The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 5, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Wednesday, September 5, 1962
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Countywide Type 3 Polio Drive Set For Weekend >1IOBO..hOllHH Miulptll* Wilt Bf»t flfK'nnri* nm- Fnt lhf Mitt in Hriv^ SimHiW thf» Hnvoc lt'111 h/» fnrrvi nt <nicr-»r riiUne Tha />iiKA ftf ^hniifA/4 itn ««J «it:«. !«. .!,...!__ j_ . . _. . . . Mwlenlx will get Advance pro tecllnn nRHlmt Type III polio Saturday. ^ Then Ihft following day, the ivst of Ihe county will be Immunized wllh Sahln oral vaccine In Ihe muss nnli-polin drive hy liin Brnzoria County Medical Scx-lrly. Dr. K. Ilelinhlgner, Medical Society president, said todny lint the number of vncciiw dosra had been Incr'Vised due lo Ihc tremendous success o( the .Inly 'a clinics for Type I vnccine. The Medical Society has ordered 80,000 doses, 5,000 more than in Ihp Type I campaign in July. Kor Ihe main drive Sunday, the doses will be Riven In Ihe same manner at Ihe same time and places a* in Ihe July 22 clinics, Dr. Heimblfcner mid. The time l.i from noon Sunday tofi p, m, Mmiv ifillegr student*, however, will IIP tack In classrooms Monday, which mean* most will he on the rond Sunday. So « special clinic h.1 1 ! heeit set up In Lake .Tnckson from 9 n. m. to noon for Ihcsse students, It will he locnled In the Professional Building, at 1ffi South Parking Plnoc As before, Ihe doses will be dispensed In the form of sugar cubes. The cube is chewed up and swallowed, along with the two drops of tasteless, odorless vaccine thai is absorbed into the cube. Type I polio, against which nearly every citizen in the county was immunized in July, is now the most prevalent foim of polio in the Gulf Coast area. But that's not Ihe case nation-wide, says Dr. 0. L. Johnson, chairman of Ihc Medical Society's oral vaccine program. The national incidence of Type III is ihnul Ihe same as for Type I. That places the seaport and tourist commu- nities in particular danger, he says. With the movement through such areas as this county by large numbers of out-of-state people, local citizens are exposed lo contact with disease carriers from any part of the nation or world. "We are optimistic," says Dr. Johnson. "The overwhelming response lo our Type I oral vaccine program leads us to believe that we will be able to completely eliminate Type III polio the same way ndxt Sunday." The 102 per cent (of the I960 census figure) immunization in Brazoria County is still the most successful known mass vaccine program in the state. These are the 39 centers at which the vaccine will he given: — Brazosport: 0. A. fleming School cafetor- ium, Lanier School, Brazosport Senior High School activity room in Frecport; Clute Junior High School; Oran B. Rdberts Elementary School and Lake Jackson Junior High School in Lake Jackson; Rick's Grocery, Surfside. — Brazoria: Legion Hall — Four Forks: Dow mobile unit slalion at intersection. — Sweeny: Bcrla Barclay School — West Columbia: Legion Hall and Charlie Brown School. — Angleton: Anglcton High School, Marshall High School. — Alvin: Alvin Juoior College and tent across from Good Hope Baptirt Church. — Danbury: Danbury High School. — Pearland: school building. — Damon: school building. