The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 5, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1962
Page 4
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS F<TA«LISHED 1912 Published <f»!ly and Sunday *icep» Saturday by Review Pabllihen. lie., 307 t. fart Avt., Fr*«pert, T«oi. Jnmti S. Naban., rr«ld*nr. JAMES $. NAIORS PUBLISHER GLENN HEATH GEORGE L. BEACOM ERNIt E. ZIESCHAN3 Advertising Manaqer MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Simerlnfenrfenf t, C. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager EDirOR ADV DIRECTOR ROBERTA DANSBY Mononinq fdr'or LEROY 1YRD Womn'i Editor SEORG£ "RGUSON Sp»rt< Ed'tor NANEILE H MALLOW OPtc* Manoqer THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAG8 4 8RAZOSPORT AND BRAZORiA COUNTY. TEXAS, WED., SEPTEMBER S. 1942 World wide newt coverage by The Associated Press. Me,nbi-c el l»-ai Daily Newspaper Ar.saclaHon. Texos P.-ISM A«(n.,otion, SUBSCRIPTION RATES I By carrier, dolly and Sunday. 51.50 per month plus tax. Mail rntcs upon request. All moil subscriptions payo'il* In advance. i Entered as second class matter March 21, 1932. at .he Freepeit, Texas. Post Office, under the Act of Cona--« of Marci 8. U70. NEW PUPPET, SAME PUPPETEER ' ..«' iJofift ^»Jri!•'.:!• .•'iSi.'jlilf'iypF'rtW 1st JV* 1 !,!'. '.fiVK.'Itt-TJ-J.*'' ,.'>iW V-», V '..i!' ' '<..•'•..'.: *"«i_W-"\'vi.ti- Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON tows Emanate from A Circus WASHINGTON — Folks who Dnuelas: "I said that in my rnmplain of the limr heine i-on-judcnirnl the proposal is wrong." sinned by Hip Administration's Korr: "Thnt is not what the tax revision hill arp just nol very Senator said." undprslandiiie. They don't appro- Douglas: "I did." cinte what (lie Senate is up again- Krrr: "I do not agree with the Rl - Senator's judgment." It is rather difficult to iron out Name me a housewife who the thousand - and - one problems could get on willi her chores while of tax reform while a combined Senator Frank Lausche of Ohio minstrel show, revival camp called upon Senator Korr to re- meeting, and barroom brawl is "ounce the error of his ways and going on. accept the gospel according lo St. The interminable fight in the Ulsl ' llc - Who '' 0 »W concentrate on Senate produces every few minutes. Sometimes it is n vaudeville pattern act. some- sideshow washin S lhe Dishes or the kids while being bombarded with: have listened toi Laushe: limes an impassioned exhortion llle Scnator f ™" Oklahoma more to inner* to see the light but an ' like to lislcn lo him - I am more frequently just plain rough- - ng hlm lo lislcn lo me tot house. Fellow jralleryites tell me it's about all they can do to re- Jim Bishop, Reporter ly JIM IISHOP An Artist finds Work Imperfect COURT HAS SEEN MANY CHANGES By , miMin" lawmakers'' than ' '' ke lo " ste " to nim - How- Associated is not that it is tak- ever ' he sli " lislcns to me -" ! W ''\SHIN< "Hev ' frain from ycllins down P.ube!" at the The wonder in« so long to bring Iho tax mea- Kerr: "I have lislened to the Senator from Oklahoma longer By JAMKS >lAR|.o\V new president .jam - He was !he,an artist mutters In himself: ost, to I asked him about It. "Rive me one more crack at that What is this?" I said, pointing, thing and I'll show you how it Oiarlton Heston Is a big man and should be done." The' aclor or e cnn get halfway cross a table writer, who feels that the product itliout caning .,, , on mm ,, tv | hra , Rhout t , „„ HP looked. The menu said "Ail- egocentric nut rons with