Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 5, 1969 · Page 3
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 3

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1969
Page 3
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mu Branton fo retire Gold Banner merges with Foothill Groves Gold Banner associatioo —'tbc basement ruined all mo(ors.'cr& since June 9, I9I1. Cbarlet last of Uie ODce -ereat indepcnd-machinery and supplies stored! M. Brown, who founded Urn cnt orange shippers — is con- there. The pressure Imoclted out Cclden Orange paclcing liouse ia eluding its final season. Its mer- portions of the wails. the "SOs. made it the Gold Banger with Rcdlands FoothlDsi This disaster and the general ner nucleus, and for three dec- Groves was announced today'decline hi citrus production adcs he-managed the associa- by the retiring manager, W. A. prompted the merger with Foot- tion as one of California's fore- Brunton. and W. T. Hardy, hill Groves, effective March 1.'most independents, manager of the combined coop- The consolidation affects lOOj Fire destroyed the packing eratives. > members of the Gold Banner as- house in December of 1923. but Hie Gold Banner paddng spciatioa. who own 600 acres ini it was rebuilt in two months, bouse, 215 E. Rcdlands boule-i Rcdlands. East Highlands, Rial-'and has been operating at the vard. was dealt a crushing blow tc. Moreno and CoUon dis- same location ever since. When by the flood that swept parts of, tricls. | Brawn died in 19M the associa- downtown Rcdlands on Frt. 25.! Gold Banner has been an in- tfon installed Bninlon as man- Six feet of water and mud in, corporated association of grow-' VC black students lioid 'speal(-in' Black student unrest spread to the campus of San Bernardino Valley Callcgc this mom-i ins as memberE of tbe Black ftudent Union sUgod a peaceful "speak-in" demanding the citster of a student nen'spaperi reporter and a family advisor.' Approximately 500 students! g::thcrcd in the campus quad at. 11 a.m. to hear John Whitman, president of tbe BSU, and other | black leaders. ; Earlier in Ifae morning. Leigh R. Lutz. president of Associated .-I'jdcrts at the college, called a nc »-s conference to inform pionbers of ibe press that Ihree' cT the four demands made byi 1!» BSU group had been ap- rtived at a five-hour meeting of the ASB j'cstenlay. The £:udeol council organiza- iton bdps to financially support (lie campus npwspipcr. LuU said thai the student body leaders recommendation on the BSlTs fourUi demand, that Dave ThompMm. a student repoitcr. and Wflliam McKie. advisor, be rdiexed of their Warhoop responsibilities was not approved to (bat degree. It «-as recommended that Vartoop editor Sjivia Palmer and reporter Tbompsoa be dis- misied Ibr a period of three moolhs in tbcir presGnt capacity and that an irnvstigaliMi and study of Ifae qualiiicatians of llcSie in his capactly as advisor by undertaken. The financial plight of the Vu- irict probabb' will lose anolber iy SSOO: textbooks reduced by ance of the 19G9-70 budget ii .ntnam^r !ih« Mnhv nfrtrm »nH Mirt^t^n'T:— The^mpu. disse^ion SThirbeSlfm^'^ STb ^a.^'^f ^'TS^ library boc*» ,«lnced by is amidpated that tbe district re-i'^'A ^^rn^ mating ?rtiS4i?fe^ S^u'Si"'>'Se'^^^^^ *^ 1 f!?'«S*^ ^ n ^rtJ ^of iSSSS^.