Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 9, 1969 · Page 10
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 10

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1969
Page 10
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ffi §H©WNWd6D lULttTlN Wednesday, July 9, ^7^^-Ii?^W',^1 LOW INCOME HOUSING - Another wall frame is put in place by workmen at the Santa Anna low rent housing project. Work at this site is pro- gressing rapidly. In the background another of the units is ready for the roof and brick siding. See related picture on Page 1. (Bulletin Photo) HH Avoided Campaign Issue Jn Talent Show Will ctona Power Help New Center fntrVft t Atn TV,,, T'*,Hn<4 ' » TOKYO (AP) - The United States told Japan today that Communist China is developing Its nuclear striking power at a faster rate than the country expected, Foreign Ministry sources said. The informants said the United States briefed Japan on China's nuclear development at the 10th session of the joint U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee. The United States was represented at the meeting by Ambassador Armin H. Meyer and Adm. John S. McCain, Jr., commander of the U.S. forces, Pacific, they said. Foreign Minister Kiichi Aichi and Defense agency Director General Kiichi Arita represented the Japanese government, they said. The sources said the conferees exchanged views on the military situation in the Far East and discussed relocation of some U.S. military bases on Japanese islands that were agreed on at the 9th session of the committee held Dec. 23, 1968. Strained Muscle Sidelines Walker LONDON (AP) - Maggie; Douglas, the 20-year-old Worn- ' en's Army Corps private who hoped to become the first worn- ; an to walk 100 miles in 24 hours, j gave up after 13 hours and 52 j miles Monday with a strained i shoulder muscle. j "A doctor advised her not to continue," said an Army spokesman. "There is no chance she can now set up a new record. It is very disappointing because she was going so well." ' : SANTA ANNA (BBC) - The Community Improvement Club has announced plans for a talent show at 8 p.m. July 25 in the school auditorium to benefit the new community center under construction. The community center will be '. adjacent to the two-story hous- ; ing units for the elderly on Wai- 1 lis Avenue and will be available to all clubs and organizations in the city. i ! Construction on the new low i rent housing units, which also, include several for low income families, is progressing at a steady pace. Foundations and frames for the low income family units' are almost all in place. Work-; men are beginning to lay the. foundation now for the commun-' ity center and the elderly units, i Plans for the talent show were | announced Monday night at the • Community Improvement Club's j meeting in the Coleman Tele- j phone Co-op building. i John Gregg, president, named ( committees to work on the first! benefit jamboree, Any person: interested in entering the con- \ test may contact Mrs. Gary; Hosch or Mrs. Nova! Wylie. ! There will be three divisions. \ They are 13 and under age group, 14 through!9 years, and I 20 years and up. \ Entries close July 21. There will be prizes for the winner to! be chosen by a panel of judges.' Advance tickets for the talent show will be $1 for adults and 35 cents for children. Homemade candy will be sold during intermission. Although much of the furnishings for the community center and housing units will be purchased with a federal loan, it will not be enough to fully cover everything. Among items the Community Improvement Club will buy with the money are kitchen equipment. It was reported 14 new families have moved to Santa Anna in the past month, most of whom are associated with the housing project. Baird Musicians To Entertain May Club MAY (BBC)-Pop Whitaker and a group of musicians from Baird will furnish entertainment at next Monday night's meeting of the May Community Improvement Assoc. Also present will be a representative from Texas Power and Light Co. to present the club a check for placing third in state in the community improvement tour. An ice cream supper is planned, and members are requested to bring either ice cream, cake, or cookies. Everyone is invited. Two New Doctors At Santa Anna Hospital SANTA ANNA (BBC)-Two new doctors are now practicing at Santa Anna Hospital. Dr. George Pleitez of Houston arrived July 1 while Dr. Raymon McMullan arrived Sunday. Dr. Herman Burgos has been associated with the hospital some time, having lived here two years. COUNTY RECORDS COUNTY COURT William 0. Breedlovt, Judge Presiding Mrs. Wayne 0. Bagent, La Grange, charged with swindling. | Reginald J- Balsden charged with ob- I tilnlnj lodging with Intent to defraud. Ray Forbus charged with swindling. Allen Eugene Thompson charged wiih v/ife desertion. Floyd W, Whetstlne charged with DWI. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by |ury. Fined $SO and three days In (all. Pedro Constanuela charged with DWI. