The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 25, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 25, 1897
Page 4
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Wht Htnut Art- Atoandw ttamh*toft> low tAtiff MM -to tisltovp the etraltan*d «fre<W»- ^tapeesftfthetr^ftSttlryia 1*89 to 18$. .J$ht> tariff was a ttortiin-il affair, 1864 .it waft faijod Hy snc^sive acts to an <w&r- a poWl weight on woolem Wjf* -**t- «& valorem Uthy !>!«» li Valley, , of th? . 25v— Juflge court, haft ** ^V , hftd «c H p'ojMJjd on McKfeley bM tic, tti* WiteW The Dinfily bill .ha$H ;ne pfw* of Katatfuieoo f he foftowfn^ fitek-ment fs one of gftftt Int&ttSt i<* many a pitteen t»f Kalajna«io, and &. i»9ft as ,Well k«rflwn,a» J>1r, W^ljaoe flfofM 'fftTif'tMrff?' thmt ordftftry ^feigM with o\ir readers. n<-iti tt i'» ft^ tftfeett ~ _ of the firth of J, A. Co,, doing business it* lintri tSteaftof StreH. Kalafnftz*x»,... ^,.^^ — v ^ >ilah reside.. For tlw imt nine of t*» moftto I have bw»rt basing ntt»trk« of kidney c«th Iftrfe* jfrwHfv !*p««n^ nerttn?r Urtw Mr to defeat lt- , v ^ Ttirifr in simply a form of indirect tax* } importer p»ys thP duty at •addsthe arttotmt fa former , „„„! IhMi adds a profit on hfrinveBtrn&nt for thfe retailer who adds a profit for feho roiwmiricr. Our underwear «m« all part in April and is naw in stock. * 2T»o and SOc each shirt and . .-ef sold, Our suite and over . n,lw> ?rt etoelc at prices worth a 'jrood advahco today. * w f~3 Oar merchant tailoring department 5« better .stocked than ever and our prices ' will prevail until mif preuettt stock is **• itlfiiJS W?Q« ^^ •-— *~~ Flour* . At Watuon'B. you cnn get the Albion and Homer flour hy the 100 lb., in your Own ba£s, no light weight of 90 or 98 Ibs.; also Albion patent; tbe best flour try it. ' derange' was very' severe af tFtwrft; my tcrii-was nl«> in i> bad^ state nvehi, som«>l,lmt*1hc wrino M itn-the ftmottttt wo«t< Illwlty of A'itt'fi I felt tSm| I wASjgoJnJt (o bfc $fK Hit tltelr use wnrrtod off Tit* Attack, aftd t »tt no* f«sHn« very much bettfer} tht trinlKry organism ly.-i reclined ft norkrei -oridltinn "and two t'pfrifle pain in toy to*-: 1 nmidi reduced in severity, whita ttia BOT fast" going Away t\]trt£etln?r. I aia CO'K • Itmlftp ihV me of Boan's •Kidney Pttk wHl» positive fwlhrff that they will >n rnc a permanent and speedy'*" have unbounded eonfklenco in Kidney Pills as a remedy for > Ktttne; lilrhcnls; liaVo good TCSjison to t,«, tts Wu\ have done so inuch for hie." Can-yon «sk any more than this? Do»n' KUlney Pllte are rt-lioving more tracks n Jio burdciis they have boon forced toVc-ii •hrntiglitho klahcys .than all other mean levised,.rind, better stljl, they are d«Hnj, this rlt*;ht bere in Mlclngan. Ask a»ty on? who has ever taken thetn and see what thej will say. ftf g; Hffit. ^At .tit that "We to- i« f!We The Klondike Oi»M Fields' Are now attracting the attention of the whole world, ami the results of placet and^uarts mining afe-fuUy equal to the finds aV-njiBgetts in the early California days and extraordinary inducements are being offered' to prospectors, practical miners and .investor's. By nwct spring thn gold f ever >*Hlh«ive taken possession of thousands of people, nnd tHt> w^tern roads will have all thev can do to transport the fortune huntore. Tilt Chicago, Milwaukee &, St. Paul raih ay, and ite 'connecting lines, offer the li^ft facilities for reacting the Alaska gold i jgiona. Pin v'urther information, address Harry Mercer Michigan Bins. A«t.. Detroit; Mich. Don't Wait ^ . Until cold weather comes, hut have lhat roof covered with a'ebeatus roofing. It is only one-half the price of shingles. Ariybod> can put it on * Hardware* Doan's Kidney Pftte for sale by aH deal I ui-'s, price, 50 cento. Mallttl bj? Foster [ Milborrr-Co., Butfato, i_, ~_,- r T— ^ - - • v - »T" W«.