^ ^^^^r^jJ^n,^ "»>'"««». iMmdloo- scncs (currenUy W per cent oC today at tbe Uni%-cnily of Red- ed Crusade campaign. | R ^laX FooihiU Gn,v« asl ^'TTJ '^,^^ ^Xt ^s:o ^Tln ^i ^^Z^^S^^^ ^ *«PP«« rwtaced b>- «JOO:'ihe loUl budget) at that u«, Un<b OomnKK«. d^^^ seta Guggisberg. Mitchell and' "ia,io „"^„,3ricets its fruit sue of tbe "Indian Warhoop.^ »<o.O0B m aniiclpaied stale m- the diitncL ..... , \ . ... SISJOO goal aimed at strength- treasurer liarry Myers were' th.,^ rnu im. iho Headlined-Black Cultui* Day come, neecssitaling somecnr^ Tbonisley said theem^ field trips and bus trip. wdl be approxunately 4 P« L^tTdTs "^^^SSlS^ SmpJy • Ttasedy of Emirs.- of educatioaal expeadi- level may be further affected dnctd by S2J00: double sessions cent- Ing programs and needs." worited with other cpmmunity ,X martdinr co ^raU ^r said -What started out lo be »0>nt and a decrease in tte dis- by ibc posribility that some fam- reduced by SJ.OOO and capital CommenUng on the budget; Named to head the campaign leaders hi the drive which net- VMacer nTriv «id mcrfr eomoKBdafale step in the diicc- (nliiital rttent fiol It was ilies may nwne out of tbe school ^ ^ jj-. -uw--cua. Tnistce Robert Emmer-committee *w two of the, ted over $200,000 toward main- j:™/, iioB of nadewlaadiafi. the cul- «Ji«dosed last nWt disuict as a resuU Dunlap -^It?'^ ^ Lee tafalng 13 separate agencies in ^l,^ „Tr ^It in S lure ud p»>gi«s of (be black S^L of SdiooU Jerome are. fkioding. ^ ^ , . ' ^ JTmah^Ss $a.W«^ be «' Guggisberg and nee president the Rcdlands area. Mmi ^hTnd S .mi« ton man turned sour and slowly Tbomslcy loid Che Yocaipa To nuke op for the total re- ,ri|!cred fa a dwt^ h ih^ur^ sel lo the hare rode minimum'Robert Mitchell. As a result the dub 's annual cLd miov^aratdv " cmX in the dilVcUw of da« Sd.«»> Board the didriet has doclioo of CT.OOO in amidpaied SSfed ^.^^"'"«>ut doing any damage to' "IVimorrow." Guggisberg an -ibudget is being financed to BruSTaXss^ a to last Tteniday as tbe BSU bdd lost SK.O00 as a resutt of Gov- income, he said, tbe admfaistra- ™ VH "TI^.V^MJ ^ ..»i ]r^ '»» educational program." nounced. "man>- households hi about the tune of «> per cent r„M Banner -^r« wrfiim GOLD BANNER GOES — Last of the Redlands independent citrus shippers fades from the scene in this .sjinbolic picture. William T. Bnmton (left) pat««s the famoas Gold Banner brand to William T. !laitl.v, whose Rcdlands Foothill Groves assoda- lion is ah<K>rbing Gold Banner in a historic mci^r i:iinrunc«l totliy. Gold Banner pitipcrty in back- Kixnind will be liquidated. tFacis pholo by C. J. Kenison) Redlancfa Ooily Foefs Wednesdoy, Mar. 5. 1W9 Poge 3 Dhfrkf expects fo lose nearly $70,000 Yucaipa schools to cut down costs 'Supporf-a-Boy' campaign Boys club kicks off drive for $15,500 Redlands Boys' Chib directorsf Only last fall, the dub he- will begin a 304lay "SupporUa- came an agency member of the Boy" special fund raisbg cam- Oimmunity Cbest with many of agcr and sales agent Bninton will retire from the ciirus world with the assod- ntion's famous brands — Gold j "banner and Ooklcn Gate. He • h3s been a senior figure in the irduslry. having started with ,rld Mutual OrrnTe Distributors ;(now Pure Gold I after gradu- ' ation from the University of Rcdlands. He sold for MOD In Seattle and San Francisco, then worked with a Texas organization, and was on the MOD staff : in Redlands when Brown ac- miired him as sales manager in 19«1. Mrs. Beth' Stalnakrr has been with thp Gold Banner for 28 years. She was BrowTi's secre- • larjv and became office man' a-:cr when the late