The Journal and Tribune from Knoxville, Tennessee on October 25, 1914 · 28
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The Journal and Tribune from Knoxville, Tennessee · 28

Knoxville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 25, 1914
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THE SUNDAY JOURNAL AND TRIBUNE, KNOXVILLE, TENN SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 191. EVENTS. IN THE' WmRLDOE SmMT iihi i niiiM.iw . i.m winiwmaiiiii w r . - pT-mrsnnnnriiaTsai nniMninninnnnm tim n r iiimi nnn nnr in nn n n 1 1 - - - mi.. aa ' ' ORANGE AtlD,l7IIlTE WAVES p : : , iri.Tnmwpii ovEiKcmwsQr VICTORY BEING DECISIVE Two. Touchdowns and a Field Coal Account For the Tennes-see Score, While Alabama's Only Score Was on Fumble. Volunteers Outpoint Opponents in Every Department of Play, Except at Kicking, at Which VandeGraaf Has Few Equals and No Superiors Volunteers' Victory Due to Exceptional Team Work, Every Man Being in the Game . '. . at All Stages. . f ' - Before the largest crowd that ever ' attended a football game in this city, -aboi'.t two thousand persons being in at,-i tnr!iincf , Jthe University of Tennessee f taam - defeated the University of Ala-. lim -eleven Saturday afternoon on ; Wait field by the score of seventeen to ' even. . . .- :Tlie score, however, does not indicate ?"fairlv the strength at the two ihTPns. ' for. -as they "played yeisterday, Temjes- aee is easily four or .five touehdowns bet ' ter tbn Alabama, and should not nave " bern 'scored tpon. A fumble, unlucky ijr ituuessee, oui uiosi lucsy lor aijl-' bam, enabled the Crimson team to score n touchdown early in the second ouar- - tcr nna saved it from the humiliation tft shuo-out. It was VandeGraaf, the Star punter and tackle of Coach Graves - team-, that captured the ball when it ' was fumbled in tnidf ield by ' Captain Jvelly, and raced forty-five yards for a touchdown. To VandeCiraaf thus belongs the atitled distinction of being the first . Man to cross Tennessee's goal line tnis aeascn. Tennessee clearly outplayed the Alar oanm team, which was without the ser-vlcs of its quarterback,, Jopiin, who was , iirotested by Tennessee upon the ' gronuds that he played professional ball last , summer, and the best that he could do for his eleven was to -act as llne?m:tu. In every department except iu kicking. Tennessee snrtuissed Alabama. VsuaeUraaf, however, is much the besl kicke: that has been seen on Wait field in ninor moons, and but for the bioting of this fellow, Tennessee in all probability would have rolled up a larger core.' ; . - . Alabama Eliminated. By defeating Alabama, Tennessee eliminated another contender for S. I. A. A championship honors, and also Ptrensthened the claims of partisans of I'lltUICClS lUll I J 111 (Ml JZ gardc-d seriously when- aspirants foi championship honors are considered. Right now. Tennessee "looms big" on the horizon, and m fact is scarcely overshadowed by an eleven in the association. Although the "cup of joy -of the Tennessee followers was filled to over-tlawtayesterday, for some, elation was ringed wlth regret because Jopiin wVi-s out e,f the game, for -they were confi dent that Tennessee yesterday eonid have beaten Alabama at its "best, and then the Crimaon partisans would have Lad no possible "alibi." The victory of yesterday- was particularly appreciated because it was the. second the Volunteer have ever scored at the expense of the Crimson aggregation. Once, some . ten ears ago, Tennessee defeated Alabama on the gridiron, but there have been in many defeats for the Volnnteers since that time that the memory of the victory has been just ahout effaced. Yesterday's victory will be long remembered, though, for it was clean-cut, and there was no doubt' that the best teatft won. Credit for the victory should be divided just about equally among the eleven members of the Tennessee team, lor each one of them was in there- all the time, playing 'the game and showing - at a little superiority over the min iif.