The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 29, 1960 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1960
Page 8
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t 11k. Uni hal Th, pf M B. A th IE a Pi m ai in On Pit wk (hi Ca St< die a wr sw It th. Cli ] Be 69 n : Tk pr Ft pn ot po an In Jtn ft-. vt hi It ai h! g; s: ai tx THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29. I960 Wiffi Month To Go Qute Building Rate Shows Big Increase The $38,975 value of dute's November building permits brought the 1960 total for 11 months to about twice the 1959 building permit Valuation. Through November buflding permit values total $676,552. The 1959 total was $339,806. NOVEMBER Three new home permits issued in November accounted for more than half of the month's total. Permits went to Lanler & Thomas, a Cobb Street home, 1,777 square feet, $10,000; Floyd Griffis, Aiken Street, 1,028 square feet $7,000; and Otto Ripple, Smith Street, 720 square feet, $3,500. Wilson Equipment Company obtained a permit for a 1,440 square foot commercial building valued at $7,000, and commercial addition permits '.vsnt to Coleman Lumber Company for Max 3. Hagan, a 576 square foot garage addition on Lake Jackson Road, $1,500; and J. J. Davidson, 1,160 square foot addition to lumber shed, $1,000. Residential additions: E. L. Murrell, Murrel Steet, utility room, 120 square feet, $3fiO; H. M. Murff, Riley Subdivision, carport, 240 square feet, $75; R. A. Jobe, Aycock Street, 100 square foot utility building, $200; Oscar Watson, Dingie Addition, garage addition of 280 square feet and addition to home, 332 square feet, $2,400; and W. S. Cushenberry, East River Drive, remodeling and 840 square foot addition, $4,000. OCTOBER — $21,425 New home permits: E. L. Ressner Jr., Live Oak Street, brick home with 1,621 square feet of floor area, $10,000; W. C. Powell, West Marion Street, brick veneer and frame home, 1,656 squarq feet, $9,500. Other permits: C. S. Menard, Brockman Road, carport of 160 square feet, $50; J. W. Mitcham, frame and metal shop on State Highway 332, $500; and Lanier & Thomas, temporary carport on Main Street, $175 and addition ol 490 square feet to a building owned by F. M. Shanks, North Shanks Street, $1,200. SEPTEMBER — $130,900 New home permits: Powers Company for five Emerald Foresl nomes, valued at around $12,9W each, area of 1,500 to 1,650 square feet total value of homes $64,500. Also, A. E. Breazeale, built by Lanier & Thomas in Matula Subdivision, 1,250 square feet, $7,900; Wier Homes, Inc. for Mrs. Dorothy Ryan, Short Street, 1,023 square feet $8,000; Lanier & Thomas for Billy Butler, Charlotte Street, 1,611 square feet, $8,600; Statewide lumber Company for W. B. Jacobs, Coleman Street, 1,719 square feet, $10,000; and Arturo Salazar, Cherry Street, 720 square feet, $1,000. Coleman Lumber Company received a permit for a $25,000 addition of 4,500 square feet for Reck- away Food Market; and C. W. Billie Belanger Street, a 63 square foot addition to a building, $300. A permit for a lounge of 1,500 square feet at East Main and East Dent was issued to M. C. Bailey, valued at $2,500. Residential addition permits: H. R. Colley, 34 Marion, 100 square feet, $1,000; and H. E. Stancliff, 540 Magnolia, 612 square feet, $750. A. B. Miller, 520 Shelby, a per- jnit for a new garage, 384 square feet, $600; Elo Brandstetter, Pecan Lane, to rebuild garage, 500; \V. C. Powell, West Marion Street, tool house, 96 square feet, 30; and