Julia Leder- cr retired. Richard if. Bo.ver. the packing foreman, has been with the assodation 40 years, and Mrs. ley College Auditorium." Thompsoo said the spealeer. Gary Lawton. tuned supposed "Oilture Day' into a OM^^ded. chaotic, meaningless, bile. «)uibbling bairage of •ocusilioDs at the 'wtile' race." OTiiffttan declared that the story was tnaccurale in some details and an uotrue interpretation of the eent At that time, hei said, "all we want is for hun Assembly Bill S touting to kin- has made the following budget- main dergartca apportioomeot ar>' adjustments: miompsoo) to make a •P(*)gy.' public In atiditioo. he sakl. the dis- School Board expense rethiccd City makes application for $1.6 million in aid O'ty of Redbnds today has lo penitt with Its appiieaUoiis. fiM appUcalioDs ior Steoo.OOO Dunlap needs manual labor for digouf Council seeks to ovoid another study in federal binds to finance cocr- . gency ftoodeoojrolwoit —and, . .y,^ ^esae^]ay. in a sUtemfntittjg oooddeiv Itsdf a eomnaia- "HXiri, «iw» uie pmepawl by waiiam Moore. Hu- u ,.gjyhitfcytyttyt.4«f ,^ngm.:bMilc of tbe SanU Ana naaities dividog bead. Everatt Ddane}'. English departnient cent Doodt. lUs epiaiaa was virieedltaes- S^-i^ MiKfc. all agreed dj -y ja^-^^^experts 00 that l%omptaa had misquoted sabieet — Itasor Waldo F. the prindpd speaker in Us «li-|Sara ^«teni ^n «Hied tte torial coancet Mc£3e ackamledged tint lie had deand tbe article fin- piib- licatioB but said be was not dty Tttetday Autag tbe aaaul budtxt sesdoo of Zaoe 3 fleodi conind diredors; Gty Manafer B. P. Metritt. Jr.. who said Tbe city's miior prablem. said Sbooe. has bees at tiie niBiici- south river eroded Dore Iu>d any fa Flsb- mary. "The crosioa Use now,- be! saU, "is where Ibe new north tud ttrip woaU have been •d manuel Uber at ^Tpt'J ^C ^m^,^ and ly f** iu past help in pcomot- ers of the Bojs' Oub slo- ^ , , '^^S%rr ^•t ;tS«^^-^->•. Uie «. g^ •^^bet.^r.U. bulk, boys ^„„y Q^On to soeok at Tlw floed vicHnw fai Dunlap Acm iMod modi a* paM, acconHnfl H Mrs. Bar. bara DoRee, an* of lb* Rod Cross wluntters In Ifie «rM. Bocawte Mw marines mraro many of the aidtr poopio futt have BO way to dig out Itioir homes. She ostimatod tfiat a steady aapplr af manpewer w«1 be weedad in Dunlap for e« will be personaUy cotitart-'our drive for the other 60 oer cd lor help by dntxtors and oth- eent" '"urse open." er officers of the chib." The club must rely on the gen-! Foothill packing house is Well imo ns second year of erostty of Redlands area resi-!"*'' and modem." said Bnm- provWing coostiucUve leisure dents to get behud the month-l ^ ""^ eapapdty to time activiiies for the >-ottth of long "Support a Boy" cam-*^"** additional tonnage. City Planner W. C. Schmdler R«i>w<«». ll>e Boys' dub looks paign. he added. ""^'P '<> "^uce co.sts. was named "niesday night to "« humble beginning For hispiration. the co-chair-!'•ene'" Iwth Gold meet with the Boaid of Park- .