The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 27, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 1897
Page 2
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e THtMILt ?».... 1.8»t,... Tllti DAILY CHR0KICLE, ' ,ot i Inns , ,, til* rfmfW a); M ,dUi-u.. 0* , «•*»• Jfftr, 1 " tftrottRtv P. H. •'fHtttyvrifttiweriNt, tfl f*<n*K t»«r *« Subscriptions ifc*eivpd Rt the offict! of '" f'l A±.~^>-*.^. •"f»" ** *ttM»tNr t*»>t With * Sftrfrt*' totrt .. »!• Ml* FlHflWM-W, a <vf -cVrtdtta^r "Saturday !9 re- •pwt«l. SJrs. V^rn 'Snilth, a facmef'3 **cristerl fn( the yA,r<t of her, n Ataft who d«fcnfcnii<!>a tnon* y. fete gBVe Win jsrtKrt^. jSKrtiey 4nA, ,fie turned avva.y, goinfe as far^aa the gate, "feat, then rushed t>a«*k arid rrifta^ a mar* at(atk on "tors, ftmtth ',*tth ft tie** streams ^r^w 4 cro^d ot to tie sweetie, hut the ruffian made fcwtf hfe escape after sftootlng to* '* ward Ilobttijwn twlfe witli a Mrs. Smith, t« not fatally hurt, but H<tbinflon'a recovery iss doubtful. A (ro*d of -200 flupn avcAit*>d the bringing of the miscreant to the CWdwatPr Jail jiH the afternoon nnd for a time threats -tf lyttchJnK it^re fr?«j«cnt, T»ut batterjudK- mfmt will probably prevail If the tramfr 1» raugrht, Tt s^ems'csrtaln that the croant must be eapturtcJ soon by C^jtpiwil and the posse of determined mwti who are on his trull. . Mrjr. Smith averts that tht* man dJd^not^crtmlnaUy asHiiult ht'r. ftnt* of th«> pliots fTom the tramp's revolver strurk youns Koblnpon ju'flt above the heart. ' •sftri.r. or PKAKI, iinvAN JRonttnnii IHgi It tip in 11 Sniiiltmr Nmr th« \ Sc^no of th<f .Crhm*. '' , Cln^tmifttt. aopt. u7.~ "\Villiam Parson, a boatman, whllv> dj^puig for cotkl In Medoc x&jullMtr on th»- Kentuoky sMe of the Ohio fjvor, fo.nnr) ; a sKutl. thn lower jaw <»f whK'h w'a e grime. In the upptr Jaw \y»i'-p nlno teoth. Two front feth Wt- re feolrj. filial. An oxperf dentist says It In'thf skull f)f^ tiomait between IS and 23 years old tl^is supposed to he that of F'carl -Biyaru for whose murder Jaf>1c«(on and WnX'rtC were hange«K Should that prove true it has b^en_in thi? riVer ovor nhx-tfien months, STAR WITNESS FOR LUETGERT. SloitirHne Tell* Wlint She Ktioiva it* S'^pt "7 —The strongest \vlt- n«-ss for UK dt'(Vn>--r> \\ho lias appeared In the LuotK'Mt was on the stand • Saturday The u ltnes« wns Mary Sh>m'»-j inu. n clrniKi-tk' In . the Utirt^crt .household; fur love whom It is r-har/jed , by the state ^thut «hc prisOrK-r murdered his wifi>'. i^hc had- • made sUUi-mentR ^b^foic th*- grand Jniy and to tlu> itatn'rf nttdnK-y'/lM.'for^ th« trial 'imgJMi, and when h"r aof'-rtlons on lh^ .stand Sfit- urdaj* ilifffM-d, as atUiged. fi'om \he Ktatontifiitht she made ut that tirnt; »h<; -had .'not . thir, HllKhtcst hesitation. In rc- pudiatinf? anj-tliini; sht- iniicht have »ald •When riot under oat hi' The state's attorney subjected her to a rigid 'croKS- exam.ination, arid she partly contradlrted •betW'lf a few -.-' times, but not in nta- teilltt matltris. Shu iJ«»niivl, in the nioH pnjiitfve manner Out 'i»hi« had been the disturbing el*»mtTii tietw.