The Bristol Herald Courier from Bristol, Tennessee on August 1, 1951 · 3
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The Bristol Herald Courier from Bristol, Tennessee · 3

Bristol, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1951
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A - i z Ml i 0 u I I I I I I I I i i J U ijj -ntrm ) Chatter By Lilian Childress Monday night wu the big Mght o far aa Town Hall Abing don ia concerned for Barter Theatre put on the world premiere of Mary Chaie'a “Mr Thing- And what a playl Absolutely thrilling with atanding room only (and tome were turned away) They came from far and near and I believe every soul there waa carried away with this fantasy of Mary Chase’s and we U left there living in a dream world and I think 1 am still in tt Meeting Marrhase waa a joy and she wsf'cnarnung not only in her gracious manner but m her dress suave black embroidered taffeta styled with Jacket and with the Jacket off her shoulders were Just too lovely and her hairdo on top of her head waa beautiful Along with her waa friend husband tall dark and handsome and extremely nice Saw two of her sons In the play She haa third but I am not sure he was there Amelia Copenhaver daughter Shirley Jane Whitaker and 1 went up together and Shirley waa one of the “belles of the ball" I-ota of folk were looking for her She knew Mra Chase’ son Mich ael and ahe waa In ichool in Washington with Frank Thomp-aon’g sister He you know is Bar ter’a unusually fine publicity man and he halls from Texas When we arrived at Barter he and Mr Ellis Shuler (Leona Smith) of Dallas were having a love fest talking about mutual friends In the Lone Star State I won’t in any way Infringe on Hilda Schroetter and Jay Fields for they have written the eriti-eism in their fine way but I’m just giving you a few extras Margaret Parry's Party At Inn The striking Margaret Perry and by the way ahe took the lead AT GROCERS in the first Chase play given on Broadway gave a party at the inn for Mr and Mra Chase and our group waa bidden We had a wonderful time meeting the actors whom we have been watching with such pride and admiration thi summer for trulv 1 believe it has been Barter's best year Of course Bob was every where greeting and joking the folk and so waa Frank Thompson and other Owen Phillips wh 9 directed the play is a delight ful fellow and I grieved over mlfsmg him for a picture We just couldn't find him 1 had a talk with Dorothy Thompson and Sinclair Lewi’ son a big blonde fellow and thoroughly charming man He knows Virginia about as well as I do for he haa spent much time in it and he thinks Abingdon charming place Lovely blonde Ann Buckle yras being squired by the dark and handsome Bex Partington an interesting couple they make Ann was wonderful in “See How They Bun" AU of you should see it He is a finished actor I had a chat with At lledl son too the gangster in “Broad way" and hla favorite part thi season and -no wonder I doubt if ha could be equaled in it Mra Armstrong Mrs Ann Armstrong waa there looking as handsome as could be In black lace We all have an in spiration when we ace Mr Arm strong and have a theatre chat with her and we're looking for ward with great eagerness to hi play "Some Sweet Day" whlcf begin Monday night at Barter and continue through Wednes-day Intriguing Maldtl We always have a chat with In-triguing Maidel Turner for many years on Broadway and whoso picture “Here Comes the Groom1 is soor to be released and that we are anticipating with pride and eagerness 7 Angal On Top The Christmas Tree Margaret Perry a Barter director for several years who com-mutes back