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ,19 SERVINft BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, WEST COLUMBIA. BRAZORIA, SWEENY,, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON F«H Claulfitti: If 3-2*11— All Other Office*: IE 3-3511 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport VOL. 50 NO. U1 Prut Mtmber WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1962 Frtepoit, Texas Weekdays 10 Cents—Sunday 15 Cents Strike Now District-wide AT LAKE JACKSON Rezoning Turned Down For Apartment Project WORK CLAIMS REFUTED NEW YORK — Herbert Hoover's 'physician Raid today he was pleas- A statement by * Millwright of %ed wjlh (he progress the ^.y,,;,,.. HOUSTON WORK HALTED HOUSTON CAP) - Union mill.. A decision to deny n rezoning I Councltman Howard Brown ex-'charge on the wafer and sewer !ja'v request made a roomful of visi-1pressed Ihe view that an apart-Uines. This figure fc projected to! ^_ SC:OI;T CHIEF AND MBS. NEWMAN INSPECT BILLBOARD Twin To Thin Big Sign I« Ixxyited On tinir Blvd. In Kreepori billboards Remind Public Not To Litter THROUGH BERLIN WALL lias] I refuting claims that work; 0 | d former pres j de nt has made :w riRhts today called a strike that' jurisdiction was involved In the fince a cancerous ^ mor was If _ halted almort every major com- union* negotiations with contrac-j moved from his j ntestine eight jmercial and industrial construe- tors was made to The facts to- !davs ai?0 tion job in the Houston area. i : Craftsmen from other unions LONDON — Britain lixlay re- were observing the millwright Youths Escape In Huge Truck ,-MI:.-, ,,,r currrm ncce.eraiea. ERLIN fAPJ-Two young East,sector to make sure that the So- campaign against the lillerbug ( ? £rm '' ins rirove an (!| S h '- |on truckjviem used other crossings for the "'"• uparked hy Ihe recent beach rouRh two lxarbpd wire fences guards they send daily to thei In cleanup hv volunteer workers. ' Parly loday ' t ' limbcd a lhird fence|Soviet War Memorial in the Brit-ihis Three big litter billboards will J"'p the public remember not tp Torecl Ihe current accelerated tore happy at Tuesday night's miem project was best developed j bring the City an S per cent re-i . Tl ? s Mll [ ST1 S hts are now in Lake Jackson City Council meet-, in an area where no private: covery while similar projects in w ° a strlke ing but another action at the same ! homes were in existence, then South Shady Oaks and the Loop contractors for construction pro- meeting is not expected to bring'anyone building a home in the Road area brought around 90 per iects in t}le Dow plant area ' Som( ' quite the same reaction. area later would be fully aware cent cralls have contulued to observe The first decision concerned the, that they were in an apartment; In the lat)cr two caseSp how . * ec ,f'"<*' Others have gone request for rezoning of the Ray-;area. evcr „,„„ were m cxtra fadu _ «"* 'o work. mond Tract, west of Loop Road,! Councilman Buddy Baker, while 1 ties which are considered to be a: Rushing, business mana-, but the time has not been an- off the end of Chestnut Street. | agreeing with other Council mem- > part of the master utility system' ger ' or Mlllwn *t Union 2232, | nounced. The other action set the tap fees bers, expressed displeasure at land benefit the whole system ; ' he "** not as yet been i for water and sewer extension in-:having to oppose the City Plan-'These have been deducted from a to com P !ete hls negotiations' RAVENNA, Ohio to the Southern Oaks - Angleton ning Commission's recommenda - the Southern Oaks costs. Road areas. jtion that the area be rezoned. i REZOMM; | "I think they were in error, but Around M persons crowded into' 1 hate lo vote against a group Ihe Council room to hear discus- which we have appointed," Baker sion of the request for rezoning said. ,the Raymond tract from single Ma >' or K ar » L. Cooper said he ifamily residential classification to.'e't there would be no trouble as R-4 which would have allowed: 10 the Planning Commission jrcled Robert A. Sohlen's final picket lines. plea for clemency and ordered; However, a number of other the fugitive spy deported to the unions reportedly were ready to t ; nited States "as soon as prac- return to work because of skepti- tlcable." His deportation prob- cism over the reasons for the ably will take place Thursday strike. Millwrights Local 2232 an- I nounced it was striking because it has failed to reach 'agreement Kail Funeral Service Today ;a£aHmerii construction,-•«. re-j. which had made the recommen-, BERLIN fAP)-T\vo young East.sector to make sure that the So- quested hy developer Guy Wood-^atlon by « 3-2 vote. He pointed; ^ f bod f f '',«.