The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 30, 1960 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1960
Page 3
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Page r .4 TH!5 tf SPORT FACTS Brasosport and Brazoria County, Texas, Fri., fc'ecemlbe! 30, i960 BE 3-2611 Freoport : FAST PROFITABLE ACTION WITH FACTS WANT ADS ( Angleton TI 9-5246 30. WORK 'VANT^.D. WpMENJJ MM JK1J JU'L IJJJ- — - ~-^fVZrtfl 'I * •"••" "• R FACTS WANT AD INFORMATION 7o Place lour Ad CALL BE 3-2611 — BT3 3-05 In Anglctan TI 9-52-1(1 NhKH pnAlTIl'AI. NtlRSB will W v.rtc in tl,,-ir How. Must live •» ; for Mr*, lirra-k. BE; 3-1151 01- W. T'-i rl-rri' 1 ,!: l>"n;,- Ije^-er. Ii\'e Iv-ilcr. Ir-' i'-wi Xntllial V.Mds. SHAW'S NATl'llAl, 1'001'S. Hwy. ;«t nt Trail,-•.' !'o.-.l. SH- MI c 'C~l.LANEOOS .NO. <* , r - r InsirtJon V-'f 1 wcskday J« c 8 fltiya (ccn»ec> l»r 6 da.t-s <conscc) *' c Insertfnus miist le cu»"ecntlvo WANT AI> HOUKS: Monftnj ntrotiKti Friflai 8 A.lfr- to B P.M. oiiY PA'I.K - sonn FKCT .K" frni'f I""" ' 10 s " kl " y Jn "' at T-'i' I'cr <"•<- "'sl.-,llr,t. J'lM s! :::-m"!, rt l''!' 1 ^ 1 pnlT.^. N'l t',.> I'i''^ iMyin^nt Man-'i. U 1ni!iv (-11- fi 1 ^' 1 estimates. A" ui;i.;.\si: FK.STK co. «wy. i.-I T-VTHC M'PI.IA.N'CF.S— Nrv: clcrtrlc J '' FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Close Censorship Is Mcrclserl over till Classified advertisements accepted for publlrntion Tho Brazcteport Facts never knowingly publishes Cltcsslflecl advertlsMiients that are untruthfol or fraudulent, that might he Inliirloiis to tho health or morals of our readers, that nre ImlcwHt: vutenr, or suggestive: or, that tend to be intentionally mlsietxiins. Any ndvcrliscrnent which we low* falls to comply with these st^nciard/ls restricted from our advertising column. Readers a-e"urged to ciieck Business Opportunity advertising with the Better Business Bureau In the town where the business Is operating before making investments. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS 10J. HOUSES FOB SALES SIT MAONOUA— owner transferred, will sell equity or refinance. Thrcfi bfitl- rooms, extrn inrRc nonets, tonecd yftrd, mnw dcsIrnWo ffimlitlcs. ^. JAMES M. El-BERT-RHM/TOR CY V-2192 nay Nluht CY 7.2165 t bcilroom lnrtj« Kitchen lilntnR , room, Inmity ti»m. rrees. rni-k for back ynrt. FHA only SM.30 monthly. E. L. SAUBR. REALTOR. CY 1-TiK 3enutltUl H:\vomvocid Morneslh>! $1200 with only SIM down! Only one lot will he sold nt this price. ' CY 7-1281 in Brnzosrtnrt JA 3-81S7 In Houston REALTY CO. rii:i- NF.W MAT1T.K.-T, S10. o!( n-;:iunr III'I-L' n.' $10 n!f re 'uUr pvire nf -.10. off rriTulTir |>nr» nl '' SPECIALS rcB Innerspiracs. new l>0" spnn;:s. new r.iDlv-r foam. WATCH NKVV HOUSES UNDER CONSTRUCTION ;lll Center \Vny~3 bedroom, 2 Imlhs. L' car pararje, C02 CENTBK WAT—3 bedroom brick, air conditioned, corner. 101!) SYCAMOHffi—3 D'ffrooms, I bath. 2 car parnco. 1031 KYCAMORB—3 bedrooms, X bath 2 io:.;i SYCA'MORE-J bedrooms. 2 baths, •1 cnr parngf. I0:.ri 8YCAMOIIE—3 bedrooms, Hi baths, 2 car carase. 1057 SYCAMORE—3 bedrooms, a baths. 