The Bristol Herald Courier from Bristol, Tennessee on August 1, 1951 · 10
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The Bristol Herald Courier from Bristol, Tennessee · 10

Bristol, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1951
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f 10 EBIST01 HERAtO COURIER Vftiimitf lagwd 1 195f "Mr Thing" World Premiere ' Now York Slock Exchange By WtnH htw YOHK Juty 11 iAPI— FrftL taking that at lintaa ra h4 faltly hy (CoUau4 from Jl jCaddell Burroughs and Muhiel ppi no mu h 4 un ii mw fmce more i it s before you Chaw another ton of the uthorflkVj!“rJ‘"t"ruin Miow up I Contributing enormously to the ! n4 im mi pluy'a aurcets with the quiet per u" Kameff Scar Hti ferlion of their portravaii of ml : tWy a Mr ThlneJnor roles are IVuothy Uvern (the- Te- e five a truly distinguished per- houekeeer Alma lomnea a Mka j i iki4u I arm anee The deptlia of love andpaflormaid' Fram-ii Weaver tthe '" at ii iu in iiduini tvm- - and Donald Stewart ' " 'M‘ “ ' “ JOTOSItyl V nluiii ram to They'll Do It Every Timo By Jimmy Hatlo '1: ofroonee he height of benevolent nun’hlefjhuffeui are inherent in hw every genluie (the ber The graceful jocosity T vium r m to I swoon hae ou laugh at him with a -trh In of the bear tn f-ct la one of lira pur throat and a lift in your'play’a most delightful feature Up rmpi4 n imi uu ir nrt irtetty Carrington I'orterfield and '' t aua 4vn 4 au Rosemary Murphy I entirely (Rachel Ctaig forterfield the au redible in every phase of lur'dience show a attain of the blood fortrayal of Mra Larue Her ton-land sinew which conceived and ol en u rol and her timing are nugnifi brought to being the Barter 1Mpad ua n 4 tegular sn4 as tent If any part of her character- jTheatre ttion need more u oik it U that! of the typical board chairman— Ann Bucklai Bawltehea aot the more difficult portion of A you know Ann Buckle her role iplava the part of Aspcn’g witch Jim Davie pUjing Howy in mot her who renouncea her child hla first big Barter part doe a that she may have a human life good Job True he suffer bv com- and huinon love Ann Butkle la a parison with Charlotte Nolan a voung woman of grace ability ny human being must suffer b) tind iharm and her look aie eomparfson with a bit of quUk- above the average — the Ann iilver But he lend to the pliv Rut kit who I familiar to Barter Just the tnuih of solid reality ’audience that la The Ann which make it absolutely con- Buckle who appear in "Mr timing jThlng" la the personification of ii trie stage-setter also set the beauty nothing less She la all the mood of the plav Tatricia O'Con enchantment which enwrap a r HI as Mis Birdsalt piinnpai f the orphanage carries on magnificently whete the leave off child and revisit adulu in brief flashes of exaltation She la all the love which know how to give On Monday night Mis O'Connell instead of grasping Ann Buckle had a painfully sprained ankle— lha the ability to go far in the In affliction which might havetheatie but hc will never give a proved a detriment to many act-lmore touching performance than retses But not to Ml O'Connell! I she give In "Mr Thing" She taped it grabbed a cane andj Naturaliv Bristolian are won-made her lameness so much a part drring about the Broadway of her characterization that it I 'chance of "their" Chase