Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 21, 1937 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1937
Page 11
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EVENING, 'APSfL 21, mm, pt»$t, mm HAVE A "SIT DOWN STRIKE" ON YOUR LAND LORD... BUY YOUR OWN HOME! P AtJE Classified AdverUsing Rates Information All want ads are strictly eash and ttsttlrt understanding that the account > to be paid when our collector calls. fttONB YOUR WANT AD To 666 or 667 "«. <.w«o f»M-i»i\cr win receiv .-. ,,jnt Ad, helping you word It All ads for "Situation Wanted" and •k yS*L'M ld Foond " •« cash with order Mid fclll not be accepted over the telephone. Ont-of-town advertising eash with order. A ,.The Fatnpa Dally NEWS reserves the right to classify all Want Ads under appropriate headings and to revise or withhold from publication any copy deemed objectionable. Notice of any error must be given In tlnw for correction before second Insertion. . Inhale of any error or an omission l5«,?»« eM !* lnB °* any na ture The Daily NEWS .hall not be held liable for damages further than the amount received for such advertising. , Ads will be received until 8:80 n. m. JOT-insertion same any. Sunday ads will bs received until 6:00 p. m, Saturday. „ LOCAL HATE CARD EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 12, 1981 1 day, 2c a wordj minimum 80c. 2 days, 4e a word: minimum 60c. 8 days, Gc a word: minimum 76c. 6day», 7c a word ; minimum tl.OO, The Pampa Daily NEWS ANNOUNCEMENTS 1—Card of Thank*. Z—Special Notices. *—Bu»-TraveI-Tran«port«tlon. 4—Lost and Found. EMPLOYMENT ; 5—Malt Help Wanted. • «—Female Help Wanted. 7—Male & Female Help Wanted. 8—Salesmen Wanted. 9—Agents. 10—Business Opportunity. II—Situation Wanted. BUSINESS NOTICES .12—-Instructions. 13—Musical—Dancing. 14—Professional Service. 16—General Household Service. IS—PainUnE-Pa'pcrhanrlnr. 17—Floorlng-Snnding-Refinishlnc. • 18-r-Landscaplng-Gardenlng. 19—Shoe Repairing. > 20—UpholBterlng-Rcfinlthlng, 21—Movlng-Epros-HouJins. 22—Movlng-Transfer-Storage. ; 23—Clconlne-ProsBlnit. •. 24—Washing and Laundering. 25~-rHemstltchlng-DresBmaklng. ; 26—<Walch-Jewcli7 Repairing. : 27—Beauty Parlors-Supplies. : MERCHANDISE I • 28—Miscellaneous For Sal*. 29—H«dio«-8upplle», SO—Musical Instruments, i 11—Wanted To Buy. I.'. LIVESTOCK 33—Poultry-Eggs-Suppllcs. 14—Livestock For Sale. IS—Wanted Livestock. 36—Farm Equipment. AUTOMOBILE : J7—Aceeuorlea. 38—Repalrlng-Servlce. 89—Tires-Vulcanizing. 40—Auto Lubrication-WashllUT. 41—Automobiles For Sale* • ''42—Wanted Automobile*. . ROOMS AND SCAHD 41—Sleeping Rooms. 44—Room and Board. 45—Housekeeping Kooma. 46—Unfurnlikwi Rooms. FOR RENT REAL ESTATE 47—Houses For Rent. 48—Furnished Houses For Rent. 49—Apartment For Rent. 60—Furnished Apartment!. 61—Cottages and Resorts. 62—Offices For Rent. 53—Business Property. 64—^Farm Property For Rent. 65—Suburban Property For Rent. 66—Garages For Rent. 67—Wanted To Kent. 58—Cottages and Resort*. FOR SALE REAL ESTATE 69—City Property For Sale. «I—Lots For Sale. 62—Farms and Tracts. 13—Oat of Town Property. €4—Wanted Real Estate. •: FINANCIAL 85—Building-Financing. 66—Investments. 67—Money To Loan. 68—Wanted To Borrow. t9—Insurance. • FOR SALE OR TRADE 70—Real Estate. . U—Miscellaneous. 72—Peraonal. .SERVICE AN UP-TO-THE-MINUTE DIRECTORY OP • Business and Professional PAMPA ACCOUNTANTS J,,K. Roby ilia: Corabs-Worley. B. 080W. Of. 787 Bakery Sehaffncr, BAKERIES W. Foster, Ph. 81 '7~ BOILERS J.