Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 16, 1973 · Page 47
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 47

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1973
Page 47
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CLASSIMKI) DISPLAY ('i-.\ssiMi;i)i),\v (I ,\S.SII'li:i)l)lsn.AY I rLASSil IKDDISI'I.AV I (LASSil'IKI)DISI'LAY NKVVS-nKK.VI,!), l'iMi;iin;i( il>,l l;i.,>iin (!:i.\,Sriilriiilif! U>. IH, : ( LASSIf ll,l )|)|SI 'l,\^ ( i ,\SSH IIJ>I>ISI'1,\\ I 4 lei <t^ *< ..rJ: Sam Dodson The Cleanest USED CARS in Bay County at LLOYD PONTIAC CADILLAC, INC 918 Hinlioii AVE. 85. UspdTriicks 1968 V-6, Jeep, wiirren hubs, roll-lKii-, lop, toe bar, 2-sel.s of tires. 7H,'i-Hll-l after ,S p.m. •V.\ Ton ['ick-iip. 10 V\. self-conlained eiimpcr. Sleeps 6. Completely AC. Power unit. 265-302.3. 86-Usejl Cars i'J66Clievrolel, 'i-dr. Kood tires. Kuns good .S29.S. Cull Whitt Murray 76,3- 210.S. l.UKE PlUJIT'l'is now operating While's (iarage in Callaway. Invilcs all his friends locmne by or call 763 •I30«. 1967 Chevrolet pick up Iruck, CCab with Aiilo,-T, $,^.50. Also '1966 ,Simco $.350. 265-2175, l-'or .Sale by Owner - 196'l l^'alcon '1 dr. New tag. Runs good. $200. 7635707. '63 I'alcoii, roii.'i good, 7')' lag and inspeclioii slicker. Call after 4:30 I'M. 7K5-19I0 $315, '6'l Corvette, loaded with exiras $1095, Ctdl 769-2733, KOK SAI.K; 1970 PLYMDU'I'II, 7K .S. 2511 One Owner, 1967 1'lymoHlli I dr I'.S, A-C, good comlilioii, goixl riiblier $.395. 763-9629 1970 Chevelle - 3117 anio,, AC, I'.S, (ape deck, (iooil (ires, d'ood con dilioii, $1600. 763-3'l6«, 1972 Pinto rini-ahoiil, 'l-.spd, $171111. Owner needs aiiloinalic, 763-I50H. 1967 (hevrok'l, 2-(lr, liiscayni:, ii cylinder, .Standard .Slilll, H II, ;:oiicl condition. Uleal work car, .$19.'^, 76 .1 H930, I97«,SAAH V-'l,'l-sp(l,,AM-l''Mi /Mlio I'lxcelleni conililion, Low mileage, $12110, 7fi,1..|l|97, l''70 I'onllac, ( alalnia, idr Hi, nolo., I',S, I'll, A C, K II, Clean $l,HIIO .nO, (all 671 K3H2 or 671 H6I2 llloimiHlmvn Auto l''ii)aiiciii({ And IiiNiinince Steve Ciiilen Agency 763-1627 763-1620 COOK-WHITEHEADFORD FREE LICENSE TAG With the Purchase of Each Used Car through Sept. 20, 1973. 73 FORD Gran Torino Sport 2-door hardtop. *t> « p/» — V-8. Cruis-O-Matic, radio, heater, power JpOjVj steering, power brakes, air conditioning, vinyl roof. '72 FORD 4-door Country Squire station wagon. V-O. Cruis-O-Matic, radio, heater, <^ O 1 O C power steering, power brakes, air con- I V*) ditioning. 71 MAVERICK 4-door. Standard transmission, tfOI QC heater, air conditioning. "r** • ' 71 FORD LTD 2-door. V-8. Cruis-O-Matic, <|>9 'inC radio, heater, power steering, power brakes, I # J air conditioning, vinyl roof. 70 AMERICAN MOTORS AMBASSADOR 2- door hardtop. V-8. Automatic, radio, heater, 1 295 power steering, power brakes, air con- T ditioning, vinyl roof. '69 CHEVROLET Impola 2-door hardtop. V-8. Automatic, radio, heater, power steering, air conditioning. $1295 '66 OPEL Kodott station wagon. 