play I difficult to conceive Miss Btrdsall heard all sorts of speculation without that limp! (Monday night— I cannot make Elinor Wright cast a Misa'any myself for I have never been Lute the assistant piinripal of to Broadway the orphanage gives a deft lift to A it stand's "Mr Thing" needs each scene m which she appears’snme reworking notably In the One of the high spots of the (second act where the audience performance U the scene plsved feels a let-down Terhap that re by Beatrice Locilento and Regina taxation is inevitable— perhap a Gleason a two scrubwomen aid-(little of it is good Mr Ch will ed and abetted by Jane Gardner be able now to perfect her play a the director of the Soapsy Suds after a production which I Am an rmv mf Am Cr It f “W M Inlvr H Am C van i Mi Km A H Am Tmaui T 1 Mnfl Am lomn IN Miami Co ft Am M A fdv IN Mq Coni rH 20 Middia II l A Mo Kan Ten 7 Mo Kn Ten pf 12 Nv Mfnn C hm i03f U' Monig Ward 34 i Motorola 7 hath Kaitf IS? hat Auto t Am Pw Alt Am Rad At t Am ftaf ft 44 Am Amrlt Am Anuff Am Atl Fd Am Htigar Am Trl A Tfl Agency Mis Locilento scores once more with her inimiUbly-pitched voice and Mis Gleason gives a portrayal of lumpish weariness that would be hard to equal Miss Gardner shows herself to be an able comedienne Another superb piece of fun is the ferocious clowning of the three gangsters Al Hedison SCOTT'S LAWN PRODUCTS t GARDEN SUPPLIES - PRATT ft LAMBERT PAINTS & VARNISHES STIRLING HDW-CO- J7 Slate Phene till frankly in the nature of a shakedown cruise To me the climax of the play is not the mother’s farewell of her daughter but Mr Thing's heartbroken repudiation of the grandchild w’ho has aligned herself with mortals in opposition to her fairy forebears For the mother U Beauty and Beauty never quite leaves us But Mr Thing Is the personification of all the wonder and the magic of childhood the magic which leaves us 'when we are grown never returning untij someone like ” Mr Chase recreates it with a play like "Mr Thing” Tennessee Legion Convenes Sunday r SAVE 25 to 35’ DIAMONDS v WATCHES JEWELRY AT UNCLE SAM'S 10AH OFFICE MEMPHIS July 31 (iP— The annual three-day convention of Tennesee’s American Legion opens here Sunday with some 3000 legionnaires to attend ‘ Army Secretary Frank Pace Jr will address the opening business session Monday Gov Gordon Browning also is in on the program — - The legion’s whoopee organization the 40 et 8 will hold its sessions in conjunction with the mam convention n uni lys UJarrenllllllarti Coffttf HN fig Kt PHOTOGRAPHER 2719 9 TILL 12 NOON TALL 18-OUNCE Tumblers WITH GAY CHERRY AND APPLE DECORATIONS TO SET OFF A COLORFUL SUMMER TABLE () for i" QUANTITY LIMITED GIFTS FIRST FLOOR 0 L ff Tl” Am Tnbr Am Tob pf Am V larou Am Mai VUi Am Wooifft Am H nol pf Am 7irr Anarofi Cop Armro HU Armtt Crk Aud Dry Gd Aoc Ing Atfhlwn All C oal L Ail RpEhi At!at Cp Avco ME Hit A Chio Hail A Oh pf Kunit M Hyndiv Aviat Hfih 5U Hih Ail pf P'g An PlftW hnt Hit iEWl Boeing Airp Bohn Alum Borden Co Borg Warn Branlff Airw Briggs Mfg Brutol My Buev Frm Budd Co Burl Mills Burr Add M Butler Brn Callahan Z (alum A Heg Canad Pac Cannon M Cag J ! I Cater Trad Celanese ( er de Pat CeH-teed -Che A Ohio Chi FI A Pac Chrysler CIT Ftnan Citie Serv Climax Mo Coca Cola Colg Palm Col Gaa Col Carbon Com) Cred Comi Solv— Comw Edit Cong Naira