The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 30, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1952
Page 2
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TTTE HKT TOWN stm. KTXT TO, ~r?3z Horace Mann Boy Veep Tosses Given Jersey Calf Hat In fjlln (Continued From Page One) \*IWW, Democrats generally had counted him. an available candidate since J. D. Collins, a Horace Mann President -Truman announced he Junior high school student, receiv- would not run for re-election, ed-the first Baytown Kiwanis club The other announced. Democratic jersey calf under a program which candidates are Sens. Estes Kefau- , the club will carry on through the ver of Tennessee, Richard B. Rus- three Baytown junior schools, sell of Georgia, Brien McMahon of mi. *v. ^ ~~.x ~ v.«i* msxntvi nM\ Connecticut and Robert S. Kerr The t^^ »J^ f ™»* °1! of Oklahoma and Mutual Security calf was presented Thursday at Dir ^ w Averell H arriman. -• ceremonies after the Kiwanis club candidates in- luncheon. R. M. Minter introduced ^ ^ Q M wmiams of the boy ana his parents, Mr. ana RIichigan> Sem Hubert H Hum . Mrs. u L,. ^augnc. phrey of Minnesota, former Sen. J. D. was chosen by a commit- Robert Bulkley of Ohio and Attee of the club and with the es- torney General Edmund Brown of sistance of W. D. Hinson, principal California. of Horace Mann. The selection Friends of House Speaker Sam was based on J. D/s being a "typi- Rayburn intend to push him for the cal American boy." J. D.'s work nomination if the convention is with the calf will be supervised by deadlocked. But unlike Barkley, R. T. Kerr, vocational agriculture Rayburn is expected to keep mum at Robert SL Lee high school. until and unless he decides to make The first heifer calf from the himself available, animal will be returned to the 1. President Truman said his club for presentation to a student whistle-stop campaign for the Dem- irom Cedar Bayou junior high, ocratic presidential nominee will , The following year a Baytown cover the substantial foreign aid junior high student will be chosen, cuts favored by §en. Robert A. ' The Kiwanis club hopes to make Taft of Ohio. 1 the p'rogram a perpetual one. , 2 - ^aft announced he will make The calf given yesterdav is from a major foreign policy speech over one of the top five dairy" herds in ^e National Broadcasting Co. net- the United States and Canada. It w< ? rk at ^ :3 ° P- m - cst Sunday, 90 ' v/as purchased from the Rockdale m . mutes before Gen. Dwight D. Jersey Farm at Sulphur Springs. Eisenhower, his chief rival for the This farm's herd, owned by Ed Republican presidential nomina- - Palmer, was second in production f on ' 4 s ?cheduled to land here : in Texas for 1951. from Paris. • - Fred Hartman, Baytown Sun *- ** expected, Kefauver ^on ' pubHsher, made a short talk on his Tennesseeis entire 28-vote delega- trip to Europe this spring, point- £ on el * cted at Thursday s state ing out the high spots of the oil , ^ ^ R ^.^ in the Middle ^ „, , officially uninstructed CURUEY KAYOE —by Sam leff k W, CURLY- LISTEN.. I THINK I KNOW'HOW TO MAKE SHELLEY LEAVE YOU ALONE ' I 'JUST GOT AH /PfA / / MAY NOTBf SHE'S CRAZY ABOUT YOU ONLY BECAUSE YOU GlVg HER THE BRUSH-OFF... NO ON£ HAS EVgfc DONE THAT TO HERE-CALL HER UP ANP TELt HER ' YOU'RE JUST DY5NG TO SEE HER/ GO AHEAD, KID - IT, MIGHT WORK/ (Continued From Page One) pository, to draw an. interest of 2 per cent per annum for 12Q days. The money will be placed in Ike Will Don His LIVESTOCK 'Civvies' Tuesday FORT WORTH, May 30 lift— Cattle: Compared last Friday: All classes generally steady to. (Continued From Page One) ,„, u* * j , mii ght affect America's internation- Week's tops: Slaughter steers and four separate funds. The funds a'Pcommitments if they came to y ear ii n g s 34.50, cows 24, bulls 26, and their amounts are General po we r, he replied: „ stocker steer yearlings 36, stock- Fund, |75,000; Water Fund, $50,- «*j; mos t certainly would not. er ne jf er yearlings 33. 