The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 5, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1962
Page 5
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KAZOSPORT AND BRA20R.A COUNTY. TIXAS. WID., SCPTEMIIR S. INI T H I IRAZOSFOftT F A C T Two Seniors Prop Out Of Ala/or WC Football For Season ! League Ufl.'tvn r~*r\i tt**r.. , . . -^-. ,^^.. _ . . Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-241, PAGt S STANDINGS La** Chance for Season Angels Stop Yankees 7-6 llr-troil Chl«-»«i> nnlllnir,t I'li-vrlmiil Bo-Ion „,,.,, POM.MBIA .S,,) _ The AnHKn*™ reported thai 10, West (.nliimhio Roughnecks lost, more players were added to the Ihe services nf two seniors Turs- Wrsl Columbia B te,-im Tuesday. 1 day, both Imc-lis. diaries Brand and Doug Balkum Ml™,.™'!. 1 ' Jam,., Wnrny anrl Kirhy (Jnpton ""' " '^J^^ were holh ruled mil nf competition for lhe remainder irf ||,n season hy rtoclors giving Ihe linughnrck physical examinnlions. Warn y, a quarlrrhiick, WHS forced mil nf play w | t |, „ | u ,. |rt Bllmenl and rjuplon, a lelierman " V ™ K *«»««™TKI> I'llKM lialfhnck, dropped onl due lo an " r1 '° K " mp ' s n " 1 nvpr ul)lil thp MPM».M» Injury he received Iwo years ago ''""' oll( " m "- v h<> a Mtf nlrt hl "- '""""'' according to Roughneck head "° (i r.v—bill for the amazing Iy>s ''".T","*'" coach Tex KIISSPII. Angeles Angels It's a way of life K " n '" (;i|1 ^T™ n ;!\^'t^ K """ Wi "« "" ""•""''"eyve-r,, ;= ,v On HIP rosy Hide of the picture " s( ' d "" ""''" lnl " o™'"". «'e An- M , n J* rt .'-, L ! ( 7^". si West Cnlnmhin, ninth grade K rl * humbled Hie New York Van- .i*w«.hin7ion", coach Paul Wnodard welcomed kees 7-fi Tuesday hv I Ttir A.toHitm Frnt ,n. Unin 7, CriMeo I. nllhl AMKttlCAN I,K,\III'K Illoiinlnn 4. PhlUiUlpIiIll 1. nltht , Won l/rtt IM.Hrhlnri F'IU»hnrKh 5. Nru- York I. nl(rht 5' r '" -5HJ TOIMVS IIAMF.I Houston Beats Phillies .... ID S7 .511 ..'.. ii m .3d? .... 7(1 ;n ,r,m ... «5 74 !(6« .... fill 77 .1."0 T( 'Mn.tV'il RKX|.|.T*i \jm An«rlr< 7. ,%>«r VoiV « Minim flly 7. nr>"!<»n 2. nlflril nilrBKO 3. f.'IFvclnrtfl 2. U Irtnmtfi, li'troil «1 natltmrirr 1 . tllsltt. po,t I din Ilrm mcht. Pilliliiiriilt il ll-fii. num. « ins, M Homlon iBninel Remain On So/a jriiirna,! iKllv«iti|h «-!7i unit Toth l-Oi »t i rinrinfijitl Mlftlopry »-<? ("Irt N"!\-hfil! t-fl' '^. hvl-nijjhl .°»n iMm'Hinl 17-JO> It r/)i Afnr«lc« tp»vlif« 12-10). nt(thl AMI-:mr,v\ A^^tK IATION \\ltn l/)«l I'c-l. nrhlftlt «|mll rfltn TOIMI •« Ind Omnlia lirnvrr I.O'.iK\,ll<> Oklnltomn City . . r»lm«.|. I \Vnrth 7S .!!'( .517 .r.00 Ship Grid Tickets Move At Fast Pace [ HOUSTON, Tex. fAP) - Bob I Bruce did something an imported i hex artist and a number of homemade jinx breakers couldn't do. He led the Houston Colts lo vie- tnvy over the Philadelphia Phillies Tuesday night. 1 The big right-hander went the • full nine innings wilh a four-hitter OISTON and knocked in two runs as the niiriib CollS Won 4-1. W«r>v,,k ,.f .1 00 OiT.ylor 2b Box Score «l Ni-w ToiV IniHurulpolU 3-11. Ike Prgtll *•:,, fll B'^ton (Wil<«n f'"" 11 TOMOIIT'R IMMK* flt Omiihii it ttftlln*.tVii-( \Vorlh O>lfr.. pouring ck>ri»nd f Alirl Ktnh't; 10-11' tcnhiiK* ll-!fl anil r.rxnt (?