-cn JjiM-t^ert arid his wlff. and y.Ud lliat nelth. i liy ni^ht nor hy day, "&l(,in(< or in < ompuny.. had xhf, »-ver visited LuetKert In his faVtory or el«er Avhere in un •i.fnproper^manii'pf. She in- slated that -the prisoner had aluays been- to h!» wife, 'and tliaf in her opinion (ii p latter- wan out of her mind, and had been »" for i*orne time prlnr to .h^r dixai>t»'uram'e. To prove that she was not the "motive" for the alleged murdw; she said, that she was on the best 'of teinm 1 with Airs. LuetKert, ajid that when sin- (Mary) Wanted to leave Mrs. Liivttct 1 1 a^ked her to Bta> The' etate objected- tn thin U'stifno.ny »0d tiie judge ordt-Fi'd H atrh'ken ou,t, b«d»u«a It oet'urred last Jahuiiry and Mrs, Luetgert did npt dlsattpear uptll May. But the detini*> ifot in. ^-'part of the jeptlmony ft had Ut-t>n >fytng to with the purpose of proving that Mrs Luetgert ti&A deelarwl her intention to run away anSl bid«- l}ei-self. Mary ewwe th^ saysagemalvei '» wife had, within <he J toe&t allowed by Judge 'TuthlH, de^ elated l«t inietuioo of loa,vinH hiding' h*ratlf, that she saw htr taken the money" an tiankw'and that on, the fimrn- after her di.sat.pearunee trie front 4<«»r u wJ*s unlocked, aomethiHS that had n*v«r •hatftient-d Uef*r*. • She ded»r«l d)sa that the police had threatened her If she did not testify' auainflt Luet-' H' .J.' Hardware, the Tint** r ' J br»io« dowt> your el& them tilled wjth mkst, Mo extra «..».„, for putting ia. - Bo/Dtfcy's Hardware. ' ¥ Our$l*HkH*fc »»t«*ve i better iStftVS thau, was V»tt fur •two years ago. Fully • ' C. A. CM K fiH 1 -' K V Mill'. •* r Gail and try. AU kwda of - ..ffa# Twieli«rfl Works Garment Cuttwjg „ «ehwo) h*% betia rewoved from tfa* Wat- aaiajuiildiiig to tb* rewdwuee of Mrs. i «i V t tfl-tfomty city city o«r it te expedient fnr the effey >f Marshatf pnrch«f» mmutatn and opor- ..... tfifl system of ...... F? otftted'by ther Star&hatl ... Cotnttatty cfrtJ bo purchased" fhf. mim of 'fotty ihrfntsand -dollsu* ofr thereabouts arid itnprovetafftts thereon of thd value of ^a .thousand dollars, ftfe ied necessary and advisable, w.hitfh of fifty thousand dollars is a greater sn«i than «»n_4>e wi&sfl by tht 4 cotanxon city or paid frnai tho ta$? of any tittf" ywtT, therefore be it j&ftrfftw?, l"hat' the city of Marshall do pwfebsso' W4fv~ ^yorjtR at present [n >p«faK<te and ' improve thfe - fciirafr of awt-h purchase arid lmi>roveJnent t do hais^by kMtjt tftbuttni of fifty tnofisanrt lollare »nd isaue the ,bonds of the elty therefor, such bonds-to be tiftlled Mat- shaU Water Bonds, .tip be dated ag of tfe> date of their testtb* t<) he of tho> dfendttni- natlou of ons thonsand dollars twh, to bear interest at th«j rate of ,not excoed in« 4*^ frtir «fenfc, per annum toayable, P0mi-arinually ift the months of May and Novettibor &teh yeSr'attd tohavecowponfi sfor snch interest attached to each bond, and- tb« principal thprcof to bo dap and payable A, 0. 