Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 3, 1967 · Page 21
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 21

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 3, 1967
Page 21
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. 5, Till §y Kaf§ Dt 199/0 OUT OUR WAY By N§§ Coetoan OUR r^yZZi© te^:^ HOUSE By Bill mrrrr^r Above! | • • . , . ' " (f, 1*67 h Nt», lie T.M l>| US. W. OH. • j&fcllL&LIUl!LlW£^^ "Herbie never joined the Boy Scouts, The way things are going, he figured he'd be in uniform soon enough!" AcfioSS 1 Pliobos lo Mars S Earth's light source S Red planet i2Too J3 Peer Oyfifs fflother i4Lath 13-Month (ab.) 16 Bulgarian coin 17 Hoard 18 Paving Substance 19 Fortification. II Masculine nickname S Cubic metef 24 Paradises 26 Islets (vaf.) 28 Stage Whisper 29 Demand of tiayrnent 30 School-Home group (ab.) 31 Age 32 Ecclesiastical • vestment 33 Strip of leather 35 Irritated (coll.) 38 Originated 39 Approaches 41 Wife of Aegif (myth.) 42 Narrow lane (dial. E&g.) 46 Observe 47 European river 49 Frozen water 60 Diminutive of Stanley 51 Arboreal home 52 Girl (coll.) 53 Dress edges 54 Craft* 55 Redactors (ab.) tt Gaelic DOWN 1 Vertical spars on sailing ships 2 Ester of oleic acid 3 Urge hawk 4 Negative *ord 5 Bargain event 8 Employed 7 Russian stream 8 Manuscripts (ab.) 9 Having wings 10 Deep gorge 11 Plant part.1 19 Came tack 20 Very young bird 3.1 Barterer 23 Western cattle 34 Upright shows is Devil <Fr.) 27 Protuberance 28 Three-banded armadillo 36 Church celebration' 37 Experiences 40 Intelligible fiieaf-Jng 43 Get up 44 Tart 45 Promontory Sleeping visions 48 Rights (ab.) 38 Amphitheater SO Pronoun (Newspoper Enterprise AssnJ CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox i( I have to write a paper on the social injustices of today—likej for Instance, the fact that we can only afford one ohonel" ROBIN MALONE ". . .testing . . .testing . . . rant . . . rave . . By Bob Lubbers POORS LOCKUP, vseusHKA / \ MUSHROOM PIW1NK ROOM 16 COMPUTLY / nexr peucious 6AM&IT ALLEY OOP By V, T, Hamlin THAT SCREgCH Wg HEARD SOUNPgP WKE UMPA! I rr CA.ME FROM TH' PALACE.' AW, STOP YELLIN',., iw \ f ^ n NOBOPY'S GONNA )l £/& m* m i 1967 l« NM,, In.. TM. In Ul Nl 911. THE BORN LOSER By Art Sonsom By Leslie Tymer 1 WOULDN'T ATTEMPT IP T VM'ERE YOU, BARTER / t '!3 >/WfeLL.SH6 STARTED IT 'Re I AMP I'M B6AT1W6H MAKING wdfese FAces v At. HER oww SAME/ HEARO ASN1E5 TELL MARTHA L)NP/.U66£D TME- *TV ECAUSS VOU *5PlLLED YOUR 1 &JESS SUMMER 15 KEALLV YOU'RE THE SCREENS/WMAT HAPPENED ? ARE YOU tO W|N A SET THEM OPP 4NOW ?OR IS YOUR BRIDE TM£ WAR PATH ASAlM AFRAIO OF SASSY SKIM C&SW.S FEET A1" HER T^tAW SHE 15 At YOU.' A LE-3SON= _ Sy Howie Schneider TELL ME, OH, GREAT WJISE OUE, IOHAT ISTVte AAJSUJBR 10 THE LUORCf S PROBLEMS? ArTER GIVIUG THE QUeSTIOrJ CAF5ISFUL THOUGHT 1VE COME TO THE u'AJCLUSIOUTHAT.. ® mi b r NIA. i«. m i». D.S. r«t. on. THE UODRLD SHOULD TAKE A 3-VeAR COFFEE BREAK.! WHO A£e M3U FOR.,.THE OOFF6£ LOBBY? •s^c )i-a BUGS BUNNY By Ralph Heimdahl 1 GUESS HE V EXPECTS-ME T' SW/M TO TH' BUS! THAT BUS DRIVER PARKS FAR ENOUGH FROMTH' CUEBU - PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer ' ANOTWER SHOPPING TOUR?? THAT MEANS MORE BILLS THEY RE UP TO THE TOP OF OUR SPINDLE! WE'VE SOT TO DO SOMETHING.' 'l^jjj'ljy NtA, l*< T.M. Kip US. M. QM LI'L ABNER By Al Capp IT DECIDED CM T .TSK'-HAVlM'A HOMOREP J LOOK AT IT TH IS WAY/.'' J > OME O' TH' A. SOEST £T IS SO < BEIN' ET 5Y A BIRD "*S EMBARRASSINV/j THAT EATS OK1LV M ^ OMCE EVERY < 5000 V'ARS— CORNPONE TWINS,'/ C .-«' *> *rm»i«A«uetei* tft * »irH kufkU >*»«n»* * n "f* FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS HOPES THAT QUITE A CORMPONETWIM WHICHEVER APPREE THAT."' faaa,v ^** ** • /v> t^ S^s&V?Vft> By Henry Formhals TMAT THIMQ MAS MADE A FOOLOF AAS AFTER. I cova? rr POP. AfeE YOU \ IT MISLED US WITW pIBfi LEI'S 18 l«f tr HU. IK TU tn us la Off. WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli SHORT RIBS - I ' "->"--Y' p^£^5^^^ ^•v^^^^x;*:^^ ^:^;£ 1^''^"^ 3'?^ v " r ''" * - ' v '. ';••:, i^v^'r"'> ' : '/.- \ V .'^v ; '- *j'^'"^~* •'•*•[-'• ! ''"-"! < -^ V'-l'--^'-" -'^, /'*V/ < "' ; V > ^.V/^S'^ 4-^vs:' Eli£^/^tlit-rlfSliAK?&y2^^^^^

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