Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 20, 1947 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1947
Page 10
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» ftfe 20, -^ „ — * \. Markel Briefs Thursday Prtt' Day "Week Ago . Month Ago Tear Ago . 1947 High 1947 Low •1946 High . 1946 Low STOCK AVERAGES d bv The Associated Press A.S At A •"• A.6 91.-I "-'<' -H.n '" :! - <IO « 'il (i •II.'' '' :1 - ; > 30 S -12.1 62-6 oil •> -til HO. 1 49.1 ;>::.2 TS.l 3S.5 47.'i «9-0 . Sit.4. 8S.2 103.:. 94.C SS.2 110.4 S2.0 F,r,. so.n S2 4 59.1 WALL STREET NEW TORK, June l!>--i3>> -- Tlir stock market put on its best perior- imance of the week today, many leaders closing with pains ranKi to dtbe rise while « mid- dflv flurrv brought steels, rubbers. rails and 'several favorites into the ranks of the ualners, some nttaitung new high* for the year Total transfers were In the nplRtihorhood ot ].000,000 shares. Widespread ndvances otitnumbered declines at the finish. WATCH REPAIRING The new watch repair shop in the rear of Mac & Paul's Barber Shop is now open for business. Three Days to One Week Service Also Ring Sizing All Work Guaranteed Charles C. Roberts Jeweler Th* recent slide of American Telephone was interrupted after it touched a new bottom bolotv 1500, and the stock back more than a point from the tlny's low. New highs were rugla Ieivil by t'hry- sler, fnlted Fruit, Pepsi-Cola, Phillips Petroleum, Union Carbide and Island Creek Coal. Other? were prominent pains Included International Paper, Illinois C.-mral. Phelps Podpe, .Iolint--.Mnnville. T. S. Stnel. Bfthle- liem (after lapsinp In early donlinfrs>, Cifnf-ral Motors, (ioortrich, 1'. S. P.tib- her, caierpillnr Tractor, llaltimore & I'llil". Air rii'iluc'.on. Armour. Southern Par'lflr and Northern rnclfie. ilnilroart hondf Improved. Wheat at Chicago moved eahd <; to 1'4 cents a bushel, corn tip 2H to .'i'i and oats -'•, to W Cotton near the close was .iO rents to $1.05 n ball- hi.eher. STOCK LIST Press) NEW YORK (By Tlif AHS. Am Airl IS Am T&T 11)7 Am \Vnnlon An.n-ondn ,. AT A SF . . Avi;\t Cnrrt Beth' Steel . Itnuiiff Chrysli-r .. Omit 3I«U . Cont Oil I'd Curtiss Froeport Bull' Hen Kl t lomlrich (Hilf nil .... TlnUKlou "il . Irit Haw .... j KOS • • MK'T Monti; •VV;ml:i Nat <!yns'.im No Am Aviat Ohio oil •••• IVii-kiml Motor Piiii Am Air I'.-mtianill'- PI! p,.iiin-y'i Phillip:- P-'t • • I Plymouth PHARMACY Is Our Profession Trei Prescription Delivery Abdominal HJtTpports . . Surreal Belts . . Elastic Hosiery PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY 1J9 \V. Kingsmill Phone 1920 DIM BOAfcDWG HOUSE . . , WltK . t . I'M TO APPEAR (^ VODR. COURT FOR A FE\M AMD LdOKlM(5 MORE Ukte t'rA SORfr YOU'LL KNONN TO OlSPOSfe OP STEW FOR OAVSi" WENDELL HOLMES (.lil .- --22 font Am :s SO l-'i' 42 Sears l!oebnck Sinclair f)ll.. Socony Vac- . . Sniiiln-rn l-'ac 1 Stil fill r»l... Std oil Inil ____ Sid nil N.I ____ Sim oil ....... Trsa;- Co. . . Tex <!ulf I'rod T>-x 'lull' Sulpli T,-x I'm- i.'&U Tidf \\'al A i.iil rs Ilitl'ber f S.SIecl .. West fn TtclA 1.1 \Vonlw(irih'J''\V t:l 37j.< . 40| - lS Ii4 51':to HI'-.. 44 0» 3 Cr Ill II i'lS' 40 ;i IT BETTER WITH The ONE COAT Wall Paint Made with OIL Popular pastel colors. Ready to use. No mesjy mixing Smooth, Rat, glareless finish-Made with Oil. •Dries fast—Paint this morning —use room this evening •Easy to apply —leaves no laps or brushmarks. r Cover* wallpaper, plaster, wallboard and —^j... many other interior surfaces. ___J^^v It A REAL PAINT NOT MIXED WITH WATER WHITE HOUSE LUMBER CO. 101 S. Ballard Phone SO FORT WORTH GRAIN Koirr Avoit'fii. .mm.