Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 21, 1937 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1937
Page 12
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mm. SVfflffiW, BB«H« of toy Cottftable of Gfty County, (Meeting: 6ft hereby commanded to SMBfiS8ft W. W. fidwards by making pfiblieltion of this citation once In ettch week fot four successive weeks previous to the return day hereof, IB, Sdme newspaper published In your Gouhty, If there be a newspaper published therein, but if not, then in tKfr Jiearest County where a news- jfekper Is published, to appear at the next regular term of the sist District Court of Gray County, to be hOlden at the Court Bouse thereof, la'Pampa, Texas, on the 5th Honda* ifi May, A. D. 1937, the same beint the 31st day of May, A. D. 193?, then and there to answer a •petition filed in said Court on the 8th Bay 1 of September, A. D. 1936, In a SUlt numbered on the docket of said Court as No. 4513, wherein Mrs. B. J. Case, a feme sole, Ellen M. Case and husband, A. T. Case, H. B. Tlemann and husband, A. A. Tie- matm, are plaintiffs, and W. W, Edwards is defendant, and said petition alleging: 1HB STATE OP TEXAS, County of Gray. To the Honorable 31st District Court of Gray County, Texas: Come now Mrs. E. J. Case, a feme sole, Ellen M. Case, joined herein pro forma by her husband, A. T. Clse, H. B. Tlemann, Joined herein pro forma by her husband, A. A. Tlemann, hereinafter styled plaintiffs, and complains of W. W. Ed- Wards, hereinafter styled defendant, afid respectfully represents: 1st. Plaintiff Mrs. E. J. Case is a resident of County, State of Colorado; plaintiffs H. B. Tle- mann and husband, A. A. Tlemann, are residents of Gray County, Texas, as are plaintiffs Ellen M. Case and husband, A, T. Case; the defendant herein Is a non-resident of the State of Texas and resides in the State of Oklahoma. 2nd. On or about the 17th day of February, 1927, plaintiff Mrs. E. J. Case, who was then the legal owner and holder of the entire title to the East halves of Sections 181 and 182, Block B-2, H. Sc Q. N. Ry. Co. Surveys . in Gray County, Texas, containing 333.5 acres of land, more or less, executed and delivered an oil and gas lease thereon to the defendant W. W. Edwards, as lessee, under the terms and effect of which lease said property was demised to the lessee for a term of 5 years, and as long thereafter as oil, gas, casing- head gas, caslnghead gasoline, or any of them, are or can be produced from said land, with the right vested in the lessee thereunder to mine and operate for and produce oil and gas, caslnghead gas and caslnghead gasoline, with the right of laying pipe lines, building tanks, storing Oil, building power houses, telephone lines and other structures thereon to produce, save, take care of and manufacture all of such substances, said lease containing other terms and provisions unnecessary herein to set forth, other than the following povisions, set out in Paragraph 8 thereof, viz: . "8th. The lessee shall have the right to use, free of cost, gas, oil and water found on. said land for its operations thereon, except water from the wells of the lessor. When required by lessor, the lessee shall bury pipe lines below plow depth and shall pay for damages caused by its operations to growing crops on said land," etc. Said lease also contains the following terms and provisions, viz: i' ,"The lessee shall pay lessor, as royalty, one-eighth of the proceeds of the sale of gas, as such, each year, for gas while the same is being sold or used off the premises." ' Plaintiffs further respectfully show unto the Court that after the execution and delivery of said lease the defendant entered upon said premises, and commenced operations thereon for the purpose of drilling oil and gas wells thereon and has conducted various drilling operations, unnecessary to be alleged in detail herein, since said date, and is now In possession of said premises under the terms of said lease. Plaintiffs further respectfully show unto the -Court that in the conduct of such drilling operations the said defendant has caused the construction of various derricks, slush