The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 22, 1961 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 22, 1961
Page 2
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Sunday, January, 22, . HATE AMERICA CAMPAIGN IN FULL SWING IN CUBA HAVANA (AP) — The Cuban j newspapers and magazines bring en?fi:n," she said. "Now," she' gowmmptti's propaganda ma-j published in the United Stairs b>':cor.rir.ued. "put your heads down; rhine has intensific-d a campaign |Cuban cxiics arc a rarity even :r, ajrain and ask Fidel for ice i to mould a new generation of Cu-; clandestine circles. i cream." bans who'll hate Americans, hr' One o£ the best kept secrets in; NW!e ^ children ^ sted their anti-church and preach Marxist Cuba is who devisr-d and \\..o hoai ^ s arain nn ass j s tant put a ideology. i heads the indoctrination program. } my of 'jre" cream cu?s on ' her To Wesinrn observers, _this_is. _ '''^ 1S di "i cu ->^^;^ ^^iciesk. When her charges looked tray and difference. you every- bistoiy of Latin America. i el of malevolence," one observer j thing The work of the apparatus has j said. This nrobablv would not hanoe" been officially designated asj There is — A»'Wi«- ,h o! . ^s prooamy wouia not nappe.. "revolutionary indoctrination feeds on hatred, particularly snytninf? Amencjoi. lannru v\ —.. iiiiiu^-viv* <i^« 1/^.1.ui^i, \v .jv-^^«.. __ _^,.., ,,»,;,,..^t^*. *«n rnnvc ol Harris News Rounduo ! Band Clinic Host Several From City | Several band directors and stu- I dents from the Baytown School District were expected to attend at H and H Music Company in Houston. <^u» 'jyt^wt~vit *>j ,_w..-~. — -- -----<r - ^^u,-., u^uiie ijuiu uif exported to other Latin-Amencan; newspaper reports. Groups caH^( Hllosc rallta . have countries by various methods, m- j themselves revoiu loi^ry C.tho- ou fe drastic ^!,»/^i»« .Jinl/vnaK/. rv-in/~h 1'f-S haVP DUFSt into CnUrCfiCS UJ eluding diplomatic pouch. In Cuba, it reaches every level | of society through television, ra- ! sSadT 8 o? Z lteSned e ^eacners S whoi*e "foreign Falangist" range the land from city class-,'are frequent, rooms to the remotest rural vil-i At its most rudimentary level,) iageg and from military barracks j the indoctrination process has giv- to labor halls. Arrayed against this campaign! aupit to chrtdren and to adults are the occasional publications by i learning to re-ac and write. It the Roman Catholic Church and j contains such aaaptons as: A SI Sequent leaflets put «**!!«,£ ™=f£' ** ** scattered anti-Castro clandestine; Fear of state indoctrination 1st i not confined TO the upper and j [middle classes. At the lowest' clergy i s *r a ta, alarm was so intense recently over rumors the government planned to take children away from their parents and schools, that in a jzrocps. Broadcasts by Castro's enemies from abroad have a limited audience. Former Havana nT - == PHOTOS COPYING Tm Acrtel tadwrtrtol •AtTOWN PHOTOm BRUNSON LAST DAY MM* for Baastianos, the criminal followers of the deposed dictator; "C" is for the counter-revolutionaries who are trying to take everything from you; "D" is for I the defense of the country against 'all aggressors; "E" is for the ex- j ample the Cuban revolution is giving the exploited people of Amer- 'iea; "P 1 is for Rdel who gives you everything. The following story, told by responsible parents of some of the children involved illustrates another part of the process. In a Havana classroom recently, the teacher asked her young nationwide TV appearance that such step was contemplated. Costumed hostesses of Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts wait (left) to serve gingerbread to members of the Mattaluck Drum fcand after its parad* in observance of annual Muster Oav. Mattatuck, Oldest U. S. Drum Band To March in Inauguration Parade By SANDO BOLOGNA Central Press Association Correspondent WATERBURY, Conn.