Con Edit Con Vulteg Container Coni Ba k Cont Bak pf Cont Can Cont In Cont Mot Cont Oil Corn Prod Crane Co Cruc Stl ! Sal Aviat J3ftia Sat Blw 71 Sat ( ah Jtr R't Nat Hatry 74 Nat fVept HtF Sat DiftliU 17 Nat Pw A U 44 N Y Central 31 Nia M Pw M Norf A Weal 21 N Am Aviat M N Amer Co J4diNor Par r7 oh m oil 7v ot f lev hturni HI Gt 7 Pae 6m A )9 Par MiUa a1 Packard 24 Pan A W Air 4 Pargm Pwi F' Park Foal P 144’ Penn FF 19 Teople Cat JV Paprvi ( ola ir Petrol Cmp 47 Pheipa Dodga 3I’a Philco 4H y Philip Mr 42S Phillip Pet 12 1 Prort A Cam 31 Pub Sr Colo 34 Pullman tVm Pura Oil Former Star VPI Athlete Now-A Hampshire Breeder 9 44 174 I 3 S IT 31’ I' Br H B Eller is-2 Smyth County Farm Agent £ MARION Va July 31 (tf)— A step from the basketball court of Sv"jV P I with the top scoring record In the state and the highest ever ai'made at V P I tn managing a 750 acre livestock farm and the U 5 breeding of puiebred Hampshire sheep is quite a lot to Include in one stride but Sumner Tilaon of N'cbo took such a step in June after receiving his bachelor of science degree In animal husbandry Sumner is the son of Mr and Mrs S D TiNon of Nebo and Blacksburg The decision made by him to re-(with the type of college training he Pile Torture Soothed In Few Minutes Ac Bow tor tut rtlltf from lorturt of pi! Don't wall another Say Apply Potenon't Ointment s! one Tkt tool In soothlnf ootrihfent formula baa (Ivon Joyful rollef to thousands for 40 X4ars Relieves luhln quickly AU ru(-flaU boa 40c or applicator tub 70c Feterooa't Ointment dllhta or money back 4 10 7'a 7'y M K7 ai a M'y 4a 'a M1 30 a 44' u turn to the home farm and assume received full managerial responsibility fulfills his boyhood desire and fits in Poultry CHICAGO July 31 fAP it’SDAI— Live poultry steady receipt 36 lod fob paying prtcea unchanged except to two cent a pound higher on duckltngn heavv hena 37-29 light hens 24-25 Tout-era 25-30 fryer 29-32 (Red not quoted) old rooster 21-22 6 ducklings 25 Grain 34ly cheniey ind 1079 keab Oil 49'i Sears Hoeb 14 erel 44 Sharon Stl M Sharp A Ooh — 39 Rhaiwck SIS hell Oil 269 Summons Co 314 Sinclair OU 17N Snelly Oil 42 Soconv Vac 16 Sou Am GAP 939 Sou Cal Edit 34n Southern Co fl South Pac South Ry 55 South Ry pf 7i’ SperrV 3A1 Sid Brand rws sid g a r Cub Am Rug -22o-Std GAE 94 pf Cudahv Pk ' — Curtis Pub Curtiaa Wr Curtiaa Ur A Deere A Co Del A Hud Det Edit Doug Aire Dow Chem du Pont Eagle Pich East Air L Eartm Kod 7S Sid Oil Cal T4 std Oil Ind 0 1 4 Sid Oil N J 251 Stew Warn 94 '4 tone A Web 45'4 Studebaker 22 Sunray Oil SOU Swift A Co 114 SnIv El Pd 93 4 Texas Co 2v4 Te Gul fProd 23S Tex Gulf S11I 44-' 4 Tex Pac L Tr : Eaton Mfg 41-’Textrcn El Auto Lite 47 Tide Wat At El Stor Bat 44 Timk Det Ax El Paso N Gas 29 Timk F Bear CHICAGO July 31 IAP— Grain h1d generally tedv gt the Board of Trade today on advert winter wheat vteid m Kanaa and Oklahoma combined with prospect that Germany wiU take wheat tomorrow Toward the close tome profit caching developed but It was pretty well absorbed in all but aov bean trading Sov- beans were Influenced by reports pf "1'Jbnghf crop prospect J’ ( Seller were pretty caution because of jY‘4?he uncertain Korean situation however 4 Weather was favorable for winter wheat harvest and the development of the crop 33'ajtn other sections 41 High 33 WHEAT— Ha kept 2 37 Dec 2 40’ l‘a March 2 43 feiMav 2 42’s 39'! CORN- 23 trpt I 70 IVc 1 1' 71 1 March I 4A''Mav 166 714 OATS— 68 ept 77't 17 1 Pec flh’f JPe March M E4 4 Mav 834 ai'J BYE lOld Stylet— 1 704 34 41 Dec 1 72 48 y I RYE (New Style!