rice." He frowned, j We talked hooks and Mrs. Hesen smilpd the big-toothed smile ton was reading the blographv of licit every movie-goer knows. Eugene O'Neill. So many awful "Ailerons," he said, "are those things happened to the' great wires that used to hold plane American playwright that Heston wings together." has Bskw | his wjf(% no| lo ITa(| |t "fcxactly,' I said. "So what air at liodlime. "It gets worse," she aileions with rice?" He didn't said, "as the slory goes on and know. We asked his beautiful dark 1 keep saying 'Oh,'that poor man wife Lyriia about it. She laughed, and (hen I can't go to slppp." jSo did Kelly. Nobody knew. Heston is a Civil War btrff, and j Heslon called the head waller a fan of Bnicp Cation. Now he of Horchpr. He looked at lhe wants lo see Gettysburg when h* menu. Then he studied the ceiling.' returns to the United States. "It's "you know," he said seriously,! si range," he said, "hut when I "rie dock." He Happed his arms.'first got out of Northwestern, I "De wecngs from de dock." : used to play a lot of slock In the The translation of certain words Amish country of Pennsylvania, into other languages produces but I never got to Gettysburg." amusement. 1 have never heard He and hydia played stock toot Spanish ducks having ailerons, gelher, and when they did some (bill I learn a little bit every day. small plays in the Carolinas, they i Heston and 1 talked family, and had the brassy nen-e to slop at motion pictures and Spanish poll-,! he home of Carl Snndhurg, tics and he is formidable on all of America's finest writer, and ask! *""• him to atlend Ihelr show. The He and Mrs. Heslon are book : author surprised them. He saw readers. She is an actress who has the «ho\v. given up her career in favor of In Hollywood, success has given her husband, and also in favor of them a nice home, but the Hesa bright blonde boy of seven tons are not part of the crowd, named Frazer, and a little girl Among the motion picttirp cele named Holly Anne, who Is one brities, they have (PW friends, and who waits until she i» in her, Ernie Kovacs was one. He died, nighties before she begins flirting Those who remain can be counted with strange men. 'on Heston's big fingers, and they They live in a gracious and ex- are stock brokers, or lawyers, or pansive house outside Madrid and' businessmen, he H e s t o n s have picked up None of us ordered the duck 'nough Spanish to be able to talk wings, but the goulash was excel- o the maids and the chauffeur lent. Spanish cooking is not as vithout impaling themselves on spicy as 1 thought it would be. the syntax. Heston likes Spain I have seen no hot tamales. There and has spent over a year in this Is a cold soup called gazpacho ;area making two motion pic-:which makes slaves of all who turcs: "El Cid" and "55 Days at;try it once, and the Spanish use Peking." jmajonnaise on everything. ii Journal: "Cuban Hern-- (•res " Brlnkley visits Ml- nmi lo see what i« bcinpj done lo bundle the ttum- fands nf Cuban refugees. Hrpeat 1(1-00 fj) Night Edition News: Hay ('.onnwK.v. Weather: Tom Evan«. Spoil.*: Guy Savage Q) News: Nick Oarharl. Weather: Sid I,usher The nig Plrtnre 10 O'clock Honnntip Jews, Wralhrr, Mann About Sports 10:1S fJJ iJil* Show: "Th« Vanquished." John Payn«, Jan Sterling 10:20 fj) ABC Final Report __ 10:30 OD niverboat: "Bridge on the River" O Sign Off News: Ray Conawny. 