and forth from Denver was there looking like the Angel on top of the Christmas tree all sparkling and glittering And oh my oh my that dress she wore — an Irene model of white chiffon with large flowers on the bodice at her waist and trailing on the billowy skirt They looked like roses or perhaps water lilies hite with a little pink center And over her bare shoulders a green silk cape glamorous with her Titian head She was pure glamour! Mrs James Hilton (Bob’s “right-hand man") was looking wonderful too Barter just couldn’t run without Mrs Hilton she's so valu- ALSO CARTOON TONIGHT IS "BUCK NIGHT" ADM 100 PER CARLOAD Gaia Opana 7:30 P M First Show 8:00 P M Sacond Show 10:00 P M House which is proving more popular all the time and as I said is simply “Bob’s right-hand man" She looked lovely too with a smart formal fashioned with a black velvet Jacket enhancing that fair English loveliness the regret of th town and the surroundings ahe is leaving and going to manage the Lincoln Hotel at Marion Weil at least she won't be far away and friends can still have the pleasure of seeing her Abingdon’s loss ia truly gain to Marion MU Kolling haa aerved on Abingdon's town council she built Abingdon’a first large apartment house ahe has successfully run the Martha Washington Gift Shop is active in AAUW spon sored a DP from Hungary (a noble thing to do) She is a native Wisconsoner end i a graduate of the University of Wisconsin We'll mis her cheery greeting etflie Inn more than ahe will know Mrs Chase Gets A Virginia Ham When Bob made th award of the “Barter ham" to Mrs Chsae he said "And I want to asaure you this Is nobody you know" She thanked him with a great big kiss Beatrice Lodlenlo So far as I am concerned Beatrice Locllento stole the show in that scrubwoman scene — to hear that little squeaky voice issuing from that dirty ragged get-up was the funniest thing you ever heard That little girl is one of my favorites In all Barter— that’s all there is to it I wish they’d put her In every single play— I want to see her do something different too for shq has captivated us so with this character (Miss Squeaky-voice) that I'd like to see her do others Th Staff I always feel so grateful to the staff— the people who don’t get the fun of appearing on the stage I’m afraid sometimes that we for get about them so right here 3 want to give them all a hand— Parker Mills Keith Michael Fred Boyce Cynthia Cook Blanche McKinney Eric Halbig Jane Wagner David Massey Barbara Bern ziger Lauren Farr Christine Reusswig John Bezak Kenneth Keene Dane Knell James Lentz Frank Lowe Hugh Mosher and Jane Rogglo Bob’s Flowers On each first night we see Bob escorting Mrs Mary Ballance whom he calls his “Yankee baby" (she was born the night Abingdon was burned during the War Between the States) to a front seat She is on one arm and in the other he carries the gorgeous arrangement of garden flowers she brings each first night and has done so for the 19 years Barter has been playing in Abingdon She sat by me and I asked her how long it took to arrange her flower She told me an hour to cut them and another hour to arrange them And she grows them too and that afternoon she had attended the Garden Club meeting and do you know she is its Bristol Friends Chat With Mrs Armstrong Mr Anne W Armstrong whose play “Some Street Day" trill he produced pert week at Barter greets old friend from Bristol at the world premiere of “Mr Thing" Left to right art Mrs Arm-itrong Mr Richard Cary Horner Mrs Thomas W Staley and Miss Sara Barker Barterite Welcomes New York Visitor able ingyerywayShe s-a-most president A wonderfuTTittle wo-gracious