4-speBd transmission, heater. $695 '63 PONTIAC Grand Prix 2-door hardtop. Automatic, radio, healer, power steering, power brakes, power windows, bucket seats, console, air conditioning. $695 COOK -WHITEHEAD FORD 730 W. 15th St. Phone 763-5351 ALL 73 GMC TRUCKS MUST GO ONLY A FEW LEFT SEE US AND GET THE BEST DEAL IN NORTHWEST FLA. WE ARE THE TRUCK PEOPLE FROM GENERAL MOTORS C&LTRUCK SALES 2504 £. Illh St. 763-7216 Nile PH. 785-5497 THE 74 BUICKS ARE ON THE WAY See Them All Sept. 20th THE NELSON MEN ARE STIll GIVING YOU THAT FINE SERVICE FOR OVER 59 YEARS NELSON BUICK CO. 785-4391 DOWNTOWN PANAMA CITY ,,,,,,,, 621-22 HARRISON AVE. •Arnold ToucMonP I SELL New Cadillacs Pontiacs Tempests at LLOYD PONTIAC CADILLAC, INC 930 Harrison-763-6573 «fi. Used Cars l')(i') Diiiluc liilly ciiiiippcil, inclmlini! Iiipc ilcck. fioiiil coiuliliiin. Wiirlh $i(i,sii, will Hike $1,(1110. m-mi. m. U.scd Cms l')6a Falciiii, 4idr., A-T, hy owner. Now paint, liriikcs, ballcry, etc. (iiioil economy car iji excellent con• ililion. $72.S. 7hM)-[M. hiipala fliovnilcl 2-(lr. Il-T 3')h. 7(i,!-(ll.!6. Want III sell yon car? We pay lop ilnl- lar lor clean nsoil cars. QUALITY IISKDCAK.S . I.IOI Harrison Ave. l')7() vmn Kancli Wauoii, air eon ililioiuHl, lull power, low mileage I'xira clean, .^ll').';. Plioiie 7K.';-«S77 Take up paynicnls, like new '07 Cainero. dcvlimler, slaiularcl shil'l. 7K,S..S7N1, Paynienis (ooliiuli? Tniileilown and still riilu with lower payments. QUALITY USKDCAKS l.WI llairison Ave. Wll.l, KINANCK - IWl Olds Delta KK 2-iloor luirillop. Completely oc|n1ppeil, inclmlint! AM-I''M stereo. Can he seen at 1.101 Harrison Ave. KODDAM IlKOS. WK I'INANt'K. OUK CAKS , lOIH IIAKKISON 785-1972 'or Siile; 72 llriiiul Toriiui .LSI - •! |.arrel.lSpd.Air,l'S,l'l),$2W)0-7fi.l. .SI 7,1, (laiiiister Tires! Wiilewliite walls tluit is. Now at LSI. si'i':i';i) .SHOP - 2i.s w, Mh si. caii 7H.S-,SHH9, l')72MatailorSUitinn\Va(ion, I'll, I'S. AC, and cruise control. 7(||)I1'I7,1. DIl.l.'S AUTO MAIVr 1117 sih. m-im Ituy, Sell or Trndi' K15NDHlCk"MVKI<S OLDSMOIUI.E "Wlicru the Ueltor Ituyers iio" m W. KSIh St. 76.i-465!) 'Ml I'lynidiitli h'ury, anIo., A-T, I'S, I'll, A-C, llest olt'er, '71 P'urd 2-dr, AT, I'S, I'll, A-C, exira clean. 2(i,s. .S'l.S.l days • eveninns 26,S.,S(iS.S. 8(i. Used Cixr.s For Sale - 1068 Chevy van. Kelric. Hed and sink. Fully carpeted. HesI offer. Daytime. 76,1-1150 — 785-7682. 1967 Rambler Amliassadoi , V8, anto., with air. 1-ISO. 1'165 Chevrolet Impala Wa^on }'17.S. 1960 nuulel International pick-up. Like new. J.W5. One 12x60 Trailer for rent }12,S a month. Water I'urni.shed. FRANK'S I'AINT & IIOOY SHOP 2;H-6269 '70 l''ord-l-dr. wa^on. I'',xcellenl condition. $1600. after .1 :00 ^6';-2 ,MHI, 1%H Mercury Parklaiie. lili , seilan. Aulii. Trans., A-C, I'll, PS, loaded with exiras. KxcellenI ciiiulituni $82S. or hesl offer. 