6. Tonight Show (Color) eather: Tom F.vanj. 11:30 ffl Follow Thst Man: Sports: Guy Savage "Room 505." A dental New*: NIckGearbart. patient reports lo prlvatt eather: Sid Lasher Investigator Mike Burnett nf having witnessed a murder 12:00 m Warned by the ~FBl". Sign Off m News Final. Dally Word 0 Con.Mill Dr. Brothers I2:10"O"Debbie Drake ~ ~Slgrr«)ff" 1:30 m Who Do You TruM? m Edge nf Night O Cnpt. Bob Show 4:00 OJ Amcrlrnn HatvHimd tn M«h«l!» .lackson O Dlek Tracy (Color) 4:OS |n Early Show: "ThleviR Highway." Richard Contr, Lee .1. Cobb Q M.-O.-M. Theater: "Luxury I.lner." J » n t Powell, X»vier CuRaO orchestra ~4:30~ if) HocKy and W* Friends V-'lHP Killrljk'i'Clubhmis'e" '5:»6~ffl~cf«sp«r tn« Frlcndl. Ghost ID Whlrlybirdu: "Guilty of Old Age" O Operation Lift 1:40 O Almanac Ncw^rccl ~ " What's New? World at Large In Spoils IB News: Walter Cron- klte n Channel 2 Ne.w.M-cel. Weather: WIssinRer «~:30 m Hlp'cord: "Chilling 12:25 Stars." Kidnapers shan- s . sw don diabetic girl In the mountains when she succumbs to an Insulin coma ID The Alvln Show Q The Written Word O Wagon Train: "The I.lzbeth Ann Calhoun Stnry." Repeat. (Color) A beautiful smuRF.lcr Iricj !o divert attention from the counterfeit money she (imisporl; 7:00 OD Keyhnle: "Write Hot , Write a Song" CD . ost of Oroucho 6'l'fl (0 Opciallon Lift: TV criiirse teaching people to rpfld, write Engi- ten: law-ten tc. seven; UW- At that time a ,cu,J^ rrW N<>1V ' A ""'' V " tal ' k , UP '" " ine ' -niC " > hl " be "l^. no f tak , p <""<•<• ""HI March', H« s.a,, in the huge spectacu-'found, including a slice of pine- ASHINGTON (AP.-I. wasn't no change smce. fUiT* "" el «' lto ™'- •*"*< be- lars, and still has cal^meTon the apple. tor from Oklah f*™' T^ I "SI" ' ° r qUiCt ' ""* Constitution did not fix the „"» m? T 1 ""* "' C wl '^'Palms of his hands from the char-' No one in Madrid begins to eat tor fiom Oklahoma please listen There s hardly a ripple when number of justices. That Ho »se in 1801 lhe rprl»n>ii*t.. ~._ ,_. . .._ _ .. - u ,_-,-..- ™; "Ben Hur." Heston much before ten p.m. Dinner, of the Senate to do any unrier comparabe circumstances, j ,. . , , - - — --.-• Supposa you v.-ere trying to do homework while Senator Court. But then he was only fill- five associates. hotel to go to bed on a full stomach and dream of '' of justices back to six. m i Adams, being Federalists, natur- the'Sir Laurence Olivier and Sir Alec K.'M (0 fadet Dim 6:55 m Sign'bn"" O Morning Devotlonirt 7:00 Q) Morning Report Q Today 7:15 fl) Mr. Caboose," nee) 7:3U (j) M o r n i n"g* Edition New.« 8:00 m (.'ailif Dim~ _ SB C'iipt«in Kangaroo Q) Top Cat: "Dibble 8:3ji"(0 ; People Are Funny "" Breaks the Record." Re- •»:B«"ro"JaeFlTa"LVnnV"'"'~ ffj Checkmate: "nemfm brance of Crimes Past __ Repeat. When the life <., 9;3 ° (& Morning Movie: "The • girl who has served % talcon Takes Over." G. Sanders, Hani Conried Checkmate, Inc. Is hired to protect her 8 Discovery I0-(jo The Rebel: "The Hope Chest." A man offers his daughter to Johnny in marriage to repay him for saving his life 1:00 (J) H « w a 1 i a n "Aloha, Cricket " Repeat! 6) Love of Life Impersonating an Hawai- 8 Your First Impres- lan girl, Cricket Blake is «'°n The Arts Around I! 7:30 Q) Top Cat: 8 Calendar Say When g l Love Lucy Play Y Your Hunch : The Verdict Ii Yours Price Is Right (Color) 10:30 Q) The Brighter Day B Concentration 10:55 |p Harry Reasoncr Newt Eye: 11:00 (Q Tennessee Ernie Ford •I-.-- l:3 ° Your, ence * enge: ".nvisibl, . B Mystery Theater: •„ - _ . "The Night the Phone l . lM 0> Guiding Light Rang." Repeat. Starring 11:55 £» NBC Ne^i Eddie Albert «nd Margo n-nn m T. — «? as a couple who face °° S £ ' Wym death unless they com- IB S ew * at Noon mi^«_murder _ O Topper up this slraw girl?" .11- , . 