The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 1, 1959 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1959
Page 8
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" t H E B R A * 0 S F6 $ T f A 0 T 8 BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-2611 <^.JOctotw 1.1968 '. CLASSIFIED • INFORMATION ; *e> place rout Ad : BE 9 -i.tll er BE 9-3511 : and nsV- far Classi' i • KATES H*. e* Per Insertion Lin 1 'weekday «c 3: days (eoniee) lie 8-dayi (eensee) l"c IhserUon* must be consecutive '• Clanlfiid Hours • Monday through Friday I A.M. to $ P.M. ) Saturday r 8100 A.M. 13 P.M. Cancellation deadline is 9 A.M. • el publishing day Insertion deadline for reader •ejj Is I A.M. of publishing day. All display and hex ads must bs) la by 11 A.M. ol previous publishing aar. : Alter an ad Is ordered U can net be cancelled er ehangad be fere publleatlen. The Brasosport Facts reserves the right io edit er reject any •f "taf ii deems objectionable aad to change the classification •Mer io conform io the policy •f ihe paper. jAU charges are based en f S Upe minimum. 'NOTICE ot typographical or ether errors must be given before ihe second insertion or claims for refund or extension will not be recognised. There- fere, we muss be notified of •fret before 9 A.M. of second publishing day 31. SERVICES OFFERED CARPORTS, aluminum awnings, aad Butters. No money town a O & T FENCE CO. AN S-illl. CARfE'NIER work, general, and paint Ing inside _ or outside, by hour er CArtPfiSTER worn wantea — Repair "•Indawj. add onto Rant;. Bans sheet CUSTOM MADE SEAT COVERS, doot panels, liners. Expert workmsnsnlp Curry'i Upholstery flnep «u w«i 2nd St. ELECTRIC MOTOR 3BHVICE. Waiei pumps. V, thru 3u 'ip. rewind and "nalr. roplacement parts. 1308 n 19tn. BE' M4J8. Freaoort. GENERAL ELECTRIC SIRVICt, For competent service on roar OE appliance Call jw o* 4«eJ«r. ) SPORT LAKE JACKSON—Ml W £L p «*Fft-io.> Jo »itt», .man ... -. -. Will Iflio «. ^,.ij;7—,«""" Io purchase plan Realtor" Cif-*"- ' C * U ''*" ™ bo1 55. SPORTING GOODS »e*»»ni house h o?" BOAT—18' boat with cabin, larg wheel trailer. Make an offer. 2Q Hulsache, CY * "•• BOAT — 18' Continental outboard cnlli er. sleeps 3. 33 h.p. Evlnrude with controls, lop. windshield and tut trail er. cy 7-J89Z. OITTBOARD MOTOR—1959 35-hp. Evhl rude, electric, long shaft. Used 3 months. $450. Phone CT 7-am from I to ft p.m. OUTTERS — Galvanised mm—Installed. 80c per foot. Nothing down, KM monthly Call Angleton. TI 9-7339. KIHB7 vacuum Oeann Cc. m ^SALES, * SERVfc. + + ORNAMETAL IRON Columr V. S. Byron; * + 37 SCOTT ATTWATER 33 ho outboarf In good condition and boat that needs AN 33337 together er separate w.tnnnuuina. u.wn f Columns and Raninffa PAINTDfO — Inierlora and etteriors. Sheetrock taping, floating and texturing. First Class materials and workmanship. Terms can be arrang ed. H. E. Baker. CY 7-2901. PAINT1NO Payer nane.i,«. jtMelroct Bnlshlnn. stain- .nd nawra' >lnlS!;r. A. R. Qlorer. BE 3.3(90 OT BE RADIATORS, magnetos, lawn and smr 11 ---.