-M. 'Peering, Boiler and Welding Works, Pampa. 'Ph. 292— Kellerville, Ph. 1610F18 V •• BUILDING CONTRACTORS J. King, 4VI N. Sloan, Phone 163. 1 PALMER CHIROPRACTOR ir r . Kahtryn W. Hulinga, 'eyrdcalbmeter Service. 218 W. Craven. •• ' .. -CAPES inary Sandwich Shop, doors eaat of Bex Theater, Ph. 760 -'MACHINE SHOPS Jcmea-Eyerett Machine Co. JBarncB arid Frederick Ste., Ph. 248 . TRANSFER AND STORAGE Pampa Transfer and Storage Co. BOQ West Brown, Phone 1025 State Bonded Warehouse, WELDING SUPPLIES ., -Machine Co. arnee and Frederick SU.. Ph. 243 ?;! ANNOUNCEMENTS Nottom '- Turkish Baths -'< • • •Steam • and > electric Swedish Magnetic Massage. ; Eliminates polsone. Guar> : anteed reducing,. No pills or diet, Colonie .irrigations. KING Building FPR SALE OR TRADJP BTOJDJNQ BJXXSCS bble peslEn (Rough Hand Hewn Hard ck 'Face Effect) ideal for Residences, siness Bldgs.. Retaining Walls, Foun- Wpn^, Treracintf, etc. Built to Gov't Spec,,. Uniform and Durable, Seasoned "" iJ ""-gWy. Dimensions '8"x8"xl6". PRICE •W. 0. gr$ve. Select your pion- WSiMon «f mar!*? Announcement* (Cottt.) 2—Special ftottoet REX CAPE—Short orders nil hours. Db- lictons gnndwiches. Howard Martin, Man- njror. 1st door went of Rex Theater. 6e-16 FOR RENT—Electric refrigerators, any make $6.00 per month. Thompson Hardware Company. 26c-21 e—Fetriate tuft WanteO. WANTED—Experienced beautician. Hotlnos Beauty and Cosmetic Shop. 207 N. Cuyler. 6tf-18 WANTED—Girl for cafe work, 614 W. Foster. • 6c-16 GIRIj WANTED for housework and care of children. Must stay nights. 712 N Frost. 6tf-16 11—Situation Wanted EXPERIENCED girl wants housekeep Ing job. Can stay nights. 837 W. Kings mill. 8-16 EXPERIENCED GIRL 'wants housework and care of children. Phone 1456 8-L BUSINESS NOTICES 14—Professional service. CHrROPRACTIC removes the cause ol neuritis, constipation and many other In coordinations. Aches and pains are youi danger signals) Have your spinal nerves checked regularly by the neurocalomete for accuracy. Dr. Kathryn W. Hullngs 218 West Craven St. (Mi block west Klint Hotel). 6tf-20 SPENCER Individually designed corsets and surgical garments. Mrs. Tom Bliss Phone 981. 628 North Sommerville. 26-2B 18—Landscop Ing-Garden Inr. * NO JOB TOO LARGE OB TOO SMAIi YAKD GRADING & PLANTING, TREE PRUNING, Etc. HENRY THUT PHONE 818 20—Uphnlsterlng-Rennlsjhuig. DON'T DISCARD that broken or worn furniture, lot Brummctt repair and refinish it for you. GU South Cuyler. Phone 1426. 12c-14 Z4—Wasting and Laundering. LAUNDRY—Flat finish Be. Rough dry 4c, 618 South Cuyler Street. Phone 1425. Mrs, Statcn. 2Gc-36 27—Beauty Parlors, Supplies. j HOBBS Beauty Shop. Fermanenta }1 to $5. Oppoalt* from Pampa Hospital. Ph 1007. 26c-16 MOTHER'S DAY A permanent for Mother. Nothing would please her more than a soft natural looking permanent from the Yates Beauty Shoppe. Gray hair will not be burned or discolored. Efficient Operators We Try to Please Ask about our line of Cosmetics. PHONE 848 YATES BEAUTY SHOPPE 420 NORTH CUYLER 3 doors North of Blossom Shop MERCHANDISE 28—Miscellaneous For Sale. FANCY LAWN grass seed—and also Merit Brand feeds. Stark and McMillen. litf-19 FOB SALE—Used water-ooolcd Electro- lux refrigerators. $60.00 and up. Thompson Hardware Company. 26c-24 Sow your lawns with fancy grass seed Also Merit Feeds Buy at Stark and McMillen 10 TUBE Victor radio. 