. ews BY MIES. C. A. HODGES. MAGIC CITY, April 22. —The Rev. Mr. Bassiere of Canyon, foundei of tlie Presbyterian church here and pastor for two years, will speak unday, preaching his farewell sermon before leaving for Montana He will leave many friends in this community ' ••< The evening sermon will be by Dr John Maclnnes of Los Angeles speaker,- writer, and edubator.- Tlie public is invited to'hear him. Eleven children met with Mrs. C A. Hodges at the 'Pfesbyterlar church lo organize a Junior Christion Endeavor. Delia May McCoy was elected president, Dewey Walkai vice president, Adelle Hodges-secrer tary and treasurer. Gwendolyr King, Joy Frye, and Mildred Ybcum were named on a program committee. The group will meet every Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hughes visited her parents at RockWall over the week-end. . —, •*»*• r- BKXDGE-LUNCH ENJOYED. LeFORS, April 22.—Tuesday aft ernoon' the Happy-GbiLuoky 'bridg' club met in the home of Mrs. Eth'e Mae Thurman "for a '• luncheon, with eight members and four guests pjres c-nt. After the luncheon the- groui enjoyed bridge. Mrs. Edith Watson won the prize, for high ,scpye,,.Mis Modelle Carruth; lor. second high and Miss Ruth Wise won guest. Add seasoning, parsley and garlic to white sauce. Add cheese and ccok over hot water until cheese has entirely melted, Turn in rice. Beat egg yolks w.ell, .then stir into cheese mixture. Beat egg whiles until .tiff, then fold into cheese mixture Turn Into well buttered baking dish set in pan of water anil bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) for about 30 minutes. Serve at once with sliced tomatoes dusted with chopped chives, toast and tea— there's a pleasant luncheon date foi yoi;. Splnaih ahd' Celery Souffle. (6 to 8 servings.) One- tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon minced onion, i'/i tablespoons flomv 2 cups milk, >,<!• cup grated cheese, 2 cups spinach, cooked, and finely choped, 114 cups tender , celery leaves, cooked and finely , chopped, 4> eggs, seasoning. ... ..•-,,- .... -.Melt butter in- saucepan, . add onions and cook until heated but do ot brown. Add, flour, mix well, len gradually add milk. .Add cheese nd stir until completely melted. lemove from. heat, add. spinach -and elery and season to- tasle. Add the our unbeaten ,egg .yolks, .one. at .a ime. Mix well. Beat egg whites ntil stiff. Fold in, Turn into well Uttered baking dish, set .in pan f water and bake in moderate oven 350 degrees F.) until done. Serve t once-. - ,1 •.'.•• ..If the spring appetite needs -.a onic, try this luncheon — a chilled iowl Into which have been tossed 'scallions cut up, 4 radishes, sliced, 1 cucumber, sliced,, 1 teaspoon ninced onion, 1,. stalk, celery, chopped, . 1 . red tomalo, sliced, 6 .crisp ettuce leaves, 1 baby carrot, sliced, and 1 tablespoon 'minced celery, all nixed up with French dressing. With this sparklfri'g'- salad, serve slices of whole, wheat-walnut bread and -balls : of cream . cheese, and of a -pot- of, tea with lemon Mothers of the actors have made colorful costumes of thirteenth century Germany. Principal roles are played by Rufus Woods as the town crier, Glen Stafford as Mayor of Hamelin, Brooksye Houston as the Louise Price, Peggy Ann piper; Covey, FLAPPER FANNY -®PV NE/K SERVICE, lljc. T. M. BEO. U. 8. PAT. OFF.- By Sylvia "Well, Jid you get your money's worth?" "I Suppose So, excpp); shv $old me more misfojtunv' Austin Beauchamp, Gilbert Morris, Glynna Addington, Tamara Arwood. Sara Florence Parker, Gladys Marie Taylor as. villagers; Joe Harold Romack, .Walter Louis Roberts, Donald Staats, Alfred Aulbert, Fred Corbitt,; Dick Polyak, Arley Stafford, X. L. ;F,ulton as councllmen. Readers are Dana June Tiffany. Mary Janice Thorpe, Barbara Fowler, i ...;.• i -... . A chorus of men and women, one of children, and one of "rats" will assist. Entertainment between acts will be presented.,by a girls' chorus from the sixth and seventh grades, by Kenneth • Propst and Lawrence Clark. Band members will appear in the operetta also. They are: Warren Givens, James. Speer, , Kenneth (b) Store it away in your mind and tell it when it Is especially appropriate? (ci Show it to the person-yon think will be interested? Answers 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. No. Use a book mark. 4. No. 5. Yes. A separated newspaper is usually a family's pet annoyance. Best "What Would You Do" solu- tion—(b). This is the method often used by persons who enjoy the reputation for being interesting companions. . ....... . Eropst,.. Troyce Murphy, Alladeen Lee Morris. Werth, James Rose, Billy Gumfory Orville Thorpe,-Lois-Beighle. Eycile Wade, Bob Marlar, Sam Wade, Dai- ton Green, EUgene Smart, Charles Fowler, Willis Lee Aulbert, Wa'ltei Louis Roberts. Sara -Florence'Par- ker, Gilbert Morris, Julia-Alice^-Murphy, Glen Stafford, Bob'Rosa, Wid- fcsrt Wade, Tamara Arwood, -Alfred Aulbert, Donald. Staats, Arley Stafford, Howard Murphy, Billy-'Pete Hughes, Eula Mae Werth,. and Erma ID. Club Given