2 rt\r 8flTt\flc. Many other nlrms to choose from, TEXAS DEXTER HOMES 03 Forest Onks Lane CY 7-7761 BUILDING MATERIALS 87. UNFURNISHED HOUSPS 0:00 A.M. B P.M. Cineenatlon fleafllino Is 9 A.M. cf pnbHshliiK flay Insertion deadline for render nds Is 9 A.M. ot publisMns d.i? AH display aid, '--ox nds must be In by M A.TJ. c« previous publishing flay. Afler fin art is ordered ft cannot bo cancelled or chanped before publication. Tho Braiosp^ri Facts reserves tho right (a edit or reject nny ad that It deems objectionable and to chanRe the classification order to conform to tho policry ol the paper. All changes are based on n i line minimum. NOTICE »I typcjrraphical or other errors wart be Riven before the second Insertion or claims for refund or enensioj \rili not be recognized. Therefore, wn must be notified ot error iiefore 0 A.M. of second imbliahlnc day. 1. SPECIAL NOTICES KI'.KST — Mlliernl .-:ti;oi'.;:l piece 1 .-. (keo- :.?.;. .v:atc. opal, avul WAP OR THADK i!m- . . . clothr*. "' Fui-.'iirciuT. UK :I-KTI>. l-'or full length cruo l^r ilnwless ri»rioc'.i» l IK-nvy chryslal r!-'i PEE INVENTORY j SALE Now till Dec. 31st. Prices drastically reduced on nil building materials. Closo out nt wholesale and below cost on many items. Get a better deal with cash. BKA/OHIA COUNTY LUMBER, j INC. : (Formerly Fncifeucy Lumber Co. Angli'ton) 200 W. Myrtle Angleton TI 9-5791 is2. PETS SUPPLIES — "IvKLASCO HEKim's-3 room house. Rent or wll. Call BK 3-UO?. "OS AX.AI.T^A—3 hed jo;; laiooi Konity, wall hcnlcr. 741ii or CV 103 ASH LANK—S ftearoom. fnmlly room, 2 car jrarnzc. electric kitchen. Insutnt ed. patio door, vmir present lot 01 equity may bo acceprca IB trade. B, L. Snuor. Realtor. TEXAS BETTEK HOMES CV 7-7751 KKNT \VHKN for $^30, ilown nntl "). monthly >ou can buy a )::: '2 bodrooiii lionifr with Inrfiti .tv- roum, central licet niu) window mr nditionliiK. nt -119 Windinff Way, Oil! V-7".Ol. HOUSES •:LUTi-;-llj7 Tiiird at, Frn :,-nst.' lurr.ishnii or unfur :;tvc l«nstt option to buy a me liomo for rnished. Will ption to buy after 'i years lull cn'-tlit for irasc moiie}- ns payment. AN 5-2032. .:: .'.v'io'o.x--'.: l>odroom home, 413 A MS-:I .M. P!Ml. tr.c-"ilv. see James M Elb-.'rt, Realtor, CY 7-21S12. b.irnLT roofc stove: v'as"'w4.!>; DIKPS—Hand tainrd cocl-.MiiMs nnd baliy ! $:!.'.>•> I parakeets for sale. Ki South Ave. "rJ. j Frecpurt m 1 BE 3-loSl.';. HOUSES FOR SALE ACRKAOK— .Tones l r:rc5k. 5SOOO. for 20 s!. i;oo-j rastiirclnnd. •** ' L:li - v " *-i».iHi:n. _ii»a ui tuinn. 'LAKB JACKSON—isa laurel. LOW down ^1 1IWY 2S3—Clnte--^ tK-ilror.m. Com mericnl Area.. E. 1* SAUKR, REALTOR CY 7-7781. 103. LOTS rOH SALE n\"O LOTS 77x150 tn Ivcfln Grove, Southern Oaks area, S2SHO. H. 1. SAUER, REALTOR, CY 7-7781. SOUTHERN OAK.'; He x sin, only stno. ~ " TOR. CY 7-7761 .. front lot 100 SAUER. REAL- TWO bountiful lota ench 100 x 200 Adjoining In Rltf-'S O'Ots at only $19011. ench. E. L. "sAUUIl. REM.TOK. CY 7-7761. a both script ami fiiritri-s. The OWNKlt i,-serves tho liK'nt to vejt-ct any or all Mils nnrl to wnivt? !nform»!!lk-<. In O.TIC of arablRuity or Int-k of nearness In R!M- mt the liriLT.'; in tile Ij;<h, the OWNUR •esprves tin' rl;:ht In runslrlor tlio most ulvantai;rous fonstntclion thereof, or to rciM Hie hid. ""tillers are evpocred to In^prrt ihe .... of the \vork nnd to Inform them- idvrs-ro^nnlinK nil local roiKlllions. ""oples ot cnnlrju't rMcimu'rits, rian.'i, d ^peelficiitionft ore nn flto nl the o!