hostess at the Cave Ruth Kolling ! Saw Mrs Ruth Kolling at the play and party (she’s a big part of Abingdon let me tell you) and to T'o eneott roj terms William Holdan “DEAR RUTH" "HOOSIER HOTSHOT Hollywood Varieties man Life in Abingdon has been amazingly Interesting this summer The Martha Washington Tnn has had its face lifted with new paint and looks so stately and it is crowded with guests all the time Barter Inn is filled and their Cave House has crowds each evening Ever been? Do go It’s delightful and right across from the funeral home Make reservations for the evening meal but after the show you can go without reservations and as Bob says “watch the actors eat or eat yourself” There’s a lot of fun to be had in Abingdon this summer Those of you who have not been to Barter let me urge you to go for you are iriissing so much ‘Mrs James Hilton of the Barter Theatre poses w 'th Mrs George Cronheim of Bristol and Mrs Cronheim's daughter Doris of New York who is visiting her parents in Bristol Left to right are Mrs Hilton Mrs Cronheim and her daughter "Mr Thing" World Premiere Enraptures First-Nighters REAL ESTATE LOANS Convetiliorfar 4J FrH A 41 Approved FHA Mortgagees i t t Magic City Mortgage Co Inc 48 Piedmont Street Phone 4811 LATE NEWS SPORTS REEL CARTOON miiU ELEANOR PARKER Reymori MASSEY Richard WHORF TODAY THRULFRIDAY- They Come And Go Grade Faucette Bell (Mrs John) and small son John Douglas have come from Paris Ky to spend a week with Grade’s parents Dorothy and Ramsey Windsor Ave Friday will be little John’s second birthday so his Mama is going to have a few of hi jlittie friends in to play Dorothy and John T Wakefield have come from Captiva Fla for a visit with Dorothy’s mother Mrs Grace Bunting Price at her home “Tween-Hills” Bluff City Road The Arthur Byrds since coming back from a winter in Florida have had interesting guests A couple from Indiana Mr and Mrs Hening in whose motel they lived at Key West year before last stopped to see them after a tour of East Tennessee and Gatlinburg and a visit with relatives in Morristown Another guest was Mr Byrd’s brother J W Byrd of Wilson N C and his two sisters Mrs Myers of Portsmouth Va and Mrs Pierce of - Micro - N- C and still others were Mr and Mrs Clarence Byrd of Wilmington Mr Byrd’s oldest brother Mr and Mrs Byrd’s grandsons Charles and Tom Allen expect to go to Maryville College this month Charles for his last year and Tcm for his first Their parents Dr and Mrs “Crappy” Allen will accompany them and will pay a visit to Mr and Mrs Byrd enroute Mr and Mrs Byrd are also anticipating a visit from Daughter Judith and Ijpr sons in the early fall Mr and Mrs Lilbum Pyle have been entertaining at their home on South Holston Lake Mrs Pyle’s brother and sister-in-law Mr and Mrs T H Wynne of Rutledge Ga and Miss Lazenby of Harlem) Ga Delightful folk they are I had the pleasure of meeting them at Barter Theatre last week They like our section and the Pyles’ attractive home on the lake Why? Because Anne Massengill is here and she’s driving a beauty She’s a beauty too so it makes a beautiful picture She’s with the Reggie Arnolds Alabama St Her mother Annie Lynn is expected later in the summer for a visit The Arnolds had with them over the week-end Betty’s nephew and his spouse Mr and Mrs James Ellis Hyatt Jr and daughter Ann of Oseola Ark SOC By Hilda Noel Schroetter A capacity audience packing Robert Porterfield’s Barter Theatre at Abingdon on Monday night for the world premiere of Mary Chase’s new play “Mr Thing" was transported from matter-of-fact reality to a world fresh and sparkling with the special magic of childhood Mrs Chase