'he Senate chamber oniatncrs: "T h e Committee prived of the .services ol wanted lo get rid of the problem tor from Oklahoma. With'his i Thomas Jefferson and his Repub- r u U ,-, coming. What this reminds me of, along with! I should like to do is prevent such the green color of the volumes of' things from being tax deduct!, the hearings, is that what he has! „ . , -said is the greatest blarney to! How-do you believe the work in which I have ever been subject- your office — store — plant—bar ed " ' and grill - undertaking parlor Which brings me to the big final ! would progress if it had to be question I would like to put toi earned on amidst patter like this even-body in fairness to the be-' between Senator Paul H. Douglas leasuered Senate- of Illinois and Senator Robert S. my Hal Boyle's People •AL BOYTJt Douglas: "I say in ment it is wrong." Kerr: "I agret the judgment la wrong. I agreed more with the judg- brawler - comedian rant that tax reform should be stripped o 1 lator's legislation to take care of special' lust So They'll Feel Poor justices, from six to seven. In 18e37 the number was raised to nine. Fred Rodell of Yale says tins was done to handle the new western and southwestern circuits. But Edward S. Corwin of ?rinceton, outstanding authority on the Constitution, puts a slightly different light en it. He said the two additions were made with the "probably intend- . . |i» stereotyped. Heston ii a properi"but Jimmy Stewart did." I asked insistent This craftsman, but he is also an art-'how. "He reserved a room," Hes- H-nding for the isl. ton saidi - not as an actori h ut as ;»' circuit was | Only an artist can feel ill when a United States Air Force Gener- ntn an increase h e sees the finished work. Only it." . . . Supreme Court - . Business Mirror 8:30 Of Dick V»n~Dyke:"stu~ cey wants to become a' comedian. Repeat O About Ceramics: "Forms: Product of Man The Lee Shepherd 12:30 (0 Camouflage § As the World Turns Highway Patrol _ _ -.... __ 12:55 (B ABC Midday RepoTt 8:00 CD Naked City: "Lamer t 1:00 OD Home Edition News' -- Stock Break Ignored: Firms Continue Plans By SAM DAWSON AP Biulnecs News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-Businessmen .for a Dead Indian." Re peat. Wartime buddies who hoped to own farm find their opposite lives too much of an obstacle Q) Password new one, or modernize an old one,; with the idea of reaping immedi-j ate profits. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (APJ - Thing* a Human ^didn't open his mail: DAILY CROSSWORD ed and certainly realized result are joining consumers in taking I But the hope for eventual profit of watering down the influence" tn * stock market break in stride;gains are definitely there—along ! on the court of the great Feder-j 8 ™ 1 'ticking to their earlier esti-iwith the expectation of greater ecooddities: Your a| l*t Chief Justice John Marshall I mate of the course of the econo-jnomic growth, whenever it may normally pumps three w ' l ° ' lat * '"*'' lwo years before I m ^' jcome. in IKS) after 34 years on the; Individual companies have Economists were watching lo . . court. [changed their plans for capital see if the big drop in slock priced I Americans has In 1863, during the Civil Warjspending this year, but industry|in late spring would trim business 1 '.