- is—w)— .•hr-nl .No. 1 hnrd 2.20-25. Hat-ley No. 2, 1.4fi--l8. (Hits No. 2 rod »2-P'l. 2 SorMhii'm^No 2 yellow mlio P«-r 300 ,i ;i.:)2-35. CHICAGO GRAIN . • • iimnd fc.r corn sf-nt H\c July con- i-aci of Hull rain lo !» ff"' of itf< lU1 ' hut- hltfli «n I lie board ol trail" 1o- uv Oats advanced fOmplyy with oni Inn wheat U-mU'd to IIIK nnd scor- hlKher- soles and plfis unchanged; top 2-1.76: most g-ood and choice 1SO-J70 Ib liutc-hers 24.50-75; good ana i-hok-e 280-423 lli; (food and < 1.-.0-175 ill 23.20-2125; .sows mostly r.i.on-50: sloc-kor pigs 18.00•J.". 00. NEW ORLEANS FUTURES N1--AV OKUOANS, Juno 19--(/P|—Cot- il'itm futuri's advanced, nt one time I ncnrly $2.riO n Imle In today's active « -session, 1ml HIP ninrkPt nncountprpd « ,<oiislili-ral.ilR iii-ofit taking- nnd much ;--:,if (do ROtn wns lost, •i I (.'losing pricos were steady 85 cents '* i io"$l.l!> a ha IP hl(?her. <At 'ho best of the day the July position cros.iptt l.ho :if-cent mark. This sharp rise wns nttributeu to heavy short covnrlng In prppnrntlon for first notice day npxt Tuppdfiy. Open High I^ow Close .11V ... .1fi.Cn S7.07 36.62 36.88 (Vt ... 31.S4 32.25 111.80 31-9g-Bf DPC ... IlO.fifi .11.06 30.65 30.77-78 Mch 20.9-1 . J IO.:ifi 23.94 30.08B Mny 'I 23.47 29.00 20.-If, 29.59 B—Bid. NEW ORLEANS COTTON N13W OHLKANS, .Tune 19—(ff)—Spot ootton closed Htondy 25 I'pnts a bale hicln-r bore today. Snlea 6S. Low ml"- illiiic 32.XO, niidilllng 37.SO, Rood mid- dllnK- 3S.40, re.-pipts a.394, stock 97,- nty Hit I County A§enf SHAMROCK — (Spfeclal) ~ The Appointment of t#. jfe, ftey as &gri* cuituial Agent of .Wheeler County replacing Hubert Martin, was announced last .week. Erey, who at jiteseht is county apen* of Lamb County with head- Ootmty eta farm and livestock leaflet " ferred to Lftinb Oou&ty whetts he ferred to Midland County. The new agent is a, graduate of Te*as Tech. Lubboek. He spent four years in service after which he took a refresher course in county agent work at A. and M. College. is fliarried atod hafe two child- 1 ren. Martin's transfer" to Midland comes as a promotion, and at^the same time will place him in ft anee more -------- ,-*•---. 11 Ms feSsii.uMef Ws tfctt this fcoflttty fo aaify, past si* month?! than rftpst do in two yd'ai-s. . riff for :inv corn oontrnrt since lOiil ,-hoii ii top" of $1. !>!>'* was recorded. UiiviiiB in torn WHS traced lo com- rckl interests, Including export oimos. The cash market followed the ulvmu-i- in futures, number 2 yellow nrn wllliiK its hlKh as S2.2S. This was till iH-lnw HIP S2.2H flKHi'o ol ' ast ulv after removal of OPA (.-clings. Wlu-at closed </,-!',!. higher July 1,0 17'", corn finished 2Vi-''i higher, liilv ' $l.fisi;.-l.!in. and oats were -.'i.,' higher. "July !Mi',i-%KANSAS CITY~LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY. June 13— (/P)— (USDA)— Calves (500; no loads lots slaughter steers and yparlings trading average Rood or better' top mednim and prood Brain fed kinds shown and trade «|ow on these; at. weak prices; re- <'«ipls chiofly cows and most buyers plcklni? here and there for kinds suit- nu- orders; hence generally slow full teadv vi'iilei-K and calves uneven, s-tead'v to HO lower; top medium and Bond heifers and mixed yearllnKS 21.50";>, f>fi- fed K ood cows; load medium and B'ood rani?e kind lb.00; most common and medium 12.2;>-15.QO, most medium and Rood vealers 17.00«:<.no- medium and good heavy calves 1.' (10-10. ftn. HOKS 2200; fairly active, uneven, steady to 2.". lower than Wednesday's nvera'c-e: top 2-1.7:.; good and choice ?7(> bs 2.1.50-24.75; 2-10-270 Ihs 3S.2:.