> e of the rity K-iRlnefr, city Hall, "Vpurt, Te.v;is-, nnil inn) 1 ho examinod vlthout rhnr;:e at that location, i'ro- iirctive rmUrnrlors mnv obtain iilans nut speciflt-r.Mons from the ofttre of ttie "ily KnRllirer lipoa ." deposit of ten "'"> -iollnrs. rinli!i nnd KpcCitlt;allons „,,, npt tie mailOil lo pror.p?cllve Cnti- traclnrs. Only a c'hrck or money order v ill bo accepted for plans deposit. DC- wit will be rclnrnrd upon tin return of 4. BUSINESS PROPEHTY adjoining 50 « MO' paved p»rl;lnu. Suttohle for store, offices, shop, Wfirehousc. For *r'e or rent. E. SAUB.1. REALTOR. CV 7-77IJ1. 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE ID ACRKS—take Road, nenr West Colum bla; 17 acres between l>am.'iccer Hv*y and Old namon RoaJ. s. 1). OUFTON REALTOR, ni SJlpl. West Caliimbin. tile plnns and sprctflcatlons In an un- diHn.T!>!it riindluon citlirr at Ihft tlino of tho bill nrnmlnk or, within live (5) days thereafter, city nf Frepport, Texas fiy' W. R. nhckwe!) fee. 23-;if nt tlie oftici- ot th5 Clhi slanflitef at Vrnepoit City Halt. Th« Cllr W- wrves tlto right lo reject any .UP. «ll tl«« nd to accept tlio bid most BdvafttRua- a!f to the rlty of Preobort. City ol Frtcpmt W. D. Fllackwell Oily ManaKef D«c- 23-30 K—LEOALS NOTICE TO BIDDERB PenH-'l projinsnls addressed to ITonor- ible C. 1!. Helplnstlll, Mayor, my of •Yt'epmt will Iw received nt the nltlce of ha City MnnaRer tmtll 7:^0 p.m. .Ian- inr>- 0. 1951, nnd then publlrly or«wJ md read tor (urtilsliliii* In ncroriliiin'e with tlie speclficntlons two (D) new 1JU model police patrol curs. wa ffa wi 555 TRY FACTS 1 CLASSIFIED 127. TRUCKS - TRAILERS 3750 bays IIALLMAHK All-Brit* home equity on South Ynupon. Balance (103. monthly, taxes. Insurance included. ROWLAND REALTY CY 103 PINOAK-EiiuIty-r . bedrooms. JH b.iths, electric iltcl:en, fenced. 2 cnr Rarase, equity, "lisa B. L. SAUPR. REALTOH. CY 7-7761. PICKUr—1951 Chevrolet, ?2.">0. fan I* 1 seen nt 1019 Wosl 9th or call nn 3-l«7.1. US JASMINE—3 licdroolm. cxlrn cood nrronji^nicnt, close to ?cliool3. O.vnei* financed. Payments Ics-i than rent. JAMES M. EI.BKRT • REALTOR CY 7-21W Day Nlsht CY 7-:iK PERRY'S LANDING—14 acres, 2 Lv- room, hull trees. SKoO. E. L. fiAUER REALTOR. CY 7-7161. . I'.alar.c-j REALTY, lit! 5-3222. Some' Colem-a lanterns und CoU-man fuel WHITE AUTO STOKE 1012 Gulf l:lvd. PRIVATE 1NVESTIGATOK—Mlsslnc per Eon." backeround clierkin.'. investljallon. CY 7-6161'. COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER loci' ed at 315 Oak SI., between Ccroml ai I Eroad SL, In ilownlowr. Froepori. s open every Thursday froai 9 am to *&£&£^ tt A"*™ M-i" «*«£'•*«>'» i--",;,, to donate can take Ihcm aw.? 1 '™ 51 !^. iV. 1 '' 11 ? !:'! "I"! wx Btil— Umini i roar of lo FOH RENT AP'TM'NT. •—iHP.A7.ORlA — 2U1 W. Centre—2 bedroom. -»-l .Imln': room. uen. JfaiO. E. L. SAUER, REALTOR. CY 7-7161. FUKEPOKT—1831 WKS1 llth—Full brick all wiiitc 3 beuriwm home. $14.100. SOUTH TEXAS RE.XLTY, BE 3-3410. 203 EROCK5IAN-Clute-2 bedroom, detached U C-ir Rarage. lOOxloO. E. L. KAUKR, RE.\LTOIt. CT 7-7761. room „,- "c5'VE°"3-3ii:. "BK 3-1652 or pE 3-1S67 and make arrangements for me Hems to be picked up. iiuck <; AlnHilnu:ii (i;il. T1 " :inor ?' ! VD:^ppi:Y"ca- "- ^23 Era:os lllvil. IiS 3-lwO inlniit. ulililies paid. 1'iinr.ei I.\I;K JACKSON—31'J Redwood. 3 brtl- I room, cir conOltloner, fenced, carpet, i •!•-, loan. CY "-IS 1 . 1 ;.. .'—Clean 3 room and bath. 7-.n\vM T>\^rr\'T T ho,lr<vims Ti: Ulilitiej paid. Co-jple only, no |,c!s. I "9.P™ N IA . iMK -.^ T r? bc ' 1 _ r ? oms .',.A. 5 FOR A HOME OF YOUR VERY OWN 113 PlNOAK-Low equity with bath and half. W1U) PEACH — 2 bedroom home. 1C acres. 