has described her latest work as “a fantasy for children of all ages” — a remarkably accurate description For “Mr Thing” has the same sort of appeal which makes Alice in Wonderland" and "The Wind in the Wil lows" dear to all who are young in heart That is not mind you to institute any comparison To my mmd "Mr Thing” is Incomparable The play is concerned with a rich little boy who possessing everything "has nothing and a little girl who owning noth- believe that Charlotte Nolan is a creature of flesh and blood Surely these two are one and the same — Mrs Chase has found out the truth about Miss Nolan and has chosen this method of presenting the facts to a world which might otherwise be incredulous Nobody j ing has everything It shows how tould act that well Call her a selfish woman learned the dif-i Aspen call her Charlotte— what’s ference between sham and reality in a name? The creature walks the hard way And it demon- into your heart She speaks and strates how a sense of beauty and a child’s sure confidence can transmute the dullness of life into pure gold Howay Larue lives in a big house surrounded by servants toys and a too-devoted mother Aspen Willets is an an inmate of an orphanage the daughter of a witch and the granddaughter of a wizard Mr Thing The two meet when Mrs Laurie driven by hr son’s pleading for a companion takes him to the orphanage to find a boy to play with There Aspen comes to Howay’s attention and he insists upon having her for a playmate in the face of his mother’s objections Aspen gives the boy a transient gleam' of happiness but the mother blinded by her lack of understanding determines to send Aspen back to the orphanage That is where Mr Thing and Aspen’s mother-take a hand you are very young again Things regain their proper perspective and the world is full of magic (Continued on Pag 10) ATHLETES FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT IN ONE HOUR IF NOT PLEASED your 40c back from any druggist T4-L it specially made for HIGH CONCENTRATION Undiluted alcohol base gives great PENETRATING power Kills IMBEDDED germs on contact NOW at Bunting A Son LAST TIMES TODAY Ay - AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT! It is no kindness to any theatregoer whether prospective or retrospective to outline a plot in detail Suffice it to say that Mrs Larue and Howay are awakened to a realization of true happiness that Aspen’s mother resigns the child to her human companion and that the audience is convinced that — Aspen Howay and Mrs Larue live happily ever after A simple story? Yes it is But so beautifully told that it leaves you breathless and reluctant to return to a world which seems less real than the one upon the stage Births (Echa 'Mustek) announce the birth of a daughter Linda Susan July 24at the Air Base hospital Chan-ute Field Kantoul 11L Mrs- Suggs reaedfents of Rtiyvf? 'imori M falrview Champaign 111 - Siatham’a Sets Outstanding Mack Statham’s enchanting sets give the play a background which is worthy of it and the inspired direction of Owen Phillips en hances its' eharm The sensitivity to mood which Mr Phillips brings to all his work has never been more in evidence than in his staging of “Mr Thing” It was no less than a touch of genius which prompted the device that first captures the audience — the changing of the sets in full view by a rabbit (Fred Boyce) a cat (David Massey) a dog (Andy Maxey) an elf (Jerry Chase a soa of the author) and two imps (Jane Wagner and Eric Halbig) assisted by Brownie the bear (Donald Stewart) while a dancing doll (Cynthia Cook) beguiles the onlookers That acts the whole tone of the evening — with their