Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 9, 1969 · Page 8
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 8

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1969
Page 8
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July By ttfitolSE Dear Folks: Many Of you complain that when you buy corn on the cob DAILY TV Wednesday SCHEDULE? A 4:61 3- 1.1 <rO» i:30 4:60 storm Wig P»r»v ON 12) CABLE) Shadow* 8*wl£h*8 ,,Va«»r Ktoniftt N«lV<: Htwt f f 30 «.00 H»w«H Five^i 10-00 News t, W««fh(>r 10:30 Joey Brshoo 1J 00 Sign off 1:00 That Girl 1:30 Guiding light KRBC-TV 'Channel 3) 1 ON CABLE) 1:fi6 V30 5-00 3:00 The Match S«v S'M One ( i<» tn L 4:ftO Dream Hou*» J;00 Western Star i-30 Hunlly Brlnkley *'00 NWS. Weather Scarfs <-M The Virolnlan t:60 Kraft Musif Hall 9:00 The Outsider 10-00 News 16:30 Tonight Sh.9* KRLfc-TV 'Channel 4) (CHANNEL J ON CABLE) 1:00 LO'/« Is a Miny Spendered Thing 2:00 Secrnt Storm 3:30 Edge at Night 3:00 Art Unkletter Shaw 3:75 CBS News 3:30 Mr. Ed 4:06 Gllligan's Island 4:30 The Man Prom U.NC.L.E. 5:30 Walter Crankif* News «-M> Pvfnln-j Edition \ews. Weartlt* «:30 Tarzan 7:30 The Good Guvs 6:00 Beverly Hillbillies 8:30 Green Acres 9:00 Wackiest Ship In the Armr 10:00 News ana Weather ift'H Nfv/s S. Weather 10:35 Law of the Lan4 10:50 Mavis 12:00 Vespers and Sign Of KTVT-TV (Channel u» (CHANNEL 1 ON CABLE) 1:00 Galloping Gourmet 1:30 Peter Gtmn 2:00 Sea Hunt 5:25 Lucille Rivers 2:30 Whlrlyflrdj 3:00 Rlpcord 3:^0 Popeyt 4:00 The Three Stooges i Friends 5:00 Cisco Kid 5:30 Twilight Zon* 6:00 Wells Fargo 4:30 Western Hour 7:30 Dr. Kildare 8:30 Hitchcock Presents 9 00 Movie 10:00 News and w*ath<w 10:15 Mjvie Continued 11:00 Movie n 15:35 News 12:50 Meditations 1J.-55 Sign Off WFAA-TV (Channel JO (CHANNEL i ON CABLE) 1:30 Dating Garrm >:00 General ^ospftai 2:30 One Lite to Live 3:00 Dark Shadows «:30 Here Come the BrldM 7:30 The King Ftmlly 1:00 Movie 10 on News 11:00 The Rona Barrett Show 11:05 Joey Bishop Show 12:30 News 13-<S FBI 12:« Living Prayer 12:4? Sign tOH Thursday f at your grocery store, bring it j home and don't eat it for a few j days, it dries out. i I always shuck mine immediately, place it COMPLETELY under water, then put in my refrigerator. This keeps it from shriveling up If j'ou are going to keep it over two days, be sure and i change the water. T have kept) corn on the cob for as long as' a week this way. j And while we are nn the subject of corn, I would like to give you another little lip I learned from one of the most, fabulous head chefs in Washing-' ton. D C. I had always heard that corn should never be cook- 1 ed more than 12 to 15 minutes j because it would make it tough. Not no. says he, If it stays in simmering water for as long as two hours, it will not become! tough. He's right. I tried it. ' Also, when purchasing fresh, corn, if you stab a kernel on the end with your fingernail and it spurts, that's a good sign it's nice and tender If nn juice 1 comes nut of the kernel, it's old and will be tough. And let's say right here—we ALL love you precious chefs for sharing your secrets with us Heloise ' LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: I was teaching Bible School I one summer and we had a child ; who just couldn't be controlled i When we corrected the child I for throwing spitwads or break; ing crayons, he would say. ; "What I do is none of YOUR j business!" i I called in the superintendent Comedian Wilton' Income Soars Up last YdftK (Ap) *- "My §6- estimated my inCQfM — Would be 1300,000 said Wilson, "but 1 Squally GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY — Mr. and Mrs. John R. Edwards will be honored with open house at their home in May Sunday from 2-4 p.m. in observance of their 50lh wedding anniversary. John R. Edwards and Bessie Jeffrey were married July 16, 1919. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were the parents of five children, the late J. R. Edwards Jr. of May, the late C. M. Edwards of Vernon. Lawrence Edwards of May, Mrs. Doris Norris and Mrs. JoNell Miller of Florida. They have 17 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. The Edwards moved to the May Community in the spring of 1967 and are member* of the First Baptist Church there. The celebration^v/ill be open to friends and relatives. Hosts will include children and grandchildren of me couple. (May BBC) Class Sends Boy to Camp Mrs. Henry Evans Sr. -..