400 East Foster. Phone 1266. tf Dahlia Bulbs MlbHAN fMt-MUUNE* CARDiK 29—Radio— Supplies FOK SALE—Good six tube used cur radio. Cull Clifford Lewis at 80SW. Ip-H 31—Wanted lt» Buy. WANTED TO BUY—A flat top desk. 80" x 42". Light oak finish. Pumpa Daily News. 6tM7 LIVESTOCK 33—Poultry - C?gs -Supplies. SEE YOTJR CHICKS BEFORE YOU BUY 10,000 day old and started chicks of 15 most popular breeds to select from, Our prices are the lowest we have ever offered. We are giving JBUS with each purchase of 100 chicks ONE 25-LB. BAO OF ANCHOR BRAND STARTER At our hatchery you can see and know-you are buying quality chicks, Box 402 : Phone 1161 COLE'S ; HATCHERY 828 West Poster Parana, LARGE FRYERS, sweet milk, and freBh sees. C, C. Dodd. '}1 mile east Denver Viaduct. 6p-tM8 FQK SALE—Yearling white leghorn' pullets of the best breeds. Now in full production. Cheaper than you can raise them. Three miles south of Humble Camp and M: mile west. E. 0. Barrett. Routo 2. Phone C012-F4 8p-H CHICKS H popular breeds furnished by the leading hatcheries of West Texas from pure bred, flocks culled and approved- ?6.P6 per hundred. Place ypur order now for > prompt delivery. PAlfPA MTTiT^NG COMPANY 800 West Brown St. Phone 1110 Baby Chicks that ; will lay early. -Five to nine weeks old. popular breeds. fteaspMftkie pfioes. §e$ tiieju -at— MU» CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE? NO! It's the "Charge of the Garden Brigade"—rake and hoe and spade—hardware on parade— lawn or garden tools—black loam—wood ash, sod, shrub or potash—read the little want ads, use their aid, your garden will be economically made. PAMPA DAILY NEWS WANT ADS LIVESTOCK (Cont.) 36—Farm Equipment. FARM MACHINERY One six foot McCormick mowing machine and hay rake and single row lister With planters, six disk engine plow and ten loot tandem disk, one combined harvester, three heavy wagons, six section drag harrows, and one 14 inch turning plow. C. C. Dodd, % mile east Denver Viaduct, Pampa, Texas. AUTOMOBILES 38—Repairing Service STOP AT THE GULF SERVICE STATION NO. 3 for t service, tire repairs, accessories, \vnshing and grea* O.' W. HAWKINS. MGR. ON BOHGEK HIGHWAY PHONE 1444 41—Automobiles ror Sale. SEE THESE BARGAINS! 1936 Chevrolet Coach $490 1635 Chevrolet Coach, heater and radio $425 1935 Ford Fordor, heater and radio $400 1935 Chevrolet Sedan $390 1934 Chevrolet Coach $300 1934 Ford Tudor $275 1933 Chevrolet Coach $250 1034 Ford Coupe $250 1934 Chevrolet Coupe $275 1931 Chevrolet Cabriolet $125 1930 Chevrolet Sedan $125 1929 Ford Tudor $ 75 —See The New— SILVER DOME TRAILER Now On Display As low as $675 'GEN : ERAJL; MOTORS'/; INSTALMENT PLAN Culberson- Smalling Chevrolet Co., Inc. AUTOMOBILE 41—Automobiles For sale. FOR SALE OE TRADE Equity In 1937 Super Tudor Terraplane Carefully broken In. Trailer house for sale. 533 South Cuyler USED CARS 1936 Ford DeLiixo Tudor— $ A Real Buy 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan 1935 Chevrolet Coupe (Master) New Motor 1935 Ford DeLuxo Sedan Completely Reconditioned 1935 Ford Coach 1935 Ford Coupe ¥ 525 5 425 1934 Ford Truck, Long Wheel-base Completely Overhauled 1935 Chevrolet Truck Overhauled 1932 Ford Coach M50 $ 225 1931 Chevrolet Deluxe Sedan, Overhauled 1937 Ford Sedan (Demonstrator) — LIBERAL DISCOUNT ALSO 3 SIZES OF COVERED WAGON TRAILER HOMES TOM ROSE (Ford) News Want-Ads Get Results. THIS CURIOUS WORLD BF ONL.V IDENTICAL TWINS TRUE: TIA/INS/ THE TERM COMES FROM THE ANGL,0 SAXON WORD WHICH MEANS "TO CUT IN TWO." ONLV ABOUT SO PER CENT OF ALU PERSONS KNOWN AS TWiNS OF? THIS TYPE. TINY LEAF-ROLLING GArTCRPJLLARS ARE, ABUEjTHfeOUOH EXPERT ENGINEERING MANEUVERS, TO ROLl_ IARGE I-EAVES INTO TUBES, WHICH.ARE USED AS HOMES. IS UpCATEP A f^W MILES WP5T C5F £>ewi'ff trAKg:, IN H-VI COPR. 1C37 9V HE* SEBVICt. INC. im*.v>.