-— —-~-- --. BRAZOE 2012 Hwy. -••*-•"•»*.•«» >M-»UV . ._-_ .«_«•»• and small engines, parta and servfea BRAZOEPORI• Sir gH= - J -"-izm' . serc DIATOB WORM FTeenort BB 3-U71 PHOTO ENQRAVWO— ttt tat out to Photo Engraving, zlno halnoo«* zinc line cuts. One day eern5r»W -^ JUST ARRIVEO 196» OLASTRON BOATS JJ' BILTWELL FISHING BOATS COMPLETELY FIBRE OLASS COVERED. WINDSBIELD, STEERING! S39S Name your needs ... name your power ... name your apeedl The wonderful new Johnson Sea-hors. will give fou more of everything you want for I960, over 40 mllti per hour on aloct runabouts. From standing start to lop speed In no Urn. flat. Now on display at PALMER'S SPORTING GOODS 117 -L. J. Road. Clul. AN M4U ( SPECIAL "NOTICES OMUUU RASBERRY—Next time you are over our way drop by ano? have a cup ef coffee with us. Gulf Insurance Agency. 1014A North Gulf Blvd. eTcARD OF THANKS" OCODSON—We would like to (hank each and every one for their help and sympathy during the Illness and death «f our babr Julie. Especially do wa thank Texas Chlldrens Hospital. Dr. thaw, nurses and Dr. Gerald Perry znan, tne Shrimpers Supply and Business Rouses, Shrimpers and Sea Food Bouses. The Rev. Homer Nowell, Rev. Gordon Johnson, and Rev. Arthur WII- linns. The WMU of Velasco Heights laptlst Church, the WSCS of Velasco Methodist Church and all th« friends , that were so kind and generous at (his tune. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Ooodson and Jeanna Mr. and Mrs. James F. Goodstn, Br. Br. and Mn. J. A. lilies and Richard Mr. and Mrs. Don Moore Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Broussard ' Mr. and Mrs. Boward L. Praham Mr. and Mrs. Oliver J. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hocut Mr. and Mn. Dan Haney. . row wk guaranteed, call now. Red Johnson, its .Brae/sport Pub Engrartaj ™' partmmt. Phone BB JJ51L , ' AUCTION SUNDAY OCT. 3rd 2:30 p.m. Furniture — Appliances Tools — Guns — Tire* Dishes and Miscellaneous Items This to be the last Auction All. merchandise must be sold to highest bidder CRIS CRAFT Express Cruiser 22 Foot Crls Craft Express Cabin Cruiser. 2 bunks and , a head. Ship to shore radio. Completely equipped. Completely repainted and overhauled la April ihl* year. Will finance full amount for S years or will take Jeep or other outdoor rlf and finance the dlf ference. > PRICE $2500. See at Smfslde Marina LJTIPTON BE 3-2728 LAKE JACKSON ,— Two bedroom home Large'elosed-ln porch. WO. r- -™ LAKE JACKSON 3 bMroom home parjItoBlhi ROWLAND IMAtinr; VBLASCO — On. bedroom home, cool, lulet neighborhood. BE 3-2941 after 5:30 p.m.: , Wttti PEACH SUB DtVI310»-i bed- l«. .jjt/HMMHED HOUSES FOB ftflHY REEPORT — i bedroom home with a garage, inquire 1131 west 4th" AN0UTON DIAL n 9.3246 AKB MCttON I.