Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 8, 1935 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1935
Page 4
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JTHB PAMPA DAILY NEWS, PampS, TeSSi !i*Rlt)AY fiVENING, MfttJARY 8, 1935 FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 8, SARAH HUGHES AP , POINTMENT WILL BE ' DECIDED SOON ;- AUSTIN, Feb. 8 W—A spirited Controversy regarding Governor •Jtffles V. Alfred's proposed state fyUtinlng board was in prospect tofar In the senate. The planning board bill WETS pass ed by the house some time ago. Cer fain senators were reported read; to seek to amend it to deprive thi governor of the privilege of appoint Jflg a majority of the members Their amendment would call for thi governor, lieutenant governor, am speaker of the house each to choosi wo members with the secretary o ! tat* to be the seventh. '.A'bill to aid the railroad commls i ton to check illegal oil production : ta£ ^pending in the house, it wouli fofbld issuance of temporary re fttaining orders against the com mission without a hearing. %'-ftoete was a posibility the senati Would go into executive session ti Consider confirmation of the ap jJottitment of Rep. Sarah T. Hughe U -Dallas OB the state's first wo jnan district judge, The committei an irovernor's nominations voted I to 1 to recommend confirmation. I Senators studied a report of thel; crime 'investigating committee, whose inetnbers found " a general revol •gainst governmental authority" anc frficotnmended drastic legislation ti Mainp it out. , I •• jnie committee reported wide jpread liquor selling and gambling Jt described the slot machine "rack' St" w of "confluent malignant epi Hemic form," and said operation o >3$r8e race bookies was "most flag' rant, indeed, and scores of countiei Buffer from the tentacles of this oc. topus." • Legislation to create a modern state police system and to provide for-summary removal of officer •TOP would not enforce the law was urged. '.Bills to provide for licensing o: automobile drivers and to reduci the poll tax from $1.50 to $1.00 were given favorable reports by house committees. The senate public health committee approved a bil to"require finger and foot printing of. all babies. •..The house oil and gas committee held.another long hearing on legis- latlon to reduce gas wastage in the Panhandle, then recessed until Monday night. Indications were that the hearings would last until late next week. '-•Mayor Ross Rogers of Amarillo E. W, Hardin, president of tn;e Amarillo chamber of commerce, anc y, L. Chase of Dallas, vice presiden of the Lone Star Gas company were among those urging immediate repeal of the law permitting operation of stripping plants even though the residue.Is wasted. : After having worked together in a circus for 40 years, Victor P. Anderson, 70, : and Elizabeth N. Pew 73,'.'have married. Each had taken two previous trips to the altar. "FELT MISERABLE MOST OF THE TIME" Tljen Kellogg's ALL-BRAN Checked Her Constipation* •\: Read Mrs. Marsden's letter: "I have been a subject of constipation* flH? the last 11 years. I felt miser- ible and irritable most of the time. My husband is a manager of a . ejjalh store. He said 'Why don't JJOU try Kellogg"s .^.LL-gRXN? 1 ;V "ALL-BRAN h'elp«d'"'me right »way. I have taken it now for the past 5 months, and 1 am as regular as a cjpqk. My/health is fine, and/1 anv'.full 6*f pep."—Mrs. Chafes Mfa^sden, 681 Merrick St/, fa-*- fypation due to '"'. meals. ,,•'" j >BRAN provioWgentle "bjullf" 1 regular habits, It also tup- »'*«"•"'« "-"^njHwJhji \ ' , ALL-B^AN is more he "bujjc" in fruits f as it (Joes not break i body. Two table- arjp usually suffi- corpected tfiis way, 1 'doctor. / \ '" Isn't this food' much pleasanter »!)