— Wher the Inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue Jan. 20, America's oldest drum band in continuous active service will be booming out with "Yankee Doodle," "Old Dan Tucker," "Old Zip Coon" and similar tunes. But there is still suspicion. In- j Tne 'j,i at tatucK Drum Band of Waterbury, Conn., organised quiry revealed the rumors were: ^ 176? M a mUilla marc wng unit, consists of businessmen, fac- for who bobby ' the parents of all children tering in public schools. j As this was written there were; no signs of the new textbooks beins prepared lor the new school term. Th«re is keen interest in them among those who anticipate an all-out drive in the classrooms during 1961—which has been officially designated as "Year of Education"—to put over the revolutionary message. School sources report that almost all of the old textbooks have been scrapped and that instruction in some courses, especially bandsman Is paid; all fees for their performances are put Into a kitty for buying uniforms, drums and fifes and underwriting .brood to explain who God was. , fr£jm After a few nanutesd hauing | fl rf by authorized "revolu- out her charges, toe teacher in- \ tion .f rv >. faculty leader* jterrupted gently to say there was|? onar * tacult> |caoers 'really no God. She asked them {to put their heads on their arms 'on their desks and to ask God for ice cream. After a moment! she asked them to look up. "You can see there is no ice TONIGHT OF RIVER" "CROWDED SKT" "THE PUSHERS" C I Iklft A V THRU TUESDAY 5U Nil A I S LAUGH PACKED DATS * DOUMJE FEATURE * Fait, ribald and faiToloui, B ipiing tonic ef lamghi. Tkii •HMdj of doctor-aniM- yfttwtit tateaUeuu if turt io kfff yom in ttHcba* , . , If ytnr »*r*r »*t another mutt Met with WILFRED HYDE-WHITE SHIRLEY EATON —Znd FEATURE— Greitory Peck In "THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS" In Color BRUNSON 4 DAYS.. SUNDAY 'THRU WEDNESDAY Pest Control Group To Rght Licensing Baytown Pest Control Associa- ition.'at a special meeting Friday .night, voted to fight a proposed (bill pending in the State Legisla- ;ture to govern and license pest ': control operators in Texas, T. L. i SoRelle. president, said. i Pat Glass, president of Redwood i Chemical Corp. of Houston, and jCal Carlson, president of Gulf i Coast Termite Clinic, a statewide i non-profit organization, met with •the association to explain details •of the bill. i The association voted to fight •the bill because specifications and ! standards are not clearly stated Wtxile other "ancient corps" have disbanded down the years, the Mattatuck Is probably stronger in membership and enthusiasm than ever in its long history. A minimum of 21 men is required for a "full strength" turnout. At least 40 will be fifing and drumming for the Inauguration Day event. The boom-boom of the Mat- tatuck drums can ba beard for several blocks and some spectators remark that the sounds remind them of thunder. THE BANDSMEN march in the Wilcox Method of 90 beats a minute, instead of the conventional 130 oeata a minute. They wear tri-corner blue hats and colonial-type red and blue uniforms, copied from those worn by Washington's troops In the Revolutionary War. The band has rung up an Impressive record of engagements in holiday parades, commemorative occasions, and historic pro- gram* throughout Connecticut and New England. But the group has never before marched in a presidential inauguration parade. The Mattatuck has marched in *uch well-known places &s Colonial Williamsburg, Va., Old Sturbridge Village, Mass., Yorktown, Va., and Fort Ticonderoga, N. S. Band members were determined to be invited to march in the Inauguration parade. (One band from each state is allowed to march in each state's