-iinst him on the other team. It was not a "one-man team" that defeated rnjr jit- - - f yf - mm it "TUBBY" VAXDERGR.UIT Left Tackle For tbe Crimom Y1m Is One of .Games Best Kickers ft ll If 1 "TUBBY" IjOXO Captain and I-uIIback For the Alabama Eleven. Alabama, but a football machine with eleven parts working smoothly and in perfect harmony. Of course, the work of some of the members of the team waa more sensational than that of others, but after all, it was team play more than anything else that won. Tennessee's forwards opened up great holes in the "thin red line" of Alabama, so that the Tonnes-see backs could plunge through for nice gains, and the oackfield players could always be counted upon to find the opening. The Tennessee line clearly outplayed the Alabama line, and the fame may be said concerning the Tennessee backs as compared to those on Coach Graves' team. . r ill li lk n ei i A L iir!u. Tennewtee'spomta were all -earned and the scoring was done after the Volnn-tters .carried the ball down tie t ieid wlthhr atriking distance of the goal of Alabama. The two touchdowns, which were made in the first quarter, were I cored on forward passes, - and . almost J ; t. l . perfect ones at that, for practically every member of th- Tennessee team got ato- the plays.- which were perfected by three men. After carrying the. ball to ihe 35-yard Kne ia the first.. fluarter. after about ten minutes of play, a forward- pass, Thoniarn to May to Cameron down the west side of the field, enabled "Scotty" to cross the line with the Volunteers' first touchdown, and Carroll kicked an easy goal. As the touchdown was made when thebalj was set' in play "fr7i the 35-yard line, the spectators were almost crazed, it seemed when Cameron touched the ball; down behind the goal posts, and then followed n burst of cheering that must have been heard far' from Wait field. A little later, the Volunteers carried the tall on line bucks and end runs down the field to the 23-yard line, and again the forward pass was tried. This tin'e, May passed the ball to '--Carroli, who sped down the east side of. the fie'.d a'Jd took the pass behind' the goal line, touching the ball down behind the goa.1 post, so tliat he eould kick an eany goa! a little later, making the score fourteen to nothing at the close of the first i!riod of play. Alabama's Score. . Ear'y in the second quarter, the Alabama team, w-hich has always been "lucky": against Tennessee,-, scored its only points. The qnarter opened with the bah hi Tennessee's -possession on the" Go-yard line. .ftBd consistent gaius by Land-say. Cameron anil May carried it to the center of the field. Captain Kelly was called . back 'to" carry ' the ball, Hnd in souse manner it was. knocked from his firms into the arms of VandeGraaf, who. screened by four or five of his teaui-ni!it.s until all of the Tennessee play-xr h"l been eluded, ran forty-five yards for a touchdown,1 and then kicked goai. Inte in the fourth quarter, VandeGraaf tried for a goal from placement from the 45-yard line, but the ball went wild. Tennessee's other points, 'Were made in ecorid quarter, aiso; when "Soctty" Cameron drop-kicked a beaxiti-fiil goal from the 25-yard line! On two ether occasions, the Volunteers carried the bull within the 20-yard line of - Alabama, and Cameron tried for a goal ! oni the field, but was unable, to get cither one. Once the ball looked as though it went between the goal posts, but missed by a very narrow margin. The gains of the locals were made for the most part through line bucks and forward passes, as the Tennessee backs were able to get by the Alabama backs, Cm-file and Iove. very seldom, although Cameron and Thorn a son did turn the nick on a few occasions. When it came to bucking the line, thongh. Lindsay, Cameron, Thomason and May were i'there," Lindsay being particularly effective in this respect. Time aud again the Tennessee forwards opened up holes for the backs, and the latter plunged through for good gains, while