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by tury. Fined $50 and three days in lall. George Lowe charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury. Fined $100 and all court costs. Perry R. Brooks charged with unlawfully carrying arms. Case dismissed because of another conviction out of the sam* general transaction. Mary Jane Boykln charged with uniaw- fully carrying arms. Pleaded guilty, v/alv- ed trial by lury. Fined $100 and all court costs. Parle#n Miller charged witn swindling. Rleaded/ guilty, waived trial by (ury. fined $10 and all court costs. Thomas M. Long charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by fury. Fined $10 and all court r,osts. Jimmy Pean Murphy charged with lodging with Intent to defraud- Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury. Assessed three Jays In lall. Charllt Homer Radle charged with PWI- Case dismissed. Probation served. ^Clinton Brown charged with swindling, guilty, waived trial by lury. ° afl< * *" court costii J- McKlnnerney charged with BWJ. Ca&js- dismissed. Probation served. '! Alien Tomllnsoo charged with DW S U|I *V' W*lv«J trial by lury. *M and thru days In lall. Lofl 9 charged, with swindling, / w^'y*^ trlal by i" 1 "'' »» «»«rt costs- H#rrli eha/se? With swlrdling. W"- :: flOpfORS IIS & lUIS Jerry Steinrrwn charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty/ waived trial by jury. Fined JIO and all court costs, Darvln Curry charged with swindling. Pleaded nolo contenders. Waived trial by fury. Proceeded to trial. Pound guilty, assessed ID days In Brown County jail. William Le« Manning charged with DWI. Case dismissed. Probation served. Ernest Lee Bond charged with OWI. Case dismissed. Probation served. Carl Allen Tomlinson charged with DWI. Charles Walker charged with concealing mortagaged property. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury, Fined $10 and all court costs. Robbie Winter charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by |ury. Fined 510 and all court costs. Manuel Losoya charged with DW>. Pleaded guilt/, waived trial by |ury. Fined ISO and three days in lall. James Wlndham charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury. Fined $10 and all tourt costs. R. T. Page charged with obtaining lodging with Intent to defraud. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury. Fined J250 and 90 days in (all, J. C. Campbell charged with carrying illegal weapon. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by |ury. Assessed 30 days In lall. Patricia Ann Linger charged with swindling Pleaded sullty, waived trial by |ury. Assessed IS days In fall. Billy Rasbery charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury. Fined 110 and all court costs. Tony D'/er Jr. charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury. Fined 110 and all court costs. L»wr»nc« Leroy Dudley charged with DWI. Case dismissed. Probation served. Albert Soils charged with swindling. Case dismissed. Complaint erroneously filed because check was paid up before filing. Owight Earl Hunter charged with abandonment of children. Case dismissed at complainant's request. Raymond Naron charged with abandonment of children. Case dismissed because complaining witness car<not be located. Gartha B. Huett charged with child abandonment. Case dismissed it complainant's request. Paniel Durbln charged with contributing to the dellnqulncy of a minor. Case dismissed, defective complaint. Bobby Winter charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by |ury. Fined $10 and all court costs, Ted Gomel charged with driving while license suspended. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by jury. Fined sso and all court cpsts. Wallace Dean Oalnes charged with swindling. Pleaded guilty, waived trial by |ury. Assessed IS days In-grown County Jail. MARRIAGE LICENSE? Richard Lamar Whltworth, J\, Brownwood, and Peggy Lynn Walker, JO, Brownwood. Ronald Parron Green, 17, Rising Star, and Debra J. White, 16, Rising Star, Charles Hampton, 20, Pampa, and Madaline Faye Hyde, 20, Brownwood- Lee C. Thompson, 73, Brownwood, and Mattie I. Holloway, $6, Brownwood. Paul Gene Howard, 20, Brownwood, and Barbara Carol Stacks, 21, Brownwood. Elmo Thomas Studdard, 19, Brownwood, and Eugenia Sue Holamon, 18, Brown wood. SAILING SCHOOL CUSSES STARTING AT ONCE CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS 646-7159 between 9:00 to 5:00 or £464612 flrter 5:00 Sy fiAftftV KteLl¥ Associated Pfcss WHte* WASHINGTON (AP) - Could Hubert M. Humphrey have chaftged the course of the 1966 presidential campaign by disclosing iftfottnation that a ftich- ard M. Nixon supporter tried to sabotage preliminary Vietnam peace talks? Author Theodore M. White speculates in his book "the Making of a President 1968" that Humphrey might have won the election if he had ballyhoocd Book Succumbs To Computer Age HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) the Hagerstown town and Country Almafiac, a publication of 172 years, has succumbed to the computer age. The almanac's famous conjecture of the weather is now being done by William E. O'Toole 111, who