„.„„ ~fe looking tip. ff I call have two itiort years like i that, I'fft going to move out of the poverty afea." Hie 34-yfeaNbldf Negfo pef- fofmef, newest top sta'f oh the comedy scene, has spent ffiost of his life in the poverty area. Mis present success is a tribute to a self-determination that would be a credit to Shy Hofatio AJger hefo. Bom Clerow Wilson—"I don't, know why they hung that first name oh me"—Flip is one of 24 children of a Newark handyman. In his childhood he lived in three foster hotttes. "1 quit school at 16 because 1 was ashamed that I had only a ! dime a day to spend for lunch," he recalled recently between shows at the Americana's Royal Box. "I was a good student, and the other kids looked up to me. But I guess j kind of looked down on myself because I was so poor," He then spent nearly four years in the Air Force, and won I the nickname of Flip because of j the humorous skill with which! he delivered troop information ; talks. i S pfeTfofffler ftftaft ta a> , .. fof the hotel's She**, Flip volunteerea to fill in fof him. "The applause 1 got made ffie decide Hght then what I wanted to do the fest dt my life,'* he said. "1 wanted to make people laugh. H "I learned there is a theoty among great comedians that it takes 15 years to develop a minded, stand-up comic, and if i K.^ . .» 4 * i * i „ . . . . _ i no ! He made the great decision of i his life in 1954 when he was j , earning $40 a week as a bellhop ' and part-time clerk in a San Francisco hotel. One night, i hufnof, I haunted the bookstores Sfid redd everything t could on the subject. 1 studied the routines of all the great comedians of the past irt order to helj flights learning to write my material. "I gave up everything else— my apartment, what money 1 had, and the security of a steady job. t gave them up irrevocably. If you have a goal and don't give up everything else to it irrevocably, you're bound to fail, because that shows you aren't sincere." Flip polished his talent through painful years in which he hitchhiked from city to city, gave performances In night spots where he passed his hat among the audience. He managed to achieve his 15-year goal in 12 years. An appearance on Johnny Carson's "Tonight" show in 1966 won him national attention. Since then he ( has become a supper club star. \ a favorite guest star on major; television shows. ! §¥ AfttQAtL VAft DEAft AB§Y: this is a father delicate subject. 1 imagine there are many other fliaffied couples who have the safhe pfobtem, so I hope you'll answer sooft. We live in a small house and the bedrooms are next to each other. We have an eight year old daughter Who has started to wake up in the fniddie of the night and come into our bedroom unexpectedly. She says she feels fine, and there is nothing , but she wakes up and into our room to say "hel- the child told her the same thing. Her reply? "What you do may be YOUR business, bu( when it affects me. then it becomes MY business!" Perfect angel from that day forward! was, of the Naomi Bible Class of the p. Keatings Mark Wedding Date MULLIN - Mr. and Mrs. W. of Mullln were FUNNY BUSINESS co-hostess. Mrs. Galaway opened the meeting and Mrs. J. W. Nichols day, celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, at the Mullin community center. Mrs. D. B. Underwood of that day brought the devotional on •'Pra^ipT 5 - P' B ' , Undc ™ Learning er and Ho]y Hands , Mrs G | jEuless, the couple s only e Sigler presided over the meet-! d _ au g hte r. registered more tic- bags. My windows are so high I have to use a heavy step ladder to reach them. I took a it over th a towel to the bag and wiped the windows dry. Works very satisfactorily and quickly too. I can do them in half the time. Mary Bennett . given for the month. Mrs. John Johnson closed the meeting. The hostesses served refreshments of cookies, nuts and punch to Mmes. Nichols. Johnson, B. than 100 guests. All the couple's children were present for the occasion. They are Barney Keating of San Angelo, Mrs. Opal Williams of Dal- Jas, Mrs. Gladys Stubblefield of Ballinger, Autry Keating and Vernon Tuggle of MuJlin. ALL j?kSHrf\ THIS IS A STICK-UP J / S* / By Roger Bo/fen . ( RULTMIS SACK , , \ I WI-THAU V ^Jke eJjoctor Oa John Gray, A. W. Boler, H. D. Gillis, Sigler, P. B. Stewart, S. G. Bowen and W. B. Green. JCTXS-TV (CHANNEL 12 ON 12) CABLE) 4:00 Summer semester 6:30 livFarm-Actlon >.