- OMSs.CFMEIC -'Woseley's Modem "V^Sfi J 01 '*" 1 •""'• '*» »ott» 5-1 *»»•*». adulU. y« mile off Hwy 38 on Bait Live Oak Drive. BB 3-1804 Hn-3 mm, ' NEAR TERRELL OGO i^^:3ff,ppj .,', .S" 6 " 11 " 11 *"* 106. REAL ESTATE WANTED ACREAGE WANTED - H»v. waltlns buyer Jor Irom 200 to <00 acres o land within !0 to a ml},, r «dlu« BE rPOT '' H> *' DM " """* 08. FARMS. RANCHES . FOR SALE "1VE ACRES, s bedroom house, irate- or with equipment; »3,3<». 10 citareil acres. Apply "Y" Fruit Stand Bra«- orla. . : ATTAPtfLOtli, 0». (UKl ~C. T. Johnson, 14, ef ilaunlrtawn. Ft«., has two 0rlp*s against Federal R4te- nue agents. - T . h 5 ";•»•"*>•**" whs arrested Johnson Mr optrii- ing an Illegal « H 1I didn't •neve ih uniil he'd w6rktd •H day dismantling li Jo itibve Jo a new location. CONGFSr/ON 25. MOBILE HOMES PARIAN MANSiON-cwan air condl- tloned mobile home, 11130 cash, w J Parnell, Norman's Serv. Sta. HWY Ma Clute. oottaiea comfortably 0. BUSINESS RENTALS "™* p'*niy of piirklnc are*. Hwy ^^D«wtjenDoirmndCI|jtg.OT7.7rai. 101. sJtlSI, OPPORTUNTTirq •&*&&*& 30'STARLIGHT house trailer. WSJ cash Town and County or 7.7777,. iiT&oi? irlB55 ' iring room. ATTENTION BARBERS) Present bar"•' moving October 8lh. Building will be for rent. 130. j» r Mo° wa er and sa> furnished, call Robinson Realty. AN 3-3333 or AN 3-3704° »u " ™ ' ' "' BS '• 91M ot 102. MOUSES FOR SALE 56 MUSICAL INSTHUMEMIS PRICE—I wish to take this opportunity fo thank an my friends and neigh- tors for the kindness shown during tte-lllness and death of my beloved huiBsad G. i. Especially those who Z e " "> ttjughtftu during his UlnHS to the hospital, lin. O. 1 Prlca • INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE . Write for free Correspondence Course •. Christadelphian Bible Study League 10413 Tolman Houston 17, Texas In7 2 u BA " GAIN CENTER 57. BUILDING MATERIALS 307 Hwy 288 Clute ^—' PIANO—Good used upright piano. Reasonable Call BE 3-4I9C- . -- bedroom all brick home, STTTk,";'. ™**1>»». Located In Richie Sub-DIvlslon.. Convenient to southslde School. O. L. McKay, AN S-S323. ANGLETON-3 bedrooms, 1 baths, fam- ••Sni'JTi '."""• d " h """"•• ""«" bulll-ni features, central heat, IK, acre lot. 114.500. Tl "* V S *$ » Mtr » " 00( ' "V this 5C. p. r cent F BA equity instead of payhTg Hi per cent on a new loan. 6U ccn- L" "*V P," 1 ™"™- * 6aths, lew ;"«««• f«mUr room. Insulated. Corn. er. E. L. Sauer Realtor, « T-77M SOUTH PARKWOOD _ 101,103 Ash Lane, j bedrooms, faml£- room. I balhi, 1 car garage. Insulated You mJm?i. 5" i" 1 " 1 * mafe ">• "'own payment. E. Bauer, Realtor, Te»a Better Homes, CT 7-7761. 121. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES AUTHORIZED DEALER for ttacoln Mercury, Edscl. English Ford, and Sludclnker. Has representative! In cvTaSe *"*' r ° r ""P 0111 ""' 1 " Call 1^ tOlt UON'l .MHO WHAI too *ERTISE N ron" S t ^. tojl ™* *» Jim larrow Rites Set In Srazorla too many cars are parked in We often hart • couple !'