-« or M<-l»owrll 7-7, and rendy hoys showed' up for ;'"'""* anr) P" Kll "' ln R llle winner 'Hrib-il ll.fM. niuhl NATIONAL I.KVil K Wnn Ixi^l f',-1. PIM ... SI « .fl',r> .. »7 r,l Kit coach. NEW CAR LOANS TEIMS Ur TO MONTHS .. ChlfflltO Ihree !,„„,„„ «•> 4* 73 H7 «7 IW practice at the eighth grade level in (hp "'nth- It was lhe 16th time Raymond Belhko is lhe pighlh'llhls year they've scored lhe pini",'i : clincher in (heir lasl turn al bat. JJ' iw."u'iV the Urd lime they've come- I ifrom behind in Ihe final YoiV It was a day (V multiple shocks u,, An«r^'. t :i" > s«V' < i.-,"n" l .o! r 'i for the Ynnkees, whose American ''""-inninji.^Mii»mik«» «, mrni j I league lead over Ihe rflln-idled iMInnesuIn Twins was nil to 2\i j games and over the Ihird-place I Angels to 3'i. Kven before game time, the Bombers received a disheartening sethac'k when fragile slugger Mickey Mantle was disabled in a balling practice mishap. Mantle 'lore the lining loose from his rib |c»ue taking a hard cut, and Is jcxpcclcd to be sidelined for sev- In S'4 * 17 lilin IX. Albu'Ittctque ^ ITilId I*A<1< In r>".t-of-"> ^rlr'ii Kl r*v> 5. Au.lm I iKI Poo lr*\t •IH'TH ATH.VTK Pl.ttfl|-p* .*1*,-on 1], snvMnnAn 7 'Mflron wrn* I iKn'^Mllr «. Aihrvillr 2 iKnmvilli, ll ; 1-\ m bfnt-of.^ ifrlf*, If Exporter football ticket sales their tickets by 5 p.m. this Friday ^ Co||s , os( Mh pnds y—,,- A :cep up, school officials may be according lo H. E. Hopper, alh- doublchnader Monday night when '^.', r ," | able lo hang out a sign at Hopper lelic director of the Brarosporl ln(< .V usp d had luck symbols, a .it i city c«n. lFieH ,„,„ fa] , (ha , reads "(,-or schools. Kans wno S( , n( pavm( , n| quadruple whammy and good ""?,"„' Members Only." with their reservation rcquesis J,',' 1 '''. ( ' hamls - ^° '"^ ''evened to BPJ« p By parly Tuesday morning more will receive their season tickets " ay ' nB hasehal! with no frills than twice the number ol spawn in the mail. Hopper said these Th( , „„,,.„ ,„;„„,„,, 14) ticket* ever sold before had been tickets were mailed out TuesH- .,- - . ™ ln " m . ph Prevented „,„„ sold at the Exporter Foolball ; Tlie Kl l-ago Men's Golf As.«o- iciiitinn will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Ihe club house for i Ihe purpose of electing new offi- Iceis. Tuesday night and we Tile Bruce triumph ,'he Colts from making a rather ,j, ^""i BL UK n,x|ju, in roninaii me past stands at the stadium. riicticfnftil ma ,.\, •„ .1 u u n , Ticket Office in the Brazosnort totaling S.079 seals are held for ,., ' baseball .Schools Administration Building, visiting ball clubs, however any rl The ticket office started taking unsold tickels by the visiting (r reservations by telephone Tiles - clubs are returned lo Brazosporl S( day for seati in Section E at the and are placed on sale to lhe ' sladlum. Calls will b» accepted'general public. ,0.1. „„., ,, c , ,._„ .. . at BE 3-1781 for these reserva- The west Mand section designa- "'" and ' aS ' " me ( ^ two teams >hrh H 0 1 0 .101 OKIBII. 3b-«< .1000 101 ocaniron r-cf 4000 3 S S SS^V ! X ! S i i \ ntym'ttr CM 4111 J =[ ? ?