15>t7 both principal and interest to be payable at the city of N^w York^forty thoaeand dnllttraof Raid bonds to be issued upon -the completion of the purchase of the works and aiieh portion of the remainder from tijnc to time as may bo n<'ce8f»ary upon the order of the board having Charge pi jfchf* water property.- Se it further. Rrxolvqdi That the proposition to rai** said sum of fifty thousand dollars for purpose aforesaid b<* submitted to n vote of the 1 doctors of said f i t> of MarBhall,that the election thoritMi bp held In the said city of Marshall on Thursday thoisevfnth day of October, 18»7, that the Imilntfl at said election shall read t» follows; "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase and iniprovotnent of a system of waterworks? Yes." and "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase and improvement of a system nt waterworks? fTo." .That each person voting for said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot first mentioned and each person voting against said proposition shall ' designate hitt choice by the use of the .ballot; last mentioned: That the recorder, cause u copy of this resolution to. b»» 'published -m at least one newspaper published, in said cit> of Marshall with a notice thereto attached that said, election will be, held in accordance herewith and also cause to"lm |>oKted in th«» proper place n copy of this resolution with tho sivme notice thereto attached said ejection to bu held at such time, by tho proper persons, and the rut urns to be canvassed and declared as in case of general eler-ttone. Notk-e is hereby <jfivcn that an election, will Up held in accordance wjth the foregoing ivsolution on the seventh day of October? 1807, and that the several polling places at ssikl election shall be sis follows: First \Vutii Kaymond store. Secon>l ward IJrewer store. Thinl ward Firo engine hotisc. • , t , Fourth ward Arbuiter halL Dated ISrarHhall, Mich., Sept. 20, J«!!7, [Em; \« H. (}R*XT» Mayor. KllNKST C. t Astrologixt. Madam Le l r ovre, nstml and clairvoyant 'by special request wilj, return to this city Mondaj for one week, and'cau be consulted on all the affairs'of life and human destiny. Hit tings daily !t<V»m, to |0p. in. ut'Park LIOUHK, east State street* 4>peu Sundays. Dr. lliihiuvi) $. Humphrey, the eminent 8[K'cia)ist, lias decided to make regular visits tu this city in th^ future. His Urst date will bo Thursday, Sept. 23 He can be found at thp Hoynl hotel. Hie advertisement, which will bu found elsewhere, explains more fully <xsn<seftiiiyj tUe 4*saeawf*s of which h» makes, iality. . , Whwluien Take Warning. ' RiaiW^oflfbe sidewalks 1 ti Uie/cUy is tftHt'Uy forwdden, mod hereafter the or. dipunce relating thereto will be«hforced Th» penftlty for violation ip » ttne no ^jf- ceeding $85. By «>rder of the -mayor.. J$. H«*TtKB, Marshal. -froni. fihi<ia;: Ending wilba*ry neut-wtoltssale buuBes and abo ti»o latest things in tali 8t liopjswood, atthu Hurd will ie prepared to exchange ttuur fur wh«»tx naudlea the Yorkville millinu cotoj ftour, ^e 6f the beat bran4s f mude. ]por w at way of'job t orwth of fireene'»«d*ug. store, the JatBst ttuuga in the uo labor, no duat Price We . and lot with bare and orchard. Term* ; i, II. Mallifay Sr. Two doors east of, post offif:o, Mafslinll, Mich.", te the plftee you arfi tooking fof if khtithteSS, btankifife,-*rtbSi whips, ctitry otSnbB, bf(ish<>«, Bpeafr-padB, fly* ^nase 65K ftfcle gfenfteR, harness droBsjng, shoe blacking or polish, flole show topps, shop nails. Or if r&ttt hatwess, boots and; shiws need rrs- miring bring them in- for my prices are reasonable, All . worfc. 