Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 3, 1967 · Page 22
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 22

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 3, 1967
Page 22
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.JACQl'ELYN DIANE SHISPPAHD'S parents, M. Sgt and Mrs. Julian L. Shoppard of 1007 Ave. K, announco the engagement and approaching marriage of thru- daughter to lOdward Lawrence Clair. son of Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Iv Clair of Susan, Calif. Bride-elect is the granddaughter of the late Henry and Lula Bell Abernalhy of 810 Ave. A and Mr. and Mrs Julian Lawrence Sheppard Sr. of 1808 Ave. D. She is a senior at. Brownwood High School and is employed at North Elementary School. Her fiance, graduate of Armijo High School, Fail-field, Calif., is employed at Mare Island Naval Base. Vallejo, Calif. Wedding is planned for Dec. 26 at I p.m. with the Rev. Joe A. Webb officiating in Melwood Baptist Church. Reception will be in fellowship hall. KDiTOR'S NnTE-Amandn Doroiiila. diplomatic correspondent ot The Manila Time? Publishing Co., recently visit - cd North Vietnam for a month, during which time he traveled throughout the He Sound Vie North Vietnamese have learner 1 to accept, In sow*? degree, the air wnr oner the North and that then me being conditioned to a Inn a. long conflict Here is hit tcport. tty AMANhO DoRoMt.A * Of the Manila Times tVfltlefl for The Associated | Press i Af rock's crow every week ; day. factory and office workers •in'North Vietnam's capital of 1 Hanoi assemble in courtyards J for 15 minutes of mass calis- ! thenics. i This daily physical ritual is 1 one of the ways by which North Vietnam is bracing its people lor what their leaders call Ihe "supreme sacrifice" of a "long , war." There is little question that Ihe North Vietnamese- from hotel clerks, school teachers and i civil servants lo factory hands, militiamen anrl regular troops - have conditioned Ihinrselvps 1 for such a war which, according •' to official Hanoi predictions, ! may last from 10 to 20 years . ; War planning in Hanoi lends ! toward the most pessimistic and i fatalistic estimates. When North j Vietnamese leaders lalk about a "protracted war," they take j into account the complete levell- | ing of iheir cities, including the ! capital ann Haiphong port. "Hanoi is an old city." Tran Duy Hung, a 50-year-old physician who has been mayor of the capital lor 22 years, tolrl me. in his spacious office over cookies, Viets $©© Long War a luxury In Ihe midst of food fa- tlons. Msides flak batteries; into play In the countryside, tinning.' and steaming Viet- ringing those cities, almost cv- ( particularly in the Red River, nainn«> tea "We have evar:uat. pry' building above two stories. Delta which encompasses II of ed more .ban half of our one has some sort, of macrtinegun' North Vietnam's 30 provinces | and a half million people. We nr-st manned by militia. What I and raises most of the country s have made plans for a new capi- saw from the ground tends to rice. An intricate dike system tal Hanoi is too small, ft will substantiate reports by U.S. pi- ; there keeps the water level in sprvp as a ru ii l)ra i showpiece lots that they find the flak from' the river in check during the alter the war." Hanoi and Haiphong more in- July September monsoon sea- rjrim words are heard-anr! lense than that encountered in; son. apparently taken seriously by the Korean War. Dikes in the delta were at- the Hanoi'regime and the people , Hanoi-based diplomats esti- tacked more than a hundred - about a possible American in- mate that there are fi.TOO an- times this year, according lo va=inn above the 17th parallel liaircrafl units in all of North Vietnamese officials, and dike thai has divided Vietnam inlo Vietnam concentrated largely repair has a high place in Ha- Nnrth and South since the 1954 in Hanoi and Haiphong—of nni's scheme of things Every (Jeneva agreements. which 5.000 arc equipped with household in the delta keeps One senior Foreign Ministry Chinese weapons and 3.000 with slabs of earth on reserve for use official, talking to me about this Soviet weapons. by the dike brigades, which are possibility, recalled what Presi- : The Soviet-supplied surface- given priority in (he use of fer- nVnt Hn Chi Minh once said and to-air missile units are mobile. I ries and improvised bridges, compared the United States saw some being moved from« much as fire engines are given with "a wolf whose hind legs one place to another under cov- the right of way in a cily. are already sunk in the mire" in ; er of night lo avoid observation Like factories, schools and South Vietnam. By invading the ' from the air. hospitals also have been evacu- Norlh. this official said, the! The American air attacks on a , pcl , n (llp ro untryside as a re- t'nited States would be "sinking i the North have forced the North its four legs." : Vietnamese to adopt new ways North Vietnam is a young na- of life, a somewhat mole-like ex- suit of the bombings. Hanoi