- •M -in- 2SO-:i25 Ibs 21.00-23.00; sows mostly 20 lower at 18.00-19.00; Strom; wi'iun't feeders 2,1.00. FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK FOKT SVORTK, June V.I— (/P)— Cattle :( 700: calves 1,200; slow at weal; prices; medium to good steers nnd vrariinys 17.00-23.00; few good lat Vows with iv substantial .number ot heifers 18.2. r >; medium cows 11. "0-15.50; jfond and choice fat calves mostly 'IX. 00-21. 00; medium calves 12,r,0-18.00; stocker calves, yearlings and steers M.00-20/50. , . Hogs 300; butcher hogs steady to CHICAGO PRODUCE CIIICAOO, June 19—VP)—UIPotatoes: supplips moderate; demand good; market slightly strong; Arizona long whites $4.4.-,; California long whites $4.CO, Pontlncs $».00-B,2» (nil IT. s. No. 1 quality, washed). Grade Reports By GRACIE ALLEN Well. I see that a Moscow newspaper has been criticizing Comrade Nukovzov of Rostov because he gets mad and breaks dishes when his wife goes to political meetings, The paper says this sort of thing is un- Russian and ~~~" should only hap- pnn in a boureo- isc state where husbands are tyrants and lord it over their wives. When George heard about this he was pretty confused. He said he always though! ~~ Oracle the Rusians regarded us as a bour- geoise state and if he's supposed to lord it over me, he's certainly been missing something. I reminded him of a time that he broke a few dishes when I went, out, but he said the situation was different from the one in Rostov. I had gone to a bridge party and he only broke the dishes because he was trying to wash them. Men quibble so, don't they? Bring Your Friends to ike Friendly Store AND SAVE Yellowstone Bond 4-5 5:00- SUNNY BROOK ourbon $495 Ky. Straight Bourbon 86 Pf. 4-5 ..... K I N S E Y 86.8 Pf., 65% GNS . . Pf. $1.99 4-5 $2.99 CALVERT RESERVE 86 Pf.,65% GNS, 4-5 . . .$3.29 PRIVATE STOCK 80 Pf. Whiskey, 4-5 $1.95 PHILADELPHIA 86.8 Pf./ 65% GNS . .Pt $1.99 •f "*^ » f • * * » » »» •••»•»«•••• «^»A« ** PARK & TILFORD 86 Pf., 70% GNS 7 4-5 . . .$2.85 LONDON BAR GIN 90 Pf., pt ........... ..$1.49 KPDN 1340 on Your Dial FRIDAY -Hop Ilarrisan. 0:15—Virgil Mott Sonus. fr.SO—Captain MidnleUt—MBS; r,-.45-Tom Mox—MBS. 6:00—Fulton Lewta, Jr. News—MBS. «:!«—Plve Minute Mysteries. 0:20—Vandercook News. 0:20—Sports and News. fi:30—Lenvo It to the Girls—MBS. 7:00—Oabrlel Meatier—MBS. 7:15—Real Life Ktoriea—MBS. 7:30—Adventures of Bulldog Drum- inoml—MBS. 8:00—Meet the Presss—MBS. 8:30—To Be Announced. 8:45—To Be Annotmced—MBS. U:00—H. J. Taylor—MBS. 0:15—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 9:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 9 :G5—News—MBS. 10:00—Dance Orchestra—MBS, 10:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 10:0ii—News—MBS. / 11:00—Hecord Show. f 11:30—Hecord Show. , ?*• Our Prices Are Low on All Merchandise All Week BALLENTINE ALE Case me.-.. THREE FEATHERS 86 pf., 70% G.N.S t. ..; 2.09 4-5.. 3*29 WINE 20% 49c Taylor Wines H. **?... $150 1 86 Proof Calvert Reserve GNS, $**24 Pt. ervice Liquor Store 523 W.FOSTER S'FINEST PACK ACE STORE 6:20—Sif?n On. 6',80—News. 0:35—1340 Ranch. 7:00—News. 7:15—The Open Bible. 7:46—Breakfast Uhythma. ,' 7:55—News. 8:00—Farmers Union. 8:15—Musical Interlude. 8:110—Tho Jackie. Hlil Show—MBS. 9:00 in Washingtpn— This Week MBS. 9:15—Excursions in Science. 9:30—Say It With Music—MBS. 10:00—Heard's Birthday Club. 10:30—Flight Into the Past—MBS. 11:00—Church of Christ. 