-— —^ -.-or's, price, 50 cento. Mailed by Foster ....! «-.. ^ «.. rt -^ « Yl , aolfta^enur « n«ml> TJaan't. ,,. . ». '«emcml)efUienariiie,j»«»»X and take no oilier. , to$T>Oper year saved family who will send a pupil i4 the Dress Tailoring Rchool fti the Wateon building. ' 'Misses Sanders and Mt'Kary will open drees making rooms over the postoftke the abstract oflicfe, Wednesday, Sept. 15. They are~bbth experienced ladies at the business and will bo pleased to setnirp the patronage of their friends and otherR who may need anything in their line. ~-..-~For Sale A '97,modolb}«yclo; will sell cheap for cash. Enquire at American laundry, north of Greene's drug store. Saved hy buyiuK flonr, graham, mekl aud- mill food at C.'A. CHMHKU'S Mill. Call svtid try- ' All kinds of i<rindinK doflo. Do' you want a. gwd cement walkV Call on Gconjf AJey. 1 will guarantee a K<>od walk. ___J^ 8 ' 1 ' Michigan Mlulngr Si'li<»<>l. A lilgh' grjiie, starte techuicJal echool. Practical work. Elw,tiveBypt«m. Sum- raer cpunsos. Given degrwa of S. B., e^. M, and Ph. D. Laix>raloricB,BhopB,nuH etc., well equipped. For catalogues ad drees M. B. W»d*worth, Ph. D., dirtwor Houghton Michigan. Iliib-I dri'8Bi Will' by - Sole aK«-nt, Delia Talk about style, talk about it! But you Been the stylish wedding iuvi- HB, party cards, individual cards we are^utting out? Thoy^e pure atj-lo Oon't"j(pu need 'a trifle of printing in the above lin«a just about now. We have the newoe^and latest acripLfcypoi, ^ An elegant line of belts, latest styles and lowest pric<^, at Hulett-& Son's. TO mi HERTOS DYSPEPSIA, To O*lu Fl«Hh, T«HSh>*|»' well, ,To Kn«» Appallt* «»i"» <S«od I»l«*«t««ii Mi; inuko n triwl or Stijwri'H by«i>P|>-. TAblet*. . ' ",, ' A a-Wift <5f 8«nt^b frr»ftt^ tw»rvjft (eet hljtH has beefti'onfercd riv«r^h*^rsLV6 nt tne Tafte ^Sce'Si CaHfomlft! pounty Jail at Sk« 'j^Vaticlscoy charged; with embea^lement, nas fatten h*it 'tw |260,t*o: '. ' - . ' '/ , Charles Ernersfln was fAtaHy burned and sis!' fttbers ^pff Jvurt tty the pxplo- aldtt of a pasolihe stove Hi a fomale kltcben at <"hl)i*go. ' A dlf^>ateb from Rome sayS that abotfl fttrty persons Were ktllcfl and many others Injured by an p^rthtluakc at the sul- phu.r mines neai- GlrgerUi.j • Mra Andrew Hess oomrhitted suMde at Brastil, Ind., by arsrnic. Her dying statement was? tbat ?hp teared that bet- husband would reave her. They were recently married. The*<iUef*tJp8 of whether the authorities in the Unman Cat hollo church tiavr the Ught tn rcmovp priests at thPlr will was? il«>ld«*«l !n thr affirmative r»y Judsej P!c;k sUtinif at Waiikeaha, Wla. to (hf flowls bavirtB washed aMidpi- of the BtinRalorc-Mysore ._ . nrar Muddlur, India, an engine and 'fivp/^irs filled with passengers were precipitated Into the t'ivi r, causing loss of life. ~" In a eontPrt for a $1 prlae at \Vi?., ('hrtrtea llan'Tin, special delivery clerk «t the postnfflrt-. ate 124 raw oy«- ters tn thirty rtilnutes and won the fjrlze. His rcare?t ronipetUor Rave nut at elgrhty-fuur. _ - - " A 4-yrar-filrt daughter of William Oel- hcrr, of Kiel, Wis. f was- shot In the forehead by Johnrfy gtoever>/who. waa oare- lessly IinndtirrK BlBTPVo1<rtf.