|»rt- ^ • • - ., _. out that the commission was' _ „ D i. n i. -.-,., pertain to junsdMion, ana con- ^menda--,^,^^ 1^^^ ^<«%^™ Thirteen with the Associated General Con-j men died in the crash and explos- ton "civ 'tractors and Construction E m- ion of a two-engine private air- General' Contra ctors d Ih r ployers Association. plane'on a farm southeast of here stn , ction Emplovere AssodaLt ™ n He is asking "primarily for a Tuesday night. It was the worst O f Texas. 12'2-cent adjustment ot wages to industrial aircraft accident in the reimburse the Millwrights for a nation's history, reduction that they voluntarily accepted some years ago and have unsuccessfully tried to negotiate for each successive contract. "No part of the negotiations turn, each Councilman stated i merely reasons ' or deciding to vote; Euqr'n- ' Newman." Boy'" Srout f™' Kwam a border canal to safetyiish sector. lagainst any change in zoning of executive and president'of thei 1 " Wcst Berlitl - j Tie Russians knuckled under the .area. Most agreed that Keep Brazoria County Beautiful' E ilst German border guards .Tuesday night to Allied demands;"; 1 Association, expressed his hopei" 1 ^ their automatic rifles sev-;that they use a British sector!' 1 ' Hint the present drive against lit-! era ' times, but no one was hurt.!crossine to shorten Ihp miarrts'icomplex somewhere inside tion. After the expression by ^ f First a part of tile present negotia-; u'ons. i Presbyterian Church. owner of pro-. _ ., . ,„ - "The 12'i-cent adjustment is near Ihe proposed project, | Ha] ' d ^f 'nstantly about 12:15 ^ addjtjon (o ^m\Xhcr bene- over to the Council a list a ' m - Monday at an Aransas Pass Ii(s anj ft _, ges o(fered (o Ioca i s [ Hannah Rftes Held Today At Madisonvslle The union has worked without a contract since Ihe old pact expired on June 30. Issues are reported to be a 2?: ' 2 cent - an - hour pay increase demanded in a one-year contract and millwright demands on work assignments also claimed by the Iron Worker's Union. A spokesman for the contractors said the millwrights have agreed lo drop their jurisdiction demands if contractors pay them 12' 2 cents an hour more than the termg of beaches and highways! Police said Ihe successful refu-; rou ' e ant * lessen Ihe danger of' ^ . **» ' been obtained from property own- ~- ~~ •—"*• "•• "• «««.«c« area will become an enduring and per- ; gces were men between 22 and; lra "i c disruption or demonstra-'location in question was not tne ^ jn ^ area ^^ dj(j ^ de .;Pass xvho has been charged with ' ^inal project for the citizens of 25. They came through the south-[tions by West Berliners. But insight one. ' rirazoria County. .era suburb of Seehpf. in Commu-! lne Western air corridors to the He also stated that the sugges-inist territory, and got across the-!" 1 *' Communist MIG lighters _ . _., tion of picking up a little more Teltow Canal. swooped down on Western air- CAIflAt Rill litter than one's own was an ex-! -r| le y reached safety just behind ; liners "S 3 '"- b "nging new Allied JUVfvl"DSU crllenl idea. \McNair Barracks, one of the big- Protests. w The job of keeping the county j Best American installations in The victory on the route issue •• I V . clean is never 'in the bag' even Bcriin hcsrlened West Berliners, whoj IMlirlOfll' TflCT " Nelvr^'andT wi^'connie > VVpst * ri ' n •»"« ^^ lhat Sometimes complain the Allies tooj riUtlCUr I CM Newman «nd Ins w,fe. Connie,,-^ ^ ^^^ ^^ ^j^.