Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 26, 1961 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 3
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Program* KGNCTV, THURSDAY NIC dontln*nts.l room Today Show C'apt. Kldd'S Cdr- toons Say When Play Vour llttnch li The Price Is Rltfit 1)0 Cohcerttfntt&n Truth of Cons«cj. It CoriM bft YOU 12si6 t2:25 Woftidn"! 1:00 J&ft Murray 1:40 ttfJfetta. ' New* snnel 7 Show . .nfr 2:00 \'00hf Doctor M»* lonfe 2:30 fro« TTieSe Root* :I:QO Stake Room For S:SO Hel'6'S " {lolly wood .1:5.1 Ne#» NBC 4:00 C!flpt Kldd'l CAf teohl * ' . 6:45 Hutltl«y i Ii WiitMf 6 :Jfi Sports itsgoutuw* 7:fffl t»r,- fctldftrt 8:30 «a*el . StCfOSln*. Alonfc Mitch 10:00 New* tn-l " "" 10:30 j'ftek". PAar 12iCO Slffn Oft Wtalhtt With Show i The Texnii i Love That Bdb (Camouflage 'Make A Facft Day In Cdurt MI<l-Dny Report' . i Betty JUc Snow ,W Number Seven l\ Lonnel 10 Sunrise Classroom i'o .lade Tomklns t 11 Happened List Nljfhl I'd (Jnpt. 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Number honnel 10 t!28 Sunrise Classroom U:20Farm & } DO Jack Tomklns News & 20 It Happened Last 12:30 As The Night Capt. Kmngroo Show l3tt I Lov» Lucy TOO Video Village 1 r 38 Surprise Package I 53 CBS News J'OIJ Love of "Ut* MOdSearch For Tom- I I orrow |l4& The Guiding Lljrht TOO Dun True Wea.• thpr NeVvs ' KGNCTV, FRIDAY 5:46 Huntley .6!00 News «:15 Weather NBC -BHhkliy «:30 International Show ' Time - 7!»fl.D«Uctlv«S 8:30 Telephone Hour ,'9:30 Here fe'Now' 1,0:00 NP.WS , 10:16 Weather 10:26 Sport* , l"0:30'Jack Pa»r Show 12iOO Sign Off • ', ' KVII-TV, FRIDAY ABC 2:36 Seven Keys 3:00 Queen For A ''Day 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Bandstand 4:30 Story of Seft Biscuit 6:00 Hong Kong 7:00 The Hathaways 7i30 Tha Fllntstonei 8:00 77 Sunset SI tip ' 9 n .OO'The"Corrupto.-i 10:00 Sea Hunt , 10:30 K-7 News A Weather 10:40 'Almanac Newsreel 10:46 '.'Bad /Aten' of Missouri" Supply-Demand Factor Swaying Market Prices NEW, YORK (UPI - The big gest reason stock? Are selling so< high in relation to earnings, According, to L, 0. Hooper of W..E, Hutton & Co., is simply that "too- many want to buy and tod few want to sell the same stocks." tt's not a matter of, how fast earnings are increasing, or how many times earnings a stock should sell, he says, -but a bigger demand for stocks than the available supply. Since Wall Street looks f o r somewhat larger-thnn-usual yearend switching operations, it seems likely the remainder of October will fail to develop any clear-cut price pattern, according to Thomson & McKinnon, Kenneth Ward of Hayden, Stone & Co. says investors have become sobered to the fact the economic recovery will be more "orderly" than meteoric, despite all the bullish figures, and forecasts. • , Standard,& Poor's tells'clients that as. a'result of th'e' market's September correction and its subsequent measured "advance, stocks seem to be in a good posi- ti6n' to repond to the more favorable business, earnings and dividend news believed to be in the 'offing. ' ' KFDA-TV, FRIDAY Ranch Markets World 12:30 As Turns V.OOAmoi A: Andy 1 :30 Art Llhkl6tter'» ' House P4rty 2:00 The Millionaire 2:30 The Verdict Is Yours ' • 2:55 CBS N»Ws 3:OOThe Brighter Day 3:llj Secret Storm 3:80 The Edge Of Nljrht 4:00 Giant Kids Matinee 5:00 Mister Magoo CBS 6:30 Dick,Tracy 6:4S Douglas Edwards 6:00 Weather - Dan True ' «:10 News - Ralph Wayne 6:30'Rawhld« 7:30 Route- B6 8:30 MSqUad 9:00 Twlllpht