$ safer thafn risking patent medicines? Get the iedVanfJ-green package at your irrocer'a. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. ± K*tp on the Sunny Side of Life 8 and 19 A.cre, Tract* Rpom p Du pan fijidg. 1935 Patterns in WALLFAFER ITS THE SAVING ON EVERY ITEM THAT COUNTS FOOD MARKET 'SELLS FOB LESS" Retail 3 CANS FOR NO. 2 STANDARD PACKED SWEET NO. 2 StFTfeD EARLY .TONE FRESH—THESE ARK NOT DRY SOAKED PEAS THE PMPA" tTAILY NEWS, PaffipS, f6533 THESE PRICES ARE IN EFFECT WHEN THE PAPER LEAVES THE PRESS FRIDAY AFTERNOON WHITE SWAN MEDIUM SI/E ! CANS FOR NO. 2 ALTON COUNTRY GENTLEMAN NO. 1 TALL SELECTED : CANS FOR PEACHES NO. 2!$ WHITE SWAN DELUXE HALVES IN HEAVY SYRUP CAN 16° MEAT AND PRODUCE PRICES ARE FOR FRIDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AND MONDAY ONLY NO. 2 FANCY HAWAIIAN CRUSHED OR MATCHED SLICES 2 CANS FOR' PEACHES NO. 1 TALL IN SYRUP APPLES FANCY LARGE SIZE OLD FASHIONED WINESAPS LETTUCE LARGE FIRM. CRISP AND GREEN HEAD! ORANGES LARGE JUICY NEW CROP CALIFORNIA GRAPEFRUIT TEXAS SEEDLESS POTATOES U. S. N.-l SELECTED RED TRIUMPHS BANANAS STANDARD'S QUALITY GOLDEN RIPE, SAT. ONLY CARRIED IN STOCK AT NO.l STORE CREAM PEANUT SQUARES CHOCOLATE PEANUTS BRER RABBIT BROWN LABEL SYRUP GAL I GAL. IN GLASS WHOLE SOUR OR DILLS FANCY *BCOZ. SWEETS A3 JAR SWEET MIXED OT. 17c 29c OT. 34c JUICE BRAND SW CAN 5c CAN 10c CURTISS BRAND SWEETENED NO. 1 SIZE NO. 2 SIZE Potatoes IDAHO WHITE RUSSETS WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT - QUANTITIES OF ALL PURCHASES SOAP CHIPS RICH SUDS THAT LAST MACARONI Or Spaghetti elbows in the bulk BAG 17c Long Shredded 1 In the ~ Bulk 2 Macaroni or Spaghetti elbows and rings IB. 1§c SOAP T. N. T. or Big Ben the Giant Yellow Soap that wont chap 6 FOR BARS! TOILET TISSUE Standard | Food Brand ' [ Large' rolls W. P. SALAD •r 1 mnsusi ^rvfrttl u B *«i PT.19C I Beech- A CANS nut JE tall W FOR- A Four Tie Good Sweeper Value PEANUT BUTTER Helmet Brand Pure 0T.33c PT.ISc Fancy Bulk Full Head CORN FLAKES Millers crispy toasted ! BOXES' FOR POST BRAN Fresh crisp stock SOAPS SOAPS TOMATO SOUP MACKEREL JUSTICE PEERLESS HARDWATER OR WHITE KING TOILET PALMOLIVE OR CAMAY TOILET ABOVALL'S or VAN CAMP'S BUFFET SIZE MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI, 6 OZ. BAR BAR CAN CAN BLACK PEPPERYOURSTRULY TABLE SALT TOILET TISSUE YOUR EACH iy 2 LB. ROCK CRYSTAL ,650 SHEET CAN BOX ROLL STANDA CORN FED STEAKS UNIFORM CUT FAMILY STYLE CHOICE CENTER CUT CHUCK SHOULDER CUT ROUND STEAK BABY BEEF ll ?C fe CHOICE CUT SIRLOIN LB. 24*c 2§e LK ARMpUR'S DOUBLE RICHNESS OF WHOLE MILK Tall fa Small CHOPS Center | cut pork End cut pork LB.15fc KRAUT A fresh ;•>• barrel •• • just arrived LBS FOR CHEESE Fresh' Creamy Cottage Cheese, daily arrivals , BOLOGNA Or'Minced' Ham, fresh sliced.... .to ordWi*-..u i Large ." : 'fresh I Assortment CURED HAMS SHANK ENDS AS Cut and Displayed FANCY SUGAR CURED PICNICS Wilson's Certified Vz OR WHOLE CENTER SLICES' TO FRY OR BAKE; FRESH SPARE EAT LIVER FOR HEALTH! Freslx Calf* Young Beef Young Pork ROASTS BREAD 8c FLUFFY LOAF OVEN FRESH SATURDAY ONLY BABY BEEF 1ST CUT CHUCK OR PLATE RIB Rolled Plate Rib I B} OR BRISKET LH CHOICE CENTER CUT CHUCK CHOICE CENTER CUT ARM CORN FED •^wr ^ w i—• a, v LB. 13*o LB. 14k CHEESE Freslj full ' , cream not lliern Longlioni TONGUES Fresh l)«ef, tiiw to pichlo SHORTENING ARMOUR'S VEGETOLE IN 8 LB. CARTONS MARSHM ALLOWS iLB.I9c JELLY Penn Maid Brand Apple Jelly GLASS 13C CHILI BLEND Vennedges 1 chill -~ powder 2 LB. 25c VEG-ALL Or No. 2 Mixed Vegetables for Soups & Salads CANS FOR C A K E B R E AKE R 25 < $1.00 VALUE Cuts cake without crusbine it. Send 25o to PUhbury Flour Mills Co., Minneapolis, Miim., with part of label covering meue- •euorauiuxn uring.sifter on packacn of "" Plllsbury Snosheen Cake Flour Sledge Hammer Brand High Test 3 CANS 47. FOR I/O •n*»*sa.r. rrf tr'~""-j* MrWMMt SoAchomcn KUCAMt SUGAR Eitr.HB. vranulatol fcjctauxSug««J» SUGAR PURE CANE CLOTH BAGS LB. BAG POWDERED OR BROWN IN THE A LB. BULK L BAG CATSUP Large 11 Oz. packed from Red Ripe Tomatoes 2 Lage Bottles { BAKING B POWDER .