*r.v»**t twfe are &«?«fiafroesi pf OB? in hall 8P4 4evelop,ed as two feparat.e '—"•'• , • (roip t\wo separate eggs vhiph time These .chUOi-en su'e no move .«UH« thw «rdjo§ry - AUTOMOBILE (Coat.) 41—AntomobDes For Bate PACKARD TRADE - INS CLEANER — NICER Check these bargains .... 1936 Ford Delux Touring Coach. 1935 Ford Coach, Trunk Radio. 1935 Buick, Rumble Seat Coupe. Actually 19,000 miles. 1935 Terraplane Coach. 1935 Chevrolet Coupe. 1934 Plymouth Coupe, Ra dio and Heater. 1934 Ford Coupe, Extra Clean. •1934 Pontiac 6-Wheel Se dan, Radio and Heater. 1933 Plymouth Sedan. New Paint and Motor. 1933 Plymouth Coach. 1932 Chevrolet 6-W h e e Coupe. 1932 Ford Coupe. 1932 Ford Roadster. 1932 Chevrolet Coach. 1931 Ford Sedan. New Paint. 6-Wheels, Motor Overhauled. 1931 Chevrolet Coupe, 6- Wheels. New Paint. Other lower priced cars with lots of miles left. SALESMEN D. J. BRANDON B. R. (Woody) WOOD R. W. RAGSDALE ERNEST WINDBORN C. RALPH JONES Inc. Packard, DeSoto and Plymouth 310 W. Klngsmill Phone 113 ROOMS AND BOARD 43—Sleeping Bootai FRONT BEDROOM, modern. 1002 E. Francis. Phone U13. 3tf-lB 'LEAN ROOMS, $3.00 per week. 600 North Frost. Virginia Hotel. 2Cp-lC LOWERED rates on exceptionally nice Bleeping rooms. 704 Went Foster. Broad- lew Hotel. 2Gc-29 14—Boom ana Boara. iOOM AND BOAHD in private home, good meals, congenial surroundings. Close n, 500 East Foster. 12c-14 iS—Housekeeping Booms. WARM, MODERN apartment, for couple. Close in. Reasonably priced. Kline Hotel K3 South Russell. Phone 9625. 2Gc-29 FOR RENT —Houses For Keni. ''OR .SALE—Two good hou&ea. West side if MeLuan on puvecl highway near school. One four rooms, bath, 51300.00 by good roperty for chicken ranch. One Bix rooms, wo baths 118(10.01). liuth have larBc far- ens and chicken houses. Mrs. Maude ttruble. . 2p-14 'OR RENT—Vacancy at New Town Cab- nff. Maytag for rent. Plenty of hot wa- er. 1301. South Barnes. 20p-313 8—Furnis&ed Douse for Bent UILDINO ami nine stock of furniture or Bale—quick. W. C. Carpenter, McLean, exaa. 3p-16 OR RENT—Modern furnished duplex, ach aide 4 rooms with garage. 422 S. unku. Sc-14 [ICE CLEAN 2-room furnished house, ills paid. Modern conveniences. Lewis ottaaes. 411 S. Russell. 8p-14 'ROOM house, furnished or unfurnished. ewly papered. 713 South Finlcy. 12tf-16 OR RENT—8-room furnished house. ilia paid. 535 South Somerville. 6tf-19 )—Apartments For Rent. OR RENT—Garage apartment. Unfur- ished. 1008 Christine. Sec W. D. Wara. 412 Combs-Worley Building, Phone 87 or 1208. 8c.l6 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Strictly .odern. Private bath. Garage. Inquire 02 W. Footer. eif-17 -Fnrnicoea Apartment*. URNISHED apartment. Bills paid. 625-B orth Russell. 3c-16 NICE 2-room aparttncnt. Modern. No hildren. 120 W. Tyne St. Behind WII- jn Drug. 2i>16 OR RENT—2-room furnished apartment, odern. Bills paid. Ill N. West. 6c-18 OR RENT—8-room furnished house. Bills aid. Z blocks west, 1 north Hilltop Gro- sry. vtME OR RENT—2-room furnished apartment. ill» paid. Adults only. 902 E. ™ - ng Ave. 6rown< ett-is WO ROOM furnished apartment. Bath,, n pavement. 626 S. Cuyler Apartments. 