^?™ pl « c J J J J *022aTorrc Ib 1000 MrLith p 1000 1000 1000 or) ir.osi-h short t 31 1 H Tnlnt. m I *- f;io«ndf<l out for Win? in tlrr fclst.urk oul for Mrl.t<h In out for Orr^n in 7[h. \»r • , ta ehaU nL" » ™.... l mm^rf ?hP . a" -, 1>nll !!f,, J - w c^b S?" ..^P -r,,, ,,.,'' ™ m » th ^-8™™. sp,n«r. g E th<> HR - |: " !m "' r - "-""» WEEKEND DOLLAR SPECIALS LADIES SHOES Values to 14.95 $ l- $ 3 Tlitll. "B-LilH«. year^ Denver City Schoolboy Star Quits As Oklahoma Gridder walked away with port office by noon Friday, Sept. | s the north end of thV"Vvest '^"'era,"iiT??"- 11, dale of liie Exporters' first stands. Sections B. C and D reach |, is ' game of the season. from the south Ij-yard line to the The west stands al Hopper north 40-yard line" in Ihe wesl i Field seat 5.212 persons. By TUPS- slamls. Braznsport students and day. season ticket buyers had band will he seated in Iheir sec- Tabbed up all *ealf! in sections lion localcd from the north a) , LADIES 1 SPORTSWEAR Values to 7.99 Venzon. T-2; strong right hand. He didn't ™ RT WORTH rAPl - Texas even use his hand lo sprinkle Chnstlan had its first heat vic- magie powder. He used it lo hurl tims in foot hall practice Tuesday regulation-type baseballs and to I " J ' " lev apparently were not se- p ^ - hold the hat. vcre. „„„ i,i , ,. lf '" KM Dugan. a self-stvied hex Thr ee sophomores — fullback rid If ,prt?o"E - Hne '" mrth '°- yilrd specialist from Arkansas, was in Bobby Barker, tackle Richard Davis, Kermit halfback, may mil. the L u b b o c k Ava,. , lanche-Joumal said loday. the next iwiple of days whether AL action, the Chicago r , nvt tr* mother Mr. W Y to «!a" \Vimc Sox edgerl Cleveland M on! Gravi( , M|d „, DpnV( , r Cjty Tucs ; " " ,. (he «' c ap- FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK mine and j Boston 7-2. i Twins-Senators Ihe Detroit Mrs. Davis said he was seals issalisfied and would decide In sla ? d ' availab '" to individual tick- Tuesday, Sept. in, 4:30 to 7:30 icasl it was not noticeable. Two sections — 1,557 p.m. al the Hopper Field ticket Coll Manager Harry Craft lands - are booth. These tickets will be en parently had the .secret to ul He may go to some other and'band Braz<wport * hldcnl « *» le a R a '" Wednesday during the whole "thing even before fans! nsas City whipped ^Oklahoma team and had goV't'o p1a7 tohalP^rs *^ gam€> tlme Frid ' ay ' ^P 1 ' 14 ' Monday' bearing aTso^te of*^' In addition lo the Weathcrford. Okla.. to see about The two along wiih Pete Mosc-i.h ,- iT, " ,, \ resf ', r%Td N " P hone ordprs *'» •» a <-fepted | U ck charms. He said: postponement at entering Southwestern Oklahoma ley. a fullback from Miami. Okla., —--"-I 8 - 50 ". " ckcls _ shollW P' L ' k U P; lor these tickets. •• Samf timdy ^ sf hits wi) , Tigers state. She said he didn'l want to left the Oklahoma squad Monday - {ltkf '"''<' °' a " lhe J' nxt-s . v "ui and Orioles were rair^d out al play football any more. awwding to reporls rrom Nor- O** J —^v—•' C^^ J.. IA^...