|seldom take the initiative in the recently inspected one of the two ~T~ ~" " '—" '<tmnni« m »,;,m-,, n ih a , r *„!,,, large billhoaVdr, donated as a pub- man . also ,«?' ""f- lte came in : n ™hf divided < I Jj, service by the Houston pitor. 1 ™ 1 "" ^* and hls rou " Has ', . '^ , To. One is at the intersection of' not dlsc!os «'- -After several hours of suspense. ' - g. troops guards showed up in their Ban Talk Set unded "^ S6 ' " P Ju ' y 3 ° at ttle him *]! S™ D ° W C 5 3IUcal C °' P ' ants at ,-. ; f reeport and Aug. 10 at the Mon™ ,J5 'J 50 "' 1 "' 5 for Hannah, santo Chemical Co. plant at Tex. , , 9 °1 L' North Mam Strpet ' were as City. ' P-™ ln the Ten M ' lp ; ~ - Goolsby Rites 2:30 Today -7 *™ 11 ., i^mifs piupue^cii lor aneri ncc |7 p.m. nicy normally armed at tions be , WWB Ule Bi ^ .Checkpoint Ctarlio.m the U.S. clrar , m . IMt . |mr SCH-ICT about 1 p.m. . Highways .t!2 nnd 2SS and the oth- 1 Jfeploads of U. _. ^ *r on Gulf Blvd. in Kreeport :manned crossing points through; armorcd cars at !»nkrug Bridge.j.. liirlier this summer, KBCBA "'<• Berlin wall in Ihe American"" lht Bntlsh sol ' lor J usl ' ' designed its own smaller hill board, eight by eight feel, which was erected by workmen from the County Commissioners Court Bt Ihe end of 332 at Sunfsirie Beach. The vivid orange sign which can be seen from the top of the bridge. Warns, "If litlerbugging is your jiinr, ytmr only pay is a litler fine —$10 to $200." GENEVA (AP)-The So\'iet Un- rh i II iDe "" Tide Schedule Today— High 9: -II p.m. Ixiw 12:5S p.m. lliursday— High -1:27 a.m. end t I.ow 12:5JI a.m. nnd p i The Soviet officer i shook his head in dis* when informed British would escort his mer memorial. The British t along anywhy, just as Funeral services for a Brazoria Army cnrs had done in ihe past. ^ man, fieorge Kranklin Goolsby, i The Russians rross.-d ihe „. '. „ Ha. were set for 2:30 p.m. today i back into East Berlin haU an hour; reach agreement. In Ihe Madisonville Kii-st Baplisl'later after a Irip without incident •lenr test during the disarmament con- rting S I carpenters and pile drivers un- iwecny man's funeral was ions approved earlier, held today as his wife remained; The Galveston Building and _ for fnis 12I - '" cntlca ' c-ondition following a Construction Trades Council ear- sire TheT'IoninK change!" He"»W' ra "!* ! ';. ^ el ^°" ls a DU >^ r 'oricenradTustaenT^the Millwr the sheets were not a formal pe- Booth "shenes of that city. . had oflered to work w \^ tmll travel tition. Hall operated a Freeport ma- time that he has 1>een receiving i Henderson also pointed out that nn hardware store for several and also he has agreed to reduce although statements had been;years, along with another suchihis requirements on shift work- rnade earlier that the Lakewood^store in Aransas Pass. He and hi ! from 10 days to five, so as to give' Gardens apartments in Lake! family moved to Aransas ~ Jackson were nearly full, the from Freeport ab manager had said around 50 units i ago, but continued to oe ire-costs" ~ there were now vacant. Iquent visitors in this area. Hall's! He further said that ihe Mill-i^"^ „ . Mvoon - v "7' Baptist| Tlie Woodruffs was the third Aransas Pass marine hardware I W right is a small group, and is a ^ "^h ° " -lclat ' nR - Bllnal was in apartment project to run into;business burned recently, along : specialty craft. "The payment of nearD - v cemetery 1 . I trouble in the city in recent with the Hall apartment and lami- t] le joi., cents as asked for will!. In Mat «|gorda General Hospital !months. Approval lor rezoning