7-T.Ww»t«d To Bent OOM AND BOARD wanted in private ome. Must have bath. Address P.' 0. ox 1172. FOR SALE uilt-lns. Hardwood floor*. ebru FOR SALE (Cent) 59—City Property For Sale. HOME - INVESTMENT - BUSINESS Bach of these three nro r.ew listings, dls tinctivc in their clnsa. HOME You appreciate better furnlshincs? Let (IB show yon this lovely iiK. home, nicely furnished, corner lot, close- in, also small furnished house in rear. Owner now living in Cnlifornin, says sell furnishings ami all for $5,000. INVESTMENT 8R. .newly decorated, corner lot near Woodrow Wilson school, splendid home and Income, will pay Itself out In extra rents. A real buy if you are looking for a Jaree two-story home. Price only $8GOO, terms. BUSINESS Down-town cafe, doing Capacity business, will pay for itself In a few months. On account of sicknesq, owi.- er Is offering to soli. This la your opportunity to step into nn up and going business. See us for location, price, and terms. KENT New ER. unfurnished, hardwood floors, built-ins, {35.00. 811. unfurnished duplex, separate bath «nd RnrnKc, close-in, $25.00. 2R. unfurnished, $10.00. INSURANCE of all kinds. See us for old line hnll Insurance on whcnt. JOHN L. MIKESELL Shone 166 Duncan Bldg 63—Out of Town Property. FOR SALE—20x40 building, new. G miles south of Sunray, suitable for boarding house, store building, beer parlor or dance hall. Will move to any location within 10 miles. «r ' FOR SALE—4-room house and 1-car Barasre combined. 1000 ft. 2 Inch, BOO ft. Vj Inch pipe, 1 box car with a 37 ft. sheet-Iron shed. ]l/j miles west of Klntrs- mill. G. W. McEwen. 6p-16 FINANCIAL 87—Money to Lo*n. $-LOANS-$ Salary Loans — Personal Loans $5 to $50 No security nor endorsers. The only requirement Is that you be steadily employed. Payments arranged to suit you. All dealings strictly confidential. Loans made In a few minutes. Salary Loan Co. L. B. Warren, Mgr. First National Bank Bldg. Room 3 Phone 303 MONEY TO LOAN Salary Loans — Personal Loans $5 to $50 We Require No Security We solicit oil field and carbon black workers. Payments arranged to suit you. All dealings strictly confidential. Loans made In a few minutes. Lowest Rates PAMPA FINANCE CO. J. S. Starkey, Mgr. 109% 8. Cuvler Phonr, 450 FOR SALE OR TRADE 71—Miscellaneous. 1'Al'KK HANGING nnii imintinK. Dukes. Phone !l53. r >. lp-14 FOR SALE—Small size Frilddnire. 1232 South Wilcos. ln-11 Labor Decision Big News to Him Hjs face wreathed in-a smile of victory, Morris Watson, central figure in the Associated Press case against the Wagner Labor Act, returns to his job as rewrite man at the organization's New York office following the Supreme Court's verdict holding his dismissal in October, 1935, to be illegal. He immediately jasked for a leave of absence to wind up his WPA job. Watson charged he had been dismissed for activity in the American Newspaper Guild affairs. Real Estate Loans! yye offer P. H, A., Eltlldlpg &> Loan, and Life Insurance loan? jna$ ^iy nieet your building j neeUs. .Be sure to see us! j For Residence an«J Business Loan* Phone M. P. TRAILER ADPENTURS By Nard Jones WftA Betvice, inc. CttAPTEft JtXV. Oddly Betty looked at Martha True, Mart had smiled as she asked "Isn't three a crowd?" But it hat been a peculiar, an almost bitter smile. As if—but Martha couldn be jealous. "You must come, really," put in Kowison quickly. "Tomoifrow—the dirmer dance at the Olympic." "A dinner dance," repeated Betty excitedly. "Martha, doesn't it seem ages since you've danced?" Yes, Martha Brlttain thought, it did .seem ages. Ages since she'c danced that night at Del