106 CHERRY-Only COO flo»n. 12fi OLEANDER—AH brick three bed room. ; PERR1W1NKLE—2 bedroom, fenced, large lot :3xS building in rear. , 15 MAGNOLIA— a Deoroom. family room low equny. 417 Jasmine—3 bedroom, central h':at. Joe Talbot nnd Roscr Drake JOE TALHOT RK«\LTY ' CY.7-4IU or CY 7-2)36 1CKUP— 1?CO Fl.-etsitle Clievrolel, inillo. hetiter. turn stcnnlR. heavj 1 duty renr bumper, 2100 miles. S1COO. clish. CY 7-4501. !28. USED CAES FOR SALE HARQA1N — 1!CT Ullil'S Klectn. Fill' power nnd air, low milra^c, nr\v tlrc4 Shown liy appointment. CY 7-10U 61 CY 7-7010. CHRYSLER nn'ERlAL — IP.'S In food condition. J350. Call HE :!-'.lM17. WILL TRADE T>) PONTIAO STATION WACiON for It to;\ PIcXllp ot equal vnhic. Ask for Joe Mullea at David's Trailer Court In Chile. No plione cnlla please. K— Apply 1211 West -:n. S.l.'lj , s;l.i'i j >,L\Y WE put yc::r nantf batlis. transfer of GI Frccport. CV 7-1521. eijuily. West NFAV VE.VKS KVE ''•O'JJIJ ^ SiROLD R C'ASNER AND TflE TEXANS IfOMMBRCIAl. FLUORESCENT 1 BAND ' -' ' " 1 -" l: 53.00 per couple M fix- uu t , ,,.„ 'rc-'uTa'iors. SHADY" RICEI- WOOIl TUAlLEri PARK. AK 5.23K. .^ r... .•- -'-I our vr.litin^ |^oysTEK CREEK CO^IMUNITY—3 bcd- GATHF.tGHT Al'ART.MENTS. I3E j roonl brick, 05x130 corner lot. E. L. ARE IJARBA!:/.. lUTOlanfl Porh Hub- riivisioa. Just coMpletinK J Itedrooro home; 3 full baths, Toppan Electric Kitchen. anct faniilv room, central henlin«. arye 2 ^ar carose «lth shop area. Washer-Jrye: connections. On 30' x 110' lot, caly S12.500, S1M.MOSS BUUJ1LNO » SliPrLX CO. 2. LOST - FOUND LOST—Male chihuahua—Time 1 .: nnd In-own. 1 year old. Wandered from 711 s. AVR. A oao week ago Sunday. O«ncr is elderly shut-in and would be very happy tor tlie return ol doe. l.enaia. I nuDDY KII:I:K ELECTKIC 'connli'li- .•.loc!; ul lill.-rs. fomp'tenl I liojlin-,' sy.item M-rvicc aad trslallolioa. I ^U3 West EK S-'.'u'J'J. 3 ROOM newly ix'detorated apartment. I UK 3-JU3. )7J'jriO PKli WEUK—lacllldos utilities. Apply MM .Gull Blvd., or call BK 3-1177. | ROO.'r X;;i> i:o.',l:r> for men. Pnvnle room If desired. L'E .VJ151. 731 West 7Ui. Sauer. Realtor. TEXAS BETTER HOMES CY 7-7701. .. WE WANT TO BUY Odds and Knas of used furniture. Kxtni yaud pieces. KliU.Y'S 1'LT.XITI'KE TWO MEX— Body man nnd needed. 2SO Lake Jafl»ao[l 5-5532. clianir; lid. AN SPORTING GOODS COAT— Iti 1 liaracuda. LE 3-1I-5J. 35 hp Gale, Trailer, HOME RULE CITY Hi b.OW populatioti now interviewing applicants to selec person to take charge of Ntmlcipn Finance, manage tax cinparlment nnd other allied duties. Address i:uiuin05 in vvrlting to the Mayor, City of Uute, Texas, selling out resume of background. trainlnff experience, and salary expected. Official title City [secretary. JIAI'.IKE SPORTS 1KC. Your Mcrc'-ry oulijoard Healer W.'SHKS ALl, Our 3!;in;.' Frier.tls A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON \.r,d iinites 01:0 and all to diop by and and have coUeo " - "'" "' '- STAll TAXI DBU'ERS NEEDED. Pai A1 "" y 21! 1 CS. MUSICAL IN"Vn!UMt;fJTS JtESTAUUAWT HELP — All kinds car hops, waitress, fry cooks, els. Awly , after C p.m. to Palms Drive In on Hwy 233, Frectort. 26. FEMALE HELP WANTED CHECK AND COMPARE! Choosu your own hours, Make a higher wr™.'.s£y.. «?" Avon Coswllr-s-. Wliit iJui ii .^"'^ .