Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 26, 1961 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 6
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*AM?A BAIL? NBWS ' 'tHuRSBAV, OCtOBfiR J«» t§«f ! 84th Efcacon Gets Into Act As Halloween Spirit When the weary trick 'n treat-) con should be stored in the cold- ers ring their last doorbell at j cs t part of' your refrigerator and your' house, you had better be Used w [ tllin 5 to 7 days of pur- prepared with special treats Whether they be ghosts or clowns, the masqueraders will no doubt be hiding a hearty appetite beneath their masks. The masks are bound to disappear when the treats begin with brown - sugar cured bacon. Bacon means ."treats" . when combined with vegetables and served on a bed of fluffy,, white rice. The "Trick" is to selct ;the bacon that you can always depend on for. highest quality protein — the bacon'with the'.sweet smoke taste. The brown - sugar cured bacon bearing the two most trusted "words in meat .is purchased in an easy .to open, easy to use, easy to store container. To retain its high quality, ba- chase. The popular method of cooking is to pan - fry. The tin- separated slices!of bacon are placed,in an unheeted skillet and the slices separate as the bacon il' frying. Broiling is another cooking method. When a pound or more is used, baking is an easy method of cooking the bacon because it does not require watching or turning.; Whichever method is used, the irresistible fragrance of the brown - sugar cured bacon will prompt action from all bacon - snitching spooks. Inflated balloons marked with faces and • draped with squares of cheesecloth add a ghostly atmosphere to your Hallowe'en party. A gay black cat of heavy cardboard or wood is the holder for Vegetable Platter Mealtime Boon For Homemakers During Busy Times j tail full of doughnuts. Goblin' Good Bacon Surprise Relishes taffy Apples hard Rolls Sugared Doughnuts Hot Spiced Tea or Cider Goblin' Go'od Bacon Surprise Yield: 6 servings 1 pound sliced bacon 1 cup uncooked rice ]'/2 cups sliced celery 1 cup sliced onions 1 cup sliced mushrooms 2 cups water \\'i tablespoons cornstarch V: teaspoon leaf marjoram 2 cups shrceded cabbage 1 cup sliced green • pepper V£ cup diced carrots 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 leaspOon salt % teaspoon pepper. Cook rice according to directions. Keep rice hot. 'Fry the ba con until crisp. Remove bacon from pan. Keep warm. Drain ofi all but 3 tablespoons drippings Brown celery, onions, and mush rooms in 'bacon fat. Blend water with cornstarch and marjoram Stir info vegetables. Simmer, cov> cred, for 10 minutes. Add remain ing ingredients and half of the crisp bacon broken into pieces er. Make a ring of rice on plat Cook, covered, until just tend- ter. Pour bacon mixture in center. Garnish with remaining bacon slices. Bacon and Lettuce Toss - Up Yield; fi servings. % pound bacon, cut into '/£ inch pieces 1 head lettuce 1 cup sliced green onions l /\ cup bacon drippings H tablespoons vinegar 2 tablespoons light cream 1 teaspoon sugar \'i tcasnoon salt .: •'/. teaspoon dry mustard Mi'/fi te-nspoon paprika Dash pepper Pan - fry bacon until* crisp. Drain on paper towels. Reserve \'\ cup'drippings for dressing. Tear lettuce in topieces. C o m- bine beets, onions, and bacon bits hfe department of entomology icpfiomlc Jtoofdgy dh the St. Paiil! lampus, ^ Willing to talk aboul ieea, and hortey any time, any place. But he Is more thdti usual- y .enthusiastic today; because the applications are ' •' beginning • to come in (or his nationally known correspondence course in b e e- <eeping. It means very little to iim financially, but hfe loves to new people started in beekeeping, Honey ..On Sauerkraut /s De//c/qL/s But Homy 0^-Sprd/rifes, *,. Mykola tt. Hajrdak of 11 have Mtjftteft ift cbmbi ent of entomology and'with h6nejr'srt<j 1' ean recal h6nejr' One With' Which, it Is not g 0 6 d, Sardines.' Honey with sardines i& terrible* -It's simply awful. •'- ' . "6ut with' satuerki'autl AhH, that that is 1 different story, Mynvife, who Is a splendid cook and'a re< searcher, has a recipe: sauerkraut with a little salad'oil, "a little' French dressing, and honey. It Is delicious,"- What's your'Idea of >dessett? ter,' pressing sHfhtly' Into battei-; S6methihg warm ' and spicy, recalling the treats that Used to emerge from grandmother's kitchen ** or an elegant creation, 'It is the 'most 'relaxing hobby I know," Dr. Haydak he says, And then there is the hone/. "There are very few foods that Lamb Patties Are In Festive Style An unusually tasty combination for lamb patties is offered by Reba / Staggs, .well known home economist, who points out that Ihese are distinctive enough to serve at a 6 pa'rty or any festive occasion. • ' Wrapping each patty in a bacon, slice is a nice .touch, and the combination, of flavors in the patties puts them' into the/ epicurean class.' , • FIESTA' LAMB' PATTIES''- 1 pound ground lamb 8 slices bacon 1 cup crushed corn flakes 1 cup cooked or canned-,/^ tomatoes / ,' ;,•'-. ' 1 egg ; .',;' 1 small onion, minced , -*> •• 1 teaspoon, salt Y» teaspoon ; pepper Combine' lamb, corn flakes,, tomatoes, egg and seasonings. Shape into patties % to 1 inch thick. Wrap slice of bacon around each patty and fasten .with a wooden pick. , Place patties on broiler rack and pan so the top surface of the meat is 2 to 3 inches from the heat. When the patties are'nicely browned (10-to 12 minutes) turn and continue broiling until the other side is brown, about 8 minutes. Yield: 4 to 6 servings. Prof, rtavdak is not only Inter- lr * th * and "shimmering on a crys- csted in the taste of honey but! 1 ? 1 P[ ate? Elthcr wa V. «PP les are in Its nutritive lived for three value, He once months on milk and honey (three tablespoos 'per quart) plus a occasional glass of orange'juice for vitamin C. He reported at the time that his ability to work was normal and that no sluggish ' or tired feeling developed. Haydak points out that: Several studies iiave shown that infants subsist far better on a formula using honey than "one with syrup. The list of beneficial - vitamins, minerals,, proteins, .sugars and acids in honey is a long one. A study with Eskimos shows refined ..sugars cause tooth cavities but honey does not. the best answer as an autumn dessert. Dutch Apple Bran Cake is the homey klrtd of dessert,or .snack to team with mugs of coffee or marshmallow-capped cocoa, popcorn or a big • bowl of unshelled nuts. Whole -bran cereal gives the simple cake a nutlike flavor that combines appealingly. with a cinnamon • silgared apple topping- Served warm or cold, squares of Dutch Apple Bran Cake will be a hit with young and old alike,A dessert, to bring'forth with deserved pride is Sour Cream Apple Torte. Baked between a crunchy mixture of almonds and j sweetly spiced corn flake crumbs Combine sugar' and cinnamon-, sprinkle over apples. Dot with butter. Bake in moderate o V e n (375 degrees K.) about 35 minutes- Servp warm or cold. Yield; 9 servings. SOUR CREAM APPLE TORTE 2'/i cups pared, sliced fresh apples 2 tablespoons