R. C. Thomas Jr., Hargett Street, 152 square foot porch, $200. > AUGUST - 521,947 New home permits: Cut Rate Homes for Lester Page, Whisper- ng Oaks Addition, 1,130 square eet of living area and 644 square foot garage, $7,450; and Lanier & Thomas for B. E. Haran, 1,400 square foot home at 357 West Marion Street, $7,700. Gulf Lumber Company on South Main obtained a permit for a new lumber shed, 1,820 square feet, $1,000; and Walter Norman, L92 square foot addition to his grocery store, North Highway 288, $1,200. Other permits went to Simco Lumber Company for R. D. Gibbons, Vine Street, 420 square foot addition, $2,500; H. E. Roach, West Riley Street, 260 foot carport, $97; W. J. Windsor, 1240 Second, 780 square foot garage, $1,000; H. C. Hare, 206 West Riley, 480 square foot garage, $500; and Willie Hendrick, Smith Street, carport and storage room, 560 square feet, $500. Boy Scout News EXPLORER POST 381 A new Freeport Explorer Post has received approval of Its charter application. Explorer Post 381 is sponsored by Brazosport Senior High School Parent-Teacher Association with G. D. Carney as institutional representative. Committee members are A. C. Learned, Elmo Mays, Joe Lee A. A. Gornowicz, and E. S Sansom, chairman. Earl Boyken is Post advisor. Explorer Scouts are J. Farrald Price, Virgil A. Gornowicz Tommy Lee Gautreaux, Freddy Kanter and Jerry Barnes. i/ou And -By BTJKTON EL FERN, BID.- The Headache-Pill Headache DOUBTING Thomas: Aspirin e killer? M. D.: Yes. It rarely hurts &UUAM*, ItiK it JtUiS .u'i3i'v CKUliJCa each year than polio. D. T.: How? M. D.: An overdose makes you breathe so bard and fast, that you exhale most of the " i carbon dioxide in your blood. D. T.: Isn't this good? M. D.: No. \t Carbon dioxide turns into an add inside your body. You need this acid to bal- Dr. Fern anco the acid' neutralizes in your system. D. T.: So? M. D.: To restore balance, the kidneys flush acid-neutralizers down the drain. D. T.: Then everything is fine? M. D.: No. Aspirin also emothere those microscopic fires which burn sugar. And so the body has to melt and burn fats for heat and energy. Burning fats change into acids that build up In the blood stream end make you sick. Doesn't Neutralize? D. T.: Doesn't the blood neutralize these acids? M. D.: It can't. The kidneys nave emptied out most acid- neutralizers. An unarmed vie tlm can't fight off a gang of acid-slinging hoodlums, D. T.: How does the acid affect bun? M. D.: He up-chucks. Foggy Vision blinds him while an inv aginary foghorn blasts In his ears. Droplets of sweat drip from his bluish brow before he finally lapses into coma. D. T.: What should I do if gets into the aspirin M. D.: Call your doctor before you dash off to the hospital. He may suggest a dose up most of the aspirin before t's absorbed into the system— or a mild laxative to speed it along the other way. Speed Urgent If you can't reach your doc;or, don't wait; every minute counts! Junior's stomach can rinsed clean at the hospital emergency room while you're still trying to reach the good doctor. D. T.: What do you give for acid blood? M. D.: Bicarbonate of soda. D. T.; Ordinary baking soda? How many boxes do you use? Solution Injected M. D.: We inject a special sterilized solution directly into the blood stream. D. T.: And what happens to all the aspirin? M. D.: Most flushes through the kidneys. If they're too sluggish, we hook up a third—artificial— kidney. We may even replace the blood with aspirin- free transfusions. Aspirin