first— gUmeef— 4he—veheet' coated sequin-studded creatures from fairyland theatregoers know that 'something "special is about to happen ' It is easy to believe that Aspen ctns tljV daughtcFof a witch Drive I spell with her first hesitant step I across the stage It is lesi easy to BRAND KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 2— 45 QUART PINT WHISKEY IS YEARS BRISTOL HERALD COURIER Wednesday August 1 1951 r Norma Edwards Becomes Bride Of Bill Temple Jr Mis Norma Lee Edward! Mr and Mr S J Nelson daughter of Mr Fdyiha Edwards Mr Temple attended the Uni of Jllurfield Wait Virginia be-'versity of Tennessee where came the bride of Will S Temple 'was a member of the Kappa DHt Jr son of Mr and Mrs Wil1 S 'Sorority and u now employed at Temple of Knoxville Teimev Monroe Calculating Machine on Friday evening July 20 at the C’o in the personnel department home of Dr W Maliolm Fuller Mi Temple attended the Uni-with Dr Fuller pastor of the First versity of Miami and the Univer Baptist Church petforming theisity of Tennessee where he was sf cetemonv member of the Ti Kappa Alpha The blonde-haii rd bride wore Fraternity He ia a reporter on the suit of navy blue and white ac-cessoriei Her corsage waa gardenias The only attendants w-re VirgmpjTennessean ataff The couple is at home at 235 Taylor Street Enterprise WSCS Plans All-Day August Meeting The July meeting of Enterprise W S C S was called to order by the president at the home of Mrs R B Cross with 24 present Prayer was offered by Mrs J D Personals Mr Harry Leonard and Misses Billie Jean Balthi and Camelia Alvarez of Bristol have returned after a visit with Mra Charles’ McCall at Limestone Tenn Mr and Mr Walter Buckles o Maryland Avenue have as thV Lindamood and it w'' voted To pay 5 22 whiih will finish the r Young Jr of Shelby N C with her daughter Sally Jo and her to buy gowns as a gift from the J r°auVeft of iiheviBe v’r’ Ji! Society to Mrs J N Phillips I her son Bill ” C’’ W 11 The group was giid to welcome two visitors from Elizabeth Chapel W S C S Offering for the evening was 10 40 The devotional “Come Unto Me" Matthew 11-28 was given by Mrs J W Houston The program "History of the Philippines" was under the direction of Mrs Ted Vance Those assisting her were Mrs Dalton Crus-sell Ada Cross and Mrs Paul Cross The spiritual Life Message given by Lola Cross closed the program The August meeting will be an all day session at the home of Mrs Gene Cross Sr Aftor July 1 U S appropriated funds will be used to pay for all indigenous labor officially employed by U S Occupation Forces in Japan fcrnrrrrrrsf LAST TIMES TODAY JANE WYMAN u VAN JOHNSON in "Three Guyg Named Mike" with HOWARD KEEL Color Cartoon Comfortably COOLI AS PURE AS MONEY CAN BUY StJbsepb’AspiRiH WOttlSlAtGIST SfUER’ATiOf The 15th Regiment of the U S Army '3d Infantry Division has published— a — 4-page— boo ktefTo acquaint replacements with the “Can Do” outfit's background i COLUMBIA NOW SHOWING ’’BANDITS OF El DORADO’’ — WiihXharle Starrett — — ALSO— "PRISONERS IK PETTICOATS” RABAHLOMOX LAST TIMES TODAY TTTTITB Brulol-Abingdon Highway “Show Storts 'At Dork Two Complete Show Each Night -J? (TIN TWATCAj with Joann Dru Hugh Marlow Zero Mosiel COLOR CARTOON— NEWS Family Nighl yW 100 - Per Cor Visit Our SNACK BAR and PLAYGROUND Before the Show Starts Gal Opens 7:00 P M Daily Radio Timetable WEDNESDAY AUGUST I 1951 WOPI AM-NBC 1490 kycit (WOPI-FM-NBC Mm chedule as WOP1-N8C except when otherwise designated) I 30 Prayer Period “ 5 43 Dawn Patrol 6 00 Dawn Patrol 6 IS Dawn Fatrot 6 30 Dawn Patrol 8 45 Dawn Patrol 7 00 Clock Club 7 IS News 7 30 Clock Club 8 00 World News 8 