76.1 1161. 197(1 Mereurv MonleHo M .X, dr , 11 T, New (ires, A-l , PS, I'll, 11,0110 miles. Best offer. 26.s -,S6 >)L Olvl Kandiler. Clood condition, S22.'^ or hest offer. 7h.l-H7l,s anylime '7,1 NOVA Sporte Coupe'5ITO '71 VKC.AIIalehliackSUfS '7Hiriind Villi' with the miodli's Save $'1110. •72 CATAI.INA l-dr. hi., air, power $2895 '69 CUTLASS V8, auto,, air $1095 •67CAMIORO Uallye Spurt ",127" $695 •6,1 VW IIA.IA. Tat!, slicker .$99 •6.|FAIKI,ANIi;, V8, auto $89 '69 CAMKUO, Vd, aniu $895 '66 NOVA Super Sport, V8, aiilo $595 •60 UAMIll.F.K. 6cyl.aul« $59 •68T('UINO, Fiislhack, V8, auto $695 •72 DATStlN Pickup, Nice $1995 •70 FOKDSuper Van, 6eyl. $1295 '69 CMC llandl Van $1095 •72l''OI<l) FI00 6 cyl,uulii, air $1995 FRANK'S USED CAKS ,1,19 Kasl LSIh Street 2-door hardtop. V -8. Automatic, radio, heater, power steering, air conditioning. 6 cyl. Standaid transmission, radio | and heater. ijS 5 Karmonn Ghia convertible. Rebuilt engine. Excellent condition. SST 4 -door. V -8. Automatic, aii conditioning, power staoring. BP'Ft ^'^H \>s n4 $495 mm m AsMoi I Al Thames-^iDjlitJ^^'' iMichael C <^^«ll -i HO. I stMlCiirs T-llird, l9 (iS, linv iinlcaiie, vei\' |.', ihh 1 eondilinii. first lake.s II. Call .Ml- ,S8I7, eveiiini:,'.. 'li'l iMud, AC aiitn. Askiiii! Xi'i.S IIAKCAIN Nefsnn ^ ILulini,; I 'nM 1972 MiislaiH!, PS, aiilii,, excel lent ciinililion <..'.soil. .'n.s .iii.!' I'idd Ponliae l.emans S|Hiri I'lmpe, \' 8 • 2 liarrel, 2 Spd Aiiluinalie, (all 76'1IS"-,V LOK SAI.K: ':'l Creliiliii, A C, I 'S, I'll, A-'f, iiert p.iinl, new Mlioik'; (,ill 7 (1 .1-1.118, M;. 1 scd Ciii-s I !i(i. 1 sr,h-,( ill--; !'•(.'• y w sci .m K-„.;i,,Mil I (lOOcl Buys ililinn vSMi "lirir, " '(n li\ nwiii'i Kilhri ,1 ir 1 III ,1 l\,,iu li WitttiMi. A I. M . I 'S. «'ll. .%••» Ill lull' illlir,li ;i' ^l liill ill I'' I i ,111 il (.aliiMf ,'lll)', -1 di , A i , ,AI , I'S, I'H. ^l.'^llll linlll CXCl 'llllll liilullllul, ,\i '.\ l,ii;- •li .lin.i;-' h'h'i I tie\ \ (1 passi ii!',i 'i SI ,11 Hill wai ;iiii, PS, K II, il.iilHl lulihil iinU". Lxi I 'llellt ( lillillllnll, lU 'W 111 1 •.. p.lllil and liiiu' lip vl"!! nil I ,ill •(,,', I'lti' ( iiii |',.ii .\ii Oi l|',i !",;il uw'iiri 1 il lie iild l.,ulv''. Irai li"!'':. ,ii ,li' ii.', ,V'S -I 1 (11 ,ippr.iiiliiiriil •-'.i Smui •! by 1. Slill in v/iininilv • 11 (Jpil 1,1 •.i'"Ci '(',"t I li;'\ rulv' ! •.l.iliuii i\ .ii 'i .ii. Iv '.'J^ .K'ep •.l.iliuii w,i|^itii "'2 ImoiI .ran lorniii. Leaded-y S2')9S ','2 Olds < ulliiss, Liiadvd. ^ 2 "S! i>aisun piek-ip. 'i.iJ I 'lird .VI, i door liindlup. SI."IS l\(;UAM MOTOR ( (), M.IS I-:, lllll) St 7«S-9S(il

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