pits, cellars, roads, pipe line rights of way, houses, and structures upon said premises, all of which occupy an area in excess of the 15 acres upo.n said land and all of which structures have been upon said premises for many years past and during all of which years time, from the date of the execution and delivery of said lease to date hereof, the owners of said land have lost the use of said area, so damaged by the lessee in the conduct of his said drilling operations, and that the crops upon said lands which could have been planted and harvested by! the. owners of said land would Today and Thursday A Price On His Head Love In His Heart Bob Livingston Heather Angel in REPUBLIC PICTURES The BOLD COMING SUNDAY Stars of "4* m a Romance of youth Cecilia Parker Eric Linden to ijPVIS IQY' EMIL KLEBER, FIGHTING ENVOY OF COMMUNISM, ADDS TO FAME IN DRIVE ON SPANISH REBELS (By NBA Service.) Communism's greatest soldier outside Russia has been a deciding factor in the turn of the Spanish civil ward toward Loyalist success. He is Emil Kleber, commander of the International Column, the volunteer "Foreign Legion," which has been one of the Spanish government's best assets against the Rebels. Kleber is a man of mystery. He is Austrian-born, and Kleber may or may not ba his real name. Revolutionist figures often make their own names. It is possible that he has taken the name of the famous French revolutionary general, Jean Baptiste Kleber, who also was Austrian by birth. Joined Bolsheviks. At any rate during the World war Emil Kleber was "captured" from the Austrlans by the Russians and "escaped" to go to Canada. There he joined the expeditionary force sent to Siberia, but was soon fighting for the Russians instead of the Canadians. He helped fashion the Far Eastern Republic, since merged in the Soviet Union. Kleber then became an organizer of Communist "Storm Troops" in Hamburg until that movement was suppressed. Years of comparative obscurity followed, though New York Communist circles knew him well. He became a naturalized Canadian. Kleber next turned up as a general of a Red army in China, where he conducted a masterly campaign to save an army of 56,000 Reds from capture by a vast army of Chang Kai-shek, who had him almost surrounded with 1,200,000 troops. Kleber marched 3,500 miles, continually defeating nationalist forces sent against him in a campaign which many consider the most amazing of modern times. He saved his army, much of which is still intact in Northern China. Then he returned to Canada to carry on iommunist work with Tim Buck, lanada's No. 1 Communist. Bolstered Loyalists. A year ago he went to Spain and offered his services to the Spanish government. The International Column, which Kleber commands, is made up of volunteers from many nations; Communists, Socialists, or others sympathetic to the Spanish cause, including many Americans Gfay County Records Compiled by Pampa Credit Association Mineral deed: City Bank Farmers Trust Company to Virginia Fisher Lombard, all of Sections 63. 89. 91. 92. 93, 120, and 119, block B-27 I&GN and the E',4 of section 85, block 3, be of the value of $300.00 per annum, and which caused damage to plaintiff Mrs. E. J. Case, as the owner of the surface rights to said land, of the sum of $1,200.00, being the amount of the damages sustained by her as a result of the loss of said land for the past four years preceding the Institution of this suit. 3rd. Plaintiffs further respectfully show unto the Court that since the date of the execution and delivery of said lease the defendant herein las sold water from said premises, to adjoining lessees, for drilling operations conducted upon lands other than those owned by any of the plaintiffs in this cause, in excess of the value of $1,000.00, and for none of which has the defendant herein accounted to plaintiff Mrs. E. J. Case, as the owner thereof, all to her additional damage in said sum of $1,000.00. 