~ Me atdrrt know It was lhadcd. ThP chlW is in 8 Critical condition. The Onrirta Indians ftrp prpparins to givp a Wff ftyr on their reservation west of Green Bay, Wla, on the last'tHre^ days of the present month. It Is an annual event which srtJrjKts many ylaltorH ' While the IndiJni police at Fort^Hale reservation in Idaho wero atteniptJnp to restore ,an Indian girt to the aRcncy (tchnol, seventy-five youngr Bannucka set upon them and beat th«rn quite badly, ttetrtertsmt Hall lifts jBsked for troops tn aid in the arrest of the offenders. Th»> postoinct) departmcnt^has issued an wider chajiglng the name of the ppst- Qflkie at 'ParpreyvHle, Wls., to Rural, and Claude S. Ashman was .commlto? slon<-'4 'pontmaHter. The department dlao^ iisuetl an order dlsi-ontinuing the poet- ofRcv at Beet, Waushara county, Wla Mail will be »ent ti) Bruabville. ^V*' ness andLossdrSiEER facsimile Signature of EXACT COPV OF WRAPPER. t i > i - ff i^tthiM L f«t9iii * jg ^Aui •- ^J*^» l -j •— *> Illie Itod YOT "Always i..«ji.f..i»,i0^i. i in. of 01 lace curtains would siefcfln the an stfch wiry. We o «bd iron «»y face finrtairt* «« matter how drticate, eutr'usfed fennnVcare artd t&' re* tuna if as whole and sound >as when brought totts. Anybody <fan lanndera 8oek^6r a handkerchief^-I* take^ art to 'do tip' 1 a lace «nrtain in the way they arodono-at the Stefttu tjftimdry. Hatch Block. OF EVERY BOTTLE. •THE KISD YOU HA^E [At!AYS BOUGET. The Nvgnw falls fioutt." TABLE. JULY 4^ 1897.' No. ..* ............. - • So. 13 K*lnnja»i»(> Bxpreas ......... * B:n p. Jn. So. 7 F RANKLIN ° CHOOSE Cor. Bates and Lamed Sts., DETROIT, MICH. Only • Block tram Woodward A Jefferson Avto. Vcry<;*<ittjil. X**r_ Alt Car IJnefc ~ ill JAMES, Prop. TRAIN* «*.afr >vi !Jo. 6Malland Biptasa ......... <.... l:20p. w. So. in N. X.8pe(jl»i*. ... ' ........ tHi')p. IP. So. 14 Past Expres** ................ ..+":!» p. m, So. 8 Sight K*pfB88* .............. t?,-1(| So. 'IB Atlantic E«pro«(i* ......... . .ti.1ft».in. So. 18 Oian I lUplds ExpiiisK .. ..... S^W ». m. • Daily. ' s . , ' t Slope only on «1«jn»I. . All tmlnB ran oiK«tandftr<l whleu In 80 minutes slow cr t)uui;loea)tlmn. ; O. W. ft«i AK«nt, . A flue.- for tau and black K. E. Billings., -SB, , ^" J. H. BiBbet Mill and i w»aed the RioelCroak t« do all kinds of Cus. The mill ia in. iierfegt and is doing excBlteftt wor^. All patrons may dfpwwl upon honeet,deal- Us OentUman. Ko trouble is rno^j cpminon or more rnfe- UiiderstXKHl than oprvou* dyBpaipsia. Peo •t>le ImvioB it Ihitik that their uervesnre Ui blauio B»3 we earprised ihnt they are not cured by nbrvt> ia«dioiu«; and spring remedies; the real Beat of 'the taiachief is Ions night of; the etoina-jh is the oritnn to be looked aftrr. ' Net vOuH dyHpeptics oftop do not nave RUJ pain whatever iu the. ^glgjjBttacb, nor perbap* any of the usual symptoms of stomach weakut*B. Nervous dyapepeia shows itaeif uotm the stomach so much an ia nearij every other prg«n; in some easea the heart i.