.,*?";* «•»««•» and It I. • help If we do not hat* te park too far «wa*." the bl. Ihop said. H. ii seirehing tor • remedy to the sltualioh. oar at Curry's. KB ::.2ML »7. TRUCKS-TRAILERS ™. o<im home on one wooded acre, you would want to more In JU.993. Mrs. w. L waller Real Estate. BE 3-B4I. " lor,a tlonal buy y an assu loan on lhl« 2 bedroom home. Floet Carter and Associates, cV 7-2477, ' " euulty and assume teT 34. TV SERVICE dependaMr rarrlu like n .w. *» l-IUS. 51. ARTICLES WANTED BICTCLE-Dstd boy's 16" bicycle, with coaster brakes. Phone C7 T-63W). PAINT SPECIAL - Rub&er oaw and outsld. while S2. w ,.]. YP - ™ SHAKES NEED S4..80 per gallon OVUriVUBEH COMPANY 7 8. Main. Cluu All J.JJ81 b.»- k , for "°™* to beautiful Washington Terrace. New i bedrooms, central heat .attlo fan Jo" payment. 600, 705, 713. and n Marshall Road. Call L. C. COOKSBr In Antleton TI - Oardm Acre, h om». All -new 3 bedroom fram. on 71 x 120 lot flCYCLE-QM'j used 20" wheel want, ed. Call CY 7-7173. USED typewriter. Remington or Underwood, portable. Phone AN Mm after 4 p.m. jj. HOOD THINGS TO EAT SB. FARM EQUIPMENT BRAZOBJA-On Brlganc. Road. 3 be* room homa on 14 acres of land. Pn. r» > « sycle. Ph. 3099. Bratorla. 62. PETS - SUPPLIES SIAMESE CATS-Orown and jonng. S3 each. Phone AN SJSBS aner 4:JOp.mT Dm YOD SNOW that eating natural food will max. you reef tetter Shaw's Natural Poods, Biry. 188 a Trading Post, BE 3-143Z. TENNESSE SUGAR CURED Hickory smoked hams. AN MWS. Norman Drlv. In Hwy 288 ante. it. MALE HELP WANTED -.- JOYS—for Angleton Braiosport -4s Paper Route. Contact Mr. Ho- !rt Lacker «01 E. Loratne, Tl M14L »i. MALE • FEMALE HELP "ZfS, f"""" avaBame—deliver on MtaUlshed paper routes In Braiorla. West Colambls, Old Ocean, shady Acris. Perry's Landing. Wild Ptich Communities. Need a light ear or mot. or scooter ot Handle. suppUment your atfoma. Good money for a few noun JJJJ *»r. Tta Biasoiport Pacts Newspaper BSI 34511 circulation Depart- 53. MISCELLANEOUS BooKs-Set of 20 volume Book o JSa?*S? 7^° " lttm ' Enc "'°DRYERS-1959 O.E. without matdita washers have to go. Make us an 01 fer. Diamond J. Co., CY 7-4813. FOR BETTER cleaning, la keep colon gleaming, use Blue Lustre carpe cleaner. DARWOOD FURNITURE CO RETREAD TIRES—12.000-mll. all-road hazard guarantee. Many sizes. Black «?, d , »"«« "alls. Whll. Auto store 10U North dun Blvd. BE 3-H32. J^IL •TAR TAXI drivers wanted. Part time Brftlll time. Apply 21» But Part .. For Information tan AN 5-N02 or AN 5-9884 after •J pjn. Ctt fOPS-Oeoa salary, permanent So. Apply hi person at Brains View am* in. I COMDJO! start nowl Avon "•£. °"*" opportunity to earn w* >>> *30 weekly coiimlsslons. Hours •Klonal. w. train. Write No. 14-Uth *T«. Korth. Texas City, Texas. SADDLE-Plaln all leather saddle, sad- die pads and bridle. TI 9-72877 An ton. SPEED QUEEN WASHERS lit you f"<" to"".* »o«r laundry without leaving your air conditioning Sn gem tod*? at Irby. oo Hwy. 2SS to 'STOP SWEATDfO k MILDEW HELP-Experienced. A> -i, r.f"? 