5 call., - • ^ fe the title of A phlet of *ix<oeu p»ge» ift re'ferenci* to South- L)abot«,.tbn rending mftt.ter, , in whfeR w^.s wriftew by rth eutfinsinstic RoHth Dakj^a; iady*-Mrs. Stella Htismer Arnold—Who 1W Ijeen a residei&t of tho Sunstmio 8late.f<»r i A eojiy will b« Dft. LOUI8 8. JOY Will scivo in »d4lt»on lo gunotal pr%e- ice, epecinl attention to diseases of ey and ear. JPit*in« t of glasses ^ specialty (Sponat diploma otrevo, ear* noffe >,Wo&t from Chicago Polyclinm.1 For Sate -A 1 07 model bicycle will cheap for cash. Enquire at American , north of Groone's-drug store. .las. Van Zant. xpriweman, - ibairs and tables to rent for parties. -Bwy your- the W<trM fttrY<*nr( nnfi Wo«iw to secure h. nii KdncnUpn. Shcirtti»«i1 T Ktc., tt tlj- jirtniit Bmlntwt rfntwisltj. P» ttxiit, Midi. ' f.JKWKV B..8t' VANTED -AN •ij; in luttrutV t'rntf ft \inirirfont. -.!' < . r:m . ; >.)•! w.^llft. Wl»« .)(HfN V»Kf 'I.iN .V <^> , I'.iti nt iM'iii.i.-, ». ^"n^i. C i"t t l i"(j f I MKI jirsy.c ntt<<r Union .Teadiers' Uev. li, f t'itttiliury. l'n: Toronto, fltna&r; Jific (Mf/ntu, /.»?,; ^Vfffl IVri', N. Y; Wffithirtfjttm. If. ^ > ; t^/*i ^Vrt/ft-'/A^f 1 , Crtl*: Chictigft, JU t /ST. ArtH/A, J/w., ttntf Dcifter^ Cvti>pttd&. Tliere aro tbon^andd ot Bouillon* 4o bo* Gltod witbin tho next few months, Adilrcf>e nil np|iU«Wion» to AoKScrR«, Saltebiirj! I'a-. Why IVTot Kducate AND . Sch ol of Shorthand and Typowrliufl, KATll.K CtCi:t,"H, \\ hi'i * of joimp men mirt woineu h.ive il inn! |iro!)l;iliN'' <<<!(]< itlitii. One »f t|i • IwKt <'(niJ{HiiaLJittfi,(i)<>K« ct>H*s;ei> in llie nuritr.v. Call M«< or writ* lor 'pariitnlar* imd y t tln^n^. Established 1882. Incorporated 1896 / tstl>aj. \ ^stuuar, -THE csneAT ' aoth »ay. REVBVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made & Well Man of Me. iro'iii''<-* t|y*»l>ovf*sr<">u|tHlu:*.0<l^^M. It acts o v^rtdllv ar«r'<inn'kl> t'lWiih »rJit'i» J»U OtlM-fi. fail i'UH«i««u,will »'^»'am tljetr lost juaiitiood »ndnhi IMI wilt ri>it>vt.'r thrill ytMitlilul VLKOI t)J l.«.,t Vitality. . Nlg!itlii,ia>4l>>8i*>'li>. , II fffiTt* Of KOlf-ttbUHO Or (V!<'i.».!i ftlld i|>ill™'rot>OIl> liich r.ntSU. ru- r ' lor nHiily. bui-lftcits oi^narrtMti- It l tmlv mit'B t>y Parting at the «fa» t>i ttuirAsv but >u ins ".'U Hro «r yoatli. , It «d <'i>usamwt"«. Jliaifes cm' havjoft" Kt:V ll V 4), ti4«r. It c»o IMS cacrtc4 >« vest m.»«-aat«<s tn c-ur« or . CJuvi IWlfii. Add ' •. O. HYDE Qy Qittl t*l«iuei city, |M"<1) to Vraq slid »l »ns The boftrt of wt{i*tHHtou of th« city of »wijvu »t tb* oi«n<iil eoom, t<n ftctobar frlfe, • UKff f m. uotlj Soxjtoifc 11. ru, «.