poisoning can be prevented! D. T.: That's right. Baby aspirins come in trick bottles with safety caps that children can't open. M. D.: Don't rely on bottle caps. Junior can still get into adult aspirin bottles. Use your head and lock aspirin away with all your other drugs! Dr. fern's mailbox is wide open for letters from readers. While he cannot undertake io answer individual letters, he will use readers' questions in his column whenever possible and lohen'lhiy are of genera', inter' est. Address your letters to Dr. Fern in care o] Ma newspaper. I960, King Feature* Syndicate, Inc. STOCK UP! STORES WILL BE CLOSED MON., JAN. 2 mnRVinnD HUB HI quniiTv EGGS COrFEE LB. CAN Uef.D.A. GRADE "A" MED. DOI. §13 55 PEPSI GULF COAST OR PRATLOW 12 Blackeye Peas -2 B. 15* Worst Saltines Golden Age - 2 £ 25* Heinz Catsup 14 Oi. Bottle BAKERY VALUES for YOUR PARTY Party Rye or Pumpernickle '!£ 25c Sour Rye Bread '£ 26c CREAM CHOCOLATE FUDGE ICING Devil Food Cake 2 o7« .. 49e Jelly Clusters ; 25« Maxwell House X. «,87« Black ^ e Pefls Pickle Sticks Ctf£— -^29c Falstaff Beer 10-Oi. **_ Pkgs. OOI One Way 12-Oz. Btl*. Dill Pickles — ............... 9. « 27c lone St « Beer r Ono Way Stuffed Manx Olives 12-Oi.Brli. Lb. 49c Blackeye Peas ».. 2 ft. 37c — Nuts and Candies for NEW YEARS PARTIES— (Celling Salted Nuts ,<.«>, * ........ .. 75c Mel-0-Sweet Marshmallows lift. 21c Kraft Caramels 35c Brachs Chocolate Peanuts £?• ...... 35c Ki 23c Queen Olives S± ....... '*£ 47c Bluebonnet Oleo , Planters Peanuts ^ !*?••«* ««"«««« Buttermilk ,„ 25« .Hawaiian Punch »« ......... » 37c M» Tamales „ 41c Towie Cherries ~ 2* Crackers Sunshine HI Ho ' Stack Phis tax e« taxable fttnw NABISCO Snack Crackers Sesame Thins ..... 10-Os. Bacon Thins ...... SVa-Oa. Triangle Thins ..... 9'/2-Oz. Vegetable Thins ..... 9V» YOUR A 100 CHOICE £ For 1 | METRICAL LIQUID Valiant "900" Calorie Control--8-Oz. Powder INJECTOR Inifc™ 6 8-Ox. Cans Plain Chocolate Butterscotch Choc, or Plain SUNSHINE Hi Ho Crackers "ft 29c SUNSHINE OrfaH Cream Sandwich Pkg. of 20 SSc Jsiss 25c SIZE TABLETS OR POWDER PACKAOI Of It 43caiuiMDUiav*rw...'»i TEEN-AGE. REGULAR J* Stanback 2 ta 35 e Modess™.; 3 Cello Bag Ballard Sweetmilk Biscuits 3 •£• 29c EVERYDAY LOW PRICE Pilisbury Buttermilk Biscuits 3 "£• 29c EVERYDAY LOW PRICE Polyethylene Garbage Can Eaiy to «l»nl REG. l.4t 22-Gillon. Ltd ,^_ loclct on tight- 4^99 ly . . . Sprue* •"• • ^ gr««n with black lid. HEW* »< 3 . LAST 3 BIG DAYS! SAMSONITE Folding Chair 388 VBV awl (I! to ^^^ <odl Nflliwr nclph Heavy tubular steal con- $fruction with vinyl padcUd teat to match your Samson- It* card table. VALUE 6.9S Classic Tumblers i.Ox.Sti« 10.0s. Shu 14-Os. Shw 12c 15c 19c Hoi* -M Ic* QubM—FOAM STYRENI <">'• Mo Ice Preserver 77c NEW For any fabric, i==)H any temperature, any automatic! QUART JUMBO S77c 2.29 REG. 2.36 BOYS' Regulan. Sllnu, Hutklet (6-16) Vat Dyed Jeans 1.99 SALE! «9e VALUE —SHORTS—UNDERSHIRTS Men's Underwear 39c SALE! REG. 8.49 SIZES 6-16 Boys Jackets 6.99 REG. 3.97-5.97 WOMEN'S Bulky Cardigans VALUES TO 1.97 and 2.97 WOMEN'S Blouse Clearance 1.66 RB». 1.49 end 1.97 CORDUROY, VELVETEEN Girls' Capris 1.33 REG. Girls' Blouses 1.33 REG. 99e SIZES 3-14 Girls' Slips... 69c Bnbjeot To Btotk On H»nd III KMh Store. RW. 1.974.44 Girls'Jackets '2.'3-*6 RB«. 1.9* WOMEN'S CORDUROY Tapered Slacks 2.66 RIO, 1,94 WOMEN'* H.ANNEL Gowns-Pajamas 2*44 REO. 2,99 PULL CONTOUR-ONE PIECE Auto RusT 5 :! 1 ^. 2*33

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