•'**,J|'*'** local, contmuni- men reminded campaign ^-orit-'^*""*'" ^"^ FoothiH growers." <i»t the spedcer lud evctytfatng was being dooe t» fet been ai ^nKtal or tli^ ^Iliorap:, fe^enl fwT^« "except to make a penooal trip to WasUngtoD: as be later admitted, bad left the meeting before it was over. CMsemce voMdoMfn in Yucaipa Xoo-traching empSoyes ia the Tbe Red Cren w« fced Kie »iliei>iirs and will cserdlnele Hielr ewlc. Betti male and ft. male Mp can be iMsd. Ttisy iheold ffvpert to the free MethedM dwrdi wMeh b the Command Pest. It is loeelad < at IMi and Ave. E and will be open 11 ajn. le 4 p.m. tMokdays and • ie S p.m. wealisndi. Ttw phone it 7t7-MZ. VeloRiMcs ote ur^ed te wear eld cWhes and beels. MeR shsald brinp sliewls end new traffic study. . City cooncilmen agreed with City Manager B. P. MerriU Jr., Ithat such a study may have been ! made prc»-taidy. Merritt referred to the Victor Gnien study, :»1iich be said was hitended to; sfaow traffic trends forX ycars.1 , Paridng place commisdooers' Officer Don Hunt of the Red-i shouted. "Officer, a»ked for a new atody, said lands Police Department was.think your pidice OMmcQmaa Chresten M. Knnd-] assigned yesterday to assist'fire.' sen. bcfbre makins a dedsioo! firemen at the scene of a roof Policeman goes to fire, fire goes to policeman oCGcer. car is YC tomorrow Harry Golden, often referred to as America's best loved so* cial critic, comes to San Bernardino, tomorrow to speak before *» the San Bernardino VaRey Col- and John E. Sbooe. pubiic woricsj ssftiS rtaK .'^sr" site for misreppeseotation of .-uu «S«M h>.« CnnoM r «r .Mio -icacniiis em |Mi }-ct ra me fads h tbe artSU and fartbcr,J'*^?SL^Sfr told Joint Unifi<d SdMol apologize to leaest speaker Law- ll:^ SMir^fetf«rSi bod. Oistria jcsterdiy \«led down a too and ID WWlinan for aUesed- J?J^,^J^BS^ to esUbUih amerit_ lymwiuotingtbem In tbe pages "^^["^^^g^ wenlei sfcegM Wiii hidcelt. of the newspaper. H^^II * iSSrwe In the district . -- Tlie Ihinl deiMad was met ^22- «| a . mitb a ASB eoooession Uuit tbe ^S^J^tSbZ£-1^ «>>r " <ii^ cmpk«cs Thitf enfOrS WKboop anut stow and admit. e«o pet Iroin dit- ,—ir,^ iST"..! » an aifiite of an editorial aa- (m Qat haiv to do witk in- ioflvidiiftls Of Offsnicstioos, and to pvt them the cp-: It was. Finmien put out the '^^T'"'**'"" " about seffing paridag lot No. liblate on West Olive avenue, iblaze. caused by a wiring short, \,. Golden will sneak on the to tbe General Triepbooe com-; Before the affair was «-er. under the dashboard, with iL .J ^i:, "J ^iv ,« AmSca' pany. Merritt said there could the firemen were assisting Of-, portable extinguisher. Damage,^ MS :':. th» tiil^of hii be a duptication to questi«i. ,fic.r Hunt _ ,to^the poUce car was placed ^t^^^^, tSdi "colu.^ iand the title of a book of es- Council keeps after orange tree removal Fire officUb said the roof fire $10. broke out rfiout 11:15 a.m. at J 619 W. Olive avenue from cfaim- Tkrnn YufffllBfl , ney sparits as Mrs. Mary Case-i • ™ «^ • •'*»y'r^ bolt was bunting papers ia her! c4i|«|Anfc fliveil fiieplace. The damage ot the »""*WSn¥» ^IVVn roof was estimated at « Qff HOnOrS Officer Hunt was at the scene City councibnen Tuesday of the fire when an unidentified councumen luesaay " ««• '"'^ "o™ muuvuiuiro Three Yucaipa hish school .itu- „ , .w."-,-.,™;!., .a,^;.. M«M i« tcr" asidng owners to remove AllAIlt PAABIA Schohutic Arts .Xwards contest, ncglecled orange groves. r^vytw \t announced today. !k.^Sid *r ^^t£- Sllp^.!^ !5S"'ti:'<«i«^"« ^^-'^^'JS:!'-;.-^^^^ tpnvTO nn* ciw>._Ha " »i;_-i_,fc,- irhn*Rnh Rmm we Humamties Division of the says he published in 1»8. This book sold more than 300.000 copies in hard cover and over two million in a paperback edition, His Thursday evening's ap^ .oearance is sponsored by the Evening Di^iswn of the college to respond oo tbe e( the sane issue fa aUch tba appev. The BSU octariretinn oo tbe CMBpot inetadet aidy a "snuO accBeat of Hie total Uadc ean- pw cMBBaniUr.