-|A A CA iSJlJ UlF can RAISINS THOMPSON'S SEEDLESS RAISINS THOMPSON'S SEEDLESS SYRUP Z 1 A Ib. White Swan Pure Ribbon Cane CAN 18c PILLSBURY'S BEST BALANCED ALL PURPOSE S1.96 $1.03 SOAP CHIPS Crystal White Brand Carried In Stock at Stores 2 and 3 Only FLOUR HEART OF GOLD, A GREAT WEST MILL PRODUCT 48 LBS. S1.79 24 LBS. 93c CRYSTAL ARROW FLOUR EVERY SACK FUtty wiMmfv GUARANTEED fc*f SACK BRAN 100 SHORTS100 24^,830 S1.63 S1.93 LB. SACK LB. SACK YOUNG LAMB LB.12k LB. 18k 25c 35c BREAST FOR STEW SHOULDER ROAST LEGS PREPARED ANY STYLE SMALL CHOPS Saturday Only POULTRY Saturday Only ALWAYS STANOAKtt QUALITY AND PLENTY TO'CHOOSE FROM— GEESE Fancy. full "' feather- HENS All sizes j!- }; fancy ,V colored type LB. 16k TURKEYS Youiiff ' and tender LB. 24k FRYERS AH sfee colored LB. 27k STANDARD'S ECONOMY Armour's Special Or Private Label ARMOUR'S BANQUET SUNRAY, STAR OR PREMIUM HAMBURGER "I ..-, fresh gyouna ; LBS. FOR- SAUSAGE Stand SMALL HOT DOG SIZE r RANKS S End DRY SALT O UR ^WILSON'S CORN KING CERJJFJED OR STAR AMERICAN OIL, FLAT LIGHT HOUSE NO. 1 STANDARD PACKED NO. 1 TALL REGULAR FLATS ARMOUR'S COCOA HARDWATER TOILET ARMOUR'S BUFFET SIZE WASHING * COMPOUND Northwestern Packed Fresh Italian Yellow Cling Pie Fruit GAL39e Fine for Pics Fancy Bartlett Halves Sour Red Pitted Fancy Hawaiian Crushed EXTRA FINE GRANULATED IN PAPER BAGS Fancy For Pics Size ; CANS« FOR I No. 2 | Northern Berries c ! CAN< FOR | fc No. 2MS While Sivan fency fresh desert No. 2 Sour Reel Pitted FOR Bliss, Vacuum Packed, a(l Purpose Grind MARCO SALAD CANNED VEGETABLES j JTO/ 1 T a SPINACH 1 MUSTARD OR TURNIP "'(GREENS OR MED. CANS MEXICAN RANCH STLYE BEANS IN CHILI SAUCE CHOICE MATCHES These will strike BOX CARTON Regular Size P & G or Crystal White Laundry Crystal Wedding with glassware in every BOX 21e Quick Cooking Quaker, large size LARGE; JUICY NO WRINKLES PORK SHOULDERS SHANK y 2 '• |D 14! SHOULDERS END CUT ROAST CENTER CUT ROAST OR STEAK LB. 16ic 17te SIDE BACON . , Freslj side BLOCK CHILI , Piukney's > first 1 • grade LB. 16k DRIED BEEF AU PKGS. FOR P'NMT BUTTERfi" h 2 .& 27c FRESH HAMS END CUTS I ft AS DISPLAYED LO B % OR WHOLE SMALL AVERAGE CENTER CUT ROAST OR STEAK "SOAP EAUTRES CLEAN UP Swifts Or Quick Swif Giant Size Arrow Borax \ 43 Oz. Pride Washing Powder Quick Arrow SMALL" Soap Chips BOX ( BARS' FOR 6 BARS' FOR ILARGEI , BOXES/ 5 LARGE' BOX Fancy Black Or White In the Bulk BAG 19c CLOVERBLOOM HOOKER LYE Granulated Made by B. T. Babbit CAN 9s ALWAYS FRESH AT STANDARDS SANI FLUSH Safe, Sure and Sanitary CAN9c SUPER SUDS Beads of soap BOXSc Arm and I la miner brand LB. BOX 9c SPAGHETTI No, 1 tall cooked with cheese und tomato sauce CANSc WHITE SWAN COFFEE SWEET CORN No. 1 Standard Pack CAN9e COCOA OUR MOTHERS BRAND GRAPE 1AM MA BROWN 1ST GRADE OLEO SATURDAY & MONDAY ONLY BUTTER SUBSTITUTE FOLGERS PLAIN OR DRIP GRIND PINTO BEANS NEW CROP RECLEANED i* *t* NAVY BEANS NEW CROP SMALL MICHIGAN NAVIES LBS, FOR BEANS MEDIUM SIZE CANS WAI'CO BABY LIMAS OR BROWN BEANS 2 CANS FOR PANCAKE FLOUR MARCO BRAND, FINE FOR MAKING WAFFLES COFFEE BREAK O' MORN In 1 Lb. Bags. WHITE KING GRANULATED SOAP LARGE SIZE 10 Oz. Sausage Seasoning PKG. DETAILS OF FEDERAL S AGENT'S SLAYINd ARE TOLD POST. Tex., Feb. 8. f/T 1 )—Sheriff W. F. Onto, veteran W«st Texas 1 officer, today faced federal murder . charges ns he planned to plead self- defense sit an inquest for the "re- ; grettable" slaying yesterday of Spencer Stafford, 40, federal nar- i cotic agent. Federal