« right oi every .persuu %)wu >idin< in kMd city, wt-oai the «p ra 1* HO* at>tu»Hj regiMewii in which h* renlnffi to in . to li l, Mich. A Cure far BtHwt* t , Co., been wifejtoot $o *tti*ciw of for s&vecal yaiws. Cholera Colic, is only au*e reli^E. It swto like a o| i| giv«e relief whan all other fait G. T>. . For *»Je at Gr^wae'e Drug, ike i-Uli <*»>' «f DfeS^WU r ftiinl o# I lie 1 lA day Uf tlftitl^dl UtfC£» 9it i^tMl 4y*^^MJjy * |4I OTAT* P* XlCUmA^Ccuoiy of K? »vi.U>* hi IMU&9&? ^ivftu t|iftt Uy . ^Jjn» ^^|>|kti{| C&ftiinfc Kff M^ft Oowkty fff OttUuHUu iiijM^ft DO Miff |4fJi di^y "erf j$ctiduB|]uUv.c A. IX WJff, it* w^Wft* bom tfctt flitc wew «&k«cA tor V ^U; UOBI.IJ;*»H>rvfe>r,tj «U ,..__„.»,_=„,.... -a,.... t«c i. ti»4u-d to UWM«H(* lU^rcluifiw to- witl FiFO- bat^ v»iwii »t tna iie'lmiu tjflloiiij rt* di* «T inftgnraf>o a nftof UK» Ccinnty saitnbl^ to t,he occasion —we Stupendous Special Sale of inctucera^ntB .td,ptti v olms6rs of ftnfl fooi wear to* fell a'ftrt ip<$£ 'llib iys thp npportniifty «£ the senson^ to buy sbofcs at ft." price. . <ic" ' . •- - «' '' ' - ';""-. *. 1^1.-^ I'SV* DR. HOLMAN S. HDHFHREY, Stock is Complete and Includes the Latest Styles. ' Otir grocery .'ttopartmenji i* always ^eo GRACE DO YOU WANT A. New Fall Hat IF SO'CAU, AT Miss Western's . : Who win Rive you « Stylish Trimmed Hat from SI.QO up to si.W never sold before for less than S3.OO. This sain will last until Sept. 28. Children's Tarns . ' _ In nH oolorg ftt 2BC and BOc. Walking JIate, Hstilor— latest OUt. Binls. V ings and Fo.ithers at your own price. Call early, uur store, is open for business. • i—— HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office. Correct Weight ... should bo given the fact that wo never fail to please tho most |astidii>UH palfons in tit, ntylr or Hni8h"w{)6n w»> make him a suit of clothing'. Onr^fabrica for fal wear are the lato«t and choicest patterns mid best finalities from theloftina of Kurope" ainl A.n)Crica, and our prices are a« satisfa< tory as our workmnnBliip. J. J. DE SHANE, With One Length 4>f Stove Pipe < We made tbe* patterns lor, tWs cook &tc«?e a»<i iuen4 ,it ta t,J»e public. .We ^aar<anteeit to feake witji, two sticks of tv»Q*t. We ftliso'^av^ istov^ for le^ss JSvery »tovc «err« our name CM! m the hearth. M** BOSLEY & SOU ". •' . • •' "' ./^ P i •>*• 4*/-% C•*! f cs c* c idle uldSS T.R. SHEPHERD Keep* aonie bat J BEST MEATS AT Of €?«r«H rtift Afflct^ Att<«r al * M <»t lio«ls. but 1U» have The Doctoi"viHtt»your dity every four coiitinuft t6 do $o date betow, list treat6d. Head, ceoralftta, Melt, nurrpna <rt .A Sfttfteintugof Ibc Hftlft, liimorfl and'ftcKiT- m« of tcalp. > _ Debility and *H ft» Attending nil- mentd, buth of yonoa atrd mM-ile (igort men. Tbe itwtul effects of neffleotttd or improperly mated ca»ai^ prodttcing weakness of borty ana br*'n, d'zztneM, failing memory. lo»t vllallty, Inch of energy and ooi fldcqce, vftricncele, elect, palnp and otter dlfttretslng cymptoms. nnlfttluR on* lor study, business or enjoyment of I.Ifr. Ear-, All diBpm>e« of the c»*, of whatever nattifl or nature; cured, If curable anywhere. 