000, Traffic Improvement, $25,000 He said that although he already Calves; Compared last Friday: and Improvement Funds,' $67,000. ^as handed over his job to Riag- steady to weak. Good and choice This will leave the city with wayi his retirement from active k jy ers 30-34.50, utility and commer- $137,985.48 surplus cash on hand. status does not take effect until cial 21-23, cu us down to 18. Good ' Saturday. Thus his speech in Abi- and cno ice stackers 31-38, few un- Insiirance Bids lene, Kans., next Wednesday will der 20 Q lbs 4&j& t common and me- BIDS on the-city's group -hos- be his first as a retired Army offi- dium 25 _ 3 o, _^^_______ n Bn By UNITED PRESS Writer Under Observation (Continued From Page One)' foreman H. H. Streich, from $250 insurance plan will be asked for June 12. Northwestern Ufe, which had the group contrast, asked a 100 per cent increase, in the hospitalization and surgical insurance premium. Agent W. G. Wilson said the present policies can be extended until June 14. New Committee A CITY COUNCIL committee, composed of W. D. Reeves, W. E. Lawless and Herb Campbell, Friday was studying the city's building code with an eye to recommending- changes. One s change considered a cer- tajnty to be recommended is that, concerning small temporary buildings. At present the code does not make any alowance for them et ell. ' The case came up at the council meeting last night when Albert Franta ran into some headaches on his used car lot on West Texas. An estimated 80 million Ameri- cer — or in the Army's words, as a civilian. He already has announced he will resign from the Army altogether if and when he is nominated for. president by the Republicans. And His Boys FROM HOUSTON LADIES FREE ENJOY AN EVENING OF DANCING! to $275; tax office clerk-cashier c . ans engage in swimming or pub- 4. Sen. \' ^^WOA t^ rri^^oo ~™,i,,;,- ^ Texas' omciaiiy umnsiructea "^> -r^-j^i-^^ ^J*^LJ • JV " i - 7 , mg-i compared to Texas produc- 52_ member delegation for Russell. writer, was M Bellevue hospital $1 | 5 tion.figures. He ^^5^ a rival delegation, Friday for observation. Po- J. T. Gooch, Dewey Henderson, wh ich walked out of NEW YORK, May 30 QB -Craig from $175 ' to $]S5 and boohkeep . He bathing every year. 44-year-old mystery story ing-machine operator from 175 to i lice were called to her room in Joe,Baraque and Sam Alford were Vent i 0 n this week, and called the ^ midtown Somerset hotel after introduced as new members of the wa lkout a "fiasco " club. Wynn Creekmore of the 5 •Rii«*»n pnlictoH e. ,, -.-. , __. , , . "• -TxUSSeil enUSieu ^tu. JL^UVYJ^ South Houston Kiwams club made Johnson of Colorado to serve Councilman M. L. Campbell explained i that the raises recommended were in the nature of em- she reported she was despondent. —— hik« In ord« to keep the camp aign manager. Truman Gets A Kangaroo WASHINGTON, May 30 (IB — "Whitey," a weak-eyed Kangaroo believed to be the only albino ia captivity, arrived here Thursday ram To Go ear the induction speech. Guests for. the luncheon at the Baytown Community House were John Cahoon, Rufus Honeycutt, Joe Jones and Miles Tucker. Russians Fire On Newsmen In Berlin (Continued From Page One) France - to highway and other storage tank will cost §16,750~"a~nd duct- young men for" a~~six-mon"th on the J. D. Blakeney farm near means of communication with West is to be completed by December, training period. He said the armed here. The highest recorder world t-rPrm^nV 1C "T"IAV^T>H f»Vm11iinefa J * lOr^O T»V,_ f . J~l.r ' f A» t f T AI TJ - . ji - .. .n £_ -I *t K *^ H -.-.