butter or margarine Yi cup sugar VJ cup sour cream 4 eggs, separated 1 tablespoon flour • 1 tablespoon grated lemon rind lYi tablespoons lemon juice ! /4 teaspoon' salt "Honey," he says, "should be'is*a meltingly smooth lemon cus- in every • American home. And presumably, in every dish of sauerkraut and every glass of beer. But not in sardines. • with lettuce in salad bowl. Mix rest of the ingredients in'skillet. Get Goblins Ere They Get You The goblins'll' get you if you don't get to them first. So treat them to their own tricks . . . fun to eat goodies made in haunting images. DOUGHNUT GOBLINS 1 dozen small round .gumdrops Yi dozen plain /doughnuts 3 ring gumdrops Cut 6 round gumdrops in half and arrange as eyes on the doughnuts, ,Place a whole r Q.u,n d gumdropT: over, center of each doughnut for the nose. Cut ring gumdrops in- half 'and then ' cut jagged edge with paring knife or tard layered through with,' tart apple slices. The torte is relatively simple to make, and'it may be served s either warm or cold. the .finishing'touch of a garnish of whipped cream or sour cream and a-scattering of'sliver- ed almonds. DUTCH APPLE BRAN CAKE \ l /i cup's sifted flour 3 teaspoons baking powder Yi teaspoon salt ] / 2 cup whole bran cereal 1/4 cup soft butter-or margarine 1-3 cup granulated sugar 2 eggs, well-beaten 1-3 cup milk 2 cups pared, sliced apples j /2 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 2 teaspoons Cinnamon . u 2 tablespoons butter Sr margarine^. ..• ..• i " • '.'. ; "< ? • . v ; Sift' together flour, ' baking pow 2 cups corn flakes or • ; V£ cup packaged corn flake- crumbs 1-3 cup "sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup blanched shredded almonds Cook apples* in heated butter in a covered fry" pan until tender, stirring occasionally. Combine' • - * r sugar, soUr creanf, egg yolk flour, lemon rind* ««d lemon jute Pour over apples. Cook over lo heat, stirring until mixture thfc ens; remove -fr^m, heat- CT Beat egg : wKUls --with salt' Ufl stiff but,, not dfy\ j :Fold into-fiti tard mixture, -jfet ' -. J If using cornflakes, crush fine crumbs. ^Combine sugar, clj namdh, corn flake crumbs Id almonds. 'Spread half'of crtmi mixture in bottom of greased 8x; inch ' baking' pjln, Pour hr filling cover with remaining crunib mb ture» IT'S LOVE scissors to represent teeth; place 'der. and sa.t; mix with whole;bran Cook over mixed and low heat until well flavors 'are blended. and toss lightly. Serve immediate- on •doughnuts'in position of mouth. Yiel'd: .6 Doughnut Goblins The • beret has returned to fashion favor. This year,- it's made of chinchilla and worn tilted to one side 1 . cereal. Blend butter and sugar; add eggs and. beat well- Add sifted dry ingredients 'alternately with milk, mixing after each addition. Spread' in greased 9 x 9- inchjpah. ; Arrange apples on top of. bat FULL FOO ORTHf ALUE BAKE- HIS FAVORITE... Brown Sugar Apple Pie SEE RECIPE ' ON IMPERIAL^^SUGAR BAGS ANti CARTONS By GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper'Enterprise Assii. Perfectly seasoned and cooked vegetables, in contrasting colors, served together on a large platter, give a lift to any meat In. these recipes, new, excellently flavored corn- oil margarine is used GREEN SNAP BEANS .. • (Makes .4 servings) 1 pound green snap beans 2 tablespoons corn oil margarine ' ', " Water teaspoon salt with I teaspoon brown sugar and 1 teaspoon dry bread crumbs. Dot with corn oil margarine. Place on broiler rack 5 inches from heat? Broil until tomatoes are tender and lightly browned, about 