of'1? belongings. nave ij[u e or no effect on the!'" Bay City - Alrs B " Iie Ha nnah, ;an area on Willow Drive for a; HaU is survived by his wife and general cost of local construction"i~' underaen ' surgery Tuesday. j project to be constructed by B. J.;hvo children. ' 'he said. with hospital authorities pleased •Is was ony recently given several months of delay. During the same period the Roberts proposal was being weigh- > Aransas Pass ime contractor on the small job: 1" ' or i. P ' n 2. ln , the Ten Mllp bout three years :th e benefit of this saving in later'r^"" 1 * ^"-" near Madi- : ued to be fre-cos,,." :™ nvtlle »'* the p ^- C"" 1 " En!*OI 13116111 Up 5 Percent At Angleton apartments in U.S. To the Shady Oaks his request after Chief Delegate Arthur H. jroposed Friday that the; arca withdrew his request after A M « | • 4 4 ! conference's nuclear subcorrunit-; pro , osUi were volcc d at a Plan- AJ1 • I | "•" f% f\ •" 'ter. composed of the United i nmg Commission hearing. 0 V V I I I (t VI lid inp ,>a«t Stnlt ' Sl the Sovirt Union and Br 't- ! Cost sheets had been prepared He bridi* f'"' " U>< ' t dUr ' nR ', he S P !if*'« < 7''i' or ' hC Watel ' and SeWer Pr ° JeCtS WASHINGTON (AP)-Cuba hujdom gear, weapons, e *'±: L r r^ ' n .. a ._? nt ' mifd *"** t0; '« the Southern Oaks area and ^.^ g^j,, siwrt . nnse mis .i and technician hav, with her response. They said late Tuesday night that the next 24 hours were the economic have been arriv- hire and lung damage. How- • . , „ ever, hospital authorities felt Mrs. 1° p e " ' " K ^, ™™*°. the Hannah's age was in her favor in T s ' '" ^ !' "°' suniving the injury dcsplte thc mclTriscd enrolment. T?e sh^ting W S:-urred about 1 0f .. Ih « t0la !' -' 7 f. slud f nt ^ *™ h ' | enrolled in the white schools and nannan -.,. Q \i-,,. t i,^H « n j Dnci,^^ rt « ! nome ' Ellis. Sweeny, 56.9 at Marshall and Roslmron. Brown commented sjles torpedo boats and other mil-:ing in Cuba in a massive wave|<.„..-..- ., .,..' ' ' lmrnn _Jl! Largest single school enroll- Originally, no meetings of lhe ; that alter seeing the tap fees list- ilary aid| ja^ president Ken-|of Soviet assistance which began I {"hold the inoi^t and Rr^oria : mcnt was al Junio1 ' High Sch<x>1 ibcoinrnittotf werp nlannwl for'oH — t17=» in 51¥> — it «*«irnxi ^_j.. r.... L_ u_ *t ^ .- : ,!„*_ ;_ t..i., j:r "V iu VI1C uwjuc-ai anu «i ci^ui jd . ^^ ^-v* students followed bv Count>' Deput\* Robort Gladnpv'.r .. ~\ ",,, "' . , ,_„ said further informa-and Identification Officer Andy I ^ orths ' de ^ Cme , nl ^, wi * ^°; last four days eslab-i DeSham conducting the investiga il 1 . 16 senlor ^^ haci 643: Central Russian shipments! tion. Gladney said Hannah's body 'Elementary, -IL'J; and Southside ,;Elementai-y, ?A-\. Antiaircraft defense missiles I was found in a bedroom of the There wore -Iti5 students en- early model, of thejhome, fully dressed. The stock ofi^^,. 3 ' Marsha " anrl 1M Nike, having a slant)the shotgun was resting between °r "' . , n , hp miles. (The Soviets i Hannah's legs, and the main force .7r,pj i- surface-to-!of the blast of pellets struck hisif. .. "* ? al ' IP ' ls aid lo Iraqi'ace and head killing him instant- 1 " 1 ? " lsl °' next ! ly. sal<1 ' 2. Several torpedo boats carry-' A traU of blood led trom the ' at mi c siles! w here Mrs. Hannah was; RICHARD U STONK, •lie STANTON STONKS • - Mra. R. I. Taylor of SIM Fourth t""^ "" °' )j "' lio "" '" " sil « ""' ihe'Sritish and"uls'."coOenime'n:s! wh ' le most ol Ihe lols in So » thern :tro"regime will not be allowed Street in Bru/oria. ^aixlkiufc Bridge route. ,-oniinue lo be flexible on Ihe isJOaks have IfM feet front footage.i export ils aggressive purposes by d Other sui-vivors imiiide wins, Several horns More the check- sue . , Councilman Baker, who hadi {or< ^ or y,^^, of force. ! J. K. and G. A. CiooMiy of Bra-'P 0 '" 1 tMte Wils sp ttli-d, the United (suggested a delay in awarding the; - It wil i ^ prevented by what- . «iri«. J. W. (Msuy c< "west Co Stales, Britain and Kmnce ptx).;. . I contract imlil the cost breakdown ever means may ^ necessary j"« . ff,^™ 1 '?' "~"~ apparently hit by the first of two i I lumbia, and L. D. (i.x.l.sby o f i,,.,,,^ , 0 , hp R.