*' Vdlcy oQiid alt stated today. Vlatman daimed tbe BSU has M Bcnben at VaUejr. but ool tut eCScfab ettifflato it k Pfansis An asteroid te a ntaor plaoet one of nuny Ifaonmods ef small wBtids revolviBC aiouad the SUB. mainly between tbe octxls ef Hats and Jnpitor. aster fkudt. and a* eatpaet oar reqoeclt tril be met.'" Can* of m ^mtn ,latives, who wo be fa and eotl k the area egnitaafQrdoiii« tbe present dris. plans tor peimeMHt woric alaa(l the llffl Cndc Zisja. MU< Sbooe. *ntejr bate fa triad nieMnc the Zenja an uiidcigioaiid eon* Crete drain betaecu Ninth and Texas streets," srid Sbooe, <^ rilti»reste(itMopeneoo-| ode tliinpfl, fntu Vdboih street to ttetete Ana xivar. n is bciof dfidfDBd to hndk s UO-year storat Tbe cost may be equal to Ibe pnftrtr tbat tiie ZenJa drains - asoe SO- miUioo. tfaey esdmale." ' Oly ooonefl made the request tor fedenl hods elBdd. lani mootly voiiag a resahitian ao- tKoririeg Hw manaser's eCDoe taMNed tbe measure aftfla Sis • voted their disapproval HOOt llOIWC Ibe pfoponl laqitind a (invlel Biaiofitjr of TOtei for pamck Ibe daetion was caDed fer lba| aCaoci BDun toUflTBV recrigK m\ • pwiuoB mn cwinen OB*J pkqw to file dbtiJcL Yeileiday's efadhm nail tbe aeeeod lime fa tbe poit twj yeewlhitdaiiifiedeBipiyeafa the <BslricC hsvo ooUBCtivdy vol"; ed asatast wtiMlrfinwnt of a iDcrit tytHtttt of afli |4pyBcol» e( Melvfa Baas, of US Setpen tine drive, yestciday duriog tfiei Idajrli^ boork and flad vtth ers of uosishtijr oi'dianb had A boffbr nancked tbe honeibrou^ no results. It oouM bavei ««icb vahMd at SIO. police reported. OCDeers saU tbe burglar en- tefvd tlie hoiiffft Ibrousli ao tto* tocked door. appareoUy be* had some effect be saU, but weather conditioas liave possibly prevented tbe removal ef i trees. "Half ef the owoers are oa^ of-iown people." be saU. "and! tbe>' have not responded." Tbe board indicated tiie sob- About People 21, Army Yucaipa booi«<anl. has been as- « KfcJriS^nh « signed to tbe lOlst Airtmme DI-: ^ Z,^ml^^^^^' vtskio (Airmobile) fai Vietnam "f*.^- as a combat engbieer. twcen U:3B ajn. and noon, wbile jcd will be kept afive. even Mn. Baas was away. though tbe tnes are not ognized for a marble and obsidian sculpture. Rsbert Redriguet, 21, ten 91, Tbe contest is sponsored on a Mr. and Mrs. Trinidad Rodri-'oatfamal scale by ScholasUc Arts qucx, 107 First street w-as at- magazbie. with Harris' Ce spon- signed Jan. 27 to the 3rd Ar- tor for the region composed of{ mored Diviskm near Gdnbaus- students from San Bernardino, en. Germany, as a rifleman. Riverside and Imperial counties. ture is open to the public without charge, (^den is also scheduled to speak at II am. Fri- coDege. More than 1.000 youngsters win compete for awards in the annual Ocean Beach ICite Festival Mar. 8. The first of a number of events will begin at 2 p.m. The Kiwanis dub is sponsor. Tremendous costs cited in plans submitted fo desegregation commifiee School authorities object to busing for racial balance Red Cross given S5D0 by Teachers association Toicbeis Asncb- tioo )«sttrday pnMcted a SSW check to tbe »»~"««r *f Chapter of Ibe American Bed Cross to aid fa tbe fiood dUaster relief; ""^^eBTA reaUtes tbe impact e( tbe renot lafai and Oood- iiy within tbe San Benardioo O0M<r ant and tte fine Jobj ifliioB^Satdljr QBdoitaloBB by 4ha ABMrieen Bed Crass imtei;'' MR. Kalbeitee Vaa Qyhe. Aasodatton pcesideat. add. »». *. ^ to tbe keel Red