^- r " »•'' Texas Cily, Texas EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER rmlst havo had responsibility for roantalnlnB lull set 01 books. Tills profiressivu Jirm offers paid vacation, 4Vs *lay work week. lice hospltallzation onU life Insurance. Apply to Mr. Danliclm. Brazos- port savings ana Loan Association, 5IAYF.SIII APARTMENTS on Holly, I-ike ,lai:kson. - l)C(irnom.s, Sfi^. monlfliy. htovo nnd rrfrl^'cni'.or o.)lional A?p!y at apartments or call CY 7-^G58. our. nKAUTiFUL JIODKL 3 ucilroom. l!a bnths home at 102 Bi/cli, Uiko Jat;k5o:i. -Sho\vn by appointment C«n- tially hfiuli'd ani! air condilioncil. \Vc Mill ba.lJ on year .M. Will sell Ulis n".»xlel !toii>.e. Your lot accepted as down payment. U. L. Sauer. GULF LUMBKIt CO. CY 7-7Tlil NICELY 1TJRNI3HED HUPI.EX In Clute. AN 5.1'Ji:,. Vi:LAHCO—ck-an efficiency cottaRO, utilities paid. Adults. Private fishing pier. 200 Konh Front St. 102 BIKCH—3 bcdroonu. H4 baths, tarn- tly room, centrally hcnted, air conditioned with heat pump FHA. £. L. tinner. Realtor GULF LUMBER CO. . AN 5-2S81 or CY 7-7761 FUr.NISIIED or. UNFURNISHED 1 nnd 2 bedroom duplex apartments, breeze- was' and store room. Inquire 121 Trumpet TO.'. CY 7.E'Ji3. . nil to diop uy anu "i •-•"••I«'i — iiu us at :c W. 1st 87. UI1FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT C' BOAT—10 hp Stolt electric 37 model, 111;; wiiuol tilt trailer. All In 1:001! shape. -Must sacrilire for S30U. CY 7-7-«.^ CLUTE—.1 bedroom homo with Enrage. SG3. niontiiJy. l'^ Weil Marian St. AN 5-^l.'i3. CKOiCB OF PL\N03 513. raontu Guaranteed SCinilUT FCBMtCUE CO. 402 West 2nd CLUTE—On Kyle Rnail—Comfortable room house. AN 5-5532. ?REEPORT~1W-1 Avo. H, 2 bedroom, fenced yard. C:m be purchased. COLEMAN LU.^fBER CO. AN 5-2I2C. PIANO-^-Upnsht In good condition, $133. Call EE 3-1300. 57. BUILDING MATERIALS P1.\N TO IttiUbUEL? We will help you plan your project Piins, Specifications, financing, complete remodeling service. BIMCO SUPPLY SERVICE. HW7. 238 near Clute. AN 5-2177. 300,000 Pt. Used lone leaf lumber. All sizes and all lengths. EUSHNELI> LUMBER CO. NO 2-3:31 or NO 2-5313, Rosenberg. NKW HOMES BARBARA V1LLAC.K—Lake WtX»d Drive, J bedroom britk-watnscit. ci rctrlc kitchen, attic Ian. BI',\ZOR1A—3 bwir&om on Net, luric Wilson SU/iJitge in. Elcclrlu. kilchen. Attic tan.. see G. L. Mac McKay 't call AN 5-5322 DUAZOil'ORT T_J5IBIia CO. 210 BltOCKMAN—Clute 2 lieditjom 123 x 121' corner lot. ?nl» 5630U. ti. L. SAUER. KEAL. - rOK. <JY 7-776J, 2U2 P1.N OAK SI.—o bedrooms, family room, i ] ,i balhs, 'nsluaied. lieddi-Wir- cd. eleclric lichen. 1 car garage, only 813,375. FHA S1C1 monthly. SI L, SAUER. REALTOR. TEICAS BETTER H05'_ES. UY 7-T?UL WHY RENT \\HEN lor $230. down and ?5j. moathly you can buy a comfortable 2 bedroom home with large living room, central heut and window air conditioning, at -110 Winding Way. Call CY 7-7701. SURFSlDtl BE ACS—comer location with 2 nouses un 73 X HO lot, only SSjOO. Kmuller ot two .-ented for ISO. month. E. L. SAUER. REALTOR, CY 7-7761. IUVBKWOOD-3 DC <lr OU m br«* S .ab with single car LAKE JACKSON—125 South Yaupon, 3 bedroom brick, bath. Can be purchased. COLEliAN LUMBER CO. AN D-2423. LAKE JACKSON—Home for rent, stove nnd relriserator furnished. S6U. per ROWLAND REALTY CY 7-1513 LAKE JACKSON— 2 bedroom home, screened porch, attached garage $60 Call CY 7-C31. 21 CENTER WAY--3 bedrooms. 