^ia,,, Hmim ,l WedtherCOSt VHS aVHllabIe ' »sam stated that <rom taking action against any navu « a i>mll « ran f;' . .,.shots fired by Hannah, to the liv- son of "o«slo": daughte.-s, Miss Alma , IIr ,.„,,,„ „,,,„ V\v ,M i he thought Ihe tap fees should p^ ^ the western hemisphere." 3- Approximately 3,500 'Soviet;; ng „„,„, phone where the wound-! «" d Mrs. „. ,..i MI( '"«'»« ^ »'"•""«• w™t«ld u . H . )vih ave been determined lirsl. K enned>-« statement, giving I mmtary technicians - an m-j^ woman % umrntm£ , d aW • Glad-jjj^jjgii ]^ Qm ^ Clute Police Aid "1 never buy anything unless 1 n,,^, details on the current Rus-i crease above previous official ney said, on 0 stene was Sweeny j Alex Hood. Mrs.' Mis. Millie Smith of 517 Cobb to Ihe Russians against! o, Klv llclen r.,K,lsby and Mrs. 11, ,. ; MI(: "sht.M-s which .he West ^id ,, art , y ^^ ^ m ^..^'have been determined first. 1ppoinl«l »c|im,l leader al Keni': l ' ( ' e "' "'"u'on. Mrs. W. L. An- accompanied ihree comniercial :l|Ipl 4 thunderehowers moder-' - - —- ,, ~ . . . .u i. .' pir Military School al Boonville del ' s "» o( Arlin K l.»i. and Miss-iirhners flying In the vital corn- * lo wmheaslerUI w Ms 1* rto. knovv how nlurh " s &OUtS '" ^'-sian shipments lo Cuba, was is-;U.b. estimates ol the number of Rio., whtre h.'» heguming his 10 "* 1 Goolsl '.v of Palla.. dors from West Cermany. :n,ght 7S hi K h Thureday &i nlc -" Rlker saitl - He '^"f •"Jlsued by the White House Tuesday j mUltary specialists arriving from , Mi-ond yuar. He's been dcsigiwl-^ " " ' -' • ' 8eslod thal lhe Cty *" : n 'Sht after the President and top I the bloc. ! Hannah was found sitting In a Street in Clme was reported to be ed »ergaant with possible rank of! ^ ^ *, • • " sh » P° lio > (or sucil matW' 8 — aides conferred for an hour with; At the same time, Kennedys j pool of blood in lhe living room, .in satisfaciory condition in Com- seifciwuit first class. i ff ^J \.Jill JXJXJ JT' ^^B^^^Xat f A|^| either on a front foot basis or a Democratic and Republican con- statement said the number of So-jshe told officers Hannah had munity Hospital Wednesday SAMUEL SIMS receiving his D MT ^ClI'O^/IS T^PGii jM^^%^\TFi i W per lot charge. gressional leaders. viet technicians is consistent withishot her, then mrned Ihe gun on morning after Clute police ad- mailer'* degrne from Southwest' *^ B^^^^*|B •• ] Ray Holmberg disagi-ecd saying Secretao of State Dean Ruskithe number needed to sel up thejhimself. Dcie to her critical in- minisicred first aid while an anv T«xas Stats at San Murcin He a i thal he d ' dn ' believe it could be iam j Secretary of Defense Robert Russian equipment and train thejj ur jes, events preceding ihe shoot- balance \\;is summoned Tuesday major«d in .[wc'ial wlucalion me- H»?,''?.''',t, P ^''...T,."*,'.!.,' > . P °.'!"! ' I }."' S " ."""""?"!.„*?'' """ .''.'?" llay .,"' Kl . cm enlary, U over; A. P. Beu-isimplified to a Hat inflexible for-! s McNamarn were slated to brief Cubans Jiow to use-k. jing were not learned. afternoon. thodi and matmiuls " II ' "' ""'!' 1ay wilh " "'"" for the first clay thai drew school. 'Iliis was 141 more than lei Elementary, '.'7 over; and|mula since not all situations will a j 0 j,,, nieeting of the Senate For-j The President provided these! Tiannah was a veteran of the Police Chief (J. P. Littleton and |warm fr principals. Kn-'ln average altcndiince last year, Uike Jaekson Elementary, si.