^ipitnttMii Riirl i« i-rregialttr; in others the kjdni>y»are»ff*ewl! >» othera the bo*«le ore consUputed, with beadaoneat "till othen* ttro troubled with loaa of He*h and appntite, withooomnulaUon of gna, oour ritnnga and heart buru. WLr. A. Vf. Sharper of No 6* ('bairn and tnbhffl to rcpt for p»rtie» ,1, W. 1 KWKR , Joha Couatagh^ n;«. »iv«d through H L/Day & Son »c»r ot ,t ' brand of Merman Purtt«n4 is prepared to put down the beat walku it • t«j »ti««l, Dr. Fowfer'n'lSxti of W'ild Strawberry has b<-on uwea for forty >*'Hr» and has never yet 'failed to euro aciwe qfiltai rhoon, ilyscutery, or auinqier cuinplaiDt la any of it* variouc forms. i >— ' ' The state liquor dealers'league has bee'n reorganized, One tf five applications of i>o»n*« Oint- incut will cure the worst cas» of ittrhing pilrs there ever Wita. Cati you afford to suffer torture* when a eiiripte. Qever.faiung remedy ta'at hand? U never fails. t Mrs. Merrill hite a fine lino of cycling bats fot klie fall trade. She also enow* the "eow boy" hat which is the latest at J» S. Unnrona RexTablets are sold under a posit ive guarantee to cw c_ or refund the mone^, arjd we standby out guarantee. CUKES all jNervous Diseases, Impotence, Varlcocele, Lost Vitality in old i» N young, NlghUy Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effects ot self- abuse of excesses. Stops dangerous drains A genuine nerve tonic. Shows immediate improvernent. The grandest remedy of,modern times.. Don't buy Imitations. Get REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or oix packages > full treatment) for $2.50 by .mail, in- plain package, on receipt o: price. Circular free. i/iMn or'Mnfw re\ 20 W.VMOKTH PU KIlNu KblVltUY <LU., UHCAOO, ILL For »ftle »t M»r#liiiU, MlcU.' l«y A. O. HYDB*. ^ _ DETROIT, MiCti.' Wom»n to K«cnr« n JJnrino"* tUnqiiuin Mpchnnlcsl Dr*wimt "T I'enmani'lilp J JllfU ' < Ah-> 1 t'MJ . , * any .tune. rutelHinie > «•• lyttott vv y. JBWSLL,I'll," i- r . - -Formerly- Cincinnati, Jacison .& Time Uble taking effect A us;. ,83 189T Trains paM MarahoU v followu. THAtSB OOINO «XBT. ' So. «1 .' Bsttl« Qreek accoiumodauou . T .20 A. m ' .. motive of par* gratitude prortps me t<> w few lines reaM^S tn* »e w >1<» tncdieine., SU)art*8 Dyspepsia T*b- J[ have been a suffeir!W« "ouv uervouf pBia f< r tfio IB** fo«r 'y*ttw; Have uu«a various patent taedtoiws and" other ' "r 3 ^ _^_ _^ irtTii*' ^a^wfilai; ctfecta 6f thp Iftro ._™, until the «otf. I ttttrib- hsbita, buiBK « , tkwt the tnbleH taft w for I wn bt »l, Mary's sobool of aauaie frill re-open 00 Monday, Au« ? 30. The ba«t and Iftt ant rixethods are used in this department and special attention, gi ton Ui the th«Qry and art of mttBJe. "Par further particular* call at the school or. BiaterB 1 'rt»i- 'flepce. ___ i^rput toying, stoves blsofccof and set , CurniJbure peckiwt »t*. -l^eava orders ... , tpjrea*.. .................... . Ho. S»MftU.,.».... ............ ....,_,_ 4:11 p. ^ TBAINU OOISO »««T. So. «4, Pattlu Crf*fcat:aomnnl»lion. .. ».(«ip. ro Mo,0,ltaU ............................ n/aa. m Vo. !» Bxprca* ................... '••— 5S»P- ««. All lr»ln« daily txcopt Siindttv Direct c«nn«cllone arc maiio at, Tolod > i Ilnoinuiill with all niiula dlvurging. tt.'AN»ON, Airt- MawbftU.' ^L*Ce STS*MK«9. LOW I -r .a MACKINAC PETOSKEV ® CHICAGO.. Tnipa PB« We«* BBTweew ^ roledo, Detroit j? PUTOSKEY, THE " SCX5," AtAHQUETfE ANt> DUtUTH. x «CE. TO CAVEATS, W DDIIU'Q VO1K KITHKB BEX. Pnurl dTht. re. eumt of ihipwe s , Vuifnu r DESJOJ4 PATKMtS, 1 COPYKSOHTa, OtO- i«M« Hnml ~K ^V « rl(<* (»l est f Iwulatfoti of any K'-l^nliOo p*pi'r t )Uu«traU<) • Vv .iJKUfcBH. :»il I'nmdwui. ?. \y \urit pltr reaulve* n« of diet. <l»i« niuriinteed la ,* to » . A O. HYDE. tsouriw f»f »^T^^.