0 J™ 1 ' to Olretts' No. In Like Jackson. •AVB niMEDlATE openings for ma- to* txperienced sales ladles, puu Hm» alu wt Ume openings , * pay. numi T. wous company b, ne «t,. GRANT COMPANY, BJ»jrpBSERY-»enced play yard, by teK hour, or week. Mrs. oini»7 43? tonjhern oaks Drlv«^AN_5-i81V ' '^^"^bsctalorf^d-" W " h AN 5-2430.' " H '18 E. l »S. UHFURMgHEP AP'TM'NT. FREEPORT — 3 Tjedroom apartment im> West an. Call AW 5-5058. " -—» UOBA—* uBwsuuui •t'tvrtiient. StOTa and refrigerator furnished. Fenced back yard. BE 3-2261. 'E^^'ssvssrssi boarda H. J. Davla. Realty. BK l3S BRAZOHIA^ HOAD-j bedroom. franTi Ouplon >eallo" m plion« Di" e i4sfL "' ~w "oom home. TOed bath and half, garage, lar frontage "«»« '"Onir. No down SSS3& St. O. L. ICcKay AN 3-3312. »• V. DA Via RBALTV ' ™ *» 1323 W. 7lh-SJOO down. PERRY'S LANDINO- LAKB JACKLSOK- 110 Liurel. J bown Pay. ""J^WTAL monthly payment on Weal* ,mf ted" y un " 1 "«'> loan' for ^^rr.TSSS ffi'f&Sft "Sft '^"Sffi ^ys&3« l ss£ l $r l ss; .SlI M L'r ! tfmbl » cloieS ta additional closet Venetian 1949 PORD half Ion pickup. «2M see "'" < P-m. at 918 West Sth, Freipirt! 188. USED CARS FOh SALE C ?.?y B ° L ?.J- 18 ".,<;onvertlhl, to excel i. i*tuj tuicr 4 .piiDt,' CHEVROLET - -S4, only M.OOO mile, 1 FORD-1930 e cylinder. Radio and heater. CaU AN 5-24J8. JEEP-1S49. ideal for deer camp in good shape. 3425. Phone DI J-O13 o? .*"•"« B O« W, West Columbia. £«; SELL S3 Mercury Cruiser or SI Ford Falrlane 500. Both low mlleases "" — 1846. Original Interior, - --* ......u. slick, primed.' runs good radio, healer. No rust. »us. CY 7-«36 CLDTE-ttoo. down SCO. montli buri neat house! large lot 73«uTwith lot, BE 3^02 "^ IhnilI T. ABC Realty* roomT J b «droom horn.. JONES CREEK — 4 and 3 room apart ments redecorated. Private bath sarase. Phone BE 3-4018 after i p.m LOVELY PLACE for wnall famllr, 2 bedrooms, garase. to Shady oaks CT " otter - c * H « r .«wl Associates «8. FURNISHED APTM'NT. FOR RENT AKOU5IOK — Completely famished. ntlllUes paid. J bedrooms, M baths. ffrMK'lltewd. On Bastrop Bayou. South mjbway 281. Children and anl- CLUTIB.-* room furnished apartment. PrJrat. bath. Kern sofa bad. Bill. Paid. Inquire BE 1-2162. CLOTE—l rooms with private bath nicely furnished for adults. AM S-sJu after 4 p.m. CLUTE-H4 Marlon St. i rooms 314 « week no bills. Phone AN £2311! CLUTE—First one hera gets this i bedroom bargain. 8100. total cost to move In. Extremely low - Es bedrooms. Llvlnj- and family rooms MM ' «" «wmiwiv ra larie. Llvlns and . UTtaf mm - « 14M - Bowlan'd Realty. CT OI Equity 1MO ' ~, . Fenced real nice. Payments POOB BOOM dwelling on 1 acres IcroU «3? ^S" 1 Aa<U11 ™- w "t« «ff weU located and beautifully !«nd scaped. Highway fronlai. Jas » «« MM3.* *°° d bUlr - SeUerI 3 " *««' "Mi. » bedroom, small ap SIMCA-1958 station Wagon 30 mllea »e J"«™. 