11:1S—Coffee Time. 11:30—News. 11:45—Extension Service. 12:00—Guy Lombardo's Orchestra— MBS. 12:30—Dlnnerbell Jamboree. 12:45—This Is Jaza—MBS. 1:00—Art Mooney'x Ofohoxtra—MBS. 1 -.30—Soar-to Parade—MBS. 2:00—Horse Races—MBS. 2:15—Nora Morales Orchestra—MBS. 8:30—Georsa Towncs Orchestra-- MBS. 3:00—For Your Approval—MBS. 3:30—All Request Show. 5:00—Hawaii Calls—MBS. 5 ;30—Sports and News—MBS. 5:45—Musical Interlude. 5:50—Vandercook News. 5:65—Sports and News. 6:00—Twenty Questions—MBS. 6:30—Scramby Amby—MBS. 7:00—Mishty Casey—MBS. 7:30—HlKh Adventure—MBS. 8:00—Chicago Theatre of the Air— MBS. 9:00—Korns A Krackin—MBS. 9:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 10:00—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 10:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 10:55—News—MBS. 11:00—Nothlmr But Music. 1:00—Sten Off. TONIGHT ON NETWORKS NBC—G Paul Lavalle Melody; Waltz Time; 8 Mystery Thatev; Bill Stern and Perry Como. CBS—5:30 Warnow's Soundoff; Lewis Little Show: 8 It Pays to tunorunt; 8:30 My Friend Irma, skit. ABC--7 Fttt Mfth Detective; 7:30 This is FBI; 8:30 The Sheriff; 9 Bout, Use Williams vs. Tippy Larkin. SATURDAY ON NETWORKS NBC—12 Noon National Farm and Home; 1 Saturday Showcase from WLW; 2'-30 Special Drama "Forsake Me Never," 4 Thapsody of Rockies; 6 Life of Riley; 8:30 Grand Die Owr !_lg 30 Country Journal: i;M Clretner Pftpw; 3 Croe9_Seol! 5:30 Oklfthowft Vsx June Parade of Values LACE-EDGED SLIP Wardt Keg. Price 1.49 Fine lace trirtis the neckline of this soft cotton slip. White only. Sizes 10-16. SALE LONGWEAR SHEETS 81x99 2.25 PILLOW CASES 54c ea. 33< REG. 39e SHIRTS Of Porous Coffonl Snug-fitting yet stretchy! With..dee| grmholesi hemmed bottonw.-S-M-L. ; ^ COLORFUL SPORT SHIRT Reg. 1.98 shirt in soft summer plaid BOYS' BIB O'ALLS O-oz, denim, sanfonzed. Sizes 8 to 1G. REG. 39c ANKLETS Of sturdy cotton in bright colors. Sizes from BVi to 10 >,&. 1 57 1 79 33 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS 247 jf«8u/or/y 2.98—Now _ - i Styled for relaxing! Prints; plaids and , $on9 colors. Small, medium,. large, i SALE! 4.79 Looped Pile Rugs Thick, fluffy cotton! Sunfast! *J88 Preshrunk,, 24"x30" V REG. 1.49 MEN'S T SHIRTS Colorful .shirts in cool knit f^^W^ weave. Trf. GAY PERCALE PRINTS Al Budtl-LW fricwl REG. 1.29 PANELS 3oft fluffy cushion dots on marquisette, 39x80. 1 17 REG. 35c Curtain Materials All white or colored dote against sheer marquisettes. All 39" wide. . METAL BED SeerpJess steel construction in tf%88 brown baked enamel finish. ** r*49" All-purpose^percale prints iu a wide variety of patterns and colors, 35/86". . 69 BOYS' T SHIRTS Pine quality woven cotton, Sizes small, medium large. . SALE! All Metal TIRE i8xl%" steel barrel. 24" 8-plyl68 hose with. screw-on connector. V SUPER HOUSB PAINT Wfei WardtbiH quality! fa « Resists severe weather! Goes farther.; : hides better. • Gallon.,.«.-... —4.9S $1.15 Rock Woo! Reduced Insulate now! It's grAnulat- ecl . . . Just pour in! Covers 18 sq.ft. ;. , • \ 1,13,EGG % BEATER Reduced! IBall bearing'center 'dri ve,-«talnless V 04 steel beater, chrome body, I FIATHIR PJUOW • ' • •For comforit with real . economy! 100% springy chickeu feathers in sturdy striped ticking. 5 H.P. "SEA It's the new, alternate firing twin! Built-in carrying handle. Slow trolls. STURDY BATH TOWHS Fresh-looking Cannon bath towel» for long wear. White, pastels ant} plaid*, t ,*<* Seth

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