3 Throat. Catarrhd! s->ro throat, acnto aftd. chroBio phsryr.gitl^, enlarged tonsilhU and pal- *tc, lioarnenees aud Ions of voico, thick pclo^m In throat, causing hawking, Lungs Consumption in the ttrst, add Boconcl stages, nwraorrbftgeg and chronic broachUls. dry xnd hos,rpe oausjh, pains in obest, difficulty in breathing, bepitmiitloni", ant lima, etc. Heart, Brain and Nerves.'If yon have a !K.xiiVefl« of the he-ad and palpitation of the bc-arl, difflcnlt brcathloK and «nfflcatln8 feeling, Inllncosof the liend, a tired, irritable, iluraott- tontul faeli-jii and fear of tmpondtOK daridcr..or steatb, o drond of titiug alano, or the reverso— derire to bo.nlone, 11 jour memory IB tall- g and i ou are gloomy and ciapondcnt, or if yon dream inuoh and oltcn, and feel an aver-ton to «<>eU>ly, you nre niiftorlni; from ft gerlous d.tease Of the ncrvc»~ brain and heart. V«Ju have no 'into tn ocP. ('all at onde and cjnsiflt thin eminent apcciali«t. Kidneys. InOawmnUon • rf the bid no vs. Bri){h''» (AseaAo, tli«l»eU». congoitton of tKh kld- ncyK, anemia, ernvel. ntone, all ?cleutlttcally. Bladder. Inflammation, ojstltlp.cyctp rrh r a catarrh ot the bladder The dt«t' earing dls- t'a*ea inwrlably yield to hti* «?6TeTii of treat- went. ' Stomach; C»iarrli. irlccrut ion and acid dya- E.pjngla.jndigesttoo, pain **d ful'nu^s aftx-r c-at- ine, •hiurlTmrn. water braaa aud ditftrulty in awallowlug. Llrer, Spleen. .All dieesfc* of the liver, >htmi, bowa-li", all rJehri tisuegs and reflex disorder^, rheumatism axil all vkln illscancs, ecxeina mil wait rhunin, rlog Worm, hip Joint di«eH»e, old itorvs, fever norm, »tlff joint* fltneagp. «1<! sptlial irritatton, utryou« proHtraliou. , Pili'a, flUula^Md-BlLawBliuiga and qulo, ly curud without pain or i.eton- (lou """• "Women. Ifvou are tti iti any ot tbo tlUeoaei punillar to yom mx, <uch as falllni; or dNplaecnii ut of the womb, iu- ilammation tr ulcrratlon, uloalltig, hw«.clftctit>B, [ilual weakncvv. cull or wrilu to Him aud ho 'will fl' yoa just what caa lie done for 'you. If you cannot call pn Dr. Humphrey write to him for question list. H^will \ then understuid your condition tlior- and toll yon candidl vAvhothor ,or not he can treat .\ou successfully. Hin / X* course of ^treatment i»/a Hcieotiflo one, peculiarly his owiywhercby the patient receives treatnierit and medicine applied to suit the ease,, that oth^rwiso would Le impossible;' -1 4 ' a >' every four weeks at RoySl hotel. next visit Thursday, Sept. t II JkTC • FREE . WANTS FOUND ETC. T«re?tjrcei«t« »w«e»(or each police not ox edltoB five Unea. No chaage leas th*n twenty mil*. • ' U<OR SALE OB RENT h,u«e on uorofli" of C SUrshiat Av«. *od UQOIM at, luquUa uu. ut George Musor. * If OH SAfcE-Kirat al»ta upright pijwo ( 17 ,Bew,. 1'nr.u !ow;,ieiu»s totolt-- MiTBQ» J8.000K |X>tt BBNT-Jisu j« bo North H«dl«ui rtws I? KoflnUreot Hits, WlHMJflSllOJt. *na cbfttfft for t, th« ox -tu m i «*!•*• J. W. M«teJ-, U»« a sn4 an ateiwu W AS1ED-A wwkut ' I 4..A..«M*|!f,4M»«n»..r W City Statw W ANTK iw ei ta —", r"'""*-r^f—•«" trj—s.^8.,.'^" 1"'J. ,«•'"' : - ;»_ y

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