5 Excellent condtlon. BE 3^830 _. a lingering Illness. ' - . Service* will be held Friday : 3 p.m. at the First Babtlst feh .1* Sriioria with Hev. «rmah Go* pHldatlni. Survivors.include the wife, najr mdther, Mrs. W. I. Bar- M Wny; » djuihtw, - .- Suby rteickman of,Swe«ny! brothew, M. S. of BrSstorla,.J!arl of Lake Jack- sort -and Bruce Ivy Barrow of Burial will be in Bratorla CeWetery With Walt Funeral Horrt* Imcharge. " 1PAOTS CLASSIFIED Tou are the dealer, both aide •vulnerable. What would you bid with Mch of the following fou QUIZ 3. 4>KT 3. e>— „ . NOTICE. Notice Is hereby slven thai an order dated September a, im. has been Ssu' ? « unl l! MI «»ed. authorising the of: the oil screw. ADELE B . of- Port, to be changed to THREE Russell J. zoel. Deputy Collector ni In charge of marine Houston, T.xai Sept. 28-2940-Oet. 1 wort 121. USED CABS FOR BALE DD Plymouth "!i E S?°?? A 'L MBAH-Omrt. room with den. — BE 3-1138. FREEPORT-»10 West Jnd. Llv. In 1U, 1 ™™ £»"« whll. Freeport sron . 111.500. Zoned commercial now . L. Waltfc KM Stit. II CY 7-7711 JOKES CREEK—Llva Oak Drive—3 bedroom, one acre, plus housito " CLtJTX—3 room brick •otrtment Co« St. «IS Mo. AH iS « •* DUPLEX-Larg. nlca 3 rooms. Near Henk.', KO Mo. No Mil. "££ »'" DnPLEC-Modern, 3 rooms and bash 'uSf r S3.7N?S'"rl X ;« P ^t' .3, Ing dlstanca down town. BE 3-4180. ^?%to?!? c *-J T ; r .. M00 "»«• '•«< of Uylng.arta, 4 bedrooms, half BE'SoS/''"- 5 "- Cm ^« ^ i^KsoN S bedroonu. attic fan. JACKSON — • . Wisteria-Corner lot. OTBTER CREEK . - DRAKE or JOE TALBOI LAKE JAcksflH-J bedroom, brick, av MCKSON-UO . Hulsacha SI 1 » M '- ->own with 'wroilmalely ani1 ""-™«e. GET IN THE NEW CAR CLASS Without New Car'Cost 1957 Mercury $1795 1958 Chevrolet FREEPORT—] ment. U( room furnished apart- Paid. Pnona BE 3-2314. FREEPORT — rooms and apartmenta. Apply 1010 Wut 4th. BE rajOSPOBT-Apartments JACK^ON-BAKOAIMI 1 bedroom bom. on well elevated lot bear. £• '""• »«rr T reaionab" Fi Carter and Associates CT 7-1477. * >»droom NICE FUHNUHED AFABTUXMT — AduUa, Ajr^ndlUMM. 505 Soutt Av.. RATLBRS tor rau baths. SwlmnUi er Park Bwy _____ Barefoot Fnacort Prtvata Sale ^I~- f>u« I SVC,. C 2SE"*E*H? £•*-«•.-» u" ^=T^r^^^^\^^V^.SS^^ sa..-* ISFJ&I ^•jtf&'zs* ~i Sr,7-^J&*"^^a.>S CaiLDREW ta' ay Dndtr achool age. ZI3 NORTH 12th - j roonu with bain comfortably furnished, near Htnke's ahopplng center. Oathrigbt Apartmenlj BE 3-J38i^ «»nngni 87. I/NTUHNI8HED HOUSES FOR RENT ANOLETOX "" Small house oo '"o" 11 ' n ""» fc Sogan or n Mug at VETERANS • WOULD WAS n • KOKEAN 100% FINANOINO PLANTATION PARK Lake Jackson's newest and maet comfUment4d —r- JACKSON shady lot. Kfua n..' achool and ahopplagTt:£os7aa3.? ; 5o' NEAR KIOOS .OAKS Hwy 332, SOUTB V S^ C( irf?«.. fc ?».?. 1 «'!