Monte with Gerry Neal. And yet she remembered it so clearly, so poignantly. Would she, Martha wondered, ever forget it? Must she go on, now and forever, remembering? Must she think of Gerry Neal whenever someone mentioned certain magic words like 'dance" and "moonlight" and—and "love." Must she think of him at the sound of such words, and then be struck coldly, as she was now with the thought that he was a criminal of the lowest order? That against the soul of the only man she nacl ever loved was laid murder, and countless other crimes. Must she thus always be alternately exalted and degraded by the memory of love, or would time erase Gerry Neal from her mind? The evening of the next day found Betty Haynes admiring herself in the tall door-mirror of their hotel room. She wore a white sheath of evening gown, and her maize-colored uair was perfect. 'It ought to be," she replied In answer to Martha's compliment to ;hat effect. "I told the hairdresser —'I'm going to stay in here two hours, so give me the works'!" She turned from the glass. "You'd better start getting ready, Mart. The coast juard will be here any moment now." 'I really don't feel like going," Martha said rising listlessly from the davenport. "Nonsense! It'll do you good. I've tiung your dress In the closet . . wasn't it nice of Mr. Weeks to have our belongings ready at the hotel? These T-men seem to think of everything." "But where'd they find the trailer?" "Mr. Howston says they picked it up in front of the abandoned warehouse dock where Speddon left it when he took you to the waterfront. It was moved to the federal building's garage, but Mr. Weeks had our baggage taken out and sent to the hotel. And then—" Betty stopped, observing Martha closely. "Look here, Mart! What on earth is wrong with you? Here we are out of a rotten mess. Here wo are all spick and span, and with the perfectly good Haynes money Dad wired. Here we are ready to live again—and you mope!" "I'm not moping," Martha insisted. "I'm just—sort of tired." "Well, you can rest at the Olympic as well as here. The music will do you a lot of good." With Betty's hurried help, Mar;ha was ready by the time they. were notified that the young coast guard officer was in the lobby. "Well," he said admiringly. "I mew you girls were attractive—but I wasn't prepared for this!" "I'll have to admit," Betty laughed, 'that we must present an Improvement over our appearance when your boat joined Mr. Ciznik's!" Howison ushered them to the waiting cab. "I saw Guy Weeks this nornlng. I hate to tell you this— jut he says you girls can go homo tomorrow, if you want. They'll take your statements for the files on the case, and then you won't have to vait." "Tomorrow?" Betty said, and there was a genuine reluctance in her voice. She turned to Martha. "I'd ike to stay a few days and look around Seattle, wouldn't you?" Betty's desire for delay was so obvious that Martha had to smile. 'We'd better not stay too long. Remember that those new stories ;ot back home, and our families ill be expecting anything to hap>en to us now." "Even to marrying a coast guard man!" said Howison. Though his one was facetious, his glance at Bett Haynes gave his words a balance of gravity. Suddenly realizing lis implied favoritism, he turned to Martha. "By the way, Weeks said le might be able to join us later it the Olympic. I'm sure you'd ioth like him. He's an interesting ellow." Martha failed to reflect his en- husiasm. Indeed, she