> w,w^-^. —• --—., "— ™ -^ — m every way, Tlie *bora i» written i. n»*tir^tj\H?Ht i# N*>d °» «*«H»* ML- 11 of o, heart dUeam by addling Stuart Co., M«i*b«U ? All dni({gitttH sell fuU *ii#& pacfcajBoa at AD (B a good opportunity to fatuiiu* laudftio Souttt y* rtd« froui QMp» *femt, corn, b*itejr « tjll'r at the w»i. As -» ajock *ad d&irj oouutry South QajM« |e«0«t ttb tiw wortd- farm lauds with nearby market* ttbougblhw f EMU |i% fl% W6, and upwards, per acr«, and this is Hue ^ip« to iuwst, TWE fwsWttf partic4iliucs ft i^WW^^PW * W *w^W^P^ " ' Bftf^MhMtlJ JHHHHW5|W:'^P^WWP~ ^ ^ P, V- IjftfflbwpKW is here TO M«rt* ua1 ' vrith^Js odd Wast FeattM n^ht to jrofl* fc»»«e day with hia hood badly lacerated t»ieedingf au5,»uffenn^ great pain," «»y» Mr. E. «7.8chaB k with Meyer Bros. Brtig wound and( apulieSXJhii^uberlaiH'B Fillfe »fm fr«aly. AJ1 i»Ja>^««aBed- »M»d ia a r A8I*AHA«V» WISE. A MCmtly dl»cu vercd remedy tor kidney dl»«»w. Dr. yattef, a nl»jsid4n ol large «;»perlcncc, being convinteti o| ifiB itupeilalive v*J^e ot 4»p4f4gtt» in the euro ol kidney woublci. iu»tTt«teii A sr»»» m experimental)! WbU't* V«et«»l*dM»j: c«mp*ratn* vafi»« of the dry inJ-Btctn roota ana siaus pi th* Blanfc- "Ptw l*fgtt*i i«*dwinai value was found J yi druggist!!, <• & Nuw P^if ol »VCP,,» H. «. POWELL, CVCRV CVCNIN& Detroit and Cleveland Connecting with Kartlest Tratei h', Clev*laud for alt points Kasl South nail ^ 'Southwest. iunday Trlpi June, July, August and September Ont£ 2 New Steel Passenger Stea<aere Hove iu-^t 'weu Unlit for our ITptx-r t,ake Route cohtlug *3txv»<i eacli. Stnfl »or illurf'uted pamphlet. A<\dreas, A. A, SCI"VNTZ. o. K «.. DETROIT, MICH, The Detroit 4 nieveiand Sieam' Hav. & ast Trains TO\ X ; Bay visw Via " ' - x G. R. &I. \ you* teatfee* b0cta a.od piltowa, ft.reee.! fty*oc«r»es» honoatly > tr%d, baakela well ' ' ' . Bmt*W u i buraed it>y 81 -'- WW »8te»»«; „„ ^MgX r«4w*it ^--^ ^1 maajr msifical I. UB?er i W ^K»T»r^* I lwo« of no ptosijriptioa «Hual to it, I • •" naaewiity." The »• CkxdBtte. HOUTtt »AKWA, Ae ca,u tn»y l«Dr ngf*ji «f «o*»a $1^)00. fay 9¥» tobiH balaiu* p»ltm«at* due tu ^ 4, awi ' it a 4. O* HYOJg, lii*t III H&rwusTiiiitif, ^•Mp-^nBi^.iMii.iiaHiiiii I, imam \M< uaP" ''^^U'tftgrggfr <A •*• ii. 1.1.i^i' .-fiiiiimi um ••<• " L"*P-I* ii'j Mrs. Sier^ia ifl 8hi»wiBg faapdami»e fell ^d bjttet t»<iiw tka eow» w»M % wtp^ww. t*« ie<g*v«w w» IMPW 4 wW w»jr o« the woit^te befoie tt Ju JSW ypftW W will Ua»e A *"» all p*id for aud welt stocked. FwdestriB- tiv4j)i8t**»d »rtB«i ft*toie«8 H. F. SuoUe, ,, Fast day trajo Nq. 7 te»Vf» Kala-, inassyo 12^, p. 'P»», WH! Oi-aud Eauiaaaao p. »„ artiviog Trawrse i7iOap,«j.,|»«ito8l!te7-JB,p < Viev 8:08 p. % a tioo ta a, p. * T. 4., * ciiod Rapids, Mieh, B. C. WEST'S If «f 1MB •» IBttfflf « of w^ ^>*^R^ 'gyB'l B^r" y*"! '^"^ Mia* lflt.LK» FLOOD, 3A 8. Manro* street. , bolted meftLcoa« To b«y ftour.L—^^, „.__ juftttl, gr.ou»d feed, bran tgt _, _ at a A. Qjb£8b«*'« wilL All »X|)I. '\ N I wili be at the ogice oil the JHwadap feottil during bm*|j»t«sbtwr8 until f-urthejr tea ^41 M. o» «to lo ^»* S«5^^ ^w fc A9ENTS WAMTED tb» most valuable rFhuUwj1» t to J i t- «f, tbe world iu iW& imok atone can to? * Wrtw fear aswwtotfef ttttA \»* -r^-.

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