the Tennessee forward repeatedly threw back Cup:a.n Ivong and Morton and Hates, halves, when they tried the line. Late ia the fonrth half, after the Tennessee Dlavers were getting tird. W. Marsh, Alabama's halfback, who had been kept out on account of injuries, was able to get through the line for good gains two or three times, but he was fresh and strong, while the Tennessee players were not. Only one change was made in the Tennessee team and that was late in the Unal session after "Little" Yowell, who I-layed a ripping good game at right end, had his .hand hurt, and SorrtUs went in hi place. The game was a fierce one. and frequently it was neces-y(,ry to take them out and several players almost "took the count." but all the Tennessee fe'Ujws were able to come back all right. Several changes were made by .Coach Graven, who used sixteen men. , Crimson Gained Little. Indicative of the comparative strength of the two teams, it may be noted that tne rial tors made first cown only once in the first quarter, and that after Ten' uessee had. been penalized. - five yards. In the second period, Alabama made first down once, aithoagh VandeGraaf rn forty yards for a touchdown fol lowing; fumble.. The Crimson team did! not make first down ia the third quarter and only twice in the .-fourth, - after W. Harsh, went in. .Jn-t'ie first-and sieond quarters. XTenaessee carried the ball 223 yards while the visitor carried it-only &7 .yards, including the 45-yard tun bf VandeGraaf. The Volunteers advanced the-ball 122. yards in the third and fourth quarters as against 51) yards for the visitors. Tennessee completed four forward passes, and Alabama tried three, but , completed none. Twice ' when Alabama tried the forward f ling.. Ca moron caught the balL v . ' 3 First Quarter. ' Yaadegraaff kicked off for Alabama, and the baU went over Tennessee's goal line. Tennessee was given the ball on the 20-yard line, and on tha first play, Tbomasoa went through Alabama's lino tor one yard. Lindsay, on a Una buck, gained flv yards, and added the same distance on the next play, maklntr the - first down. Cameron gained three yards, and ily went thronga center for another, after which Tkomnon on the first end. ran tried, got around right end for : alne yards. Cameron was unable to gain, nd after Lindsay backed the line for three yards, Captain Kelly kicked to Long, who was downed on bis own 40-yard hue. Gatns of three yards each were made by Morton and Bates, aud a S-yard p Malty charged up to Tennessee fur being off-side. made a first down for the Crimson players. Bates gained two yards, bnt Morton was unable to gain, and VandeGraaff pnnted, the ball again gohig .over Tennessee's goal Itne. itb the ball on Tennessee's S-yard line, Cameron, behind excellent Interference, raced around Alabama's left end for a gain of thirty a ards, the longest end ran of the game. Short gains were made by Lindsay, and Kelly then kicked to Johnson who van downed before making a gain, by Lindsay. "'- Line bocks by Bates and Long netted the visitors fonr yartw, and Vande(raaff kicked to Thoinason. who carried the ball back ten yards to the center of the field. Lindsay ploughed through renter, gained eight yarda. Lindsay again hit thi line for three yards, and a forward pass from Thomason to May Cameron scored the first touchdown for Volunteers, the play being good for s gain of thirty-five yards, Carroll kicked as easy goal, making the score seven to nothing lu favor of Tennessee. Carroll kicked off to Long, who ran the hall back twentv-flTe yards before he was brought down ly Carroll. The visiting captain tried Tennessee's line, but was unable to gain aud a forward pa$s was called Sot. Cameron caught the ball in uald-fleld and returned it five yards before he was downed. Thompson was thrown for a loss cf five yards by Vandegraaff. Cameron regained the distance lost, and Tennessee tried a forward pass which was not Mimpleted. after which Holly kicked to Bates, who made no return. Alabama again tried a forward pans, and once more toe ball was ca:ight by t.anieron. rjn tne ' next Dlav. a beautiful forward pass from May to Carroll, who ran down the left side of the fb-ld, netted a gain of twenty-three yards, and scored Tennessee's second touchdown. A goal by Carroll made the core fourteen to nothing. Vandeitraaff kicked off to Cameron, who carried the ball back fifteen yards to Tenneisee's 35-yard line. Just 8 . the 'quarter ended. Second Quarter. When play way resumed. 