-M Weather 7:05 Mo'nlna News 7:30 Morning News 8:00 Captain Kangaroo >:00 LUCY Show ?:30 Beverly Hillbllllw 10:00 Anay at Mayoerrv 10:30 Dick Van Dvk« 11:00 tove of Life 11:25 News 11 :30 Search for Tomorrow 12:00 News 12: IS Sheila Raw)* 12:30 A» the World Turiu 12;25 Weather KRBC-TV (Channel 9) (CHANNEL J ON CABLE) J;0i fooay 7:?5 Harry Hplt t;U Devotion* 1:00 It Taker Two f.U News 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Personality 10:30 Hollywood Squart, 11;. 00 Jeoqsrdy 11:30 Eye Guess 1US5 News 17:00 News and Weather 12:00 Sarttiay Chtppel 12:30 You're Putting Me On 12:30 HlOdtn Facet JCRkO/TV (Channel 4) (CHANNEL « ON CASL.E) *!?« Slor. pii 6:30 Black Heritegt l:\fi rurws anc W«ath*r f;Qi Newt 1:0" Captain Kanaaroc t;00 The Lucy Shew • <;30 Beverly HIHpllllej 10:00 Anay Griffith Show 10:30 Dick ya<> Dyke 11:00 love of L«* 11 :M CBS News )l;30 Search, for Tomar'ow 12:00 Ne^s 1|;3J Ai »h» World Turns KTVIVTY (Channel Hi (CHANNEL J ON CABLE) Dear Heloise: Guess what? When my lipsticks get soft and greasy in the hot weather. 1'%'e found 1 can dip the end in a glass of ice water for about 30 seconds before applying it, and I get the cleanest line you've ever seen. The ice water will harden the tip quickly, and it has saved many of my lipsticks from breaking. And nothing makes me madder than that. Jerry Meyers I am with you, ho.n. Heloise Dear Heloise: For a ™ Town Topics Area Personals Guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nowlin of Rich- Jand Springs are Roger Pearson of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Snurlock and sons and Rickey Walker all of Dallas. and Mrs, W. T. Barclay with floor-length cloth of white i satin, featured an arrangement : of pink mums and pink gladioli in a milk glass epergne. Mrs. Gail Keating of San Angelo lade-Ied the pink punch and Mrs. Jerry Keating, also of San Angelo, served the tri-tiered anniversary cake which was top. ped with an arch inscribed with "Lizzie and Walter—65." By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D During the hot summer days when you are trying to keep cool don't forget that it js important to keep your baby cool. too. If you don't he can't complain to you in words but his prickly heal should give you the message. This can make him very fretful. Heat rash is best prevented by not overdressing him and up his perspira- TOPS Club Meeting Held to use side of a packing case that around our new refrigerator. I place this on the backs of two chairs so I don't have to bend over. Sure saves my back. These boards can be painted to make them look more attractive. Beatrix Dear Heloise: I add one-half cup of applesauce to prepared corn muffin mix. This makes my muffins so much more tender, moist and different. Mrs. Mansfield Dear Heloise: The bell-shaped pulls on the cords of old Venetian blinds can ied their son and "his wife, 'Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barclay of Brookesmith, on a trip to the Big Bend area. ' Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barclay j of Richland Springs and their! Forty-members of the Brownwood Thinning TOPS Club attended last week's meeting and recorded a weight loss of 39 pounds. The meeting was in the ; Brownwood Coliseum with Mrs. ! F. D. Davis presiding. "Queen" of the week for two consecutive weeks was Mrs. John Martin, who was "Queen for the month of June. Dues awards went to Mrs. 0. L. Hart, Mrs. Harris Staton, Mrs. McDowell and Mrs. G. R. Gay. Mrs. Walter Cadenhead and Mrs. Curtis Allgood reached their KIW goals. Mrs. Lagette Fulton called the roll and Mrs. Earl Greer read minutes of the last meeting, . .. •--,-—--— --j Visitors were Barbara Bennett i be used to provide handle holds a nd Anita Adams. i on pull toys for toddlers. —___^_____ Most of the toys come with! long plastic pulls which slip) Both civilians and military right from a child's grip. I just: men may become members of put the string through the pull, j the French Legion of Honor knot it, and it's ready to go. j for outstanding civil or mili- Cindyitary service. of Arkansas, Missouri and Okla-! homa. | Mr. and Mrs, Glenn Lewis; and children of Richland j Springs and his brother and \ family. Mr, and Mrs. LeRoy j Lewis of Houston, are vacation-! ing in the Big Bend area and i will visit San Antonio, ! , ispo suns p»ns jj:30 Rp/n^r Bwro 10:00 Girl 10:30 12:00 Talk CORNER DRUG ON THE SQUARE Wl PONT Mill PRJCfS , . , m BEAT PRICES . , .. $2,59 Anoem .20.0'$ .,,.,,,,,,.,,,,. $1,79 $2.39 Aspirin 300s „.,,.