4th. Plaintiffs further respectfully show unto the Court that since the date of the execution and delivery of said lease, and during the year 1928, plaintiff Mrs. E. J. Case sold an undivided one-half interest in the oil and minerals under said land to plaintiffs Ellen M. Case and H. B. Tiemann, who have been the owners of an undivided one-half interest in the oil and minerals under said lands since said date, and that plaintiffs herein have been entitled to receive the oil and gas royalties payable under the terms of said lease since 1928, and that since said date the defendant herein has sold gas from said premises to other operators for their use in conduct- Ing drilling operations upon lands owned by others than the plaintiffs, to the value of $5,600.00, plaintiffs' one-eighth royalty thereunder being the sum of $700.00, and for none of which has the defendant herein accounted to plaintiffs, to plaintiffs' damage in said sum of $700.00. Wherefore, premises considered, plaintiffs pray that the defendant be cited to appear and answer herein and that at time of trial hereof they have judgment against the defendant for their said damages, together with all costs of this suit, as well as such other and further relief, general or special, legal or equitable, as may be their due upon the facts herein shown. Herein fail not, and have you before said Court, at its aforesaid next regular term, this writ with your return thereon, showing how you have executed the same. Given under my hand and the seal of said Court, at office in Pampa, Texas, this the 27th day of March, A. D. 1937. MIRIAM WILSON, Clerk, District Court, Gray County. (Seal) (March 31-April 7-14-21.) Gen. Emil Richer Legend is growing around this man, who, as the mysterious Emil Klebcr, has campaigned in revolutionary battles around the world. In his latest exploit, he is commander of the International Column, a key unit in the Spanish Loyalist fight against Rebel forces. His men were thrown in at the crucial point in the siege of Madrid, and are believed to have had a great part in the sudden stiffening of resistance and the reassuming of the offensive by the government forces. Kleber is 41, a large-boned, powerful man with high cheek-bones, a broad nose, thick lips and heavy eyebrows. He is idolized by his troops, who have seen him come into the front lines and shoulder a rifle at times. Only on special occasions does he wear a military uniform, frequently being seen in breeches, golf hose and a sweater. Many consider that the International Column which Kleber molded from his volunteers, Is the best military unit on either side of the Spanish war, and that Kleber is one of the greatest soldiers of 'this century, a genius at building, armies out of undisciplined masses. DAVID LAMSON'S — own story — ...HE WAS INNOCENT ...YET SENTENCED TO DIE* WITH PRESTON FOSTER ANN DVORAK JOHN SEAL 1,1,,, In his mellow moments Anthony Comstock, the "father of censorship" in America, used to estimate the number of boxcars it would take to hold the men he had sent to jail for selling "immoral" literature. China's imports of cigarets, which averaged 7,310,000,000 annually during the 1926-1930 period, receded to 75,000,000 last year as a result of increasing domestic production and tariffs. A vehicle tunnel is to be constructed under the river Meuse in Holland at a cost of $7,500,000. It will have lanes for automobile traffic, bicyclists ano^ pedestrians. Get results with Classified Ads. Vivid! Vibrant! IT WILL- LIVE IN YOUR MEMORY' FOREVER! nORITlfl SHEflRER LESLIE HOWARD rtOllltO and juuer JOHN BARRVMORE- BASIl (WIHSOKf. FONAMAf OLIVER REGINALD OFUIIf Last Times Today ATTENTION COME AT THE BEGINNING! Shown nt 1:15—3:58—6 :»1—9 :24 LA NORA Tiroes STATE Transfer: C. H. Walker to L. B. Goodwin, lot 10 block 16, original town of Pampa. Party wall agreement: W. T. Wilks et ux to C. H. Walker et ux, one half interest in the north wall located on lot 9 block 16. . . . Release: Republic Insurance company to C. H. Walker, lot 10, block 16, original town of Pampa. Warranty deed: C. H. Walker et ux to Prank Hill et al. lot 10 block 16 original town of Pampa. Deed trust: Prank Hill et al to L. B. Godwin., lot 10 block 16, original town of Pampa. Assignment of lien: J. R. McKinley to Jno. Haggard, lot 32 block 3 Hayes addition. Warranty deed. B. C. Priest et ux to T. J. Brannon, lot 