- -Osl i. Hi, t •hade Wees, wetlj draUed lot*, side Mlks and paved TRADES ODB 6PECIAJLTT OY 7-7010 CLurE-r-229 East Pecan Lane. 1 bed- FHEEPOBI -' b »drooms. dtolns room, enelowd poreh. BE 3-396B~ ^^ AMTATIOM I'B CLAS3IPIED » ACREt-wooded, high and dry" 3m- J tl *f tu ""- »«hool ">us tolweeny •SUS%&. %*&„« "S JONES CHEEU. LOTS 'PHE t>BVJLOPMENT SALE Small down payment Balance by; the month .MATT COOLEY BE 3-3333 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY LAEOE warehouse with lot on Laka JlrktM J^i.l. ro> d jj^j "J^ tf . «*»• PLANTAT101J DRrVTB _ 107- frontal". <»ly JU.OOO. A too aouar. Joot buud" IBM UtrOWn in. K. L BaVuer Bosii'Aii Cr '-"•• P»u«r, nealtor, -,.»•« s-r.-s CT $1895 56 Studeboker door, radio, heater (overdrive) $1095 1956 FORD '-8, I door, radio, heater Extra ' $995 1955 Chevrolet 210, i door, radio, heater, extra low mileate .— $995 1955 OLDS 88 4 door, hard top, radio, heater, automatic transmission, air era dltlond, $1395 LEE HEARN MOTOR CO. HWI 28S BE 3-5281 ROSS MOTOR CO. Hwy 288 at Airport When Ross Soys SPECIALS!! He Means It!! " •'•' ".";' ,T- ^-? . .• '.v • Come in and look at these clean used cars at prices only BOSS can offer. Good for Thurs.,: Frl. and Sat. only. 55 NASH RAMBLER Factory air, automatic Irani. mission, radio and heater _ $695 " £6 Plymouth -itomatle tr and healer 4AK5 4AKJM 4).AKJ4 4KQOB2 4, 4>K89 S/AQ4 4KQ783 4K9 1. On* club. Despite the char- acterlatlc notrump features] of thj hand, Ui«- proper opening wa,>»-one clUb. Th« point count r«4ulr«menU. of opening no- trtimp bids mre rigid. A one no- thirrtp opening announces a point 'ceiint of 1« to 18; two no- trump »howa 22 to 24 polnU; THIihatld. contains 20 points . pons and jiertc* fall* into neither one , T „ -, nor the other. , Sihfce partner is required to respond^to.a suit bid i( <h«l HM 6 pi-.rhore poUits, there need be nr>f«ar of mlasing a ((ftme if lie p»jw». A combined count of 26 pmnhrla s>nerally necessary for gama,to be made in balanced hand*. ,THe Intention is to lump Id three notrump if partner'* resboiuw to; the club bid li one diamond, one heart, one shade, or one nothimp. , a; 6he neartThto^olIowai tie gonertUM-ule of bldaing- the hlghtr ranking: of two flve-card auite .flrki The proper rtpre- ..«»,»i^.«» jengiu, takei would have every reason to be-* Heve that the first suit named was) the longer one. This) aiie* 1 . cession of bids could eaally }ead to a wrong contract 3. Ono club. Tha same principle applies to this hand. By naming tha clubs nrst, with the Intention of later bidding hearts and diamonds, the 0-4-i. B distribution may bo accurately Identified. Since the club bid will have preceded the later mention of hearts-and diamonds, the latter two suits become marked as four cards S ength, and because the clubs were named first, they become) marked as five long.' ' There are so manyi message* delivered in three-suited. lands -that the greatest carej. hould be exercised In choosing he order of bids If the beat rump suit is to be found. 4. One notrump. Of all ths>, opening bids in bridge, the most' Illuminating and exact are those, where the opening is one, two, or three notrump. This is because the high-card point count range Is within strict limit! and card strength ,wlth- i themselves. IT the „-_..»