15 WQPI Break- fast Club 8 30 Com Calendar 8 45 1490 Club 9 00 News-Gospel Songs IS Tello-Test Quls 9 30 Morning Devotional 9 45 Judy Weston Show 10 00 Welcome Trava elers 10 15 Welcome Travelers 10 30 Red Foley Show 10 45 Hvmn Time 11 00 Break The Bank 1115 Break The Bank 11 30 Guest Star It 45 Dave Garroway 12 00 Praver-News 12 15 Appalachian Farm-Home 12 30 Washington ’ Farm-Home 12 45 Market Reporta 1 00 Ralph Flanagan Orch 1 30 George Hicks 1 45 Eve Young 2 00 Platter Parade 2 15 Platter Parade 2 30 Platter Paiade 2 45 Platter Parade 200 I lie Can Be Beautiful 9 15 Road Of Life 2 30 Pepper Young’ Familv 2 45 Right To Happiness 4 00 Backstage Wife 4 15 Stella Dallas 4 30 Young Wldder Brown 4 45 The Woman In Mv House 5 00 Meet the Band 5 30 Kocal News 530 Little League Baseball Game (FM only) 5 45 Serenade 6 00 Newscaster 9 15 Sports Spotlight 8 30 The Cisco Kid 8 45 The Cisco Kid 700 Richard Hark-ness Orch 7 30 News Of The World 7:45 One Man’s Family 9 00 Hal Derwin 9 15 This Is The Ignorant 9 15 It Pays To Be Ignorant 9 30 Mr District At-i torney I 9 45 Mr District At-I torney 110 00 Big Story Uo 15 Big Storv !0 30 Private File Of Rex Saunders — 0 45 Private Files Of Rex Saunders 1 00 News 15 Digger Show 12 00 News 12 05 Sign Off WFHG-MBS kycli “ S 30 Sign On 5 32 Rev Joe Corvin 5 45 Don’s Patrol 00 Sacred Musie 8 15 Sacred Music 6 30 Don s Patrol 8 55 Les Higbie it The News 9 00 Robert Hur- leigh 9 15 Rev Maurice Norman 9 30 News 9 35 House By The Side Of The Road 10 00 Cecil Brown 1015 Open Circuit 10 25 News ’ - 10 30 Cedric Foster 10 45 How s Your Memory 10 55 Happy Felton 1100 H H P— Verlm Mays - 11 30 H H P— Verlm Mavs 12 00 Curt Masse v 4c Martha Tilton 12 15 Stan Lomax Sports Views 12 20 News n 4 Gillette Warmup 12 30 Detroit at New York 2 00 News 3 05 Open Circuit 4 00 H H P— Verlm May 4 30 Hillbilly Hit Parade 4 15 HilhblJy Hit Parade 4 30 Hillbilly Hit Parade 4 45 Hillbilly Hit Parade 5 00 Hilliblly Hit Parade 9 15 Hillbilly Hit Parade 8 30 Hillbilly Hit Parade 9:48 Hillbilly Hit Parade 9 00 Sacred Music 9 30 International Airport 8 55 Bill Henry-News 9 00 2000 Plus 9 30 Family Theatre 10 00 Record Rack 11 00 Today's Sport 11 IS Biuea-Boogle 11:45 Blues-Boogie 12 00 Hillbilly Jam bore 1 M News in Brief 105 Sign Off WMEV-LBS MARION 1010 kycl 86 Proof National DistilUn Prodttetj Corpora lion New York NYA J por 40 Popaicle Clubhouse 8 49 Wavne King ’ Serenade 7 00 Fulton Lewi Jr 7 15 Time Test 7 30 Gabriel ' geS&Wt 715 9ood Night Erroneous listing herein aie due to last minute Thing cancellation ertlon by itaUoat and network after ttge of publication 8 00 New 6 05 Cousin Zeke's Jamboree 7 00 Mune By Re quest — - — — 7 30 Esso Dealer News Reporter 7 35 Music by Request 8 30 George Camp- ' bell — News— LBS 9 45 Morning Devo tion 9 00 Alexander's Ragtime Revu— LBS 9 30 Homemaker Harmonies 9 45 Stats on Farad 10 00 George Camp bell— News— LBS 10 15 Hollywood Gossip Column— 4 LBS 10 30 Breakfast With Daftnv O Neil - and Jim Ameche —LBS 1100 Liberty Jamboree— LBS 11 30 Bob Kent s Shopper s Guide 12 00 Obuuarv Col umn of the Air 12 05 Seaver s Cali To Praver 12 15 Dinner Bell Time With -Zeke 12 30 Parks Belk Mid Dav News 12 35 Musical Interlude 12 45 WMEV Farm Hour 12 55 St Louis Browiia vs Boston Red Sox 9 45 VrheaUes core-board LBS 2 50 ESSO Dealer News Reporter 4 00 Planer Party 4 15 Platter Party 4 45 Liberty Carousel LBS I 00 Cousin Zeke and his Virginia Vai- 5 45 The stars Sing 9 M ESSO Dealer Newts Reporter 8 15 Strictly Sports 8 25 The Big Inning —LBS 8 30 Joseph C Harv?b— LBS v O'rrtota Af ! I Ji 1: i 1 i' y I i j

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