authorities, armed with a • murder warrant, came here to in- ' vestlg-ate the slaying to determine : If it would come under the new federal law concerning the slaying Of federal officers In performance Of their duty. The Kansas City union ' station massacre precipitated the' law. The death of Stafford, felled by' machine gun bullets in front of a veterlnary's office where he had; gone to inspect narcotic records,' was described as "strictly self de-' fensc" by N. C. Outlaw, Sheriff Cato's attorney. • ' "We regret exceedingly that it' had to happen," he added. .' V. c. McCullough, Dallas narcotic; agent, accompanied Stafford to the" veterinary's office. He declined to; comment on the slaying. Joe H. Jones, assistant United States attorney, and Marshal J. B.' Wright ,both of Dallas, and H. C. Williams, head of the Texas Nflr-' cotic service, came here to confer' with United States Commissioner Victor H. Lindsey concerning the murder charge. Jones brought a; warrant from Dallas. . . , First hand versions of the slaying were not available. A source, who would not be quoted, told of the details. Sheriff Cato, reports said, went to' the veterlnary's office upon reports that two men "wearing guns" had' bfen seen there. He deputised 'a! farmer, Tom Morgan, to go witli him. A man and woman, who had been serving as government informers, were seated in the narcotic agents' automobile when the sheriff and. Morgan arrived, the informant said. Sheriff Cato, the informant said, questioned the man and woman. They told him they were with fed- : eral agents who were inside the building. The man alighted from the car and was searched by Sheriff Cato, holding a' machine gun. The man informer shouted to the federal agents, the witness said. McCullough remained inside the building and Stafford stepped to the street. "Don't do that, we're officers," the agent was quoted as telling the' sheriff. • ••'••. \ The version continued that Stafford seized the barrel of the machine sun and started to pull his-own pistol. He was disarmed as.- McCullough emerged from the door. Stafford ran between two nuto-» mobiles. -„ - • . • "My God, man, don't do'-'that—•» we're officers," McCullough shout--!! eel to Sheriff Cato, the witness said.'" vrcCulloupth made no move to draw" liis own pistol. • 'j The machine gun rattled for fi few seconds and Stafford fell dead His federal badge, clutched in his hand, fell In the dust. ';• Sheriff Cato accepted McCullough's statement several minutes later that they were officers. Stafford's body was placed in the sher* iffs automobile and taken to an. undertaking establishment. The body will be taken to Port Worth Saturday. Mrs. Stafford will accompany the body to Hudson, N, Y., for burial. SNOW REMOVAL MADE EASY NEW YOR—For removing snow and ice from in front of your house there's nothing like a blowtorch. Mrs. Laura Bassewitz was summoned to court for failure to clear away the ice and snow at her home, but i-he was given a suspended sentence when a policeman testified he saw her husband clear the pavement with a blowtorch. "Every home should;'' have a blowtorch," said Magistrate Mark Rudich. " INDUSTRY ON THE FARM SALT LAKE CITY—Utah may soon be the home of several hmrared 1 thousand new "factories." j^St^te • Rep. Joseph W. Jensen has i»tS« "„ duced a bill designed to prBtejt'a double levy of' tjje ?ale«; tax on farm product! j^f classifying -aJjU* farm animaUTthftt produce s*»8b¥ j goods as "gifanu|acturing,.-g||njgg>' n „ -.«** j * |! ^ 'ingredients of Vicki VapoRub in Convenient Candy Fprnj VICKS COUGH DROP Buy your made-to-measure suii at Kees & Thomas. (Ady.) DOWNS oney to Loan *"/ .< . • . AUTO PARTS r pricey. Id onjy We. atn 20c. row » ti a; 300 W. ,»

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