__ I " 1 '"" Congress was anxious toi a s a whole is set now to put out (spending plans. The department's Q) U.S. Steel Hour: "Dry Rain." Drama about a lawyer who recklessly devises a plan for a robbery. John Kerr, Phyllli Newman e Songs Out of the uth P Bat Masterson: Bat fights deadline to save 2:55 man'i life Jan Murray (Color) 1:25 B NBC Newt 1:?" m DragneT (O House Parly B Loretta You ng 2:00 £Q DayTrTCouft § Millionaire X?" n S Dr. Malone 2:30 tn '. 5 cv S, n Key " To Tell the Truln Our Fi Dougln Edwardi 0:30 Q The Written Word: "Decline »nd Revival." B D« Brinklcv'j 3:00 0 Queen for • Day B Secret Storm 5 M»kt Room for )addy ACROSS I. Courageous G. Turkish title 9. Once more 11. Mohammedan scriptures 12. Mississippi embankment 13. Banish 14. Scotch river 15. Bud of a potato 17. Moisture IS. Highly skilled £0. Mysterious 23, Robust 27. Small, routine task X. Asian DOWN 1. Unadorned 2. S-shaped molding 3. Wash 4. Perish 6. Container 6. Dry 7. Bundle, aa hay 8. Afresh 10. Speedometer indicator 11. Retain 16. Still IS. Of the ear 19. One more than two 20. Tuber: So. Am. ;One out at 10 parents who don't ha* some kind of allergy. It „,,„, .. „,„ , eoa „ , !l a , Rt -!. h J !i 5, bab r lo grow "P feeling more energy .o^carry 50 poundsjkeep' the"' West a*way "torn" the! Just " many dollars this year as! August "survey gives'no""clue to v-[business executive's thinking along . this line. It merely reveals that as tiyet the totals, as apart from in- jdividual companies' plans, haven't ;changed. Another influence, th« strength which \» in question, is the lib. jeralized depreciation write-off al- from last year and tops the pre- j lowances for lax purposes announ- son was having such a loul time 21. Greek letter 22. Cape Mass. 24. Duck genus 35. Hawaiian garland 26. City trains T«iierd»r'« A«I.« an intricate aluminum bird home only 'JO miles 28. Completely: CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (T»n«<-Httld*f to Ma»t,nf ^dividual ttawplwi^l H , - , u Con the Bronx here has built can halt a car in 47 feet going -res- that ii «h ™iik th. , . ate al o ' colloq. 30. Fuss 32. Askew 33. Fills with reverence 34.Infant 35. English boy's school 37.In tnis place 38. Saturn's rings projection 39. Poems •41. Conclusion 43.Chcnshed animal At 40 seven ; lhe world, it has a price lag of |J6,000. Travel note Japanese penchant for utrippin: duw n tor History le^n: Can you name Thi, wa, to keep Johnson from p , ,, ly U ' S - Pre «dent whose getting anybody on the court who •: Because of the lather outlived him? He was War- might be ama™™s ™to teoubli idiant for ,,nppin g ren G. Harding (1865-1923,. - 99. Verdi heroine 90. Greek comic dramatist 81. Cup-like spoon (3. Presidential nlcknam* M. Court 87. Chinese weight 40. Ancient "element" 43. Set on end 44. Hud, d*rk wood «E. succinct «.Di«patci «. Af ternog» i tor greater comfort while 'father. George T. Harding died in But by now post •• e ^' * < ?, m *.ii p a ' a '^ e °* 1' president, was • new president, Ulysses S. Grant. He are kindly re- of John -a* Hotel honurable underwear. Poor penmanship u expensive, disguised a It is estimated that ilU-gibly writ- MaritaJ big game: Single girl, to'nine l.