£ ever heard of." Baltimore. At Kermil, Davis' mother. Mrs.,man. physician and released. LADIES DRESSES Values to 11.99 \\ DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE with SUPER MARKET PRICES!' TOMATO JUICE Lbb > CRACKERS C<n N ' b Mb. HOMINY Und> w KRAUT Lbb > CHUNK TUNA SPAM 2 3 N 2 No 30} 12-Ot. Cant 300 C«n« Star Kit) i Sii* Can Can 29 C 29 C 35 C 25 C 29 C 29 C 45 C FOLGER'S MOUNTAIN GROWN 1-Lb. Can DILL PICKLES ' WHITE VINEGAR H< SLICED CHEESE MAZOLA OIL ADOLPHUS RICE TOOTH PASTE c "" u STA FLO STARCH BABY FOOD G ' rkt " str * int<l Jfports Dodgers' Sandy Koufax ^™-^-~—--. 1 Is Out For Rest Of Year Saddened SMU Gridders LOS ANGELES I API-Sandy \A/AVrtrlai* XAfltMt'e I •-• C4««I«A Koufax. Los Angeles Dodder fj J^ggg Wjrmorc »V UllWer W llCT 5 III 97016 'Si ** 3 southpaw who was havini; his bes season when a hand nerve block | sidelined him July 17. will do no more pitching this year. So says Dodger Manager Walt i Alston, who has called up right- bander Jack Smith of Omaha, the American Association's lop relief Toirnannt here . ' Ronme Na.«h of Aneleton the winner of a golf bag medalist in the tournament with a net 66. (pitcher. Smith, who.had a 17-7 o , her ^^ (vcrp . • Sunday after suffering a heat;can find enough other players in | record at Omaha, reports today Kil . s , F - |jMlt _ ]( ^ ^^-^ slroke in the first SMU practice, this'category that both top units ;to bolster the tagging Dodger Lake Jackson 2i D L White' H ' S death Was the third blow : wil1 consist of "red helmet" boys j mound corps. Houston 3> James Brannon Lake Wnth ' n four days for Hayden Fr y-: b - v Sept. 22, when the Methodists The Dodger, have been sweat- Ja f kson -. ' * ta - I ^ I *.. l ?. § . ^'. year ! s head .open their season against Mary- Flight — it out with what amounts to seven-man pitching staff, the den. Lake Jackson 3i Ray Jones, and °" e - vear as an assislant at'the first game were regulars last 'smallest in the majors, with Kou- Lake Jackson. Arkansas. : season when the Mustangs won i fax incapacitated and Larrv Sher- Third ni ? nt ~ ]l Bi " Corgey, Last week Jcrr >' Rhome. who two, lost seven and tied one. rv mt .uth , ^. ,™ ' j Anglelon 2i Andy Zacharv, Lake lpd lhe Southwest Conference in These veterans are Raymond i^ uui nun it HOlT: aim aFKl Hn t.. . i n *^-,i .. i . . n ^.~^ ,^-,™,^i«j; :_ in/-i j__;j.j.™, " n Ja-'kson 3i Bill Hagler, Jackson. Lake MONTGOMERY WARD ARMOUR STAR HEAVY BEEF—Cut To Your Soeclflcation SIRLOINS ARMOUR'S STAR HEAVY IEEP PRIME RIB ^^^•""^ _j7 STEAK ^^REPEAfBY POPULAR DEMAND WISCONSIN HOOP (RAT TRAP) CHEESE Quirt Kraft Pimitnto. l-O Am«ric«n HAVE A BOX SEAT FOR EVERY GAME... 119 NO MONEY DOWN (This i» the first in a series tunes? discussing Southwest Conference As a nuc , eus for his first EL LAGO CC (Spi - A total of football prospects) tv,. u a „ , , nil i \s /AD, c,^^™«j i, 'earn, trv has 17 players whose ?