Bandage for elbow or knee injuries with the "fou r-tailed" baifdfige which will stay in place aftd' yet »•• give freedorn of, rHdvefrhent, -wSS demonstrated to McLean-ttbme Defti* pnstration club Frlday^/by MW. Luther Petty, who Holds '-'4. nurse's certificate. < ;- ' ' , ' • '•' * The program on first aid Was-In Mrs. J. A., Fowler's home. Content of the home emergency kit'- was discussed by, Mrs. Petty, tyhcrffealii every. mother shovild Vknbw 'h6W to use treatments for the. little ills and injui'ies comrnon among chil'dreri. . A one-act play, "A Bit of Ribbon," was presented .by Mmes. John ,B. Vannoyt R. F. Sanders, anfl -CV "E. Hunt;, and a pantomime, "Asleep ». in Church," by Mrs-. J. H, Wade. Mrs. Relia Sharp, recreation chair^ man, announced that dramatic .entertainment is to be a part: of every m program during April, May*, and June. < Mrs. Arthur Wilson was a Visitor. Club members recently enjoyed a cove-red dish luncheon in the Home of;: Mrs, > Fowler, with ra bbuntiful lunch and informal conversation featured. Entire family Enjoys Reunion 'Mr. and MrsT^Johr? Williams were hosts to their entire family at a re.- t. union over the Week-tad at their home in the BrunoW apartments, . Out-of-town relatives present were Mr. and,,Mrs. Vlnce Williams ,;pf Bcotts Bluff: Neb.; .Marvin yyilliams * of'Edinburg, Mrs. Tom King,: ^Mrs. Tom Ward and son, Bobby, of Ohil- liepthe. Those' residing in PamiJa who joined In the reunion were Wr. and;Mrs. Alvin Cole;'Mr. and'Mrs. N. M. Sparks and daughter, 'Betty June; Dave, Odus, and Goebel Williams. - - •'; " ' That's enough for two. Girl Scout News A summer project, planting and caring for flowers oh • the lawn of the Girl Scout's Little House,, was planned, by girls; of., the Wpodrow Wilson troop yesterday. Members will met at 1:30 to start the work Sara Frances Giddens was a new member present yesterday with 27 olher girls. Troop commitleemen present were Mmes. E. M. JCeller ane F. W. • Shotwell; leaders presenl were Mmes. Floyd Blanton, Jack King, 1 and L. J.- McCarty. -A hike is scheduled for the regular meeting nextJWednesday. Alanreefl News BY MARGUERITE CRISP. ALANREED, April 22.—The Rev. White Parker, a son of the noted CJuanah Parker, will speak: at the Methodist church here Saturday evening in the interest of missions,The Methodist church here is to have a fellowship dinner this evening, %ith a program on the Bishops Crusade'now in progress in Southern Methodist churches. •The • Baptist Missionary society met) at the church Mpnday, and the Methodist society with Mrs. J., >P; Cole Tuesday. The' latter group will not meet next week, because Pf a district conference to be held in Clarendon. How Oni? Of Ugly Fat Safely^Comifortably ' • If you're not as popular as you'd like to be, not as active, healthy and kpen in mind— you- owe it to yourself to get rid of that fat— don'Ji . • here's a method, ypu .' depend on tp, re,duce surplus fat SAFELY and SANELY— just take 'a -half 'teapsooriiul-of Kruschen Salts in a glass of hot water first thing every morning arid cut 'down on fat-m^ats, biitter, '.cream' and sugary, sweeter, before you realize -it .excess >.fsjt starts to disapBeajhn-Keep it up every day; without Jail- and iiv. ,fl . fejw weeks ypui.shp.uld. flOt Pnly note .e, great improvement ln-flgwe but in. your hea^h. as WPU< -, Kiuschen m a .j-yWUt b\<tu& ot C ««!) ,SJjstB ir^mjral SfcHa-^lrt wppdeiful tq help 'WjJ»y«. Bver, ifttUTjluader ai)$l bowels ' Bver, ifttUTjl f utfetlon "prwerly. 'JUr custe but fuw 1'ttiit"- lasts frlt ' but 1ttii- , , %W, rf'P ?! m,' 'Kot fCrisral huullh tthd ,, my «b- " Smart Ready-to-Wear., Betty Compson, the glamorous motion picture star, will be at Murfee's Saturday afternoon from 2:30 until 3 o'clock. Don't fall to see Miss 'Comjlson . .... she will .model some of our neHvest' Summer Fashions ii) the' ready-to-wear department. 'Possibly you'll want ;; an autograph . . . . Miss Compson will be mo-re than glad-to'Oblige . , L . " ' ' One Special Group Better Dresses Reg, $19.75 Valuer .95 Smart pastels in "beige, blue, rose and grey .... colorful prints oh dark ,-grounds. . . , • These dresses liav« been in tlie stPre only a short time. ... .The selection is very'good. Final Cleanup Spring Prints' $19.75 and^l'4.85-Values 6 Last call . . : prints in black, beige, and navy . . . '. Solids in blue, beig.e," grey, •- aqua: ,aijd;. rose . . :, i. every dress suitable for. sum»; mer wear.oDon't miss this event. .•<*:! Washable fabrics .95 Cool washable ^prints i . . the mark of Crown Tested Quality is 'your assurance that • this fabric has been laboratory tested : and Approved for washabJlity, • color fastness and al} consumer , wearing qualities -.'•'. •'. bright summer shades 8 , . , all sizes. Timely arrivals^ ;f., . printed linens! CbpJ we^raptes. fpr right now and on thrpvigh glimmer light jind dark grounds .... Sixes 12' to 40.' ' •-,:.''... Summer Hpuse Ip Striking Printed Mutters, fm. t ' f t ,' v . iglJ 1

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