2 baths. Corner 103 x 150 lol. S'.'iTj FKA assumption. This Interest rate mil save J1000. Cash S2EOO. SH.1. month. E. * • 11 rr-V"-l 11 ~ 1 — KNOLLWOQD In Lake Jackson , c .. .' NEW HOMES'ready lO- LB ' u ,,t! pancy 8 nearing completion, :) for or» slftl) witn sini'ie car isaragu. uuiti. * «»-^ - -« - • .tiut muui cuiinujua ui*u.i mia j^wji.*.*- iii sns ran;e with'oven and vent liood.: and 4 bedrooms, 1V4 baths alld A]I lump sum nnd unit wires must bo Central ficnting. Full dining room. ,o hathl 2 car caraECS. excellent slsteil in both script nnd IicurM. THO f nn rr»t« ,iri»»Jnv. 2 m, lloht«. wn'.er * Dalns i -.. our ^~ _"' T „.,.., OWNER reserves the rlsht lo reject nny NOl'ICK TO IHDDER.S Sopnra'.c proposals niltlrosscd lo C. M. Melpinstill. Mayor, City of Kreer-mt, Tn- is. will bo u'Ceived nt t!ie Cily Halt laitll :30 p.m.. January IS, ll'BI. tucn nublidv opened nnii read for fi:vn!siiin^ nM necr';- ^ary mnlerin!s, nni'iiiriery. equipment. sutwrintoniience, lnl>or and inridentals for he eor.-inellon of: (li SPO.OOO (JAU.ON STEEL US- sEfivont f2l KKSKHVOIR FOUNDATION .1 the Cily of Frueporl. Texns. In accordance with tlie filaas nnd sptc!fii:a- ioiii on fiio at tile City Hall. Each Pror-o^l 5liall bo accompanied uv u rertilied or ''asliier's Check drawn on n liar.l; accoptalile to the City, or bidder's b'>r!il from n surr-ty company licelisrd tn tin 1 Stale ot Tc\a';, in an imonnt not less than five per cent of the total b-.i,e Proposal, as n Rmirar.ty that the mu'cessi'ul bidder will enter into -i Jonlract and execxile l>onn imd ywiirnnty on the form?; provided \vitl,ia ten days after nolico of award of Contract Hid sureties will !>e returned to all but ihe three lowest accepUible bidders within five days after openin,-; of bids, and the latter bid sureties Svil!.l»o returned'^v![h- In 21 traars niter execution of the Contract. • The successful bidders niu:;t furn!::!i Performance Bond and Payment Uond on he fonns furnished with the Proposal in ihe amoant ot 100 peiTcnt of the total Contract price, from a surely company holding a permit from the Slate of Texas 3 .act ns surety. This is n "public Works" Project as (Icfintd in lfou:^i Bill No. SI of the -l;inl Ucislsturc and Article 5U,Oa, V.R.C.S. and House Hill No. 115 ot tho *llh !>'::• istaturo of Uie stale o! Texas nnd Article 1580, V.P.C., as may have been amended, and en such ii .subject to tile provision of said House Flitl.i. No provisioiiK or any herein are intundi-d to be in conflict wiUi the provisions of said acli; nnd the same are inctirporateij herein by special in conformance with upr'licable slat- utea, the general prevailins wage tales in the locality in which Ihe \voi>: i:i to t.c iierfonned have been tucei tained, rind such rates s'lnll I.L* the minimum Milt lor labor employed upon this project. All lump sum nnd unit pi ices must be «*< Cub Scout Pndt r»j ot Antjloto?) , sponsored l\v M a r s h n 11 Hij;h thrir nnrk meet- i itiR and Christinas p:\rl.v. Tiie nipclinf; opened with rt pro- Irani t:ondiu:!ffl by the p:u'k. Troop 555 favu the Hag ceremony, ^hristmns cai-ols were Ming ivy tho entire group. Each Scout invited tlidr parents. Bob Warron, Scout exetru- livc, prcst-'iitod badyus to these Cubs: Wolf, Kenneth Davis and John Lincoln Wrixlit: Bear, Freddie Eason, Kenneth Jackson, 'Joa- aid Brown. ICdwin Wallace Gardner and Glenn Alexander; Lion. Wayne Hall, Edward Braiif'i, Roosevelt, PC It it, Thomas .1, Wright Jr, and Michael Million. Pack 553 Goodfollow