can ill afford epidemics By W. G. BRANDSTADT, Mil. Q — I nm 67. All my food seems to taste the same.My sense of smell is impaired too. What is Ihe cause sind what is (he treatment for (his? A_Mosl people wlt'i complain of a loss of taste are suffering from a loss of smell as it is this sense that gives them their ability to distinguish flavors. They are still able to recognize the four true tastes—salt, sour, bitter and sweet. Loss of the sense of smell is usually caused by" chronic. nasal con£e -lion, nasal obstruction due to polyps, or chronic allergic rhin- itis, ft is made worse by heavy smoking and frequent use of nasal decongestanls. Relief depends on discovering and removing the cause. The treatment may take the form of desensitizatlon, antibiotics, drugs of the cortisone group or an operation. Prerequisites to any successful treatment, program are to quit smoking and to make sure there is enough humidity in the air you breathe. Q — What would cause a metallic or a bitter taste in my mouth? What can be done for it? A—A metallic taste may be! caused by excessive smoking, j the action of an acid saliva on ] metallic dental fillings, sleeping j with your mouth open or taking { certain drugs that contain a j metal iron, A bitter taste may be caused by excessive belching, neglected teeth, certain drugs, a hiatus hernia or ruptured diaphragm, or a chronic infection in the mouth, nose or throat. The treatment requires the elimination of all possible sources of the abnormal taste. Q—For (wo years I've had tm unbearable taste in my mouth and odor in my nose, Is there any way lo get rid of them? •A-'These symptoms are a great source of worry to elderly persons. They may be caus. ed by a chronic infection in the nose, throat, gums or lungs; 'heavy smoking, or the excessive use of mouthsvashes. Fre* quently.worried preoccupation with l:he possibility of having bad breath aggravates the condition or at least its effect on your equanimity. Q—1 am just getting over an j attack of myasthenia. Is this a ! dangerous disease? A—Myasthenia gravis. a disease characterized by general t weakness, is one of many diseases for which there is no cure, hut which can be controlled with proper treatment. Neoslig- mine, which requires a doctor's I prescription, or a related drug ] is usually effective. Local Auxiliary Sends Letters To Servicemen linn in lerms of population. Of istcnce. concealing themselves and every measure is being lak- ils i" million people, If. million in the daytime and working at. pn (f > «\?" nnc - Kescue and -"or morn than 50 per cent-are night. They have learned lo take! medical treatment after bomb- between the ages nf one and 30. this in stride. • •"*« ls Hs P''" m l' as, possible [•our million are between 15 and Concealed factories operate' J iodlcs . j irp l' 1 "^' rcm " vpd an. The cream of the youth fui | blast. Oil and petrol dumps, from . dohr . ls - dpIs P |t ^ 1 s " mp : ( ! mv serve in the army and the mill- are as hidden as the factories j f from ime bombs burleri '" lia. Those were the ones born ' | hey help to run. I saw women'_ . ? ln :... during the war againsl Ihe. i burying a huge steel tank, about; French that culminated in Dien- \ the size of a gasoline tankcar, in; Use the Classified Ads bienphu. a rice field on the road to Hai-j _ _ ; -_ -There is ample evidence phong from Hanoi. Steel petrol throughout the country of pre- drums can be seen concealed paration for drawnnut guerrilla under trees along village roads, warfare. Factory workers, peas- jn groups of three or four. What ants and all those able to bear workers are hauling in tin buck- arms are issued rifles They are els from a well is likely to be given intensive, training in guer- fuel, not water, rilla tactics. The militia—which! Production is stressed as provide the home defense units;much as fighting, although the - have regular training camps ; army reportedly is the prefer- hiddcn in the villages and inoun- j cncc of many of the youths, tains. 1 some of whom are said to have During nighl trips I made to signed their applications in the provinces, I coud see mili-; blood. Cily streets and country tia units marching with rifles roads alike are dotted with big 1967 by NEA. Inc. "01 course, I knew wnof love's oil about—I love 'The System' and The System loves me! and pack.; to such camps. I Industries and population ' ( have been dispersed in small posters exhorting the people to produce, and fight. Please send your questions Hiul comments to Wayne G. Brandstadl, M.D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. ' Eighty-two names of servicemen in Vietnam as listed in last Sunday's edition of the Bulletin, have been distributed among members of the American Legion Auxiliary. ' A letter or small Christmas package will be sent to each man with the sender's name and name of her organization 'attached, i Auxiliary members who have nol been contacted are request- j ed to participate by selecting Next to weapons, (he most ; units throughout the country- prized