Cram ClMptir. abe niported. lis. Itafya Sandeen. cbair-i vaa at IwBTA IMfere com aBbtoc^ c^ireswd bopo ffaal tbe toacben: gitt sMoId bdp aeree as m eneoatifleaMBt to otber! . •fboCBadtaadf r imnl to cwiiHff nati bitliei b«ipilialiijiitob »«mb» fa Ibe! pest tm meotbs fa wUdi keel Bed Cross chapter has pro- vkSed emerfency rdiet Basic rdief tor imlocky victims of the inanr Ik foroed %d Oram oOUak to' aH for tUMIO fa vohmtotT oootribottoos fron Sas Bcnai^; dtoo OOUBIJ^ note fDrtm icridento. Bedtandf cbapler share fit ibb fliad«iiri« dri«e wuPjm. Lett week's ftwdt coated «B Ibe laOtf faodc aoei fag to Mn. Hdde Vheder. d- rector e( the ledbnAi Setvioe CMcr. Bflbeit C. Qnptal Jr.. tieo cbairmaa. Betods Cbapler. oiSBd mUMs to maaorlabe Oood rdicf oooitflwtkai to tbe Scrvioe Center taatad at ftl Ckapd ttreet er cd OMtM tor sdMMl authorities I ttamially iaeraatcd by taUngjand others **• win not accept any plan far] money from the salary budget Three rariatkmt 'busing. Plan B envisioocd re- was a blow to Negro and Mcx-jStultz lo its logical conclusion of Ibe Pri- drafltag aUeadance boundaries, jcan-iVnerican committee mcm-isaid: "It wouW be cheaper if impratiag Ibe racial baknce tal- hiring fewer peopk, er pay- mary-totennedUte sdieme woe rcsultbig in a complex problem ^ tl^i*^ ^y 'u ^yMb Ibe Kbools tbat requirai a Urge:tag Ibem lest. He adammtly re-;considered. (A> ICiadersarten at in determining which _ cUU Involves the busing' expendjtsre tor hiuiwg papiit, ihb advinix otMnaHleo en ptob-; Ibe atd Cram htt nodfcd «|at Ais^liM. Ue. ISBtfar Boon! Cbairmaa Cbattoi B.! Stidtz and Sopt Fred H. Heitner made that point empbatieally dtr «toring a stadjr ef a set oC daaeficfi As many at half of HwdO-j drca fa tbe eieetenlaiy achtwlt, Mold be bnttd ndv one of tbcm. Ibb pramptad Or. Btii-! Dcr to iMfat tbat eosl is a ooa-l trailing (Mtor. and tbat aar ree -j mait ba*e a modest price lag to bo aeevUMe. A pba to tnmveit brif tbej fag 31 addUoHl fanet at a < Itol coet e( IMMMi ri epcfalfag cost of glMjMl, be eiiimakd CbairaMn Stoits nid ttat «ot-! cr approral waald be to tooeaae Ibeodbeel tax rale.: He termed preteot, loiri pvep-l erty taxes " Ml abiDtatciy ccrtafa fa Ms ««j mfad ttit Ibe OMUorirboi uc didn't bus from Uncon.'*- The chairman and tl^e super- jecied a "rob Peicr to peyiaU schools. Primaiy grades at would attend which tcfaool. Plan crnuw — Anslo and mi-* mtendent then raised the spec*— * • e—t_«t-— - -e^_t-- i ^- I„ 1 IT • I , .1 « a < r« C(U> M^MMSM ** all T^. I m.j t a •>. Pant" fomnU. tatistfag salaricsi S; talermcdiates at 6. (B) 4 re- be higher — not k««r|tainin8 their present stniclure, — and tbat mote — not fewer! ktndergartea and 1-& S Under— peopk are needed fa Ibegarten-primary. 3 intermediate, iattinctiaaai program. UC) 1 Undcrgarten, !•«. 6 Undei^l Ibe ctbet of the Stottz aodjesrtco-primarr. 3 iatemxdiale. Bcincr deckntleas was toj Tbe doting of Lincoln was re- pface the implirit brand, "telal- ly nnecccptabJe" oo tbe three most elaborato ichemej mntid* cted latt evcolag. An bad these C alto called for redrawing aU f^lo. for one. was •a^ disma}-ed. He said that quality (Alder qoestionbig Or. Heisner; educatioo with equal opportuni- emphatically dedared tbat he ty ranks above property conskl- endortcd nocc of tbe schemes orations in setting lax levels, (be Iniisled none was really a Mrs. Ruddpb C. Diroery. a "plan"). He had only presented Negro, conceded that any pUn| Heisner