-n records, orders and instruc- oflen c-omplain that "The best lions ,(,st U. S. industry $70 mil- men are already married " May- lion a year. '•- - L - - ..." a ' . . they raised the number back up In 1937 President Roosevelt got a lot of criticism, but no action Ihcy kept their complexion fair Personalities- J C b.v avoiding the sun and anointing chain store founder ' 'heir faces with roscwater and a month in his lii ' on their work, seems lo have Die made the justices 12.28 Almosi al nncc in 1937 they be- vious rex-ord of $36.96 billion in '<*d by the Treasury In July. Th» jidea wa, that this should stimulate > expansion because the old nilea 1957. All of this a line, except At the start of the year the gov-ihad become obsolete. There Is lit- Tou are the deaJer, nelth, •id* vulnerable. What wou. you bid with each aC the follow Ing five hand*? QUIZ 47 4AJ963 4A874 ernment had counted on a per-;ll* in lhe August survey to showji. 4Q87632 f AKQJ< 45 centage increase of twice that i th(> *"«•! one way or another. 1. On* dt&ntond. The hand I . . amount. It built its federal budget i Aboul all that seems to oe i too strong to open with orj> no around tax receipts tuned lo that,; shown clearly Is that business, | trump (18 to 18 polntj) and to and to a greater gain in consumer j like the consumer, hasn't panicked I *•»!' to open with two notni spending than materialized, al-iin'o a belief that a big recession is though this too la ahead of 1961. in the making. And it counted on these increases; Ma ny, in and out of business, i SI* ^ ... ... lo provide the economic growth i'ook for a turndown—perhaps next I JJ , * b '. <1 com " lat *r. 24 point*). Balancec In between these zone with on* of a suit. hat would whittle the jobless to-!>car. But more and more are ex- tal below S per cent of the total! pressing the belief that If H ma. labor force. terializcs it will be mild and that That hope vanished some time lne basic » lr «iBth of the economy Jack. But today the government. isn ' mcna< '«l at this time. business executive, and stock - " traders are taking comfort from Cfi2SB Flffi Oil fat? two fc- ""*' LONDON i A Pi H,,, . • , ^ * ' ~" wo facts—consumer spending did advance, if not as much as hoped, and neither all the talk about the government clash with business in,Monday at a April over a short-lived steel price 97 stray cats have l«en e' ncrease. nor the tad slwk market'in lhe lasl two weeks breaks in May and June have Protest* and n fullscalc It Is a. losing- policy to vary from the point-count require m*nU for openinr nulnimp bid*, Partner's responses are (eared to these fl(fure«, ani Variation* from them cun easily to the wronif con tract. Z. One club. This follow* tho Jfonnral rule of bidding; the mill. !f" 1 ! rnea , t .' Il th<1 » ln B'«t"n In *' M dialrib '"-'"''. p reapondiny In diamond.. Thus " — '" trump. The opening- notrump Wd ahowa 1« to 18 polnU, baO. anced distribution and well-dl*. tributed high - card *tr«igtta. Hence, being- *o precise a btd. It ihould bo used aa often a* poMible. An opening- bid ol one diamond would lejiu to a dlffU cult rebkt problem U partner renpoudfxt a heart, a «pad«, or • notruinp. I^our spade*. Tt>\* 1* alao a speclall/.ed bid. It announce* a. hand that I* ulrong oflenalvely, but weak dofen»lv*ly. It may be baaed on a* little a* 10 or II nigh-card points. Usually, the trump milt la at leaat *even card] In length. The chief purpose of Uu pre- , •mpttve bid U to make it dim. cult for tho opponenta to enlur he Hiictlon. It eaUi up a, tot of •Id.Hng- .pace which th* oppon. •nt» might be able to UM U) ul- ttiit«j(« If (hey were given Ui« ooin. The opener will general- y have jwvcn or eight playiiif rick* for hli pi-e«mptlvc bid. 6. Olio ipaile. Vktt to a, v«i7 omlftlng Imiiil for ganit, «vra luutfh them aro only 12 poinu i hl^h card*. Purtntr dorsn'l 4 B*H! much for a gunt to In adi>. Tlum, If partner had K It ut KDatltn. ten trlclu woiMJ

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