10 minutes. BAKED STUFFED POTATOES Wash, then dry, unpared baking potatoes. Rub well with margarine. Bake in a hot oven (450 de- grees'F.) until tender, about 45 minutes. Cut slice from top of each potato, carefully scoop out You Can't Can It At These Prices How Can You Go Wrong? , Shurfine Select fresh crisp beans. Wash,! potatoes and mash For each po- remove strings and ends. Cut in- tato add I tablespoon margarine, milk, L tea- little to 1-inch pieces or'leave whole as preferred. Cook covered in a 1« tablespoon skim spoon minced chive* or a small amount of water 20 to 30 (grated onion and salt and pepper minutes. Add margarine and toss •, to taste, Beat until fluffy. Pile to dress beans lightly. NOTE: For frozen beans cook according to package directions and loss with margarine to season. BROILED TOMATOES Wash and dry tomatoes. Slice COFFEE Lb. Gan mixture lightly in'o potato shells. Brush tops with melted margarine and place under broiler just until lightly browned. NOTE; If a soft skin is desired, wrap potatoes in aluminum foil in half. Sprinkle tops of each half'baking. before .._. i NEW! BRAND NEW! CHEF ELMO'S MAGIC SEASONED MIX NOTHING TO ADD FOR CHICKEN, STEAKS ROASTS, CHOPS, DELICIOUS GRAVIES & WHITE SAUCE Nothing Like It On The Market Sold On A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AVAILABLE NOW IDEAL TOOD STORES * RYRQN HU41UN MO 4*4620 PAMPA, TEXAS Shurfine O L E 6 Lbs. O $100 1 OUR LARGEST SHURFINE CARNIVAL YET STOCK U> FOR THE WINTER SHURFINE Flour 10 b '69< 25 bsJ T : SHURFINE 3 ib. en ing 69 HELP ! We Have To AAove .700 Cases •• Maybe We Over Bought -;. , But -.We'Don't Think So. 'Shurfine Qt. SALAD DRESSING 39 .Shurfine, 14-oz Btl. CATSUP 5 For Shurfine, Red, Sour Pitted, 303 Cans CHERRIES 4 ° $1 Shurfine, 8-oz, 30c Off label INSTANT COFFEE 89c Shurfine, Strained, 300 Cans CRANBERRY SAUCE 51 $1 Shurfine, Fresh Pak, 16-oz CUCUMBER CHIPS 4!$1 Roxey Tall Cans DOG FOOD I2i$i Shin-fine, 303 Cans FRUIT COCKTAIL 5s$l Shurfine, 24-oz Bottle GRAPE JUICE 3°$1 Shurfine, Cut, Blue Lake, 303 Cans GREEN BEANS 5s$l Shurfine, o'/.-oz Jar. MUSTARD 5c Shurfine Cheese Spread .J Lbs. Shurfine, Frozen 6-oz Can ORANGE JUICE 5i$l Shurfine, yel. cling, sli. hal. no 2Vz can PEACHES 4i$l Shurfine, 18-oz Jar PEANUT BUTTER 2°89c Shurfine, Bartlett, Halves 303 Can PEARS 41$1 Shurfine, Crushed No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE 4i$l Shurfine, 46-oz Can PINEAPPLE JUICE 4s$l Shurfine 300 Cans PORK & BEANS 10i$1 Shurfine, Apricot, Peach 20-oz PRESERVES 3-ifl Shurfresh SALAD OIL 53c Shurfine, Red Alaska, Tall Can. SALMON 89c Shurfine, 303 Can SAUER KRAUT 71 $1 Shurfine, 303 Can SPINACH 8.1 $1 Shurfine, Sliced,. Frozen, 10-oz STRAWBERRIES Si $1 Shurfine, 303 Can TOMATOES 5f$l Shurfine, 46-oz Cans TOMATO JUICE 4 ° $1 Shurfine WAFFLE SYRUP 2 Qts 89c Large BELL PEPPERS Calif, Bud LG. STALKS CELERY U.S. No. 1 POTATOES 10 Lbs, Calif. Bud, LB Pkg. Carrots Shurfine, 28-oz Jars Apple Butter Shurfine, 303 Cans Apple Sauce (ill Shurfine halves, unpeeled, 303 Cans Apricots 5111 Shurfine, all green, 300 ens Asparagus Spears 4SJ1 Shurfine, fancy, 303 cans Beans &. Potatoes' Shurfine, fresh shelled, 300 cans HIT Blackeve Shurfre§h Sweet pr- Buttermilk 8*QZv Biscuits ' 13 n Shurfine, golden whole kernal or cream Corn 6 303 cans 11,00 All .Meat GROUND BEEF 3 Ibs. USPA Good RIB S T E A K Sun-Ray 10 to 16 Lbs. We Give Buceanneer Starnps 2000 Aleesk WJth JJO Pwrchosf er Mori S Harvest time BACON and Just Visit, Free Coffee ivery Day 2 Lbs. 98

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