division). They wanted to impress the leading Democrats and Republicans of Connecticut with their colorful, military appearance and experienced musicianship. So, they performed at a 3 a. m. I in Waterbury's Center two days before election day. That evening they marched and played on the same site for Henry Cabot Lodge, Republican vice-presidentiaJ candidate, who addressed a GOP rally. Kennedy and Lodge were familiar with the Yankee Doodle music, having heard it often in Boston, being Massachusetts residents. * • • MANY, anecdotes are told about the band. One pertains to the time Gen. U. S. Grant reviewed the 71st Regiment in New York as Mattatuck drummers paraded in the regimental band. "Well, boys 1 nave never heard such a racket from so few drums in all my life." This remark was considered a tribute to the Connecticut drummers. Another story illustrates the loud volume ol the drums, which were the handiwork of Eli j Brown, famous Connecticut j drum maker. The Mattatuck j was playing "Hail to the Chief" ] at the unveiling of a World War j I monument in Mansfield, Conn. I An aged, bent man cupped : his ear as the band marched in front of him. Then he straightened up and smiled. He swore later that he had heard sounds for the first time in 40 years rally for Sen. John F. Kennedy | since he had become deaf. ' Houston investment banker i Richard N. Eddleman says lie was niisquoti'd in Houston p:i|M?r that suggested he said fimuiciujr of the proposed county stadium would be difficult under plan of fered. Jury Ix'sins deliberation^ in trial ot Walter Henry Mosley. charged with murder of 13-yrar- old Tommy Box affer having allegedly shot the lm's father In an arguent. Frank A. \Vaiis, taairiJian of Houston Z o n i n p Commission, says hfs group will attempt to simplify as much as possible its proposed zoning plan to be presented to the city council. Medical science can help 80 I>er cent of the childless couples in the I'.S. to have children, says Dr. A. F. Lash, professor at ITnlversity of Illinois Medical College, speaking at synposium In Houston. Charles Alphis Cleburn. who says he killed a waitress in a Houston motel room Dec. 31, pleads guilty to her murder and to four robbery charges, and receives five life sentences. Joseph C. McAdama. who has been in state penitentiary three times, enters Texas Baptist Institute at Pasadena to study for the ministry. Portraits of 17 former Harris County judges that were refin- Ished and framed two years ago at cost of more than $1,900 are finally hung on walls of jury assembly room In CM! Courts Building after being kept in storage room for two years. Tracy Miohele Proctor, twin daughter of Mrs. Betty Prortor, dies In Houston hospital nfter be- Ing hit by car near her home at 12i San Felipe Courts. Houston and Harris County agree to split S2GI.OOO expenses for Jefferson Davis Hospital last year on a 70-30 basis, with the city paying the larger amount. There is convincing evidence that Russia has an intensive research program in weapons for chemical and. bacteriological warfare. Gen. Marshall Srubbs chief chemical officer of U.S. Army, says in Houston talk. ! Immersed Postman Is Dunked In Filled Pool Douglas Wallace, director at Ce- the band directors' clinic Saturday >dar Bayou Junior High; Fred Par" ker, director at Horace Mann Junior High; and Ramon E. Harbin, director at Highlands Junior High, I were in Houston for the event. ; All hand directors of region V I were invited to the clinic, which jwas conducted by Jack Manry of \VEST COV1NA Calif. (AP)— 'Sam Houston State Teachers Col- Down East Garvcy Boulcvarc!liege. The music included; complete j contest music from elementary (selections to the most difficult. Approximately 80 musiciani were expected. cani'e postman Ralph Thunderburk, head down, sorting his