1-to.dsay gained five yards through the line, and May added another, after which Cameron and May gained five yarda each. On the next nlny Kalley was called upon to -carry the ball and fumbled It In midfleld, the pigskin bounding Into the arms of Vande-(iraaff who. protected by four or five of his team mates, raced forty-five yards for a touchdown, and a little after kicked an easy goal. Score, fourteen to seven. Vaodetiraaff -isatn kicked the ball over Tennessee's goal line, and It was .put ia play on the local's 20-yard Itne. Cameron was thrown for a loss of five yards, and Kelly kicked to Johnston, who fumbled the ball, which was caught by Bayer on Alabama's 40-yard . Hue. flight gains through the line were made by Lindsay and Cameron, and Tennessee was penalised fifteen yarda for holding. Fourteen yards of this distance was regained by Cameron, and Thomason was good for two more, after which Kelly kicked to Bates, who carried the ball back to the 40-yard line. Long fumbled the ball. Vowell captarlng It A forward pass. May to-Carroll, gained twenty yards, and Lindsay and Thomason then made five through the line. The ball was rrrie.l directly In front of the goal 'post by May and on the next play. lAI0ERB!LT9!;l:: - noRfn en. 3 Is i What- Score Should Have Have, Been, But Js Not. Tarheels HVin by the Score of Ten to Nine. Latter Score a Tonchdown on Flnke, t Follow With Goal Kick, and Then a Goal "' From Field. kjy """ft f i vrv MORTON This Y'uangstcr Plays Hlght Iml For the Crimson. Cameron drop-kicked a goal, failing back to kick from the 25-yard line. Score, seventeen to seven in favor of Tennessee. The ball. was carried back to the 35-yard line by Long, who received It from the kick-off. Love was thrown for a-loss by Hhomason. and after Morton was unable to gain, Tennessee, was again penalised five yards 'for being offside. " Va'ndetJraaff was called back from the line to punt, bat dropped .the ball nnd picked it up again Just aa he was. thrown to the ground by Kelly on Alabama's' 3&-yard line, the ball passing over to Tennessee. Cameron, Lindsay and Thomason carried the ball to Alabama's IB-yard Hue, and Cameron once more tried to drop-kick a goal, but failed, and tkw ball went to Alabama on the 20-yard line. Bates, Morton and Long made short gains aud first down, and the quarter closed with the ball on Alabam a 30-yard tine. Third Qnarter. Carroll kicked off to Long, who carried the ball back twenty yards, and on the next play went through Tennessee's line for a gain of seven yards.- Vandedraaff then kicked to May. Gibbons replaced Jones at left guard for Alabama. On three saecesslve line bucks, Lindsay gained twelve yards, and Thomason added three more, but following a loss of four yards y the latter on an attempted end run, Kelly kicked to Johnston, who made no return.- On the next play Thomasoa broke the line and threw Long ior a loss of fire yards, but the Alabama captain regained this distance immediately afterward. AUbaaoa waa forced' to kick, and VandeGraaff punted to May, who carried' the ball back ten yarda to tha 40-yard line. Following a gain of three yards by Lindsay, Cameron skirted left end for fourteen yards, and Ltnduay again bucked the line for six more. Tenneasee tried a forward pass, bnt Carglle caught the bait on his owa SB-yard line. The Alabama backs tried inefefctnally to gain through Tennessee's Has, and VanooUraaff kicked to Tnomason wno, aioea ny May s excellent lnterafrence, carried the ball back twenty-five yards to tha center of the