8, block 3, Priest Addition. Deed trust: H. A. Billand et uxi to Panhandle Bldg. & Loan association, south 20 feet of lot 3. north 20 feet of lot 2, block 9, Buckler Wilks Addition. Transfer: H. A. Qilliland et ux to Panhandle Bldg. & Loan Association, south 20 feet of lot 3 and north 20 2 BOYS KILLED BY LIVE WIRE IN SAN ANTONIO (By The Associated Press.) Stormy spring weather mixed death and hope in Texas last night. Two San Antonio high school seniors died from contact with a live wire torn from a pole by a 40- mile wind during a Storm which piled up half an inch of rain in an hour. The victims were Brandt Badger, 16, and Glenn Cochran, 17, a senior in Thomas Jefferson high school. Firemen believed the younger boy died instantly as he and Cochran tried to push a water-stalled auto- moblle ; Cochran died in a hospital shortly' after the accident. A companion who stayed in the car while the other two pushed said he saw Cachran trying to pull the prostrate Badger from the charged wire. The 2,300-volt cable held him feet of lot 2, block 9, Buckler Wilks Addition. Homestead affidavit: H. A. Gilliland et ux to Ex porto, lots 3 and 4, block 20, original town of Pampa. Copy decree: Signey Benbaw vs Crown Royalties Co., et al. Please read the original instrument. Affidavit: V. D. Crumpacker et al to Ex porto, SE-4 of survey 221, block B-2, H&GN. Deed trust: Frank Poster et. ux to Ohio National Life insurance part of plat 166 suburbs of Pampa. fast until firemen wrenched it from him with an Insulated heok.- The storm blew down many wires and caused hinOr damage. Rains elsewhere in Texas heartened farmers. Panhandle and north Texas areas reported prospects good for the best wheat and oat crops in years. A yield of 10 bushels ah acre was forecase for the upper Panhandle region and the rains have put land in fine condition for cotton and row crops, Amarillo sources said. Wichita Falls area farmers waited for fields to dry to dry to plant cotton. Wheat and ots growers an* ticipated the best crops In several years. Steady rains mounting in some cases to one and a half niches have given the south plains area a sub* stahtial sub-soil seasoning needed for cotton planting later. The rains extended almost the breadth of North Texas, touching Dallas and Fort Worth. Strong puffs of wind briefly preceded the Dallas shower dast night. Other points reporting good rains included Abilene, Lubbock, Electra, San Angelo, Olney, Olton, Littlefield. ' TEMPERANCE PLUS LINTON, Ind. (/P)—Back in the days when John Eddy, 79, Was digging for his fortune, he found the water of-the mining camps made him sick. He gave it up favor of coffee, tea or milk and has not tasted water since. His abstinence dates from 1894. ^ ,— Although there were on the average 4,000,000 children absent from school every day, school attendance records are improving. Adobe Walls Scouts Troop 4 Troop 4 held their regular meeting last Wednesday, April 14. The meet' ing was called to order When Floyd Ferguson blew assembly on the bugle. The scout oath was then led by Barnard Austin. Roll was called by Scoutmaster Emmett Gee. Twenty one members were present, and four visitors, one being a Scout from California. A talk was made by the scoutmaster about the coming National Jamboree to be held in Washington, Patrol meetings were held in which several tests were passed. The troop then (same back into general asseni<- bly for & ten minute sohg sefvicS. Scout faeneditlofi Was said and the Scouts were dismissed. Scribes Bryan Edwards and Chri9 Martin. ^_ y Only three patents were issued in the first year of the U. S. Patent Office, but total now is mofe than 2,150,000. More than 100,000 are fpf the automobile. ———^•BE-—" .. ( Joseph Hergesheimer broke into print with a recipe for stuffed cab* bage which he sold to a magazine under his wife's by-line. , • •- • • i**— — I A survey of women workers haS shown they are less cooperative than men workers and therefore harder to organize into labor unions. A group of Dadists in Paris once wrote a play in which the characters were an umbrella, an eye-droppe? 'and a bathrobe. 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