mail. Oil the street postman Thunderburk, immersed in his work, ob-j students representing Cedar livious to the world around him. I Bayou Junior High were Bebo Presently, he became immersed j HuweUer. Cludc Brandon and Judy in something else. jouucmci. had Postman Thunderburk marched into a swimming pool. The U.S. mail carrier Thunderburk reached drydock after taking on considerable \vater, but his appointed rounds had been stayed. A' substitute carrier finished his route Thursday. if it's. . . CHOCOLATES •lack's Phormaelts icktr »t Wtrllns JtJ*-*l«7 71! E. T«»»« JU S-1758 MAKB A DATE TO IT'S ALWAYS A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU GIVE HER A REAL TREAT BRING HER HERE TO EAT FRIED CHICKEN * TURKEY * FRESH SEAFOODS * STEAKS Serving AH The Traditional Good Foodi That Are Prspared To Pltai* Children Under 8 Free When Accompanied By Parents THE REBEL INN 2702 MARKET PHONE JU 2-4272 Violinist Thinks Women Make Cultural Progress NEW YORK CAP.)—By the time (greeted by women presidents of iv're 70 a lot of men have; societies that brin£ artists to their '"' iu ^u-n TU ,~ ^^!^t^ir,e auiieved a sort of goodnatured town. I'm always introduced to ISU^A ^J^ft^Si tolerance for women. . committees primarily made up of But Mischa Elman, the virtuoso women. I'm not criticizing men. 3IEK for P^mirtior£i violmist - who has ^ med 70 ' stilj i but jt * ^e women w ho give the S!j!2fflS, £L ^"S^lhas a schoolboy crush on the op- time. "If it weren't for women, men wouldn't give money—or be hus- hands either." He gives a short of amusement. at will, SoRelle said. The association represents al- course. "In this have country we wouldn't culturally the ; Its" main purpose Is for training Jin new pest control methods.^ we are too busy making money trying to be successful." more scnsitive _ l mu* I'm safe PORT NOW SHOWING "WHY CANT I STOP?" M-5-U prnv> ., EUZAIETK TAYL09 LAURENCE HMVEY EDDIE mm H JOHN rrM»»A? fl *BUTTERFIELDO AM, SEATS «0c B AY LAST TIMES TODAY WALT DISNEY'S "DUMBO" "HIGH SCHOOL CAESAR" "DATE BAIT" SUNDAY »—FEATURES—3 ^Hn Wl^W^wk WHW VWWIiML AolU Elman. a short, eherubic-look- when j K>y ^t. A11 ti timc mm ing man with sparse white hair lo m , mv wife is interesled and a mischievous grin, waves his. jn paijlUngj O1 : interesled ta mu . iarms for emphasis. "In my travels I am j sic _. j never hear women gay , my Volkswaaen Has Ranidly Gained In Popularity Twelve years ago, only (Volkswagens were sold in women who are interested in artistic things." Elman takes an admiring view of women primarily, though, bo- cause of his wife. Helen. Over the years he hasn't missed a chance to point out in news stories, on radio and television what an ex- jccllr-nt wife she is and how he j wouldn't have been happy in his 'career if his marriage hadn't been two happy. "I mrt her on the high seas I United States, and this automo- ; im , to Europe . She lived " in £ in ! b)Je - h ? d H ot . yet ^ de ^PP/fr-iFranrisco and I used to go there We were married five ance in Texas. Since that time ; and on _ warg , a(er _ so i{ wasn , t onp of each year has seen more _ more cf these cars on our high- i hose overnisnt (hings . Nowadays ways. _ jj, pv rnarrv on the installment AccordinB to Paul Sster f !nn: marr^ verv voting and spend - 'i Texas Motor Import, Baytown s • n , st - )f th ' p ;- ]ivps , only authorized dealer. 8.163 Volks- ; dou71 pa>TO(?nts . i wakens were sold in Texas the ; ,. , ,„ i first 10 months ol last year. This i Have w-omen chansed? Iwas an increase of more than 50 > F °^ flv « y™™.a!!O I, said to !per cent over the previous year.'? 