„.....,.'...,.. .$1,69 79c Listerine ,,,, 53^ 89c Milk of Magnesia ".,.,...,;,. .59c $1,19 Haley's M,0, ..,,,,, ,,. 79c 60c Desitin Baby Lotion , 19<LIVESTOCK AND RODEO SUPPLIES Wi SAVE YOU MONEY • -"• - w •ssff T K w -^IJF. m "* *mr w ON YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS Duplicate Bridge Results Fielding Early and C. F. Wesner won first in the Monday night play of last week's duplicate bridge with Mrs. K. W. Smith and Mrs. C. F. Wesner winning second. Third place winners of the game held in the Brownwood Coliseum were Mrs. B. M. Orloff and Mrs. E. P. Woodruff Sr. Tuesday Winners in the Tuesday game at the Brownwood Country Club were Mrs. Don Jordan and Mrs. C. C. Woodson, first; Mrs. Lena Mattox and Mrs. Erma Medcalf, second; Mrs. Jack Broad asd Mrs. E. P. Woodruff Sr., third. Thursday First place winners of the Thursday session were Mrs, Maxine Mitcharn and Mrs. K. W. Smith. Dr. H. B. Allen and Wendell Allen won second, and Mrs. Gertrude Dingle and C, F. Wesner placed third. Saturday Mrs. Ken Bowker and Mrs. Bill Griffin placed first in the Saturday game. Mrs. Mary Scott and Mrs. Wesner tied Mr& Dingle and Mrs, Myrtle for second place. SPECIALS TUNI-UP SPECIALIST Sunscope ENGINE ANAITZIR The New Electronic TUNiR t Checks condition of valves f Checks sparjc i t Checks points t Checks wiring « Set carburetor Tfit< Net TOM'S AUTO SUPPLY SJJRVJCE PEJ.T. Ft, WprtJj Hwy. Please send your and comments to Wayae G, flraodstadt, M.D., la care at this paper. While Dr. Brand' stadt cannot answer Individ' lexers of general interest in ual letters, be will answer future columns. E. B. HENLEY &CO, Our 82nd Anrm«r,gry • GENERAL INSURANCE • REAl, ESTATE i tion, especially on his neck ! I and other skin creases. ' ' A tepid bath two or three! times a day, followed by dust- > ing his skin with cornstarch or! a heat rash powder, helps to | prevent or cure prickly heat. Or i you may dab the affected areas with a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. When the room temperature is 85 or more your baby doesn't need to wear anything but a diaper. Some babies, however, are more comfortable on a hot day if they also wear a light undershirt. Spare him the agony of waterproof pants whenever possible. If such pants cause a diaper rash, you should leave off his diaper for a few hours during the day. Air and a small dose of sunlight will clear up the rash. For most of the time that your baby is outdoors in the summer you must protect his delicate skin and his eyes from the sun. If he is old* enough to creep, he should wear a broadbrimmed hat when he is in the sun. Offer him water every hour or two even if he doesn't drink much of it. He can't get up and get it for himself. And when he does want it, he wants it badly. Q—Our son, 8, passes out whenever he gets hurt. As a result he sometimes falls and bruises his head. What causes this? Will he outgrow it? A—Fainting is caused by failure of sufficient blood to reach the brain. It is fairly common for a painful experience to cause fainting in children. A child who is .subject to such spells should learn to lie down immediately, no matter where he is, at the first feeling or expectation of pain. Most children do outgrow this trait in time. Q—Can a lack of fresh air in a child's bedroom stunt his mental or physical development? A—No. More air gets into a bedroom, even with ill win* dows closed, than most people realize. We have told hef that she must stay in her bed, but that hasft't done much good. We want our privacy. Abby, and can't be listening'half the night to know whether she is j asleep or not, and we don't know ; how to handle this. If we sud- ! denly put a lock on our bedroom i door, she might feel "shut out" ; or rejected, and this Ls the last ; thing we want to do. Can you I help us? NO PRIVACY DEAR NO: Put a lock on your door, and explain that it Is to prevent her (or anyone else) from walking in "and startling