was more tian pleased when they reached the Olympic, and Betty and the officer xcused themselves to dance. Safe ram Betty's anxious scrutiny, she elt less nervous. She knew that Betty realized something had hap- ened to her during the time they ere parted. And eventually she must confide to her friend—but not ow. It was all too close and too ainful now. Grateful that the' table lamp was tnber and dimly shaded, she watort- d the dancers, picked, out Howison nd Betty from, among them. Plainy, they were falling really in love /ith one-another. It had been ap- arent from that moment In. th> oast guard cutter's stateroom;- '•-•* Martha looked up to See tf» waiter standing by her chaff. don me ... were yttu Mr. Weeks at this table? "Why, yes. Ask him to—" stopped. Beyond the waiter tWlfc ft hahdsome and smiling 'Gerry impeccable In dinner clothes. tha paled. Then, grabbing U wrap and bag, she started to f He stepped forward quickly, ' Martha . , . I'm really Guy Wefefcs. I don't know whether you'll like It as well as the other name or tidl*— but there it is.' With a gasp, she sank back into* her chair. "But I ..." Martha began weakly, and failed, "You see, I couldn't tell you 6Jt first because I—well, there In San Diego I wasn't sure but what you-, and Betty were part of Clzhlk's oUt- fut. Then, when I felt Utterly cer* tain you two v/ere innocent victims, I couldn't take the chance of letting my identity be known. Things were getting too hot. They were coming to a boil too fast, and I didn't want the slightest slip-up. That's why £ didn't tell you even when you had me jugged there at Eureka." He stopped, looking hungrily into Martha's joyful eyes. "I—1 hope you'll forgive me for all the deception—for keeping you guessing' so- long. Even there on the coast guard boat I didn't have a chance to explain—and then I returned to Seattle on the Clznik vessel." "P—forgive you?" repeated Marthat happily. "Why, I—' His hand slipped over the White cloth, took Martha's firmly. "Could you talk better if we danced?" "Y-yes." But, curiously, they did not talk at all. They slipped into each other's arms, tenderly, silently, fused'by the magic rhythm of a tune they'd danced to that night at Del Motite. (THB_END.) Detroit was so small and Isolated at the time of the first census In 1790 it was not considered worthwhile to enumerate its inhabitants. There is one birth in the United States every 14 seconds, one death every 22 seconds, one Immigrant every 15 minutes and one emigrant; every M'/i minutes—making a net gain in population of one person every 35 seconds. ^m>s~ Hard shelled crabs have no shells. It is hardened skin formed by deposition of carbonated phosr phate of lime and of a peculiar organic substance called "Chltine." 1 — The Americana, Vol. S. Page 203. A Buy Thais "Hard" To Beat! '36 Pontiac Coupe : Equipped with heater and radio. A beautiful blue job with lOvV mileage! $625 Phone 365 AND SERVICE 2HN bollard PAMPA AMBULANCE PHONE Exclusive dealers for Royftl Typewriters. Expert repair service on all office machines. Service oa.*all makes of uafca—combination changes, et<?, Pampa Office Supply " » 'iV K.-f'tL CAP ROOK ADDS NEW SERVICE'TO THE LINE p. U:M ». ro. im4 Ohttftm Wteblta PcUb, pt Worth <md D*U*«. Pqjr QW». <?to>t 11. -to *. -m. ftad 4:90 p, m..oW tt"> Ou> direct owywottoa with, the Qr*yb<wnd, ' »nd ride big ate fru«fl.OT<>r aU paved rout«- Don't Mb for oe*t bu»,

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