stocking-: filled witli toys collided by fi Cubs for the needy, were pre . sailed to Cubmasler T. J. Wrisjiit i ^r. by Den Dad Ravolle Gardner, who also presented Worrcn and Ctibmastor Wright with gilts from' tlie pack. IleireshmeiUs were served. New Minor V/reuS Froepori police investigated a minor auto accident at West Fourth and Holly about noun Wednesday. OHicers reported that a 1955 Ford pickup truck driven by Blent B. Taylor, Brazoria, was going west on West Fourth ond slowed for the Holly Street intersection. 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Gl-'.OUCilA HAIX':i CliAUl'bf SHOP has thG latest In air conditioned dryers. lilO Maaioli.-i. OY 7-2fiia. Closed on Von- days* ii.-nl Air Conditioning CLIMATE ENPINEKIUNO r(). "cntrnl system air t:oinlitionintj. r,'Jl Velasco <Hwy 2SS) Angletoa, TI !l-7j:l'J. Automotive Services HEATING- SAVK NOW ^V 1-2177 Do it .votiract! forced air central ticaUns- G ouiiijts, SO,IX:(I UTU i'linmec (Hanii. 1 Braiulj. K very till ni; coia[»ltl<;. Appros'i- m^luly 71) j)Lri:s. ?'J.'i:i.ll). Tcnn^ approved credit. I. & I-' HKAT1NO CO. TVI'KWRITEUS? ADDIKO MAfillNK.S? fa'ile-i ur rent, ('all j-:r»rn Oant. Bi:A- KOi'L'Oi-lT UKDKllWOOlt ^OKNCY. 1U'! (inl( KIviJ. I-1utn« IJK Sewer Service KOTO UO'OTKK .SKWKil For any draiitngu failure i'lumLin'f rejmir wori: Rervin;: Ur;i.;tjri;i County fall \V. O. Ocrrniiiiy C!f 7-51Q3 Home Repairs CUP.KY MOTORS-your uuthorlzej Kind Dealer oilers rompk-u- -in !"."• tor, body chassiH. None but Inu ucit mechanics woik im '-our car .U Cm 1 - ry's. Phone BH '-'JOi!. ..'.•icuino biiKill JubH about vour lifiuiL-. '.Vill furnish local references. IJjwoilei. -cnulr, Ciiht;icla. built-in^. Clf J-VL'Tl. BLACK COMET ilUl-'KLHH ends youi troubles, factory auarunliiv ui l"iu; as the car runs. ^OMKT MUFKLKK CLINIC, 2U Plantation Drive, CY 74222. COMPLKTB HUMK liEMUnWUNO, c-ub- incl:i. Imusti lovuliny, i.'oucroto porcncs und dnvL's. Asplialt robins a spenulity. FiL'e esniiKiU'S. W.'Jik tiuara tilted. 'J yearn in Lii!:« J.'iCiisfjii. '2~> yoars isLTiaiscc. MAD;j!-:.N HUO^. CV 7-17 Upholsterers UAVKNPOUT UPHOUSTKP.f— ^*;i!l B. :M1'7J for Jrct' rstimatos gladly ;:lvcr Lfifiulcd on Slavjgtitcr lid. UUftTOM MADK SiKAT COVKHS—Tloor pantils. Imw:.;. o\p«rl ttorltnianatiip. t:unuy.s UPIIOUSTKUV KHOP. r ^ii Wcit Und XI, TAH-OHKl) HEAT priced at ?~It, i, no mul '1 JEEP HEADQUARTERS DISPATCHER, cloth top, $ curtains, radio, heater JEEP Wagon, 4 wheel drive, $ *" Warren hubs *5 JEEP Wagon, 4 wheel drive, $ ' Real nice ^ JEEP, 4 wheel drive, Ha'O metal cab OWNKR reserve! Ihe right lo reject any or all bids anil to waive Informalities. £n case ol ambiguity or lack ol clearness in stating the prices In the bids, the OWNER reserves 1ho right to consider the most advanta^Eoua construcUon thereof, or to reject Uw Uid. Unreasonably (or "unbalanced") unit prices will be sufficient cause for the OWNEB to re* ject any bid. Bidders are expected to Inspect t the regarding all local conditions. Copies of Contract Documents, Plans, and Specifications arc oa file at tho of* lice ol the Cily linjjlneer, Cily Hall. Freeport, Texas, ami may bo examined without chame at that location. Prospective Contractors may obtain plans and specifications from th« oftlce ot the City fin- Klnccr upon a deposit of ten (110) dollars. Plans and specifications will not be mailed to prospective Contractors. Only a check or money order will t» aixepled lor plan* deposit Deposit will he returned upon the return uf Urn plans and specifications in. an undamaKcd condition either at llic timo of the bid opening or within live \5j daya thereafter. City of Froeport, Texas By: W. It. Ulflckwel! C.ty Manner ^ ^^ MUTICM TO JJlhDK.i.S fiL-alL'd ;nu;.f)jatj mldrusJ 1" <•'. M- Hal!»