you. ill's true.) Assure her that you "love" her, and if she "needs" you for anything, she may knock and you will respond. DEAR ABBY: Some friends of ours have a daughter whose engagement had been announced. Elaborate plans were being made for a big wedding. Well, out of the blue, she ran off and e.'oped. so of course the big wedding is off. Now we get one of those "ANNOUNCEMENTS" letting us know that she had been married! (They didn't need to send those things, it was the talk of the town!) My question: Do you think we are obligated to send a wedding gift? DEAR JUST: For the umpteenth time, a "gift" is not given in repayment for anything. If it will afford you pleasure to give a gift along with your best wishes, do so. Otherwise don't. DEAR ABBY: This is for "Too Much Ironing," who complained about having to iron her husband's tindershorts: Dear Madam: You really have high-class problems. I wonder if you know how lucky you are? f ttould gladly If6fi ?» 16, 6f 28 pait of shorts every freek if my husband would leave my pantieS alone. When I first found out that my husband was snitching my panties to wear under his shorts 1 ; was bewildered and sick. How {long he had been doing this 1 i didn't know, but I'm sure it must j have been most 6f the 11 years jwe had been maftied because j when I look back, a lot of tilings I make sense now that didn't some time ago. My first reaction was to pack my bags and leave him, but there were thfee good reasons why I stayed, they are three adorable children who deserve a father and mother, and as long as God gives me strength I'll keep my home together, until our children are on their own. I am not a martyr nor do I enjoy being married to one I consider less than a Love and respect for him have flown out the window, and my marriage has become a "job" and nothing more. So, to "Ton Much Ironing," I say. "Keep that iron hot, lady, and don't complain " "OLD AT 35" DEAR OLD: Since this problem is so close to you, I am amazed that you have not made an honest effort to learn more about it instead of flatly condemning that which you do not understand. A man who secretly wears feminine attire is a "tranves- tite". And tho it may seem unbelievable to you. a trans- vesite is NOT necessarily a homosexual. So when you describe your husband as something "less than a man" yon may be doing him a disservice. DEAR ABBY: To "HAD IT IN HOUSTON," who doesn't like to drop in on a friend and be expected to "entertain" the mutt by throwing a ball, which the mutt retrieves: Can you think of a better way to get rid of uninvited guests who make a habit of drop- ing in without calling first? Actually if you just TOLD that mutt that you didn't care to play I'm sure he'd understand and that some dogs have more sense than some people. "MUTT OWNER" IN HOUSTON LUNCHES ARE SPECIAL WITH MACARONICS Now that school's out, why not change the carpool to the 'lunch-pool". Kids won't enjoy a rigid house-to-house lunch schedule, but an gccasional meal at a friend's house would be fun, CM together with the gals and set up one day in th* •week when neighborhood moms could take turns at the kitchen counter. Kids will look forward to their weekly get-together, and you can look forward to an afternoon by yourself, When it's your turn to hostess, plan a simple, yet fun- eating menu. Bologna Boats overflowing with macarpniOs fit j'ust this description. Lightly brown 2 slices of bologna to form «ach boat. Then, just fill overlapped bojogn» slices with jnacarpniOs and garnish with stuffed olives. ( MwaroniOs are two little sizes'of enriched macaroni circles smothered in » creamy cheese sauce. Heated just from the can, they majce an extra special treat without the extra ^rouble, . Ki4s lifce 'enj 'caws? they're easy $ati»|f $n<J BOLOGNA BOATS 6 aUces, (Z ounces) bologna 2 tablespoons butter or margarine J pn (U ounces) macaronSOs witi cheese sauce g tablespoons sliced stuff ed olives In skillet Jightly. brown bolpgns on both sjdes }n butter move. 4d4 remaining ingredients. Heat; stir now InA On serving plate, overlap 8 slices bologna to |om § m znacaroniOs, Mafces 3 serving?, *•"*•* *** * & y»ttr present f«r- construction., CfcUtar S. 646-746? The Second BEST MAN ot your WEDDING,., PS»otofr«pfcw Wright's 1900

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