— 27 Pt 1 70’4 Dec Mav SOYBEANS— SepL Nov a Jan 1 724 I 75 i 154“ 2f9 Emer El M End John Erie R R 1 Everaharp Falrb Mor Firestone j Fiintkote Freeport Sul I Freuh Trg Gair (Fob) Gavlord Cont Gen Pak Gen Flee Gen Foodt Gen Mills Gen Motor Gen Mot 6 pf Gen Refract Gillette Gimbel Brot Ghdden Goodrich Good vear Gt Nor Rv pf Gt West Sug Grevhound I 49’ 1 W' 1 M'a 1 64 77 79’ 67' 82' JM 1 70' 1 tn 1 7' 1 72l 2 S2 2 67'' 2 70'j I 79' I 61' 1 169’ 77' am 87' S3 I 1 64 1 70 ' 1 1 70' 172' 2 62' 2 7'a Although his main Job will be to raise fpfd for and look after the Hereford cow-and-calf herd he plans to devote considerable time to the development of his registered flock of Hcmpshire sheep He started in the production of purebred Hampshire sheep two years ago with the purchase of some 20 cows from the Warren and Windel Newbcry flock from Bland county He is a member of the Virginia Purebred Sheep Breeders Association "Now that I ran personally take charge of -my flock I hope to increase it to 45 ewes and place at its head one of the best stud rams in the state" Sumner said “I plan to sell my yearling rams through the annual ram sales held 'over the state and if I am to meet competition that now exists among the Hampshire breeders I will have mft hijnds full” The interest in shqep and training received by Sumner places him in line to become a breeder of which Smyth county will be proud One-fourth to one-third of the population of the worM is not covered by official census records 16S Trana W Air 274Trt Cont Co 18’Twent C Fox 12" Undrwood SO' Un Bax A P lloiUn Carbidr 29''Un Oil Cal 97'a'Un Pac — 27MUnit Air L MiUnft Alrc 30' Unit Bum: UiUnlt Carbon S3' United Corp 3 Unit Fruit S9 Un Gaa Imp 47' Un Param Th -12l US it For Sac 35 U S Gvpautn 2P U S Ind Chm 17H U S 1— 'her 43VU 8 Leah pf sow'u S Pipe St r 90iU S Kubber 52 U 8 Rub pf 13H U 8 Smelt UiU 8 Smelt pf You Can Buy Th Beat FOR LESS AT PETE MOORE'S (Anything in Electrical Appliance) EASY TERMS 1106 W Slat HOW AVAILABLE 8x10 GLOSSY PRINT a f any picture that has appeared la this newspaper Call or Writ BRISTOL NEWSPAPER! Photo Department Briton Believes Socialism Doomed ATLANTA UD—Bryan J Fatker a former BritUh House of Commons parliamentary secretary believes Britain will "junk" So Clallam by next spring Packer in this country to study consumer credit and personal loan method predicted here yeaterdav the Socialist party would be ouM-d following a "no confidence" vote’ developing from dissention In the party'a ranks Girl Shot By Brother SMYRNA G UP— A stage itruck Negro girl who recently attempted to wreck a passenger train "just like they do in the movies ' wa fatally shot here jaaterday Officer '(aid eight-year-old Mary Ann Foster' brother an accomplice In the track-blocking episode hot the girl while playing with a 22 rifle He 1 10 yean old The U S Army lit Cavalry Division in Korea uses truck-mounted refrigerators that hold enough meat and egg for a full division meal J C VANN Hardware & Supply (o PHONE 111 ABINGDON TA wvvyvvvwvwwvwtftih : HERALD COURIER - VIRGINIA TENNESSEAN 1 Cookbook Coupon I