teaches computer programming at Mount St. Mary's College in Emmilsburg. O'Toole says a computer will be used merely to reduce the time needed for calculations. He said it would not displace the time-honored method which include such considerations as the phases of the moon. Story Cou/ef Hove Turned £/ecf/on the story. But William Cofmeil, Humphrey chief political aide, doubts it and says he recommended against Shaking the alleged intrigue a public issue. "1 thought we were ort the way, afiyway, and that we might get a backlash frofh it," says Connell. While reports in his recently published book the Johnson Administration intercepted messages from Anna Chafi Chennault, a Nixon supporter, undertaking to sabotage the Paris agreement preceding the U.S. bombing halt ih and peace negotiations. fcut, White reports, Humphrey refused to air the story despite urgings from some in nis campaign staff. When Nixon aides learned of the activities of the Chinese- born Mrs. Chennault, White says, there was "fury and dismay" and the feeling that "if they lost the election. Mrs. | Chennault might have lost it for them." When asked for comment Mrs. Chennault's secretary in Washington said Mrs. Chennault was is Asia. Mrs. Chennault, wtdo* of the wartime hero Gfefi. Claire Chennault and ftotf an American eiti- fen, had Raised fund s for the Nixon campaign and was chairman of cfrchaiffharj of several Nijtofi citizens committees. She learned by gossip, fitfnof and speculation of the October halt, White says, and "she had undertakes most energetically to sabotage them." He adds: "In contact with the Formosa*!, the South Korean and the South Vietnamese governments she had begun early, by cable and telephone, to mobi- ' lize their resistance to tne I agreement—apparently implying, as she went, that she spoke I for the Nixon campaign." But, White continues, her communications with Asia were tapped by the U.S. government and turned over to Johnson. I White says Johnson was | aware of Mrs. Chennault's ; Asian messages before he made his announcement Thursday. .Oct. 31— just five days before ; the election—of the bombing halt and the anticipation of the , peace talks, but nad not taken jthem seriously. ' But two days later when 11 South Vietnafftgsfe senators e*pressed theft support of Nixoft and South Vietnamese President Nguyen Vas thleti repudiated the Paris agreemenr'fhe President's wrath was lit," White says and he adds: "By Saturday he had accused Sen. Everett Dlrksen of a &e- publican plot to sabotage peace (which Dirksen, presumably, hastened to relay to Nixon headquarters); and by Sunday, Johnson was in direct and bitter telephonic contact with Richard Nixon in Los Angeles." Wnite says. "What could have been made of an open charge ! that the Nixon leaders were saboteurs of the peace one cannot guess; how quickly it might, if aired, have brought the last 48 hours of the American canv paign to squalor is a matter of speculation." "But," he added, "the good instinct of that small town boy Hubert Humphrey prevailed. \ Fully informed of the sabotage !of the negotiations and the recalcitrance of the Saigon government, Humphrey might nave won the presidency of the United Slates by making it the prime story of the last four days 6f the campaign. Be was urged by several members of his staff to do so." Five Dead In Smashup SINTON, Te*. (AP) «• flrt collision of a cat and tractor- trailer loaded With fraift claimed the lives of five persons hear this South Texas lowft Tuesday. Killed were these Mathis, Tex. residents, all riding in the car: Jose Hinojosa, 45; Mrs. Juan Cortez, 41; and Mrs. Cortez' children, Jolinda, 16, Jose Asgel, 7, and David* 4. Mary Corlez, 1?, another daughter of the dead woman, was taken to a Corpus Christi hospital with undetermined injuries. Ramon Sott of Taft, the driver of the other vehicle, was uninjured. Officers said the automobile wedged beneath the trailer and falling grain hampered atlempts to free the victims. One wrecker was used to lift it while a second wrecker pulled the car from underneath. if* 1' t ; *»£•»"••». '"-v, YOUR CENTER FOR WOOLENS AND KNITS Fashion #'%'-e' fabric boutique WARDS IS READY WITH NEW FALL COLORS AND TEXTURES TO GET YOUR SEWING IDEAS GOING I The superb fabrics you want for an exciting new season of fashion! Plaids galore, plus checks and tattersalls coordinating with color-rich solids. All in 54-Inch width, You'll thrill to Wards spectacular new selections.,» you'll want to start sewing immediately I 1J8&L And you can get all your notions at Wards! Everything you need to finish off your garments tapes, buttons, threads, snaps, more,., all at Wards J Wools and wool-nylon blends in •** ; f flannel or bonded to acetate tricot. Yard 3.99 "Expo" Acrilan* acrylics. Yard.,.,,,.»«,,JV.. 4,49 Royon.acetote flannels. Yard. ,?.^r:;?^. 2,99 Washable polyester double knits. Yard-.»,-,,'»- 5.99 Simplicity .. WHY WAIT? USE WARPS CHARO-AU CREPIT PLAN TO SAVi NOW—JUST SAY "CHARGE IT) 11 -WARDS 301 Main St. Dial 646.6505

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