field. Uaiaa of five yards were made by -Carroll, Lindsay and May, after which additional gains by Lindsay brought, the ball to Alabama's 20-yard line. Caaseroa triad for a drop-kick, missing by a very narrow margin, althongh It looked from the sidelines aa N'sshville. Tenn.. Oct. 24. North Carolina defeated Vanderblit here this' afternoon in a closely f ought .football contest br the score -of 10 to 0. - In the third quarter when Vanderblit waa leading by it to 3, the Commodores attempted a kica. The ball was blocked by Hantaey of North Carolina, and rolled back of VanderbUlt V goat Una, whenyHtia-sey fell en It for a touchdown. Vender-bIK's touchdown waa made on a long run by Quarterback Currey followed by a forward pass aud a short line plunge. Both sides drop-kicked a goal. Captain Bikes, of Vanderblit, who had heretofore been declared ineligible was rnled eligible today and played in the game. The star for Vanderblit was Currey and for North Carolina Taytoe played most brilliantly. North Carolina outweighed Vanderblit eight pounds to the man but Vauderbllfs dash and vigor oemed to make up for this end. The two teams appeared about evenly matched. . Vanderbllt's playing on the whole waa more brilliant bnt North Carolina's game was steady and more consistent Vanderblit fumbled repeatedly aud earn time a North Carolina man allp- l peu id ana aroppea on tne onll. Time after time North Carolina drove 1 down the field or gained on forward passes only to Iks held by Vanderblit when at a critlcsl striking distance. The Commodores repeated North Carolina's program when they secured tlte oval The teams swayed up and down the field, kicking repeatedly. Ia this department of the game North Carotin starred. Vanderblit men several times falling to stop or fumbling the long high whirling punts of the Tarheel kicker. The game ended in darkness with the ball In North Carolina's possession on Vanderbtlt's 22-yard line. Carman made Vanderbllt's tonrhdown and It a miter for North Carolina recovered the Vanderblit kick that rolled bnck over the Commodore goal line for a touchdown. The drop-kick;, were made, for Vanderblit by Cody and for North Carolina bv Tandy. Play in Detail. Vanderblit won the toss and Josh Cody kicked off. After a few minutes play Parker punted to Vanderbllt's 30-yard line. Steady gains and a double forward pass brought Vanderblit to North Carolina's 7-yard line. Drop-kick failed. Ball pnnted several times with gains for both sides. The quarter ended with ball on North Carolina's 43-yard line. Score end first qnarter: Vanderblit. 0: North Carolina, 0., ; Sdcond. Period.- North Carolina carried the ball to Vaa-derbilt's 1-yard line and tried unsuccessfully for a goal. Currey made forty-six yards around left end and a double forward pass netted thirty-five yards more for Vanderblit. uringlag the ball to 'North Carolina's 1-yard line. Carman' went through for a tonchdown, bnt Currey failed to kick goal. North Carolina gained possession of the ball, carried It to opponent's 10-yard line -and Tandy kicked goal. A gain by Currey of twenty yards around left end helped Vanderblit to North Carolina's 30-yard line, where Cody made a drop-kick. Ball on North Carolina's 10-ynrd line at end of first half. Score end second quarter: Vanderblit. 9; North Carolina. 3. - Third Period. Cody kicked off to North Carolina. After the ball had returned to Vanderhtlt'a possession Chester attempted a punt which was blocked and Itamsey went for a tonchdown. Tandy - kicked goal. Tayloe returned ball thirty-five yards on Vanderbllt's kick. Annuls Slkes, who was taken put in the first quarter, not yet returned to the game. A forward pass. Fuller to Homewood netted twenty-five yards. A forward pass Bridges to Fuller netted fifteen yarda and Tayloe carried the ball to Vanderbllt's 1-yard line. Driven back to the forty-six yard line. Score end third quarter: Vanderblit, 9; North Carolina, 10. Fourth Period. lkeg went back Into the game at left half aod pnnted to North Carolina's 32-yard line. A number of forward passes cnt Incomplete A punting battle shifted the position of the hall in rapid fire order, neither side being able to get the best of It for several minutes of play. Two attempted drop-kicks by Tandy from the 40-yard line failed. Attendance was estimated at 3.000. The last of the game was fought out In darkness. -Neither side was able, to make any material .gains. Final score: Vanderblit, ; North Carolina. 