„„« opened with •diamond and t^e heart* were then mtAUOnM iecondarily, partner the distribution (4-3-3-3, or 5-3-3-2) is equally ^ y "™^~*«VP r,*** •••»* tMWAsii lAf £Uc «I>W ttacltetune Syndicate, fca) within bounds. Hence, whenever K is possible to make a notrump bid, that :caU should be preferred to an openinff auit bid. The Jdentl- flcatton in one motion of-tha V distribution and high-card, strength held makes it relative-, ly easy for. partner to know at (i once how far. and in what direction to go. (. MOTORCYCLES, MOTOR SCOOTERS ALLSTATE—18U AllitaJe motor scoot, erfor sals till. Call afur 4:30 BE NOTICE On the 31th day of September, list, •» City Council of Uis city of Cluta, raioria County, Texas, adopted an rolnance numbered 139 In which Rule* nd Regulations for the Handling:, Col- eclion, and Disposal of garbage, traah ubbiab and other wula materUIs are stanllshed: defining terms i providing or collection by the City; mini re- ponslbiuty for operation of garbage llectlon RtgulaUng Con- alner's condition, size, location and anliatlon: prohibiting unauthorlud oraga of waste roaterlaU; prescribing Section department; Regulating ConcoUectlon: providing rates and ^rgcs; Providing Puialtles of ai oo in 0.00 for violations; Repealing orata! ces In conflict therewith and eon. Wnlng a savings clause. The terms of such ordinance TTE8T: II. » L. T. Conovtr. Mayor . $1095 57 DODGE door sedan, factory air, ntonutie tr»n»mJiti«n, radio and,heater $1395 55 PONTIAC V8, 2 door, racUe and heater. $695 53 DeSOTO VI, « door Firedome, radle suid heater _ $295 55 Plymouth 4 door Suburban $895 Whether you want a familr ear, a work car, » tiahbu ear, or Just another ear, you'll <ind It at BOSS* 20% or Less DOWN ROSS MOTOR CO. 2M AT AIRPORT BB 3-5254 Pdlodic Examinations Your Health *»« * wooil be wnnd-iM w T sAl «s«w«»u.-,^r~T"T 1 ' • * txawinina- tj h* can develop >f J^. 5 * 081 ** «^«« He w» "•~—• -*T—. 1^**^ ' **• •*«• f^uStyaiSJSi !* h*s» a. f^SSl^SSf fflas •• «__.si_<. - «j^^^* "*«'*<» 0» UnctarlsTM.!^ t4ilswl ^i«lt, ^*" IP^P — Ume Us) «• „__ __ stdjustmenta in yo* hesjKli^tZ sn».Mat**- t n t ,^Z£m <"?• m „_ ~^-*-" ,. Ob C 1«asji] •wiped dtwte _ - latetiroe, *T*"~ IT—rntasllnis, . '. • , Tttesw BM ssurtly tttue bMssi *~~« youngater begku reaching 4t« .JM (about 14), tl ' (or at 35. 65*. stay upon jolt Not Mve with ANSWEB ,. I am 35 years) old j™ have had aleeplng- sickness, tor nine yean, l take ttocsXirinsj to keep awake. W»«t can be done for thai dteeaae and i* u aV er fttalt Answer: The term — —*-•••£« w WMMiWUIC. O Mit, Baa; Faaturas SroUcaJ*. Iqo. Your doctor fa in the be*i position to determine the cause of yw*P »ymptoms, prescribe treatment end predict the probable) outcome. TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED

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