\ ! iit into th" same pattern. c j gn Relations and Armed Serv-iother details: (Korean War and a pipefitter for;Patrolman H. L. Benton went to lollinenl was up slightly from last hut was Xtt less than Ihe aiitici- over. C. J. r'lcig Jr., a resident of j t ^, s Committees on the situation There is no evidence of any or-!a construction company working the home when an emergency Hon visiting wilh DR and MRS l fat ' s , | avpra « c . Dul Wils »<•" IM> - iwtcii total ol 9..1KI. All otlifrs have yet lo i-each tha Southern Oaks and a {rcqueiU toda>. ganized combat force in Cubajat Dow Chemical Co. plains in was reported about 'J:'JO p.m. DAVID SHANNON and also m • V A u anl "' lp , !" lal - However, s.i>s Dr. L. S. Rich-lull enrollment figure expected.i Council visitor, said he felt a Kennedy's announcement ap-from any Soviet bloc country, of|the fret-port area. Liiileton said Mrs. Smith slopped Ing the "iJFNK SHANNONS "^H Brazosporl h e n i o r High. ,uds<m. sujieriiitciidciil. the aim- varying from one under al Krec- wrung impression had been given pe are d to have a multiple purpose [military bases provided to Russia, I Mr. and Mrs. Hannah, mar- breathing, so Ihe officers adminis- STAN NETHFRYS iher- a " a i Principal Kenneth Wilson said|cipatcd eniollmeni is seldom port Junior Hi^h to W under a^uy use ol the $150 figure but he _ to keep the public informed, tO;of a violation of the 1934 treaty iricd about six >cans ago, havcitered arlififfial respiration. They ROSA LEE" WIIUAMS ' I • mid-moniine, all classes!reached before the end of the.Clule Elementary. iagreed that it was not equitable t e u Castro and the Kremlin to giving U.S. base rights at Guan-juvo sons, Louis, five, and Ralph,ialso save hei- oxygen from a bot- bratiniz Ihe fioninlpiin,, of h'» Ta^"'*'""ii" ' a " d loa< ' mn « be-.second or thii-d week. The total: There was as yet no pinch lor;for Ihe owner of a 100 foot lot to ke ep hands off the rest c* thejtanamo in eastern Cuba, or of of-juiree. He at Hie home, used by Mrs. year with HI 6P ff ™.. n iiv lsU) .K u n. t)r. Gladys Polk, director of climbs, leveling off later in the space in any of the'pay the same cost as one whose Americas, and to offset domestic-fensive ground-to-ground missiles.i — I INDA vrr/1-i.'iAi n i ' ' t '* enu '" lal '>' mucation, said Ihatifall, and decreases .slightly to- si-hool units. "We arc very happy!lot required only SO ieet of line, .-i-uicism urging more drastic ac- Nor is there evidence, Kennedy!** her IKih hh-ihrtit^ ri i '"", 'i claii6t ' s at ""•' lower lcvcls were.wurd lhe end of school. auuul Ihe opening," Dr. Richai-d- On motion by Cuum-ilnum Jim u.'ii against Cuba. said, "of other significant olfons-:«>Un seeme the n niL ,,i , k " S onieliy as wullll) l)e « x Pei't«d' Only Uirco si-huols shmu-d a.- ».n said late'niesdjy; "we never May, the Council wianmiously Administration ollicials have re- ive capability, either m Cuban; Sets Tcviay K: 11 p.m. ^ u« me niu\iet mane at ntr.allci 1 two weeks of sciioiil. :tual increases over lhe anlicipat-'knuw exactly what will happen on agrml to using $1.85 jvr from ported previously that more than-hands, or under Soviet direction: Rises Tlmisday Ball a.m. < party a week «arUjr. . , A tola! of 8.9OT student* H»I« ed figure, 'lliese we»< Jans Loiujilhe lirsl day." ;<oot as the basis tor the lay 30 vessels carrying commuuica- 1 and guidance." i Sets Thursday 6; 39 p.m. Smith during an lark, I.utleton sai By the lime a I Hume ambll|-ir:> r had \hc strii ki v n \ii}£ a^aui. c-arlier heart at- , i'pcii-i yuneral f inveci. olticers t, ,\,mian breath•3 /

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