pieces of equipment are '• side, not only as a safeguard lorries, rail slock and small i against U.S. bombers but to ; generators. These last, import- 1 serve the purpose of the "pco-jed largely from Eastern Euro- pie's war" in which the entire pean countries, are used to run population would be involved, factories whose main sources of along with the "people's army."; power have been bombed out. The North Vietnamese, have j Every factory and shop I visited ; learned lo absorb the air war had a standby generator in case j •that has already extended to the I the big thermal plants are| North. They accept the repair knocked out, as in Hanoi. : work on bombed-out 7 - oads,| In some factories, power isj Abridges and railways as routine,j supplied by foot, using wheel-! and manage to get their fields j less bicycle frames installed be-: j planted despite the bombing at-! side machines. A lathe is at-| i tacks. ! lached and a worker pedals to ; Hanoi and Haiphong have- 1 keep the machines running, thickets of antiaircraft fortifica- 1 Human labor is also brought! CHAIRMAN FOR tlie 1968 National Easier Seal Campaign, singer Dinah Shore will open the annual appeal of the National Society of Crippled Children and Adults March J, Activities, continuing up (o Easter Sunday, April U, jncJucle the traditional ceremony at the White and tele, vision, radio and personal appearances throughout the country, Sell Those Unwonted Items In The Bulletin Classifieds PKQBUM5 ' Your Factory Authorized In-Sink-Erotor Disposal fsru and Service Ageney In Sink Knuw Matching Console Styles in Packard Bell Color TV Packard Bell Stereo New from Packard Bell: "Matchmates" for J968. Like the matching l968-§tylecl "Barcelona" color TV and "Del Rio" stereo CQnso|e§ Illustrated above, Magnificent Espania* cabinetry designed to enrich ' your living room, lend sumptuous Spanish elegance to yoyr steeor. The "Barcelona" color TV has handwlred and handsoldered chassis, biggest (295 sq, in.) rgrf-earth true-color picture tube, tuning as easy as switching on $ light, the pption of remote control when you buy or anytime late/, Thf "Pel Rio" stereo includes solid-state AM/FM stereo tyr>§r, §oJW< $ta,te amplifiers., §arrard automatic tyrntable, fyll complement pt •> {glanced stereo speakers-there's even provision for plugging .in I stereo tape cartridge player. Packard B»ll poler JV and stereo 'Wclwrwfc*' 1 arj In §<?an4iat 4 SfilenlaJ, gpntemparary, T/actewIivto»i ' FIII YP M M.'° 4 HOURS THSDAY 'V£ Bring this coupon and $1.00 to our store and you will receive bolh knives; you will save $2.00. They have been advertised on TV and radio for $3.00. So clip this Coupon now. 1000 USES-SAW A NAIl IN TWO-THIN SLICE A TOMATO-MEAT SAW- CUTS RIGHT THRU THE BONE-PAYS ITS WAY HRU SAVINGS-ELIMINATES WASTE IN SLICING FROZEN FOODS. BRICK ICE CREAM, ETC. A FISHERMAN'S DELIGHT. 'THE SECRET IS IN THE MIRACLE EDGE." LIFETIME STAINLESS STEEL Miracle Edge M °S ic Peeler Self Sharpening Stainless Safety Grip Hondli>j--Will Break, Ciack or Chip. This Coupon And Sleel, Nol World's Most Versatile Knife . . . Peels, Shreds, Dices, Trims. Pare*, Grotes, Spreads, Scales, Peeli Up and down. _______^_____^___ — MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT Has Instruction Card BUY NOW FOR GIFTS LIMIT: 3 SETS TO COUPON TH,S R ENFRO REXALL DRUGS 201 Center, Brownwood, Texas IBIIIIII CERTIFICATE For a Set of 2 KNIVES Supply l» Limitedl IDEAL FOR Chefi Fishermen Housewives Butchers Sportsmen Poultrymen Hunters, Etc. Campers 4 HOURS TUESDAY 11 A.M. TO. 3 P.M. ONLY! Bring this certificate and $3.71 and receive a LADIES' Sterling Silver or 10-kt. Gold Filled Ring, with a V's-kl. size IMITATION KIMBERLY DIAMOND REPRODUCTION. SPARKLING, FLASHING WITH RAINBOW FIRE! If set in genuine diamonds these rings would cost 5100 to $200. Compare, see if you can tell the difference. Also available; YELLOW MOUNTINGS 10 kt. GOLD FILLED'MATCH- ING WEDDING SETS in Miracle Mountings-Clusters—Cocktail Rings Boys' Rings - Girls' Rings - Men's Rings-$3.71-$9.95. t No Mail Orders — All Sales Final * Illustrations Shown for Comparison • Free Gift Boxes • RENFRO'S REXALL DRUG 201 CENTER LARGE SELECTION 1, 2 AND 3 KT. WHITE SPINELS IN STERLING SILVER MOUNTINGS PRICED SPECIALI No Fed. Tax ja mm ww ]} A,M< to 3 P.M, CUP THIS AD Sorry No Mai! Orders Aff Solei final 4 HOURS TUESDAY DEC, 5 ONLY • BRAND NEW • PRECISION MADE » GENUINE IMPORTED SWISS MEN'S SWISS WATCHES $C88 5 Complete with ( Matehing Expansion Bond Compare with any Wrist Watch Selling At $29.95 FOR STYll, BIAUTY AND APPIARANG* Full (2) Yeer Written Mffl. Miss the Greatest Wrist Watch Sal* We Hove Ever Had! •With ThU Cpwpen ThU oH«r glio iiiclud« Wokhn for GirU. CoropJtU with Mathtitvg i*panil90 Bond, f LIFETIME UNBREAKABLE MAINSPRING t * Small Secgnd Hand Thii U«M@ IH1$ AP i f * • f #''» « « « A V » • • * . ' 'i - -> ,',''.' <V '•'»».-./;•; •>*'•?&;& •/'.•'*,-••< '.' ' .,'. •-'• S'-'\"%ti$&$$ -?•-,**; ;»C"$X-*G ''.'-:'•' ^¥^vlfSi

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