15 <* 1 barhelor friend: Albert ! Volkswagen leads all automobile • 'tc« me wtat w Ihe dif- imports in the nation, accounting ference benveen ladies in the days for more than one third of the wr^n you were youns and today? » ota j "Albert said, 'in the old days 1 Volkswagen has become a p*rt> v "-y dcmimondo tried to look I of the American s^«ie M«s?r-r lik ^ a lad - v - amj toda y pvpr y 1ad - v said. Not just because thousands ^* '° kx& ^f a demimonde. 1 " iof the cars are to be s«n wtr,-- The Elmnns have t\vo children. where, but also because it has in- n fy-y nnd crirl, grown and living itegrated itself so much in our in O.liforni.-i, ;»nd two crnn-lrhi]- jown growing economy. dren. aged fi and 9, whom Klmnn According to Meixter. "Volks- snys proudly "know me like a wagen currently buys 2,300 t.or.s: ! of sheet steel each month in th" jUnitcd Stales, American machine grandchi | tools valued at S2fi.50.rXiO, as wr-u p] ny in? substantial amounts of other " SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO MONDAY LAST DAY WAREHOUSE SALE OPEN MONDAY 9:30 TIL 8:00 17-In. Portable TV REGULAR 159.95 H788 _4k. .A. JB pi us Plus Tax ONLY $5 DOWN Aluminized picture fube 155 sq. in. area Coral or gold-color lightweight cabinet An ideal second set was much youngor thnn his 'hildron when hp stnrtrv] , z tho violin. Hf was only 3. as substantial amount-! of othr-r At " w he was saving with uV iproudcts." jrreaf Leopold Auer at the St. More than 600 dealers locatr-d p P t m burg consevatory, at 12 he in every state of the nation now mad( , hjs d(?bnt jn Be ^ jn> and at employ over 10,000 people and tho 14 lave(J for Britis h rova ]ty. average dealer's investment rx- At j 7 in ]90S hp ra ' mr to fa f ceeds $200,000. _ Unitr<! Stntrs and nftrr his first! Volkswagen of America is now conrcrt ho p!ayod 21 mmr in N cw| j building a new $2.5 million n:- York tliat year, still a record. | iticnal headquarters building in ; ifp-dihy nnd artivo he shows no! Englewood Oiffs, N. J ami this is siKns of ' lctting up . ' expected to be completed before -— 'the end of 1961. REFRIGERATOR Automatic Defrost \VAS 249-95 NOW 189.88 12-Cu. Ft. UPRIGHT FREEZER Holds 420 Lbs., Porcelain Interior WAS 290,95 NOW 189.88 Kenmore Automatic Washer REGULAR 229.95 17988 I0-lb. capacity tub saves timt 2-cycles, all fabric washing Built-in doublo-action filter ONLY $5 DOWN KENMOEE GAS DRYER 10 Lbs. Capacity SPECIAL MONDAY ONLY.... 139.88 KENMORE AUTOMATIC WASHER 2-CycIe, Built-in filler SPECIAL MONDAY ONXY... 149.88 , Mexican Jetliner Was Leoal Moonshine Sold ^ Goodwill Gesture Before 30 Days Aging OTAMI P1a , APWThe MPXi . . can jetliner which crashed in New ALBANY, Ga. fAP) — Georgia ; y or k \vns originally scheduled to has a Iwomtag new industry— Icsal ^ delivered to Eastern Air Lim's. moonshin<\ j .. w on j pm j ifi of thorn but Viking Distillery of Albany rjs ^ ^ ^ ccnfly added a now beverage to ^ K, rommc £ trd an KAL s bnc. Georgia moon a _r, : ^ , Miami- an The V5.5 million dollar DCSB rpnlira of a quart wf| s dolivrrod dirrr-t to Aoronavcs n nation*, 21-In. Silvertone Console Convenient Top Tuning 159.88 WAS 219.95 NOW Pin* Tax Cholcp of Woods CONSOLE STEREO 99.88 WAS NOW SO-In. KENMORE RANGE Jjirffp 25-In. Oven, Lifptlmn Burners WAS 77 00 _ NOW 11.00 86-In. KENMORE RANGE 20-In Oven 147.88 \VAS 189.95 WALL FURNACE Slightly Damaged Your Cholc* 59.95 to 89.95 TUB ENCLOSURE I*ld*(If: and Glats Your C.'hoic* 19.88 to 34.88 Electric Built-in RANGE AND OVEN WAS 1QQQQ 2TO.95 NOW 107.77 ALUMINUM Window Screens Slightly Damaged - 1.00 ONLY containrr-lhc M proof whisky is «£ D?«Elas Aircraft Co., last «stiHed tomeet govf-rnment spe-| L>fy " pmW ' r - cifications. ' Eastern is currently flying U of j Sid Witten, Viking vice presi-'tho OCSBs and has f«ir more on| dent, said it took him ?hr<* yr-ars drlivery. i to get fedf-rai govornnirnt approv- ; -- — _ I fit 1o market fho gimmick mwm- Greece's monetary unit is the 'dracbaia. Oraftumnn fi-In. 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