said. Ire of a parent-filed legal suit and a court decree diclatins the mode of desegregation for the Redlands schools. "It is better to make our own plans than to have the court do if Dr. gardcd as a preliminaty step them because Ibe committee te-lto setUe for one-way busing of to tbe three olber plans. It was.qoested bfaa to do so. Tbe par-' Uacola children — and they -Tber cbildren — some or many — it neeemiy to etUbHA artitfie- 1017 ndal and ctbnie beknco fa each ctamcatar (FiOsvak. a SBMB •cbeel «at omitted.) -TVy astmned tbat Uneota tnnid be doted taiT tcfaool. tbe plant be- fag wed far noted tiiat houndaiy changes fa^ Ibe attendance area made it pot- eommon cie> tibk to September IM to itranifer many popib from Ua- niHy -Inlenncdiato approach tbat baring cota to HcBuiiey and Smlky-lbitcgratiaa. As Dr. Ivan Bell, tbe committee chavman, explained to the full-house audience, the com- -Tbe preteof «yttem fa atddi cocb ekmeaUiy tdeol hat Un- dcrsutcn and gndei 14 «niid| be kndaoud. Mood Oe cte-| mcalaiy sdHob anald Tbe remainder onoU be ported to KtagriMiT. Kimbefly and llaripasa. will be avaOUik fa those pfanto, to aehkve beknd« Bdtner ebieiwd thati buiim Cron Llncoto would to*| Tolvo €Oit« bat not in prcical but coils. Witb dWj rcHipentos of Kfagibufy to a Dfv ptoot yrt Septonber, ffae buaet iMOteQtljr iiaed for traoa* pofttoc Kingihuiy cbOdfcs wookl be aitigird to Uodcr Ptoa A, • priauiy 8CB00I wooRi DO paiioa wiin an idw6l (on OwlkB irilb UCDofa). woold nqprire SO per cent cnts] pote of tbe presentolkn wat akme — wouU be the cheapest j- merdy to let the committee tee but dedared it wouMn't be the mittee is proceeding under a pro- wbat was favdved fa the Pri-.fairett |gram of considering several sets to- Dr. Heisner argued that it|0f proposals, hearing and dis- cussfaig one, suspending judgment and then going on to the next IwouU he fair because the Lia- nePriniai7-Inlemediale«yf-|cata pupil would get a better, ten has no edacatiwial advantage over the present fandergw^ ten, l*g UTan ^Bmcnl, Robert Guapliell, attiilwit sitpeiiutcnil- eot, dedneiL Tht tmiffiidetalfnl said that hf Inning LIncota children to Kfagrtuty. Khnbeily and Mari- poia. aU schools except lituwifa be braogbt wHUa Ifae state guidelines for ndal bdancc: And Logonia. be le- marictd is "iategratcd" ahbougb not fa nmbtmoHwl ndai^ ak boianee. , Ibe entire fan o( Ibe 1Us|doa m^fkom tbe gramds of fyrenlvo eoit| edocatioa. Mrs. Dbaery rebtned to her eootittent point of view — tbat pobUc kw requires scbooi de- aegregatkn and that tnntees most obey. Heisner rejected tbe contention tbat there Is any legal rsqnire- menl that schools forthwith. Rather, be said, the courts and tbe State Board id] cdneatioa "are teOins us tbey expect sdMol boards to make prognu, to make ptaos" — not inataat and pcrfoet lebakndag. Mrt Dfawnr. purwiag tte emt-arfnimltalitiB lOMoning el| Dr. " HfitiMT —"t Cbabmaa The committee requested the Superintendent to outline at the next meeting, March U, an adaptotkn to Redtands of the White Plains. Haw Yoiic pba. Tbe basic prindpk of WUte Plafais is to addeve tufOdeat radal-ethnie baknce with a minimum of busing and a minimum of shifUng of both white and ethnic chiMren. In Rod- knds terms it might contem- pkte dosing Lincoln and re- drawtag attendaaco boondaries of most tehools and reessigiilng some a>par ceatet fao diDdren to .diffBKBt idiools*

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