Zon* 9:30 Eyewitness - CBS 10:00 Weather , • Dan True 10:10 News • Ralph. Wayne 10:25 .Trackdbwn '10:65 The' Hucksters ' , Sign Off , -f- ijsouri Pacific iyen Authority ):Cut 2 Trains LKTIN (UPI)—The Texas decommission .has authorized kissouri Pacific Railroad to :ntinue two passenger trains CJreens Bayou from Baytpwn 111 Iwo trains between-Baytown. Houston, . • ; 'he trains are single-unit cars , "rail :buses," • They operate-, rails part of /their route and Detract their wheels to act as along highways, . ,, Commission, chairman . W. J. Murray said Monday testimony at a hearing Oct. 10 in Baytown showed tfie' rail buses operated at a loss of $12,239_,for the four- buses last year; Two of them had average daily' passenger loads of 3.6 persons. Each bus seats 42 ^passengers •arid'- has m,'* motofmah-co'nductdr. At ;one time. 17, studfents--f in Baytown ~> schools ? used; the c rail! buses regularly"' for . transportation-,,'^^ school, but ;witnesses ! ,at the, hearing said \tl\e students",were '"'being carried now fby^transpprte'tioh. arranged by t t he school .system. : Dependence NEW YORK (UPI)—The Rockefeller Brothers Fund estimates that at least 4.5 million Americans are directly dependent upon foreign trade for their .livelihoods while another 15 million U.S. jobs depend'on raw materials imported from other countries. This means • one of every four Americans depends whofly or in part upon foreign- trade for his job, the Fund concludes. * "• '' Advertisement '. , FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doctor's prescription, our drug called ODRIN- EX. You- must lose uply fat In 7 days or your jnon«y back. No strenuous exercise, laxative:', massage or taking of so-called reducing randies, crackers or cookies or chewing pum. ODUINEX Is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. When you take QDUINT3X. you still enjoy your meals, still eat/ the foods you like, but you simply don't have the. urge for ;extra portions, because ODR1NHX" depresses your appetite and decreases your desire for food. Youri 'weight must come down, be- causa .as your own doctor will tell you, l when you eat less, you weig;h less. '• Get rid of excess' fat and 'live lo'nger.-.*ODRINEX costs $3.00 and. Is sold, on . this GUARANTEE:' If not satisfied for.any reason just,rcturn tlie package to your druggist and get xoi'f full money* back. 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Liquid Prell Shampoo Reg.'98c Lustra Ware Plastic Silverware Tray ... 59c Del Monte Sliced or Halves No. 2J4 Can AKERIT Glacier Club 6 Borden's ICE CREAM _ v '/2 Gallon Puss 'N Boots CAT ... FOOD 3. 2 8-oz. Cans 15-07. Cans 25c 25c Imperial Pure Cane SUGAR .... Libby's, Sliced ' . PEACHES ______ -.. 5 3Q3 Brer Rabbit, 24 oz Bottle WAFFLE SYRUP . ......... Libby's Golden Cream Style CORN ..1......... 3- Libby's Cut, 303 Can GREEN BEANS ...... Libby's 303 Can CUT BEETS..... ..... Libby's 303 Can SPINACH... ..... Libby's 303 Can FRUIT COCKTAIL.,, bag cans 303 cans 49c S1.00 29c Me Sill 3 ? Swift's Premium Chicken, Beef, Turkey POT PIES 8 Oz. 19c Swift's Premium, Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Steak DINNERS............ 11-QZflc CAMPBELL'S TALL CAN SHORTENING 3 LB. CAN for healthier meals POTAT OES Roman Beauty APPLES LETTUCE Green Onions 400 COUNT BOX KLEENEX UPER MARKETS 7 MV8 4 WJgKK*- f'M 4,* f . to WB RI^KJIVIS THU mam w u*m Real Grand 12-oz Pkg. PECANS 79°

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