•'< golfers entered the Labor Day DAL - L '\ ; > 'APi— Saddened by. . . ' the dealh of Mike Kelsey. their dcslrc fo ^ ve lhplr <»*' « 'star center, the Southern Method- P' a . v during spring drills earnec was ist Mustangs wonder what else the' them special recognition from the and season has in store for them. coaching staff—the privilege of Kelsey. an all-state high school wearing a red helmet, player at Corpus Christ), died' The coaches are hoping they of the Mustangs after two i land. Jachson ,, R ' B Refj . years as an assistant at Baylorj Only- three players due to start ARMOUR STAR HAWAIIAN PUNCH 3 HUNTS PEACHES No. 2V, C«n . »|C C«m • 25 C ROLLED ROASTu 79 C DELSEY TISSUE "• ''«•• 2 R8l ,,25 c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 5,: 45° V SUPER MARKET 626 West 2nd. FREf PORT, TEXAS SPECIALS GOOD FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Sept. 4-7-8 OPEN TIL 7 P.M. BUY WARDS World Series Special NOW and SAVE! • Superior local and suburban reception • So lightweight; weight only 37 Ibs • So compact; smartly-styled slim caso ftta on the average shelf or TV cart • So efficient; has built-in antenna, plus connection for outside antenna. Have a better view of every play than at trie ball park, with this Airline 19-in. (diagonal measure) TV. Its compact case lets you carry it anywhere, watch anywhere, home or office. The low sale price lets you save, tool Buy now. Prict do«t not inctudt tromportalion dtarg** II 3-3507 IIS East 2nd St. completion in 1961, decided Schoenke. right tackle: Billy Gan-j .to withdraw and enroll at a col- non, left halfback, and Tommy \cze iliat used a pro type offense. Brennan. rignt halfback. Two days later Norman Nelson,' Completing the back-field are] , regular left end last year, was I Don Campbell, quarterback. wh< informed his physical condition • was No. 3 last year, and Ma.\| would not permit him to play this : Derden. a sophomore who at 190 season. | pounds is the heaviest deep back A week earlier Fry learned that on the sq^iad. Arlan Flake, a wo-letterman at Aiding Schoenke in the line will fullback, would miss a final sea-;be John Graves and Ray Green son because he had not complete-j at ends, John Knee at tackle, Les ly recovered from an ailment suf-j Stewart and Jack Rhoads at fered last year. Early in June,! guards and John Hughes at cen- Fry found that Jimmy Reeves, : ier. A 11 are lettermen excepl No. 1 defensive right halfback ; Knee, a sophomore, last year, would not be eligible; On the No. 2 unit a veteran for the 1962 season. Ibackfieid consisting of Roger Assigned to lhe cellar of the ;Brau?h at quarterback. Lewis AI- Somhwesi Conference prior to bright and Tom Sherwin at halves these happenings, SMU now looks | and John Ed Clarke at fullback lo the critics at if it will have!will operate behind a line made no competitor for tht position, up of thr» tophomores and four The big question ij iiow will the Mustangs react to these misfor- MEN'S Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS 1 PIECE GOODS Values to 1.29 3 2 Yds. Yds. ' 1 BOYS Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS Knit and Woven MEN'S DRESS PANTS Value* to 12.95 $C $7 $0 SIMI—AUTOMATIC (DUTCH-MAID) WATER SOFTENERS BOYS' and MEN'S SWIM WEAR LADIES' HAND BAGS WHOLESALE RETAIL DOWEX Water Softening Minerals MATERNITY Co-Ordinates SPORTSWEAR BRAZOSPORT BOTTLING CO. BE 3-1481 128 South B North Freeport

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