-«^ n (Continued From Page One)' city from losing key personnel and having to train new employes in those positions. After some heated discussion ov- __ ___ ___ er th e right of the city manager as'a gift to PresidenrTrumaVfrom and th « public works director to the Australian government. Whitey raise the wages without consulting will be put in the Washington Zoo. the members of the council, it was decided to hold the meeting Hershejr Wants UMT Monday night. WASHINGTON, May 30 (IB — ' Draft Director Lewis B. - Hershey proposed Thursday that'the Armed Calf Comes Big Services' launch a Universal Mili- LAUREL, Miss. — <U£) — A calf tary Training program without fur- weighing 162^2 pounds ' at girth, HEAR OUR PASTOR The 300,000-galIon steel surface ther action by Congress and in- believed to be a record, was born. Germany is "beyond challenge, the notes said. 1952. Th e foundation for the stor- forces have authority in the pres- record is 115 pounds. age tank, chlorinator and control ent draft law. . In aadrfaon to their other harass- house, including controls, will cost ments, the notes said, the Russians $5,830, and is to be completed by Bond Cut For 'Scientist X' and their East German. Commun- September, 1952.' ' MINNEAPOLIS, May 30 OP) —A ist henchmen are encroaching on Purchase of pumps motors and federal judge ordered a 50 per the West German border in some controls is set for October The cent reduction in the $10,000 bond areas to establish their-new three- two 750-gallon-per-minute pumps posed for Dr. Joseph W. Weinberg, miles-wide no-man's land. -'will cost 514,522. Piping around the 3 ^' lhe "Scientist X" who was in- The Communists barricaded six plant will cost $6,572 'and installa- di cted f °r perjury in denying he- roads connecting West Berlin with tion of' the pumps and pipin^ is was a Communist, the Russian occupation zone Friday se t for December, 1952 ° !2^^? e 2. m S ita . r y source s report- The 400,000 gallon steel elevated ed that the Soviet array garrison storage tank will cost $78,334 and is being reinforcedjin the city. area, is to be completed in May after the foundation is finished in March Bourse Rogers (R-Mass.)- 'Allied authorities nounced that 426 persons were arrested /Churs- day, incluclS Cornmumst lead^ De^embe^pe and^S" ™ DAHHY BRAND. And His CORRAL BUBBSES EVERYONE WELCO1ME ','hfll of sacrifice." Legislation to force restoration of the s was killed by a House com- On Radio Station KREL —1360 On Your Dial— 7:00 A.M SATURDAY "Breakfast With The Parson" S :00 AJVL SUNDAY "Amazing Grace". Broadcast 8:00 A.M.—Monday - Saturday Morning Devotional (Next Week Only) And At Si 11:00 A.M. : 8:00 P.M. -' SUNDAY CEDARS DRIVE-IN MARGUCWTE CHA?MAN tXANA DORS Cartoon: "Dog Collared" j ADULTS 35C-CHILDREN 1360 ON YOUR AM DIAL -92.1 MG. ON YOUR FM FRIDAY EVENING 6-00—World News Roundup 6:15—Range Riding 6:30—Sports Heview 6:25^-Kange Riding 7:00—Harlem at Seven. 8:OO—Nigfct- Tima Jfelodits 9:00—Mood Music 9-45—ilusic In The Morgan Manner iO*;OQ—Night EtlitloQ o£ in* .Baytown Sun 10:15—Dream time 11:00—^Sign off ". SATURDAY MORNING 6:0tf—Farm Kxterisloiii Program 6:15—Reveille Roundup 6:57—!Atfe News 7:00—Breakfast Witk tbe Pareon 7:30—Trinity Tunes 8:QO--Mor«ins Devotional 8:l5^-WatchlnB tlie Clock 8:2ft—^I^ate News 8:32—WatchlnB. the Clock 9:00—World" Newa Roundup 9:1&—Ch'jrcJies or Christ gjSOr-Dlck Sason Show 10:00—-Local News 10:05—U.S. Army Show 10:30—Star tlmo 11:00—:Late News 11:02—Mid'Day. SATURDAY: AFTERNOON 12:00—WorW News Roundup 12:15—Mid Day Matinee 1:00-r-Top T^nes 2:00—News Summary ZrOS-^Best On Wax 4:00—News Summary^ 4:05~Spanish Hocr * THEATRE -* PHONE ,fr3!.! Today and Saturday CONVICT with G Gun! —ADDED— Cartoon—TWO GUN GO OFT LATE NEWS EVENTS BOX OFFICE Pavements was divided into five ? eparfce parts by the report Reds got into the actual demon- Adverti sement and approval for * is et betwe A September, stration area but it was estimated er. The city^ was tense as ^ast Ber- Ancient City Uncovered Sicily (HE)— Archaeologists here have found what they $219,208 sewage treatment believe the remains, cf a to be complete'd by. De- Greek city built about five' cen- 1952 and December/ 1943. The p]ant - . lin political- party leaders annoiin- cem * D er, 1953. .The $6,143 South tunes Before