ThU coupon and 15c entitles the bearer to ONE oil j th® Herald Courier— Virglnia-Tennessean Cookbooks I I when presented at any of the Bristol Food Stores I listed below: Mick or Mack Store Thrifty Market Glenn's Market Ashley's Market Slagle's — - While Star Markets Suncreit Market PigglyWlggly Co ' M H Hagy Barker's Super Market Loving's Food Store Kroger Store — -— U-Tote-Em Super Market Howard C Godeey MAIL COUTON r I ’ To order by mail: Enclose this coupon and 20c (lte plea !e i for postage and handling) and mall to: J S l 1 1 Cookboqk Department Bristol Newipaper Printing Corp 1 1 Bristol Vau j I S NAME I ! ! J ADDRESS 1 1 Q Binder jr (By mall 0c) Book No Nolo: Plots do not order books until they are en tale— Number 1 thru 22 available BUVUWVWVVUVWUUVUt A Handsome Functional 00 tow Made of M-focfa red cedar Lane Chest are the ONLY pressure-tested aroena-tigh cedar chests in the world 1 Moth protection peraotced! LANE CHESTS AVAILABLE AS LOW AS aOmy wmlaot MM 2627 kad mk 2337 U W l Th perfect glfl for sweetheart daughter wife mother sister 1 1 1 m LANE th ONLY pressurentesterf mo-tight cedar chest EASY TERMS over 40 weeks to pay Other Cheats As Low A $2841 J&tiUj&thcAfr Gulf Mob Je O U S Steel Gulf Oil Houaton Oil Hudson Mot III Cent Indust Fay Inland Stl Insplr Cop Int Bua Mch Ini Harv Ini Nick Int Paper Int Shoe Int Tel A Tel 15V uast John Manv Jones 4t-j -Jov Mfg Kan Citv Sou Kfnnrcot Kreage Kre tSt Kroger Co Laclede Gaf Lambert V Lee Fub A T Leh Port C 1 Lehn Sc Fink Lib of G1 Lib McN A L Ligg A Mv Ligg Sr My pf Link Belt 81 U S Steel pf 681 U 8 Tob 13‘VVanad Cop 59 Vick Chem 1 a Vulcan D Wt Walgreen 22H!Warner Bros 214 Wesson O A 22WIWesa O Sr S pf 87 36 West Auto Sup 47' 50 West Vn Tel 46 39’West Air Br 28 a Elec 37 1W Wheel Stl — 24 Whit Mot 33 Wtllxi Overl Wilson A Co 741! W ool worth 37SI York Corp 82 Young Sh A T 47as 32i Young S Dr I1 7 i Zenith Radio 88’ 26 62’ ‘31 21 V 34- 8 a 67W 168 47 Lion Oil 44 Approx final total today 1550 00& Previoua day 1 500 000 Week ago 1743 670 -Month ago 1 249 940 er ago 1 973 360 Two eara ago 798 630 Jan 1 to date 275 16t 44 I960 to data 298 411 114 1949 to date 132 813 319 1948 to date 194 311 442 1947 to date 153088 433 Butter And Eggs NEW YORK July 31 fAPl— F price " era hteher in the rehole-ale market 1n-dav rB 21 34 firm New Ynrk aoot quotation bared largely on exchange trading follow Nearbv Whites Extra fanev bravvweighla 67 fanev heawweighta 66 other large 3-65 medium 8S pullet 42 peewees 27 Browne Extra fanev heavt weight 67 mediums 56 56 pullet 42 peewees 27 Buttet 787 74 ateadv Wholeale pilces on bulk cartons Creamery higher than 81 score (AAl fresh 66' cent 92 core 'At fresh 67-61V 90 score (B) fresh 66 89 score tC) fresh 66 I CHICAGO July 31 (API — Butter mixed receipts 788474 wholesale selling prices unevenly I cent a pound higher to lower ?3 score A A 66 75 92 A 66 90 B 6J 75 19 C 63 can: 90 B 65 78 S9 C 64 Eggs steady receipts 10094 wholesale selling price unevenly S cent a doien higher on U 8 standards and one to trmr cwnta- towel onteealsar bafanre nrc-changed U 8 extra 63 V- 8 mediums 48 U 8 standard 45 current receipt 41 dirties 37 clicks 31-34 'The AlandjI stands are located at the entrance1 to the Gulf of Bothina oiir2THe nff-ther— — ’ tanaoi ft

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