10 . The line-up :. , North Carolina Position Vanderblit Winston left end Chester Itamsey left tackle ... Cody Cowell legt guard ... . . C. Brown Tandy center . .- ..... Huffman t Jones right guard ..... I'hllHps Oay right tackle Warren Uomewood ..... right end ..... ... Cohen Allen, Bridges and - Long . .V quarterback Currey Tnyloe left halfback Putnam Fuller right half .. .... Beams Parker fullback Carman Snmmary: Tonchdowns Ramsey; Carman. Goals from Tonchdown -Tandy. Field goal Cody, Tandy. SubsUtates Vanderblit, Lipscomb for C. Brown ; Chester for Beams; Heamg for Slkes; Lowe for Phillips;' Phillip's for Lowe; Kikes for Reams; Reams for Chester; Jarrett for Carman ; Lipscomb' for C. Brown. North Carolina Wright for Homewood; Grims-ley' for Winston": Allen for Bridges ; Long for Wright; Wr!gt for Long; Bridge Tor Allen: Faust for Cowell; J. Jones for Cay; Held for Wright. Officials Walker (Virginia), referee; McOoffla (Michigan). umpire; Metsger (Vanderblit). head linesman. Time of periods, fifteen minute. EASTERN GAMES. Continued on Page Twelve. At Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 7; Indians, 0. At New Haven. Conn. Tale, 7; Washington and Jefferson, 18. At Syracuse, N. X. Syracuse, 20; Michigan, . At Cambridge. Mass. Harvard. 13; Penn State, 18. At A nan polls, Md. Navy, 48; Western Reserve, 0. At-West Point. N. T, Army, 14; Holy Cross, 0. , At Swartbmore, Pa. Swarthmore. 7; Urlsaas. 0. At Princeton, N. J. Princeton. 16; 'Dartmouth. 13. At New TerkCornell. 28: Brows. T. At Baltimore Maryland Agricultural. 14; Johns Hopkins. 0. At South Bethlehem, Pa. Muhlenbnrg, 0: Lehigh. 8T. X - Afr Exeter,. N. H. Phillips Exeter, S4 Hsrvsrd Freshmen, 0. - At Pittsburgh, - I'a. Georgetown, 0 Pittsburgh, 21. At New Tork Fordhsm, ' 21; Rhode Island tate, O. At Hamilton, WT Y. Colgate, 41 Vermont. O. - - r - At Newark, S. J.-Rutgers. 16J Tufts. T. At Middle tows. Conn. Wesley aa, Amherst. 18. At Lewlsbnrj;, P. BuckneU, r 43; Susquehanna, . - . - -At Brunswick, Me.-Nlby, 48; Bowdoia, A. AUDURU-lViriS - : BY? 19 TO 0 SURPRISE AT NElVJIAVEll . i.l 1 - Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 24.-AIabama Technological Institute of Anbura defeated Mississippi A. & M. here this afternoon- by a score of 19 to-O. . The game was slow hnd tame. little brilliant playing being done by either side. Auburn played an open game while A. & M. depended upon forward passes and end runs. There were frequent tumbles and had Auburn Improved her oportunlties the score would have been at least two touchdowns more. For Auburn. tJart was -the star and the work of Kimball for A. ft M. was tha feature of their team play. Line-up; Auburn Position A. M. Pitts ... center .. ... .... Wells Steed .. left end .. .i..., Ooddy Thlgpen left guard ' ; Spurloek Culpepper ... left tackle i. . . . . ; . Potter Loulsell right tackle Ellard Taylor right guard Bsiney Robinson (c) ... right nil . Shaw Arnold quarterback .... Kinney (c) Hartston left halfback Kimball Han right halfback ... Mcarthur Harris fullback . .., Jackson Summary: Referee. Phillips (Sewanee) ; umpire. Browne (Dartmouth) : bead linesman, Counselmau (Virginia Polytechnic); Head timekeeper. Pelham - (Michigan); time of quarters, fifteen minutes; touchdowns. Steed. 1; Hart. 1; Bldea (auhstl-snts) for Auburn fullback). 1. Uosls from touehdowns, Lorlsell. 1. SOUTHERN GAMES. At Nashville, Tenn North Carolina, 10; Vanderblit, 9. . At Atlanta, Ca. V.. M. I., 7 r Georgia Teeh, 28. At Jacksonville Sewanee. 20; Florida. 0. At Birmingham. Ala Auburn, 19; Mississippi A. & M . 