Christ. Walls, build' ced that unspecified "protective". Baytown sewer connection bid will measures were-planned for East be approved June l r 1953,'arid com- clty Berlin. It was assumed they would Pleted in December, 1S53. further restrict traffic between the Elimination of the Utah street western and eastern sections of the lift station, costing $17,172, bid will monuments of the ancient were ' visible. Ceramics and pieces of metal work have been re- covered - W ' Honesty Pays Off ELOOiCNGTON, HI OLE)— Honesty paid off for a gas station Dcaf Get Church approved m June and completed, DTOIANAPOL1S -(HP.)- A church ' r ' ?• ' '- , •' where the congregation sings with aytoMm interceptor its hands and wa tches the sermon 353,600, will be ap- instead of hearing it has been ded- June > 1953 = and completed icated here. Peace Evangelical Lu- ATTAOC is fatal In Ifew rk : "to Canadi owner, Harold Snearly. Snearly m - - Decens ' :> frr, 1953. The fence, theran Church of the Deaf is the chased one of his customers nearly arou , n<J *he sewer plant will be ad- first' permanent chapel of its kind 10 miles to return, the man's bill'- vert *sed for bids December, 1953, ever dedicated in Indiana. fold, containing $675, which had and completed in March, 1954. - ' dropped from his pocket- .The man gave Snearly a $50 reward. Gab Elsewhere, Please MILWAUKEE (HE>— A sign beneath a taxicab company's telephone in the entrance of the Wisconsin Hotel here reads: "Use phone in lobby; not a GAB phone." PAD Chief Honored .WASHINGTON, May 30 fl?J — Secretary ,. of Interior Oscar L. Chapman Thursday presented his department's distinguished service award to Bruce K. Brown, retiring deputy chief of the Petroleum Administration for Defense (PAD). Brown was succeeded by J. Ed Warren, Midland, Tex. LAST- TIMES TONIGHT A Stirring, Historical Movie Everyone Should See! I INGRBD BERGMAN . A WCTM FIBIfflS FROCUCTHM CWO* H T£Bi«a« r * our o* n»ow>«J —PLUS— "STRONGHOLD" - STARREST •:ZACHARY SCOTT l< PHE LIST! -AND HE DOESN'T HAVE A DATE YETJ THERE'S ONLY ONE Saturday 10 A.M. Doors Open 9:30 AM FI/Af SHOW AT/P5 Special .BUCHAROO SHERtFF OF TEXAS Plus Regular-JPeature Carbine WlUiam ^f&S?'- • j iteK CANADA is studying^ the' possi- biUty of placing a treason'charge, punishable by death,' agafcst Br. James Eaolcctt, ex-misionary, for his allegations that United: Nations forces are waging germ warfare ia Korea. (IsiiernaKonal) Ho.1 2505 Market St. Dial-3-1375 Ho. 2 Hwy, 146 at Texas Diaf 9590 Treat, to a delicious Tower Dinner this weekend , . . satisfy everyoas T s appetite with one of out delicious entrees. BIG, LUSCIOUS CRASS, FRESH! ® iCID ® FRIED 9 STUFFED Complete Sea Food " Or Steak Dinners Served Dafly Except 1 - Wednesdays SPECIALr PLATES FOR THE CHILDREN" 3VB. From Ferry at Morgan's Point IWG* THf ff M/W/Wf ANGif Intcrvfew ccjebritiei 2nd movie with Ilka Chase. Learn more aboat people who make the news- Brought ^ n> yea every Monday iftemooo by, | fioosjots-area dealers for ron rue 1RONER 2SZ N. MA'IN ^ HIGHLANDS TOUR FAVORITE FOR FINE FOOD • DRiVE-IN SERVICE Chicken-in-ihe-boskef with french fries, hot rolls Open Trout Sandwich french fries, hot rolls, tarter sauce 65c 45c 3. Jumbo Burger-m°a-baskef tj0 c pcppyseed bun, french fries large order . /. , , , WE Will BOX ANY ORDER TO GO; _ JUST CALL 9088 Enjoy Life—Eat Out More Often! GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH S DINING ROOMS , TO SERVE YOU . "LET US CATER YOUR. . ', . , GRADUATfON & WEDDING 1 PARTIES We'll handle everything ^ whether you want -fo eniertam in your home or one of our dining rooms. Go fa> .ChorcK—then meet your friends at : v JFhe Rebel Ian lor our special ROAST TURKEY DINNER Delicious Turkey With All The Trimmings - N O W T IS 2 Horror Shows. Today ana' Toffion NO. ^~ THE LIVING' DEAD! Box Starts SA1 Double —Aim— "OFF TO TUB OPERA* Look Hove Fcr Walt Dlsne/i Festival g ; Color Carf<

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