- tiutill. Muio.-, tJily ul i'Ycri)u;l,' Tt-^ii.-. 1 , will be iecri\ed at HlP t'.ly Hall until 7:30 p.m., January IB. IDol. then pubU' 1 - ly npenrd and rt'ad for lurmshlnU a1 ' nei-c-iuury niiiu-dula, inurlisficiy, f<r»M>- mcnt, jiupeiinter.<lr;i,tc unrl lulmr fur U.c — •"', Irt-nua on i.'urtJi i:*'.ii tll:ee\ al A\«nue "It" in I'l-^i'Oit, Ti\u.'-, l» .-)«-• irorJanci: \vltu Ihs jilitn/J tniti h IH-CI I '.'•;)• lioiM on Me- ul t!)L- i^ty Hull. by a ccitilicd uc Cashier's CiiiH-l: drmvn on a bi*(.l; iicfr'pliilile ty tl:o rity, or [ijiti'Ji-i-'s lifJii'i Irui'ii u autut/ winyany !lk-i'ii:;t.'il in tiio :>lu\(i (if Trui;., in j;> jainoimt r.nt lc..j live J.IT t-wil »'• lliut lliu :,ut:iviiful 'bllltii-T v.ill tntt-r iMtj a Cuntrurt «i"l txft-'Ute l/O'i'l giiar- REPAIR AND REWINDING Pearson Electric AJgior ItciJUi 101 K. Ucnt AN B_-5158 Child Care CHILD OABB CENTEIi OS 7-ilM CJUP-N-UALB DAY CA1IU CENTER 7 day, any noar. ucernod. Urs. EWther. AN i-S571 Photography • i AKO UfiiOI-STliBV uncl TI1IM EHUP "•j 7.1U t!ni! Ul. FrLM;iioit. Tuxas SPECIAL! ! On All Uiiholslcrliitf- Kev lino 01 beautiful fuurlc*. llcstyllnit. PUUTUUK&l'llY- >Jti. clilb.s. unit ru;;rciA tciiori n vvc-ild-1 rui/ixj i i:;j Lake Ul'lIOUSTKUY Jacrfson ltd. Welding TEX PACTS OltNAMKNTAI. IliON ;illd Iraillir 'lltclic.s Mri'H WKUJ1NR ANU liAUIATOJi WOKKS U3 Soulll A ' lili To List Your Service Call BE 3-2611 tn^o ISruiospurt l-'lrma Are Keputahle Firms With Established Business I'rac- ticcs-Ahvays Guaranteeing To Each Customct (Jualltj Work And Fair I'rlri's! From Angleton Phone TI 9-5246 nm - » SALE ON ALL PASSENGER CARS. SEE US NOW BEFORE JAN. 1st. WE'LL BE HERE NEXT YEAR CURRY MOTORS USED CAR IOT Hwy 28.8 & C BE 3-2761 iul.i-u of ol inict. Dnl j,nrtlii:.4 will b-« kll but tii-'i liiix-*! l(jwci.t in'Ci:(>Ul>lki u;il \,,ild, iuul the liiller'liUI vjrctit-ii viill 1^ of U-.o t.'oi.tract. Tnii j.uitx-^.Iul Luldfi- iiiut luiniui i'^i (onni fiirtiUhf.'tl 'ltd Li;c I' Jn In urnuuiit ot liiU pciccnt ot Uiu 'l\tlul (-'u' liiict vnut, tiuiii a tiiiiuiy i:unii>ai»y Iml; 'lliia li a • i'uliiit: V.'nU-" 1'iOKcl, • duflr.od In IJill No. M i,l inn •!.{ U'^i^lulLirc a;iU Aitick- ul-.'JiJ, V-H-l.'h. will HfiuM» Hill tii». U:i ul tin; 44U» U'l- IsW, V.V.C., Hi may have Wrtt jumfdit- MUIIS ul iiilJ i/ou^« Jilll.i it'y luuvtuiW'U or any i*orl fttrt'in ate julir.iit'il to bu )il i,y, spL'tial ii-ft;Cei:te. [as, UKJ ^en'.'iul {ircvailiDrf vna^u liUi'i Ui Uw tfjeylity.m wliicii tl'C wu:it is U LL- inM'l'jrmctl havi' \nen u.-ic^ilyincrl, .'- ll! KUCli rates jjiull bo Uw iiunimuoi P a '^ for tatior €iri|Jl»ycu uyoii Uiiii iTUjvCl. All li.mi. Miru pricej muiit l>e ^tuic'' Here's the way smart Santas get the ready cash they need for Christmas. They join our Christmas Savings Club each year, saving regularly each week, earning on their savings. The following November we send them aflheckl Be a smart Santa, join now! BANK OF COURTESY &l, 103 CHERRY ST. BANK , TEXAS MEMBER BW.C

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