0. At Houston. Tex. Texas Christian University, 0; Itlce, 0. i At Fayette, Ark. Hollo School of Mines, 40; University of Arkansas. 0. At Dallas Tex. 32; Oklahoma. 7. At Columbia, e. C. I Diversity of South Carolina. 13; Newberry college, 13. At Baton Rouge. La.--Loulslaua State university, 14; Jefferson college, 13. At Bristol King college, 12; Carson snd Newman. 0. . At Richmond Hampden Sydney, 6; Randolph-Macon, 0-- At Chattanoogc Chattanooga university, 14: Howard, 0. At Lexington, Ky. Kentucky State, 81 ; Earlham. 3. - At New Orleans Tulsne. 82; Centenary, 0. At Wllllsmsburg, Vs. Richmond college, 7; WtlHatn and Mary, 3. At Blackburg. Va.-Koanoke college, 7; Virginia Polytechnic Inst Mote, 7. At Lexington. Va Washington and Lc. 72: Wake -Forest. O. At Charlottes'-llte, Va. Virginia, 28; fieorgla. 0. Washington arid Jefferson De-f eats Yale 13 to 7. Pennsylvania Forward Passes to Victory - In Contest With Carlisle, Harvard-Ties With Penn Stated Princeton De- feats Dartmouth. New Haven. Conn., Oct. 24. Washing ion and Jefferson's eleven furnished the i-st real surprise of the season here by defeating Tale today, 13 to' 7. The vlsitora smothered tlie Yale, attack after the first period and kept the Blue mostly on the defensive for the remainder of the game. - Washington and Jefferson's touchdowns were - both due to .well executed forward passes. Yale's touchdown hi the first period was tin a double pass. O - - v PENN. 7 CARLISLE 0 Philadelphia. Pa., Oct. 24. Two forward passes helped Pennsylvania fedeat the Carlisle Indian football team today 7 to 0. The Itedmen outplayed the Pennsylranians in the first naif, carrying the ball to the latter's 5-yard - line in the .first few minutes. A quick rally prevented a acore. Iater the Indians ngiiiit threatened the Pennsylvania goal. There was almost a complete reversal of form in the last two periods. The single touchdown came in the final quarter two two lonS forward passes. HARVARD 13-PENN STATE 13 Cambridge, Mass.. Oct. 24.: Harvard narrowly a scaped defeat today by the Pctn State college team, which played all around the Crimsoik The score was a tie. 13 to 13. For forty-six minuteaJ- I'enn state drove tne Harvard varsity touchdown and a goal from the field in. Atrn nnnnp n . 4 CI1IGAN6 JSyraeuserK Y.,Oct. j-t.In the first big intersectional football game of th season, Syracuse defeated Michigan hera today 20 to 6. Neither . team uncovered a, vaiiety of pea plays. The first half saw no scoring. - , ' Michigan lost its fighting spirit in the-second half. Not-onee did splawn, "whose foot work .was- heralded here aa the only hope of the. westerners, get ' a chance to try a field goal. Syracuse tried twice, but. failed. " r touchdown an da goal from the field in the first twelve minutes of play. . The, visitors lost a chance for victory through two-costly fumbles. Penn State rushed 54 times for 137 yards gain, while the Crimson players made .but 95 yards on 72 rushes. Penn 8tate had six first Ndowns, while Harvard made but two. PRINCETON 16 4 DARTMOUTH 12 Princeton, N. J., Oct. 24. -Princeton ; opened the new Palmer memorial stadium here today with a 16 to 12 victory over Dartmouth. The Dartmouth team , had a powerful attack, but the Prince-Ion line held. Princeton's attack waa open always kicking in her own teni-' tory. .. . : .. . . . . CORNELL 28 BROWN 7 New York, Oct 24. Cornell defeated Brown here today 28 to 7. Cornell's line plunging and end running attack bewildered Brown. In the final quarter Brown scored jl tonchdown by a skillfully mixed attack in the forward pass wa nsed repeatedly. o ' Navy 4 Western Reserve 0. Annapolis, Md., Oct. 24. Showing form which was sadly lacking in their last two games Navy today overwhelmed Western Reserve university f Cleveland 4S to O. The visitors were hopelessly outclassed throughout. . aw o Army 14 Holy Cross 0. West Point, N. Y., Oct. 24. Thi Army defeated Holy Cross today 14 to 0. 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